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  • Title: XCITR Content Map | XCITR
    Descriptive info: .. eXplore.. C.. hemical Information Teaching Resources.. Home.. Content Map.. About.. Contact.. Login.. Submit new XCITR Content.. Top 5 XCITR content.. Combined Search Engines Prototypes - Promotional.. (5,673 Hits).. SDBS Integrated Spectral Database for Organic.. (3,934 Hits).. Chemistry - It s Elemental! Books and.. (3,459 Hits).. Zitieren.. (3,141 Hits).. Collection Evaluation Methods - Using JCR (PDF.. (2,966 Hits).. more.. Press Releases / Publications.. Promotional Material.. Welcome to X.. ITR.. X.. is a repository for exploring and sharing chemical information teaching resources.. Register.. and contribute materials that you have produced for sharing with others.. (.. read more.. ).. XCITR Searching.. Search this site:.. XCITR Browsing.. Browse.. The Library and Literature for Chemists (115).. Library Resources and Services (34).. Scientific Literature and Scholarly Communication (21).. Chemistry Literature: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Resources (8).. Guides to Chemical Information Resources (35).. Search Skills for Bibliographic Databases (17).. Why You Need More than Google (5).. General Overview of Searching (3).. Subject Searches (2).. Citation Searches (1).. Search Skills for Numeric Databases (22).. Physical Property Searches (11).. Spectral Data Searches (6).. Predicting Properties (3).. Search Skills for Molecular Information (15).. Chemical Name and Substance ID Searches (2).. Molecular Formula Searches (1).. Structure Searches (3).. Reaction Searches (2).. Laboratory Work - Search Tools and Techniques (38).. Safety Information, Physical Properties, and Spectra (24).. Syntheses and Reactions (6).. Chemical Nomenclature (1).. Lab Report Writing Aids (1).. Undergraduate Research - Search Tools and Techniques (34).. Information Management Tools (6).. Background Reading, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Books, and Review Articles (10).. Finding Journal Articles and Patents (6).. Science Writing Aids (5).. Ethics and Copyright (5).. In-Depth Research – Search Tools and Techniques (40).. Information Management Tools (14).. Grant Funding Resources (2).. Research Proposals, Articles, and Theses (4).. Science Writing Tools and Aids (2).. Ethics, Copyright, and IP (3)..  ...   and Index (21).. Articles (Journals) (4).. Biographies (10).. Books (22).. Databases (Bibliographic) (17).. Databases (Citations) (14).. Databases (Patents) (14).. Databases (Properties) (19).. Databases (Reactions) (19).. Databases (Structures) (15).. Databases (Substances) (18).. Dictionaries (15).. Directories (14).. Dissertations (12).. Encyclopedias/Treatises (15).. Guides to the Literature (14).. Handbooks (22).. Journals (17).. Library Catalogs (9).. Patents (12).. Reference Managers (17).. Reviews (1).. Serials (1).. Software (14).. Style Guides (17).. Subject Guides (6).. Web Sites (23).. Webcasts (4).. eBooks (18).. eJournals (14).. Costs / Access.. Free (18).. Subscription Required (3).. Varies (20).. Full XCITR content map.. Designing Instruction Activities to Guide Students through the Research Lifecycle: A Science Librarian Approach.. (2013-Oct-04).. A set of PowerPoint slides (part1-part3) presented by Ye Li at the 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN.. The presentation highlighted the importance of going beyond traditional information literacy scope and.. Lab Safety.. (2013-Sep-09).. This guide contains information resources for the laboratory environment and was developed for informational/educational purposes.. Using SpringerMaterials to Locate Your Landolt-Börnstein Volume and Chapter.. (2011-Mar-14).. A handout with instructions on using SpringerMaterials to locate chemical and physical property data, and how to use the information in SpringerMaterials to obtain the chapter in Landolt-Börnstein (New Series).. First posted March 2011.. Updated.. Indiana Cheminformatics Education Portal.. (2013-Feb-24).. A collection of free cheminformatics learning resources based on the teaching materials used in the Indiana University cheminformatics program.. Includes wiki-based materials, plus some videos and blog feeds.. Career Resources for Chemists and Chemical Engineers.. (2012-Jan-07).. This guide provides resources to help chemists and chemical engineers learn about career and networking resources available at Stanford.. It also includes resources for exploring career options and using career development resources.. A number of.. Partners and Sponsors:.. Contact Us.. |.. Terms of Service.. Privacy Statement.. Imprint.. Copyright 2010 XCITR.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: XCITR Content map | XCITR
    Descriptive info: XCITR Content map.. by subjects.. The Library and Literature for Chemists.. (14).. Library Resources and Services.. (30).. Scientific Literature and Scholarly Communication.. (17).. Chemistry Literature: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Resources.. (8).. Guides to Chemical Information Resources.. (27).. Search Skills for Bibliographic Databases.. Why You Need More than Google.. (4).. General Overview of Searching.. (3).. Author, Organization, and by Known Citation Searches.. (1).. Subject Searches.. (2).. Citation Searches.. Search Skills for Numeric Databases.. (6).. General Overview.. Physical Property Searches.. (11).. Spectral Data Searches.. Predicting Properties.. Search Skills for Molecular Information.. (7).. Chemical Name and Substance ID Searches.. Molecular Formula Searches.. Structure Searches.. Reaction Searches.. Laboratory Work - Search Tools and Techniques.. Safety Information, Physical Properties, and Spectra.. Syntheses and Reactions.. Chemical Nomenclature.. Lab Report Writing Aids.. Undergraduate Research - Search Tools and Techniques.. Information Management Tools.. Background Reading, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Books, and Review Articles.. Finding Journal Articles  ...   category.. Careers in Chemistry.. Chemical Engineering.. Chemical/Scientific Literature.. Cheminformatics.. Education.. Environmental Chemistry.. Inorganic Chemistry.. Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary.. Laboratory Work.. Library Orientation.. Library Services.. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.. Organic Chemistry.. (9).. Patents.. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.. Physical Properties.. (5).. Polymer and Macromolecular Chemistry.. Publishing Issues.. Safety and Safety Education.. Searching.. Spectral Information.. Teaching and Study.. Undergraduate Research.. by major reference tools.. Crossfire Beilstein.. DiscoveryGate.. esp@cenet.. Reaxys.. SciFinder.. USPTO.. Web of Science.. Other.. by type of material.. Course.. Demonstration.. How-to Guide.. (21).. Orientation.. Practice Problem/Exercise.. Promotion/Outreach.. Seminar/Lecture.. Subject/Research Guide.. (35).. Tutorial.. by which resources covered.. Abstract and Index.. (15).. Articles (Journals).. Biographies.. Books.. (13).. Databases (Bibliographic).. Databases (Citations).. Databases (Patents).. Databases (Properties).. Databases (Reactions).. Databases (Structures).. Databases (Substances).. Dictionaries.. Directories.. Dissertations.. eBooks.. eJournals.. Encyclopedias/Treatises.. Guides to the Literature.. Handbooks.. Journals.. Library Catalogs.. Reference Managers.. Reviews.. Serials.. Software.. Style Guides.. Subject Guides.. Web Sites.. (12).. Webcasts.. by costs access.. Free.. Subscription Required.. Varies..

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  • Title: About XCITR Project | XCITR
    Descriptive info: About XCITR Project.. What is XCITR?.. One of the critical issues in chemical information involves the availability and distribution of instructional material.. The intensive needs of users of electronic chemical information have made it very difficult for instructors to deal with the large variety of available data sources containing increasingly vast amounts of data and many different searching tools and user interfaces.. Available resources for teaching materials are also widely scattered.. The need for an international repository of chemical information educational material was the driving force for developing.. XCITR.. (E.. x.. plore.. hemical.. I.. nformation.. T.. eaching.. R.. esources).. is not only for librarians and instructors in chemical information, but also for chemistry professors, instructors in other disciplines related to chemistry, information specialists,  ...   if the author permits, may be modified.. To help insure the quality of the collection, an editorial board will review all depositions before they are made available in XCITR.. We invite you to register and contribute materials that you have produced for sharing with others.. is a collaborative project between the.. Computer-Information-Chemistry.. (CIC) Division of the.. German Chemical Society.. (GDCh) and the.. Division of Chemical Information.. (CINF) of the.. American Chemical Society.. (ACS).. is hosted by the.. Royal Society of Chemistry.. (RSC).. Who are the members?.. Grace.. Baysinger.. (Stanford University).. *.. Gregor.. Fels.. (University of Paderborn).. Guenter.. Grethe.. ().. Chuck.. Huber.. (University of California, Santa Barbara).. Svetlana.. Korolev.. (University of Wisconsin).. Valery.. Tkachenko.. Andrea.. Twiss-Brooks.. (University of Chicago).. Antony.. Williams.. = XCITR Editorial Board..

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  • Title: Contact | XCITR
    Descriptive info: You can leave a message using the contact form below.. Your name:.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. CAPTCHA.. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.. What code is in the image?:.. Enter the characters shown in the image..

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  • Title: User account | XCITR
    Descriptive info: User account.. Create new account.. Log in.. Request new password.. Username:.. Enter your XCITR username.. Password:.. Enter the password that accompanies your username..

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  • Title: Combined Search Engines Prototypes - Promotional Flyer (PDF Version) | XCITR
    Descriptive info: Combined Search Engines Prototypes - Promotional Flyer (PDF Version).. Mon, 2009-08-10 11:27 |.. i.. fresen.. One page handout to promote three instances of federated search prototypes: "top 10 databases," all library catalogs at Stanford, and locally digitized collections.. Access to "top 10 databases" limited to current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford University.. Author:.. Baysinger, Grace (Stanford University).. Learning Objectives:.. To introduce users to search services  ...   Faculty/Lecturer.. Level of Expertise:.. Beginner.. Created:.. Tue, 2008-07-01.. Language(s):.. English.. Subjects:.. Type of Material:.. -.. Copyright:.. Copyrighted.. File:.. Fed_Search_Promo_Handout_Stanford_GB.. pdf.. Rating:.. 0.. Your rating:.. None.. Optional Metadata.. Specific Area:.. Resources covered:.. Cost/Access:.. or.. register.. to post comments |.. Tags:.. Federated Searching.. ,.. Tags in Keywords.. reactions.. National Chemistry Week.. information literacy.. undergraduate students.. chemical information skills.. materials.. chemistry.. Journal Citation Reports (JCR).. K-12 Outreach.. more tags..

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  • Title: SDBS Integrated Spectral Database for Organic Compounds - Sample Search | XCITR
    Descriptive info: (5,674 Hits).. SDBS Integrated Spectral Database for Organic Compounds - Sample Search.. Wed, 2010-03-24 15:11 |.. g.. baysinger.. Sample search for a sophomore level organic chemistry class showing how to search using spectral peaks and heteroatoms to identify an unknown.. To show data entry format for searching spectral peaks, eliminate heteroatoms, and evaluating search results.. Librarian/Information Specialist.. Wed, 2010-03-24.. SDBS_Sample_Search_revFeb2010.. ppt.. Part of/Course No:.. Chemistry 130.. Terms of Use:.. Use without permission for educational or non-commercial purpose.. Please cite source of content.. Requirements:.. Internet access and a browser..

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  • Title: Chemistry - It's Elemental! Books and Videos for K-12 | XCITR
    Descriptive info: (3,935 Hits).. Chemistry - It s Elemental! Books and Videos for K-12.. Mon, 2009-08-17 22:02 |.. a.. twissbrooks.. Selection of book and video resources to support teacher lesson plans and community outreach events for American Chemical Society's National Chemistry Week 2009 theme "Chemistry - It's Elemental!" Resources are categorized for Elementary (Kindergarten - grade 5), Intermediate (Grade 6-8), High school (Grade 9-12), College (University) and General public.. Twiss-Brooks, Andrea (University of Chicago).. familiarity with available book and video resources.. Mon, 2009-08-17.. Public Domain.. NCW 2009 print and video resources..

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  • Title: Zitieren | XCITR
    Descriptive info: (3,460 Hits).. Thu, 2010-02-25 22:05 |.. m.. braendle.. Discusses requirements, general rules, and regulations for successfully and correctly citing the scientific literature and especially the chemical literature.. Provides further reading and examples of citations in ACS style for journal articles, books, and book chapters.. Presents two examples for common literature reference management software.. This  ...   searching, citation databases, preparing and printing posters, and citing scientific literature in the lecture "Naturwissenschaften und Gesellschaft 3" (Science and Society 3).. Dr.. Brändle, Martin P.. (ETH Zürich).. Zass, Engelbert.. correct citing.. knowing and applying citation regulations.. knowing about literature reference management software.. Thu, 2010-02-25.. German.. 3.. Average:.. 1.. vote).. citing.. literature reference management..

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  • Title: Collection Evaluation Methods - Using JCR (PDF Version) | XCITR
    Descriptive info: (3,142 Hits).. Collection Evaluation Methods - Using JCR (PDF Version).. Mon, 2009-08-10 11:32 |.. Step-by-step instructions on how to move JCR data into Excel.. Combined with local data such as online usage, information can be used to help assess the strengths and weaknesses of a journal collection.. To understand steps for saving JCR search results and moving them into Excel for further analysis.. Intermediate.. Fri, 2005-07-01.. Collection_Eval_JCR_Methods_Stanford_GB.. Bibliometrics.. Collection Evaluation..

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  • Title: XCITR Popular content | XCITR
    Descriptive info: (2,967 Hits).. XCITR Popular content.. Popular content.. Today s popular content.. Views.. Title.. Submitter.. Post date.. 5,674.. 2009-Aug-10.. 3,935.. 2010-Mar-24.. 3,460.. 2009-Aug-17.. 3,142.. 2010-Feb-25.. 2,967.. 2,563.. Collection Evaluation Methods - Using JCR.. 1,965.. tmvogel.. 2011-Mar-14.. 1,817.. Finding Optical Rotation Data for Organic Compounds.. 2010-Jul-30.. 1,624.. Understand PubChem to search efficiently.. gzim.. 2011-Jan-17.. 1,134.. Substance and Reaction Searching in Reaxys.. s.. cardinal.. 2011-Mar-15.. 1,037.. Information Competencies for Chemistry Undergraduates: the elements of information literacy, second edition.. ccraig.. 2011-Sep-24.. 1,032.. PMID and PMCID Primer.. 2011-Mar-04.. 1,008.. Searching  ...   Guide to Selected Physical Chemistry Resources for Chemists at Stanford (PDF Version).. 920.. Finding Melting Point Information for Organic Compounds.. 896.. Scientific and Technical Communication: A Guide to Resources.. 2011-Oct-11.. 890.. Substructure Searching in Reaxys.. 871.. Comparison Chart Between SciFinder Scholar web version of SciFinder.. 832.. Chemistry 130 Search Tips (Winter 2008).. 2009-Aug-05.. 822.. Converting Lab Data to Search Strategies.. 791.. Physical Chemistry Research Guide.. 2012-Jan-07.. 775.. Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2008 - Book Resources.. 2009-Aug-07.. 746.. SciFinder on the web - Promotional Flyer (PDF Version)..

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