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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - The Conservative Movement Starts Here.
    Descriptive info: .. About.. About Home.. Mission.. President's Message.. History.. Calendar of Events.. Staff Board.. Job and Internship Opportunities.. Request Foundation Literature.. Financial Statements 990.. FAQs.. Contact Us.. Students.. Students Home.. Start a YAF Chapter.. Conservative Speakers.. Campus Initiatives Activism.. Conferences and Seminars.. Defend ROTC Military Recruiters.. Club 100 – Where Activism Counts.. Featured Student.. Internships.. Recommended Reading.. Top Conservative College List.. Reagan Ranch.. Reagan Ranch Home.. Ronald Reagan Young America’s Foundation.. Reagan 100: Still Point in a Turning World.. Rancho del Cielo.. The Reagan Ranch Center.. The Reagan Ranch Center Exhibit Galleries.. Events Programs in Santa Barbara.. Support Its Preservation.. National Journalism Center.. National Journalism Center Home.. Washington Journalism Internship Opportunities.. Distinguished NJC Alumni.. Books by National Journalism Center Alumni.. Support NJC Programs.. NJC Internship Application.. Young Americans for Freedom.. Young Americans for Freedom Home.. YAF's Guiding Principles.. Dialogue on Liberty.. Supporters.. Supporter Home.. Give Today!.. Making a Difference.. Photo Galleries.. Supporter Stories.. Legacy Giving.. Combined Federal Campaign.. Charitable Foundations.. Giving FAQs.. Alumni.. Alumni Home.. Alumni Membership.. Media Center.. Media Center Home.. Featured Story.. Libertas Magazine.. Video Audio Galleries.. The New Guard- Young America's Foundation's Blog.. Conservative Links.. Conservative Marketplace.. Contact.. Join Our Email List.. Skip Intro.. STEP 1: ORDER THE "CONSERVATIVE ACTIVISM GUIDE".. Get activism advice from Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, Bay Buchanan, Dana Rohrabacher, and many more.. Order your free guide before the semester begins!.. STEP 2: HONOR THE VICTIMS OF 9/11.. Join hundreds of like-minded students who take part in remembering those murdered on September 11.. More than 200 schools participated last year.. Order your free materials now while supplies last.. STEP 3: BRING THE CONSERVATIVE ARGUMENT TO YOUR CAMPUS.. There's simply no substitute for a Young America's Foundation speaker! Call 800-USA-1776 to bring one of the Movement's biggest stars to your school.. Click here to pick a speaker.. 9/11: Never Forget  ...   2013, Young America's Foundation will gather with the men and women of the Reagan Revolution to celebrate the anniversary of President Reagan's historic 1981 tax cut and discuss the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative organizations.. To highlight the importance of this growing scandal, the Foundation will host leaders including American Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Jordan Sekulow, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder and National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin, and Linchpins for Liberty President Kevin Kookogey to discuss how to reign in the power of the federal government.. Young America's Foundation: Get Involved and Give Your College Experience a Purpose.. 8/8/2013 10:31:23 AM.. Nathan Brand, a rising junior at Hillsdale College, shares how Young America's Foundation has changed his life and given his college experience a greater purpose.. The Foundation has allowed Nathan to have a greater influence with his peers, to grow as a leader, and to build friendships with students and conservative leaders across the nation.. Nathan encourages other students to get involved and make an impact on their campus.. Click here to continue reading blog posts.. WRITE FOR THE NEW GUARD! Students, email.. pcoyle@yaf.. org.. to learn more.. Upcoming Events.. Sep.. 03.. Herman Cain at Yale University.. 09.. Newt Gingrich at Yale University.. 11.. 2013 9/11: Never Forget Project.. 12.. Jason Mattera at Mississippi College.. 16.. Star Parker at Kansas State University.. 17.. Ben Shapiro at Citrus College.. Mike Huckabee at Cedarville University.. 19.. Rick Santorum at the University of Virginia.. Ann Coulter at Furman University.. Oct.. Jonah Goldberg at Wilkes University.. View Full Calendar.. About Us.. The Reagan Ranch.. The National Journalism Center.. Job Opportunities.. Subscribe.. Help.. Site Map.. Privacy Policy.. Legal Notices.. Financial Statements.. Copyright 2013 Young America's Foundation | 110 Elden Street, Herndon, VA 20170 | Ph.. 1.. 800.. USA.. 1776 | Fax 703.. 318.. 9122.. www.. yaf.. |.. reaganranch.. nationaljournalismcenter..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: The Resources You Need to Advance Conservatism!.. Dear Friends,.. Whether you are a student, concerned citizen, a parent or grandparent, YAF.. org contains endless news, resources, and information to enhance your own understanding of conservative ideas and how you or the students in your life can take part in our programs and events.. You can discover how to.. Change Your Campus:.. Check out our.. section to learn how you can bring the stars of the Conservative Movement to your campus through our campus lecture program—the largest conservative lecture program in our nation.. You will also find out how you can receive valuable activism resources such as our.. Campus Conservative Battleplan.. and.. Conservative Guide to Campus Activism.. Attend a Life-Changing Program:.. Also in the.. section you can find information about the National Conservative Student Conference, the Gratia Houghton Rinehart National High School Leadership Conference and other Foundation seminars held around the country.. Walk in President Reagan’s Footsteps:.. Stop by our.. section and learn how Young America’s Foundation is preserving and protecting Ronald Reagan’s Western White House—Rancho del Cielo—and using this historic presidential property and.. our newly renovated Reagan Ranch Center in  ...   with Leading Conservative Activists, Authors and Tacticians.. : Alumni of our programs can join an exclusive online network that includes key activists, authors, and tacticians in the Conservative Movement.. Receive the Arguments You Need to Win Debates.. : Visit our extensive online video and podcast gallery where you can watch speeches and download audio podcasts from leading conservatives.. Strengthen Our Cause:.. See how YOU can pass on your conservative principles to today’s young people—tomorrow’s leaders—visit our.. page.. You will learn how your generosity can ensure that future generations of young Americans are inspired by President Reagan’s conservative ideas.. Sign-up on our website to receive regular e-mail updates about exciting Foundation conferences and events in which you can take part.. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Young America’s Foundation and please.. contact us.. if you have any additional questions!.. Sincerely,.. Ron Robinson.. President.. Recent Videos.. Why Invest in Young America's Foundation?.. Learn More About Our Campus Initiatives.. Watch Ronald Reagan at Rancho del Cielo.. About Us Events.. No events matching the specified criterias were found.. Funding Fathers, The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement.. is available for purchase here..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Mission
    Descriptive info: Home.. ».. Follow @yaf.. Reagan Secret Service Agent John Barletta.. Our Mission.. Young America's Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.. As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of American youth to these principles.. We accomplish our mission by providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers to young people across the country.. Young America's Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan's Western White House,.. , in the spring of 1998 to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan to pass on his ideas to future generations.. President Reagan committed himself  ...   country and the world.. His beloved ranch is a place of learning, a place of encouragement and a place of inspiration for generations to come.. The Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara is a “schoolhouse for Reaganism” where young and old alike can visit and learn more about one of America's greatest presidents.. For more than 30 years, the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring journalists in the values of balanced, responsible and accurate reporting.. Weekly seminars and on-the-job experience provide participants with the tools to become a leader in combating bias in the mainstream media.. Founded in 1977, more than 1,600 alumni have graduated from NJC's 12-week training sessions, and some 900 of these have gone on to media and media-related positions..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - President's Message
    Descriptive info: President s Message.. The President's Message.. As printed in the latest issue of.. Libertas.. , the premiere publication of Young America's Foundation.. Dear Friends:.. "There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds.. " Ronald Reagan proclaimed this sentiment in his famous Brandenburg Gate speech.. It wasn't a throwaway line.. Millions lived behind the Iron Curtain for a whole generation, and freedom's advocates needed a morale boost and a road map out of tyranny.. Reagan urged them to look to their youth.. Those young people breached the Berlin Wall two years later!.. This is a time when conservatives need new hope.. Last year we were stung by a disastrous Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, disappointed in November, and slammed with a New Year's Eve tax increase (in addition to the trillion dollar increase in taxes for Obamacare).. Yet, as this issue of.. makes clear, there are emerging, exciting, principled leaders entering the prime of their careers:.. Scott Walker.. ,.. Marco Rubio.. Rand Paul.. Mike Lee.. Mike Pence..  ...   time.. However, the Obama machine has made great strides in reaching our young people, and we must redouble our efforts to win the hears and minds of today's youth.. There are more than 25 million students in high school and more than 19 million students in college, That is an audience, if we reach it's most promising students, which can transform America and once again put us on the road to freedom.. You have an opportunity to make a difference for the ideas you believe in by partnering with Young America's Foundation.. To be successful takes intelligence, hard work, dedication, and a financial commitment.. We know a commitment to election results alone is inadequate.. We must also present our ideas in classrooms and on campuses throughout our land.. That is Young America's Foundation's specialty; we run programs that present your principles to a new generation.. With your help, and God willing, 2013 will be a year when we set America back on the road to freedom and establish a new hope for the future!..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - History
    Descriptive info: Young America’s Foundation - A Timeline of Our History.. 1969.. Young America’s Foundation begins at Vanderbilt University when a group of students started an organization called University Information Services (UIS) to provide students with conservative ideas that were missing in their educations.. 1971.. UIS becomes a national organization and is renamed Young America’s Foundation.. The goal of bringing conservative speakers to campus remains, and the Foundation launches a nationwide effort to share the Conservative Movement’s greatest minds and voices with student audiences to provide intellectual balance.. 1974.. The Foundation expands its activities by sponsoring a nationally syndicated radio program featuring California Governor Ronald Reagan.. Foundation leaders, Frank Donatelli and Ron Robinson, established the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).. 1976.. The Foundation inaugurates a national bicentennial program highlighting our Founders’ philosophy of freedom.. The program is created to properly commemorate the founding and independence of our nation.. 1979.. Foundation holds its first annual National Conservative Student Conference during the summer.. James Taylor, now a Foundation board member, proudly inaugurates the program and runs the conference for many years.. 1981.. CPAC hosts newly elected President Ronald Reagan at the conference’s annual banquet.. President Reagan also begins the tradition of hosting Young America’s Foundation annual summer student conference (now the National Conservative Student Conference) at the White House each year of his Presidency.. 1982.. The Foundation publishes.. American Economic Texts: A Free Market Critique.. , a 282-page book analyzing the array of economics principles texts being used in colleges.. 1983.. The Foundation makes national headlines when D.. police arrest two summer conference attendees for protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan outside the Soviet Embassy.. The Foundation appeals the case all the way to the Supreme Court when, in 1988, the Court awards the students a major First Amendment victory.. The Supreme Court ruling in.. Boos v.. Barry.. overturns a 50-year-old law barring protests outside of embassies and is the first of two victories for the Foundation.. In the wake of the KAL-007 murders, Soviet propagandist Vladimir Pozner cancels his U.. S.. national tour after Young America’s Foundation has Tryggvi McDonald, son of the late congressman, appear at the same schools.. Pozner was unwilling to answer McDonald’s “murderer” charge.. 1984.. The Foundation sponsors campus tours by two groups of overseas students.. In the spring, two pro-Contra students from Nicaragua and Costa Rica speak on a dozen campuses in support of freedom fighters.. In the fall, a group of pro-American students from Europe speak on campuses in support of NATO and the placement of Cruise and Pershing II missiles.. 1985.. The Foundation hosts a dinner in honor of Henry Regnery, president of Regnery Gateway Publishing, for producing so many classics of conservative thought during his four decades in the publishing business.. Now best-selling author and popular Foundation speaker Ann Coulter interns at the National Journalism Center.. 1987.. Entrepreneurs vs.. the State, A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America.. by Dr.. Burt Folsom.. This book is later renamed.. The Myth of the Robber Barons.. and is currently in its sixth edition.. 1989.. Young America’s Foundation reprints.. The Conscience of a Conservative.. by Barry Goldwater to ensure young generations have the opportunity to read this important book.. 1990.. With the campus Left led by university faculty and administrations trying to force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs off campuses across the country, the Foundation launches a national campaign to  ...   Student Conference.. This event was broadcast live on C-SPAN and covered by NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and CNN.. Lady Margaret Thatcher speaks to more than 4,500 people at the College of the Ozarks.. 1998.. The Foundation sees an extraordinary opportunity to save a precious piece of American history and, at the same time, exponentially increase our ability to fulfill our mission of reaching young people with conservative ideas.. On April 21, 1998, Young America’s Foundation acquires Ronald Reagan’s Western White House—also known as the Reagan Ranch and Rancho del Cielo—with the blessings of the Reagan family.. 2001.. The National Journalism Center merges into Young America’s Foundation to continue training future journalists.. The Foundation celebrates paying off the loan on the Reagan Ranch with a “burning” of the Reagan Ranch note.. Young America’s Foundation acquires the 217 State Street building in Santa Barbara—which will eventually become the new Reagan Ranch Center.. 2003.. Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman addresses students during the 25.. To support America’s troops in the war in Iraq, the Foundation organizes a rally which draws thousands to the National Mall in Washington, D.. The Foundation launches the.. to ensure the anniversary of those murdered by radical Islamists is remembered on college campuses.. 2004.. The Foundation launches Freedom Week on campuses nationwide to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and Veterans Day.. 2006.. Young America’s Foundation’s newly renovated Reagan Ranch Center re-opens in downtown Santa Barbara.. This facility is the most important hub of conservative activity outside of Washington, D.. It is a “Schoolhouse for Reaganism” complete with classrooms, conference space, a theater, library, boardroom, interactive exhibits and galleries, and offices to house our Reagan Ranch team members.. Attorney General Edwin Meese and Secretary Jack Kemp headline the Foundation’s 25.. anniversary celebration of the signing of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act—legislation signed into law by President Reagan at Rancho del Cielo.. Meese and Kemp’s speeches are broadcast live from the Reagan Ranch Center on C-SPAN.. 2007.. The Foundation hosts the inaugural Reagan Ranch High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch Center to teach young people about the principles and life of President Ronald Reagan.. 2008.. Young America’s Foundation celebrates the 30th anniversary of the National Conservative Student Conference.. The conference enjoys record C-SPAN coverage with 34 segments broadcasted throughout the week and re-aired consistently thereafter.. Foundation leaders Ron Robinson and Nicole Hoplin publish Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement to tell the untold, behind-the-scenes stories of the men and women who made the Conservative Movement the giant force it is today.. Polish President Lech Walesa (1990 to 1995) addresses Foundation supporters and friends in Gdansk, Poland, during a stop on the Foundation’s Baltic Cruise.. 2010.. Young America’s Foundation forms an Alumni Board of Directors comprised of those who were involved in our programs as students or members of our Foundation team and who continue their engagement with our mission.. Lady Margaret Thatcher addresses Foundation friends and supporters during a special dinner in London, England.. Young America’s Foundation alumnus and former staff member Jason Mattera becomes editor of Human Events—the youngest ever in the publication’s history.. 2011.. Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom become one united YAF.. Young America’s Foundation is still the name of the parent organization.. Young Americans for Freedom joins the National Journalism Center and the Reagan Ranch as a project of Young America’s Foundation..

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    Descriptive info: - Current.. Calendar.. 13.. 2013 Grand Fall Foliage Cruise.. Join Young America's Foundation on a tour next year along the northeast coast of the United States and Canada.. 24.. David Horowitz at Trevecca Nazarene University.. 25.. Bay Buchanan at Carleton College.. Nov.. 04.. Debate: Rick Santorum vs Howard Dean at Fort Hays State University.. 07.. Kate Obenshain at the University of Virginia.. 08.. President's Club.. Feb.. Karl Rove at Fort Hays State University.. Mar.. 20.. Steve Moore at the University of Memphis..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Staff & Board
    Descriptive info: The Staff and Board.. National Headquarters Staff.. Kimberly Martin Begg.. Vice President and General Counsel.. Patrick X.. Coyle.. Vice President.. Nicole Hoplin.. Richard Kimble.. Darla Anzalone.. Director of Communications.. Jason Barbour.. Director of Development.. Cheri Cerame.. Director of Information Technology.. Hillary Cherry.. Program Officer-Public Relations.. Ingrid Chowrimootoo,.. Assistant to the Director of Communications.. Kate Cortes.. YAF Chapter Services Program Officer.. Amy de Venoge.. Program Officer-Graphic Design.. Tamara Dypsky.. Accounting Manager.. Anthony Hadford.. Hermann Intern Scholar.. Dede Hamilton.. Front Office Manager.. Jessica Jensen.. , Assistant to the President/Editor,.. Veronica Kosinski,.. Controller.. Danielle Lee.. Deputy Director of Communications.. Richard Leed.. Director of Finance.. Chris Miranda.. Director of Marketing.. Eduardo Miranda.. Brendon Najm.. Josh Rogers.. Morgan Shields.. Legal Coordinator.. Ben Smith.. Nicole Tardif.. Katie Taran.. ,.. Director of Conferences.. Reagan Ranch Staff.. Andrew Coffin.. Vice President and Director of the Reagan Ranch.. Lana Barendse.. Danielle Behler.. Development Officer.. Amy Brooker.. Assistant to the Director of the Reagan Ranch.. Meredith Deferville..  ...   of the Board.. Ronald Pearson.. Vice President of the Board.. Frank Donatelli.. Secretary and Treasurer of the Board.. T.. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.. , Esq.. Wynton C.. Hall.. Thomas L.. Phillips.. Peter Schweizer.. James B.. Taylor.. Reagan Ranch Board of Governors.. Chairman.. Judge.. William Clark.. Co-Chairman.. Attorney General.. Edwin Meese.. Robert F.. Agostinelli.. Governor George Allen.. Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar.. John Barletta.. Suzanne Becker.. Lisa M.. Buestrin.. Robert Cummins.. Becky Norton Dunlop.. Robert Giuffra, Jr.. Timothy S.. Goeglein.. Ambassador Patricia L.. Herbold.. Eric and.. Marty Irving.. Harold Knapheide.. Mark Larson.. Al Bette Moore.. Governor Bill Owens.. Doug Pat Perry.. Thomas Phillips.. Robert Ruhe Lee Shannon.. Fred Ruth Sacher.. Richard Jane Schwartz.. Craig Shirley.. Owen Bernadette Casey Smith.. Barbara S.. Waddell.. National Journalism Center Board of Governors.. Kellyanne Conway.. Terry Eastland.. Rich Lowry.. Alex Marlow.. Matt Robinson.. Tom Winter.. Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors.. Michael Jones,.. Chris Bedford.. Samuel Settle.. Brad Marks.. Tyler Trumbach.. Patrick X Coyle..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Job and Internship Opportunities
    Descriptive info: Job Internship Opportunities.. Current openings are:.. Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.. , Young America's Foundation (Herndon, Virginia).. Director of Alumni Relations.. Young America’s Foundation (Herndon, VA).. Program Officer.. Reagan Ranch Center (Santa Barbara, CA).. at.. Young America's Foundation and the Reagan Ranch.. Position:.. Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.. Location:.. Herndon, Virginia.. Opening:.. Immediate.. The Director will coordinate Young America's Foundation's Center for Entrepreneurship Free Enterprise's efforts to provide quality free enterprise programs to college and high school students.. These may include the Center's programmatic efforts to administer a nation-wide campus free enterprise lecture program; conduct seminars; identify allies in the collegiate and business communities; commission polls of attitudes and values; and all appropriate evaluation of such activities.. This position has three responsibilities: (1) Planning, execution, and expansion of the educational programs of the Center, including its free enterprise-related campus activities; (2) Creating growth and public exposure opportunities in external media for the Center; and (3) Assistance with identification, cultivation, and stewardship of individual supporters and bequests.. The director of Young America's Foundation's Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise in Herndon, Virginia, reports directly to the president and is responsible for the program's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives.. In program development and execution, the Director will:.. a.. Provide leadership in developing program, organizational, and financial plans with the staff.. b.. Promote active and broad participation by students in all areas of the program including coordinating activities with existing Young America's Foundation student programs.. c.. Maintain an excellent level of technical knowledge regarding all areas of the Center's programs and a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of free enterprise, burdensome regulations, and campus attitudes toward these issues.. In communications, the Director will:.. Keep the staff fully informed on the condition of the program and all important factors influencing it.. Publicize the activities of the organization, its programs and goals, utilizing the talent and resources of Young America's Foundation, including its public relations, program, and development teams.. Establish sound working relationships with agreed-upon allies.. d.. Represent the program's mission to organizations, supporters, young people, and the general public at the direction of Young America's Foundation's president.. In relations with staff, the Director will:.. Be responsible for the recruitment, training, and supervising of all of the Center's personnel, both paid staff and interns, under the direction of the President and in consultation with other YAF team members.. Ensure that regular performance evaluations are held.. Maintain a climate which attracts, keeps, and motivates a staff of top quality people.. In financial management, the Director will:.. Be responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices.. Work with Young America's Foundation's finance and development teams in preparing an annual budget; see that the program operates within budget guidelines.. Develop and write relevant proposals and evaluation reports and participate in meetings with key funding sources when appropriate.. The candidate should have a passion for advancing the free enterprise system among young people and be comfortable working in an environment that promotes traditional values and a strong national defense.. The candidate must also show ability to take primary responsibility and initiative for several projects and complete them in a timely manner.. Position Qualifications.. A minimum of:.. Bachelor degree from an accredited college or university.. At least five (5) years of experience in a related field.. Minimum of two (2) years of supervisory experience.. Excellent communication and presentation skills to include:.. Ability to discuss strategic and financial issues.. Exceptional interpersonal relationship skills.. Ability to write and deliver engaging reports on the progress of the Center for supporters, the Board, and management.. 4.. Excellent managerial skills and knowledge of the market.. Salary will be based on experience and previous salary history.. Send cover letter, resume outlining the requirements, professional references, salary history, and a writing sample (encouraged but not required) to both*:.. Ron Robinson, President.. Young America's Foundation.. 110 Elden Street, Suite A.. Herndon, Virginia 20170.. rrobinson@yaf.. 800-USA-1776.. Jessica Jensen, Assistant to the President.. jjensen@yaf.. 800-USA-1776.. *Incomplete applications (i.. e.. those suggesting references upon request) will.. not.. be considered.. Position:.. Director, Alumni Relations,.. Young America’s Foundation.. The director of alumni relations will manage and oversee the Foundation’s extensive alumni network.. The director is responsible for the planning and implementation of programs that strategically engage Foundation alumni and keep them up-to-date on the Foundation’s programs nationwide.. The director will report to the president of Young America’s Foundation and work in close collaboration with team members at Young America’s Foundation’s National Headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, as well as with those at the Reagan Ranch Center (Santa Barbara, California) and National Journalism Center (Washington, D.. ).. The ideal candidate will have had previous involvement with Young America’s Foundation and/or Young Americans for Freedom.. Other important qualifications include: team-player, ability to manage multiple projects, able to take direction and at the same time work independently.. Applicant  ...   "at-will" employment relationship.. Please submit resume, references, salary history, and a cover letter to:.. Director of the Reagan Ranch Andrew Coffin at.. andrewc@reaganranch.. Development Officer, Young America's Foundation.. Mission:.. Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.. Reports To:.. Director of the Reagan Ranch.. Job Summary:.. The development officer is a member of the Young America’s Foundation’s Development Team which includes staff at the Foundation’s National Headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, at the Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, the National Journalism Center in Washington, D.. , and at the Foundation’s North Carolina office.. Young America’s Foundation has raised $125 million in the last decade, and we expect this staffer at the Reagan Ranch Center to add to this momentum.. The development officer will work in close collaboration with the director of the Reagan Ranch, the president of the Foundation, and the Foundation’s overall development team to achieve the fundraising goals of the organization.. The development officer will play a key role in identifying, cultivating, and soliciting annual, major, and capital gifts.. The centerpiece of Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch operation is President Ronald Reagan’s 688-acre ranch, Rancho del Cielo, which served as the “Western White House” during his Presidency.. The Reagan Ranch is complemented by the Foundation’s newly renovated, 22,000-square-foot Reagan Ranch Center located in downtown Santa Barbara which houses a conference center, classrooms, a theater, a library of conservative resources, an exhibit gallery, and the Reagan Ranch administrative offices.. Manage a portfolio of primary prospects in all aspects of the gift cycle:.. Initiate contact with current and potential major gift donors.. Develop appropriate cultivation strategies (home visits, Ranch visits, correspondence, event participation, etc.. Move donors in an appropriate and timely fashion toward solicitation.. Make solicitations when appropriate.. Provide high level of quality stewardship after the gift.. Report the status and progress of an assigned list of supporters.. Ensure that each Reagan Ranch visitor has a first-class experience to establish, or reinforce, the supporter’s lifelong support of Young America’s Foundation.. Ensure that a comprehensive and informative visit report is timely filed for all donor contacts.. Maximize the Foundation’s current and future support in Santa Barbara, in California, and throughout the country.. Work with the overall development team to ensure supporter events, including Rawhide Circle Retreats, President’s Club events, Reagan Ranch Roundtables, and other supporter events, reach the maximum financial potential for Young America’s Foundation.. Provide other Foundation development team with the support they will need from Santa Barbara for planned giving, direct mail, and other development needs.. Fulfill supporters’ recognition wishes of naming opportunities throughout the organization.. Ideal Experience:.. A minimum of three years professional fundraising experience in a sophisticated organization with a reputation for quality and excellence.. A successful track record of personally identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding individual donors and foundations.. Experience with developing and maintaining productive relationships with donors.. Understanding of and willingness to embrace the “moves management” system of donor-centered, relationship building fundraising.. A record of measurable results in organizing and implementing such activities as: major gifts, annual gifts, planned gifts, grant writing, foundation giving, and special events.. Ability to effectively gain the respect and support of various constituencies, including staff, donors, and members of the board.. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking.. Personal Qualities:.. Committed to and enthusiastic about Young America’s Foundation’s mission and programs.. Self motivated, resourceful, and flexible.. Ability to create excitement and energy around the Young America’s Foundation’s programs and encourage others to support the organization.. Ability to understand the needs and interests of donors in order to develop donor centered relationships between the donnor and the Foundation.. Persuasive, persistent, and determined in the pursuit of the organization’s fundraising goals.. Committed to ongoing education and training in the development fieldMust be willing to travel.. Compensation:.. Commensurate with experience.. Application:.. Director of Development Jason Barbour at.. jasonb@reaganranch.. National Journalism Center Internships.. The National Journalism Center seeks ambitious journalists and dedicated conservatives for its.. internship program.. Three times a year—spring, summer and fall—NJC provides an opportunity for students and recent graduates to get involved in combating liberal media bias through its press internships.. Internships are full-time positions, and in addition to on-the-job experience, interns participate in weekly seminars with prominent journalists and receive training from our experienced academic director.. If you want to help change the biased nature of today's media, apply today!.. More.. Young America's Foundation Internships.. Young America’s Foundation’s internship program provides useful and effective training for student leaders preparing for a career in the Conservative Movement.. Interns attend signature conferences and seminars, free of charge.. They hear from professors, Nobel Laureates, acclaimed authors, public policy analysts, and other dynamic speakers who help deepen their understanding of policy matters involving individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values..

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    Descriptive info: Foundation Literature Request.. *Name:.. *Email:.. Address:.. Address 2:.. City:.. State:.. Alabama.. Alaska.. APO/FPO.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. District of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Other.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Zip Code:.. Phone:.. Contact Pref.. :.. Phone.. *Are you a:.. --Select  ...   No, I am not a student.. If student, name of school:.. Expected Year of Graduation:.. *How did you hear about us:.. Print Advertisement.. Online Advertisement.. Facebook.. Twitter.. YouTube.. Other Website.. Another student.. Please send me the following information:.. General Information - Libertas.. College Conference Brochure.. High School Conference Brochure.. Reagan Ranch Program.. Legacy Giving Program.. National Journalism Center Program.. Comments:.. *Security Code:.. Please provide a valid code.. Using a Security code helps us reduce spam and protect against fraud.. Thank you.. * Indicates a required field..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - Financial Statements & 990
    Descriptive info: 2012 Audited Financial Statements.. 2011 Form 990.. 2011 Audited Financial Statements.. 2010 Form 990.. 2010 Audited Financial Statements.. 2009 Form 990.. 2009 Audited Financial Statements.. 2008 Form 990.. 2008 Audited Financial Statements.. 2007 Form 990.. 2007 Audited Financial Statements.. 2006 Form 990.. 2006 Audited Financial Statements.. 2005 Form 990.. 2005 Audited Financial Statements.. 2004 Form 990..

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  • Title: Young America's Foundation - FAQs
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. I am a student and would like to know how Young America's Foundation can help me promote conservatism?.. Do you have chapters on college campuses? If so, do I need to start a group in order to host a speaker at my school?.. What Foundation programs are available so I may learn more about conservative ideas?.. Can you recommend a conservative college?.. What is the National Journalism Center?.. I am a speaker and would like to be included in your campus lecture program.. How do I apply?.. Do you offer internships? If so, what do you look for from applicants, and when is the best time to apply for an intern position?.. Are you the former Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) organization?.. How can I donate to Young America's Foundation?.. How can I visit the Reagan Ranch?.. What is the different between the Reagan Ranch and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library?.. Young America's Foundation specializes in helping young people advance conservative ideas at their schools.. We can help you sponsor the stars of the Conservative Movement such as Ann Coulter, Ben Stein, George Allen, Michelle Malkin and many others.. Young America's Foundation has two resources that will provide you with the ideas and information you need to make a difference at your school.. The Conservative Guide to Campus Activism.. provides revolutionary ideas and information on how you can advance conservative ideas and challenge the leftist orthodoxy.. This guide gives you information on how to start and build a campus organization, effectively promote your organization and club, avoid activist traps, and debate and defeat your opponents.. The guide also includes exclusive advice from Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Bay Buchanan, Dinesh D'Souza, and many more!.. This Campus Conservative Battleplan publication provides you with specific ideas and activities that your group can organize throughout the school year.. For example, you will learn how to organize an American flag memorial in conjunction with the Foundation's.. , and how to organize activities supporting our troops as part of.. Freedom Week.. in November.. Finally, the Foundation team has decades of experience with campus activism.. If you ever need advice or have questions about anything related to promoting conservatism at your school, don't overlook contacting our team of experts.. Back To Top.. Young America's Foundation is not a chapter-based organization.. We are willing to help any student who wishes to promote conservative ideas and host a Foundation speaker.. If you are interested in becoming more closely involved with the Foundation, you can join our activist rewards program,.. Club 100 is the first and only program that awards you for promoting conservative ideas on campus.. offers two chapters on how to start and build a conservative student group.. Our team can give you unique advice and strategies on how to launch your group.. Young America's Foundation schedules many conferences throughout the year for both high school and college students to allow them to learn more about conservative ideas.. College students may attend our.. National Conservative Student Conference.. High school students can take advantage of the.. National High School Leadership Conference.. and the Reagan Ranch High School Conference.. Both high school and college students may attend our.. West Coast Leadership Conference.. held every fall in Santa Barbara, California.. Young America's Foundation's schedules numerous seminars at the Reagan Ranch Center which educate young people on conservative ideas.. Visit this site for updates.. We receive many requests each year to aid students and their parents in their college searches.. As a result, we launched the annual ".. Top  ...   course credit if possible.. Internships are available in the spring, summer, and fall.. Please.. visit this page.. for more information and applications.. The two groups are totally separate organizations.. They have separate Boards of Directors, separate offices, and separate staffs.. Young America's Foundation is an educational organization that sponsors speakers on campus and in the community, provides activist resources and materials, holds conferences and seminars, and saved the Reagan Ranch.. As a non-profit, educational foundation, it engages in non-partisan and non-political activities; all contributions are completely tax deductible.. Young Americans for Freedom, on the other hand, engages in more activist programs such as political training and programs and more partisan activities such as demonstrations and conventions.. As such, contributions to Young Americans for Freedom are not tax deductible.. Young America's Foundation's leadership includes individuals who were or are active in Young Americans for Freedom including one chairman and three national executive directors.. Advancing your conservative ideas through a gift to Young America's Foundation is simple and secure.. You can do so:.. ) By Check – Please make all checks payable to Young America's Foundation and mail to:.. F.. M.. Kirby Freedom Center.. 2.. ) By Credit Card – Young America's Foundation accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.. To make a gift by credit card,.. please click here to give a secure online donation.. or call us at 800-USA-1776.. 3.. ) Over the Phone – We gladly accept gifts over the phone.. If you are interested in making such a gift, please call 800-USA-1776 and a Foundation leader will be glad to assist you.. Click here for more information about supporting young conservatives and the Reagan Ranch.. Young America's Foundation saved the Reagan Ranch in 1998.. Our primary goal with the Ranch is to use it to inspire the next generation of conservative leaders for our country.. The Reagan Ranch is one component of the Foundation‘s broader mission to "ensure that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of limited government, free enterprise, a strong national defense, and traditional values.. " In addition to the many students who visit the Ranch through the Foundation's programs, Young America's Foundation also seeks to host as many leaders of the Conservative Movement, media, authors, and scholars as possible.. Supporters of Young America's Foundation are also invited to visit the Reagan Ranch.. Visits like this are normally reserved for our President's Club members.. You can become a member of President's Club by.. giving a tax deductible gift of $1,000 or more.. President's Club members also have their names engraved on.. Freedom Wall.. , which you will see during your Ranch visit.. For more information on visiting the Reagan Ranch, please complete this.. form.. What is the difference between the Reagan Ranch and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library?.. A.. ) The Reagan Ranch, located near Santa Barbara, California, is owned and operated by Young America's Foundation.. The Foundation is preserving the Ranch to ensure future generations understand and are inspired by Ronald Reagan's ideas and lasting accomplishments.. President Reagan owned the Ranch for 24 years until it was sold to the Foundation in 1998.. In total, Ronald Reagan spent 350 days of his presidency at Rancho del Cielo.. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, located in Simi Valley, California, is completely separate from the Reagan Ranch and Young America's Foundation.. The Library opened its doors in 1991, after President Reagan left office.. It is one of twelve presidential libraries directed by the National Archives and Records Administration..

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