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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Making a Difference
    Descriptive info: Home.. ».. Follow @yaf.. Making a Difference Through Our Lecture Program.. "On the matter of your lecture series, these are experiences of infinite importance.. As recently as last night, a 42-year old affluent influential conservative told an audience of 400 people that his orientation came from hearing such a talk (yes, by me) at Cornell when he was a sophomore.. So I do hope that your important Foundation will be able to continue to support such appearances in the years ahead.. ".. – William F.. Buckley.. »To learn more,.. click here.. Making a Difference Through Our Initiatives Program.. "The Campus Conservative Battleplan rallies students to tear down wall of liberal dominance on  ...   of school last year at Gonzaga [University].. "- Paul Schafer Gonzaga University.. click he.. re.. Making a Difference Through the Reagan Ranch.. "I still cannot believe that I had the privilege to go and see Ronald Reagan's ranch.. Seeing the Ranch has helped me understand how great a man he really was.. – Megan McNeil, Academy High School.. Making a Difference Through Advancing Your Ideas.. "Conservatives are making quick advances on even the most liberal campuses―and YAF's millions are no small reason.. - Time Magazine, August 30, 2004.. "Young America's Foundation is one of the only organizations leading the charge to restore the military's rightful presence to campuses.. – Lt.. Colonel Scott Rutter..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Supporter Stories
    Descriptive info: A Supporter’s Legacy: To Preserve Freedom and Free Enterprise for Future Generations.. By Jason Barbour, Director of Development.. Dale Phelon spends time with his wife, Debra, and one of their Andalusian horses in 2012.. In Young America's Foundation's daily efforts to help patriotic Americans achieve their philanthropic goals, our team meets with amazing people who love this country and understand the importance of educating the next generation.. In the spring of 2002, I met one such person whom I will never forget.. His name was Dale Phelon, and we first met when he was visiting Ronald Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo in Santa Barbara, California.. During that day with him, it became clear that Dale greatly admired President Reagan and all that he stood for: limited government, free enterprise, and individual freedom.. It was also evident that he had a heart for educating young people.. As Dale has said on countless occasions, “Young people are our future.. ”.. This passion for freedom and educating our youth was most clearly demonstrated, not only in what he said, but also in what he did.. Dale was an ardent defender of America’s freedom and our precious liberty.. He knew that we could not just expect freedom to be miraculously passed down to future generations.. Dale promoted his conservative vision for the future of our country through his generous terminal illness.. Although the health-related news of the call was devastating to hear, I was amazed by Dale’s focus in our discussion.. He did not want to talk about himself and his personal challenges; he wanted to talk about doing something for others.. He reiterated that he supported many different causes, support of endeavors, programs, and non-profit organizations Dale Phelon spends time with his wife, Debra, and one of their Andalusian horses in 2012.. nationwide.. We may never know how many lives Dale inspired, touched, educated, and changed by his thoughtful philanthropy, but we know his impact is felt today and will continue to be in the years ahead.. Over the past decade, our team has witnessed the amazing generosity and passion Dale had for educating young people through his support of Young America’s Foundation, but what he did over the last year was truly amazing.. It started with an unexpected phone call last November when Dale informed me that he had  ...   an aggressive but thoughtfully considered approach to right this threatening trend.. Unfortunately, Dale passed away three days before the start of the first Freedom Conference in North Carolina in March, but his legacy continued there and at the most recent Freedom Conference in Wisconsin.. The impact of Dale Phelon’s selfless sacrifice can best be described by a thank you letter written to Debra Phelon by a student who attended the Freedom Conference in Wisconsin:.. Words cannot adequately describe my appreciation for your unbelievable generosity.. This conference has been, without a shred of doubt, one of the greatest events in my life.. I will forever cherish the precious experience I’ve received from the conference, and I give you my solemn vow that I will never stop fighting for liberty until the day I’m called home to meet my Lord.. History will forever remember your monetary sacrifice in the name of liberty and conservatism.. You may not be remembered in a book, but you will be in my heart, and the hearts of everyone who attended the conference.. God Bless You.. — Alexander Hagen, Ripon College.. In the time of his greatest challenge in life, Dale was thinking of his country’s future and students like Alexander more than himself.. What a tremendous legacy and example he leaves for us all!.. In early March, I was with Dale for the last time—fittingly, at the place we first met, Ronald Reagan’s ranch in California.. He wanted to visit one more time with his beloved wife, Debra, and a small group of his close friends.. Two weeks after that visit, Dale sent Young America’s Foundation his final letter, in which he quoted his hero, Ronald Reagan:.. You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.. If we fail, as least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here.. We did all that could be done.. Dale did all that he could do for our country.. We will continue to see the dividends of his investment in young Americans in the days and years ahead, as these impressionable young people become our nation’s future leaders..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Combined Federal Campaign
    Descriptive info: Combined Federal Campaign Approved Charity.. Federal employees and military personnel can donate to Young America's Foundation to pass conservative ideas to young people and support students' rights to participate in Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) by making a generous charitable contribution through the Combined Federal Campaign or CFC.. To donate to Young America's Foundation, use.. CFC #11540.. Visit the.. CFC website.. for more information about opportunities in your workplace.. If you have any questions please contact 1-800-USA-1776..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Charitable Foundations
    Descriptive info: Welcome Charitable Foundations!.. Young Ame.. rica’s Foundation has a long history of working with charitable foundations to achieve our mutual missions.. If you represent a private foundation or have one of your own, please contact Director of Foundation Relations.. Nicole Hoplin.. by phone at.. 80.. 0-U.. SA-1776.. or email at.. nhoplin@yaf.. to request a proposal, financial documents, annual reports, or to discuss sponsorship and partnering opportunities.. Young America’s Foundation, the Reagan Ranch, and the National Journalism Center are nonprofit 501(c)3 charities under the tax identification number 23-7042029.. Young America’s Foundation can help your charitable foundation reach the next generation of American leaders with the ideas of limited government, free enterprise, a strong national defense, and traditional values.. Our track record of successful partnerships speaks for itself and includes the following project examples:.. *.. The Wisconsin Student Initiative for Lectures and Campus Activism through the Lynde Barry Bradley Foundation.. The sponsorship of the acre at the Reagan Ranch  ...   Center gallery by the Daniels Fund.. Efforts to contact and involve nearly 40 years of alumni of Young America’s Foundation’s programs with the JM Foundation.. A series of seminar sessions through the National Journalism Center highlighting media bias and how to counter it sponsored by the Malcolm Smith Foundation.. And many more!.. Other ideas for sponsorships include.. the National Conservative Student Conference, the Reagan Ranch High School Conference, scholarships for students to attend our conferences and seminars, preservation of an acre or special acre at the Reagan Ranch, a lecture series or talk at a university of your choice with the speaker of your selection, National Journalism Center interns spending a semester in Washington, D.. C.. , at a prominent media outlet, and much, much more!.. Often, representatives of foundations, whether family members or staff members, attend our student programs to see the difference they make in young lives for themselves.. We always welcome you to do so!..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Giving FAQs
    Descriptive info: Supporter Frequently Asked Questions.. Are my contributions tax-deductible?.. Yes, all donations to Young America's Foundation are fully tax-deductible under the law.. Our tax identification number is 23-7042029.. How can I donate to Young America's Foundation?.. You can make a gift simply and securely.. You can do so:.. By Check - Please make all checks payable to Young America's Foundation, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170.. 2.. By Credit Card - Young America's Foundation accepts all major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.. To make an online gift by credit card please click here.. or call us at 1-800-USA-1776.. 3.. Over the phone - We gladly accept gifts over the phone.. If you are interested in making a gift, please call 1-800-USA-1776 and a Foundation leader will be glad to assist you.. 4.. - Through the.. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).. Members of the active-duty military and employees of the federal government may give to Young America's Foundation through CFC.. How can I visit the Reagan Ranch?.. Currently, restrictions and regulations prevent us from scheduling all the visits we would like to grant.. We give priority to share the Reagan Ranch with as many students, professors,  ...   permanently engraved on Freedom Wall at the Reagan Ranch.. Future generations will see your name linked with Ronald Reagan and will thank you!.. To make such a gift, please follow this link.. How can I make a gift of stock?.. To make a gift of stock, please call Nikki Kosinski at 1-800-USA-1776.. To transfer stock electronically, instruct your broker to wire stock to Raymond James Associates, DTC # 0725, indicating it is for credit to Young America's Foundation, account # 36841447.. Please authorize your broker to give us your name of stock and number of shares being transferred, so that we can properly thank you.. How can my son or daughter attend your college or high school conferences?.. Thank you for your interest in our conferences! If you would please submit the names of your children.. here.. , they will automatically receive information and an application in the mail when the materials are ready.. And should you have any additional questions, please call 800-USA-1776.. Further questions?.. Please call us at 800-USA-1776, e-mail us at.. yaf@yaf.. , or write to us at: 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170.. A Foundation leader will be glad to assist you!..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Take Advantage of Young America’s Foundation Alumni Opportunities.. More than.. 1 million.. people have participated in our programs since our founding in 1969.. Thousands have attended the National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.. , since 1979.. Others have organized campus lectures and breakthrough programs that brought conservative ideas to their schools.. Alumni now have careers in the Conservative Movement, the media, the military, law, business, and many other professions.. To sign up for YAF alumni opportunities, click here.. For additional information, please contact Kate Obenshain at 800-USA-1776.. Recent Videos.. Watch Foundation Videos on a Variety of Topics..  ...   found.. Alumni Spotlight On.. Kate Pavlich,.. Defends Conservatism on CNN.. Peter Schweizer,.. Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism That Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison.. Jason Mattera,.. Biden’s office complains after dust-up with conservative reporter.. Katie Pavlich,.. Writes Bestselling Book on ‘Fast and Furious’.. Alumni Profiles.. Ashley Reagan.. Todd Buchholz.. Ann Coulter.. Chuck Cunningham.. Chuck Cunningham.. Dan Erspamer.. Dan Flynn.. Michael Fry.. Jim Elizabeth Graham.. Wynton Hall.. Clayton Henson.. Kathryn Lopez.. Kathryn Lopez.. Dr.. Ivan Pongracic.. Peter Schweizer.. Marc Thiessen.. Michael Waller.. Andrew Wong..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation
    Descriptive info: Blog Archive.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August  ...   to read the poll.. High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch.. Click here for details.. Relentless Conservatism.. Looking for engaging, expert analysis? YAF has you covered.. We’ve been featured everywhere: from Fox News, CNN, C-SPAN,.. The New York Times.. ,.. The Washington Post.. The Washington Times.. , to even MSNBC.. Be sure to get your daily YAF fix over at our blog, The New Guard, where we bring you the latest campus controversies, our most recent media appearances, and pretty much everything that your left-wing professors don’t want you to know.. For media inquiries, contact Patrick Coyle at 800-USA-1776 or..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Featured Story
    Descriptive info: Foundation Director and Alumnus Uncovers Insider Trading on Capitol Hill.. Students and supporters at the 2011 West Coast Leadership Conference and President’s Club weekend at the Reagan Ranch enjoyed a sneak-preview of a new book that is currently shaking up Washington, D.. Foundation Director and alumnus.. discussed his ground-breaking new book,.. Throw Them All Out, which uncovers insider trading on Capitol.. Hill—practices which Peter says would “send the rest of us to prison” but are legal for those who serve in Congress.. Watch Peter on C-SPAN BookTV, Saturday, December 17, at 8:45 p.. m.. ET and Sunday, December 18, at 8:00 p.. ET.. As noted in.. Throw Them All Out.. , “Politicians often come into office with relatively modest assets.. Then, as investors, they regularly beat the market and sometimes beat the most rapacious hedge funds.. Even without trading stocks, they often get rich.. ”.. Peter’s research unveils just how certain members of Congress make their money.. As he writes, “Cronyism exists, not so much as outright bribery, using suitcases full of cash, but rather in accepted insider routes to wealth: Members of Congress trade stocks based on privileged information.. Members highlighted in Peter’s book include Speaker.. Nancy Pelosi, Senator.. John Kerry.. , and Congressman.. , Senator , and Congressman.. Spencer Bachus, among others.. , among others..  ...   people by making it clear that the insider trading laws that apply to us also extend to members of Congress.. Peter is a leading example of how Young America’s Foundation inspires and grows the future leaders of the Conservative Movement.. Peter is not only an author and frequent speaker at Foundation events, but he is also an alumnus of our programs, has served as a member of Young America’s Foundation’s staff, and is currently a Foundation director.. He is also the William J.. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution.. Peter first came to our attention when he was a high school student.. Young America’s Foundation helped him attend The George Washington University, and he later joined our team at our national headquarters and edited our magazine,.. Libertas.. , in the early 1990s.. Peter’s other best-selling books include.. Makers and Takers; Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy;.. The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty; Reagan’s War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism; and.. Architects of Ruin, among others.. In addition, he is executive producer of.. In the Face of Evil, the award-winning documentary based on his.. book.. Reagan’s War.. Young America’s Foundation congratulates Peter on the success of his latest book, which is available for purchase on amazon..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Libertas Magazine
    Descriptive info: Libertas,.. The Publication of Young America's Foundation.. , a publication of Young America's Foundation, highlights the programs, events, students, staff, and supporters of the Foundation.. If you would like to receive.. Libertas.. in the mail,.. click here to submit your mailing information.. Any use of Libertas' content without the written permission of Young America's Foundation is prohibited.. WINTER 2013 • VOL 34 - NO.. Click here to read.. online.. Click here to request a hard copy of.. On the Cover:.. Young America's Foundation hosts the Conservative Movement's rising leaders at our programs at the Reagan Ranch Center and nationwide.. Also in This Issue:.. Santorum and Forbes Reach Thousands at Yale • Students Learn Successful Activism Techniques • Goldberg Addresses Students and Supporters in Denver • Reagan Ranch Roundtable Features Senator Mike Lee • Patti Davis Highlights Her Father's Ranch in.. Town Country.. • Spend a Weekend with Like-Minded Friends at the Reagan Ranch • 2013 Fall Foliage Cruise: Set Sail with Top Conservative Leaders.. FALL 2012 • VOL 33 - NO.. On the Cover:.. Cover artwork designed by Joel Aaron Carlson.. Also in This Issue:.. Ashcroft, Williams, and George Headline Rawhide Circle Retreat • Richard Allen Addresses Reagan Ranch Roundtable • Thomas Phillips Student Luncheon Features Governor George Allen • Reagan Ranch Activism Seminar Energizes Students • Bill O’Reilly Visits Rancho del Cielo • 2013 Fall Foliage Cruise: Set Sail with Top Conservative Leaders.. SUMMER 2012 • VOL 33 - NO.. Governor Scott Walker enjoys time at the Reagan Ranch prior to his speech at the 2011 West Coast Leadership Conference.. WINTER 2012 • VOL 33 - NO.. Click here to read Libertas online.. Download PDF.. Senator Marco Rubio headlines the Reagan 100 Banquet at the 33.. rd.. annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.. Also in This issue:.. Senators Rubio and Lee and Congressman West and Jordan Inspire Hundreds at 33rd Annual National Conservative Student Conference.. •.. Miss America 2011 Headlines National High School Leadership Conference • Congressman Paul Ryan on Youth, the Economy, and Freedom • Dr.. Art Laffer Headlines '81 Tax Cut Anniversary Celebration •.. - Students Honor Victims Ten Years Later • National Security, Patriotism, and the Next Generation: An Interview with Bestselling Author Brad Thor.. FALL 2011 • VOL 32 - NO.. Young America's Foundation thanks artist Steve Penley for allowing us to reproduce his Reagan portrait for this issue of Libertas.. As the inspiration for this painting, Penley said he used "a great photograph of Reagan which radiated his optimistic outlook for America.. " Of the painting itself, penley said, "The golden yellow colors reminded me of the West and the Ranch.. ".. Also in This issue:.. Rumsfeld, McCotter, and Buchanan Headline Rawhide Circle Retreat • Top Student activists Visit Rancho  ...   400 Attend National Conservative Student Conference.. Winning the Battles Ahead.. What Conservatives must do to advance freedom in the months ahead.. Moore, Folsom, and Williams Inspire High School Students.. Meet Your Alumni Board Members!.. Mitt Romney and Joe Wilson Headline West Coast Leadership Conference.. Standing up for Freedom.. Why we need Ronald Reagan's ideas today.. Brit Hume Addresses Future Journalists.. Aissa Wayne shares her thoughts on the Reagan Ranch, her father, and advancing freedom for future generations.. Fall 2009 • VOL.. 30 - NO.. Since 1969, Young America's Foundation has worked to ensure that increasing numbers of young Americans are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are grateful for the students, supporters, speakers, and friends who have made our programs possible.. This special anniversary cover includes images from our programs throughout the past four decades, including photos of leading conservatives William F.. Buckley Jr.. , Robert Novak, Ronald Reagan, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and others who have played key roles in the Foundation's outreach, success, and growth.. Fox News Features Newt Gingrich at the Reagan Ranch Center • Ann Coulter Meets with National Journalism Center Interns • Foundation Fights Obama Nominee • 8,500 Attend 2009 CPAC• Set Sail through History.. Spring 2009 • VOL.. President Barack Obama has appeared on the cover of Time and Newsweek more than 30 times since his first cover appearance in 2005.. For years, Young America's Foundation President Ron Robinson has advised Foundation student audiences that they can recognize the mainstream media's bias with ease by simply reviewing the covers editors select for their weekly publications.. His popular presentation includes more than 150 cover images highlighting the favorable and often iconic portrayal of liberals versus unfavorable and critical depictions of conservatives.. • Senator DeMint Addresses 200 Interns • Cold War Experts Share Lessons with Youth • Meet the Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement • Attend an Upcoming Foundation Conference Near You!.. Fall 2008- Special Military Edition • VOL.. 29 - NO.. 2.. On The Cover:.. Members of the Texas A M University – Galveston's Color Guard take part in Young America's Foundation's 9/11: Never Forget Project and stand beside their display of 2,977 American flags representing those murdered on September 11, 2001.. • Coulter Draws Record Crowd at Reagan Ranch Center • Pawlenty and Pence Address Rawhide Circle Retreat • Cruise the Caribbean with Ashcroft, Tancredo, Meese, Simpson, and Foundation Leaders • Students Battle Campus Administrators to Host Chris Simcox and Star Parker.. Reagan Ranch Edition.. Click here to read online.. This well-known image captures President Reagan at Rancho del Cielo in his much-preferred riding attire—blue jeans, a work shirt, and his cowboy hat..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation
    Descriptive info: 2013 Spring High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch.. 2012 National Conservative Student Conference.. 2012 Reagan Ranch High School Conference.. 2012 Freedom Conference.. National High School Leadership Conference.. Reagan Ranch Roundtables.. Reagan, the Reagan Ranch, and the Reagan Ranch Center.. Campus Lectures.. Campus Initiatives.. Staff Media Appearances.. Milton Friedman.. ».. Video Gallery.. Categories.. Tweet..  ...   Student Conference.. 2012 Reagan Ranch High School Conference.. 2012 Freedom Conference.. National High School Leadership Conference.. Reagan Ranch Roundtables.. Reagan, the Reagan Ranch, and the Reagan Ranch Center.. Campus Lectures.. Campus Initiatives.. Staff Media Appearances.. Milton Friedman.. Northeast Conservative High School Conference.. West Coast Leadership Conference.. Road to Freedom Seminar.. National Conservative Student Conference Archives..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation
    Descriptive info: Photo Gallery.. Gallery Categories.. Conferences and Seminars.. The Reagan Ranch.. The National Journalism Center.. Media Center.. Young Americans for Freedom.. Click here to visit the Alumni Gallery..

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  • Archived pages: 1016