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  • Title: Year of the Bat | Bat Conservation | United Nations Bat Convention
    Descriptive info: .. Afrikaans.. Bahasa Indonesia.. Bahasa Melayu.. Català.. Čeština.. Cymraeg.. Dansk.. Deutsch.. Eesti keel.. English.. Español.. Français.. Gaeilge.. Galego.. Hrvatski.. Íslenska.. Italiano.. Kiswahili.. Latviešu valoda.. Lietuvi kalba.. Magyar.. Malti.. Nederlands.. Norsk.. Polski.. Português.. Român.. Shqip.. Slovenčina.. Slovenski jezik.. Suomi.. Svenska.. Ti ng Vi t.. Türkçe.. Wikang Filipino.. Ελληνικ.. Translate.. Home.. About Year of the Bat.. All About Bats.. Events.. News Media.. Partners.. Get Involved.. Welcome to.. Year of the Bat 2011 - 2012.. The UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and The Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS) have joined together to celebrate the Year of the Bat.. "Save Bats to.. Save the Planet".. © Merlin D.. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, www.. batcon.. org.. The Campaign continues its journey!.. The Year of the Bat is a two year long global species awareness initiative undertaken by The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and The Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS).. View winners of the Photo Contest.. © Rollin Verlinde/Vilda.. Promotional Material.. Order the official  ...   some time and.. click here.. to find out more about these amazing creatures.. The second webcast takes place at the.. Bracken Bat Cave.. , San Antonio, Texas, USA on.. 18 September 2012.. and is streamed live from.. 19-20.. 30 hrs Eastern Time (GMT-4hrs).. For more information on the event.. The world’s only flying mammals are exceptional, delightful, fascinating and likeable.. Bats may be mysterious and misunderstood, but the earth’s only flying mammals are essential to our global environment.. Discover how bats contribute to our rich biodiversity and well-being, through pollination, seed dispersal, insect control and other eco-services in rainforests, woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, deserts and cities.. Sign Up.. Want to know more about Year of the Bat or connect with bat conservation activities near you?.. Sign up for our.. newsletter.. – a great resource for every bat enthusiast!.. more info.. Upcoming Events.. Coming soon.. ambassador’s message.. photo contest winners.. contact us.. follow us on.. Facebook.. Contact: Year of the Bat.. c/o UNEP/CMS, United Nations Campus, Hermann-Ehlers-Str.. 10, 53113 Bonn, Germany, yearofthebat@cms.. int.. Created using.. it'seeze website design..

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  • Title: about the year of the bat
    Descriptive info: ambassadors.. resources.. resources from YOB participants and partners.. About Year of the Bat.. This web site is dedicated to the Bat -.. the "incredibly fascinating, delightfully likeable masters of our night skies.. ".. Dr.. Merlin Tuttle.. org.. Ambassador's Message.. Statement by Dr.. Merlin Tuttle regarding Year of the Bat Celebration.. I’m delighted to serve as Honorary Ambassador for the 2011-2012 Year of the Bat campaign and wish the very best of success to all who participate.. Education regarding the essential roles of bats in maintaining healthy ecosystems and human economies has never been more important.. Bats are found nearly everywhere and approximately 1,200 species account for almost a quarter of all mammals.. Nevertheless, in recent decades their populations have declined alarmingly.. Many are now endangered, though they provide invaluable services that we cannot afford to lose.. Simply because they are active only at night and difficult to observe and understand, bats rank among our planet’s most misunderstood and intensely persecuted mammals.. Those that eat insects are primary predators of the vast numbers that fly at night, including ones that cost  ...   the lungs and rain makers of our planet.. Many of the plants which depend on such bats are additionally of great economic value, their products ranging from timber and tequila to fruits, spices, nuts and even natural pesticides.. Scary media stories notwithstanding, bats are remarkably safe allies.. Where I live, in Austin, Texas, 1.. 5 million bats live in crevices beneath a single downtown bridge.. When they began moving in, public health officials warned that they were diseased and dangerous--potential attackers of humans.. Yet, through Bat Conservation International, we educated people to simply not handle them, and 30 years later, not a single person has been attacked or contracted a disease.. Fear has been replaced by love as these bats catch 15 metric tons of insects nightly and attract 12 million tourist dollars each summer.. It is now well demonstrated that people and bats can share even our cities at great mutual benefit.. As we will show through varied Year of the Bat activities, bats are much more than essential.. They’re incredibly fascinating, delightfully likeable masters of our night skies..

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  • Title: all about bats
    Descriptive info: facts vs.. myths.. bats and biodiversity.. bats and science.. threats to bats.. All about Bats at one Glance!.. “Bats have always been in my thoughts.. No matter where I am in the world, whenever I see a bat I feel safe, as they are the same as I am: a mammal, but one better, with the ability to fly.. Man, I wish to fly like a bat.. ”.. Maaliq Mitchell, Cairo, Egypt.. All about Bats.. Discover everything there is to know about your favourite winged mammal!.. B.. ats are the only flying mammals.. Like all mammals, they suckle their young until they are fit and ready to forage for themselves.. They have a thin, elastic wing membrane between their fingers and legs that gives them the acrobatic flight capacity.. The scientific name for their wings is Chiroptera which translates to ‘hand wing’.. Such a ‘hand wing’ allows better maneuverability in flight and thus allows bats to be such remarkable flying mammals.. There are more than 1.. 000 bat species around the world, who can be found in every continent except Antarctica.. Lending from their unique wing morphology, bats are classified as either Mega-bats Megachiroptera or Micro-bats Microchiroptera.. Mega-bats are tropical and ‘Old World’ bat species from Africa, Asia and Australia.. They have large wingspans and bodies just like the Golden-Crowned Flying Fox with a 1.. 5 meter wingspan and weighing up to 1.. 2 kilograms.. Mega-bats have fox like faces with long noses, large eyes and/or small ears.. Micro-bats on the other hand, have smaller wingspan and bodies and can be found worldwide.. Unlike Mega-bats, they have diverse and distinct facial features.. Differences between the two classification also extends to their diet with Mega-bats primarily feeding on fruit, flowers and nectar and Micro-bats feeding primarily on insects and other broad and other diverse items.. Bats (except most fruit bats) orientate and hunt by means of a highly sophisticated system of echolocation, emitting high-frequency calls that beyond the range of the human ear.. Most fruit bats, such as the Grey headed flying-fox, have larger eyes and a sharp sense of smell as they find food by sight and smell.. Echolocation helps bats avoid collisions and help locate their prey as calls bounce  ...   abandon their young if this happens.. Babies are suckled by their mothers till they are old enough to fly and they begin to venture out from the roost to forage for food.. Habitat.. • Bats are numerous in the tropics; Indonesia with 175 species, Venezuela with 154 species and Mexico with 137 species.. Central and South America are home to almost one third of the world’s bats.. • Many bat species that occur on islands are found nowhere else in the world and in some places bats are the only native mammals.. • Caves provide shelter for bats.. In temperate areas, bats use caves as breeding sites in summer and hibernation sites in winter.. Although bats don’t need to hibernate in the tropics, caves are still important.. Diet.. • Most bats eat insects, some feed on pollen and nectar whilst others eat fruit.. Few are highly specialized and feed on fish, frogs and even on other bats.. • Some fruit feeding bats feed on fruits of commercial importance to humans.. However they are important for seed dispersal.. Eco-System Services.. • Bats are important pollinators in the tropical forests where some plants flower only at night to attract bats.. • Chewing gum, tequila and sisal are three products of many which come from plants that at least partly rely on bats for pollination or seed dispersal.. • They help control pests as some bats eat half their weight in insects in one night.. Simply fascinating.. • Bats can be as large as a small dog or as small as a bumblebee.. Largest – flying foxes with wingspan of up to 2 metres and weigh 1.. 5 kilograms and bumblebee bat weighing 2 grams.. • Bats are the only group of mammals to exhibit true flight.. • Bats are often clean animals and spent hours grooming.. • Bats are not likely to attack people or pets.. Vampire Bats.. • Vampire bats are small – 7cm to 9cm and take approximately a tablespoon of blood each night.. • Vampire bats are colony orientated with caring for those who cannot feed by regurgitating blood they have collected.. • Stroke victims are said to benefit from studies of a clot-dissolving substance in the vampire bats’ saliva..

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  • Title: events
    Descriptive info: Events round-up.. Registration of YOB events.. Search.. Events.. Find a bat event near you!.. Celebrate nature by watching an.. evening bat flight or get involved.. directly with your local bat group.. and be part of fascinating bat workshops.. and seminars.. © Vilda.. Register Your Event 2012.. Search 2012.. Events Round-up..

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  • Title: news, media and events
    Descriptive info: campaign press releases.. Newsletters.. Bats in the News.. Discover the latest happenings in the bat-world here!.. Find interesting links to the public platforms of the campaign and get involved!.. Brown long eared (© Hugh Clark / Bat Conservation Trust).. Why 2012 was the Year of the Bat,.. Moody Gardens Blog, 24 January 2013.. Wildlife experts fight to save bats from deadly fungus,.. NBC News Today, 28 December 2012.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Batting for bats,.. The Hindu, 7 November 2012.. Going Batty about Bats,.. Onislam, 6 November 2012.. 400 variedades de plantas dependen de los murciélagos,.. opinion.. com.. bo, 28 de octubre de 2012.. Bat-friendly fences for Australia,.. Volume 10 Number 10, Bat Conservation International, October 2012.. Bats in the Backyard,.. Bats in the News - Sexy Bats,.. Volume 10, Number 10.. ,.. Bat Conservation International, October 2012.. African Bat Biodiversity Project,.. National Geographic, October 2012.. AGFH news, 5th edition,.. Nabu, October 2012.. JULY | AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2012.. Lunar phobic bats dodge the moonlight,.. BBC Nature Online, 1 October 2012.. Geoffroy's bat discovered in UK for first time,.. BBC News Sussex Online, 14 September 2012.. Human echolocation: Using tongue-clicks to navigate the world.. , BBC News, World Service, 12 September 2012.. Queensland farmers allowed to shoot flying foxes from today,.. The Daily Telegraph Australia, 7 September 2012.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. 2011-2012: Year of the Bat.. ,.. The Disease Daily, 28 August 2012.. Bats threatened by climate change.. , BBC Nature News, 24 August 2012.. Bats? Olympic Park Hopes for Ecological Legacy.. ABC News, 12 August 2012.. Why Bats Are So Misunderstood,.. Time Ideas - Science, 10 August 2012.. Platzgefahr in der Nähe von Windrädern,.. Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung Online, 9 August 2012.. Free online tool helps identify bat calls.. , BBC NEWS ONLINE Science Environment, 7 August 2012.. Fledermäusen auf der Spur,.. Dorstener Zeitung, 29 July 2012.. Fliegen und Fledermäuse - Wenn Sex lebensgefährlich ist,.. Spiegel Online, 23 July 2012.. Bats and smartphones: will 'bat walks' make us love them?,.. BBC News Science Environment, 13 July 2012.. Commonwealth starts on the disastrous road of divesting itself of national environmental responsibility.. , Humane Society.. International Media Release, 12 July 2012.. El sonido de la naturaleza,.. El Mundo, 6 July 2012.. Fledermäuse: In Deutschland geschützt, in Südamerika gejagt.. , Fraunhofer forschungs-blog.. de, 9 July 2012.. APRIL | MAY| JUNE 2012.. Culling bats does not halt rabies, says report,.. BBC Online, 13 June 2012.. Sydney tries to evict troublesome fruit bats with aural onslaught,.. The Independent, UK, 6 June 2012.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. US bats on 'extinction watch'.. BBC Nature, 31 May 2012.. White-nose Syndrome Confirmed in Federally Endangered Gray Bats,.. USFWS News Release, 29 May 2012.. Bat experts gather in Dublin Castle to discuss `hot topics`.. , The Journal.. ie, 15 May 2012.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Eventos no.. 11 Newsletter.. ICNB April 2012.. Britain's hibernating bats avoid deadly fungus killing their US cousins.. Guardian UK, 28 April 2012.. Echoes from South Dakota, South Dakota Bat Working Group,.. Volume 5 Issue 1, April 2012.. Im Club der Fledermaus-Freunde,.. Oberpfalznet.. z.. de, 11 April 2012.. Tödlicher Pilz stammt wohl aus Europa.. , Spiegel Online, 10 April 2012.. Study traces devastation of North American bats to Europe,.. The Guardian, 10 April 2012.. White-nose syndrome in bats continues to spread, BBC News.. , 10 April 2012.. Aux Etats-Unis, les chauves-souris continuent de mourir.. , Le Monde, 9 April 2012.. Heimat für nützliche Nachtschwärmer,.. Mittelbayerische.. de, 6 April 2012.. JANUARY | FEBRUARY | MARCH 2012.. Jäger der Nacht im ausführlichen Porträt.. Baden Online, 30 March 2012.. Warum nicht alle Fuechse rot sind.. , Taunus Zeitung, 13 March 2012.. Mit den Ohren sehen,.. LexiTV, MDR, 5.. March 2012.. Strange New Leaf Nosed Bat Found in Vietnam,.. National Geographic News, 24 February 2012.. Naturblatt 2012.. NABU Kreisverband Heinsberg, 16 February 2012.. ¿Cómo ves?, No.. 159, El Año del Murciélago,.. Revista de la Divulgación de la Ciencia de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1 febrero de 2012.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Jeremy Deller: 'I'm more interested in ideas than money', Why is the artist spending a week in a cave full of bats with just a large tub of nuts for company?.. The Guardian UK, 29 January 2012.. Bats find shelter in Israeli bunkers,.. BBC News, Science and Environment, 27 January 2012.. Stallone Action Movie Wakes Up Hibernating Bats.. Spiegel Online International, 23 January 2012.. News Release: North American bat death toll exceeds 5.. 5 million from white-nose syndrome.. U.. Fish Wildlife Services, 17 January 2012.. Spanish windfarms kill 6 to 18 million birds and bats a year.. , Canada Free Press, 12 January 2012.. OCTOBER | NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2011.. Short Snouts Gave Fruit Bats a Forceful Bite,.. LiveScience, 24 November 2011.. London 2012: 'Bat boxes' kept closed until after Games amid security fears.. , Mirror UK, 23 November 2011.. Two Local Girl Scouts Solve  ...   Are You Batty?,.. Ecology Global Network, 4 September 2011.. Vampire Bats Have Vein Sensors.. , National Geographic, 3 August 2011.. EUROBATS Announces Bat Conservation Initiative.. , Biodiversity Policy and Practice, 2 August 2011.. Newly found plant works with sonar to attract bats.. , Deutsche Welle, 29 July 2011.. Plant evolved a bat beckoning beacon,.. BBC Nature News, 29 July 2011.. Bats Take Flight From Texas Drought,.. ABC News Video, 27 July 2011.. Being batty about bats.. The Hindu Online, 25 July 2011.. CMS Bulletin: "Year of the Bat Rallies Support from Its Partners".. UNEP/EUROBATS, 19 July 2011.. Ministero Dell'Ambiente: Website page for the Year of the Bat.. Rare bats in the path of HS2 are nationally significant,.. Jo Hodgkins, Bernwood Forest Bechstein's Project, 15 July 2011.. Trees trimmed to stem Hendra visrus spread.. , The Sydney Morning Herald Online, 15 July 2011.. Bats should be moved, not killed: Enthsch.. , The Sydney Morning Herald Online, 14 July 2011.. Los buenos calumiados.. , Luis Aguirre, Oxígeno, July 2011.. The Bat Box Project Denmark.. , Kayleigh Fawcett, uploaded by Year of the Bat, July 2011.. APRIL | MAY | JUNE 2011.. Rare vagrant parti-coloured bat found in Scotland!.. , uploaded by Year of the Bat, 23 June 2011.. Lauschiger Treffpunkt für Fledermäuse.. , Deutsche Welle, 8 May 2011.. El reino de los murciélagos, en el oeste de Alemania.. Fledermäuse meiden Regen.. , Spiegel Online, 4 May 2011.. Bat deaths could cost US economy billions: study.. , AFP, 1 April 2011.. JANUARY | F.. EBRUARY | MARCH 2011.. The Economic Cost of Losing Bats,.. Time Science Space, 31 March 2011.. Los fondos marinos y el estudio del murciélago, ganadores del premio de la Biodiversidad.. , El Pais, 30 March 2011.. Bats Keep Separate Households.. , redOrbit, 25 March 2011.. Wet summer boosts bat populations.. , ABC News, 09 March 2011 (article and audio).. A win for farmers and bats.. , The Land, 07 March 2011.. Bat Diet Forensics Aid Conservation.. , The Epoch Times, 05 March 2011.. Bridge bat colony draws crowds in Austin.. , Texas, BBC News, 04 March 2011 (video).. Fledermäuse machen fetteste Beute,.. Spiegel Online, 2 March 2011.. Wind farms and deadly skies.. , San Antonio Express News, 27 Feb 2011.. New disease threat to bat population.. , BBC News, 25 Feb 2011.. 'Aeroecology' uses radar to track flying animals.. , BBC News, 18 Feb 2011.. Huge Sydney bat colony to be evicted.. , The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Feb 2011.. Bats killed in North Shore back yards.. , North Shore Times, 17 Feb 2011.. Strange disease is killing Virginia's bats.. , Richmond Times - Dispatch, 17 Feb 2011.. Government accelerating the demise of flying foxes.. , Crikey, 15 Feb 2011.. New bill would give bucks for bat.. , Philadelphia Inquirer, 15 Feb 2011.. White-Nose Syndrome Bat Disease: An Unprecedented Epidemic.. , Huffington Post, 14 Feb 2011.. Bats like to hang around with their friends, too.. , Science on MSNBC.. com, 9 Feb 2011.. Fledermäuse pflegen ihre alten Freundschaften.. , Welt Online, 9 Feb 2011.. Gracias a los murciélagos.. Radio De Las Naciones Unidas, 7 Feb 2011.. Bats don't deserve bad rap.. Calgary Herald, 1 Feb 2011.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. International Year of Bats launched in Samal City.. , Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, 29 Jan 2011.. Live and let live.. , Financial Times, 21 Jan 2011.. From tequila to the 'tree of life', bats are nature's invaluable allies.. UNEP, 21 Jan 2011.. Bats as Invaluable Allies.. , TEEB, 20 Jan 2011.. Smokies details bat syndrome in new podcast.. , Knoxville News Sentinel, 20 Jan 2011.. European beavers construct ideal habitats for bats.. , BBC, 17 Jan 2011.. Crowded baby bat clinic a barometer for Australia's bad weather.. , Daily Mail Online, 7 Jan 2011.. Report on the Year of the Bat.. , Deutsche Welle, 7 Jan 2011 (audio).. 2011 marks the Year of the Bat.. , Deutsche Welle, 6 Jan 2011.. NEWS ARCHIVE.. Disease 'killed one million bats',.. BBC News, Science Environment, 6 August 2010.. 'Monastic' Malagasy bat mystifies experts,.. BBC Earth News, 13 July 2010.. Squirrel seen savaging fruit bat,.. BBC Earth News, 18 September 2009.. The bat that came out of the dark,.. BBC Earth News, 14 September 2009.. Intricate bat 'love songs' decoded,.. BBC Earth News, 26 August 2009.. When two bat tribes go to war,.. BBC Earth News, 10 June 2009.. Bats 'recognise others' voices',.. BBC News, 5 June 2009.. 'Nature's ghosts' caught on film,.. BBC Earth News, 3 June 2009.. Find.. even more articles, specifically on.. here!.. Newsletter.. find out about recent happenings in the bat-world in our Year of the Bat Cha.. t!.. Bat Blog.. NEW!.. check out our Year of the Bat blog.. !.. Join us on Facebook!.. discover the very latest news about bats and upcoming events every day!..

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  • Title: partners
    Descriptive info: Europe.. North America.. Latin America.. Asia Pacific.. Africa.. Sponsors Media Partners.. Global.. Founding Partners.. The Year of the Bat would like to thank our founding partners, whose generous cooperation has made the Year of the Bat campaign and this website possible.. © Vilda.. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system.. UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment.. To accomplish this, UNEP works with a wide range of partners, including United Nations entities, international organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society.. UNEP also hosts several environmental convention secretariats including the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Migratory Species and the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats.. www.. unep.. The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), also known as the Bonn Convention, works for the conservation of a wide array of endangered migratory animals worldwide through the negotiation and implementation of agreements and species action plans.. At present, 114 countries are parties to the convention.. cms.. int.. The Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS), a binding international treaty which came into force in 1994, presently numbers 32 European states among its Parties and counts 62 range states plus the European Union within its territory.. The Agreement was concluded under the auspices of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), which recognises that endangered migratory species can be properly protected only if activities are carried out over the entire migratory range of the species.. EUROBATS aims to protect all 53 species of bats identified in Europe, through legislation, education, conservation measures and international co-operation with Agreement members and with countries which have not yet joined.. eurobats.. The IUCN SSC Bat Specialist Group (BSG) is one of a number of specialist groups formed within the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of IUCN-The World Conservation Union (IUCN).. We are a collaborative multidisciplinary network of bat biologists and conservationists providing support and promoting bat conservation activities throughout the world.. batspecialistgroup.. Bat Conservation International (BCI) is devoted to conserving the  ...   spans monitoring, policy and advocacy, research and conservation action including running the National Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228, providing advice for all who come into contact with bats or have questions about them.. More information can be found on.. bats.. uk.. The French Society for the Study and Protection of Mammals is a network of volunteers working in partnership with other associations, government or scientific agencies with the aim to better understand and protect mammals and raise awareness among the general public of their diversity and their role in ecosystems.. sfepm.. BatLife Europe is an international non-governmental conservation organisation built from a partnership of national bat conservation organisations that are committed to promoting the conservation of all bat species and their habitats throughout Europe.. BatLife Europe is currently being registered as a charity in the UK.. The founding partners of BatLife Europe are the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), the Dutch Mammal Society (DMS) and Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), and we are working to expand the partnership to include many more European organisations.. batlife-europe.. info.. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is the umbrella organisation for the world zoo and aquarium community.. Its members include selected zoos and aquariums, and regional and national Associations of Zoos and Aquariums, as well as some affiliate organisations, such as zoo veterinarians or zoo educators, from all around the world.. waza.. Here.. are some contributions from WAZA Member Zoos to the Year of the Bat in different parts of the world!.. If your organization is interested to partner with Year of the Bat, please contact us at.. yearofthebat@eurobats.. Supporters.. The Year of the Bat warmly thanks our supporters for their participation in the campaign.. TUI.. TUI affiliated companies accept their responsibility and are committed to sustainable development and the protection of the environment and nature.. TUI will support the “Year of the Bat” by raising awareness among TUI customers of the importance of biodiversity, and in particular migratory species, for the well being of all people and future prosperity.. tui-group.. Credits.. The Year of the Bat gives special thanks to Bat Conservation International/Merlin Tuttle, Bat Conservation Trust and Vilda/Rollin Verlinde for kindly allowing us to use their photographs on this website..

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  • Title: get involved
    Descriptive info: bat quiz.. what you can do!.. Become a part of this exciting global experience.. and get involved in bat conservation today! There is more you can do than you think!.. Brown long eared bat (© John Altringham/Bat Conservation Trust).. Save Bats to Save the Planet - Join us!.. E.. veryone - from bat experts and academics to teachers, students and wildlife or nature enthusiasts – can help protect bats and their natural gifts to biodiversity on our planet.. Whether you are bewitched, bothered or bewildered by bats, now is your chance to discover that “bats are beautiful” by getting involved in bat conservation.. And if you have bat trouble in your home or neighbourhood, a bat organization near you can offer advice and teach you how to live “together with bats.. ”.. A single act for bats can make a difference.. Tell someone about the Year of the Bat campaign or recommend our website to a friend.. Join a bat conservation group near you.. Build a bat house.. Make your garden an enticing habitat for bats.. Go on a guided evening bat walk.. Or get your company or organization involved in conserving bats and their natural habitats.. Bats enhance our natural environment and even inspire us.. Some cultures consider bats sacred or symbols of longevity or happiness.. Help make the mysterious bat better understood.. Give something back to bats - today!.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. A great way of raising awareness on bats is by organizing an event!.. You can register your event on our website and if you do not have your own webpage you could use the link to make people aware of your activity.. Click here.. to enter your event details.. Alternatively, if you are interested in attending one of these happenings you could browse our YOB map or the YOB calendar to find a venue near you.. Enjoy the celebration of YOB 2012!.. Sign up for our YEAR OF THE BAT CHAT newsletter.. Enter your email address below to receive..  ...   Council Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.. Automatic collection of information.. As a general policy no personal information is automatically collected from users of this website.. Certain non-personal information, such as a user’s IP address, Internet service provider, operating system, browser type, domain names, access times, the length of user visits and user requests made during visits are collected.. This is used to enhance the online experience for users, to provide Year of the Bat with information such as the number of visitors and their broad demographics.. Collection of personal information.. Personal information, such as a user’s gender, age, country location and email address are gathered only where users provide such information voluntarily (for example, while subscribing to the news bulletin).. In such cases the information collected will be used only for the intended purpose (for example, sending information to users who have registered for a Year of the Bat newsletter).. Personal information collected is limited to what you have provided.. Subscription forms.. The Year of the Bat uses subscription forms for individuals to subscribe to email newsletters.. We collect your email address to provide you with the information that you request.. We may use your details to contact you with updates about new content on this website and our events and campaign activities.. However, you will always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving further information; see the "Unsubscribe/opt out" section below.. Your personal information (email address, gender, age, country of origin, etc.. ) that you give us is automatically stored in our servers and will not be sold, rented or revealed to any third party.. Unsubscribe/opt out.. We provide unsubscribe/opt-out opportunities for our Year of the Bat email newsletters that you choose to receive.. All email newsletters contain the information necessary for removal from the database.. Sharing information.. The Year of the Bat will not share, sell or rent your email addresses to outside third parties..

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  • Title: resoures
    Descriptive info: Order the official campaign resources (free of charge) for your next bat event!.. Order Year of the Bat Resources.. The campaign offers a series of different promotional material.. which can be ordered here free of charge.. When ordering please specify the language and quantities you would like.. Also please make sure to order soon enough if you need the material to arrive in time before a certain date.. Contact us for your request at.. yearofthebat@cms.. Flyer.. (Chinese only).. Poster.. (Double-sided).. Front:.. Brochure.. (folds, 8 pages).. Poster.. Back: French.. 4 Postcards.. Back: Spanish.. Logo Sticker.. (French only).. Back: German.. cd.. efgh.. Poster - Japanese.. (electronic copy only!).. These Year of the Bat Materials are available in different languages:.. Flyer:.. Chinese (Traditional  ...   formats please contact us at:.. ).. (electronic copy only).. Russian.. German.. Spanish.. Portuguese.. Year of the Bat Flyer.. is available to download in low resolution PDF files in all available languages:.. (For high resolution files please contact us at:.. French.. P.. ortuguese.. Italian.. Bulgarian.. Chinese.. (Traditional).. Chinese.. (Simplified).. Click on the image to see an enlarged preview, click on the language name to download the file.. Please note that the downloaded Year of the Bat logo and flyer, as well as all printed resources should be used solely to promote Year of the Bat events and activities or for educational purposes.. They are to be distributed free of charge.. If you have any questions about usage please contact us at..

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  • Title: Search results
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  • Title: ambassadors
    Descriptive info: Ambassadors.. The Year of the Bat is pleased to be working with our global Year of the Bat Ambassadors to promote bat conservation and education worldwide.. To read their biographies, please see below.. "Together with Bats".. North America.. Merlin Tuttle, Honorary Year of the Bat Ambassador.. Merlin Tuttle is an ecologist, award-winning wildlife photographer and leading conservationist who has studied bats and championed their preservation for more than 50 years.. He is known worldwide through his scientific discoveries, media appearances, popular articles and photographs.. Click here to read more.. Tuttle’s expositions include Harvard University and the British Museum, while his articles have been published in leading newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and National Geographic.. In 1982, Dr.. Tuttle founded Bat Conservation International (BCI), an organization devoted to research, education and conservation of bats.. Tuttle has received numerous awards for his scientific, photographic and conservation achievements.. In 1986, his research accomplishments were recognized through the Gerrit S.. Miller, Jr.. Award, the highest international honor conferred by colleagues in the field of chiropteran biology.. In 1991, he received The Society for Conservation Biology’s Distinguished Achievement Award, honouring the accomplishments of BCI.. In 1997, he received both the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Chuck Yeager Award and the Chevron/Times Mirror Magazine’s Conservation Award.. Tuttle also received the National Wildlife Federation’s prestigious National Conservation Achievement Award for 2001.. In 2002, The U.. Postal Service featured 4 of Tuttle’s photographs in a commemorative stamp series.. In 2007, Dr.. Tuttle received a US Congressional Award on behalf of the achievements of Bat Conservation International.. AWARDS, PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES SEMINARS.. Additionally, BCI has received 3 national awards for Dr.. Tuttle’s work on the Discover Bats! video and educator’s handbook on bats.. Tuttle has authored 50 research publications, the best selling popular book, America’s Neighborhood Bats and the Bat House Builder’s Handbook.. Tuttle has also given hundreds of major public lectures and research seminars, including at Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell Universities; the American Museum of Natural History, the British Museum, South Africa’s Durban Natural Science Museum and the Smithsonian Institution; Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, the US National Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo; and the National Geographic Society Headquarters.. Tuttle also gave the keynote address at the 2010 International Bat Research Conference held in the Czech Republic.. TELEVISION, RADIO AND FEATURE ARTICLES.. In 1984, Dr.. Tuttle’s conservation efforts were featured in the National Geographic Television special Merlin’s Bats.. In 1985, Tuttle’s research was featured in the BBC special The Bat That Cracked the Frog Code.. In 1990, the award-winning documentary The Secret World of Bats, spotlighting Tuttle and his conservation efforts, premiered on CBS television.. The Secret World of Bats has aired in more than 100 countries.. In 2006, Dr.. Tuttle’s lifelong conservation successes were featured in Merlin Tuttle, Guardian Angel of Bats, part of the “Heroes of Nature” television series in Europe.. Tuttle’s other TV appearances include ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight; NBC’s Today Show, Dateline, and David Letterman Show; CBS’s Evening News; PBS’s Charlie Rose Show; the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer, National Public Radio, Voice of America and other broadcast interviews worldwide.. Tuttle’s accomplishments have been featured in most of the world’s major newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic, Smithsonian, The New Yorker, Time, People, Reader’s Digest and Stern magazines; the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and Washington Post; the China Morning Post, Indonesian Times, Sydney Morning Herald and London Times.. WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHS.. Thousands of publications, exhibits and websites worldwide have featured Dr.. Tuttle’s photographs.. These include 5 National Geographic articles, more than a dozen National Geographic Society books and magazines, and inclusion in National Geographic’s “100 Best Pictures.. ” Tuttle’s photographs in the “Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats” traveling exhibit have helped educate more than 2 million people over a decade of touring in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.. Digital Photographer magazine also featured Tuttle’s work in its special issue — The best wildlife photographers of the world named by DP magazine in the year 2007.. Rodrigo A.. Medellín, Honorary Year of the Bat Ambassador.. Medellín has studied and worked on the ecology and conservation of mammals in Mexico for over 30 years.. After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Mexico, he obtained his Ph.. D.. from the University of Florida.. Working in diverse settings in the field from rainforests to deserts to montane forests, his approach includes community ecology, plant-animal interactions, population biology and, more recently, molecular ecology.. Medellín was head of the Mexican Government’s Wildlife Department in 1995-96 and continues to advise the government on wildlife issues.. He is a Senior Professor of Ecology at the Institute of Ecology, University of Mexico, where he was previously Department Head of Ecology and Biodiversity.. Professor Medellín has taught conservation biology and community ecology for over 20 years at the graduate and undergraduate levels.. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York and Andalusia International University in Spain, and Associate Researcher at the American Museum of Natural History and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.. Medellín has produced more than 140 publications,  ...   of chiropteran biology by the North American Society for Bat Research (Gerrit S.. Miller Award, 1995) and by the Mammal Society for his outstanding contribution in the fields of mammalian reproduction and ecology (Mammal Society Medal, 1996).. In 2008 BBC Wildlife named Racey as one of 50 “Conservation Heroes” and in 2009 Dr.. Racey received Bat Conservation Trust’s Lifetime Achievement Award.. ABBREVIATED CURRICULUM VITAE.. OF PAUL ADRIAN RACEY (dob 07.. 05.. 44).. Degrees, awards, honours, recognition.. BA 1965 MA (1968), PhD London (1972), DSc Aberdeen (1983).. FIBiol (1987) FZS (1990) FRSE (1992).. Gerrit S.. Miller Award (1995) for “recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the field of chiropteran biology”.. Mammal Society Medal (1996) for “outstanding contribution in the fields of mammalian reproduction and ecology”.. Named by BBC Wildlife as one of 50 “Conservation Heroes” (2008).. Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bat Conservation Trust (2009).. Current Appointments.. 2009 - Regius Professor of Natural History (Emeritus), University of Aberdeen.. 2007 - 2014 Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Exeter in Cornwall.. 2010 - 2011 Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship.. Conservation NGOs.. Madagasikara Voakajy.. 2005 : Co-Founder, and member, General Assembly.. Fauna and Flora International.. 1990 - : Council (Vice Chairman: 2006 - ).. 1993 - : Executive Committee.. IUCN Species Survival Commission.. 1986 - : Chair, then Joint Chair, Bat Specialist Group.. The Mammals Trust, UK.. 2000 - : Grants Panel.. Bat Conservation Trust.. 2001 - : Science and Conservation Advisor.. Bat Conservation International.. 2010 - : Scientific Advisory Board.. The Lubee Bat Conservancy, Florida.. 1991 - : Scientific Advisory Board.. 1995 - : Steering Committee.. Chiroptera Conservation and Information Network for South Asia.. 2000 - : Facilitator of workshops on how to study bats (Kerala, India; Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal, Bhutan).. Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation, Nepal.. 2009 - : Advisor.. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS.. Books.. Fleming, T.. H.. and Racey, P.. A.. Eds.. (2009).. Island Bats – Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, Chicago University Press.. 549pp.. A.. M.. Hutson, S.. P.. Mickleburgh P.. Racey (2001).. Microchiropteran Bats – Global Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan.. IUCN, Gland.. 258pp.. T.. Kunz P.. Racey.. Eds.. (1998) Bat Biology and Conservation (1998).. Smithsonian Institution Press 365pp.. (Wildlife Society of America – Wildlife Publications Award – Outstanding Edited Book.. ).. Mickleburgh, S, Hutson, A.. Racey, P.. (1992) Old World Fruit Bats – an Action Plan for their Conservation.. Recent invited reviews, chapters in books, contributions to symposia and conferences.. Haysom, K.. , Jones, G.. , Merrett, D.. Racey P.. (2010) Bats pp 259-280 in Silent Summer –the state wildlife in Britain and Ireland.. Ed.. N.. Maclean.. CUP.. , Goodman, S.. Jenkins, R.. K.. B.. The ecology and conservation of Malagasy Bats in T.. pp369-404 eds: Island Bats – Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, Chicago University Press, Chicago.. 549pp.. Fleming,T.. (2009) An introduction to Island bats.. Pp 1-14 in T.. Fleming P.. Island Bats -Evolution, Ecology and Conservation.. Chicago University Press, Chicago.. Reproductive Assessment in Bats.. pp 249-264 In Behavioural and Ecological Methods for the Study of Bats.. 2nd Edition Eds.. Kunz S.. Parsons.. Johns Hopkins University Press.. Baltimore.. A.. (2009) Status, threats and conservation successes.. Introduction to Special Issue on Bats.. Endangered Species Research 8:1-3.. Recent refereed research papers (published and in press).. Christoph F.. J.. Meyer, Ludmilla M.. S.. Aguiar, Luis F.. Aguirre1, Julio Baumgarten, Frank M.. Clarke, Jean-François Cosson, Sergio Estrada Villegas, Jakob Fahr, Deborah Faria, Neil Furey, Mickaël Henry, Robert Hodgkison, Richard K.. Jenkins, Kirsten.. Jung, Tigga Kingston, Thomas H.. Kunz, M.. Cristina MacSwiney Gonzalez, Isabel Moya, Jean-Marc Pons, Paul A.. Racey, Katja Rex, Erica M.. Sampaio, Kathryn E.. Stoner, Christian C.. Voigt, Dietrich von Staden, Christa D.. Weise Elisabeth K.. V.. Kalko.. (in press) Long-term monitoring of tropical bats for anthropogenic impact assessment: gauging the statistical power to detect population change.. Biological Conservation.. Randrianandrianina, F.. , Racey, P.. (2010) Hunting and consumption of mammals and birds by people in urban areas of western Madagascar.. Oryx.. 44: 411-415.. Yuan, L-Y, Chen, J.. , Lin, B.. Zhang, Z.. (in press) Differential expression and functional constraint of PRL-2 in hibernating bats.. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology.. Srinivasulu, C.. , Racey, P A.. Mistry, S (2010) A key to the bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) of South Asia.. Journal of Threatened Taxa 12:1001-1076.. He, G.. , He, B.. A, Cui, J.. (2010) Positive selection of the bat Interferon alpha gene family.. Biochem Genet.. DOI 10.. 1007/s10528-010-9365-9.. Pio, D.. , Clarke, F.. , Mackie, I.. (2010) Echolocation calls of the bats of Trinidad, West Indies: is guild membership reflected in echolocation signal design.. Acta Chiropterologica.. 12: 217-229.. Riskin, D.. (2010) Madagascar’s sucker-footed not does not suck: attachment and detachment on a smooth surface by Myzopoda aurita.. Biol.. Linn.. Soc.. 99: 233-240.. Wang, Z.. , Han, N-J.. Zhang, S-Y.. (2010) A comparative study of prenatal development in Miniopterus fuliginosus, Hipposideros armiger and H.. pratti.. BMC Developmental Biology 10:10 on line.. Ruczynski, I.. , Nicholls,B.. , Macleod, C.. (2010) Selection of roosting habitats by Nyctalus noctula and N.. leisleri in Bialowieza Forest – adaptive responses to forest management.. Forest Ecology and Management.. 259:1633-1641.. Furey, N.. J.. (2010) Bat biodiversity in Vietnamese karst: the implication of forest degradation.. Biodiversity and Conservation 19:1821-1838..

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  • Title: resources from YOB participants
    Descriptive info: Info Material.. Produced by the.. YOB participants.. Profit from the contribution of.. bat lovers all over the world, who have created this lovely information colleection on bats!.. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International,.. Bolivian Bat Education Series.. Programa para la Conservación de los Murciélagos de Bolivia (PCMB) - Aliados nocturnos.. Part 1.. Introduction to bats/ Generalidades.. Part 2.. Threats to bats/ Amenazas.. Part 3.. Bat Conservation/ Conservación.. EUROBATS' International Bat Night.. Traditionally held on the last weekend of August since 1997, the Bat Night is an annual event celebrated all across Europe.. Bat walks and lectures, children’s games and contests, exhibitions and many other events are organised by Nature Conservation Agencies, NGOs and volunteers and target the general public.. Event organisers are invited to not only share their announcements and event reports on the EUROBATS website, but also order the newly available “International Bat Night” poster in A2 and A3 formats from the EUROBATS Secretariat.. Organisers are further encouraged to conduct events throughout the whole year and visit the.. EUROBATS.. website for event activities.. New Zealand's Project Echo - Fact sheet.. October 2012.. Bat Conservation International is excited and ready to help all who wish to celebrate the Year of the Bat.. Whether you are a large, nonprofit organization creating an exhibit, a schoolteacher planning a class celebration, a nature center wishing to highlight the importance of bats, or a Scout troop focused on families and neighborhoods, they have the resources to help you make the most of your event.. to see what they have on offer.. This Poster is available on request.. Please contact.. BCI.. directly to receive an info pack.. Bats in Captivity Online ©1995 by Susan Barnard.. This online book is intended for all bat-care personnel, Bats in Captivity is the only manual of its kind, detailing the captive care of both native and exotic bat species.. Material presented in this text is compiled from many years of experience in the captive care of over a dozen species of bats, from assistance to the zoological community and wildlife rehabilitators nationwide, and from published sources.. The book includes successful methods for hand  ...   Divo, a baby Pipistrellus kuhlii orVesper bat.. Divo is an orphan.. We follow its story from the moment it falls out of its nursery until it is released back into the wild.. Being one of Italy’s leading chiroptera experts, Alessandra Tomassini looks after little Divo through each stage of its growth.. She uses an.. innovative technique to feed it with a bottle trying to be as natural as possible, rather than using an invasive feeding tube.. Divo soon learns to stand on its own feet before unfolding its wings ready to be released back into the wild.. This film uses attractive modern graphics to give a detailed account of the work of an experienced bat expert.. We advise people who find a stray bat to first contact a local Bat NGO for further advice.. When attempting to capture a bat, ALWAYS wear leather gloves to protect yourself and the bat.. The documentary provides a wealth of information through its fascinating storyline.. It helps exploring the world of this much-maligned animal,.. debunking all old wives’ tales.. Take this unique opportunity to get to know and love these fantastic animals better and respect them more!.. Authors:.. Alessandra Tomassini and Marco D’Amico.. Director:.. Paolo Laici.. Speaker:.. Kirsty.. Category:.. Scientific documentary.. Duration:.. 25 mins.. Production:.. Music:.. Rai Trade.. Graphical DVD:.. Quality Lab.. Video format:.. 16/9 - DVD.. Language:.. Audio:.. Stereo.. Production:.. Fee:.. Contribution: € 12,00 + packaging and postage.. pipistrellus.. it.. YouTube Trailer in English.. INFO:.. it,.. e-mail:.. recuperochirotteri@gmail.. com,.. Tel.. :.. + 39 339 36.. 949 – Alessandra Tomassini.. Murciélagos en Sonora.. This educational fold-up, produced by Bat Conservation International and Naturalia in Mexico, serves to inform children and adults alike on the true nature of bats.. It goes hand-in-hand with the awareness-raising activities forseen in Sonora, Mexico.. For more information on the event, please follow.. this link.. To view the complete fold-up, please click.. Click on this text to edit it.. Battle for Bats: The WHS Tragedy.. Produced by the U.. S Forest Service Department of Agriculture, National Speleological Society, U.. Fish Wildlife Service and the U.. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management..

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