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    Archived pages: 663 . Archive date: 2013-12.

  • Title: Yad Sarah -organization aiding disabled, elderly, and housebound people
    Descriptive info: .. Hebrew.. Set as Homepage.. Gift Shop.. Subscribe.. News releases.. Contact us.. Branches.. Write to us.. Home Page.. Donation Form.. Yad Sarah.. Non-English Media Coverage.. Digital Library.. MAIN STORY.. Articles About Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah Goes Global.. Visiting Yad Sarah.. Services.. Special services for disabled tourists who visit Israel.. List of equipment for loan.. Special Services.. Mobile Dental Clinic.. Portable Dental Kits.. Donors.. Planned Gifts Program.. Yad Sarah Certificates.. Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah Tribute page.. Hillel Projects and Yad Sarah.. Young Donors.. You can do something uplifting now.. Friends of Yad Sarah world wide.. How to donate to Yad Sarah?.. Volunteers.. Help Yad Sarah by volunteering.. Volunteers Openings.. Volunteer In Profile.. Leir Institute for Volunteer Management:.. Volunteering and Yad Sarah.. Flash Presentation.. Francais.. Espanol.. Deutsch.. Video.. Yad Sarah.. >.. Yad Sarah Presents: Gadgets for the Elderly.. The Yad Sarah mobile trailer offers seniors helpful advice and presents useful equipment for their safety and convenience- see here (arutz 7).. Thank You Yad Sarah.. Television Travel Show personality Eyal Peled, 54, who suffered a stroke about 5 years ago says: Thank You Yad Sarah.. SEE HERE ON YouTube.. Yad Sarah launches campaign to implement home hospital program.. THE JERUSALEM POST REPORTS -.. Voluntary organization has expanded its medical-equipment loan service with the purchase of NIS 17 million worth of home equipment.. BY.. Judy Siegel-Itzkovich.. The voluntary organization Yad Sarah has expanded its medical-equipment loan service with the purchase of NIS 17 million worth of home-hospitalization equipment including beds, nursing chairs, oxygen distillers and cranes to lift patients out of beds to help 4,000 patients stay at home instead of being hospitalized.. In addition, Yad Sarah president (and founder) Uri Lupolianski announced at a Monday press conference in its Jerusalem headquarters that telemedicine will be used to connect medical staffers in hospitals to patients and their caregivers at home.. This, he said, will create a home hospital larger than any medical center in the country.. Called HousePital, the program is aimed at reducing hospital stays so that recovery and rehabilitation can be shortened and in some cases, made unnecessary.. But when interviewed, Lupolianski conceded that no formal talks have been held on the subject with the Health Ministry, the four public health funds or hospitals.. In addition, people who live in the periphery will be less likely to benefit from such services, as there are no hospitals nearby that could send staffers quickly or be able to bring in emergencies, without putting them through a long ambulance ride.. Lupolianski told The Jerusalem Post that due to a major turnover of senior officials in the Health Ministry and health funds in recent months, as well as the urgent polio-vaccination campaign, there has been no opportunity yet to discuss HousePital.. The former mayor, who established the organization 36 years ago by lending nebulizers to neighbors whose children suffered from croup and would otherwise have to be hospitalized, said that the hospitalization crisis is worsening every year, and thousands of patients die annually from nosocomial (in-hospital) infections.. Hospitalization units at home allow hospitalization in a healthy and supportive environment.. Three years ago, we launched the purchase of such units, and now I can announce that we have completed the acquisition of over 4,000.. Yad Sarah already has seven vans that can transfer hospital equipment to patients homes, he said.. Some 7,000 patients used the service last year.. The equipment is stored in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba and Karmiel and can be moved anywhere.. The whole world is struggling with a shortage of beds and hospitalization funding, but Israel due to its high level of health care and computerization and relatively short distances has an advantage over other countries, he said.. A senior expert in hospital administration who preferred to remain anonymous told the Post that he was unaware of any discussions of home hospitalization by the ministry or the health funds, even though in principle it s an excellent idea.. But it must be economically viable [for the health funds].. If patients are sent home early for home care, their beds will be filled by other patients and more money will be spent.. Only if some hospital departments are closed and medical staffers transferred to home care will it be an economical project.. Other hospitalization experts noted that patients in the center of the country will benefit the most as hospitals are nearby, but when they are far away and do not have adequate support staff for the units, it will be problematic.. Another problem, they said, is that if family members who work (and don t have medical expertise) are unable to remain with the patient at home, they will have to be replaced by large numbers of trained and adequately prepared caregivers.. A whole coordinated system has to be put into place to make hospitalization at home safe and effective.. The project was endorsed by Dr.. Eyran Halpern, director- general of the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, who said at the press conference that Israel s health system was effective and good despite inadequate resources, but that it must find solutions to the increasing crowding in public hospitals.. The Yad Sarah president said it envisions the connection of homes with telemedicine equipment that can monitor patients blood pressure, temperature, sugar level and other information and that hospital call centers will be able to take action.. If a patient has already been hospitalized in a department, if he needs to be re-hospitalized, he would not be taken to an emergency department that knows nothing of him but directly to the medical team that previously treated him, said Lupolianski.. He called on the leaders of the health system, including the health minister, hospital directors-general and health fund officials to work together and reach an agreement to institute a large HousePital system together with Yad Sarah.. The event was also attended by former TV star Eyal Peled, who for years hosted the TV show World Tour and suffered a stroke at a young age five years ago and is disabled.. He volunteered to star in a short video to promote fundraising for Yad Sarah s HousePital Project.. Retires from volunteering in her 100.. th.. year:.. Dr.. Marjorie Kenyon Yad Sarah s oldest volunteer says It s Time.. In the 100.. year of her life and after nine years of volunteering at Yad Sarah, Dr.. Marjorie Kenyon has decided that the time has come to retire from her voluntary work at the organization.. I m winding up an era only because I believe there is less need for my service, says the elderly pediatrician and family physician, but immediately adds, I m not completely leaving, I ll continue to help anyone who needs me.. Beginning in 2008 Dr.. Kenyon has been reporting for duty once a week in the small offices of Da at, Yad Sarah s medical information center at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem.. My work has been to search and summarize diseases, medications, treatments and medical research on the internet, she explains about her job in the service that supplies answers to questions sent by patients from around the world requesting information about diseases, genetic problems, medications, treatments and organ transplants.. This is an important service that really helps people, and so it gave me great satisfaction.. Kenyon s long period of voluntary service is not unusual at Yad Sarah, where she has been one of some 6,000 volunteers.. Volunteering is a way of life for her, as she puts it.. When she retired from her medical career 30 years ago and came to live in Israel, she helped (as a volunteer) to establish the Women s Health Center in Jerusalem, took care of women at the Tipat Halav public health stations, and simultaneously wandered among various medical clinics all around Jerusalem with the aim of raising women s awareness of their bodies and of periodic checkups they should have.. Ever since I became a doctor it has been important to me to help sick people, and so the continuation into volunteering was natural for me, she explains.. She was born in London in 1914, just months before the start of the First World War, and got her MD in 1936 before the invention of antibiotics as she always points out.. She worked as a physician in London and Manchester during World War Two: The Germans were bombarding regularly and there were blackouts.. The times were hard but the people were strong, she recalls.. She immigrated to Israel in 1987 and continued volunteering in the field of medicine.. Kenyon has two children, seven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.. I always tell them that you must try to give, because that is what gives meaning to life, she concludes.. photo by Sasson Tiram.. Rina Brings Creativity to the Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center.. Yad Sarah website volunteer, Eli Cohen, invites us to meet Rina Kramer, who presides over the artistic activities in the Beit Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center.. The patients choose their craft - sculpture, painting, weaving, jewelry, or embroidery -- Rina provides skill and guidance.. When Rina Kramer retired after years of creativity as an art teacher at the School for the Deaf, she had no intention of stopping her work for a moment.. She wished to continue sharing her knowledge, in an effort to improve the quality of life for those with difficulty in functioning.. Every Thursday, Rina comes to the Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem, along with a large group of patients who have become her loyal and very satisfied students.. She runs craft and creative activities for the art class.. Together with a team of volunteers to aid her, Rina guides the patients in a variety of creative activities: jewelry, embroidery, weaving, and polymer clay sculpture.. Rina first visited the Rehabilitation Center in Yad Sarah after a chance meeting with Irit Nahaloni, Rehabilitation Center Director, at a mutual event.. Irit told Rina about the need for an art teacher at the Rehabilitation Center.. Rina did not hesitate for a moment and quickly arrived.. For the past eleven years, Rina has been with us at the Rehabilitation Center.. She comes happily and returns home with the joy and satisfaction of having empowered her patients.. Rina says that the choice of the creative activity is up to the patient.. Once the decision has been made, the patient receives all the materials and tools he or she needs to complete the project and this is determined according to the individual ability level.. Her guidance does not end there.. Rina and her volunteers constantly move between the creative participants, supporting them with a good word, offering professional advice, and doing everything they can to ensure that the finished product will be worthy of bringing pride to its creator.. We all wish dear Rina Kramer many more wonderful years of enriching the Rehabilitation Center with the joy of artistic creation under her skilled guidance.. For Shaul everyone.. is.. VIP.. Namely Very Important People.. Shaul likes to help and drives people kindly and safely * Eli Cohen reporter of Yad Sarah is reporting from a car, which is practically a limousine.. Shaul Pasternack has been sitting behind the wheel of Yad Sarah s car for 21 years, kindly and safely driving people in need to their destination.. Shaul used to work for the Ministry of Education before he retired.. He taught Judaism for 35 years.. He was always able to find one day in a week to volunteer as a driver, and he obviously volunteered even more after his retirement.. He has become very experienced in driving low functioning people from all ages and all levels, even very important people.. One drive he remembers very clearly is the day he drove the late President Ezer Weizman from Meir Hospital to his house in Caesarea.. But you don t have to be a president, to be driven by Shaul like a king or a queen.. When Shaul assists people to get out of the car and move on a wheelchair to their destination, he does that with a smile on his face and with honest kindness, so that everyone is a king or a queen.. When Shaul is not driving, he takes care of the car in the parking lot of the rehabilitation centre: he oils the grooves and makes sure that the hydraulic lift is in perfect order.. I wish for shaul many more years of driving with good health and joy.. I am allowing myself to thank Shaul on behalf of all his passengers, and also on behalf of Margalit Cohen, who is in the photo.. F.. or Shaul we are all VIP, celebrities, and first of all human beings whom he likes to serve so well.. With Yad Sarah all the way to the polling place.. When there is a celebration of democracy the elderly did not give up on their right to vote * Haim Shibi, director of communications at Yad Sarah, with the driver of the specially equipped van, Eyal Melamed, who drove wheelchair-bound disabled persons to the polling place * Photograph: After voting.. The Yad Sarah Organization helps disabled persons reach the polling place.. Disabled people confined to wheelchairs who need a ride to the polling places can call telephone 1-800-700-501.. The ride is subsidized by the organization, and costs NIS25.. The elderly Mazal Siboni sat in her wheelchair at the entrance of the polling place in the.. Ahuzat Beit Hakerem.. assisted-living residence in Ramat Beit Hakerem when IDF Radio broadcast the announcement again.. She was already there, waiting for her turn to vote, after being brought to the polling place by the specially equipped van of Yad Sarah.. For a minute it seemed as if she had fallen into a deep sleep in her chair until she suddenly raised her head and smiled a very mischievous and alert smile that would not have shamed a 16-year-old girl: I shouldn t vote? G-d forbid! It is my right to vote.. The van driver, Eyal Melamed, waited patiently for her to finish voting at the polling place that was packed with the elderly, most of them in wheelchairs and some of them using walkers.. After that, he wheeled Mazal Sibuni delicately and with great care through the crowded hallways of the senior-citizen residence back to the van that was parked close to the polling place and helped her board the vehicle.. Mazal did not stop smiling: I voted.. Of course I voted.. Thank you for bringing me here.. Noon.. at the integrated telephone service center of Yad Sarah, the incoming phone calls reached the number 259.. Yisrael Ohayon, Hezi Yitzhaki, and the other operators did their best to keep up with the high volume of calls.. The staff demonstrated quiet efficiency in answering the incoming calls and throughout all stages of the transport to the polling place.. Heavy Snow in Jerusalem?.. Jacques Meir, an 89-year-old Yad Sarah volunteer who lends out medical equipment, showed up for duty as usual.. The Jerusalem Post reports HERE.. At the playground: Everyone is a little.. light.. Through the cre during the holiday of lights, each child in Beit Helena.. becomes a hero.. Jeannie Gadish Gadish, the manager of the playground, gave us an enlightened report.. Through the.. active and special enforcing way of the playground,.. The playground works to enforce special needs children and to strengthen family ties by creating mutual experience though combined activity.. The Hanukkah party at Beit Helena playground included giving each child a golden shield inscribed with the statement I am a hero of Beit Helena playground.. In the playground, like any playground, there was a creative activity: the children created a reflection of a candle, while the parents wrote a story about freedom and independence requested by their child, and the candles were then decorated together.. The works of art were later shown to the audience, while the stories written were read to great applause.. This however did not seal the fun of the event.. Gadish: We later went to the motor room for games with light.. Each child covered 4 fingers of their hand with finger lamps.. The light they created in the darkness excited them tremendously.. They were asked to light a different colored lamp each time and learned how the light grows using distance.. We created circles and tried to capture each others light.. We were all driven into the game together.. We finished with the words:.. Everyone is a small light, but together we are a mighty light.. War in the South.. :.. Yad Sarah Branches Act to give More.. Yad Sarah set up a special center to deal with requests for help from residents of the south and has boosted its medical equipment lending centers in Beersheba, Dimona, Yevul, Nehora, Arad, Kiryat Gat and Kiryat Malachi.. Its branches in Netivot and Sderot are temporarily closed because they are not fortified.. Yad Sarah will respond at its number.. *6444.. It is almost a tradition built into the culture of the organization: Yad Sarah is used to.. adjust its services to the war situation in cities and settlements in the line of fire.. Despite.. difficult conditions, volunteers have decided to continue activities in these branches.. TELEPHONE SUPPORT AND SOLIDARITY.. Our Emergency Center volunteers headed by Arie Kahan and Shirin Malol in Jerusalem are contacting subscribers in the south to inquire.. about their health and to assure them that people are available to help them in emergencies.. Volunteers also inform them of emergency procedures.. photo above- Aviahi Amosi head of Shderot branch.. At the same time, Yad Sarah volunteers in the North and Center of the country are contacting volunteers in the South to offer support, help and hospitality.. Similar solidarity was demonstrated during each and every war north and south- and significantly raised the morale of the Yad Sarah volunteers under fire.. Branches and Services manager Moshe Cohen.. follows the tradition of pro active response to the situation:.. * To work in coordination with the Home Front Command, and the local social services with the aim of continuing to offer Yad Sarah s services to all the people in the South using our main branch in Be er Sheva.. as headquarters.. and to help them as much as possible.. * To.. strengthen the people in the South in general, and the volunteers of Yad Sarah in particular, who continue to serve the citizens despite the difficult situation.. * To expand.. services wherever we can, at the request of the people calling for help.. the Home Front Command and the Social Services Departments.. OUR ON LINE NEWSPAPER- HERE.. Friends of.. : Inside Yad Sarah - Fall 2012.. FROM OUR FRIENDS IN THE USA.. CLICK HERE.. In Praise of the Silent Dedicated Work.. My brethren of Yad Sarah s family, and Yad Sarah s loyal friends,.. For over 20 years, and even after reaching 90, volunteer Haim Fischer used to arrive to the Electro Mechanical Repairs center at Yad Sarah, situated in Yad Sarah s house in Jerusalem, and repair medical rehabilitative equipment.. He did that silently, with excellent accuracy, and minded every little detail in his work.. His way of life enchanted the other volunteers, even those who came from as far as Scandinavia.. Haim r.. i.. p.. was one of thousands of volunteers, which enabled Yad Sarah to provide immediate and essential assistance to some half a million Israelis every year, in around 100 branches of Yad Sarah, distributed all over Israel.. When we do the aftermath of the ending year, we go back to that silent, caring, humanitarian efficiency.. This is the essence of existence of the Jewish nation: Israelis are compassionate, modest and full of charity.. This is also the key to grow bigger, and the key to the constant trust which Yad Sarah gains from the public, as yearly surveys show.. We are ever ready to do our work silently, without loud declarations.. Without over bureaucracy imposed on the person who is in need, without demanding piles of documents to be presented, and without medical qualify-committees.. We are here all year round to do our work in a way that a poor man will get the same treatment as a rich man.. A man who is in need, and his family, will be immediately attended and furnished with the right rehabilitative equipment.. This equipment will be chosen with the best possible professional knowledge.. We will arrive to the home-restricted people, if they are unable to arrive to us.. We will come to make them happy.. to tell the story of their lives.. Yes, we upgrade our technological means every year.. We have renewed our distress-call-centre, in a way that enables thousands of elderly and sick people to connect to a team which will listen to them and help them, from anywhere, at any time always connected.. But the key to success, and to reliable bounding with the entire Israeli community has been,  ...   and recuperate while being surrounded by family.. We will continue to offer this aid to everyone, anywhere - and from the bottom of our hearts.. The service will continue to be optimal, reliable and available.. Happy Independence Day and a healthy summer!.. Uri Lupolianski.. Yad Sarah s.. Geriatric Dental Clinic:.. The Human- professional touch.. Yad Sarah s Geriatric Dental Clinic turned out to be the answer to the.. prayers of those senior citizens who can not eat with what was left of their teeth.. and can not afford to pay for dental care.. Yad Sarah s Geriatric Dental Clinic comprises some of the kindest and most meticulous professionals they have encountered inside or outside.. Israel.. A feisty, no-nonsense Batya Greenberg, for example, pays tribute to the volunteer senior doctor at the Clinic who treated her with golden hands for a number of denture problems.. Batya s dentist still stays in touch with her as a personal friend, visiting her once a week at her residence in the Bukharin neighbourhood of.. David Levinger, a Shoah survivor from.. Slovakia.. , says that the treatment he received from Clinic staff was hamon nechmad [super nice], even unforgettable.. Tovah Stein, an 8th generation Israeli, goes so far as to call her experience.. mei-eyn Olam Habah.. [like a taste of the World to Come].. (Photo left- Dr.. Sarit Palmon - the director and guiding hand behaind the speical dental team).. More Here.. Aharon Mayne.. Never.. Alone.. Before they call,.. I will answer;and while they are yet speaking,.. I will hear.. (Isaiah, 65:24).. As we entered a very special and important room in Yad Sarah, this.. verse in the Book of Isaiah.. caught our eyes as it was boldly written across the top of the wall.. The Emergency Alarm Response Centre is a room where many volunteers work as operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.. This is a great service which enables the elderly, disabled and anyone in need who is living alone to feel secure.. A kind volunteer took the time to explain to us the inner workings of the Emergency Alarm Response Centre.. The way this works is that each client has a wristband with a two-way transmitter connecting him/ her to a Yad Sarah volunteer with the touch of a button.. This immediately activates a connection to this room where all the client s personal information appears on the computer screen.. The details include the client s name, adress, medical information, languages spoken, relative s contact information.. As well it informs the operators which neighbours have keys, the client s doctor, and the nearest medical centre, etc.. This system is not exclusively used for medical emergencies but it is also available for those who need someone to talk to for encouragement, support, and peace of mind.. It also enables the client s relatives to feel more secure and at ease with leaving their loved ones alone as well as giving the clients themselves a greater sense of independance.. After learning about this incredible service that Yad Sarah provides we truly recognized why this verse was chosen to be displayed in this particular room.. This Passuk fully captures the tremendous chessed performed within these walls.. Until next time, Ofra Lipson Margalit Bernstein The Canadian Team (In the picture above:)).. The Canadian Team.. by Margalit Bernstein Ofra Lipson.. Seeing is believing.. Its a phrase we have heard and experienced so many times.. but not to this extent.. We have heard so much about the volunteering that takes.. place in Israel, and now we were given the opportunity to become a part of it.. We walked into the beautiful,.. Jerusalem-stone building proudly bearing the name.. Immediately we were greeted with a friendly, Shalom! Mah.. Nishmah? by a smiling security guard as we entered.. As we walked down the.. hallway to the bank of elevators an impressive sign enlisting all of the.. numerous services Yad Sarah provides stood before us.. After running our eyes.. over the many options we finally rested on the Volunteer Office.. After.. hearing countless positive reports about this wonderful organization we finally.. were registering as volunteers in the hopes of contributing in our small way.. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, we were exposed to various fundraisers for Yad.. Sarah.. Every year, our school organizes a mother-daughter event donating all.. proceeds to a charity in Israel.. One such organization that really struck us.. was Yad Sarah.. We were shown a DVD of the various services this organization.. conducts.. However, it was hard to imagine how so much could be achieved by a.. team of volunteers.. This charity operates without ongoing government funding.. and is financed almost completely by generous donors.. A couple years later we.. participated in an evening of entertainment organized by the Canadian Friends.. of Yad Sarah.. These fundraisers raised our awareness of the incredible help.. provided to Israelis struggling with medical challenges.. When we decided to.. spend this year studying in Israel, we knew that it would be a privilege and.. opportunity of a lifetime to get involved with Yad Sarah.. On our first visit to Yad Sarah s headquarters we met with various volunteers.. who contribute an unimaginable amount of their time and skills to make this.. organization what it is.. We witnessed so many different services offered such.. as the Golden Garden Coffee Shop, the Karten Rahabilitative Computer Center,.. and an art therapy workshop taking place which was just a small sample of the.. immense care that is provided.. We look forward to our next visit as we continue.. discovering the generosity that takes place at Yad Sarah every day.. (photo: doing good work.. volunteers at Yad Sarah).. Until next time,.. Margalit Bernstein Ofra Lipson.. The Canadian Team.. Jusidman House.. - More Service To The.. South.. Giving to others in all life-cycle stages, for the fulfillment of the vision and purpose of Yad Sarah, could be witnessed in the recent opening ceremony of Beyt Jusidman - Jusidman House, the new regional Center of Yad Sarah in Be er Sheva.. In the picture - Happy smiles of a Be er Sheva kids at Jusidman House opening day.. On The Net: ModiInfo.. Modi in.. -.. Maccabim-Re ut.. Volunteers Needed to Help the Families of the Sick and Disabled As Part of a New Yad Sarah Program.. A new and exciting program was formed between the Social Services Branch s Volunteer Unit and the local Yad Sarah Branch: Im Lev HaMishpacha (With the Family Heart).. The project is aimed at the families (below the age of 60) that are treated by the Social Services Branch, such as sick families or families with disabilities.. A Message From Our Friends In NYC.. Friends of.. has a new website:.. www.. friendsofyadsarah.. org.. You can use.. to make online gifts, stay up-to-date about what s new at Yad Sarah, learn about urgent needs and goals, and find out what Americans are doing to make a difference.. Yad Sarah Offers an Additional Service for Holocaust Survivors.. Yad Sarah is expanding its range of unique services to Holocaust survivors.. A generous contribution from.. the fund in memory of Holocaust survivors will enable Yad Sarah s professional staff to offer more survivors the following services:.. Subsidized dental care is offered, provided at the geriatric dental clinic in Beit Yad Sarah in Jerusalem, and as part of treatment for the homebound in the seven Yad Sarah branches (Jerusalem, Be er Sheva, Ashdod, Modi in, Kfar Saba, Haifa and Kiryat Motzkin).. In photo - Dr.. Sarit Palmon, Clinic Director, to the right, and left, Rinat Sharoni, Clinic Reception Manager.. The clinic for seniors provides dental care to the elderly and specializes in the unique problems of the older population, along with routine dental care.. It is possible to receive a variety of dental treatments in the clinic including: preventive care (dental hygienist), dental restoration and prosthodontics, including dental implants when needed.. Treatment is provided by volunteer dentists, assisted by experts in prosthodontics, surgery and periodontics.. In the past year there were approximately 10, 200 visits to the clinic including the mobile clinics.. About 30 percent of applicants were Holocaust survivors - and the goal is to broaden and deepen their treatment.. A subsidized fee is required for this service.. There is no responsible body in this country for providing dental care to Holocaust survivors.. Many of the survivors suffer from economic difficulties and cannot afford the necessary treatments.. Consequently, they lose their dignity, withdraw into themselves and have difficulty talking or eating.. The significant contribution from the fund in memory of Holocaust survivors allows us to provide services to Holocaust survivors, to whom we owe a great moral debt, says Rivka Feuchtwanger, Public Relations Director at Yad Sarah.. For more information.. 02-6444644.. dentalclinic@yadsarah.. il.. Installation of panic buttons a service operating 24 hours a day all year round, is provided.. The person receiving this service wears a device like an alarm clock on his wristwatch at a time of distress the button is activated and connected to the operator at Yad Sarah telephone service in Jerusalem.. From handling emergency calls for help to offering a sympathetic ear for lonely individuals the dedicated team of Yad Sarah responds immediately to all calls.. The new service with the help of the fund in memory of Holocaust survivors - is designed to expand the number of survivors who are connected to the telephone center and allow immediate and necessary response to every question or problem arising in the survivor s environment.. For more information:.. 02-6444422.. moked@yadsarah.. THE JERUSALEM POST ON OUR WORK BEFORE PASSOVER:.. Yad Sarah volunteers work hardest before Pessah.. By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH.. 04/15/2011 04:23.. Voluntary organization reports a three-fold increase in the borrowing of medical equipment for home use during the upcoming holidays.. Yad Sarah reported on Thursday a three-fold increase in the borrowing of medical equipment for home use during the upcoming holidays.. The voluntary organization s central storehouse has been transferring needed equipment to its more than 100 branches, with wheelchairs the most popular as families invite elderly relatives from old age homes and other institutions to their homes for the Pessah Seder.. Other items much in demand that are being lent out are thousands of oxygen canisters, walkers, hospital beds and pulleys to help people out of bed; all of these are worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, all purchased with donations.. As Pessah is the major holiday when families want to be together, the period is the most hectic for Yad Sarah.. The number of reservations for the 40 Nechonit vans to transport the disabled in wheelchairs around has been large.. Meanwhile, Yad Sarah is distributing via its website (.. yadsarah.. il.. ) a special Haggada for the visually impaired, printed in large letters.. The 67-page book was produced by Da at, the Center for Jewish Studies of the Herzog College.. Dozens of Yad Sarah branches will be open on the eve of Pessah, on Monday, and during the intermediate days of the holiday.. For more information and branches and opening times, call *6444 or visit the website.. Our New Campaign-.. As Reported In The Jerusalem Post-.. to hold first-ever fund-raising campaign.. 03/01/2011 05:19.. Move comes as demand for services increases and donations decrease.. Photo: At the opening of Yad Sarah new regional southern center - BeerSheba.. For the first time in its 35- year history, the Yad Sarah organization has decided to hold a national fund-raising campaign due to increased demands for its services and reduced donations.. Organization founder and chairman (and former Jerusalem mayor) Uri Lupolianski reluctantly made the decision after opposing it for years on the grounds that everybody knows what Yad Sarah is and does and knows where to contribute.. MORE HERE.. The Grand Opening in Beersheba.. The fundraising event for the new Yad Sarah in Beersheba was a huge success - another step forward towards beginning operations in the new regional center which will include the entire spectrum of services to be available to residents of the South.. About 200 leaders of major business corporations in the South came to the opening night fund-raiser.. Many of them gave generous donations and offered assistance to help run the services in the new center.. Most of the attention was focused on the auction, skillfully run by actor Zvika Hadar, who also volunteered to moderate the evening.. The first Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Eliyahu Eilat, donated a cigar given to him by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which was sold to the bromine company employees for 10,000.. Contractor Yossi Dluya, the head of the Southern Chamber of Commerce purchased a 9,000 egg with the Book of Ruth and the Song of Songs written on it in micrographic script, the work of the late Abraham Haba.. A Gold medal designed for the 32nd Anniversary of Independence by Marc Chagall Light of the Nations , was sold for 15,000.. Rubik Danilovich, Mayor of Beersheba (above in photo with President of Yad Sarah, Uri Lupoliansk)i , along with Zvika Hadar, purchased a Yossi Stern lithograph for 4,000.. IS.. We came.. We ate.. We met Shuli-.. and We Understood the Spirit of.. Y.. ad Sarah.. On our most recent visit to the Yad Sarah headquarters, we were curious as to what other incredible discoveries we could possibly encounter.. We did not have to wonder long as we entered the cafeteria and met yet another extremely enthusiastic volunteer.. We began engaging Shuly Mizrachi, a very devoted volunteer who still had her apron on from her shift in the cafeteria.. The Canadian Team, Margalit Bernstein and Ofra Lipson.. A Message From Our Friends In NYC-.. Friends of Yad Sarah has a new website:.. Safe Wheels.. our new video on how to use a wheelchair correctly.. by Deborah Roitman.. Here are some notes we have recently received from viewers:.. I really appreciated the video when I recently had to care for my mother who was wheelchair-bound.. It was only for a few weeks that she could not walk and needed the wheelchair, when she was so very sick, but still.. Thank you so much for the information.. It is a service that is so necessary for so many people.. A job well done!.. I am confident that this video will be helpful to many people.. These are some of the early reactions to the video Safe Wheels which is the brainchild of occupational therapists Shani Rosenfeld (the head of the Exhibition and.. Guidance.. at Yad Sarah) and Toby Koren (the founder of the Center for Road Safety at the.. Alyn.. Hospital.. in.. ).. Yad Sarah and.. are comparable in that both institutions are at the interface when thousands of new drivers are confronted for the first-time with a wheelchair upon which they will need to rely but for which they have not been sufficiently trained to use safely.. Staff at Yad Sarah and at the.. often feels that patients and their caretakers alike put themselves at risk when they are unaware of the basics of handling a wheelchair correctly.. Over the years, many professional reports were written of the experience that had amassed, but only recently did this desire to promote an educational tool develop into something practical.. Dekel Eisenberg, at the time a student at the.. Musrara.. College.. , approached the Public Relations department at Yad Sarah and volunteered to make a film on the topic of the safe use of wheelchairs.. The challenges were considerable in transforming pages of thoughts into a user-friendly medium that would nonetheless remain true to its professional purpose.. The choice was to use actors who present the difficulties faced by a caretaker and a patient as they come to deal with a wheelchair, a reality, albeit transient, with which they have had no prior experience.. The main points that are dealt with in the video are the proper use of the wheelchair by the patient, getting a wheelchair in and out of the car, and safe manipulation by the caretaker of a patient in a wheelchair outdoors, because these are the issues that are critical for the safety of a patient who is wheelchair-bound.. It is the hope of the entire team at Yad Sarah that this video will be helpful to private individuals and their concerned significant others, but also be an educational tool for nursing services including students in the helping professions, professional working with patients after orthopedic surgeries, and many others.. Safe Wheels is user-friendly, short, and has very c.. r instructions that are easy to remember and easy to follow.. The objective is to add a measure of safety to a practical situation that thousands are confronted with annually and for which they are not sufficiently prepared.. To watch the video: Safe Wheels.. press here.. What We Found At The Gift shop.. Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Yad Sarah headquarters to view some of the incredible services that are offered there daily.. We strolled through the hallways which display countless pictures of Yad Sarah over the years until we came to a room that caught our attention.. The room was filled with beautifully hand-crafted pieces of art.. Upon viewing the masterpieces we asked a hard working staff member about the artists and their connection to Yad Sarah.. She responded with a smile explaining to us that the artists are actually dedicated volunteers who have reached retirement-.. What's new.. SIGMA.. LAYING OF CORNERSTONE OF YAD SARAH BUILDING IN MODI IN.. The Support for the Caregiver Center.. A Message from Dimona.. Dearest Itzik.. Our Hands.. We talked about love, about anger, about blaming ourselves.. Our Play Center for Special Needs Children and their Families.. A Meeting With Shuli.. The Clinic With The Humane Touch.. YADSARAH PURIM CARDS.. YAD SARAH ONLINE GIFTSHOP.. Yad Sarah Purim Cards, Hand made gift items and more.. Your purchase will help buy wheelchairs for lending through our extensive network of branches.. Order now from.. shopyadsarah.. NEW! YAD SARAH ON SOCIAL GIVING NETWORKS.. These Online giving portals support Yad Sarah and thousands of other worthy causes.. Register now and start donating :.. JGooders.. |.. Israelgive.. FirstGiving.. BEHIND THE SCENES.. Volunteer in Profile:.. Aharon Levi -- The Missing Screw.. Updated Stats for.. October 2009.. Inside Look at:.. Kfar Saba Branch.. Yad Sarah Video Clip,.. Click.. FIND US ON YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK.. YAD SARAH CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE NON-PROFIT, MEJEW.. Scores of video clips available on You Tube`s Non-Profit Channels.. The videos feature volunteer profiles, highlights of milestone more.. youtube.. com/yadsarah.. Now also on.. NEW!.. MeJew.. com.. check it out!.. Join our growing Facebook Group.. "I support Yad Sarah".. or.. facebook.. WHAT IS YAD SARAH ?.. Yad Sarah is an Israel-wide network of volunteers aiding disabled, elderly, and housebound people aimed at making home care possible.. Read More.. INSIDE YAD SARAH.. Published by Friends of Yad Sarah in the U.. S.. YAD SARAH NEWS.. Published by Yad Sarah in Jerusalem.. YAD SARAH CONNECTION.. YAD SARAH IN THE MEDIA.. Israel`s Largest Volunteer Agency Runs on Retiree Power --.. Jweekly.. Toys for Special Needs Kids --.. Jewish Advocate.. No Money to Help Handicapped Get to Voting Booths --.. Israel National News.. Without transportation, disabled voters will struggle to reach polling stations --.. Jerusalem Post.. CARE2TELL.. COM.. Care2tell.. --.. Affiliate Site of Yad Sarah for sharing life experiences,.. incidents and anecdotes in the world of the caregiver.. BLOGGING ABOUT.. Services Guide for Aged and Disabled in Israel.. by Zissy Gitel.. ***SEE LATEST POSTING ***.. Levavot- Hearts found throughout Israel-.. http://levavot.. blogspot.. com/2009/09/interested.. html.. Lookout on Chessed --.. Yad Sarah of Safed.. other reflections on Chessed.. Google Blog Search.. Google Book Search.. Technorati.. ISRAELI INNOVATIONS.. Recently posted:.. GaitAid Virtual Walker.. Home Health Care Innovations.. -- Made in Israel.. Computer Assistive Technological Innovations for Health Care.. Israel Leads World in Medical Device Patents.. (BioIsrael Communications).. HEALTH MATTERS.. Health-Related Conferences in Israel.. Keeping Wandering Grandmas Safe --.. Israel 21c.. Learn about.. Daat.. -- the medical information service at Yad Sarah.. Medical Organizations in Israel.. SPECIAL NEEDS TOURISTS.. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.. Seabell Yacht.. at the Eilat Marina.. Utopia Park.. at Kibbutz Bahan in Emek Hefer.. Services for Tourists.. with Special Needs.. org/tourists.. Accessible sites and tours.. and accessible site.. tips.. VISITORS AT YAD SARAH.. Official Visit:.. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.. Youth Groups and Special Groups.. Year-in-Israel Program visitors.. Bnai-Mitzvah.. Family Visits.. Visiting Congregations and Federations.. Visit.. Yad Sarah House - Guided tours in English (photo credit: R.. Milon).. VIRTUAL TOUR OF YAD SARAH EXHIBITION AND GUIDANCE CENTER.. Now without leaving your seat take a peek at hundreds of useful special equipment available for kitchen, bath, bedroom at Yad Sarah`s Resource and Exhibition Center in Jerusalem.. This site was developed by.. Tourwise.. , an Israeli company specializing in dynamic web applications developed as a complimentary service.. [Download of small plug-in required for first-time viewers.. ].. Take the tour now.. Comments and suggestions:.. internet@yadsarah.. Partners.. |.. Copyright.. Disclaimer.. Privacy.. Developed by.. Telerom Ltd..

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  • Title: Largest volunteer organization is Israel helping the sick and elderly with homecare.
    Descriptive info: 6.. Print this page.. Yad Sarah, the largest voluntary organization in Israel, provides a spectrum of free or nominal cost services designed to make life easier for sick, disabled and elderly people and their families.. Today, 30 years after it was founded, Yad Sarah has.. 103 branches.. throughout Israel run by more than.. 6,000.. volunteers, and saves the Israeli economy about $320 million a year in hospitalization and medical costs.. Yad Sarah`s.. mission.. is to keep the ill and the elderly in their homes and out of institutions as long as possible.. Home care in the natural environment of the family is most conducive to healthy recuperation, both physically and emotionally.. It also costs both family and State much less.. best-known service.. is the lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment on  ...   care centers for the disabled, drop-in centers and minimum-charge dental clinics for the elderly, personal computerized emergency alarms monitored 24 hours a day, and guidance/exhibition centers which help disabled people choose the assistive devices most suited to their needs.. The organization also.. provides equipment and services for new mothers, infants, recently discharged hospital patients and others in need, and a wide range of volunteer-run creative, recreational and rehabilitative activities for homebound people.. Yad Sarah s annual operating.. budget.. is financed almost completely by donations, over 70 percent of which are raised within Israel.. No ongoing government assistance is received.. One out of two Israeli families has been helped by Yad Sarah.. Over 380,000 Israelis use its services yearly.. Links:.. History of Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah`s Guiding Vision.. Vital Statistics.. Contact Information..

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  • Title: Homecare medical equipment from oxygen to wheelchairs. Helping those in deed.
    Descriptive info: Yad Sarah Services.. Special Services section.. Adopt-a-Family Program.. DA`AT Medical Query Service.. Day rehabilitation centers.. Emergency alarm response system.. Equipment Maintenance Workshops.. Family Center.. Fitness Center for people with special needs.. Geriatric dental clinic.. Going Home.. Golden Age Club.. Golden Garden Coffee Shops.. Guidance, resource and exhibition centers.. Home Services Department.. Home Repair Service.. Home Visits by volunteers.. Information Services for the elderly.. Information service for parents with special needs children.. Laundry Service for the incontinent.. Legal Aid for the elderly.. Lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment.. Meals and Meals-On-Wheels.. Oxygen Services and special equipment.. Skill Training and Employment Center.. The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center.. Transportation for people in wheelchairs.. Toy library and enrichment center for special children and their families.. Caring for seriously ill family members bedridden at home is a difficult task with no respite.. The hours are long seven days a week, 24 hours a day.. Fortunately, for 150 such families in the Jerusalem area, Yad Sarah s Adopt a Family program sends out specially trained volunteers once or twice a week to give family caregivers a well-deserved break.. The purpose behind the project is two-fold: to give family caregivers a chance to step out and care for their own needs, and to provide, at the same time, a social experience for the housebound patient.. The innovative program has been most effective in raising spirits and breaking the cycle of loneliness and seclusion experienced by the housebound.. Many of the patients served have progressive diseases or are terminally ill, and volunteers are trained to engage them in activities suited to their needs and capabilities.. Emphasis is on connecting to the patients healthy aspects and what they had enjoyed doing in the past.. The visit is social, value-based and spiritual as well.. Activities included in the visit are as varied as playing board games, teaching, reading, computers, and watching TV.. Currently about 70 volunteers are active in the project.. They come from all walks of life and include professionals in community service, medical and para-medical fields, some of whom are pensioners.. The DAAT medical query service has moved to Yad Sarah.. (It was previously based in the Hadassah Medical Center.. ) DAAT - Hebrew for knowledge - acts as a bridge between the patient and the health care provider.. Nava Dolev, founder of DAAT, explains that the idea is to provide a person needing medical treatment or surgery with full information so that he can understand his condition, the various options open to him, and make an intelligent decision, based on that knowledge.. DAAT consists of two and a quarter paid workers - nurses and a librarian - and some 30 volunteers, including physicians, biochemists, nurses, therapists and psychologists and offers its services free of charge.. So far, according to Nava Dolev, DAAT has answered some 25,000 queries in the 6 years of its existence.. This service allows people to ask their questions from their homes, either by telephone or email (see below), rather than come to Yad Sarah.. The reply, which is sent to the person s home, consists of all kinds of pertinent material in layman s, easy-to-understand language including relevant articles.. According to Nava Dolev, this is the only medical service of its kind in Israel.. Within the Yad Sarah framework, the Jerusalem Council for Children and Youth and Da at (Health Information Services) have joined together to establish a new information center for the learning disabled (LD) to serve parents, students, and professionals.. To view the Da at request form,.. click here.. To view the Da at fact sheet (pdf file),.. To read more about Da at, including questionnaire,.. To read the article in Israel21c,.. To view the interview of Nava Dolev with IBA anchor Sheila Zucker,.. For further information or queries:.. email:.. daat@yadsarah.. telephone: 02-644-4500.. Here para-medical services, physical and occupational therapy, music, art, gardening, movement and other kinds of therapy, meals and social events are provided daily for the severely disabled, old or young, especially those recovering from CVA or accidents.. This continued rehabilitation takes up where the hospital and health funds leave off.. The participants are brought to the centers in Yad Sarah s vans, receive their treatments from professionals and volunteers, enjoy a cooked meal and are then brought home by van.. The activities at these centers often stops or slows the deterioration in their condition, and at times even improves it - and their caregivers are also given a breathing spell.. To read more about the Day Rehabilitation Centers,.. click here.. (PDF file).. To read about Tu BiShvat planting in the Day Rehabilitation Center,.. For further details, contact the rehab centers:.. Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd.. Tel.. 02-644-4633.. Rishon Le-Zion: 11 Rothschild Street, Tel.. 03-967-9714.. Rehabcenter@yadsarah.. Elderly people living alone - and their families - can find peace of mind and security with the two-way transmitters which connect to Yad Sarah s computerized communication center in Jerusalem 24 hours a day 365 days a year.. A touch of a button (worn on the wrist) automatically activates a voice connection with the control room where a screen flashes the caller s name, address, medical details, languages spoken, phone numbers of relatives, neighbors who have keys, doctor, nearest first aid station, etc.. The caller can speak from any room in the house.. The duty operator sends help as needed, and has been trained to calm a frightened person.. Thousands of Israelis are connected to Yad Sarah in this way, and lives have been saved by this service.. Anyone can connect to this service, for a one-time payment of 300 NIS (for insurance and back-up batteries) and a refundable deposit of 300 NIS.. There is no further monthly fee.. Installation, repairs, and operator duty are done by volunteers.. Further information about emergency alarm service.. Jerusalem: 02- 644-4422.. Tel Aviv: 03- 681-7222 and at all Yad Sarah branches.. or email.. Click here.. for an article about this service.. Click here.. for a more detailed description in PDF format.. The hundreds of thousands of wheelchairs, walkers, vaporizers and other items that Yad Sarah lends are repaired and renovated by skilled volunteer pensioners and handicapped people in these workshops - a saving in costs for Yad Sarah and a lease on a useful life for the volunteers.. Read about volunteers in the equipment maintenance workshops:.. Bob Schwell.. and.. Brian Clein.. Further information at main workshop office: Tel.. 02-644-4556.. WorkShops@yadsarah.. The Yad Sarah Family Center performs professional and welcome work in the treatment and prevention of violence in the family.. Its uniqueness lies in its specialty of catering to families of the religious sector, but it is open to all sectors of society.. Here treatment is provided for the victim, the aggressor and the witness (children from families where violence is prevalent).. Yad Sarah s staff of therapists consists of 10 social workers, three students studying social work,  ...   the broken pipe, lock or chair is back in working order.. A vital service for elderly people living alone who are afraid to have strangers come into their homes.. The Yad Sarah volunteer also installs front door peep-holes and safety rails where requested.. For more information call 02-644-4577.. For more information call 02-644-4429.. outreach@yadsarah.. Yad Sarah maintains a unique computerized data bank comprising full details on all services available for the elderly everywhere in Israel.. The information is arranged according to subject, geographical location and the applicant s particular needs.. The program also gives full information on all Yad Sarah s services.. The project is a joint service with Eshel-JDC.. Callers can inquire about a range of subjects, including transportation services, homes for the aged, golden age clubs, nursing services, supply of food and meals, rest homes, advice about where financial help is available, Yad Sarah services (lending of equipment, emergency alarms, etc.. ), and more.. Questions can be asked by telephone; answers will be supplied on the spot, or by phone, mail or fax.. For further details, call: 02-644-4633.. informationcenter@yadsarah.. Families of special needs children seeking information, support or guidance have a special hotline (02-6444488 or call *64446 and ask for the Mishakia ).. On our special playground see.. Yad Sarah's home-delivered clean bedding and night clothes for the incontinent eases the burden on the caregivers.. Yad Sarah volunteers wash, dry, mend, iron and fold.. This service is sometimes the crucial factor in enabling families to care for their loved ones at home.. To order service:.. Tel: 02-644-4577.. Yad Riva, within Yad Sarah, provides free or minimal cost legal services for the elderly, including drafting wills, property concerns, issues with landlords and disputes within the family or with neighbors, financial matters such as insurance rights and pensions, and more.. The service is given almost entirely by volunteers: lawyers, social workers and legal and social work students.. They make house calls if needed.. Yad Riva operates in the following locations: Jerusalem, Upper Nazareth, Ashekelon, Haifa, Kiryat Ata, Afula, Hadera, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Raanana, Lod, Tel-Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Beersheva, Arad, and Holon.. For more information about Yad Riva,.. YadRiva@yadsarah.. Yad Sarah s best known service, and no wonder.. Some 200,000 people a year borrow medical or rehabilitative equipment free of charge, free of bureaucracy.. There are 103 branches around the country, operated by volunteers, lending some 300 kinds of equipment for periods of from one to three months.. All you need to do is go into the branch nearest your home, and leave a deposit that will be refunded when you return the item.. Borrowed equipment enables people to recover at home, with their families, rather than in hospitals.. equipment@yadsarah.. For more information, in PDF format,.. For information about the Reinhard Marcuse Lending Service for the Vision Impaired ,.. For information about the Malki Foundation,.. l.. Yad Sarah supplies ready-cooked, frozen meals at a nominal fee.. The meal includes a main portion of either.. meat, fish, or a vegetarian portion plus two sides dishes consisting of a starch and a vegetable.. There is also an option of ordering soup.. The meal arrives frozen from a catering company in Mevo Horon.. Meals can be purchased directly from Yad Sarah or via a messenger who will deliver the meals directly to one s home.. Telephone: 02-644-4574.. By supplying oxygen concentrating machines and standby cylinders of 100 percent oxygen, Yad Sarah enables hundreds of people with respiratory problems to live at home or travel instead of being hospitalized.. Other high-tech equipment available at the Special Equipment Centers includes pulse oximeters (to monitor level of oxygen in blood and thereby regulate oxygen supply), inhalation machines, CPM physiotherapy apparatus for arms and legs, infusion equipment and more.. Trained staff instructs borrowers in use of the equipment.. Available at National Center for Special Equipment,Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd.. Jerusalem, Tel.. 02-644-4622 AND at the regional centers in Beersheba, Rehovot, Herzliya, Rishon Le-Zion, Nahariya.. Can be ordered from any branch.. SpecialEquipment@yadsarah.. Here recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union aged 55-plus are employed and learn a new trade: producing and assembling orthopedic and electronic equipment.. This is a major money saver for Yad Sarah compared to importing whole wheelchairs and walkers, and a solution to the employment problem of older immigrants who have a technical or engineering background.. Known as The Norway Center in recognition of support received from a Norwegian charitable organization.. The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center.. answers the special needs of disabled people with motor and/or cognitive difficulties at different levels, and helps enable them, too, to enjoy the many advantages of using a computer.. Its 10 terminals are equipped with special assistive devices that enable people with disabilities to use the computer.. These new skills help reduce the person s dependency on others and strengthen the feeling of control of their lives.. For further details, contact the rehab centers:.. 02-644-4723.. Specially equipped vans take wheelchair-bound elderly or disabled persons from their homes to medical appointments and social events.. Yad Sarah s air-conditioned vans are fitted with hydraulic tail lifts, safety anchors, and two-way radios.. In 2001, in view of the severe unrest in Israel and danger on some roads, it was necessary to add two bulletproof vans to the fleet.. The professional drivers (many of them volunteers) are trained in working with disabled people.. These vans give homebound people a chance to participate in life beyond their four walls and thus improve their quality of life enormously.. The van service is what makes it possible, in many cases, for these people to remain at home, not in hospitals, and get to their medical treatments as needed.. Rides, at a nominal charge, can be ordered 24 hours in advance from the following transportation centers:.. COUNTRY-WIDE: 1-700-501-800.. Jerusalem: 02-644-4422.. Tel Aviv: 03-681-7222.. Haifa: 04-838-1704.. Beersheba: 07-648-3897.. Rishon Le-Tzion: 03-966-0190.. VISITORS TO ISRAEL in wheelchairs can order airport pick-up in advance through the Exhibition and Guidance Center, Tel.. 972-2-644-4633.. Transportation@yadsarah.. Supervised play, instruction and lending of toys and games, for children with motor and cognitive problems.. The center stresses full family involvement.. The professional staff and trained volunteers play with the child (along with parents and siblings), give continuous guidance, and lend appropriate toys and games with instructions for their use at home.. The center includes a creativity room, gross motor activity room, fine motor activity room, didactic games, computer games, and games for loan.. The staff includes experts in special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, clinical education students and specially trained high school volunteers.. Children aged newborn to twelve and their families are referred to the center by professionals.. By appointment only.. for a more detailed description, in PDF format.. For an appointment or further information please call the Center, Beit Helena in Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd.. , Jerusalem, Tel.. 02-644-4488.. Playcenter@yadsarah..

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  • Title: Make a difference with your charitable contribution.
    Descriptive info: Donors.. Helping Yad Sarah - find your own way.. Contribute towards the purchase of equipment.. Adopt a person in the day rehab center or home creative projects for a period of time.. Contribute toward the running of a particular branch.. Honor or memorialize a loved one with a contribution.. Contribute towards a particular service.. There are many ways to help Yad Sarah.. Here are some examples of contributions that will make a difference in someone s life.. [Click above each example for details.. ].. These items are on Yad Sarah s priority list to be purchased for lending:.. A donation of $1800 will enable the purchase of a patient hoist which helps lift people who are wheelchair-bound and cannot move themselves.. The hoist lifts them from the bed onto the wheelchair, and vice versa.. A donation of $1111 will enable the purchase of a pulse oximeter, a device that measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood non-invasively, for people who are receiving supplemental oxygen for respiratory problems.. A donation of $800 will enable the purchase of.. an oxygen concentrator for people with respiratory problems.. These devices, on wheels, create 90% oxygen from the air in the room.. A donation of $280 will enable the purchase of a special  ...   for one year: $2,500.. Adopt a client in the Home Handicrafts Project (you may designate location Jerusalem, Netanya, Rishon LeTzion) for one year: $2,400.. Adopt a patient in the Geriatric Dental Clinic for one year: $2,500.. Adopt an elderly person for Meals-on-Wheels for one year: $2,800.. Do.. nate now.. If you have a particular geographic area or community in mind, you may earmark your donation of from $20 to $2,000 towards the operation of the Yad Sarah branch there.. For further details download document.. Link to.. List of Branches.. to see where the 103 Yad Sarah branches are located.. Every donation in honor or memory of a particular person will be recognized with a letter to the person honored or the family of the person being memorialized.. For donations from $50 to $249, the letter will be accompanied by a handsome Yad Sarah certificate.. For donations of $250 and up, the letter will be accompanied by a handsome Yad Sarah certificate.. Examples:.. Emergency Alarm Service a donation of.. $280.. will provide one alarm system to an elderly or infirm person living alone.. Donations.. of.. $20 to $2,000.. may be earmarked to support one of the following services:.. Toy.. Library Enrichment.. for Special Children.. Day.. Rehabilitation.. Details.. about these services..

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  • Title: Volunteer organization in the business of helping others. help us help them.
    Descriptive info: Volunteers.. The backbone of Yad Sarah is its army of volunteers.. From town and country, from all walks of life, men and women of all ages, in every corner of Israel, give of their time and abilities to make Yad Sarah work.. There would be no Yad Sarah without them.. With over 6,000 volunteers, of whom about 2,000 work on a regular basis from two to six times a week, and only a minimum number in salaried positions, this is virtually a volunteer-run organization.. It is no small matter to deploy and make efficient use of such a large and diverse population.. Much effort and skill go into their training, placement, welfare and esprit  ...   correct placement, in order to insure that the volunteers maintain the initial enthusiasm that brought them to Yad Sarah.. For many volunteers, working at Yad Sarah is a rehabilitative experience in itself: the corps of volunteers includes retired people, people who are themselves somewhat disabled, people who could easily be on the receiving end of the services they supply.. The new volunteer undergoes special training for the job.. In the more demanding jobs, there is professional supervision and trouble-shooting.. With time, the volunteer is given more specialized training and upgrading.. Yad Sarah is known throughout Israel for its success in recruiting, training, placing, upgrading, administering and rewarding the largest corps of volunteers in the country..

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  • Title: e-news
    Descriptive info: Please subscribe me to Yad Sarah's e-newsletter..  .. Full Name:.. E-mail :.. Comments :..

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  • Title: MAIN STORY
    Descriptive info: [.. 24/04/2012 07:36:21.. ].. 23/11/2011.. 13/11/2011.. 30/10/2011.. 15/09/2011.. 03/07/2011.. 25/05/2011.. 24/05/2011.. 11/05/2011.. New Home In The South.. 06/02/2011.. The Canadian Team-2.. 05/12/2010.. "The Canadian Team".. 18/11/2010.. Jusidman House; More Service To The South.. 07/11/2010.. A Gift For You.. 02/11/2010.. I Remember That Day.. 30/08/2010.. I Need Another Way To Say Thank You.. 16/08/2010.. A Day With Shani Rosenfeld.. 13/07/2010.. A Bridge Of Love Across Generations.. 23/06/2010.. It`s a Family Tradition: Amit Carmon`s Bat Mitzvah at Yad Sarah.. 10/06/2010.. The People and Spirit of Yad Sarah: Yaffa Rimon.. 02/06/2010.. The People and Spirit of Yad Sarah: Moshe Cheshle.. 23/05/2010.. "We see the words in his eyes".. 10/05/2010.. Moments of Giving: Boaz,Yael, Amit.. 02/05/2010.. The people and spirit of Yad Sarah: Anat Benzaquen.. 23/04/2010.. A Letter to Yad Sarah`s Friends.. 22/04/2010.. Gabriella (Germany) writes about Hennie (Tel Aviv).. 11/04/2010.. The People and Spirit of Yad Sarah- The Story of Eli and Rivki.. 06/04/2010.. 21/03/2010 01:06:31.. 21/03/2010 01:06:30.. Ready for Passover.. 21/03/2010.. The People and Spirit of Yad Sarah-Avi Stern.. 06/03/2010.. Give Family & Friends a Purim Gift with a Difference: Yad Sarah`s Purim Card.. 21/02/2010.. Yad Sarah aid to Haiti.. 14/02/2010.. Yad Sarah Services Reach Out to Aging Survivors.. 25/01/2010.. Innovation in home-based care: INTESA SANPAOLO of Italy visited Yad Sarah.. 31/12/2009.. Teens Build Relationships with Yad Sarah.. 29/12/2009.. 1500 Tulip Bulbs to Yad Sarah`s Rehabilitation Centers.. 20/12/2009.. Florida business people eye Yad Sarah as possible partner.. 29/11/2009.. Life Story Stories.. 24/11/2009.. New at Yad Sarah: a partnership for the terminally ill.. Video: Yad Sarah Housepitals allow patients to stay at home with their families and away from hospitals.. 16/11/2009.. Wife of President of Croatia Impressed by Yad Sarah.. 27/10/2009.. I want to establish Yad Sarah in Croatia.. Tamar Katz -- Running for Yad Sarah.. 14/10/2009.. Seniors Helping Seniors.. 12/10/2009.. Decade of Service to Mevaseret`s Multi-Ethnic Community.. 24/08/2009.. The Long Reach of a Helping Hand.. 09/08/2009.. Summer Special: Swimming for Charity.. 09/07/2009.. Yad Sarah Visits Jewish Community in Riga, Latvia.. Survey Concludes: Four out of five Elderly in Israel Prefer Staying at home over Moving to Protected Living Facilities.. 05/07/2009.. Rehabilitative Artistry.. 28/06/2009.. Yad Sarah at Salute to Israel Parade, New York.. 31/05/2009.. Women`s Day - The Yad Sarah Way, June 9.. See the Real Israel On Yad Sarah`s Internet Channel.. 24/05/2009.. Luckless Yad Sarah Branch in Netanya.. 17/05/2009.. Pope`s Visit Spurs Demand for Travel Services.. New Yad Sarah Service Center Dedicated in Kiryat Shmonah.. 14/05/2009.. A Party for Topaz: Yad Sarah Fulfilling Dreams.. 10/05/2009.. Bar Mitzvah Boy Opens New World with Click of Mouse.. 03/05/2009.. Air Force Volunteers for Yad Sarah in Be er Sheva.. 26/04/2009.. Yad Sarah provides handicapped transport to gravesites on Israel Remembrance Day.. 22/04/2009.. com: New Networking Site All about Caring and Sharing.. 20/04/2009.. Volunteer Blogs about Caring for the Elderly and Disabled in Israel.. 17/04/2009.. Wheeling into Spring at Jerusalem`s Botanical Gardens.. 16/04/2009.. The people of Yad Sarah Day Rehab Center on excursion at the.. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.. Holiday rush: Wheelchairs top the list as demand for Yad Sarah equipment trebles.. 03/04/2009.. Make a Clean (and Safe) Sweep for Pesach.. Yad Sarah and Bank Hapoalim for a Better Environment.. 29/03/2009.. Surprise Purim Visits to Lone Elderly Bring Tears of Joy.. 15/03/2009.. Computer Course Offered for Golden Agers.. 09/03/2009.. International Women`s Day -Women are the driving force behind Yad Sarah.. 01/03/2009.. Gift of Life Prompts Gift to Yad Sarah.. 22/02/2009.. 103 Year Old Casts Her Vote Thanks to Yad Sarah Van Service on Election Day.. 17/02/2009.. Art Therapy Program Provides Unexpected Benefits.. 15/02/2009.. Music Program for the Blind Provides Inspiration and Gratification.. 08/02/2009.. Thanks to Yad Sarah: Dozens of Disabled Citizens Will Exercise Their Right to Vote.. 03/02/2009.. Marriage Proposal Yad Sarah Style.. The Green House - New Building for Kiryat Shmonah Branch.. 01/02/2009.. For Many Southern Israelis, the War Isn`t Over Yet.. 25/01/2009.. School Children Send Soldiers Sweets and Solidarity.. 14/01/2009.. Under Fire - Volunteers Continue to Aid in the South.. 11/01/2009.. "All Together Now"-Unites South with Helping Organizations.. 04/01/2009.. War in the South: Yad Sarah Branches Adapt to the New Reality.. The Operation in Gaza & Yad Sarah: Volunteers Aid Residents of the South-- Ongoing Updates.. 30/12/2008.. New Course Offer: Helping those who Suffer from Memory Loss and their Families.. 29/12/2008.. JOINT`s 2008 Zusman Fund Award to Yad Riva Director, Michael Schindler.. 22/12/2008.. Robbery at Holon Branch of Yad Sarah.. 14/12/2008.. Harari Family Concludes their Double Bar-Mitzvah Celebration at Yad Sarah.. 09/12/2008.. Army Unit Breaks to Do Good for Others.. 07/12/2008.. Barrage of Donuts and Caring in Sderot.. International Volunteers Day at Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah Homecare Professionals in Odessa.. 30/11/2008.. Annual Conference of Leir Institute Discusses New Paradigms on Volunteer Paid Staff Relations.. 24/11/2008.. A Helping Hand for Yad Sarah from Pennsylvania.. 18/11/2008.. A Reason to Get Up In The Morning: Terror Club Members Complete First Year of Activities.. 16/11/2008.. Yad Sarah Welcomes Participants of the UJC General Assembly.. 09/11/2008.. Karten CTEC offers Two Computer Courses for Golden Agers.. 28/10/2008.. Swiss Friends of Yad Sarah Contribute New Building in Kiryat Shmona.. 05/10/2008.. 5768 Statistics: Year in Review.. 24/09/2008.. Terror Victims Find Respite at Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah Honey Project - sweet experience for all.. Warmest Wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year 5769.. 23/09/2008.. Yad Sarah gets 1,000 wheelchairs from Japanese peace organization.. 08/09/2008.. New Branch in Beilinson Medical Center.. 17/08/2008.. New Yorkers send Medical Equipment to Yad Sarah.. 11/08/2008.. Yad Sarah Initiates New Support Service for Caregivers.. 27/07/2008.. Only at Yad Sarah: A Volunteer Beduin Attorney who Speaks Russian.. 13/07/2008.. Who is Subsidizing Whom? Yad Sarah Saved the Economy Close to $500 Million in Hospitalization Fees.. 10/07/2008.. Project C.. U.. R.. Sends Equipment to Yad Sarah.. 09/07/2008.. Concert for the Homebound at Yad Sarah House.. 06/07/2008.. Opening of `Return to Life!` Exhibit.. 25/06/2008.. Return to Life! Exhibit about Child Survivors of Buchenwald.. 18/06/2008.. Hannah and Chloe, the Jewish Free School, and Yad Sarah s Special Children.. 15/06/2008.. LA Mayor: We Need a Yad Sarah in U.. Shavuot Dairy Banquet - Rehab through Cooking at Yad Sarah.. 01/06/2008.. Super Sale in Honor of Jerusalem Day and Shavuot.. 28/05/2008.. Sarah Gez Awarded Special Recognition for 20 Years of Volunteer Work at Yad Sarah.. 14/05/2008.. Open House at Five Yad Sarah Guidance and Exhibition Centers.. Rachel Kastner includes Yad Sarah in Marking her Bat-Mitzvah.. 11/05/2008.. Satisfaction for Dentists and Patients at Geriatric Dental Clinic.. Traveling Poster Exhibit Spotlights Yad Sarah.. 06/05/2008.. Centenarian songstress sends musical gift to great-granddaughter.. Yad Sarah Presents its first MiniYadSaraVan.. 04/05/2008.. Young Donors from Massachusetts Raise Money for Yad Sarah.. 09/04/2008.. NOUVEAU: Site de Yad Sarah en Français.. 05/04/2008.. Respite in the North.. 19/03/2008.. Purim Brings Out Yad Sarah s Youngest Volunteers.. Condolences to Yad Sarah Volunteers Bereaved by Terror in Jerusalem.. 16/03/2008.. Guide for the Perplexed.. 27/02/2008.. Gala Art Auction in Toronto by Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah.. 25/02/2008.. History and Miracles: Yad Sarah`s Life Story Project.. 17/02/2008.. Alarming News in January 2008.. 13/02/2008.. The Snow Bride.. 12/02/2008.. Yad Sarah Helps Alleviate Sleep Apnea for Tourist.. 10/02/2008.. Amid Snow, Yad Sarah Volunteers Transport Hundreds of Patients to Medical Treatments and Hospitals.. 31/01/2008.. Tu B`Shvat Celebrated at Yad Sarah Rehab Center.. 22/01/2008.. Every Day is Thank You Day at Yad Sarah.. 20/01/2008.. Yad Sarah`s Best Kept Secret: Fitness Center for Seniors.. 13/01/2008.. New Branch Opens in Givat Shmuel.. 06/01/2008.. Last Chance for 2007 Tax Deductions.. 31/12/2007.. Yad Sarah Mission Trains Rehabilitation Professionals in Minsk.. 30/12/2007.. Clalit Health Services and Yad Sarah Co-Sponsor Seminar on the Brain.. 23/12/2007.. 44% of Israeli Society Serve as Volunteers.. 19/12/2007.. New Day Rehabilitation Center Dedicated.. 02/12/2007.. Old Branches - New Beginnings.. 25/11/2007.. Family Center: Empowering Women against Domestic Violence.. Friendly Vikings Land at Yad Sarah.. 14/11/2007.. Homebound Party to Sounds of Drum and Shofar.. 07/11/2007.. Announcing a Computer Course in English for Golden Agers.. 04/11/2007.. Evacuation Drill for Earthquake Scenario.. Yad Sarah Calls Upon Students: VOLUNTEER !.. 31/10/2007.. Dorset Fund Puts New Van on the Road.. 21/10/2007.. Clalit Health Services and Yad Sarah Co-Sponsor Seminar on Mental and Physical Fitness.. Global Village of Mayors Tour Yad Sarah.. Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer, Visits Yad Sarah House.. 15/10/2007.. Year End Data Show Steady Increase in Yad Sarah Volunteers and Services.. Yad Sarah: Seniors in Service for Seniors.. 25/09/2007.. Yad Sarah`s Golden Age Club: Education, Recreation for Retirees.. 16/09/2007.. 1 vs.. Yad Sarah (and another 95).. 03/09/2007.. Captivating Moments in Ancient Cardo.. 27/08/2007.. Women of Valor and Amazing Solutions Inspire Gratitude.. 26/08/2007.. Kiryat Shmonah Twenty Years and Still Going Strong.. 21/08/2007.. Wheelchairs Dance at Rehab Painters Joyous Jerusalem Opening.. 20/08/2007.. Israeli Minister of Welfare and Social Services Yitzhak Herzog at Yad Sarah.. 30/07/2007.. Yad Sarah Fun Day for Darfur Kids.. 12/07/2007.. Kehillat Darchei Noam: Recycling the Old for a Better Israel.. 11/07/2007.. Yad Sarah`s Fun Club A Place for Children to Develop and Parents to Network.. 28/06/2007.. Youth Groups in Raanana Give a Hand to Yad Sarah.. 20/06/2007.. Yad Riva: Combating Elder Abuse in Israel Since 1984.. 17/06/2007.. Wheeling to the Wall: Day Rehab Outing to Old City.. 10/06/2007.. Sderot , Home of Yad Sarah s 100th Branch , Under Attack:Yad Sarah is there to help.. 31/05/2007.. Shavuot Menu - Rehab Through Cooking at Yad Sarah.. 24/05/2007.. Volunteers Report from the Home Front.. 20/05/2007.. El Salvador Adopts Yad Sarah Model.. 16/05/2007.. Jerusalem of Kindness.. Raanana and Ramat-Gan Expand Branches and Services.. 13/05/2007.. Yad Sarah Pros Make a Difference in Moldova.. Yad Sarah made its debut at the annual Salute to Israel Parade in New York City.. 10/05/2007.. The Susan Ellis Consultancy tour at Yad Sarah and the Israeli volunteer sector.. Clowning Around - It`s Good for You!.. 09/05/2007.. Special Shavuot Sale at the Yad Sarah Gift Shop.. 03/05/2007.. More than just raising a finger Lebanon war veteran turns to Yad Sarah to save his fingers.. 23/04/2007.. With a little help ex-soldier manages a rewarding recording.. 22/04/2007.. Yad Sarah Billboards in Herzliya.. 15/04/2007.. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Visits Yad Sarah.. 26/03/2007.. The Power of Home Visits.. 18/03/2007.. Conference: Human Rights and Patients` Rights in Law, Health and Halacha.. 13/03/2007.. Minister for Senior Affairs Rafi Eitan Tours Yad Sarah.. 19/02/2007.. Yad Sarah Family Center: Undoing Domestic Violence.. 18/02/2007.. Flower Planting All Year Long at Yad Sarah in Kfar Saba.. 07/02/2007.. Mayors Bloomberg and  ...   in the Galilee.. 16/06/2005.. Charles Bronfman, Birthright, Yad Sarah and Tikkun Olam.. 09/06/2005.. Turkish Health Minister Tours Yad Sarah.. 08/06/2005.. P R.. Yad Sarah volunteers bring services to tourists with special needs.. 07/06/2005.. Yad Sarah Marches with Jerusalem.. 05/06/2005.. A Love for Israel that Knows no Bounds.. 01/06/2005.. Beit She an: Award to Yad Sarah for Outstanding Contribution.. 26/05/2005.. Israeli Health Minister Naveh: "Yad Sarah, a Ray of Hope.. ".. 23/05/2005.. Into the Second Century: Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis Centennial Mission Lends a Hand at Yad Sarah.. 21/05/2005.. Hedi represents Yad Sarah at expo in Tel Aviv s Exhibition Grounds.. 18/05/2005.. International Bible Quiz Contestants Tour Yad Sarah.. 09/05/2005.. I Love Israel - Greeting Cards.. Mayors from Around the World at Yad Sarah.. 14/04/2005.. Significant Increase In Loan Requests for Wheelchairs Expected for Passover Holiday.. 13/04/2005.. Iranian Jewish Federation Donates 230 Wheelchairs; Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz Attends Ceremony.. 11/04/2005.. When a Volunteer Needs to Retire.. 04/04/2005.. Tears and Laughter at the Emergency Alarm Center.. Victory of the Spirit and the Breath.. Yad Sarah Volunteers Lift Spirits on Purim.. 28/03/2005.. New at Yad Sarah: Learning Disabilities Info Center.. Joy of Purim: Dancing Wheelchairs.. 23/03/2005.. Purim Party at Day Rrehabilitation Center.. Visit at Begin Center stirs memories.. 16/03/2005.. I want to adopt a grandma.. 14/03/2005.. Golden Opportunity for Golden Agers.. Annie's story.. 01/03/2005.. An Attack of Kindness for Beleaguered Negev Town.. 23/02/2005.. Alarming News.. 21/02/2005.. Sonol Offers Cups Full of Warmth -- and Full Tanks, Too.. 14/02/2005.. Yad Sarah helps Sderot.. 09/02/2005.. Sie sind eine wundervolle Organisation.. 08/02/2005.. The wife of the President of Germany visits Yad Sarah.. 07/02/2005.. Yad Sarah helps Tsunami Victims.. 02/02/2005.. Planting on Tu Bishvat Rehabilitation With Plants.. 27/01/2005.. More Toys for Yad Sarah's Special Children.. « Yad Sarah », ONG israélienne à l ONU.. 26/01/2005.. Yad Sarah fue reconocida como Consejera para el Concejo Económico y Social de las Naciones Unidas.. 20/01/2005.. Yad Sarah Recognized as UN-ECOSOC Advisor;.. 18/01/2005.. Press Release.. -------------.. Yad Sarah Booth: Cool Hangout for Birthrighters.. 12/01/2005.. Dorset Foundation Forges Link with Yad Sarah.. 10/01/2005.. Philadelphia s Kehillah of Old York Road Visits Yad Sarah.. 06/01/2005.. Arcadia, California Congregants Visit Yad Sarah and Lend a Hand.. 29/12/2004.. Chattanooga Residents Donate New Wheelchairs.. 22/12/2004.. Amir's Wings of Courage.. The Presidents' Menorah.. 20/12/2004.. Israel Council Honors Yad Sarah for Outstanding Social Services.. 07/12/2004.. Notice to the Press.. ===================.. Yad Sarah Volunteers save $320 million in Hospital Costs Yearly.. 06/12/2004.. Thanksgiving: A Day of Feasting and Fastening.. 01/12/2004.. Prominent Canadian Philanthropists Open Donations to Israel with Yad Sarah their First Beneficiary.. 29/11/2004.. Yad Sarah Leads the Way for South Korean Model of Home Care Services.. Yad Sarah Life Story Project Brings Self-Esteem to the Lonely.. 22/11/2004.. Yad Sarah and Partnership 2000 Dentists Joint Project in Kfar Saba.. 21/11/2004.. Yad Sarah to Host OU Convention Participants.. 19/11/2004.. Say It with Flowers.. 17/11/2004.. A Basket is Worth a Thousand Dollars.. 15/11/2004.. Intergenerational Project Stresses Personal Commitment.. Yad Sarah to Attend 2004 United Jewish Communities(UJC) General Assembly in Cleveland, November 14 -17.. 09/11/2004.. Service Dogs Trained with Yad Sarah Assistance.. 08/11/2004.. Yad Sarah Play Center Schedules New Programs to Guide the Parent of the Developmentally Challenged Child.. Monopoly Yad Sarah Style.. 02/11/2004.. HOT Cable Network Makes Yad Sarah a Hot Item.. 18/10/2004.. Yad Sarah Branch opens in Haemek Medical Center.. 13/10/2004.. Yad Sarah Apple and Honey Project 5765.. 12/10/2004.. Yad Sarah Posters A New Look for the New Year.. Trio of Innovative Devices Joins Medical Equipment Lending Inventory.. 08/09/2004.. Kids to Kids.. 01/09/2004.. Yad Sarah Alarm Center - Never at a Loss.. 30/08/2004.. Yad Sarah to be Represented at U.. Conference.. 15/08/2004.. Press Release.. Greeting cards which are also donations- New Year Calendar.. 10/08/2004.. Congregation Beth El / The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Community Mission Visits Yad Sarah.. 09/08/2004.. Detroit Area Teens Lend 160 Hands to Yad Sarah.. New Yad Sarah Branch Opens in Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).. Zoo Trip - Yad Sarah Style.. 02/08/2004.. 9th of Av: Special Message from Arnold Roth, founder of Malki Foundation.. 28/07/2004.. Corporate world roll up their sleeves for the benefit of Yad Sarah.. 22/07/2004.. Unusual and Welcome Gifts: New Truck and Sparkling Floors.. 20/07/2004.. Triple Win !Yad Sarah and Net2Phone launch a unique promotional campaign.. 19/07/2004.. Group Program for the Developmentally Challenged: 'To learn, to play and to grow'.. 14/07/2004.. New Mobile Playroom Ready to Roll!.. Jewish Community Relations Council of New York Brings Group to Yad Sarah.. New Patient Transfer Techniques Seminar Attracts Health Care Professionals.. Turning Fine Cuisine into a Giving Experience.. 08/07/2004.. 'Not just Bagels' of Beth Shemesh matches funds in memory of Chani Rosenfield.. 07/07/2004.. Congregation Bnai Tzedek/The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Visits Yad Sarah.. Computer Graphics Course a Resounding Success.. From Johannesburg to Jerusalem, with a Heart of Gold.. Between Seminars.. 04/07/2004.. 400 Years of Life in One YadSarahVan.. Mobile Exhibit of Rehabilitation Equipment Completes First Year.. 28/06/2004.. 101st branch opens in Karmiel northern Israel.. 23/06/2004.. Marseilles to Haifa: Yad Sarah to the rescue!.. Swiss Friends of Yad Sarah help fund New Branch in Afula Hospital.. 21/06/2004.. Medical Equipment Drive for Yad Sarah Brings Concerned New Yorkers to Wantagh.. 08/06/2004.. Partnership 2000 Participants Lend a Hand at Yad Sarah.. Celebrating a special day with a special way.. 03/06/2004.. Jerusalem consuls glimpse an inside view of Yad Sarah.. Dutch Generosity Knows No Bounds.. 24/05/2004.. Evacuation Drill Goes Without a Hitch.. Innovation and Creativity Not Just Words at Yad Sarah.. Ra anana Launches First YadSarahVan.. 20/05/2004.. Mayors from Around the World United in Admiration for Yad Sarah.. 12/05/2004.. UJA Federation of New York Mission Visits Yad Sarah.. New Synagogue of Netanya Women s Organization Learns about Yad Sarah.. 09/05/2004.. DA'AT medical query service moves to Yad Sarah.. 28/04/2004.. Yad Sarah answers urgent call for blood donations.. 21/04/2004.. Members of Knesset make use of Yad Sarah Giftshop.. 19/04/2004.. Equipment loans and services via Internet also in Beer Sheva.. Unique Artists.. 18/04/2004.. Passover Activities Reach Record High.. 15/04/2004.. Thousands of volunteers participate in Yad Sarah conventions.. 24/03/2004.. Three extraordinary donations, three extraordinary donors.. Warm Support from the Cold North.. No question goes unanswered at Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah on the Radio!.. 21/03/2004.. What chutzpah!.. 17/03/2004.. A Delegation from Yad Sarah visits Jordan.. 02/03/2004.. Yad Sarah mourns the loss of Lior Azulai, the son of Navah Assayag a member of Yad Sarah staff.. 23/02/2004.. Yad Sarah to the rescue during the recent snowstorm.. 18/02/2004.. Fifth portable dental treatment kit newly inaugurated.. Yad Sarah launched Institute for Volunteerism.. 15/02/2004.. Terror? Yad Sarah? What s our response?.. 09/02/2004.. Innovations in Children s Play Center.. Beginning 16 February a group program will begin.. 04/02/2004.. Department recognizes Yad Sarah.. 27/01/2004.. Computerized Rehabilitative System - a fitting tribute.. 15/01/2004.. Neither rain nor snow.. Greater Miami Jewish Federation Leadership Mission spreads sunshine volunteering.. 14/01/2004.. Birthright youngsters enjoy themselves in meaningful activity for Yad Sarah.. 12/01/2004.. Thieves Target Tira Branch of Yad Sarah.. 11/01/2004.. Daily Calls for Help Receive Immediate Response.. 08/01/2004.. Year-end wrapup: 8% increase in Yad Sarah services.. Riverdale Bat Mitzva girl memoralizes uncle through gift to Yad Sarah.. Area residents show support for Yad Sarah; meet with Jerusalem Mayor.. Yad Sarah featured in BabagaNewz.. 05/01/2004.. Unique exhibit of paintings by Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center participants.. 17/12/2003.. Volunteering, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Style.. 14/12/2003.. A Million Volunteer Hours a Year: Secret of Yad Sarah s Success.. El PAso teen Joyous in Results of Bat Mitzvah Project.. 10/12/2003.. Yad Sarah opens new branch in Soroka Hospital, Be er Sheva.. 07/12/2003.. On International Disabled Day Yad Sarah institutes user-friendly dialing for its transportation service for the disabled.. 03/12/2003.. Columbus, Ohio Religious School Fourth Graders Chip in to Yad Sarah.. 30/11/2003.. International interest in Yad Sarah.. 20/11/2003.. The GA Seminar on Wheels participants hear from Mayor Lupolianski about volunteering.. 19/11/2003.. Canadian GA delegates share their first hand accounts.. 18/11/2003.. Jewish Federation of Washington DC visits Yad Sarah.. 16/11/2003.. The demand for Yad Sarah s breast pumps soar in the wake of health concerns over baby formula.. 14/11/2003.. Yad Sarah welcomes the participants of GA to Israel.. 06/11/2003.. Yad Sarah opens branches in Israeli hospitals.. 26/10/2003.. Success of the Succot campaign will continue in future years.. 20/10/2003.. In Profile From victim to volunteer.. 24/09/2003.. Yad Sarah, Israeli Volunteer Network, Aiding Angolan Land Mine Victims.. 31/08/2003.. Yad Sarah Annual Raffle.. 28/08/2003.. Supersol- the largest supermarket chain in Israel - launches a benefit campaign for Yad Sarah.. 19/08/2003.. Mobile playground for children with special needs.. Yad Sarah Hotline for Wounded in Terror Attacks.. 16/08/2003.. Yad Sarah opens 100th branch.. 29/07/2003.. The House that Uri Built.. 15/07/2003.. Accessing Israel for the Disabled.. 26/06/2003.. New on the road: Travelling Exhibition of Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah model to be established in Tashkent.. 03/06/2003.. Yad Sarah helped 110,000.. 02/06/2003.. The 98th branch of Yad Sarah in Soroka Hospital.. 22/05/2003.. YAD SARAH TO GO-Information about Yad Sarah in the Palm of your Hand.. 13/05/2003.. A Bittersweet event.. 10/04/2003.. Yad Sarah in Japanese, If You Please.. 25/03/2003.. Yad Sarah Volunteers help seal room for war.. 20/03/2003.. British Ambassador: I Know Nothing in the World Like Yad Sarah.. 12/03/2003.. Not a penny from the state.. 11/03/2003.. Yad Sarah prepares for massive nation-wide emergency assistance.. 27/02/2003.. Yad Sarah's help indispensible when snow paralyzes Jerusalem.. 26/02/2003.. The Family of a Sbarro Victim Creates a Memorial of Love at Yad Sarah.. 08/01/2003.. The Antithesis of Terror.. Yad Sarah & Chayalim.. co.. il Announce Partnership to Provide IDF Soldiers, Veterans with Medical and Rehabilitative Services, Equipment in Project Soldiers in Need.. 31/12/2002.. PRESS RELEASE.. For Immediate Release January 5, 2003.. Australian college donates wheelchairs to Yad Sarah.. 02/12/2002.. Johannesburg Jewry helps Yad Sarah.. 24/11/2002.. In the wake of terror : Yad Sarah, an integral link in the chain from trauma to recovery.. 14/10/2002.. Year-end count: Yad Sarah volunteers lent 165,000 items of medical equipment.. 05/09/2002.. Seven percent growth: Other services grow too.. Agam Work at Yad Sarah.. 22/07/2002.. New York Hillel Israel Advocacy Mission Visits Yad Sarah.. 06/06/2002.. Military Escort.. 14/05/2002.. The Century Express.. 05/05/2002.. Yad Sarah Alarms Now in Kindergartens.. 03/05/2002.. Responding to Terror Situation:.. To Africa, With Love.. 02/05/2002.. Terrorists Shoot at Yad Sarah Vehicle.. 13/04/2002.. Two girls in the bulletproof car, unhurt, were survivors of previous suicide bombing 123456.. UN hears of Yad Sarah.. 01/01/2002.. Life Story: Rivkele.. 24/11/2000..

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  • Title: Friends of Yad Sarah world wide
    Descriptive info: Friends of Yad Sarah world wide.. ISRAEL - Yad Sarah National Headquarters.. Yad Sarah House - Kiryat Weinberg.. 124 Herzl Boulevard.. 96187 Jerusalem.. ISRAEL.. Tel: +972-2-6444-444.. Fax: +972-2-6444-508.. info@yadsarah.. Donations and Information Outside of Israel.. IN THE UNITED STATES: Friends of Yad Sarah.. 450 Park Avenue.. 7th Floor.. New York, NY 10022.. http://friendsofyadsarah.. Tel: 212-223-7758.. Fax: 212-223-7759.. Toll Free: 1-866-YAD-SARAH.. US Tax Exemption # EIN 13-3106175.. E-mail:.. adele@friendsofyadsarah.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. IN THE UNITED KINGDOM:.. friends of Yad Sarah.. Finchley Road 923.. London NW11 7PE.. England.. Tel+44-20-3397-3363.. friends@yadsarah.. uk.. IN CANADA.. Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah.. Arlene Weisbart.. 788 Marlee  ...   BELGIUM.. The Antwerp Friends of Yad Sarah.. c/o Evi Fruchter.. Van Den NEstlei 4-6.. 2018 Antwerp.. 03-2187114.. IN FRANCE.. Les amis de Yad Sarah en France.. c/o e.. h.. a.. d France.. 90 bd.. de Roux bat 20.. 13004 Marseille.. 0491860305.. In Luxembourg:.. c/o Mr.. Michel Bulz.. 45, Ave Monterey.. L-2163 Luxembourg.. Tel: 45291420.. IN SWEDEN.. Swedish Friends of Yad Sarah.. Mr.. Bertil Schonkopf.. Nybrogatan 89.. S-11411 Stockholm.. Tel: (0046) 8- 663-2274.. IN SWITZERLAND.. Friends of Yad Sarah.. c/o Mrs.. Ruth Sternbuch.. 40 Bellariastrasse.. 8038 Zurich.. Tel: 044 481 70 90.. Fax: 044 481 70 20.. sternbuch@econophone.. ch..

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  • Title: Branches
    Descriptive info: Jerusalem Region.. Northern Region.. Central Region.. Southern Region.. Location :.. Even Yehuda.. Hours :.. Su,Th: 5.. 00-6.. 00 a.. m.. Tu : 9.. 30-11.. Address :.. Ahavat Zion - shelter.. Phone :.. 09-891-1759.. Ofakim.. Su: 8.. 00 - 10.. 00 p.. M - Th: 9.. 00-10.. Su, M,W, F: 9.. 30-10.. 30 a.. 36 Bareket.. 08-992-2227.. Or Yehuda.. Su-F: 10:00a.. -12.. 00 noon M, W: 4:00 p.. -6:00 p.. 20 Yosef Caro.. 03-634-0213; fax  ...   appointment only call 054-4652363 or 054-4606764.. Mercaz Mor (entrance level) P.. O.. 2110.. 08-637-1445 Fax: 08-634-0342.. Iksal.. Su ,Th 10.. 00-12.. M , Tu 12.. 00-2.. W 4.. Sports Center, Iksal.. 04-657-6929.. Alon Shvut.. Su,W: 7.. 30-8.. 30 p.. F: 11.. By appointment only.. 16 Hashayarot, Alon Shvut 90940.. 02-993-3619.. El'ad.. 30-9.. Tu , F: 8.. Rabbi Akiva - New Commercial Center.. 03-909-2098.. Elkana.. Su: 9.. Tuesday: 10:00-11:00 a.. m.. 16 Eshkovit.. 03-936-2673.. Next page..

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    Descriptive info: System.. We welcome any suggestions and feedback you may have.. Subject :.. After filling the form you will return to our home page..

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  • Title: Non-English Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Non-English Media Coverage..  .. >> .. French.. Spanish.. Italian.. Portuguese.. Dutch.. Turkish.. Czeck.. German.. Russian.. Finnish.. Swedish.. Norwegian.. >> .. N kolik post eh z mezinárodního kurzu Komunitní péče o seniory po ádaného.. Od začátku íjna do začátku listopadu lo ského roku jsme se zúčastnily velmi zajímavé mezinárodní akce organizované The Golda Meir International Training Centre v Haif v Izraeli orientované na téma Komunitní péče o seniory.. Zdravotn postižení.. Zdravotn postižení mají v Izraeli daleko lepší podmínky než v jiných zemích.. Kort nadat maandag 22 oktober j.. l.. een Palestijn het vuur opende op argeloze Israeli in de Jeruzalemse wijk Talpioth, informeerde een omstander een gewonde jonge vrouw of zij bij Yad Sarah terecht kon voor een tijdelijke rolstoel.. Yad Sarah - Where the heart is.. Yad Sarah is een netwerk van vrijwilligers dat door heel Israel zieken, bejaarden, gehandicapten en anderen die niet in staat zijn op een normale wijze aan het dagelijks leven deel te nemen, diverse vormen van thuishulp biedt.. Jad Sarah: On Israelin suurin vapaaehtoisjärjestö.. Yad Sarah hjelper 400.. 000 årlig.. I dag driver Yad Sarah-organisasjonen i Israel et fantastisk, allsidig omsorgs- og hjelpearbeid i hele Israel.. Help Jews Home (HJH) is a Norwegian initiative and a unique project working since 1990 and aimed at helping Israel receive new immigrants from around the world.. Article about Yad Sarah, one of the pet projects.. L`organisation israélienne Yad Sarah tend une main secourable.. Une famille israélienne sur deux utilise la vaste gamme des services de Yad Sarah.. Amis de Yad Sarah.. Cette activité a été créée en 1991 dans le but de fournir du matériel para-médical à Yad Sarah, très importante Association de bénévoles Israëlienne qui vient en aide à toute la population -même les touristes- vivant sur le sol d Israël.. L'ASSEMBLÉE GÉNÉRALE PRIE LES GOUVERNEMENTS ET LES NATIONS UNIES.. Yad Sarah, qui soutien les malades dans leur peine.. LE COMITÉ CHARGÉ DES ONG CLÔT LES TRAVAUX DE SA SESSION 2005, AU COURS DE LAQUELLE IL A RECOMMANDÉ 85 ONG AU STATUT CONSULTATIF DE L ECOSOC.. Il recommande aujourd hui l octroi du statut consultatif spécial à « Aviations sans frontières » et à « Yad Sarah ».. LE COMITÉ CHARGÉ DES ONG RECOMMANDE L OCTROI DU STATUT CONSULTATIF SPÉCIAL À TROIS ONG ET DU STATUT GÉNÉRAL À UNITED CITIES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.. LES COMMUNAUTES JUIVES DU BAS-RHIN - STRASBOURG (suite).. ASSOCIATIONS LOCALES.. Un  ...   rafforzare le abilità per vincere la sfida di dare una risposta ad opportunità e difficoltà legate alla casa nel mondo.. Gerusalemme sceglie un sindaco ultraortodosso.. Per la prima volta nella sua storia, Gerusalemme ha da ieri per sindaco un ebreo ultraortodosso.. Il Paese è altamente attrezzato per ricevere e facilitare il soggiorno ai disabili.. ANGOLA: FOI MONTADO UMA OFICINA ORTOPÉDICA EM HUAMBO.. A iniciativa partiu de uma organização voluntária israelita.. Angola: Organização voluntária israelita monta oficina ortopédica no Huambo.. Uma oficina para reparação e recuperação de equipamento ortopédico, incluindo membros artificiais, foi montada no Huambo (antiga Nova Lisboa), em Angola, por uma organização voluntária israelita, anunciou a instituição em Telavive.. Lupolianski.. Lupolianski percebeu que havia uma série de objetos que as pessoas precisavam em determinadas situações, mas não no dia a dia.. Rede de Reciclagem e Reutilização de Aparelhos Ortopédicos e Tecnologia Assistiva.. About the Jerusalem Mayor, Uri Lupolianski.. Headline translation: "Israeli organization participated in the creation of rehabilitative center in Angola".. Actividades Especiales.. Yad Sarah, es la organizacion de voluntarios mas grande en Israel, con 6000 voluntarios a traves de 103 sucursales en todo el pais brindando servicios de asistencia y cuidados en el hogar.. Con sólo 97 años, una de las voluntarias más activas del país.. Lucía Brown, voluntaria en la organización Yad Sarah, es un ejemplo para muchos.. No sólo por su actividad, sino por su pasión y dedicación a su labor.. Una mano a la sociedad.. De Uruguay a Israel a los 100 anos.. NacidaenDamascodepadrerabino,RahelSusahninhuyódelaPrimeraGuerraMundial aMontevideo,.. donderesidióhasta que,conunsiglo a sus espaldas, emigró a Israel.. El Reloj.. com, Israel en tiempo de noticias.. su presupuesto.. 02-09-03 Yad Sarah, la red voluntaria israeli, ayuda.. a las victimas de las minas terrestres en Angola.. 01-09-03.. Trabajo de Equipo - Servicios de Rehabilitacion Dentro de la Comunidad.. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Yad Sarah, la red voluntaria israelí ayuda a las vítimas de las minas terrestres en Angola.. Un nuevo taller para ayudar en la rehabilitación con equipo ortopéico, se abrió este mes en Huambo, Angola; coronando así más de un año de cooperació entre la nación africana y Yad Sarah, una organización voluntaria israelí.. Tsedaka lever och har hälsan i Jerusalem.. Tsedaka är benämningen på en av de högsta formerna av välgörenhet - där man skänker sitt bidrag helt anonymt.. Gon ll lerden mahdutlara yard m ! Israildeki fevkelade yard m organizasyonu YAD SARA..

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