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  • Title: XFree86® Home to the X Window System
    Descriptive info: .. What is XFree86?.. Get a Release.. CVS Repository Access.. Donations.. Hosted by.. News.. Experimental snapshots.. Developer.. Feedback.. Translations.. HeLp!.. Resources.. Community Lists.. Security Talk.. Legal Information.. What is XFree86 ?.. The XFree86 Project, Inc.. is a global volunteer organization which produces.. XFree86.. , the freely redistributable open-source implementation of the.. X Window System.. continuously since 1992.. XFree86 runs primarily on UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems like Linux, all of the BSD variants, Sun Solaris both native 32 and 64 bit support, Solaris x86, Mac OS X (via Darwin) as well as other platforms like OS/2 and Cygwin.. What XFree86 does, is provide a client/server interface between the display hardware (those physical things like the mouse, keyboard, and video displays) and the desktop environment, (this is typically called a window manager as it deals with how  ...   group's goals and overall purpose are Detailed in goals and purpose detailed in our.. Mission Statement.. Where to Get XFree86.. The current release of XFree86 is version 4.. 8.. 0.. It is available.. here.. The current development version is available from our.. CVS repository.. Tell our.. Webmaster.. of errors or omissions on this page or anywhere on the whole site.. For support questions see.. Help.. Thanks.. The XFree86 web site is generously hosted by.. Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.. Copyright 1994-2012 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. All rights reserved.. XFree86 is a registered trademark of The XFree86 Project, Inc.. The Open Group, UNIX and X Window System are trademarks of The Open Group.. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.. The XFree86 logo was created and donated by Gary Swofford.. Last Modified: 4 July 2012..

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  • Title: The Current XFree86® Release: 4.8.0.
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Release 4.. The Current XFree86 Release.. Our current release is XFree86 version 4.. 0 and was released on 15 December 2008; all of its documentation (man pages, release notes, etc.. ) can be found.. Before Downloading.. Before you begin downloading the source and binaries, we recommend that you read the following three (3) pages.. first and in the order listed:.. the README file.. this gives a general overview, a discussion of our open-source licensing requirements; a developer roadmap and finally where to download the source tarballs and patches;.. the Release Notes.. this gives a summary of what this particular release contains;.. and the Installation Notes.. this give all of the information necessary on how to install the current release in your particular environment.. Getting 4.. After you have read  ...   obtained directly from our.. public CVS server.. under the release tag.. xf-4_8_0.. Post-release fixes, patches that were applied too late to be included in the 4.. release, if they exist, are on the branch called.. xf-4_8-branch.. Building XFree86 4.. 0 From Source.. If instead you want to build XFree86 4.. 0 from source, instructions how are in the.. Build.. document.. Previous Releases.. For all previous releases see the Project's.. downloads page.. Next Release.. Already eager for the next release? Then, see our.. release plans.. page.. Remember that XFree86 releases on an annual basis and the release number matches the last digit in the year i.. 2008 = 4.. of improvements for this page.. Copyright 2003-2008 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. This page is XHTML 1.. 0 transitional.. Last Modified: 18 December 2008..

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  • Title: XFree86® Public CVS Access
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Public CVS Access.. The XFree86 CVS Repository is Open.. The XFree86 CVS Repository is open and available for public read access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.. This has bee maOur hosting is generously provided by.. Internet Software Consortium.. The XFree86 Public CVS, is a copy of our master repository, and makes it possible for any developer to download and track XFree86 development almost on real-time basis.. Changes are reflected on our public.. Commits.. list or can be viewed on our.. ChangeLog.. Questions about something that was either committed, testing errors which you have found, or even an outstanding patch that you have submitted but has yet to be committed, should be brought up on the.. devel.. list so that it can be discussed with other.. active.. XFree86 developers.. Remember, that all downloads taken from the repository are not guaranteed to either compile or run, and so may not work as expected on your platform.. This is because when you check out source from the CVS repository, you are getting a snapshot of our real-time development source tree, while it is still in a state of flux.. Only released binaries and their attendant tagged sources have been community tested to run on the specific platforms we state in our current Release Notes.. Anoncvs via ssh setup in an UNIX-like environment.. CVS access methods currently supported are.. anoncvs via ssh.. ,.. anoncvs via cvs pserver.. , and.. CVSup.. In addition to these, it's possible to browse the CVS repository via.. cvsweb.. This page will be updated if new access methods become available.. First to access the XFree86 CVS repository with anoncvs, you will need three (3) things.. The first thing is the.. CVS utility.. The second, is a SSH version1 or version2 compatible version of SSH like either.. ssh.. or.. OpenSSH.. and lastly, an Internet connection which permits ssh connections (not all ISPs do so make sure yours does.. Users downloading under.. French jurisdiction.. cannot legally use 128 bit encryption but should download the CVS using.. ssf.. instead of ssh utilities.. If you are unfamiliar with ether using the CVS utility or the CVS commands go to the.. CVS web site.. for further information.. Additional information on anoncvs can also be found at the.. OpenBSD.. web site.. Now that you have the proper environment in which to access our public CVS you then need to set the following environment variables:.. For sh/ksh/bash:.. CVS_RSH=ssh CVSROOT=anoncvs@anoncvs.. xfree86.. org:/cvs export CVS_RSH CVSROOT.. For csh/tcsh:.. setenv CVS_RSH ssh setenv CVSROOT anoncvs@anoncvs.. org:/cvs.. If you do not want to set.. $CVSROOT.. instead you can run cvs as:.. cvs -d anoncvs@anoncvs.. As of 14 November 2002, the cvs utility will no longer prompt you for a password when accessing the XFree86 anoncvs repository via ssh, and it is no longer necessary to install an ssh key to avoid the password prompting.. For further.. below.. for information about the XFree86 CVS repository.. Accessing Anoncvs via Cvs Pserver in an UNIX-like environment.. To access the XFree86 CVS repository with anoncvs via cvs pserver you will need the.. loaded on your machine, and an Internet connection that permits cvs pserver connections (TCP port 2401).. If you are unfamiliar with CVS go to the.. Additional information about anoncvs can be found at.. OpenBSD's web site.. , but a lot of what is there is site-specific.. Next set the following environment variables:.. CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.. org:/cvs export CVSROOT.. setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.. If you don't want to set.. cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.. The first time you access the CVS repository, run:.. cvs login.. Enter.. "anoncvs".. when prompted for a password after which you can run cvs commands without needing to re-enter the password on that machine.. See.. Access via CVSup.. CVSup is a tool for mirroring and/or accessing CVS repositories.. It can be  ...   top level.. xc/.. directory of the source tree.. xc-clients.. This is all of the.. xc/programs/.. directory except for.. xc/programs/Xserver/.. xc-config.. xc/config/.. directory.. xc-doc.. xc/doc/.. xc-fonts.. xc/fonts/.. xc-include.. xc/include/.. xc-lib.. xc/lib/.. xc-nls.. xc/nls/.. xc-servers.. xc/programs/Xservers/.. xc-util.. xc/util/.. xc-extras.. xc/extras/.. xc-all.. It includes all of the.. xc-*.. collections above.. This corresponds directly to the.. xc.. CVS module (see.. ).. contrib-all.. contrib/.. Note: this is only relevant if you want to deal with XFree86 versions older than 4.. contrib.. xtest-all.. test/.. directory, which consists of the Xtest suite.. test.. doctools-all.. doctools/.. directory, which consists of the documentation formatting utilities.. doctools.. utils-all.. utils/.. directory, which consists of the miscellaneous utilities.. utils.. Once you've created your CVSup config file, which should be called xfree86.. cvsup, you can invoke cvsup by running:.. cvsup xfree86.. cvsup.. CVSup config file examples.. The following CVSup config file can be used to mirror the entire XFree86 CVS repository:.. org base=BASEDIR *default prefix=PREFIX delete use-rel-suffix *default compress cvs-base xc-all contrib-all xtest-all doctools-all utils-all.. The following CVSup config file can be used to maintain a checked out copy of the latest development revision of the main source tree plus the doctools source:.. org base=BASEDIR *default prefix=PREFIX delete use-rel-suffix *default compress *default tag=.. xc-all doctools-all.. The following CVSup config file can be used to maintain a checked out copy of the latest 3.. 3.. x code, including the contrib directory:.. org base=BASEDIR *default prefix=PREFIX delete use-rel-suffix *default compress *default tag=xf-3_3-branch xc-all contrib-all.. The CVS Repository.. To find a list of available modules, you can check out the ".. modules.. " module by running:.. cvs checkout modules.. This creates a directory named.. which has a file named modules with the CVS module definitions within it, i.. modules/modules.. The list of available modules can also be viewed.. or on our.. cvsweb server.. Some of the modules listed are out of date.. The main current modules are:.. This is the Main source tree and includes contrib as of 4.. This is the Contrib source tree directory for versions named 3.. x,.. except for 3.. x branch which is considered dead.. This is the Xtest suite directory.. This is the documentation formatting utilities directory.. This is where the miscellaneous utilities e.. g.. , the "extract" utility are stored.. The XFree86 CVS repository is tagged at fairly regular intervals.. The main tags have the form of.. xf-X_Y_Z.. as in the sample release of 3.. 6 which has the tag of.. xf-3_3_6.. The XFree86 release 4.. 0 has the tag.. xf-4_0.. and intermediate (test) releases, previously referred to internally as alpha and beta releases, have either one or more letters appended to their version number as in the second release after 4.. 0 is 4.. 0b, and its tag is called.. xf-4_0b.. x development work occurs on the main branch.. 3.. x development is on the.. xf-3_3-branch.. branch and has been retired.. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a newer release, but to checkout the 3.. x version run:.. cvs checkout -r xf-3_3-branch xc.. To check out the latest 4.. cvs checkout -A xc.. DISCLAIMER.. : There are no guarantees that intermediate versions of the code, including those marked with "intermediate release" tags, which are checked out from the repository will either build or run.. The source is in a constant state of development done.. Only full released binaries are likely to run on their designated platform, although there can be configuration problems and other issues that were undiscovered before release.. Getting Help.. The XFree86 Project does not provide support for CVS pre-release code.. We do however, have community mailing.. lists.. available and then there is also our.. Bug-Man.. available so you can report issues that you may have had.. Copyright 1994-2006 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. 0 valid.. CVSup is a registered trademark of John D.. Polstra.. Last modified: 7 June 2006..

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  • Title: Donating to XFree86®
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Donations.. Are you tax-exempt approved?.. Yes.. The U.. S.. A.. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved our U.. Federal tax exempt status, and has given us public charity status, effective 7 March 2003.. Why should I give? Don't you have sponsors?.. In a nutshell, No.. Unlike other open source groups, XFree86 has no vendor sponsorships, no corporate godfathers, or any other corporate overseer, which might invite coporate control of XFree86 and so X11.. We have since our inception, in 1992, always been a totally independent band of.. volunteer.. developers.. How this effects you and your money, is that when you give to XFree86, you are not only ensuring that XFree86 continues to bring you and everyone else, the very best in X11 open-source desktop software, a pledge we make in our.. bylaws.. I really like this, so, how do I donate?.. You can donate money to XFree86 by either cheque or money order made payable to The XFree86 Project, Inc and then sent to the following:.. The XFree86 Project, Inc.. c/o Marc  ...   donation be a minimum of $1.. 00 (a dollar) USD but we can accept any amount you or your company feels comfortable with, so there is neither a suggested nor a maximum amount.. Be aware though that that amounts given over $5,000.. 00 USD have special US IRS filing requirements.. What are the IRS rules on donations?.. They are published on the U.. Internal Revenue.. Service's website in publication #526.. The gist of this lengthy manual is that basically any and all money given to an "approved" charity is tax-exempt.. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice regarding the deductibility of specific large contributions.. I am not an United States resident.. Can I still get a tax-exemption?.. This is something that you would need to check with your local taxing authorities in many cases the US has tax treaties that may apply.. If there is something unclear in this Faq.. tell.. us.. Copyright 2007 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. XFree86 is a registered trademark of The XFree86 Project, Inc,.. Last Modified: 21 May 2007..

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  • Title: XFree86®'s Experimental Source Snaps
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Experimental Source Snapshots.. XFree86 interim experimental source code snapshots, snaps, are fast moving versions which are used to test new features.. By their very nature, snaps are unpredictable and can cause loss of service for either your driver, the X server or at very least create very erratic results.. Alternatively, you may experience no problems whatsoever.. Because of those caveats, experimental snaps are best reserved for XFree86.. (typically coders and testers), intrepid souls who are very comfortable, and unpreturbed by, working with code in flux.. Questions about your test results should be reported, as always, to the XFree86 community.. opment list.. Our experimental snaps are available from our.. ftp server.. in tarball format.. They are generated automatically on a semi-monthly basis, which is currently the 7th and 21st, during the.. experimental phase.. These tarred-snaps are useful for those who prefer to download large source tarballs or source patches instead of using the..  ...   best to take the.. latest.. snap.. Mixing and matching between snaps and CVS pulls is also not recommended, as our tree contains some binary files that "diff" cannot handle, so using source patches to get versions between snaps may not work reliably from one snap to the next.. As always with experimental work, community feedback is crucial so post your results to the development team.. (devel at XFree86 dot org).. to let them know how it turns out.. Current Phase.. XFree86 4.. 0 was released on 15 December 2008.. We are currently in the development phase for the 4.. 9.. 0 release.. Latest experimental snapshot: 4.. 7.. 99.. 31 (9 December 2008).. 4.. 31 source tarball.. 31 source patch.. The CVS tag for this snapshot is.. xf-4_7_99_31.. 31 Changes:.. 31 (9 December 2008) 69.. Fix error path in -configure processing.. (Matthieu Herrb).. Last Modified: 19 November 2013.. Copyright 2003-2006 The XFree86 Project, Inc..

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  • Title: How to become an XFree86® Developer
    Descriptive info: How to Become an XFree86 Developer.. The 4-Step Program:.. Get.. the latest code.. Build and.. it on your hardware.. Subscribe.. at least.. to our.. devel list.. Participate regularly adding your insights, questions, gripes and raves.. If you would like submit code or patches.. When you feel comfortable and are ready to submit source code for either new features or patches to fix old ones to XFree86, first run it by the.. list.. Once that's done, and particularly if there is no comment, meaning that no one has anything to offer or add to your work, submit your source to our.. This is the best method to track ts progress and view when it is applied against the source.. If that sounds more trouble than it is worth (the Bug-Man requires you set up an account first to submit bugs, but you can query for free), then just submit it to patch@xfree86.. org.. Either way, a committer will 'claim' it and then apply it for you.. Look to the CVS-commit messages for confirmation as not all committers remember to close out a Bug patch and patches of course leaves no trail.. Submitting code and applying patches always happens, at all times of our development.. cycles.. Whether your work will  ...   is in turn based on the original MIT/X license.. There are though, many other licenses in XFree86 and.. this list.. has all that are in the current XFree86 release.. It also provides an example of acceptable copyright/licensing schemes.. For a new license to be submitted to XFree86, it must meet all of the following free and open-source conditions:.. The code must be able to be redistributable in either source or binary form by others.. Others must be permitted to modify the code, and to distribute modified code or derived code without being required to pay a licensing fee or other financial consideration to the copyright holder.. Others must be permitted to distribute binary-only forms of the code or derived code if they wish to do so.. Contributors of source code to The XFree86 Project are free to retain ownership of their code and although contributors may choose to assign copyright ownership of such code to XFree86 there is no requirement or expectation that this be done.. A consequence of this is that XFree86 developers are free to release any or all of the code that they contribute independently of XFree86 releases.. of errors or omissions on this page.. Copyright 2002-2005 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. Last Modified: 9 February 2005..

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  • Title: Getting Help with XFree86®
    Descriptive info: Getting Help with XFree86.. The following four (4) steps are the best way to solve your problems with your XFree86 installation.. 1.. Check the Documentation.. Documentation for the latest XFree86 release is available.. , while documentation for previous releases can be found.. there.. If you have specific questions concerning installation and configuration issues, a question something like whether: A.. certain.. video chip is supported on a.. box with a.. monitor and if so.. Check our.. 2.. Search for Information.. Search.. either the XFree86 web site, or the XFree86.. bug.. database to see if someone else has already reported the particular trouble that you are having.. This is a good idea as this is a rather large community-based Project, and often someone has already reported, submitted and perhaps even resolved (either by answering or committing a patch to the cvs) your issue.. Ask for Information.. If these steps have failed, then the.. XFree86.. is the best place to ask about problems you are having.. This mailing list is open to the whole XFree86 community by.. subscription.. If the problem is with the XFree86 X server itself, it is a good idea to include with your message to.. the following:.. a copy of your XFree86 log file (.. /var/log/XFree86.. log.. ).. and the.. XF86Config.. file.. The exact name of your  ...   (we still need the same information mentioned above though) and want to track its progress.. if you have already posted to XFree86 and there was no ready answer.. In this latter case, posting your issue with the Bug-Man is a good way for the problem not to be forgotten.. It's also a good idea to mention when and where you first brought it up so someone can trace through it's history and start researching your concern; sometimes there was an answer but you missed it.. That can happen because of the volume of mail that occurs on our listsi so mentioning the original message is a good way for us to see what, if anything, happened.. Always though, no matter the outcome, re-test your bug and see if either our response or future snapshots have addressed it.. Because this is a volunteer project we have limited resources to address every issue individually.. Sorry about that.. So in recap, try the mailing list first, and if that does not work then log it to the Bug-Man so you will not lose your request.. When, sometimes unfortunately if, satisfaction has been made, close your bug-log and if you can send us some thanks too, that goes a long way and we appreciate it.. Suggestions?.. about it.. Last Modified: 17 July 2006..

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  • Title: Resources for XFree86®
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Resources.. XFree86-specific Resources.. This page is a clearinghouse for X11 and its related technologies.. It has all of the XFree86 release documentation, various contributor pages, and a list of the most popular windowing managers and desktops.. If that is not enough, we offer a search facility for combing through all of it in search of your particular query.. If you came to this page because of a specific problem with your Xserver we recommend the following for self-help trouble-shooting: our.. HELp!.. page, which explains the whole process.. And finally, Do you know of any sites not listed here, that you think should? Tell.. Release-related XFree86 documentation.. This is the heart of X11/XFree86 documentation and has an incomparable amount of information on our software.. All of the following resources were correct when published.. It is possible that changes (maintenance fixes, upgrades, and enhancements) to the source have made this documentation either out of date or incomplete, so it is always suggested to read the source code, written in C, or ask questions on our lists for specific questions.. Current Release Documentation.. XFree86's.. Input Video Drivers.. Summary Table.. Manpages.. Driver Manpages.. in HTML and PDF.. Commands Macros.. Release Notes.. Previous Release Documentation.. XFree86-4.. 4.. release documentation.. 2.. 1.. XFree86 3.. 6..  ...   IPV6.. Fonts.. in XFree86.. After.. X-TT Project.. Cygwin.. /XFree86.. Auto Configure.. for XFree86: this automatically configures your XFree86; no extra tools are needed.. XFree86-related documentation.. This list has those who have.. indirectly.. contributed to the use of the X11 protocol and so XFree86, either by documentation or builds work.. They are also maintained solely by their author(s).. Savage.. Duoview.. Building XFree86 on.. Solaris.. Sun Solaris.. porting.. guide.. The.. FreeType.. Project.. Driver Features.. AccessX.. for disabilities.. Laptops.. XFree86-related window managers.. Window-managers are software that runs on-top of XFree86 and allows you to transform the look and feel of your desktop.. There are literally hundreds available; we are highlighting some of the more interesting.. Xilicius.. IceWM.. AfterStep.. Enlightenment.. fvwm.. perlWM.. Escher.. and of course our own non-nonsense.. default TWM.. XFree86-related desktops.. Desktops are software that run on-top of XFree86 and create a whole windowing environment, along with giving you many other tools and applications for you to use.. 3D Desktop.. GNOME.. KDE.. Searching XFree86.. A common request is searching the XFree86 documentation and website.. You can also use this facility to search sites we link to but are non-search enabled.. A help page will soon be set up to show you how.. Copyright 1994-2005 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. Last Modified: 7 June 2006..

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  • Title: The Community Lists @ XFree86®
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Community Mailing Lists.. Introduction.. XFree86 has several community lists open to open-source and XFree86 developers and users.. These lists are the.. only.. way to participate in XFree86 discussion.. We have neither private development.. often called member-only lists.. nor IRC channels.. Everything we do and discuss happens on these lists, which are easily broken out for you to pick the best one for your purposes.. All XFree86 community mailing lists are unmoderated, and require list-subscription for posting.. User Support and Getting Help.. list is for user help and support issues, including installation, configuration and setup issues regardless of the hardware or software platform.. Before posting a question check our.. pages and even the mail archives themselves as your concern may have already been answered.. Development.. list is best for all XFree86 development issues.. CVS  ...   can follow along easily.. You can also access the whole list and avoid daily messages by viewing our.. Changelog.. One-off messages including Inter-Project Communication.. Forum.. is available for discussing news issues relevant to either X11 OR any of it's related technologies or wishlists of new features that you would like or think its important for the XFree86 developers to consider.. Archives.. External sites such as.. mail-archive.. com.. marc.. theaimsgroup.. keep archives of the XFree86 mailing lists except for the cvs commit list which both we and the above sites have.. Summary of XFree86 Public Mailing Lists.. General user support and help.. Technical development discussions.. cvs-commit.. CVS commit messages; read-only.. forum.. Inter-project discussions, wishlists, and community concerns.. Thoughts? Write some mail to our.. webmaster.. Copyright 1999-2006 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. Last Modified: 17 July 2005..

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  • Title: Known Security Issues in XFree86®
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Security Issues.. XFree86 security contact.. To report a security related problem in XFree86, contact.. security.. at XFree86.. If you prefer to send encrypted mail, use the security.. public key.. Recent XFree86 security fixes.. This is a summary of security related fixes in successive XFree86 releases:.. 5.. 12 experimental snapshot.. X server pixmap allocation issues (.. CERT Vulnerability note VU#102441.. ) (.. CAN-2005-2495.. Additional libXpm issues (.. CAN-2005-0605.. All fixes listed hereafter since 4.. 18 experimental snapshot.. libXpm issues (.. CAN-2004-0914.. 16 experimental snapshot.. Integer overflow in libICE/libSM.. 14 experimental snapshot.. libXpm stack and integer overflow issues (.. CAN-2004-0687.. CAN-2004-0688.. 6 experimental snapshot.. xdm listen on random socket when DisplayManager.. requestPort is 0 (.. CAN-2004-0419.. This release includes all fixes listed hereafter since 4.. 903 Release Candidate.. Font file buffer overlows fixed (.. CAN-2004-0083.. CAN-2004-0084.. CAN-2004-0106.. source patch.. is also available for earlier XFree86 versions.. 13 experimental snapshot.. Check for failure of the pam_setcred() function in xdm session initialization.. (.. CAN-2003-0690.. Better pseudo-random number generation for XDM session cookies.. CAN-2003-0692.. Fixes for potential integer overflows in font libraries (.. CAN-2003-0730.. No major security updates are included in this release.. The following enhancements can be noted however:.. Add a X server configuration option (.. DontVTSwitch.. ) to disable the VT switching hot keys.. Add a resource setting to xterm (.. AllowWindowsOps.. ) to disable the extended window operations (e.. , resize, iconify, report window attributes).. This addresses.. CAN-2003-0063.. Fix two possible DoS (character sequences  ...   to the X server if the xdm auth dir does not exist.. Do not let a non-root user halt the machine by having X send SIGUSR1 to the init(8) process.. Fix a buffer overflow in glyph clipping for large origin.. Fix authentication issues with mmap() on drm devices.. Check for negative reply length/overflow in _XAsyncReply.. Plug kernel security hole in Linux int10.. Fix temp files vulnerabilities in xman, Xaw and man page installation.. Fix an XSecurity extension bug that could cause an X server DoS.. Fix a possible overflow in xkb options parsing.. Fixed recently publicized security issues in some of the X libraries, including: a possible libICE DoS, a possible xdmcp DoS, and some potentially exploitable integer overflows.. Improved xterm log file security (still not compiled in by default).. Fix for xterm DoS with arbitrarily large resize requests.. Log failed xdm logins through syslog (only enabled on OpenBSD for now).. Add a new resource "allowRootLogin" to xdm (True by default).. Support in xdm for PAM on Linux and for KerberosIV on OpenBSD.. Add request bounds checking for xfs.. Fix possible races in xauth and libXau.. 6:.. Fix for some insecure uses of mktemp(3) in the imake program.. Update the default xdm config file to disable listening for XDMCP requests.. 5:.. Fixes to config utils and x11pcomp.. Fix a potential SEGV in xauth.. 4:.. Fix a problem in xtrans with sub-directories creation under.. /tmp/.. Copyright 1994-2006 XFree86 Project, Inc.. Last Modified: 11 April 2006..

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  • Title: XFree86® Own Licenses
    Descriptive info: XFree86 Licenses.. The current version of the XFree86 Project licence is.. and applies to all versions (tags, snapshots, releases) of the software.. subsequent.. to XFree86 version 4.. 903 (XFree86 4.. 0 RC3).. Our previous version is 1.. 0, applies to 4.. 902 (XFree86 4.. 0 RC) and all XFree86 versions (tags, snapshots, releases) of the software.. preceeding.. the 1.. 1 revision.. XFree86 as a whole contains software covered by a range of different licenses and is not covered by.. a.. single license.. The 1.. 1 licence revision itself applies only to those portions of the code that are copyrighted by solely The XFree86 Project, Inc.. Even so, some portions of this code continue to carry the 1.. 0 license.. Refer to each source file for specific licence details.. While we admit that all these licenses are unwieldy, and such a concept of 'several licenses' in one piece of software is undoubtedly unfamiiar to most in the free and open-source community, we hope that the following FAQ explains the rationale for this.. If not, tell.. how to improve this FAQ so our licensing scheme is transparent but above all,.. free.. Version 1.. 1 of XFree86 Project Licence.. Copyright (C) 1994-2004 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicence, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:.. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions, and the following disclaimer.. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution, and in the same place and form as other copyright, license and disclaimer information.. The end-user documentation included with the redistribution, if any, must include the following acknowledgment: "This product includes software developed by The XFree86 Project, Inc (http://www.. org/) and its contributors", in the same place and form as other third-party acknowledgments.. Alternately, this acknowledgment may appear in the software itself, in the same form and location as other such third-party acknowledgments.. Except as contained in this notice, the name of The XFree86 Project, Inc shall not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or other dealings in this Software without prior written authorization from The XFree86 Project, Inc.. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ``AS IS'' AND ANY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED.. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE XFREE86 PROJECT, INC OR ITS CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.. The FAQ about the XFree86 1.. 1 licence.. The XFree86 1.. 1 license uses some language from the original 1.. 0 license, together with some language from the Apache 1.. 1 license.. There are also other modifications that are solely intended to clarify the intent.. These modifications though have caused a lot of raucous comments, a lot of which is unfounded, but neverthless, for which the XFree86 Project is decidely unhappy with, so it is the lone purpose of this FAQ to dispel any and all uncertainity surrounding the license revision.. Why did you modify your license?.. David Dawes.. , the current President of the XFree86 Project, gave the Project's reasons when he announced the..  ...   also be made in a likewise manner.. Alternatively, if a derived work carries an acknowledgement of third-party software contributions within the software itself, such as a banner message, splash screen, about box, etc, then the XFree86 acknowledgement must be made similiarly.. What if there are no other acknowledgements of third party software?.. In that extremely rare case, where there is no other form of acknowledgements for other third-party software contributions in either the end-user documentation or in the software itself, then an explicit XFree86 acknowlegement is not required.. All that is required is that the copyright and license accompany binary redistributions as stated in clause 2 of the licence.. Are you demanding credit everywhere?.. No.. Acknowledgements or credits for other, non-software contributions, are not a factor all.. A good example is, if you credit the artwork on a CDROM booklet, you are NOT required to place an XFree86 acknowledgement in that same place because even if you consider the CDROM booklet part of the end-user documentation, artwork credit is not a third-party software acknowledgement.. What about if there are multiple forms of end-user documentation?.. In this instance, when there are multiple forms or pieces of end-user documentation which contain acknowledgements for third-party software contributions, then our requirement is satisfied by including the XFree86 acknowledgement in the most.. appropriate.. piece.. What about GPL-compatibility? Is XFree86 GPL compatible?.. The XFree86 Project maintains that the 4.. 0 release of XFree86 is as GPL compatible as any and all previous versions were.. But what about you wanting "credit"? I heard it was an advertising clause?.. Our Credit clause is Absolutely Not an advertising clause! An advertising clause explicitly mentions "advertising" like this one does in.. paragraph #3.. We do not have anything remotely similiar despite what you may read or hear elsewhere.. As for "credit" being GPL-compatible, the.. GPL FAQ.. states that credit is something someone, like us, may want.. It specifically mentions that you can only ask for credit.. if you are the copyright holder.. , which is why XFree86 only revised the license on work which we are the copyright holder to.. Can XFree86 under the new 1.. 1 license still be distributed with GPL programs?.. This issue called 'mere aggregation' concerns putting two programs of different licensing schemes side by side on the same CD or DVD or hard disk.. In this particuar case, just because one of the programs is covered by the GPL does not mean it's neighbor must also.. They are independent of each and are 'merely aggregated' in the same space.. XFree86 has always been 'aggregated' with GPL programs and can continue to be so.. And so are you still.. ?.. Absolutely.. Always have been, always will be.. We consider this the foundation of who we are, and so we put it in our name ;-).. 0 of XFree86 Project License.. Copyright (C) 1994-2003 The XFree86 Project, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT.. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE XFREE86 PROJECT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.. Except as contained in this notice, the name of the XFree86 Project shall not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or other dealings in this Software without prior written authorization from the XFree86 Project.. Spelling Notes:.. License/Licence has been spelled variously throughout this page, and our website, to suit American and British readers.. They are also equally correct according to both the American.. Merriam-Webster.. and the British.. Cambridge.. dictionaries.. Last Updated: 1 January 2005..

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