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  • Title: International Volunteering Projects Abroad and in Scotland | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. FAQs.. Contact.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Home.. About.. Volunteer Abroad.. Search Projects.. Projects in Scotland.. 1 of 4.. ››.. Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism is released!.. This handbook on creative activism is intended to function as a trigger to move from thinking to doing, by sharing different methodologies, best practices, experiences, advice, anecdotes, tips and tricks.. The online community and publication created by open and flat structured collective of authors is meant for youth educators, activists, artists, community facilitators and everyone else who believes in progress by bottom-up and a socially engaged microrevolution.. You can find it here -.. http://www.. mastazine.. net/handbook/.. Read more.. about Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism is released!.. Xchange Scotland Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Tuesday 21st May, 6pm.. Xchange Scotland are having our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 21st May at 6pm.. The location for the event is at Society M, in Glasgow town centre.. The event is a review of the year that has gone past, a look forward to the year ahead and a chance for the members to vote on the election of new members of the Executive Committee.. Please.. contact us.. to confirm your attendance.. about Xchange Scotland Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Tuesday 21st May, 6pm.. Get involed with our Creative Activism project.. Spring/Summer 2013.. Xchange Scotland are partners in an international project about creative activism.. Creative activism is about getting out into the world and sharing critical thinking in a fun and engaging way.. At the moment we are working on a Handbook of Creative Activism and we would really appreciate some new faces to work together with us.. We have 2 hot topics that scream for attention!.. 1 - CREATIVE ACTIVISM REPORTS.. This is a great chance for you, all the creative activists, to reach the world and share things you have already done.. All you need to do is send us a nice written report about one action you have made.. It has never been so easy to get into the book!.. about Get involed with our Creative Activism project.. Make Sectarianism a History lesson.. Exhibitions of our Poster-writing project 2013.. UNBELIEVABLE: We've almost arrived to the end of our poster-writing project!! Loads of great workshops exploring the topics of Sectarianism and Tolerance, challenging assumptions and finding new horizons.. to verify that we can make a positive change on Sectarianism, indeed.. about Make Sectarianism a History lesson.. Come along to our Civic Reception to celebrate and find out more about international volunteering - Tuesday, 3pm, 9th April 2013.. We are very pleased to invite you along to an event we have at the City Chambers in Glasgow to celebrate and share information about international volunteering.. The event will start at 3pm  ...   is your reality?.. Amazing learning opportunity in Berlin - 15th-21st March 2013.. We re looking for 5 participants - get in touch if you re interested :-).. We are very proud to offer the fantastic opportunity to 5 folks from Scotland to get involved with our work and participate in an amazing learning opportunity in Berlin.. We are not necessarily looking for people with previous experience, but with the right motivation (see description below).. The training course takes place in Berlin from the 15th-21st March - all costs are covered (travel, food, accommodation etc.. ).. Participants must be commited to meeting as a group before March, and to be involved in activities when they come back.. about Amazing learning opportunity in Berlin - 15th-21st March 2013.. Poster-writing in Glasgow for Holocaust Memorial Day - 4pm - 24th January 2013.. Do you want to get creative? Come along to the Pearce Institute on Thursday (24th January) for a creative group workshop as part of.. Holocaust Memorial Day.. We will be texts through the.. Loesje poster-writing method.. - check out the Loesje website for what other Loesje groups are doing.. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to come along - just.. let us know you want to come along.. in advance, so we have an idea of numbers and how many biscuits we need to buy! So, what will happen during the workshop.. ?.. about Poster-writing in Glasgow for Holocaust Memorial Day - 4pm - 24th January 2013.. Xchange Scotland at the Scottish Parliament - Make Sectarianism a History Lesson - December 2012.. Xchange Scotland are very excited to be presenting our Sectarianism project at the Scottish Parliament this month.. The exhibition of the posters will be in the Garden Lobby of the Parliament from the 17th-21st December.. And we will be hosting an event at the Parliament to bring school pupils, MSPs and other interested parties together to discuss the project.. The event will be on Thursday the 20th December starting at 1pm and going on until 2:30pm.. If you are interested in attending, please.. about Xchange Scotland at the Scottish Parliament - Make Sectarianism a History Lesson - December 2012.. Executive Committee members wanted - we are recruiting volunteers to help shape our future.. Do you have a passion for international exchange and global justice? Do you believe young Scots have an opportunity to help change their world for the better?.. Xchange Scotland does and we need like-minded people who can see this future to guide the organisation forward.. We are.. recruiting new Executive Committee members.. for the organisation.. about Executive Committee members wanted - we are recruiting volunteers to help shape our future.. Pages.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. ….. next ›.. last ».. Networks.. ©2013 Xchange Scotland registered charity №.. SC040081..

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    Descriptive info: FAQ.. How many people go on an International Volunteer Project (IVP)?.. What is an International Volunteer Project (IVP)?.. Where will we be staying?.. How much does it cost to go on an IVP and when do I pay? What is an Extra Fee?.. I can t speak any language other than English.. Is this a problem?.. Do I need specific skills? Does Xchange Scotland offer training?.. Do I need travel insurance, what about a VISA?.. Where does my Project Contribution go?.. How are projects and partner organisations chosen and monitored? Tell me more about the networks.. Groups round the world can vary in size from 8 up to 30 at the very most.. A typical project in Europe tends to have around 12 participants and at least one group leader.. Each project has a mix of nationalities - living and working together - usually 2 or 3 per country.. So, it could be 2 volunteers from the UK, 3 from Germany, 2 from Japan, 1 from USA.. An International Volunteer Project is a short term project (2-4 weeks) bringing together a group of volunteers from many different countries.. The group lives and works together on a specific project in a particular community.. These can range from looking after turtle eggs in Mexico to helping prepare Buddhist festivals in Asia.. The main categories of project are:.. Renovation.. Environmental.. Archaeology.. Social Project.. Working with children and young people.. Study Project.. Working with people with disabilities.. Working with elderly people.. Festival Project.. Sports.. Agricultural.. Arts.. Xchange Scotland is part of 2 main networks -.. CCIVS.. (part of UNESCO) and.. the Alliance.. We believe in equal exchange of volunteers.. We host international volunteer alongside local charities and NGOs here in Scotland - and we send volunteers to take part in similar projects overseas.. We believe in projects being set-up and run locally and sustainably.. We do not set up projects overseas ourselves.. This is why we work within these networks.. For more info about the networks - see further down.. The accommodation varies project to project.. It really depends on where the project is.. All accommodation will have cooking facilities and, of course, suitable access to washing and toilet facilities.. Some have internet access.. You could be staying in wigwams in the Romanian mountains or sleeping in beds outside in the Moroccan desert.. It really depends where the project is being hosted.. £250 + transport to the project.. The £250 is the project contribution that goes to the sending organisation (Xchange Scotland).. As soon as a volunteer has been offered a place on a project the £250 needs to be sent to Xchange Scotland before the volunteer's place can be confirmed on the project.. Food and accommodation at the project are covered.. Pre-departure training in Glasgow for volunteers going on a project is also provided.. Once your place has been confirmed, then you can organise your travel to the project.. Some projects in the global South ask for an Extra Fee.. This can vary from £50-£150.. This is because these countries do not send many volunteers on projects, and this Extra Fee means that they can keep offering projects to come on..  ...   celebrate the achievements of volunteers and look at further opportunities to be involved with Xchange Scotland locally and internationally.. Again this takes place in Glasgow, usually in early October.. Yes.. All volunteers attending an IVP require travel insurance.. It is up to the volunteer to arrange this.. Also, if you are going on a project in Europe, it is advised that you have a.. European Health Insurance card.. with you.. These are free and easy to get - just follow the link.. To see if you need a VISA to go to the country you are applying for check out.. the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.. This is a wealth of up-to-date info on all kinds of things - including entry requirements for each country.. We strongly recommend all volunteers research their country through.. the FCO site.. thoroughly before applying and before departing on a project.. If volunteers do require a VISA, it is up to the volunteer to organise it.. The host organisation in the country you are going to will be able to provide a supporting letter if required.. Xchange Scotland works through a well-established network of partner organisations with a history going back to the 1920s.. All the international volunteer projects are set up by local NGOs supported by our partner organisation in that country.. Xchange Scotland does not set up projects overseas.. We work this way because it makes the best projects - locally-led and sustainably-ran.. It also means that we do not shoulder the high expenses involved in setting up projects overseas ourselves.. The project contribution from the volunteer goes to Xchange Scotland as the sending organisation.. Unlike other organisations that offer international volunteering opportunities, Xchange Scotland is not a business.. We are not run by shareholders, but by an Executive Committee of volunteers.. The Project Contribution you give us goes entirely to the running and development of the organisation - not into someone else’s pocket.. These networks have a history going back many decades - CCIVS goes back to the 1920s.. Over those many years, partner organisations have joined by meeting the requirements imposed by those networks.. Those involved in the networks meet twice-yearly to discuss and evaluate projects and partner organisations.. If there are any queries about partner organisations raised at these gatherings (or any other time in between) then these are investigated.. If a partner organisation is not operating within the rules or ethos of the networks then they lose their place.. The years of cumulative experience within the networks and the partner organisations they are made up of means that we are confident when placing volunteers overseas.. Of course, each country and organisation operates slightly differently - as you would expect - and we ask volunteers to bear in mind these different cultural conditions when they are choosing their project.. To continue to uphold the high standard of projects we always ask volunteers to fill in an evaluation form when they have finished their project and to keep us up-to-date about all elements of their time away.. Sub-sections.. Short Term Projects.. Volunteer Africa.. Volunteer Americas.. Volunteer Asia.. Volunteer Europe.. How to apply.. General conditions of participation.. Long Term Projects..

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  • Title: Contact | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: VISIT US:.. The Pearce Institute,.. 840-860 Govan Road,.. Glasgow,.. G51 3UU.. PHONE US:.. 0141 237 4767.. Your name.. *.. Your email.. Subject.. Message..

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  • Title: About Us | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Who We Are.. Xchange Scotland is a youth-led charity developed by returned Scottish volunteers and others committed to making positive change in society.. For the past 5 years, our founding members have been deeply involved in international volunteering and education projects -.. see below.. Our aim is to connect individuals and organisations in Scotland to these exciting and accessible international opportunities.. We want to bring as many people to Scotland for international volunteer projects and enable as many Scots to volunteer abroad as possible.. What We Do.. Xchange Scotland:.. Sends volunteers from Scotland on exciting and engaging international projects around the world, set up by local partner organisations - short term (2-4 weeks) and long-term (2-12 months).. Go to our Volunteer Abroad page.. Enables Scottish organisations and groups to benefit from volunteers from overseas coming in to help with their work.. Go to our Projects in Scotland page.. Delivers global education workshops and activities with organisations, schools and youth groups.. Go to our Global Education page.. How We Work.. We are part of international networks -.. and.. - that have a history going back over 60 years.. Each organisation within this global network send volunteers to other countries and host projects in their own countries.. As a result, the projects our volunteers participate in  ...   Xchange Scotland is run by an Executive Committee of volunteers working to achieve our goals.. Our Goals.. Intercultural Exchange and International Understanding.. Xchange Scotland aims to promote intercultural understanding and co-operation through international volunteering and exchanges.. We are part of an expanding network of organisations and individuals throughout the world who are united by this goal.. Development of Young People.. Our focus is fostering the personal development of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.. Whether it is the international volunteers we are hosting in Scotland or the young Scots we are sending to projects around the world, Xchange Scotland aims to equip individuals and organisations with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to expand their horizons and achieve more.. Capacity Building.. Alongside expanding the horizons of young people, Xchange Scotland aims to open up a whole range of exciting opportunities to Scottish organisations and local community groups - rural and urban.. Through successful partnerships everyone achieves more.. Sustainable Projects.. Every Xchange Scotland volunteer always works in partnership with established locally-based partner organisations.. We support the development of new and innovative ideas through well-established methods.. We aim to build up long-term partnerships with organisations and individuals, developing our projects in-line with existing efforts to bring lasting positive change..

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  • Title: Volunteer Abroad | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: From planting trees in Japan to organising an intercultural festival in Morocco, Xchange Scotland offers projects for all needs and all with minimal cost to the volunteer.. From Mexico to Mongolia, there are over 1500 diverse and exciting short term international volunteer projects to choose from.. By being part of amazing networks -.. - we are able to send volunteers to over 40 countries worldwide on international volunteer projects abroad.. These partnerships mean that volunteer costs are kept to a minimum and that the projects are locally-led and are what the communities really need.. How long:.. 2-4 weeks; longer projects available too.. Where:.. Over 40 countries worldwide - in.. Europe.. ,.. Africa.. Asia..  ...   in a project for 2013, the first step is.. to contact us.. to find out about the application process.. For more information, check out.. our Project FAQs.. Long-term projects.. Looking for a longer opportunity? Xchange Scotland send volunteers on European Voluntary Service (EVS).. This is a funded programme which enables young people (aged 18-30) to volunteer for up to 1 year overseas.. For more information on this programme, go to.. our long-term projects page.. 3-12 months.. Mainly European countries; although it is possible to go beyond Europe.. All costs covered by the programme.. Social, Environmental, Educational, Cultural, Youth, Intercultural.. Throughout the year - rolling application.. Anyone 18-30; some projects available for under 18s too..

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  • Title: Projects in Scotland | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: Xchange Scotland work in collaboration to bring groups of volunteers from overseas to benefit the work of organisations in Scotland.. We also have a global education programme that we run alongside schools and youth groups to expand the horizons of young people around the country.. International Volunteers in Scotland.. How could your organisation benefit from international volunteers? In previous years, we have successfully  ...   from overseas to come and work in Scotland.. We are looking to build relationships with organisations to explore benefiting from international volunteers this Summer and beyond.. Check out the video below of an example of what an international volunteer project is like - and go to.. our International Volunteers in Scotland page.. for more info.. International volunteers in Scotland.. Global Education.. Sectarianism Project..

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  • Title: Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism is released! | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: You can find stories from different collectives and activists;.. yay@flautas.. , Partizaning, Molestar.. org, Karsay Dorottya and Dainis Ozoliņš.. And - the project it's not finished yet! The Handbook is an open process so we are happy to receive more action reports and interviews from around the world.. So  ...   us your texts till 1st September on.. editor@mastazine.. net.. We are looking forward to reading them and share them with Mašta Handbook readers.. The "Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism" was made possible with help of financial support from the Council of Europe - European Youth Foundation..

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  • Title: Xchange Scotland Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Tuesday 21st May, 6pm | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
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  • Title: Get involed with our Creative Activism project... Spring/Summer 2013 | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: For more info about the project and action report guidelines you can find here:.. http://openetherpad.. org/masta-handbook-guidelines-actions.. Deadline: May 5(!).. E-mail:.. 2 - INTERVIEWS.. We are looking for inspiring stories from activists/collectives all over the world.. If you know some - let us know or make an interview and send it to us.. But if you don't know anyone, but you would love to make some interviews by yourself, send us an e-mail and we will find a way forward together.. More info about the  ...   - May 5 (!).. We strongly believe that creative activism is a domain of not only young, middle class anti-capitalists and street rebels.. We are open to all groups of all ages and people from all social, ethnic and economical backgrounds.. We are looking for involvement from all corners of this lovely planet - small rural village or metropolis, skilled hackers and graffiti grandmas, and so on.. Doubts? We will take them away! Any questions? We will be glad to answer them!.. Website:.. www..

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  • Title: "Make Sectarianism a History lesson". Exhibitions of our Poster-writing project 2013 | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: Since the Easter weekend (29th March) until the beginning of July, we'll sshare the posters with and within communities.. We'll keep the information (dates and places) updated on Facebook and Twitter, so we can make the most of all this hard work.. If you'd like to have the posters displayed at your special place, send us an email to.. sos@xchangescotland.. org.. !.. EXHIBITIONS DATES AND VENUES.. Thanks very much for all the support during this whole process and hope to see yous around in any of the venues.. Now, LET'S SPREAD THE WORD!..

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  • Title: Come along to our Civic Reception to celebrate and find out more about international volunteering - Tuesday, 3pm, 9th April 2013 | XCHANGE SCOTLAND
    Descriptive info: What will be happening at the event?.. Welcome 4 volunteers from different countries in Europe that have just come to Glasgow through Xchange Scotland on European Voluntary Service for 1 year.. Celebrate the achievements of other international volunteers that have come to Glasgow.. Listen to the experiences of Scottish Volunteers that have went overseas - such as.. volunteers like Kimberley.. Explore how we can send more young people overseas and continue to support the work of non-profits and local authorities in Scotland with the work of international volunteers.. Who will be  ...   supporters of communities in Glasgow and Scotland.. How do I confirm my attendance?.. Send an email to.. info@xchangescotland.. - with the title ‘Civic Reception’ - with details of your name, your organisation (if relevant), numbers of people you want to come with and any access requirements for the day.. Alternatively, you can phone the Xchange Scotland office with the same information at 0141 237 4767 during office hours.. Can I pass details of this onto others who may be interested?.. Yes please :-) Ask them to confirm their attendance as described above..

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