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  • Title: YKON > NEWS
    Descriptive info: INTRO.. NEWS.. PROJECTS.. YKON GAME.. PIT.. MEMBERS.. CONTACT.. June 1, 2013.. Brioni Test Game Berlin.. After a first test-game in Helsinki we will try new elements of the game we currently develop for the Brion summit.. Testers are welcome, Theaterhaus Mitte in Berlin, from 3 to 7 pm.. May 30, 2013.. Summit of Practical Utopias has been launched.. The Summit of Practical Utopias has been announced.. The website is online from now on:.. www.. practicalutopias.. org.. October 25-28, 2012.. Mine - Yours - Ours in Rijeka / Croatia.. For the beloved Mine-Yours-Ours Festival in Rijeka YKON organized 3 different games; Utopian Bingo for locals, a classic YKON game for kids (while parents where playing BINGO) and one game for 20 performing arts organizers that were invading Rijeka before heading to a conference in Zagreb.. August 21-27, 2012.. News Transformation Agency.. YKON is involved in a new project that tries to translate global news into local news in order to make them more comprehensible.. It is called appropriately News Transformation Agency.. For more information visit the.. project website.. June 17, 2012.. Midsummer with YKON - Saturday June 23 in Hackney Wick.. Electra and SPACE present a great Midsummer event with YKON.. We will play a new version of the YKON game called Utopian Bingo (working title), there will be an exhibition of works by YKON, by Ulu Braun and by Tellervo Kalleinen/Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen.. The evening will continue with a tent-sauna, BBQ and a late night outdoor cinema, right at the canal at the White Building in Hackney Wick.. For further information.. click here.. May 7, 2012.. YKON to take part to SPACE program in London.. YKON will spent May until July in London in various constellations.. YKON will be hosted by the new international residency program Permacultures run by London based arts organisation SPACE.. A goal is to map current practical utopias related to London or the UK.. YKON will also develop a new dedicated website for the groups gaming activities.. April, 2012.. Games at Communikey Festival in Boulder/Colorado.. YKON joined a great rooster of artists at the communikey festival in Boulder / Colorado.. As the name of the festival suggests, it is a very relaxed, community oriented festival, with volunteers cooking for festival participants, laid back afternoon sessions and excessive dancing nights.. The rather optimisitc theme for the 2012 edition of the festival was MicroTopias.. It suggested to artists and festival attendees that we can create the world(s) that we want to live in.. As the organizers put it: MicroTopias can range from an instantaneous magic moment between individuals, to an orchestrated collaboration between hundreds.. Whether temporary or long-term, consciously created or spontaneous, these are the spaces that emancipate us from our self-imposed limitations.. Not out of the ordinary, but definitely extraordinary, MicroTopias are not one universal utopia, but rather small pockets of possible futures, built from creativity, play and chaos.. They are about giving ourselves the permission to create a multiplicity of topias that actualize an infinitude of possibility for dreams and dreamers to flourish.. In this context the YKON game provided a good tool to discuss a wide range of future scenarios.. In one fairly sophisticated scenario time was re-designed and modified into so called fuzzy time.. For the game the very positive mindset of the festival had a slight negative side-effect since nobody wanted to play the villain that would have challenged the altruistic mood.. We also gave a talk at the University of Colorade Arts Department on particpatory art practices (and the inherent pitfalls).. After the festival we made a short pilgrimage to the small town of EMPIRE in the Rocky Mountains.. Btw.. the local school (pictured above) is on sale.. We also visite the school in South Park, which is going to be demolished.. visit the communikey festival website.. February 3, 2012.. Formen der Beteiligung - YKON Game @ Shedhalle / Zurich.. Gemeinsames Spiel zur Finissage am Sonntag, 15.. April, 15-18 Uhr.. Macht mit bei diesem dynamischen, performativen, modularen, experimentellen, optimistischen, edukativen und utopischen Gemeinschaftsspiel! Basierend auf Buckminster Fullers World Game nimmt YKON die SpielerInnen in Zürich auf eine bizarre Reise, in der die Welt unwiderruflich und radikal verändert wird.. Das Spiel basiert auf einem simplen Gedankenexperiment: Stellt euch vor, die Welt kommt zu einem kompletten Stillstand.. Alles stoppt.. Kein Business as usual mehr.. Mit dieser eingefrorenen Welt kannst du und deine KollegInnen herumbasteln wie du willst.. Was willst du ändern? Wie überzeugst du die anderen, deinen Änderungsvorschlägen zu folgen? Und wie steht es mit den Konsequenzen? Für die Mitspieler bedeutet dieses Spiel eine existentieller Herausforderung: Sie müssen darüber nachdenken, welche Welt sie wirklich wollen.. (YKON).. Wo wurde das YKON Game schon gespielt? In Wien, London, Boulder, Split, Porto Alegre, Paris, Tallin, Athen, Berlin, Weimar, Rijeka, Reykjavik, Helsinki und jetzt endlich in Zuerich!.. ORT.. Verein Shedhalle.. Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 395.. Anmeldungen und Fragen an Michaela unter englert@shedhalle.. ch.. shedhalle.. March 19, 2012.. YKON at Splitinteraction - International Interaction Design Week.. In the context of the Interaction Design Workshop (Department of Visual Communications Design (DVK) Arts Academy, University of Split) YKON hosted a 1 week development event for participants across various disciplines to critically reflect upon, adapt and expand on Buckminster Fullers World Game and it's contemporary predecessor - the YKON Game.. After a series of micro-games particpants developed a game called Brain-Blender and a note-book with a handy focus shifting tool-kit.. It consisted of simple stenciled cards that focussed the attention; for example to poor design, or dog-poo.. January 19, 2012.. YKON plays Baltic Games at Brut / Vienna.. YKON invites people from Vienna join the YKON GAME, a beautifully bizarre journey collective attempt to alter the World.. Instead of solving the common problems that we are facing, The YKON GAME seeks to uncover the ideas that we haven t payed attention to yet ideas that are sometimes wonderful sometimes terrifying.. Other thoughts that could forever alter the world the way we live in it.. The YKON GAME is based on a simple thought experiment: Imagine that the world is brought to a complete halt.. Everything stops.. No more business as usual.. Everyone has to consider a new way for things to be.. With the world being frozen, you your fellow players can tinker with the world as you please.. What will you change? How do you convince others to go along with your changes? And what about the consequences?.. Through the 1960 s architect utopian thinker, Buckminster Fuller developed the World Game.. It was his master plan for our planet Earth.. A tool that would formulate a comprehensive design science approach to all the problems of the world.. Inspired by Fuller s vision we have taken its core ideas developed a contemporary, poetic YKONic version to provide a new perspective on the future of our world.. Ort: Kunstlerhaus Brut.. During Baltic Games.. Datum: THU 19.. 01 SAT 21.. 01.. 2012.. Start: 19.. 00-22.. 00.. Eintritt: 6.. Bring your friends, your colleagues, your aunt.. you do not need to be an expert: Everybody is welcome to change the world.. Info+Tickets:.. http://www.. brut-wien.. at/programm/detail/675/de/.. December 5, 2011.. It's the psychoeconomy, stupid!.. YKON participated in the 2011 Psychoeconomy Summit in Sevilla in December.. Together with 5 other delegates the current status of our psychoeconomy was discussed.. The three-day gathering resulted in a fresh declaration for our immediate future valid as of now.. You can download the declaration.. here.. September 12, 2011.. YKON takes part in Mercosul Bienial - Geopoetica, Porto Alegre.. Within the framework of the 8th Mercosul Biennale dedicated to the topic of Geopoetics , YKON presents two pieces, the YKON game and a new work The Flag Piece commissioned by the Biennale.. For The Flag Piece all the 204 Flags of UN-recognized countries where cut into their single color elements and symbols (Stars, Moons, Eagles.. ).. In collaboration with a local seamstress cooperative the elements were re-united into a giant single transnational flag (915 cm x 480 cm).. The flag is accompanied by a selection of international flag laws and stories about flag desecration.. YKON game was developed 2009 - inspired by Buckminster Fuller s World Game.. YKON GAME also nominated for the DMY Berlin Design Festival prize 2011 is a beautifully bizarre journey and collective attempt to alter the World.. Instead of solving the common problems that we are facing, The YKON GAME seeks to uncover the ideas that we haven t payed attention to yet ideas that are sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrifying other thoughts that could forever alter the world and the way we live in it.. YKON developed for the Mercosul Biennale a new version of the YKON-game.. The game will be played daily throughout the biennale in a special constructed geodesic dome.. About the Mercosul Bienal.. Entitled Essays on Geopoetics, the 8th edition is concerned with territoriality and its critical redefinition from an art standpoint.. It will bring together 105 artists from 31 countries that develop relevant works regarding the notions of country, nation, identity.. The exhibition has 7 parts, the main exhibition is held under the title Geopoetics, presenting works and artists that question the notion of nationality.. Another part of the biennial, entitled Travel Notebooks features artistic expeditions to nine regions of Rio Grande do Sul between April and August.. The 8 Mercosul Biennial will be open from September 10th to November 15th 2011.. bienalmercosul.. art.. br.. June 30, 2011.. YKON at 37 Manifestos in Berlin.. 37 MANIFESTOS - How to become collective in four easy lessons.. 10.. bis 21.. Juli 2011, Eröffnung 9.. Juli 2011.. Forum Factory, Besselstraße 13-14, Berlin.. Artists Anonymous, Berg26, Club Real, Edition Taube, FAMED, Familie Kartenrecht, Klub7+44flavours=MAUER51, ligna, Nos Restes, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT, Transidency, VIP, YKON, Zentrum für politische Schönheit.. Kuratiert von random relevance (Susanne Husse, Jana Sotzko und Komplizen).. Das Kollektiv ist zurück.. Geteiltes Wissen, gemeinsames Handeln, vernetztes Arbeiten, Selbstorganisation und Kollaboration haben Einzug in Kunst, Kultur, Wirtschaft und Politik gehalten.. Durch die weltweite Gründungswelle künstlerischer und kreativer Kollektive seit Mitte der 90er Jahre erfahren kollektive Arbeits- und Lebensformen wachsende Bedeutung.. Während Strategien der Kollaboration neue künstlerische Wirkungsfelder in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft eröffnen, lassen sich aktuelle Kollektivierungstendenzen auch als möglicher Gegenentwurf zu den gesellschaftlichen Mustern von Vereinzelung, Prekarität und Konkurrenz lesen.. Die Ausstellung 37 MANIFESTOS fragt nach gegenwärtigen Formen und Bedeutungen von Kollektivität in der Kunst.. Die Vorstellung von gemeinschaftlicher Produktion als Prozess zwischen utopischem Handeln und ökonomischer Notwendigkeit dient als Ausgangspunkt für vier miteinander verknüpfte Annäherungen einfache Lektionen in Kollektivität:.. 1 have an idea.. 2 invite others - share.. 3 form, storm, norm and perform.. 4 document - write a manifesto.. June 1, 2011.. YKON at DMY festival in Berlin.. The YKON GAME will be presented at this years.. DMY International Design Festival in Berlin.. and is nominated for the.. DMY Award.. : Das YKON Künstler-Kollektiv hat ein Spiel für ca.. 30 50 Teilnehmer entworfen, das darauf abzielt, globale Ideen zu entwickeln, die verborgen geblieben sind: mal wunderbare, mal erschreckende Gedanken, die das Leben für immer verändern könnten.. Open Helsinki: YKON Game Intro YKON Game.. YKON artist collective has created a world simulation game for up to 30 -50 players.. Day 1 and 2.. Every hour, you can enter the world, the attic of make believe, trough fragments, small teasers, of the YKON Game.. The full version of the YKON game will be played on the third day of DMY Festival, in a hitherto unknown location.. Instead of solving existing problems, the game seeks to uncover ideas that we re still missing sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying thoughts that could forever alter the world.. YKON Intro Thursday Friday 11:00-21:00 No registration needed.. YKON Game Saturday 13:00 18:00 Showroom 2.. Registration for the game: workshop@dmy-berlin.. com before 3.. 6.. max.. 30 participants.. December 6, 2010.. YKON in Brasil.. YKON prepares a new meeting of micronations in Brasil at an yet undisclosed location.. Updates will follow soon.. June 12, 2010.. YKON Game in Paris at Mal Au Pixel.. We invite you to play a game with us on the 20th june at Eof Galery from 14h to 19h.. The YKON Game is a world simulation game for up to 30 players.. It's based on a simple thought experiment: imagine that the world is brought to a complete halt.. With the world frozen, you and your fellow players can tinker with it as you please.. Through the 1960's, Buckminster Fuller was developing the World Game.. It was  ...   Game by Buckminster Fuller and Douglas Adams equally famous Restaurant at the End of the Universe.. This game will uncover the daring, breathtaking, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying thoughts that could forever alter the world, and the way we live in it.. Your thoughts: our world!.. The game was developed in a collaboration between YKON and Pekko Koskinen.. Welcome ! Bring your friends, your colleagues, your aunt.. you do not need to be an expert: evryone is welcome.. YKON TO INVESTIGATE THE CASE OF DR.. TSIRONIS.. YKON have been invited to look into the Dr.. Tsironis case.. On June 14.. 2009 a delegation from YKON will meet with representatives from the Errands group in order to decide on the initiation of an international investigation into the strange case of Dr Tsironis.. A special delegation from the state of NSK will also attend the meeting.. Dr.. Vasílis Tsirónis 1929-11/7 1978, was an interventionist voice that in 1978 declared his apartment in Athens an autonomous state: NNF (Neutrophile National Front).. On July 11 the same year the state was invaded by Greek police.. The head of state, Dr.. Tsironis, died during the attack.. Even though there are earlier records of attacks on micronations - such as Great Britains attack on The Kingdom of Sealand, and Swedens attack on the Remony of Ladonia - according to YKON s historical records this is the first time a citizen of a micronation has died during an attack from a foreign state.. 2nd Athens Biennale.. at Faliro.. January 31, 2009.. 2 - launched at HAPPY TOGETHER.. The world needs more then our love.. - Part 2.. Welcome to solve the world's problems.. All of them.. In one day.. YKON.. invites you to take part in the YKON Game Saturday, January 31.. RSVP info@ykon.. YKON will offer refreshments and drinks.. The YKON Game is a world simulation game for 12 to 25 players based on a simple thought experiment.. Imagine a world that is brought to a complete halt.. Only you and your fellow players can roam around freely and tinker with Spaceship Earth at your will.. Everything is possible.. What will you do? And what happens when the world is getting back into motion? You don't need to be an expert.. Just to take part is enough.. The YKON Game is a modern variation of the famous World Game developed by BUCKMINSTER FULLER in the 1960s.. Fuller's idea was to create a subversive tool to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.. The game was developed in a collaboration between YKON and Berlin based maverick artist.. Ulu Braun.. Saturday January 31, 2009 from 14:00-21:00.. Tallinn Art Hall.. Vabaduse Square 6.. Contact/RSVP.. +358-50-3036702.. November 20, 2008.. YKON Game v.. 1 - succesfully launched at Lens Politica 2008.. The first prototype of the YKON game was launched and tested during Lens Politcia in Helsinki.. 10 players joined the game workshop to test the different stages of the game.. The game is a thought experiment in which the world comes to a complete hold.. Players can tinker with Spaceship Earth for 6 years at their will.. According to each players preference they will develop a utopain, a pessimistic or a fantastic scenario for the world.. October 25, 2008.. YKON represents Antarctica at the World Fair of Helsinki Biennale.. This years Helsinki Biennale was organized as a secret World Fair in the cellars of Designmuseo.. YKON was happy to represent the Antarctic continent at the fair, since this territory is a hotbed of activities for micronations, Utopian tinkerers and other fictitious travellers.. The poster of the Biennale is a funny psychedelic.. world map.. for more information:.. helsinkibiennale.. April 4-6, 2008.. Future Game with Medard Gabel @ Taidehalli.. The world may need more than your love.. YKON invites you to take part in a Future Game facilitated by renowned.. Medard Gabel.. Saturday 5, April, 10.. 30-19.. YKON will offer lunch and drinks.. The Future Game is part of YKON's first exhibition in Finland at.. Taidehalli.. , 4.. 4.. -to 6.. The artist group will give an overview of its recent international activities.. Among the works included in the show are Recognize Me! Micronations recognize Taiwan produced for the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and M8-Singapore Summit of Micronation commissioned by the Singapore Biennial 2006.. THE FUTURE GAME is a fast-paced multimedia simulation for 10 to 200 players that places you in charge of the future.. The FutureGame - designed by BigPictureSmallWorld - is a modern variation of the famous WorldGame developed by.. Buckminster Fuller.. and Medard Gabel.. Fullers idea was to create a subversive tool to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.. MEDARD GABEL is the founder of.. BigPictureSmallWorld.. and the former Executive Director of the World Game Institute which he started with Buckminster Fuller.. He is also known as the founder of the Encyclopaedia of World Problems Global Recall.. In his work with Buckminster Fuller, he learned the power and utility of whole systems thinking, global perspectives and a good sense of humor.. Gabel is the author of six books on global energy and food problems and solutions, environmentally sound planning methods, the global impact of multi-national corporations, and global sustainable economic development.. He is for example auhtor of Global Inc.. - An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation.. YKON is an artist-run non-profit advocacy group for experimental countries and utopian thinkers.. YKON evolved from the Amorph!03 Festival Summit of Micronations produced by Artists' Association MUU.. The current members are Sasha Huber, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Petri Saarikko and Tomas Träskman.. FRIDAY 4.. 18:00-21:00.. - Opening of the exhibition.. - Q A with Medard Gabel.. - O-Samuli-A live @ the World.. - Panoramic Sketches from the Betterlands by Ulu Braun.. - World Karaoke.. - Karkkitehtuuri.. - Vodka Jelly Hernekeitto.. SATURDAY 5.. 10:30-19:30.. - Exhibition.. - Future Game (registration info@ykon.. - Lecture by Medard Gabel.. SUNDAY 6.. 12:00-17:00.. - 14:00 Guided Tour of the Exhibition with YKON.. - 15:00 Screening The Mouse that Roared (1959, with Peter Sellers).. Poster for.. download.. Please reserve your place for the Saturday Game event:.. Contact +358-50-3036702.. The Project is kindly supported by Taidehalli and.. KIASMA.. March 20, 2008.. BRIONI SUMMIT CALL FOR PARTICIPATION.. FOR THE BRIONI TOP SUMMIT OF MICRONATIONS (AND OTHER ANTI-ANTI-UTOPIANS) HELD ON THE BRIONI ISLAND IN CROATIA IN THE YEAR 2013, YKON IS NOW CALLING FOR IDEAS, PROPOSALS, PAPERS, DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST (OR INDEPENDENCE), SECRET MESSAGES, ARCHITECTURAL PLANS, GOOD PRACTICES, LOVE LETTERS, HISTORIC TREATISES, AND OTHER DOCUMENTS FROM THE FUTURE.. We call YOU: peaceful mediators, psychedelic facilitators, social inventors, alien helpers, micronational achievers, autonomous space-invaders, co-operative bolo bolos, stealth designers, commited magicians, pensioned spies, utopian world-champions, transnational citizens, optimistic panarchists, light-hearted architects, participatory economists, libertarian municipalists, non-aligned revolutionaries, cross-disciplinary tinkerers, innocent visionaries, communal transcendentalists, voting-system plumbers, footnotes of history.. and all those in search of the blueprints for the future.. WE INVITE YOU TO CREATE THE BRIONI SUMMIT OF MICRONATIONS TOGETHER WITH US!.. Download the Call for Participation.. January 29, 2008.. YKON at Conspire / Transmediale 2008.. In Transmediale 08, Festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, YKON joins forces with a number of cross-disciplinary tinkerers, utopian spelunkers, conspiratorial hoaxsters and stealth tacticians who question, subvert, undermine and bypass the unspoken rules, hidden codes of conduct and assumed truths entrenched within our information driven communication cultures and ideological belief structures.. The name of the exhibition, that focuses on the strategic notion of the conspiratorial act is CONSPIRE, and it is curated by Natasa Petresin-Bachelez.. link.. May 31, 2007.. The Future of Welfare.. YKON will have a short appearance at the open air campo event with the wonderful title: The Future of Welfare.. Campo di Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro, Venice.. On Saturday 9th of June, 2007 at 8 11 pm.. May 15, 2007.. YKON at the G8 Summit 2007.. YKON is invited to join ART GOES HEILIGENDAMM.. This project responds to the challenge of going to the places where the social movements are, in order to interact with the different participants.. The art interventions are intended to allow a permeability of action and perception between forms of presentation and representation in art and social movements.. The intention of the project is to bridge the gap between the perception of pros and cons, of black and white.. It is a matter of permeability and growth of the present.. Art works conceived during the former G8 summits have, until now, almost exclusively been shown within the art context.. May 10, 2007.. FRAMEWORKS issue 7 presents YKON.. In this special issue for the Nordic Pavilion Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2007 Frameworks puts nationality in context.. Framworks asks itself and the rest of the world a difficult question: could the Biennale grow into an antidote of uncontrollable globalization, turning into a sort of preserve that takes care of the positive aspects of national identities?.. April 28, 2007.. M8 YKON s cult video in Hongkong.. The festival, Le French May (19-28.. 05.. 2008), that is described as one of the most important art festivals in Hong Kong , celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.. YKON participates in the exhibition Our Voices with the film M8.. Don t miss the cult video M8 by YKON , says the organizers.. We say, WOW Thank You !.. April 18, 2007.. YKON at Palais de Tokyo.. On Wednesday 18th of April YKON will do a presentation followed by a screening of the film M8 in Palais de Tokyo.. This event is done in collaboration with the Pixelache Festival 2007 in Paris.. February 1, 2007.. YKON goes French!.. YKON present their works and operations in four different locations this spring.. Palais de Tokyo, the Finnish Institute in Paris, Main D Ouvre and Le French May in Hongkong, all host this artist group from Finland.. In one of the most prominent of art institutions in France, Palais de Tokyo, YKON, joins forces with a number of artists in the exhibition News from the upside Down (01.. 02-06.. 2007).. YKON joins Mal au Pixel.. In a new manifestation of their work, YKON, again in collaboration with the Pixelache Festival will present a Roadmap of their activities in the Finnish Institute in Paris in the exhibition YKON: Roadside Picnic in Paris.. At the same time the film M8 will be screened at Main D Ouvre.. December 6, 2006.. Dreamlands Burn in Budapest.. YKON presents a documentation of its current work at Dreamlands Burn at the Kunsthalle Budapest.. In this exhibition the organizers attempt to offer a contemporary reading of the complex artistic reality of Northern Europe with the help of various concepts nation, identity, statehood, personal versus public, the question of communities, etc , metaphors and thoughts, and their overlapping or parallel representations.. December 1, 2006.. YKON goes to Antarctica.. In Pist Protta Atlas, YKON presents its explorations on Antarctica.. Walking in the footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe, YKON does a mapping of micronations and other utopias on Antarctica, and inside the earth.. November 27, 2006.. Micronations recognize Taiwan!.. On November 27, the non-profit advocacy group YKON revealed that it has been secretly negotiating with a number of Microstates and Micronations on full recognition of the sovereignty and independence.. The proposals are being presented to the public at MOCA Taipei between December 2 and February 4, 2006.. Taiwanese citizens can also express their support for negotiations with the Group of Ten by signing a petition on display at MOCA.. [A BIG thank You from YKON to Manray Hsu and Maren Richter ].. September 3, 2006.. YKON at the IMF/ World Bank meetings in Suntex City.. M8, an installation created by YKON for the Singapore Biennale, looks at Singapore with reference to the utopias of the micronations.. What is the utopia reflected in and by Singapore? M8 - Summit of Micronations, Singapore, 2006.. YKON's film and installation present fragments from the M8 summit convened by the artists and hosted by Singapore.. February 3, 2006.. Sign Up! Travel with YKON.. Sign up for a Micronations Manifesting in Berlin -tour with the Micronation Travelling Agency.. The idea of the tours is to extend the topic of Micronations with the surroundings of the gallery space and to locate and to pin point related phenomena in Berlin.. Seats are limited!..

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  • Title: YKON
    Descriptive info: YKON.. is a non-profit advocacy group for unrepresented nations, experimental countries and utopian thinkers.. The disseminiation and production of knowledge on such fragile entities through co-operation between the arts and all other fields of study is a key interest of YKON.. Group fusion, curiosity about utopian fantasy productions, and interest in the emergence and drying-up of alternative architectures of society unite its membership..

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  • Title: YKON > PROJECTS
    Descriptive info: 1.. Summit of Micronations.. The 7th Amorph! performance art biennale hosted the first Summit of Micronations.. In August 2003 kings, presidents and representatives of self made countries met each other for the first time in Helsinki.. The Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of Elgaland Vargaland, Transnational Republic and State of Sabotage had agreed to join the summit.. more.. 2.. Micronations Travelling Agency, Berlin, 2006.. Philippe Laserre has pointed out that the phenomenon of micro-nations can be located between a joke and a serious vision of the future.. This is what Ykon intends to bring to light in their new project at Sparwasser HQ, as a contribution to the issues of Reality Addicts.. 3.. M8 - Summit of Micronations, Singapore, 2006.. YKON's film and installation present fragments from the M8 summit convened by the artists and hosted by Singapore during the Singapore Biennale.. Referencing the IMF/World Bank meetings in Suntex City, YKON convened a fictional summit of micronations the M8.. Micronations are small utopian communities of like-minded people operating within or outside the power structures of the world.. Micronations exist all around the world in various guises,  ...   and Micronations on full recognition of the sovereignty and independence of Taiwan.. Ten out of 35 countries said they would grant recognition, either unconditionally or after certain requirements are met.. The negotiations were held on behalf of an undisclosed Taiwan-based organisation.. This could be an important milestone on the road to Taiwan's re-entry to the United Nations, YKON spokesperson Tomas Träskman said.. We hope Taiwan will take this generous offer seriously and enter into formal negotiations with the Group of Ten.. 5.. YKON GAME(S) 2008-.. The focus of our work has been in game development during the last years.. Originally just looking for a different format for the Brioni Summit we discovered a potent toolbox for designing playful, participative, chaotic, surprising, emtional processes.. 6.. Brioni Summit 2013.. An important initiative of YKON is to organise a 2nd summit of Micronations in Brioni, Croatia.. The Brioni islands used to be Tito s summer residency where he met heads of states and were the non-aligned movement forged ahead.. The Summit has been renamed into Summit of Practical Utopias.. All details can be found on the recently launched Summit website:..

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    Descriptive info: The YKON Game is based on a simple thought experiment: Imagine that the world is brought to a complete halt.. With the world being frozen, you and your fellow players can tinker with the world as you please.. What will you change? How do you convince others to go along with your changes? And what about the consequences? In short: The YKON Game is a workshop, party and therapy session in one.. The immediate goal of The YKON Game is to function as a catalyst for utopian thinking.. Bridging art, design and education, the game seeks to uncover ideas and novel scenarios that have not yet been considered.. YKON / The YKON Game was born out of the legacy of the 2003.. Summit of Micronations.. , which took place in Helsinki at the Finlandia Hall.. The YKON Game was a response to the shortcomings of the traditional seminar models employed in the Summit.. The official character of these interactions which imitated the structure of a G8 Summit formed trenches between the discussing sides, created hierarchies and emphasized difference rather than shared concerns and approaches.. The YKON Game is inspired by the World Game, the most important invention of seminal architect and utopian thinker Buckminster Fuller.. The World Game was created as a subversion of so-called military War Games and as a proposal for an alternate system of pedagogy: a game, rather than a curriculum, as the main platform of learning.. It was intended as a tool to formulate competing, comprehensive design-science approaches to all the problems of the planet earth.. Fuller choose to call his vision a game because he wanted it seen as something that was accessible to everyone, not just the elite few in the power structure who thought they were running the show.. Fuller conceived the World Game in a time when electronic networks such as the Internet were not a daily reality.. Although he anticipated some of the later developments, Fullers World Game of the 1960s suffered from a lack of real-time data and image streams, global communications across borders and other digital tools.. We see it as YKON's task to merge Fullers analogue World Game with the opportunities and tools provided by the Internet and our digital age.. The long term goal of the project is to develop the game into a complete modular structure so it  ...   SIM Residency, Reykjavik, Island.. Lens Politica, Helsinki, Finland.. MINE YOURS OURS Festival, Rijeka, Croatia.. Subvision Art Festival, Hamburg, Germany.. FAQs.. IS THIS LIKE MONOPOLY?.. No, the YKON game is not like monopoly.. WHAT IS THE YKON GAME?.. The YKON Game is a beautifully bizarre journey and collective attempt to alter the World.. WHY WOULD ONE PLAY SUCH A GAME?.. The YKON Game, as many other reality games, can be seen as life plus: it presents life with the additional possibility of fiction.. A platform where one can test hypothetical scenarios, experiment with what it would be like to be different, or simply altering a dull situation.. By playing the YKON Game one can leave the Everyday temporarily behind and start playing with it, considering things outside ones own thought patterns.. A transcendental journey if you wish.. IS IT HARD TO PLAY?.. No, there are rules, fictional secenarios, future propositions and there is us.. We are already familiar with rules.. In our everyday life, we constantly follow all kinds of rules.. If we go to a café, we know how we should order and use the tables.. Moving outside the café, we follow traffic rules.. Then there is etiquette and traditions providing day-to-day manuals of how to conduct our lives and deal with problems.. Reality games use the constant presence of rules as their own basis: adding new rules to it.. Fictional scenarios work in a similar fashion.. We have no difficulty to play along a fire drill exercise.. Friendly YKONauts will guide you through the process and party with you.. WHEN AND WHERE CAN I PLAY IT NEXT?.. Whenever you please, just invite us! We re easy travelers, well-behaved, good company and have a great appetite.. In return we ll fill up your senses and take you along on an mind-expanding journey.. SO, THIS IS JUST A GAME?.. Game is a vital tool for engaging people in unconventional ways.. But we have also developed an intense workshop format including game mechanics and modules from The YKON Game to enhance your idea development and learn how to use these strategies for a critical approach to design and creating problem-solving tools.. If you want it less intense yet pleasingly participatory we can offer The YKON Game as an exhibition with individual interaction devices that subtly instigate a personal process for change towards a practical utopia..

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    Descriptive info: The PIT is YKON's temporary On/Off log book on issues, persons and events relevant to our mission.. http://ykon.. org/pit/.. Some YKON members are also posting in a dedicated group called Practical Utopias on facebook, allthough as a group we do not endorse facebook..

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  • Title: YKON > MEMBERS
    Descriptive info: YKON is a registered association.. Free form applications for membership can be submitted until the 1st of April every year.. Current members are:.. Tellervo Kalleinen.. Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen.. Pekko Koskinen.. Christina Kral.. Tomas Träskman.. Zeynep Falay-von Flittner..

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  • Title: YKON
    Descriptive info: Vartiosaari.. 00840 Helsinki.. Finland..

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    Descriptive info: The.. Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of Elgaland Vargaland, Transnational Republic and State of Sabotage had agreed to join the summit.. The opening ceremony of Amorph!03 took place on August 29 in Finlandia House, which hosted the legendary CSCE (aka KSZE) conference in 1975.. During the following days the micronations opened temporary embassies at Harakka  ...   histories, state of affairs and policies.. Some micronations accepted applications for citizenship.. During the festival the state representatives gave public lectures and hosted festivities.. On August 30, 2003, the State of Sabotage was declared accompanied by the unveiling of a monument designed by HR Giger.. Amorph!03 was produced by MUU ry.. Link to official website:.. muu.. fi/amorph03..

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    Descriptive info: Micronations Travelling Agency.. Local inhabitant visiting the Sabotagenplatz, Berlin 2006.. With a playful and infomative-documentary approach, they attempt to reveal political and social realities, which are inscribed in complex clusters like nations, nationalisms, authorities and the debates on democracy.. The name of the exhibition Micronation travelling agency is also reflecting the ongoing process of YKON, which sees  ...   multifunctional Micronation Travelling Agency for one week, which consists of documentation material, Micronations Selector Program, Reading Room and Travelling on a map of micronations.. You can also sign up for a Micronations Manifesting in Berlin -tour with the Micronation Travelling Agency.. Seats are limited!.. , Offensive für Offensive Kunst und Kommunikation Berlin, February 1.. - 7.. 2006..

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  • Title: YKON > PROJECTS > M8
    Descriptive info: M8 - Summit of Micronations.. Singapore City Hall, 2006.. The YKON group's projects are about micronations , utopian communities operating within or outside the power structures of the world.. Micronations are small alternative communities created and shared by like-minded people.. Micronations can exist as historical anomalies, as virtual entities or a combination of both.. As communities of discourse, they create utopian ideas, concepts and symbols as alternatives for established narratives of power.. M8, the installation created by YKON for the Biennale, looks at Singapore with reference to the utopias of the micronations.. What is the utopia reflected in and by Singapore?.. Principality of New Utopia.. M8 - Singapore City Hall,2006.. The works of the YKON group are situations rather than objects.. The key thing is their approach: people as social communities producing speech and ideas.. The group typically brings together different elements to create situations somewhere between serious and playful, even absurd sometimes.. M8 is an installation consisting of three elements depicting the  ...   of Micronations at the AMORPH!03 Biennale in 2003 was held in Helsinki, with invited representatives from six micronations.. Round table talks were held at Finlandia hall appropriating the site of the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) 30 years ago.. The YKON group has developed a number of working methods for its micronations project.. After background research, each individual project is linked to the specific place/community/society, and the idea of each micronation is given a visual identity.. In preparing the M8 project the group made an exploratory visit to Singapore in March 2006.. During the trip, the artists' attention was drawn to Singapore as an island state that produces perplexing economic and social models, a society informed by a belief in progress that might even be called a utopian economic religion.. M8 explores Singapore as a conference, a forum, a meeting place where utopias are negotiated.. Irmeli Kokko, Acting Curator.. FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.. CREDITS.. Singapore Biennale 2006.. M8 reader..

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