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  • Title: XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: .. Main Page.. From XFamily - Children of God.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. Welcome to.. xFamily.. org.. , a collaboratively edited encyclopedia about.. The Family International.. /.. Children of God.. cult.. Spotlight.. :.. Reboot Documents.. New Articles.. Most recently created articles.. Featured Requests.. Due to the.. secrecy.. that shrouds many of The Family's activities, we.. work together.. to collate and divulge information.. We are currently working on.. 4,787.. articles.. Featured Pages.. xFamily Forum.. A place to request and contribute information, and find out what our latest research is on.. Karen Zerby.. Info about "Mama Maria", current leader of The Family.. Ricky Rodriguez video.. Full video created by.. Ricky Rodriguez.. before his.. murder.. suicide.. Video Archives.. TV coverage, documentaries and more.. Story of Davidito.. Book on.. Ricky Rodriguez's.. upbringing.. Flirty Fishing.. Formerly practiced religious prostitution.. Loving Jesus.. Doctrine concerning sex with Jesus.. Merry Berg.. Granddaughter of.. David Berg.. who has spoken out against abuse.. Berg and Anti-Semitism.. Collection of writings.. Berg on Incest.. Writings on incest.. Japan Persecution Notices 2005.. Internal documents in reaction to media attention in.. Japan.. More featured articles.. Featured Forum Discussions.. xFamily Publications Database launched!.. New book 'Not without my sister'.. Give me a chance!.. How does one get over the guilt?.. Categories.. Beliefs and Practices.. Beliefs.. Beliefs  ...   Software.. Software for internal use.. Family Videos.. Plagiarism.. Plagiarism in Family media.. Photo Archives.. Archive of photos found on this site.. TV coverage of The Family, and other video found on this site.. Operations.. Fronts.. Organizations behind which The Family has previously or currently operates.. Places.. Connecting events to places.. Family Centers.. Info about Family Homes.. People.. Current and Former Members.. Info about people who are or have been members of The Family.. Abusers.. Collecting info about abusers.. Leaders.. Leaders of The Family.. Music Artists.. Musicians in The Family.. Pseudonyms.. Pseudonyms used by Family members.. Non-Members.. People who were never members of The Family but are involved in some way.. Miscellaneous.. Glossary.. Definitions for terminology particular to The Family.. Links.. External links categorized.. Statistics.. Recent and historical Family demographics and statistics.. All Categories.. Alphabetical listing.. |.. Random Page.. Read a random xFamily.. org article.. Retrieved from ".. http://www.. xfamily.. org/index.. php?title=Main_Page oldid=22584.. ".. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. Personal tools.. Navigation.. Edit xFamily.. Help.. Recent changes.. Search Engine.. sites.. Document Archive.. Photo Gallery.. pubsDB.. Video Archive.. Search wiki.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. Cite this page.. This page was last modified on 6 February 2013, at 21:10.. Privacy policy.. About XFamily - Children of God.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: XFamily - Children of God:About - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: XFamily - Children of God:About.. [.. edit.. ].. Introduction.. This website was created (.. 2005.. -01-17) to preserve and provide information about the religious group ".. The Family.. " and employs the collaborative editing platform of "wiki" software in order to do so.. Mission Statement.. The purpose of this website is to exhaustively document information about.. objectively.. This site does not hold a position for or against the.. Note: Individuals who contribute information to xFamily.. org may have their own opinion, either negative or positive, on The Family, but their content must pass peer review for objectivity.. Contributors.. Content.. The content on this site  ...   our.. forum.. Other Resources.. For several years, the financial cost of maintaining xFamily.. org online came primarily from.. Able2Know.. org's.. revenue and.. net.. donated server space and support in order for this project to remain online.. The.. org Server Fund.. was established in September 2005 and is now the primary source of funding for the project.. If you are looking for information about The Family, feel free to peruse.. our encyclopedia.. If you are familiar with the group, perhaps you would consider.. contributing information.. Contact Us.. for more information.. php?title=XFamily_-_Children_of_God:About oldid=20892.. Project page.. This page was last modified on 16 August 2008, at 08:37..

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  • Title: The Family International - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: is a Christian.. formerly known as the.. The Family of Love.. , and.. They have operated under many additional names through various.. fronts and projects.. This group is the primary focus of this website.. Contents.. 1.. Brief overview.. 2.. See also.. 3.. References.. 4.. External links.. The Family International was founded by claimed.. prophetic.. leader.. in.. 1968.. Huntington Beach.. California.. USA.. It sprang from the.. Jesus Movement.. of the late.. 1960s.. , with many of its early converts drawn from the.. hippie movement.. Due to its unusual emphasis on total commitment, it triggered the first organized.. anticult.. group (.. FREECOG.. ), and the unconventional.. sexual practices.. which soon followed within the Children of God solidified its place among the movements prompting the cult controversy of the.. 1970s.. 1980s.. in the United States and Europe.. As The Family grew and expanded around the world, so did its message.. salvation.. apocalypticism.. , spiritual "revolution" against the outside world they called ".. the System.. " and resultant controversy.. During the early to mid 1970s, the group initiated several radical methods of.. evangelism.. , including.. using sex to show God's love and win converts and support.. Today, The Family's.. leadership.. is headed by Berg's widow.. , under whom the group has both bowed to several reforms and initiated additional unconventional doctrines, including the ".. Loving Jesus revelation.. " which encourages members from the age of 14 to engage in a sexual relationship with Jesus.. The group's liberal sexuality and its publication and distribution  ...   a troubled past.. Many critics do not trust The Family to police itself today, due in part to the group's policy of not turning.. child abusers.. over to civil authorities, and only excommunicating members who.. abused.. children after July 1989.. [1].. The Family requires individuals who report child abuse to a law enforcement agency or pursue legal action against an alleged abuser to leave the group's communal homes and move to a lower commitment membership status until the matter is resolved, after which they must reapply for their former membership status if they wish to return.. The Family's leadership believes these issues have been settled by its public apologies, but many former members are not satisfied, and are attempting to focus media attention and criminal investigations on the group.. The January.. of a former member by the leader's son.. and his subsequent.. shocked both members and former members, and led to considerable, renewed.. media attention.. Category:History.. Category:Beliefs.. Category:Practices.. Name Changes: From Children of God to The Family International.. This section is a "stub".. This means it is incomplete and needs further elaboration.. You can help by.. Please use the.. Forum.. to send us content whenever possible.. ↑.. The Family’s History, Policies, and Beliefs Regarding Sex Part 3.. GN.. 1236.. FD.. MM.. FM.. , ML 3673,.. 2007.. -10, 2007-12, paragraphs 60-80.. Official TFI website.. Official TFI wiki.. TFI Online.. a community site for members of The Family International.. php?title=The_Family_International oldid=22610.. This page was last modified on 22 February 2013, at 23:38..

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  • Title: Children of God - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: In.. 1969.. , when the.. currently known as ".. " had grown to about 100 members, they were dubbed the ".. " (or.. COG.. ) by the.. news media.. (originally by a newsman in Camden, New Jersey).. Until then they had been known as.. Teens for Christ.. , but the name stuck and was soon adopted as their official title.. By.. 1972.. ,  ...   the group claims close to 10,000 members in about 100 countries (see:.. statistics.. ).. ChildrenOfGod.. com.. – Official history of the COG (pre-TFI).. This article is a "stub".. This means it is an incomplete article needing further elaboration.. You can help xFamily.. org by.. or writing a more complete article.. php?title=Children_of_God oldid=22453.. Category.. This page was last modified on 8 June 2012, at 20:34..

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  • Title: Cult - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: Cult.. Use of "cult" on this website.. Charismatic Systems vs.. Rational Systems.. Pejoration and Abusage.. Common Cult Characteristics.. The term "cult" is an appropriate appellation for use in describing.. based on a compelling set of academic criteria that can adequately describe the group.. These criteria are satisfied both.. theologically.. and sociologically.. Use of this word on this site is with the implicit understanding of the polemic nature of the term due to the pejoration and abusage of the word, rejection of the term by cult members (who often prefer ".. New religious movement.. " or ".. High-Demand Organization.. ") and the definitional dispute these conflicts engender.. Sociologist Max Weber used an insightful spectrum to delineate between mainstream religion and cults based on characteristics that are useful replacements to common appeal to popularity (.. argumentum ad populum.. ) arguments used when establishing such a definition.. His delineation was "charismatic" versus "rational" systems, arguing that cult belief was more frequently characterized by zeal deriving from being "caught up in the moment" and charisma than by intellectual persuasion.. He argued that in a rationalized system.. People generally follow pre-determined rules and have expectations about how others will act and how the system itself will act.. Authority is derived from the system itself  ...   because a person is emotionally caught up in the moment rather than intellectually persuaded.. The pejoration of the term is largely due to the following negative criteria often seen as prerequisites to cult classification.. Exploitative - The term is seen by some as describing an exploitative relationship between leaders and followers, with common exploitations being financial or sexual.. Excessive - Equally pejorative and more ambiguous is the perceived requirement of an "excessive" quality in belief, practice or devotion.. This quality is sometimes referenced in the term High-Demand Organization.. Here are some characteristics commonly associated with cults.. A charismatic leader, who often becomes an object of worship.. Coercive persuasion or thought reform.. Authoritarian.. Exclusive, encouraging members to shun fellowship with non-members and social institutions.. Fervor more than an orthodoxy.. Economic, sexual, or other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.. Infallibility, the beliefs are the sole path to salvation and rejection results in exile.. Identified with the disinherited.. Relinquishment of possessions.. Communal societal structures.. Demonization of those who leave more so than those who never joined.. Transcultural.. Deviance from a mainstream religion.. Sometimes ascetic or otherworldly.. Often lacking clergy for an extended period.. php?title=Cult oldid=20989.. This page was last modified on 31 August 2008, at 22:32..

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  • Title: Spotlight - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: Today's spotlight:.. Today's spotlight: Reboot Documents.. Pages featured on the home page.. 1.. Previous spotlight articles.. January 2010.. 2.. May 2009.. 3.. July 2008.. 4.. June 2008.. 5.. May 2008.. 6.. December 2007.. 7.. September 2007.. 8.. June 2007.. 9.. March 2007.. 10.. February 2007.. 11.. January 2007.. 12.. October 2006.. 13.. September 2006.. 14.. August 2006.. 15.. July 2006.. 16.. June 2006.. 17.. May 2006.. 18.. April 2006.. 19.. March 2006.. 20.. February 2006.. 21.. January 2006.. 22.. December 2005.. 23.. November 2005.. 24.. October 2005.. 25.. September 2005.. 26.. August 2005.. 27.. July 2005.. 28.. June 2005.. 29.. May 2005.. 30.. April 2005.. Pages featured on the.. home page.. Doctrine concerning sexuality with Jesus.. who has spoken out about abuse.. January 2010.. 19.. Not Without My Sister.. Book by former members.. Juliana Buhring.. Celeste Jones.. Kristina Jones.. May 2009.. 17.. Heavenly City School.. The largest and most famous.. Family International.. center in.. 24.. Talk to Trisha: Growing up in a cult.. Trisha Goddard interviews.. RISE International.. director and.. co-author Juliana Buhring.. 18.. NBC First Tuesday: The Ultimate Trip.. 1971.. documentary about the.. 12.. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour: Growing up in a cult.. Radio interview with sisters and.. directors Juliana Buhring and Celeste and Kristina Jones.. Macau Closer Look: For God's Sake.. Magazine article about.. The Family's.. activities in.. Macau.. 06.. CNN Anderson Cooper 360: Twisted Cult.. Transcript and video of.. CNN.. report broadcast.. -12-04.. Includes interviews with religion writer.. Don Lattin.. and former member.. Davida Kelley.. 03.. Children of God: Lost and Found.. Television documentary by former.. second generation.. member.. Noah Thomson.. 26.. Testimony of a Child Bride Young Mother.. Article by.. Fiona Spencer.. , former wife of.. Jeremy Spencer.. Gerald P.. Curran.. Long-time.. Family.. member.. convicted child molester.. 10.. Montel Williams: Escaping A Cult.. Video and transcript of talk-show program, aired 2007-02-06.. Teaching, Education and More.. Non-profit corporation operated and controlled by.. 11.. Vivian Shillander.. Former.. member and mother whose struggle to get her children out of the.. was featured on the.. TV.. programme.. ABC News 20/20: To Bring Her Children Home.. 13.. Philip Sloan.. Family Care Foundation.. project manager and.. member who.. sexually abused children.. between.. 1990.. True Komix - The Love of God.. "a.. True Komix.. Volume of nothing but.. FF.. Sex.. Letters.. ".. 23.. Cult Killer: The Rick Rodriguez Story.. British.. documentary about the life of.. Rick Rodriguez.. 25.. José María Baamonde.. Argentine.. psychologist and cult expert.. Basic Training Handbook.. Heavily.. purged.. Family publication.. from.. that was "suggested required reading for all members ages 10 over.. ".. Paul Brandt Berg.. Eldest son of Family International founder.. 04.. who has spoken  ...   a Cult.. Transcript and video of talk-show, broadcast 2005-10-24.. 60 Minutes Australia: Sinful Acts.. Transcript and video of news program, broadcast 2005-10-16.. Babylon the Whore.. 05.. Dr.. Phil: The Family Cult Escapees.. Transcript and video of talk-show, broadcast 2005-10-03.. About our use of the word on this site.. Stephen A.. Kent.. Louris May Yamaguchi.. Miriam Williams Boeri.. Rose McGowan.. American film actor who spent her early childhood in the Children of God cult.. Apostate.. Category:Child Abduction.. Dateline NBC: A message from beyond the grave.. Cosmopolitan: A sex cult stole my childhood.. Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of the Chosen One.. (previous spotlight: 2005-04-25).. Deborah Davis.. Argentina.. Vas Myers.. People Magazine: Was the Family Doing God's Work - Or Unspeakable Harm?.. The Family's response to the June 2005 Rolling Stone article.. (previous spotlight: 2005-05-07).. 16.. Steven Douglas Kelly.. Category:Family Art.. 08.. Category:Press.. Archive of press relating to The Family/Children of God cult from around the globe.. Marie Claire: "Killing Myself is the Only Way Out of the Cult".. Prophecy.. Abe Braaten.. 02.. J.. Gordon Melton.. (previous spotlight: 2005-05-20).. 31.. Charter.. Abrahim.. 29.. Hugo Westphal.. 28.. Praying against enemies.. Los Angeles Times: A Young 'Prophet' Cannot Defeat the Demons of His Past.. Faith Berg.. Edward Priebe.. Category:Sexuality.. Stuart Harris Baylin.. 22.. Space City.. Rick Dupuy.. Ben Farnsworth.. Life with Grandpa - the Mene Story.. Life with Grandpa - Real Fathers.. The Last State.. Category:Photos of the Early Days.. San Francisco Chronicle: Common Thread of Sexual, Spiritual Abuse Among Cult Defectors Who Killed Themselves.. Published 2005-01-27.. Berg on Rape.. Collection of writings on rape.. Collection of writings on incest.. Vandari.. Demon which influences.. apostates.. and others who speak against the cult.. Collection of antisemitic writings by.. Deceivers yet true.. The Family's policy on deception.. No Regrets.. James Penn.. , former high-level Family member.. Plagiarized art.. Addresses plagiarism in.. Family publications.. 01, 03.. Ultimate Family Songbook.. Software containing over 2,600 Family songs.. Judgment of Lord Justice Ward.. Details a trial for custody of a Family child.. Group history, statistics, and other information.. Category:Secrecy.. A consistent trait throughout the history of the group.. Samuel Charles Perfilio.. Current number three leader of The Family, and widely known child abuser.. Merry's Story.. (Mene), November 1992.. Techi's Life Story.. Book about upbringing of.. Christina Teresa Zerby.. Hong Kong Goolagong.. Aboriginal demon who attacks missionaries using lacerated breasts.. Watchman's Story.. , shortly after leaving The Family.. Angela Smith.. Murdered by.. Evening Standard: The Little Girl Seduced in the Name of God.. Published 2005-03-09.. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted Family member.. php?title=Spotlight oldid=22369.. RSS.. Atom.. This page was last modified on 26 February 2012, at 21:17..

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  • Title: Reboot Documents - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: DISCLAIMER:.. Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes.. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities.. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.. reboot documents.. were a series of documents published internally by the.. during May and June 2010.. These documents outlined numerous and, in many cases, dramatic changes to the organizational structure, rules, lifestyle, and beliefs of the.. Some of the reboot documents are not yet available to xFamily.. org, but are expected to be added here in the near future.. List of documents.. The document summaries quoted below are taken from.. Reboot-02: Preface to Reboot Documents.. Change Journey Manifesto.. Preface to Reboot Documents.. Backtracking Through TFI History.. "An overview of major contextual points in Family history, their impact on Family culture over the years, and what needs to change today.. Blueprint for the Future.. "Key concepts at the heart of the reboot changes, cornerstones of the environment we're creating for the Family of today and tomorrow.. Statement of Faith of the Family International.. "Updated to better reflect our core doctrines.. Presenting our beliefs in terms that will be more user-friendly for prospective members and people interested in knowing what we believe.. Mission Statement of the Family International.. "An updated statement describing how we put  ...   and the expectations as far as a professional standard of operations.. Building Community.. "Concepts and principles of mission-centered community, as a means by which to fulfill our core purpose.. 13a.. Updating Family Terminology.. Applying the Law of Love.. "Updated position on the application of the.. Law of Love.. to sexual relations.. Membership Accountability.. "Details of changes regarding disciplinary procedures and membership accountability.. A Safe Haven for Our Children.. "Addressing points relating to the safety of our children, and our responsibilities as parents and as Christians to provide a safe environment for them.. Includes a new TFI child protection policy and 'Standard for the Care of Children at Events and Mission Works of the Family International.. '".. 16a.. List of Mission-activity Restricted Countries.. Charter of the Family International (v4).. "A new.. that conveys the rights and responsibilities of membership, and the services and governance of the Family in a clear and concise manner; accompanied by supplementary documents that support the.. Closing.. "Wrapping up the reboot package.. This article documents an ongoing series of publications and changes in the Family International.. You can discuss or provide information about the reboot documents in the.. xFamily forum.. YouTube videos explaining the post-Reboot TFI.. by.. Steven Kelly.. in February 2013.. The Family International (TFI) (2009-present).. " by Gary Shepherd and Gordon Shepherd.. (Discusses the Reboot in detail.. ).. php?title=Reboot_Documents oldid=22669.. This page was last modified on 17 June 2013, at 10:13..

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  • Title: Newest pages - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: Newest pages.. This page lists the 50 newest pages on the wiki.. Namespace:.. all.. (Main).. Talk.. User.. User talk.. XFamily - Children of God.. XFamily - Children of God talk.. File.. File talk.. MediaWiki.. MediaWiki talk.. Template.. Template talk.. Help talk.. Category talk.. Show up to.. |.. | 50 |.. 100.. 150.. pages.. Hide redirect pages.. Listing 50 newest pages:.. Anthony Ray Gamage.. Anthony Raymond Gamage.. John Paul Gamage.. Coreen.. Coreen Linger.. David's cousin.. Maria the Mexican.. Adelle.. Adelle  ...   Ark.. Light Club.. Brother Thomas.. Micah Teddy Bear.. Michael Fridley.. Amminadab.. Singing Sam.. Singin' Sam.. Sam Halbert.. Al Pratt.. Pethuel.. Russel Alan Pratt.. Linda Meissner.. David Verses and Letters.. Keda Series.. Music for Quiet Moments.. Clothe Her Lightly.. MCV.. Musica Con Vida.. The Nameless.. Stephen (PACRO).. Shigemasa Chikushi.. Lisa (EURCRO).. Marianne Greene.. Tummy Tuck San Francisco.. Susan Justice.. Sally Scribe.. Valerie Farnsworth.. Tommy Farnsworth.. The Moon.. Techi Book.. KJV.. Endtime Witnesses.. How We Fought For Our Children.. php/Special:NewestPages/-/50.. Special page..

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  • Title: Featured Requests - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: On this page we are highlighting subjects about which we need information.. to contribute information.. Wanted Pages.. - most wanted articles as determined by the number of links to them.. Short Pages.. - articles that may need more information due to their brevity.. Orphan Pages.. - articles that are not linked to from any other article.. Dead end Pages.. - articles that do not link to any other article.. Corporal punishment.. I am looking for citations from Bergs writings that advocate harsh corporal punishment.. --.. Craven de Kere.. 02:07, 30  ...   the legal cases there.. 09:25, 21 Jun 2005 (CDT).. Music with Meaning.. We need information about this project's inception, the publications that inspired or spoke of it, the individuals involved in production and the filming of.. dance videos.. of women and children for.. Monger.. 17:50, 12 Jun 2005 (CDT).. Victor Program.. We need information about this program's inception, the.. publications.. that inspired it, the individuals operating them and the location of.. Victor Camps.. 04:34, 4 Jun 2005 (CDT).. php?title=Featured_Requests oldid=22365.. This page was last modified on 26 February 2012, at 21:05..

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  • Title: Category:Secrecy - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: A consistent trait throughout the history of.. has been their aversion to government oversight and extreme secrecy surrounding.. finances.. World Services.. (WS), the central administrative wing of The Family, continues to operate in complete secrecy, with very few members of The Family actually knowing their whereabouts or the identities of the members of those offices, most of whom operate under.. pseudonyms.. instead of their more commonly known ".. Bible names.. Many of them have also.. legally changed their names.. and some sources have indicated that they have used fake passports in the past.. Senior leadership also typically still attempt to keep their legal names from common circulation, although this has become more difficult through the second half of the.. 1990s.. , due to.. legal action.. in many countries.. In particular, a major.. court case in England.. brought to light many formerly guarded names of senior members.. In The Family's publications printed photographs of WS members were typically "censored" by means of a rudimentary drawing pasted over the persons face.. It was not uncommon in Family-produced art for.. 's head to be replaced with that of a hand-drawn lion (see example image).. Following the death of David Berg in.. 1994.. , all members of The  ...   recent photographs or video footage of Karen Zerby, Steven Kelly, and most WS members were not readily available even to full-time members of The Family.. All electronic communication within this group is.. required.. to be encrypted with military-grade algorithms.. The most commonly used software for this purpose is.. PGP.. All writings by Karen Zerby, Steven Kelly, and World Services are also encrypted before being sent electronically to members.. See also:.. Selah.. Pages in category "Secrecy".. The following 28 pages are in this category, out of 28 total.. A.. A Job Well Done! A New Year's Eve Shocker! NRS11.. B.. Bible name.. Burn After Reading.. C.. Constant Vigilance is the Price of Security!.. Creations.. D.. F.. Flee! NRS8.. Fleebag.. Furlougher, Backslider or Supporter? NRS6.. G.. Going Underground! NRS4.. H.. Happy New Year 1979! The NRS Revolution!.. L.. Latest News Flashes 143.. M.. Meat of the Word.. Milk of the Word.. N.. Nationalise Re-organise Security-wise.. P.. Prayer For Protection! NRS10.. Purge.. S.. S cont.. Selah home.. Selah trash.. T.. The Four Deadly Sins! The DDDB! NRS9.. The IRF! NRS7.. W.. What Now? Persecution Fleeing! NRS2.. Where To Now? NRS3.. Why The Family? NRS5.. php?title=Category:Secrecy oldid=21046.. This page was last modified on 31 August 2008, at 22:53..

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  • Title: Contributing Information - XFamily - Children of God
    Descriptive info: Contributing Information.. Send content or corrections to the editors.. If you have something to send that you do not want to post on the public forum you may.. contact us by email.. Becoming an Editor.. We now allow anyone with a confirmed email address to.. create an editor account.. To maintain the same level of quality our readers have come  ...   of reviewers and editors before they become publicly visible by default.. Note: This website is running "wiki" software, a collaborative editing software that facilitates the collation of information in a categorized and interlinked format.. Ability to use this platform is currently a prerequisite to use an editor account.. php?title=Contributing_Information oldid=22363.. This page was last modified on 26 February 2012, at 21:01..

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