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  • Title: News & Events
    Descriptive info: .. YoG 2009 Home.. News Events.. State of the Gorilla.. Species Threats.. YoG Downloads.. Support Gorilla Conservation.. Frankfurt Gorilla Symposium.. The Gorilla Agreement.. Press Releases.. YoG Partners.. YoG Patron Ambassadors.. YoG web links.. Select Language.. English.. Arabic.. Bulgarian.. Chinese (Simplified).. Chinese (Traditional).. Croatian.. Czech.. Danish.. Dutch.. Finnish.. French.. German.. Greek.. Hindi.. Italian.. Japanese.. Korean.. Norwegian.. Polish.. Portuguese.. Romanian.. Russian.. Spanish.. Swedish.. Catalan.. Filipino.. Hebrew.. Indonesian.. Latvian.. Lithuanian.. Serbian.. Slovak.. Slovenian.. Ukrainian.. Vietnamese.. Albanian.. Estonian.. Galician.. Hungarian.. Maltese.. Thai.. Turkish.. Green Heart Trilogy on world's tropical forests out now!.. Monday, 08 November 2010 11:04.. Tropical rainforests are home to more than half the world’s species and play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our planet and the stability of our climate through the ecosystem services they provide.. Independent filmmaker Steve Taylor has traveled across Africa, Amazonia and Borneo to explore first-hand the complex issues of deforestation and degradation.. The first two in a trilogy of films about tropical forests and the people and wildlife who depend on them are now available.. The Year of the Gorilla campaign, alongside others, supported the making of these films and is happy to announce their completion.. Africa’s Green Heart.. takes us from the slums and diamond pits of Sierra Leone to the depths of the Congo Basin.. Dramatic film of bushmeat hunters and life on Congo riverboats contrast with rare gorilla behaviour and moving interviews with forest communities, loggers and conservationists.. Latin America’s Green Heart.. documents life in the Amazon Basin, from melting glaciers in the Andes to the lush rainforests and boom-towns of Peru and Brazil.. A shaman explains the medicinal uses of plants, contrasting with the drivers of deforestation – cattle ranching and soy farming.. The third part,.. Asia's Disappearing Green Heart.. , focuses on the devastating forest losses in South East Asia, which are driven especially by timber felling and the creation of gigantic plantations for the production of palm oil.. It will be completed this week and will also become available for purchase soon.. YoG Ambassador Ian Redmond opined: ”These beautiful, thought provoking films are both an educational resource and a call to action to ensure the forests survive.. ”.. To find out more about Steve's exciting journeys and the movies, please go to his website.. www.. greenheartfilm.. com.. You can order your copy with this order form.. For a look at the fascinating trailers, click on "Read more" below !!.. Read more.. France supports YoG with generous contribution.. Wednesday, 11 August 2010 09:53.. The Year of the Gorilla benefited very much from a contribution of €100,000 by the Government of France, which was received by YoG Partner GRASP (UNEP Great Ape Survival Partnership) and used to implement several YoG activities, including the Rapid Response Assessment.. "Last Stand of the Gorilla - Environmental Crime and Conflict in the Congo Basin".. Further to this contribution, France also organized a large YoG event at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, which was  ...   Lowland Gorillas and Cross River Gorillas coming increasingly close to extinction, there are good chances for such projects to be awarded funding.. Specific goals of the initiative include:.. - Provide multi-year support (minimum three years) for high priority ape populations and sites.. - Increase the number of zoos contributing to the.. conservation of apes.. - Increase the presence of the zoo community in ape conservation.. - Encourage law enforcement and.. education through the support of sanctuaries.. - Provide zoos with resources to convey ape conservation messages to the public and promote their support for.. conservation.. Funds are generated by contributions from supporting zoos; these funds are placed into a general fund that is equally distributed among projects selected for support.. To find out more about the program and how to submit project proposals, please go to.. http://www.. clemetzoo.. com/gorillassp/ConservationInitiative.. html.. A conversation on poachers, gorillas and copper wires (Audio Interview).. Wednesday, 21 July 2010 08:32.. Ian Redmond is a tropical field-biologist.. He's renowned for over 30 years of work with great apes, elephants and other species.. He calls himself a 'reluctant conservationist' – he would rather study his subjects in peace than document their continued decline.. After being Year of the Gorilla Ambassador in 2009, Ian was this year named Ambassador for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (.. cms.. int.. ).. He was recently in Bonn, where the Convention's secretariat is located, for a scientific advisory meeting on the state of migratory species, and took the opportunity to join Deutsche Welle Radio in their studio.. In the interview, Ian describes what it was like to come face to face with gorilla poachers during last year's State of the Gorilla journey.. Click here to go to the interview.. British Cross River Gorilla expert killed in Cameroon.. Friday, 02 July 2010 12:10.. Ymke Warren, 40, was killed by an intruder at the home she shared with partner and fellow gorilla researcher Aaron Nicholas in the coastal town of Limbe.. The Cameroonian police are investigating.. The couple were working on the Takamanda-Mone Landscape Project, run by the American Wildlife Conservation Society.. They were studying Cross River Gorillas, the world’s most threatened great ape species.. The Year of the Gorilla team, and especially YoG Ambassador Ian Redmond, who knew Ymke well, are deeply saddened by this senseless loss of life.. A tribute page for Ymke has been created on the Ape Alliance website at.. 4apes.. com/Ymke.. The Gorilla Organisation has set up a fund in Ymke's name.. Donations will serve to support the work of African Conservationists.. To find out more, click here.. More Articles.. UN Gorilla Airlift and World Environment Day both support gorilla conservation.. New results raise hopes for effective Ebola treatment.. New UN report provides update on Situation of Gorillas.. UN Year of the Gorilla boosts conservation of the world’s most endangered great apes.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Next.. End.. Page 1 of 18..

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  • Title: Support Gorilla Conservation
    Descriptive info: Support on-the-ground gorilla conservation by donating or making a purchase!.. YoG gorilla conservation projects.. ( 8 Articles ).. The.. CMS Gorilla Agreement.. is accompanied by detailed Action Plans prioritizing needs for the conservation of gorillas and their habitats.. The Action Plans were adopted by the agreement's member states on the 29th of November 2008 in Rome.. The YoG raises funds for selected projects, thereby helping on-the-ground gorilla conservation and the development of affected human populations where help is needed most and resources can be used most efficiently..  ...   the field and other YoG news.. Art for Gorillas- high-quality artwork.. ( 4 Articles ).. Donate for gorilla conservation projects through the purchase of artwork.. A large part of the revenue will go to conservation work!.. Books.. ( 2 Articles ).. A part of these books' revenue goes to gorilla conservation projects.. Support gorillas by giving to GRASP NGO-Partners.. The Great Ape Survival Partnership (GRASP) has numerous NGO-Partners working hard to protect gorillas in the wild.. Get a closer look at who they are and what they do!..

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  • Title: Welcome to the Year of the Gorilla 2009
    Descriptive info: The UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), the UNEP/UNESCO Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) and.. the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) have joined hands to declare 2009 the Year of the Gorilla (YoG).. Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).. works for the conservation of a wide array of endangered migratory animals worldwide through the negotiation and implementation of agreements and species action plans.. With currently 110 member countries, many of them in Africa, CMS is a fast-growing convention with special importance due to its expertise in the field of migratory species.. Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP).. is a strategic alliance of UN agencies, governments, NGOs, foundations and corporate sponsors.. CMS is one of the members of  ...   of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).. is the umbrella organisation for the world zoo and aquarium community.. Its members include selected zoos and aquariums, and regional and national Associations of Zoos and Aquariums, as well as some affiliate organisations, such as zoo veterinarians or zoo educators, from all around the world.. The world-renowned great ape conservationist Dr.. Jane Goodall (DBE) will lend her voice to this campaign as the official campaign patron.. The Jane Goodall Institute.. 's network of outstanding educational and conservation activities is bound to add significantly to the campaign's impact.. The Year of the Gorilla is supported by.. UNEP.. and.. UNESCO.. and is.. part of the.. UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.. more on the 2009 Year of the Gorilla..

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  • Title: State of the Gorilla
    Descriptive info: This section is currently being populated.. Come back regularly for more!.. Ian Redmond's blogs - with VIDEOS.. ( 25 Articles ).. YoG Ambassador Ian Redmond undertook a five-week-long fact finding journey to 8 of the 10 gorilla ranges states in August and September 2009.. As he went, he blogged for  ...   interviews as he went.. Here you can read all his blogs and watch the accompanying video material.. Other video material by topic.. ( 1 Articles ).. The amount of video material collected by Ian was vast.. Here is a selection by topic of videos not used in the above blogs..

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  • Title: Species & Threats
    Descriptive info: Gorilla Species the Threats they face.. There are 4 widely recognized gorilla subspecies in two species, the Eastern and Western Gorilla.. Here you will find a closer description for each with detailed information about their habitats, ecology and behaviour as well as the threats they face..  ...   the UNEP/CMS Technical Series Nr.. 17 'Report on the conservation status of Gorillas' (R.. Beudels-Jamar et al.. , 2008).. Filter.. Display #.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. #.. Article Title.. 1.. Mountain Gorilla.. 2.. Cross River Gorilla.. 3.. Western Lowland Gorilla.. 4.. Eastern Lowland Gorilla..

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  • Title: YoG Downloads
    Descriptive info: Videos.. A selection of videos made specifically for the Year of the Gorilla or generally dealing with gorillas and their conservation.. Year of the Gorilla leaflets, posters etc.. Here you will find the informative leaflet and poster and more.. Scientific and Policy issues.. From the Gorilla Agreement Action Plans to a comprehensive publication on the Bushmeat threat and more.. For Kids.. ( 6 Articles ).. Edukits, posters,.. Various articles and interviews.. ( 10 Articles )..

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  • Title: Frankfurt Gorilla Symposium
    Descriptive info: Here you will find information on the Frankfurt Declaration on Gorillas and their Habitats, the symposium's program, expert presentations on key threats, introductions of the speakers and other topics.. The Frankfurt Declaration.. The way the Frankfurt Declaration is used will be as significant as the content of the document itself, if not more so.. Media & Press.. Presentations.. ( 5 Articles ).. Event Program.. ( 3 Articles ).. Speakers..

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  • Title: The CMS Agreement on the Conservation of Gorillas and their Habitats
    Descriptive info: The CMS Agreement on the Conservation of Gorillas and their Habitats.. Concerted conservation and restoration efforts focus on saving gorilla populations in the wild and their habitats.. However, gorillas remain on the brink of extinction, and continue to face severe threats.. In 2006, the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) requested the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences, in partnership with the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP), and in consultation with the gorilla range states and GRASP members, to develop a gorilla conservation agreement, to be implemented via a regional, transborder Action Plan.. The agreement, which came into effect in June 2008 and has so far been signed by six of the ten gorilla range states, provides a legal framework that will reinforce and integrate conservation efforts.. The agreement aims to consolidate efforts of national and international, governmental and non-governmental organisations working for gorilla conservation.. Their activities include anti-poaching campaigns, reforestation efforts, development of eco-tourism, community development projects in the regions bordering the areas protected for gorilla conservation and programmes of reintroduction of orphaned gorillas into the wild.. Many of these organisations and governments  ...   and the range states will coodinate the implementation.. CMS itself is a GRASP partner and its main contribution in the upcoming years will be to facilitate the negotiation and application of the Agreement and Action Plan.. For more than 20 years, CMS has been developing and implementing international and legally binding agreements.. These agreements are one of the main conservation tools of the Convention.. The Gorilla Agreement, as well as the projects which will result from its Action Plans, will contribute to promoting the long term survival of gorillas, their forest habitat and dependent human populations.. This should in turn help the States concerned to combine conservation and long lasting economic development.. Supporting the implementation of the Gorilla Agreement is the overarching goal of the Year of the Gorilla 2009.. This website will introduce a number of high-priority projects, mostly derived from the Gorilla Agreements Action Plans, in 2009.. You will have the opportunity to choose from them and donate to the project you like the best.. For more in-depth information on the Gorilla Agreement and its Action Plans, please visit the website..

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  • Title: Press Releases
    Descriptive info: Press Releases.. All YoG Press Releases at a glance.. Carbon finance is key to better protection of gorillas and elephants to maintain health of African rainforests says UN Ambassador.. German Press Release by the organizing bodies of the Frankfurt Symposium.. UNEP/CMS Press Release on the Frankfurt Gorilla Declaration.. GORILLAS - Gentle Giants in Need: International Experts Issue Frankfurt Declaration to Call for Better  ...   Gorillas?.. 6.. Guy Williams named Regional Ambassador for Australia.. 7.. New Book on Gorillas Helps Save the Gentle Giants.. 8.. Projects to Save Africa's Rarest Ape Unveiled by UN and Wildlife Groups.. 9.. YoG UK launch 'Gorillas on thin Ice' on January 15.. 10.. Year of the Gorilla (YoG) launched in Rome after first Meeting of the Parties to the CMS Gorilla Agreement..

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  • Title: YoG Partners
    Descriptive info: UNEP/CMS.. UNEP/UNESCO GRASP.. WAZA..

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  • Title: YoG Patron & Ambassadors
    Descriptive info: YoG Patron and Ambassadors.. YoG Patron Jane Goodall, Ph.. D.. , DBE.. The information in this category was provided by Dr.. Jane Goodall and her Jane Goodall Institute.. ------------------.. YoG Ambassadors..

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