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Steroids are pharmacological preparations used in various fields of medicine and sports. Before the development of these unique hormones, it was difficult to fight serious hormonal diseases and achieve high results in sports. Despite the negative opinion of many supporters of a healthy lifestyle, anabolic steroids do not harm the body if used correctly.

In professional sports, muscle steroids are used by men and women for different purposes. It should immediately be noted that not all anabolic substances can be used by the fair sex.

Hormonal stimulants are very popular in professional sports, less often in amateurs. Many believe you can gain the amount of muscle you want using enhanced training. Currently, this is not true. After the start of sports activities for 3 years, the muscles increase on their own, as the athlete gradually increases the load.

After this period, another stage begins in which the body stops responding to training and food. The athlete feels tired, the muscles lose volume, despite the increased load, fat deposits appear.

Steroids are drugs that can stimulate body movement and increase muscle volume. There is a whole range of hormonal agents to increase muscle volume and improve its structure. After the course, in just a few months you can gain 8-15 kg of lean muscle mass without regression and health consequences.

Important! Each anabolic hormone has a different composition and properties. When choosing, you need to consider the purpose, gender and other individual characteristics. You should not start the course without a full body examination and consultation with specialists.

Turinabol and its effect on the body

Turinabol is the most popular hormonal drug to increase sports performance. It was developed in the middle of the last century and is actively used to gain muscle mass and improve muscle relief. Anabolic has established itself as the safest and most effective stimulant, it acts quickly and does not cause aromatization. To understand how the drug works, you need to familiarize yourself with all its positive properties:

  • promotes a rapid increase in lean muscle volume, in a short period of use;
  • increases the power and speed capabilities of a person several times;
  • provides strength during long-term loads;
  • prevents catabolism, which allows you to save the gained volume;
  • eliminates the problem of swelling, removes excess fluid from the tissues;
  • enhances the effect of other substances;
  • positively affects the skeletal system, prevents injuries;
  • improves sexual desire and libido;
  • normalizes the emotional state, relieves depressive disorders.

Suitable for men and women, regardless of sport and individual body characteristics. The tool can be used alone and in the course combined with other anabolics.

Testosterone propionate and its effect on the body

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for the normal development of the body, not only in men, but also in women. After the creation of an analogue of the hormone, people were able to advance the treatment of many diseases, and the steroid was used by athletes to achieve athletic heights. There are different types and forms of this hormone, but testosterone propionate is particularly popular. The main properties allow you to improve general sports values:

  • stimulates the growth of muscle mass, providing muscles up to 12 kg per class;
  • reduces the accumulation of fatty masses;
  • slows catabolism;
  • increases the body’s resistance to external negative factors;
  • increases the flow of strength and energy;
  • increases sexual activity;
  • allows you to quickly recover from training and injuries;
  • stimulates for training;
  • enhances the action of other hormones;
  • normalizes mood and sleep.

The dose of the drug is calculated individually based on the experience of corticosteroid therapy and body parameters. For men, 50-100 mg 4 times a week is enough, for women only 50 mg 2 times a week. The full course lasts up to 8 weeks. It is not recommended to exceed the dose or extend the duration of use due to possible side effects.

The effect of the combined use of Turinabol and Propionate

To achieve a quick effect of the hormonal course, professionals most often use combined courses. This allows you to act comprehensively on the body without loss of time and health. A handful of Turinabol + Testosterone Propionate is used when you need to quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat, increase your strength and build a large amount of muscle. After using such a package, the athlete will receive many positive results:

  • removal of sufficient subcutaneous fat;
  • the energy reserve of the body increases;
  • there is a rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • the body is saturated with strength, endurance increases;
  • recovery speed increases;
  • inversion slows down;
  • the volume of water in the tissues decreases;
  • there is elasticity and muscle relief;
  • increased desire for training;
  • the general physical and emotional context improves.

To note! During the period of the steroid course, regardless of the applicable drugs, you must train hard and follow the diet and sleep.