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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - HOME
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome.. Greetings.. National Anthem.. Contact Information, Holidays and Working Hours.. Explore the Embassy.. Who's Who.. ?.. Ambassador's Office.. Political Office.. Economic Commercial Office.. Congressional Affairs Office.. Cultural Attaché Office.. Press Attaché.. Office.. Consular Mission.. -.. Passports, Visas Immigration Laws.. Issues of Interest.. Democracy, Humans Rights and Women's Issues.. Humanitarian Mine Action in Yemen.. Yemeni-US Relationship.. Fighting Terrorism in Yemen.. Some background in Spanish (.. Español.. )..  ...   Opportunities.. The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen has two internship opportunities in the Congressional and in the Economic Office.. Please submit CV and Cover Letter to.. congressional@yemenembassy.. org.. and economic@yemenembassy.. Get the.. YouTube Sidebar Widget.. widget and many other.. great free widgets.. at.. Widgetbox.. !.. Best Displayed Using.. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.. 0+.. @ 1024x768 True Color (32-Bit).. Last Updated: 09/11/13.. Powered Maintained By: Embassy of.. Yemen..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Greetings
    Descriptive info: Greeting by His Excellency.. :.. T.. he Embassy of Yemen is proud to introduce its Homepage to the Internet Community - the world's largest computer network.. Y.. emen is one of the world's most intriguing countries, rich in ancient history, unique architecture and breath-taking scenery.. S.. ince the Unity Proclamation of 1990, the Republic of Yemen has endeavored to enhance and improve its approach in handling the challenges facing the country.. he government is working to meet the needs of its demanding society..  ...   position in the region and the world at large.. Social and economic transformation and reform are the main objectives of the government.. emen is working to achieve a respectable status and to maintain economic stability in the region.. Yemen is determined to maintain friendly relationships with the countries of its region and the world.. -.. Click here.. to visit the Ambassador's Office page.. - To contact the Ambassador e-mail.. Ambassador@YemenEmbassy.. [.. Home.. ] [.. ].. Last Updated:.. 03/31/04.. Powered Maintained By:.. Embassy of Yemen..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - National Anthem
    Descriptive info: Click here to.. listen.. to the National Anthem of the Republic of Yemen on MID format.. view.. the lyrics to the National Anthem in Arabic on BMP format.. Download Tip.. :.. Using your mouse, right-click on a link and then high-light/select Save target as.. , select a location on your computer and click ok..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Contact Information, Holidays and Working Hours
    Descriptive info: Contact Information: (Address, Phone and Fax).. Embassy of the Republic of Yemen.. 2319 Wyoming Avenue, NW.. Washington DC 20008.. Telephone: (202) 965-4760.. Fax: (202) 337-2017.. Embassy Email Addresses.. To contact a specific Embassy employee please visit the.. page.. The Ambassador:.. ambassador@yemenembassy.. Ambassador's Office (Assistant to the Ambassador).. counselor@yemenembassy.. Deputy Chief of Mission:.. deputy@yemenembassy.. Economic Commercial Office:.. economic@yemenembassy.. Political Affairs Office:.. political@yemenembassy.. Consular Affairs (Visas, Passports, legalizations):.. consul@yemenembassy.. Cultural Attaché:.. cultural@yemenembassy.. Media/ Information Affairs Office:.. media@yemenembassy.. Military Attaché:.. military@yemenembassy.. General Embassy E-mail:.. information@yemenembassy.. Working Hours:.. Embassy Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST).. Consular Section:.. Monday - Thursday 10:00AM - 1:00PM.. (EST).. Embassy Holidays:.. In Observance  ...   Friday, January 1, 2010.. New Year's.. Monday, January 18, 2010.. Martin Luther King, Jr.. 's Birthday.. Monday, February 15, 2010.. President's Day.. Saturday, May 22, 2010.. Yemen National Day.. Monday, May 31, 2010.. Memorial Day.. Monday, July 5, 2010.. Independence Day.. Monday, September 6, 2010.. Labor Day.. Thursday-Friday, September 9, 2010.. Eid Al-Fitr (Muslim Holiday).. Sunday, September 26, 2010.. Monday, October 11, 2010.. Columbus Day.. Thursday, October 14, 2010.. Thursday, November 11, 2010.. Veteran's Day.. Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010.. Monday-Tuesday November 15-16, 2010.. Eid Al-Adha (Muslim Holiday).. Thursday-Friday, November 25, 26, 2010.. Thanksgiving Day.. Friday, December 24, 2010.. Christmas Day.. Monday, January 3, 2010.. 03/12/10..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Who's Who...?
    Descriptive info: In the.. Embassy.. In the Republic of Yemen.. Chargé d'affaires.. Adel Alsunaini.. Financial Administrative Officer.. Wael Al-Shehary.. Asmaa Katah.. Economic Commercial Officer.. Abdulrahman Al-eryani.. Defense Attaché.. Staff BG, Mohammed Zeid Ibrahem.. Cultural Attaché.. Dr.. Fahd Al-Shaebi.. Consul.. Safaa Hady.. Mohammed Al-Basha.. Congressional Officer.. Loaai Al-Akwaa.. I.. nformation Officer.. Abdulmajid Al-Shehari.. Assistant to the Defense Attaché.. Mouna Saad.. Assistant to the Culture Attaché.. Oginy Ibrahim.. Assistant to the Consul.. Malika Bendoumali.. Assistant to the Financial Administrative Officer.. Maryam Saad.. To contact a department, just click on the appropriate title from the top list.. Field Marshall.. Abdu Rabu Mansour HADI.. President of the Republic of Yemen.. Speaker of the House.. Yahya AL-RAEI.. Prime Minister.. Muhammad Salim BASINDWAH.. Minister of Interior.. Major General AbdulQadir QAHTAN.. Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.. Muhammad al-SAADI.. Minister of Information.. Ali Ahmad Muhammad al-AMRANI.. Minister of Foreign Affairs.. Abu Bakr Abdallah al-QIRBI.. Minister of Youth and Sports.. Mu'ammar al-IRYANI.. Minister of Legal Affairs.. Muhammad Ahmad al-MIKHLAFI.. Minister of Education..  ...   Awadh al-SUQUTRI.. Minister of Justice.. Judge Murshid al-ARSHANI.. Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research.. Yahya al-SHUAYBI.. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.. Amat al-Razaq Ali HAMAD.. Minister of Tourism.. Pending Appointment.. Minister of Public Works, Urban Development.. Engineer Umar Abdallah al-KARASHMI.. Minister of Water and Environment.. Abd al-Salaam RAZAZ.. Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources.. Engineer Hisham Sharaf ABDALLAH.. Minister of Electricity Energy.. Salih Hasan SUMIYA.. Minister of Endowments & Guidance.. Hamud Muhammad ABAD.. Minister of Expatriates Affairs.. Mujahid al-QAHALI.. Minister of Finance.. Sakhir Abbas al-WAJIH.. Minister of Communications and Information Technology.. Ahmad Ubayd BIN DAGHIR.. Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation.. Farid Ahmad MUJAWWAR.. Minister of Technical Education & Vocational Training.. Abd al-Hafiz NUMAN.. Minister of Culture.. Abdallah Awabil MANTHUQ.. Minister of Transport.. Waid Abdullah BA THIB.. Minister of Human Rights.. Huriya Ahmad MASHUR.. Minister of Local Administration.. Ali al-YAZIDI.. Minister of State.. Shayif Azi SAGHIR.. Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.. Jawhara Hamud THABIT.. Muhammad Saeed ZAFIR.. 07/03/2012.. Powered & Maintained By:..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Ambassador's Office
    Descriptive info: Click here to View the Ambassador's Greeting.. E-mail.. Contact Person.. Nadia Hashem.. ,.. Assistant to the Ambassador.. counselor.. @yemenembassy.. Phone Number.. (202)337-8113..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Economic and Commercial Office (ECO)
    Descriptive info: Political Office Website.. Yemen U.. S Political History.. Treaties Agreements.. U.. S Foreign Assistance to Yemen.. Yemen Counter terrorism efforts.. POLI.. Welcoming Note.. Welcome to the website of the Political Office at the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC.. The Political Office aims to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries as well as discuss  ...   section works efforts on the release of Yemeni detainees in Guantanamo to ensure that they dealt fairly and humanely, in accordance with international laws and human rights.. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or requests for information.. How to contact us?.. Embassy of Yemen,.. Email:.. Political@yemenembassy.. Phone: (202) 965-4761.. Fax: (202) 337-2017.. ][.. 11/26/08..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Economic and Commercial Office (ECO)
    Descriptive info: ECO Website.. Economic Related News.. Investment Information.. The Yemeni Economy.. Important Indicators.. Yemen - U.. S.. Trade.. Directory of Yemeni Businesses.. Updated.. Directory of NGOs.. List of American Businesses.. Contact Information in Yemen.. Yemen Related Reports.. Development Assistance.. World Bank Activities.. IMF Activities.. IFC Activities.. WTO Accession.. Documents Legalization.. ECO.. Welcome to the website of the Economic and Commercial Office (ECO) at the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC.. The main function of the ECO is to maintain  ...   promotion and development of US-Yemeni economic relations.. The ECO also assists Yemeni companies interested in commercial opportunities in the U.. , and works with American companies which seek investment opportunities in Yemen.. Our goal is to strengthen Yemen-U.. trade frameworks, and facilitate the further development of commercial relations between the Yemeni and American private sectors.. Please choose from the menu on the left for information on different economic and commercial issues.. Economic and Commercial Office.. Economic.. and Commercial.. Officer.. Economic@yemenembassy.. ][.. 05/08/13..

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  • Title: Congressional Office
    Descriptive info: Congressional, Democracy, Human Rights Gender Office.. Embassy Home Page.. Updates.. Democracy in Yemen.. updated.. International Non Profit Organizations.. Human Rights Women s Issues.. Ratified International Treaties.. CON.. Welcome to the website of the Congressional, Democracy, Human Rights and Gender Office.. The Congressional Department is mainly responsible for responding to, and following up with inquiries from the Congress on the Yemen-US bilateral relations and programs.. The Department is also responsible for all inquiries and contacts in the issues of Democracy, Human Rights and Gender.. The Embassy of Yemen is keen in ensuring that Congress and the American people have sufficient information about  ...   giving the opportunity to the visitors to learn about Yemen s political, economic, cultural life.. The Department is also responsible in liaising with International Non Government Organizations working in the field of Democracy Promotion, Human Rights, Combating Trafficking, and Refugee assistance.. The Government of Yemen welcomes all support that will help provide a better life for all its citizens.. We will continue to upgrade this section with information on high level delegation visits to Congress and on further information about Democracy, Human Rights and Gender in Yemen.. Congressional, Democracy, Human Rights and Gender Office.. Loaai AlAkwaa.. Congressional Affairs Officer.. Congressional Office.. 04/08/11..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Consular Mission
    Descriptive info: Cultural Attaché's office.. W.. elcome to the.. Yemeni Cultural Attaché's office.. in.. Washington D.. C.. Welcome to the office of the Cultural Attaché the Embassy of Yemen in Washington D.. , USA.. Our Address:.. Yemen Embassy - Cultural Attaché.. Phone: (202) 965-4760.. Attention: Students.. Upon receiving scholarship funds, all students are required to complete and return the.. Check Receipt Form.. *.. to the cultural Attaché at the address listed above.. Failure to do so will cause a delay in the processing of future scholarship dues.. To view or print the form,.. Adobe Acrobat Reader.. must be installed on your system.. To download the free Acrobat Reader or to learn more, please go.. here.. Applying for Government Scholarships.. Download the complete guide to applying for government scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.. (Arabic).. Studying In The United States.. Below are some links that could help you search for and find the answers to most of your questions concerning how you to choose a certain university that specializes on your major or interest furthermore the variety and assortments of majors that could be of an interest to you among a diversity of  ...   about a verity of required examinations for undergraduate and graduate students such as the, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, ACT, etc.. get some tips on these examination and even practice on line.. A list of U.. Universities categorized by State.. USA Colleges and Universities.. College Rankings University Rankings - Comprehensive Colleges Bachelor's.. Profiles of Colleges and Universities in the United States.. TOEFL official site.. GMAT (for MBA hopefuls).. GRE official site.. ACT official site.. Sites of Interest:.. SparkNotes Today's Most Popular Study Guides.. Requirements For An I- 20.. Undergraduate.. High school diploma or equivalent.. TOEFL.. I-20 request form.. Application for admission (for desired university).. Completed financial certificate.. A photocopy of your passport.. A short letter (explaining why the student wants to study at a certain university and what will he or she do after completion of the studies).. Graduate.. An official transcript from last institute attended.. GRE / or other graduate testing required by the program being admitted.. Statement of purpose.. Application for admission.. Universities In Yemen.. Sana'a University.. Taiz University.. Aden University.. Alhudaida University.. Alahgaff University.. National University.. Ibb University.. Hadramout University of Science Technology.. Queen Arwa University.. 04/22/09.. Please E-mail Feedback Comments to:.. Webmaster@YemenEmbassy..

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  • Title: Embassy of Yemen - Economic and Commercial Office (ECO)
    Descriptive info: g.. Media Office Website.. Journalist Visa.. Links to Yemeni News.. Papers.. Saba News.. MED.. Welcome Note.. Welcome to the website of the Media and Public Affairs office at the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC.. Our mission is to educate and update the US government and American public on the latest bilateral Yemeni-American issues.. The office monitors news coverage of events which is of interest to both nations.. This section serves to inform  ...   encompass representing and acting as the Embassy s spokesperson whereby we are able to respond to U.. and international press inquiries, assisting Embassy officials in preparation for briefings as well as facilitating media interviews, journalist visits and other activities with both Yemeni Government and Embassy officials.. We always welcome your inquires, comments and requests for information.. Media Public Affairs Office.. Press Attaché, embassy's Spokesperson.. Mohammed Albasha, MA.. Tel: (202) 965-4760 Ext: 331.. Email.. Media@yemenembassy.. Media Office.. 10/01/12..

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