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  • Title: YEU International
    Descriptive info: .. Toggle navigation.. YEU International.. HOME.. About Us.. Activites.. Statute.. Governing Board.. Administrative Office.. Projects.. Current projects.. Lifelong Learning Program.. News.. Members.. Member Organisations.. How to became a member.. Virtual Library.. Publications.. Newsmail.. Eurogames.. Talking about YEU.. Facebook Page.. YouTube Channel.. PET.. About PET.. PET Members.. Non-Formal Education.. Contacts.. Youth Transforming Conflicts.. From August 30 to September 6, JUB Netherlands organized Training for Trainers in Peace Education called ‘Youth transforming Conflicts’.. 32nd Youth Convention! - Interview with YEU President, Simona Jonas.. Another YEU International Youth Convention has just finished.. It s been already 32nd edition of this annual project of YEU.. 04/12/2013.. YEU PET 2014-2015.. YEU PET has a new mandate for 2014-2015!.. Continue.. 01/12/2013.. Position of Youth for Exchange and Understanding on the situation in Ukraine.. 09/10/2013.. Call for YEU PET 2014-2015.. YEU is opening call for new Mandate of YEU Pool of trainers and organizers.. 02/10/2013.. Click.. Share.. Act.. Now.. We are campaigning for youth rights! http://www.. youthrights..  ...   volunteers on Saturday, July 27, 2013.. Our Mission.. Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.. Our Partners.. YEU cooperates with many different stakeholders from different sectors - public, business and civil society.. We are very grateful for the support of different programmes to our activities:.. Youth in Action.. ,.. Lifelong Learning programme.. European Youth Foundation.. Google.. YEU cooperates with many national youth councils and international youth non-governmental organizations, part of.. European Youth Forum (YFJ).. YEU has longterm partnership with.. Forum Nazionale dei Giovani.. and.. AEGEE.. Newsmail Subscribe.. Subscribe to our Newsmail and be informed of the Latest Events, Opportunities News.. Email Address:.. *.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Youth for Exchange and Understanding.. Pioneer of non-formal education.. Youth for Exchange and Understanding International - Avenue du Suffrage Universel, 49 - 1030 Brussels, Belgium.. Tel.. +32.. 26.. 492.. 048 - info@yeu-international.. org..

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  • Title: About us - YEU International
    Descriptive info: Home.. About us.. OUR ORGANIZATION.. Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU).. was founded in Strasbourg in 1986 by a group of 120 young people from 11 different countries.. In 1989 we were recognized as a member association of the European Coordination Bureau (E.. C.. B.. ).. Today we are a member of the European Youth Forum which is the independent platform for INGYOs and NYCs in Europe.. We have young people from over 30 countries from across Europe and Africa involved in our activities.. As an international network, we are the representative body of our members in contacts with the institutions and partners in the youth field.. YEU is run by young people for young people by means of a democratic structure and our members are mainly working on a voluntary base.. The limit age to participate in our activities is 30 years but the majority of participants are under the age of 25.. It is young people who decide about activities of the organisation, define the strategies and implement the action plans, run the organization and ultimately evaluate it.. It is important to note that most young people in YEU are actively involved in other aspects of civil society, frequently establishing links between the Member Organizations and the local, regional and national institutions, other youth organisations and the community in general, extending the participation in the international organisation to the local dimension.. OUR MISSION.. OUR AIMS.. To realise youth activities to foster closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world, both between and within continents, particularly by encouraging the exchange of information, ideas and opinions;.. To promote co-operation and mutual aid in the developed and the developing countries for cultural, educational and social purposes;.. To work  ...   Non Formal education resources.. OUR STRUCTURE.. The General Assembly is held annually and is composed of delegates from all YEU member organizations.. It is the body responsible for the election of the YEU Governing Board.. This is the team of people responsible for the strategic management of the network and its activities.. The Governing Board (GB) is responsible for the general planning, management and strategy of YEU, it has 5 members and meets at least twice a year.. YEU has full members observer members which can be registered organizations or an informal group of young people they must be autonomous in their country.. Their main role within the network is the co-ordination of international activities in their local context in partnership with other member organizations, and the exchange of information on issues of concerning young people.. The YEU International Head Office is located in Portugal and is registered as a Portuguese youth organisation under the name of YOUTH EXCHANGE UMBRELLA Associação Juvenil.. All the administrative work of YEU International is taken care of in Head Office by a team of staff and volunteers currently made up of the Secretary General, Communication and Policy Manager, project managers for specific projects, and international and local volunteers.. YEU is a full member of the.. European Youth Forum.. (YFJ).. Independently established by youth organisations, the European Youth Forum is made up of more than 90 National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations, which are federations of youth organisations in themselves.. It brings together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe, organised in order to represent their common interests.. Representation, internal democracy, independence, openness and inclusion are among the main principles for the functioning of the European Youth Forum and its Member Organisations..

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  • Title: Activities - YEU International
    Descriptive info: Activities.. International Youth Convention.. is an International Youth Exchange where all the 50 to 80 participants have the space to share new experiences and adventures to discuss and work in a practical way using non-formal education issues which are important to young people and fit in the framework of YEU s Mission and Aims.. It is a two to three-week programme held once every year in summer in a different country each year.. International Youth exchanges.. last for around one-week and are open to maximum 40 participants to exchange ideas and opinions on a particular theme (eg.. environment, active participation in society, Human Rights Education, Racism and Xenophobia, Equality, Culture of Peace, Inclusion, etc).. Before the event, participants prepare an input of their work with young people and on the team related to the situation in their local reality.. The program involves relevant visits, activities and discussions in order to explore the theme.. The results of this gathering are used to prepare other international meetings.. Training Courses.. are 7 to 10 days events for people interested in developing their skills within  ...   Work camps.. are projects when young people from different countries engage together in a specific work within the hosting community.. There is a h2 intercultural dimension and the promotion of solidarity values embedded in this events.. International Projects.. are mid or long term projects related with the work of YEU in fields such as training (developing publications); Active Citizenship (projects involving more than one exchange) or Culture of Peace (trainings and exchanges organized in or about conflict areas).. Volunteering.. are projects ranging from 2 to 52 weeks involving one member doing practical work in another country or in the Head Office.. The can be funded with Youth In Action European Voluntary Service or with other funding sources.. YEU is especially grateful to the Youth in Action programme of the European Union and to the European Youth Foundation, the Municipality of Faro and all our other funders and those who make donations to our work.. Without their support we would not be able to continue to work towards our mission and provide ongoing opportunities for young people and increase understanding in the world..

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  • Title: Statute - YEU International
    Descriptive info: The constituent then established the statutes of association as follows:.. SECTION 1 - BASIC ACT.. Article 1 - Form - denomination.. The organisation is incorporated as a nonprofit international organisation (international 6 utility) in accordance with the law and is denominated "Youth for Exchange and Understanding International", in short" YEU ".. All deeds, invoices, announcements, publications and other documents originating from the international non-profit organisation should mention its denomination, immediately preceded or followed by the words "international non-profit organisation" or the abbreviation "AISBL" as well as the address of its headquarters.. Article 2 - Headquarters.. The headquarters of the organisation is established in Belgium at: Avenue du Suffrage Universel 49, 1030 Brussels, Belgium;.. The headquarters of the association can, on decision with simple majority of the attending members or represented Board of directors, be transferred to any other place in Belgium.. It will not, in any case, be transferred abroad.. Any deed noting the transfer of the organisation headquarters must be filed (in extenso) in the record of the organisation held at the greffe du Tribunal de Commerce of the organisation headquarters and published to the Appendices of the Moniteur belge.. Article 3 - Goals - Activities.. The association which is devoided of any spirit of profit, has for goals, non-profit of international utility, to promote peace, understanding and cooperation between theyoung people in the world in a spirit of respect of the human rights.. The pursuit of these goals will be realized by notably the following activities:.. 1.. Undertake activities with young people to foster closer cooperation and greater understanding between young people in the world, both between continents and within them, particularly by encouraging the exchange of information, ideas and opinions.. 2.. Promote cooperation and mutual assistance in the developed and developing countries to cultural, educational and social ends.. 3.. Strive for conflicts resolution and promotion of peaceful societies through the acknowledgement and respect for others.. 4.. Improve relations and promote tolerance among young people from different cultural and political realities.. 5.. Work together on the issues related to protection and sustainability of the environment.. 6.. Support and promote health and well-being of young people to improve their life quality.. 7.. Encourage the active participation of all young people in society without any distinction of race, social status, educational levels or any other disadvantage.. It can accomplish all acts relating directly or indirectly to its goal.. It can notably lend its support and be interested in any activity pursuing a similar goal.. Article 4 - Membership.. The organisation is open to Belgians and foreigners.. The organisation is composed of full members and observant members.. Can be full members and observer members only corporate bodies.. Article 5.. The admission of new members is subject to the following conditions:.. 1 Any non-governmental youth organization endowed with a democratic structure, led by youth for youth, and supporting the mission and objectives stipulated in the Article 3 here of statutes, may become a member, provided that it is accepted by the General Assembly.. Written applications for status of observant member and of full member of an organization should be sent to the Secretariat at least six (6) weeks before the date of the General Assembly.. The candidature must include all the required documents and a covering letter.. New members will be accepted by a majority of two / thirds (2 / 3) vote of members present at the General Assembly.. Their term will begin the following day of the General Assembly at which they will have become members.. 2 The organisations must first be observer members for two years after which they must apply full membership status in order to remain a member of the YEU organisation.. This period of two years as an observer member is not however in enforcement for members admitted during the first fiscal year, which will obtain, ipso jure, the status of full member.. 3 Members are required to accomplish and observe all the duties and responsibilities defined in the internal regulations in order to retain their membership status.. 4 The members (of the various categories) can give their resignation under the following conditions:.. Any member organization is free to leave the YEU organisation by informing in writing the Secretariat.. Any member leaving the YEU organisation loses the whole of its rights.. Any member not complying with the statutes or the internal regulations may be excluded.. The exclusion of members will be decided by the General Assembly by a majority of two / thirds (2 / 3) of the members present at the General Assembly.. A written notification of this exclusion will be sent to the members.. The exclusion comes into force at the moment the decision was taken.. Any proposal for an exclusion of a member for the above-mentioned reasons must be sent in writing four (4) weeks before the General Assembly.. The excluded member has the right to express itself at the General Assembly before the voting.. Article 6 - Rights and obligations of members.. 1.. Members' Rights.. Observer members are entitled to:.. Express itself and have a vote in the General Assembly;.. Ask for clarification on the general management of the organisation;.. Question the Board of directors on their work;.. Participate in formal meetings and activities of the organisation;.. Use the organisation as a vehicle for the exchange of human resources and experiences;.. To be represented by the organisation at the international level;.. Receive information on international organisations with which the YEU organisation is in contact;.. Be included in the publicity materials of the organisation.. The full members are entitled to:.. Express itself and have 3 votes in the General Assembly.. Nominate candidates for election within the Board of directors and other bodies of the 95organisation;.. 2.. Obligations of Members.. Observer members must:.. Support the goals and activities of the organisation as stipulated in Article 3 hereof Statutes;.. Accept the  ...   provided by law.. Any restriction brought on the power of representation given to the person responsible for the daily management, for the purposes of daily management, is unenforceable against third parties, even if it is published.. The person responsible for daily management will bear the title of "Secretary General ".. The identity of the delegate (s) to the daily management will be filed at the greffe du Tribunal de Commerce and published in the appendices of the Moniteur belge.. Its mandate has a term of one year, renewable.. Article 16 - Conflict of Interest.. If a director has, directly or indirectly, an opposite interest of capital nature to a decision or an operation coming under the Board of directors, He/She must inform the other directors before the deliberation to the Board of directors.. His/Her declaration, as wellas the reasons justifying the opposite interest which exists on the part of the Director concerned must appear in the Minutes of the Board of Directors which will make the decision.. In addition, he/she must inform the Auditor, if any.. The Board of Directors describe, in the Minutes, the nature of the decision or the operation and a justification of the decision which was taken and consequences on the capital of the organisation.. The management report contains the entirety of the Minutes.. The concerned Director can attend the deliberations of the Board of Directors relating to these transactions or decisions, but cannot take part in the vote.. This article is not in enforcement when the decisions of the Board of Directors relate to usual operations concluded under normal conditions for similar operations.. Article 17 - Representation.. All acts binding the organisation are, except for special proxies conferred by the General Secretary, signed by the Secretary General who will not have to justify to third of the powers for that purpose.. Legal actions as plaintiff or defendant are followed by the Board of Directors represented by its Secretary General or any other person designated for that purpose by him/her.. Chapter 2: Accounting.. Article 18 - Fiscal year and annual accounts.. The financial year will close on the thirty first (31) of December of each year.. Subject to the enforcement of the provisions of the Belgian Law of seventeenth (17) of July , nineteen hundred seventy five (1975) on Business Accounting in the cases envisaged by the Article 53 3 of the Act, the Board of Directors has to submit the account of the past financial year and the budget for the following financial year to the approval by the General Assembly which will decide at its next Assembly.. The General Assembly can decide the constitution of a reserve fund, fix the amount and terms of contribution to this fund due from each member.. Article 19 - Control.. In the cases provided by Article 53 5 of the Act, the board of directors will entrust the financial control of the organisation to one or more auditors of his choice.. SECTION 3 - CHANGES AND DISSOLUTION.. Article 20.. Without damage to the law, any proposition to alter the statutes or the dissolution of the organisation must come from the board or at least two-thirds (2 / 3) members of the organisation.. The Board of Directors must inform the members of the organisation at least three (3) months before the date of the General Assembly to approve the aforementioned proposition.. The general meeting can duly deliberate only if it call together two-thirds of the members having voting rights present or represented of the organisation.. No decision will be accepted if it is not approved by a majority of two thirds of the votes.. However, if the General Assembly does not join together two-thirds of the members of the organisation, a new general meeting will be convened under the same conditions as above, which will take definitive decisions on the proposition in question, by the same two-thirds vote majority, regardless of the number of members present or represented.. Decisions relating to essential elements such as the powers, mode of convocation and decision method of general management body of direction, as well as the conditions under which the resolutions are brought to the attention of members, and change conditions of the statutes, the dissolution, the liquidation, and the destination of the assets of the organisation, will be recorded by deed filed in the record kept at the greffe du Tribunal de Commerce and published in the Moniteur belge.. In addition and in accordance with Article 50, paragraph 3 of the Act, resolutions of amendments of the goal(s) of the organisation will not take effect until approval by the King also published in the Moniteur belge.. Other decisions to amend statutory notices should not be given for acceptance by the Belgian Minister of Justice or his delegate.. Article 21: Liquidation and asset allocation.. In the event of voluntary or legal dissolution, the General Assembly will appoint a liquidator and determine the method of liquidation of the organisation.. Any net assets after liquidation will be allocated to a non-profit legal person under private law, international or not, pursuing the realization of a goal similar to the organisation or at least a selfless purpose.. GENERAL PROVISIONS.. Article 22: Election of domicile.. For the execution hereof statutes, any full member or member, director and liquidator, 7residing abroad, does elect domicile at the organisation headquarters where any notification may be given to him duly.. Article 23: Common right.. For anything that is not provided for hereof statutes, it is referred to the law and the contrary clauses with the imperative provisions are supposed not written.. Article 24: Jurisdiction.. For any litigation between the organisation, its members, shareholders, bondholders, directors, auditors and liquidators relating to the affairs of the organisation and the execution of hereof statutes, exclusive jurisdiction is allocated to the courts of the organisation headquarters, unless the organisation expressly waives..

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  • Title: Governing Board - YEU International
    Descriptive info: This is the governing board elected in november 2012.. The mandate will expire on november 2013.. Simona Jonas.. President.. president@yeu-international.. Klaudia Zebrowska.. Vice President.. klaudia@yeu-international.. Bartolomeo Bufi.. Treasurer.. berto@yeu-international.. Sebastian Michael Janzon.. sebastian@yeu-international..

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  • Title: Administrative Office - YEU International
    Descriptive info: Tamara Gojkovic.. Secretary General.. tamara@yeu-international.. Eleni Michail.. Project Coordinator.. eleni.. michail@yeu-international.. Sofia Nombre.. Coordinator of the YEU Office in Portugal.. sofianobre@gmail.. com.. Marko Paunovic.. Manager of Lifelong Learning Programme.. marko@yeu-international.. org..

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  • Title: Current projects - YEU International
    Descriptive info: This page will be soon updated..

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  • Title: YEU International
    Descriptive info: 04/12/2013.. 01/12/2013.. 09/10/2013.. 02/10/2013.. YEU is engaging to shape during Greek Presidency.. 25/09/2013.. "Engage to Shape!" is a 4 days structured-dialogue seminar bringing together 30 young people from Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey.. Summers almost gone.. Summer's almost gone.. but we have been too busy to notice it!.. YEU PET goes Cyprus in March 2014!.. “Training for trainers: Active Europeans” is a 7-days training course taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus in March 2014.. YEU International MOs celebrated International Youth Day.. 13/09/2013.. What is Youth Day? On 17 December 1999, in its resolution 54/120, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbo.. Happy birthday, YEU MO Resource Centre Leskovac!.. YEU Member Organization, Resource Centre Leskovac has been founded on September 03rd 2002.. It has been founded in a very specific way.. Resource Centre Leskovac was founded as a part of Resource Centre.. New Media Summer School - What did we do in Lisbon?.. If you are still wondering what is, actually, New Media Summer School and why is it happening every year prior to EuroDIG (www.. eurodig.. org) here is a chance to find out! Check what were we doing in Li.. Priorities of Lithuanian EU Presidency in the Youth field.. The second semester of 2013 is  ...   The migration of MY big spoon - moments in time.. Some moments from the Jaunimo mainai ir bendradarbiavimas (JMB - YEU Lithuania) project "The migration of MY big spoon": https://www.. youtube.. com/watch?feature=player_embedded v=YxmWtXgaz5Q.. Love your context.. How embracing limitations make you a nicer person? I love twitter.. It s the best place to rant and complain about the things you hate or dislike; about how things could have been done better; ab.. PACK YOUR S.. U.. I.. T.. A.. S.. E.. AND GO!.. Evren Ergec, the Head of Global Affairs Department of Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (Community Volunteers Foundation) from Turkey has recently been working in YEU office in Brussels..  .. An EVS experience outside Europe-Interview with Michal Klopocki.. European Voluntary Service (EVS) gives young people between 18-30 years old a unique opportunity to spend 3-12 months in another country and learn another language and culture by providing their volun.. YEU's new intern: Sercan Iscan.. How does it sound to be an intern in YEU Office? Here, Sercan Iscan talks about his experiences: As the part of my Master Degree studies in Vrije Universiteit, Brussels; I am currently doing my 7 week.. The neighborhood goes farming!.. MOJU together with their volunteers and young kids accepted one of the challenges of our social project Mais Sucesso E5G (More Success).. In February we started the project..

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  • Title: Member Organisations - YEU International
    Descriptive info: Full member organisations.. Active Travelers Ostia Movement.. Italy.. Agency for Development and Cooperation Cerebra.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. http://www.. buniqa.. info/portal/.. Bridge to the Future "Youth Union".. Azerbaijan.. bf-az.. Center for Intercultural Dialogue.. FYROM/Macedonia.. cid.. mk.. CIM Horyzonty.. Poland.. cim-horyzonty.. Community Volunteers Foundation.. Turkey.. tog.. tr.. Development No Borders – Egypt.. Egypt.. dnbegypt.. Foundation of Regional Initiatives.. Ukraine.. fri.. ua.. Impronta Giovani.. improntagiovani.. it.. Institute for Ukrainian studies.. Ukraina.. Ireli.. ireli.. az.. Jaunimo mainai ir bendradarbiavimas.. Lithuania.. yeulietuva.. Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip.. Netherland.. https://sites.. google..  ...   YEU Albania.. Albani.. YEU Estonia.. yeu-estonia.. YEU Serbia.. http://yeuserbia.. weebly.. com/.. Youth Exchange and Understanding Malta.. Malta.. Youth Exchange and Understanding Tunisia.. Tunisia.. Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus.. Cyprus.. yeucyprus.. Observer member organisations.. ACT4CHANGE.. Belgium.. http://act4change.. be/.. Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão.. Portugal.. mojuolhao.. Association for improvement of modern living skills ’’Realization’’.. Croatia.. Association Progressive Youth Armenia.. Armenia.. Dinamo.. dinamo.. pt/.. Esser Huma.. Spain.. Future now.. Bulgaria.. http://gudevica.. org/.. No Excuse.. Slovenia.. noexcuse.. si.. YTA Union.. Georgia.. ytaunion.. ZID Montenegro.. Montenegro.. zid.. me.. Partner organisations..

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  • Title: How to became a member - YEU International
    Descriptive info: YEU is open for new members.. Members of YEU can be international, national or local youth led organizations.. Any non-governmental youth organization endowed with a democratic structure, led by youth for youth, and supporting the mission and objectives stipulated in the YEU Statute, may become a member, provided that it is accepted by the General Assembly..  ...   to the Secretariat at least six weeks before the date of the General Assembly.. The candidature must include all the required documents:.. Letter of intent.. List of active members of the organization applying.. Activity report for current year.. Activity plan for upcoming year.. Organization s statute.. If you are interested, please send e mail to:.. info@yeu-international..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: YEU Virtual Library.. Download all YEU documents.. Insert the library code:..

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