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  • Title: Shoah par balles - Yahad in Unum
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Yahad.. Leadership Team.. Board of Directors.. Executive Team.. About Father Patrick Desbois.. International commentary – Father Desbois.. Sponsors.. Scientific Committee.. Education.. Symposium.. 2010 education.. 2009 Education.. France presentations.. Awards and recognition.. Rabbinic Consultant.. News.. Newsletter.. Nº 35.. February 2013.. January 2013.. Archives.. Photo Archive.. Yahad In The News.. Video gallery.. Research Center.. Presentation.. Historical background.. Publications.. Reports.. Research Reports.. 2011 Yahad – In Unum Activities Report.. 2010 Yahad – In Unum Activities Report.. Video Gallery.. Belarus.. Vitebsk.. Grodno.. Brest.. Moldova.. Poland.. Romania.. Russia.. Smolensk.. Bryansk.. Pskov.. Rostov/Don.. Ukraine.. Iviv.. Zhytomyr.. Crimea.. Kherson.. Mykolaiv.. Ternopil.. Volyn.. Vinnytsia.. Rivné.. Khmelnytsky.. Dnipropetrovsk.. Tcherkassy.. Donetsk.. Registered Users Area.. Links.. Donate.. Contact.. Yahad – In Unum.. Yahad In Unum is the leading research  ...   president, Father Patrick Desbois.. While the atrocities of the concentration camps are well-known, this genocide perpetrated in the former Soviet Union against Jews, Roma and other victims of the Nazis and their allies.. Our Research.. Through its investigation, Yahad In Unum has discovered hundreds of mass graves of victims murdered in Eastern Europe and recorded the testimony of more than 3,000 witnesses.. Collecting the evidence, village by village, region by region and identifying the graves of the victims in order that they can be protected are vital to justice and the development of a modern society.. Father Patrick Desbois in conversation with Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything is illuminated.. Register Newsletter.. Please wait.. Interactive Map.. Yahad In Unum 2012.. ,..

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  • Title: Shoah par balles - Yahad in Unum
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  • Title: Bienvenidos a la portada
    Descriptive info: Bienvenidos a la portada.. About Yahad.. In 2004, Yahad In Unum was created to facilitate understanding and collaboration between Catholics and Jews.. Yahad In Unum is derived from the word unity in both Hebrew and Latin.. The founders of YIU were Cardinal -Jean Marie Lustiger, former archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Jean -Pierre Ricard, archbishop of Bordeaux, Rabbi Israel Singer, former President of the World Jewish Congress, Mr.. Serge Cwajgenbaum, secretary-general  ...   an ambitious, multi-year effort to systematically identify and document every single site of mass execution of Jews, Roma and other victims by the Nazis and their allies in Eastern Europe during World War II.. The objectives are to substantiate this Holocaust by bullets, to irrevocably refute the Holocaust deniers of today and tomorrow, to serve as a permanent warning to humanity of the dangers of genocide and to allow for the respectful remembrance of the fallen..

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  • Title: Leadership Team
    Descriptive info: Leadership Team.. BOARD OF DIRECTORS.. Father Patrick Desbois, President.. French Catholic Priest, advisor to the Vatican on the Jewish religion.. Richard Prasquier, Vice President.. President of CRIF (similar to the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in the U.. S.. ).. Francis Butel, Treasurer.. Chief Executive Officer of SPIE Nucleaire.. Michel Roux, Secretary.. Retired- Former Director of Human Resources and previously the Finance Department for Petroles Shell, a French subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell Group.. Seth Goldschlager, Director.. Publicis Consultant France.. EXECUTIVE TEAM.. Marco Gonzalez.. , Executive Director of Yahad In Unum.. , has been with the organization since its founding in 2004 when it was still little more than the individual initiative of Father Desbois.. Today, Marco is responsible for a team of 15 professionals working in the  ...   and major institutions to advance Yahad s research and education activities and represents Yahad before numerous public audiences.. A native of Guatemala, his early career experience included positions in the insurance and tourism and hospitality industries before beginning to work with Father Desbois through the French Bishops Conference (2002-2004).. Patrice Bensimon.. is.. Yahad s Research Director and a Team Leader on research investigations into Eastern Europe.. Patrice began his work with Yahad in 2006 as a translator, accompanying Father Desbois and research teams on field investigations.. With a degree from the Sorbonne in Slavic language, Patrice is fluent in French, English, Russian, Ukrainian and Yiddish.. He also holds a Masters degree in applied Geopolitics and is working on his doctoral thesis on Jewish memorial sites in post-Soviet Ukraine and Belarus..

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  • Title: Board of Directors
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Chief executive officer.. Public relations consultant..

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  • Title: Executive Team
    Descriptive info: Executive Team.. Executive Director of Yahad In Unum, has been with the organization since its founding in 2004 when it was still little more than the individual initiative of Father Desbois.. Patrice Bensimon.. Patrice began his work w.. ith Yahad in 2006 as a translator, a.. ccompanying Father Desbois and research teams on field investigations..

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  • Title: About Father Patrick Desbois
    Descriptive info: About Father Patrick Desbois.. Patrick Desbois is a Catholic priest and President of Yahad In Unum.. He also serves as director of the Episcopal Committee for Catholic-Judeo Relations, under the auspices of the French Conference of Bishops.. The grandson of a WWII French prisoner held in the Rawa Ruska camp on the Poland-Ukraine border, he began in 2004 to research the story of the Jewish, Roma and other victims murdered in Eastern Europe during WWII by the Nazi mobile killing units, the Einsatzgruppen.. Father Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism, and furthering relations between Catholic and Jews.. His work through Yahad has been recognized through numerous awards and commentary in France and internationally.. Youth.. Father Desbois was born in Chalon- sur-Saône, France, in 1955.. His childhood was greatly impacted by his grandfather, who, as a French soldier during World War II, had been imprisoned in the Ukrainian prison camp at Rawa Ruska.. His grandfather spoke little of what occurred there, saying only for others, it was worse.. For years, young Patrick did not know who these others were, or what their worse fate entailed.. His grandfather s experience remained obscure, until, at 12 years old, he found a library book about the Holocaust.. The book s pages revealed images of the genocide he had known only as a distant, painful family mystery.. One picture in particular finally gave meaning to his grandfather s words: a photograph of Jewish men and women in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.. The others were these Jews; their fate was worse because it was unimaginable.. From that day forward, Father Desbois saw Jewish history as inextricably tied to his  ...   the history of anti-Semitism.. He also worked closely with Dr.. Charles Favre, a leader in the French Jewish community.. Together, the two studied Jewish history, culture and religion.. Father Desbois work in Eastern Europe.. In 2002, Father Desbois traveled to the Ukraine, so he could finally see where his grandfather and the others had suffered.. What shocked Father Desbois was not what he saw, but what he did not see.. Father Desbois knew that 10,000 Jews had been killed there, but he saw no marking or memorial of any kind.. When he asked the town s mayor at the time where the Jews were buried, the mayor replied simply, We don t know anything about that.. Father Desbois began to ask questions.. He quickly learned that since the massacre, there had been little investigation into what had occurred and no proper documentation of it.. Yet, as Father Desbois further explored the town, he realized the massacre s presence had not entirely vanished: its imprint lived in the memories of its witnesses.. These witnesses, now aged, spoke little about the past, but it lurked over the village in marked silence.. A Mission.. In 2004, in an effort to lift this silence, Father Desbois helped create Yahad In Unum.. The organization funds missions by research teams to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Poland to interview those, who, like Patrick s grandfather, witnessed the ultimate evil.. In these interviews, witnesses can finally give voice to what they saw; Father Desbois listens with the sensitivity of a priest and probes with the curiosity of a detective.. His aim is and always has been to unleash the truth and the stories of those who perished..

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  • Title: International commentary – Father Desbois
    Descriptive info: International commentary – Father Desbois.. Commentary on the work of Yahad-In Unum and the book.. The Holocaust by Bullets, by Father Patrick Desbois.. The shroud that hung over what we knew of the first mass victims of the Holocaust remained, until the extraordinary work of Father Desbois opened a way forward he is restoring to hundreds of thousands of victims too long forgotten the humanity that the Nazis sought to strip from them.. The victims are not nameless corpses.. By restoring their memory, he is resurrecting our own humanity as well and denying victory to the perpetrators and to all who have sympathized or may yet sympathize with them All of us Christians and Jews, the victims whose memory he has retrieved and the eyewitnesses whose consciences he has relieved, Holocaust survivors and survivors of other genocides, people of good will of all faiths and in all countries owe him a debt of gratitude.. Paul Shapiro, Director, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).. Il est important de le dire d emblée.. Tout ce dont nous allons parler ne pourrait pas voir le jour sans le développement, ces dernières années, sur le terrain, en Ukraine et en Biélorussie, d une recherche novatrice, révolutionnaire même, menée par le Père Patrick Desbois et l équipe de Yahad-In Unum, concernant l histoire des fusillades massives de Juifs mises en œuvre par des unités de la SS, de la police allemande et des troupes auxiliaires de collaborateurs entre 1941 et 1944.. Edouard Husson, Maître de Conférences at the Sorbonne, Professor of History specializing  ...   He has done so despite the fact that many people would have preferred this story never to be uncovered and others doubted that it ever could be done.. His contribution to history and to human memory, as chronicled in this important book, is immeasurable.. Deborah E.. Lipstadt, Ph.. D.. author of History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier.. Director, Rabbi Donald A.. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies and Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies, Rabbi Donald A.. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies, Emory University.. His extraordinary four-year quest to document the country's mass executions has shattered decades of secrecy and denial.. TIME Magazine.. Father Patrick Desbois gives a horrifying account of dimensions of the Holocaust until now undocumented.. His Catholic faith, experiences of his own family, the support of the French bishops and the research capacities of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are enabling him to carry out a work of discovery, of healing and reconciliation.. This book is a striking contribution to Christian-Jewish relations.. We owe him a debt of enormous proportions.. Francis Cardinal George, O.. M.. I.. Archbishop of Chicago.. [Desbois] is a human bridge between the modern Jewish world and the Catholic Church and a major conduit through which the Holocaust will be remembered.. The Christian Science Monitor.. This modest Roman Catholic priest from Paris, without using much more than his calm voice and Roman collar, has shattered the silence surrounding a largely untold chapter of the Holocaust when Nazis killed 1.. 5 million Jews in Ukraine from 1941 to 1944.. The Chicago Tribune..

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  • Title: Sponsors
    Descriptive info: Sponsors.. Yahad In Unum gratefully acknowleges the generous support of the following organizations.. without whose assistance our work would not be possible:.. The Azrieli Foundation.. The David Berg Foundation.. The Russell Berrie Foundation.. Claims Conference - The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.. One World Boston, a Cummings Foundation affiliate..  ...   Foreing Office.. Fanya Gottesfeld Heller.. The Klarman Family Foundation.. Mairie de Paris (la mémoire et le monde combattant).. The Malkin Family.. With the encouragement of the Matanel Foundation.. The Pershing Square Foundation.. Edmond J.. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics.. Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.. Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc..

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  • Title: Scientific Committee
    Descriptive info: Scientific Committee.. Yahad In Unum opened the European Resource Center for Research and Learning about the Eastern Holocaust (CERRESE by its initials in French) on October 15, 2009 specialized in scientific research, records and archives regarding the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.. The work of Yahad s CERRESE is guided by a Scientific Committee, chaired by Professor Edouard Husson.. Composed of a number of the world s leading experts on the Holocaust, the Committee includes professors, historians and scholars from Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, the UK and the U.. who advise Yahad on its research and other initiatives.. Scientific Comittee of Yahad In Unum.. Édouard Husson.. (Professor at the Université de Picardie-Jules Verne, France).. Andreas Angrick.. (Researcher, Hamburger Stiftung zur Förderung von Wissenschaft undKultur).. Eli Barnavi.. (Scientific Director of the Musée de l Europe, Brussels).. Pierre-Jérôme Biscarat.. (Educational Activities, Maison d Izieu, France.. ).. Henar Corbi.. (Casa Sefarad Israel Madrid).. Jean-Marc  ...   at Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich).. Stéphane Simonnet.. (Coordinator of Educational Activities.. of the Mémorial de Caen, France).. Stéphane Grimaldi.. (Directeur of the Mémorial de Caën, France).. Paul Shapiro.. ;.. (Directeur of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM, USA).. Nicolas Werth.. (Researcher Directeur, Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent).. Michael Wildt.. (Professor, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany).. Jan T.. Gross.. (Princeton University).. Anatoli Podolsky.. (Centre Ukrainien d études sur la Shoah, Kiev).. Serge Klarsfeld.. Danielle Rozenberg.. (Researcher at CNRS, Paris - France).. Denis Peschanski.. Experts speak about the Scientific Committee.. Edouard Husson, Vice-Chancellor of the Paris Universities, France.. Paul Shapiro, Director of the Center for Advanced Studies, U.. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.. Wendy Lower, University LMU of Munich, Germany.. Professor Dieter Pohl, University of Klagenfurt, Austria.. Professor Aleksander Kruglov, University of Kharkov, Ukraine.. Stéphane Simonnet, coordinator of educational activities, Mémorial de Caën, France.. Geoffroy Lauby, Yahad In Unum research team leader, Paris..

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  • Title: Education
    Descriptive info: Education.. Throughout the year, Yahad In Unum engages in education outreach activities around the world to increase understanding of the history of the Holocaust by bullets and heighten awareness of the need to remain vigilant in preventing genocide.. Summary of 2012 activities.. Summary of 2011 activities.. Summary of 2010 activities.. Summary of 2009 activities.. France presentation..

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  • Archived pages: 521