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  • Title: The Yinka Déné Language Institute
    Descriptive info: .. The Yinka Déné Language Institute.. 646 Stoney Creek Road.. Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A1 Canada.. 250-561-5848, local 5460 (telephone).. 250-561-5874 (FAX).. The Yinka Déné Language Institute is devoted to the preservation and promotion of.. Yinka Dene.. language and culture.. Our activities include:.. Encouraging the use of our languages.. Publishing material in our languages.. Producing documentation for our languages.. Training researchers, language teachers, and other language specialists.. Developing curricula.. Producing teaching materials for our languages and culture.. Archiving material on our languages, culture, and history.. News and Announcements.. RSS feed.. We now have an RSS feed.. Subscribe to be notified of updates to the site:.. RSS.. Yinka Dene Dustl'us.. Shana Labatch and Lillian Sam at the Learning Hub at the College of New Caledonia in Fort St.. James are publishing a monthly newsletter almost entirely in Carrier called the.. Submissions from readers are welcome.. It can be downloaded.. here.. The Carrier Language: a brief introduction.. A slightly revised new printing of.. The Carrier Language: A Brief Introduction.. is now available from the  ...   receive email announcements of events and publications, please submit your email address here using the form below.. Please select one of the following for further information.. What's New at YDLI?.. About YDLI.. Announcements of Events and Publications.. Contacting YDLI.. Culture and History.. Dakelh (Carrier) Language.. Dakelh (Carrier) Word of the Day.. Downloadable Documents and Software.. Links.. Our Mandate.. Publications.. Resources and Services Available at YDLI.. Yinka Déné Declaration on Education, Language and Culture.. Eulogy for the late Mary John, Sr.. For information about other First Nations languages of British Columbia, about the First Nations languages of British Columbia in general, and about endangered languages, language maintenance, and related topics, go to the.. First Nations Languages of British Columbia.. web site.. Nous sommes désolés de ne pas avoir tout traduit en fran ais.. Néanmoins, certains renseignments sont disponibles en fran ais.. Cet index en fran ais.. Veuillez nous communiquer en fran ais si vous voulez.. Updated 2013-11-06.. Please send comments and questions about this site to:.. webmaster@ydli.. org.. Yinka Dene Language Institute 2009..

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  • Title: Yinka Dene and Dakelh
    Descriptive info: Yinka Dene and Dakelh.. is a cover term for the Athabaskan-speaking people of Northern British Columbia.. It also serves as the general term for "indigenous person".. It literally means "the people on the land".. In some dialects, the equivalent.. Yinka Whut'en.. is preferred.. The people usually known in English as.. Carrier.. call themselves.. Dakelh.. and prefer to be known by this term.. This sounds approximately like.. da-keth.. , with the stress on the first syllable.. is a translation of the Sekani name for Dakelh people,.. Aghele.. This term is said to be derived from the fact that when a Dakelh man died and had been cremated, his widow would pack around his bones and ashes during  ...   before they entered Dakelh territory and so learned about Dakelh people from the Sekani.. Furthermore, Sekani people played an important role in the early period of contact between the fur traders and Dakelh people because some Sekani people could speak both Dakelh and Cree and served as interpreters between the fur traders and Dakelh people.. (For more information see.. The Languages of Contact.. ).. In French Dakelh people are referred to as.. les Porteurs.. , which means the same thing as English.. and has the same origin.. Another term sometimes found in older literature is.. Taculli.. , with variant spellings such as.. Takulie.. This is a garbled version of.. HOME.. BACK.. Yinka Déné Language Institute 2006..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Welcome to our RSS.. Subscribe to our feed..

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  • Title: Yinka Dene Dustl'us
    Descriptive info: The Yinka Dene Dustl'us is published by the Learning Hub at the College of New Caledonia in Fort St.. James.. No.. 1 - November 2012.. 2 - December 2012.. 3 - January 2013.. 4 - February 2013.. 5 - March 2013.. 6 - April 2013.. 7 - May 2013.. 8 - June 2013.. 9 - July 2013.. 10 - August 2013.. 11 - September 2013.. 12 - October 2013..

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  • Title: What's New at YDLI?
    Descriptive info: 2006-12-15.. The information on the.. Carrier syllabics.. on this web site has been considerably improved.. 2003/05/23.. Plants and Medicines of Sophie Thomas.. has appeared.. Details.. 2003/01/28.. Nak'a.. dli Elders Speak.. dli t'enne yahulduk.. , a collection of oral history in English translation compiled by the Nak'a.. dli Elders Society, has been published.. 2002/11/19.. We regret to announce that Former YDLI Vice-President Thomas George has passed away.. 2002/10/10.. Two new pieces of work on the sound system of Carrier have appeared.. One is Sonya Bird's dissertation.. The Phonetics and Phonology of Lheidli Intervocalic Consonants.. The other is Suzanne Gessner's paper.. Prosody in Dakelh: a Comparison of Two Dialects.. 2002/03/07.. YDLI has received a grant from the Indian Studies Support Program to develop a certificate program in First Nations Language Research.. 2002/03/03.. YDLI is looking into the possibility of running more linguistics courses during the summer.. If you are interested, please contact us to let us know.. 2001/11/14.. A province-wide aboriginal languages conference will be held February 22-23, 2002.. More information.. 2001/08/02.. YDLI is offering a workshop on using web pages to teach language and culture August 13-16 at Anaham Reserve (near Alexis Creek).. 2001/05/27.. This site has split into two parts in order to make it easier for people to find the information that they are looking for.. One focusses on YDLI and its activities.. The other deals with the First Nations languages of British Columbia more generally.. Click.. to go to the First Nations Languages of British Columbia site.. 2001/05/10.. YDLI will be offering a.. lexicography.. (dictionary-making) course in June.. A new, expanded edition of the.. Lheidli dialect dictionary.. is available.. 2001/03/29.. Marlene Erickson has been re-elected as President of YDLI.. Geraldine Thomas has been re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer.. Archie Patrick is the new Vice-President.. 2001/02/28.. Don Precosky, Dean of Arts at the College of New Caledonia, has replaced Penny Fahlman on the Board of Directors.. 2001/01/26.. The course.. Linguistics 100: Introduction to Language and Linguistics.. that YDLI is offering in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, has begun.. 2001/01/15.. Rose Pierre.. , Yinka Dene Language Institute Executive Director inle', da.. zs.. ai nohts'utni 'et huwa nedzi nduda.. Chuzcho ooza' tat whuni.. yai dzin, 1940, Tache whu.. dli.. Granton didoh.. Lejac Residential School cha Kamloops Indian School cha 'ink'ez Prince George College 'et hodil'e'.. Grade 12 lhaidinla-un Tache whut'en butoh 'udechoo-un inle'.. Hiba k'elha lhuhoolh'i 'et hoonts'i, dich'oh Tl'azt'en Nation bube'uk'uneuzguzbayoh 'uhoonla.. 'Udechoo-un 'ut'en-un.. s.. uli'.. S.. a'cho neghuni 'ink'ez neye'ut'en yodil'e'.. University of Victoria 'et linguistics yodul'eh whe diploma lhaidinla.. Wheni Dakelh neye'udada' 'ink'ez ne.. ts.. oda'ne cha lhaicho yodil'e'.. 'Udechoo neghuni 'ink'ez neye'ut'en yodul'eh whe 1992 Yinka Dene Language Institute Executive Director.. Chuzcho ooza' 1997 YDLI ba 'ut'en-un 'etsul 'uja.. 'Atsulyaz ndida' hukw'elh'az, whuni.. yai 'on'at kwulai' Sacho ooza', 2001 khuntsul da.. ai.. Buzdoolhti' ha, Rose oonatneke Dakelh khuni k'us linguistics yodool'eh hukwa'nin.. un-ne ba sooniya huyu.. sa.. We regret to announce the passing of Rose Pierre, former Executive Director of the Yinka Dene Language Institute.. Born in Tache (Tl'azt'en Nation) on March 30, 1940, Rose was a member of the Granton (Cariboo) clan.. Educated at Lejac Residential School,  ...   Strength initiative to run courses on linguistics aimed at building capacity for language work and at educating policy-makers and other community members.. These will consist of a.. university-level introductory linguistics course.. and a.. series of short non-credit courses.. Details will be announced soon.. On the web site, the.. bibliographies for the native languages of British Columbia.. have been considerably augmented.. 2000/05/10.. A number of additional.. videos.. have been added to the list of publications on the web site.. Prints.. of the illustrations for the.. Owl Story.. are also now listed.. 2000/04/30.. The.. Louie Family Singers'.. CD of traditional Dakelh songs has appeared.. 2000/04/27.. The web site has been further updated.. A number of documents are now available for download from the.. download page.. The estimates of.. numbers of speakers.. for the native languages of British Columbia have been updated.. Sekani bibliography.. has been updated.. 2000/03/27.. aik'u.. dictionary.. 2000/03/05.. publications catalogue.. on the web page has been expanded.. 2000/02/29.. YDLI has a new postal address: RR#1, Site 12, Comp.. 41, Vanderhoof, BC, V0J 3A0.. Please do not use the old box number or the Hospital Road address.. The web site has been further expanded.. Information on the.. status of the native languages of British Columbia.. has been added.. A bibliography on.. ethnobiology.. biography.. section has been expanded.. Information on.. common Dakelh expressions.. Further.. grammatical information.. about Dakelh has been added.. classified list of the native languages of BC.. has been improved.. 2000/02/14.. linguistic information.. section has been re-organized and expanded.. Bibliographies of the major documentation for all of the non-Athabaskan languages of British Columbia have been added.. Additional information on Dakelh.. writing systems.. , especially the.. syllabics.. , has been added along with information on Dakelh.. word order.. , Dakelh.. noun classification.. , and a discussion of the status of Dakelh as an.. endangered language.. cultural and historical information.. section has been greatly expanded.. It now contains a section on.. bands, communities, and tribal councils.. , and information about access to.. genealogical data.. biography section.. has been considerably expanded, as has the.. bibliography on Carrier culture and history.. Comparative Carrier Vocabulary.. has been expanded.. A section containing.. announcements.. of relevant.. events.. publications.. Additional.. videotapes.. are listed.. There has been considerable.. press coverage.. of the YDLI web site, the situation of the Dakelh language, and language maintenance efforts.. 2000/01/29.. The web site has been expanded to include a section on.. containing.. biographies.. , and a.. There are quite a few other additions and improvements, including a second annotated text.. The Name Nak'a.. , a new bibliography on.. Tlingit.. , and material on the.. languages of contact.. Chinook Jargon.. 1999/12/10.. School District 91 has resigned from the YDLI Board of Directors, effective January, 2000.. YDLI expects to continue to work with SD91 on matters of mutual interest.. 1999/10/10.. A new project, combining the documentation of a collection of artifacts with literacy instruction, is starting up.. YDLI's property is out of storage and is now housed at the old school in.. (Stoney Creek).. 1999/08/29.. A.. is now available.. YDLI board.. member.. Bridget Moran.. , who represented the College of New Caledonia, passed away on August 21..

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  • Title: About YDLI
    Descriptive info: Current Projects.. History of YDLI.. Our Board of Directors.. Press Coverage of YDLI and Related Issues..

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  • Title: Announcements
    Descriptive info: Announcements.. Events.. A very useful source of information about both events and publications is the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas.. SSILA publishes a quarterly print.. Newsletter.. and a monthly electronic.. Bulletin.. SSILA also maintains a very informative.. SSILA membership is only US$15, a terrific bargain..

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  • Title: Contacting YDLI
    Descriptive info: YDLI will be happy to try to answer your questions about YDLI activities and publications, our languages, or our culture.. You may contact us by writing to:.. Yinka Déné Language Institute.. or calling:.. 250-561-5848, local 5460.. Our FAX number is:.. 250-561-5874.. Email may be sent to  ...   linguist Bill Poser at:.. billposer@alum.. mit.. edu.. The email addresses of those members of the Board of Directors who have them may be found on the.. list of Board members.. Please send comments and questions about the web site to:.. en français.. Yinka Déné Language Institute 2007..

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  • Title: Cultural and Historical Information
    Descriptive info: Cultural and Historical Information.. Bands, Communities, and Tribal Councils.. Biographies.. Culture and History Bibliography.. Elders.. Genealogies.. Place Names..

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  • Title: Information About the Dakelh Language
    Descriptive info: Information About the Dakelh Language.. Annotated Texts.. Audio.. Bibliography.. Common Expressions.. Dakelh as an Endangered Language.. Dialects.. Grammatical Information.. Is Carrier Celtic?.. Our Languages.. Scrabble in Dakelh.. What Dakelh People Call Themselves.. Writing Systems..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Dialect.. Cheslatta.. Lheidli.. Stuart Lake.. Writing System.. CLC.. Syllabics..

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  • Archived pages: 275