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  • Title: YAWR | Yuma Association of Weddings and Receptions
    Descriptive info: .. YAWR.. Yuma Association of Weddings and Receptions.. 23.. Mar 2013.. Everything You ve Wanted to Know About Wedding Planners.. Sam.. Leave a Comment.. One job that is fast becoming quite popular these days is that of a wedding planner.. Unlike other professions, wedding planners do not necessarily hold the corresponding degree.. This is the reason many of those who are involved in this particular field often go about doing the job as independents where they are able to secure clients initially through friends and loved ones.. Still, if you lack the experience and would like to gain them in preparation to starting a wedding planning business, you can try going to country clubs, hotels, resorts, and even local churches.. In many cases, wedding coordinators are needed in these places, especially in the case of hotels.. If you are in luck, you may even find a hotel that will offer you basic training in wedding planning prior to hiring you as one.. On the other hand, if you are intent on starting a wedding planning business of your own, but have very little idea on where to get the needed resources, you can try seeking assistance from the US Small Business Administration.. For those living in Canada, the place to go to is the Government of Canadas Canada Business.. Of course, if you decide to start on your own, you will need to consider building your contacts.. In this regard, you should look into the possibility of getting to know several vendors.. These are people engaged in businesses that have a lot to do with wedding activities.. Examples of these are flower shops, gitf card print shops, music studios, and even limousine companies.. Once vendor relationship has been established, you can supply them your business card, asking them to recommend you if they have clients who have plans of tying the knot.. Additionally, you can visit bridal shows and offer your services to prospective customers.. Other than that, you can always seek out friends and relatives who are of the marrying age, and remind them to think of you when they need someone to coordinate their wedding plans.. Another good way of getting recognized as a wedding planner is to look for a corresponding organization where you can be certified as one of its members.. Such organizations are known to extend a number of membership benefits, including regular seminar-workshops, hotel tours, visits to selected wedding events, and even possible tie-ups with several vendor associations.. Ultimately, the goal in these organizations is to get you certified as a wedding planner.. Needless to say, being certified carries with it the distinction that you are a competent wedding coordinator.. As such, getting potential customers to hire you becomes a lot easier.. In certain instances, the association where you belong to may even recommend you to several clients, especially if you perform excellently in a number of workshops.. As you await that  ...   by taking part in planning a friend or relatives wedding ceremony.. If you think youre not yet ready for such responsibility, you can try other options by checking out your local area for established wedding planning services.. There are times when certain wedding planning firms employ individuals to assist them with their services.. You can apply to any of these in order to get a feel of what theyre actually doing.. Furthermore, you can join events-planning workshops to get an idea of basic planning essentials which are, most often than not, applicable in an actual wedding planning process.. Wedding planning may require certain issues to be addressed which include, but is not limited to cultural practices, religious beliefs, budget allotment, and family make-up.. And for you to become a wedding planner, you first have to possess a passion for handling and organizing these details.. You need strong decision-making skills in order to facilitate the entire wedding as well as addressing certain matters that could affect the family and their relatives.. This means you might be the one in charge of choosing the right colors of dresses, decorations, and physical set-up to coincide with the theme; coordinating with church and reception services; contacting the right florist; or finding credible food caterers for the wedding.. Aside from acquiring related skills and experiences in wedding planning, it is also important to make your identity as a wedding planner official.. You can do this by creating a name for your company or firm and registering it to the local courthouse or a government-accredited commission.. Then the next thing to do is to obtain an umbrella insurance policy.. This is beneficial in protecting your wedding planning business and identity against lawsuits and other irregularities brought upon by unforeseen circumstances.. And lastly, you have to make your services known to people if you are really serious of becoming a wedding planner.. You can do this by advertising and marketing your services, in yellow pages or classified ads.. You may also give out contact cards, with your name, services, and contact details to your friends and relatives specifying that you welcome referrals as well.. On the other hand, you can also make brochures or fliers regarding your wedding planning business which you can distribute to a large number of people in a specific location or your target area.. Moreover, creating a website thats professional-looking and with relevant contents can also be done to advertise yourself and services as a wedding planner.. The principle is to be known with a wide variety of media as much as possible to be able to increase and build-up a roster of clientele which will hire or refer you in the years to come as a wedding planner.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Archives.. 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