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  • Title: xPUD - Shortest Path to the Cloud
    Descriptive info: .. Sponsored by.. FileDeck.. net.. Select a language:.. English.. Chinese Trad.. Chinese Simp.. Home.. |.. About.. Download.. Forum.. xPUD.. A Browser OS.. with an App Store.. The desktop has never been this easy -- Get your favorite web browser with a simple web-based interface on top.. Download.. 0.. 9.. 2.. 256MB RAM and 64MB free disk required.. Easy and Fast.. Power on, get online.. Start surfing or playing music and movies within seconds.. Thin and Rich.. Not just the web, also access your data and run your  ...   New Features.. - Read about what's new in version 0.. 2.. Install HowTo.. - Learn how to create LiveUSB or install xPUD on Windows.. Hardware Support.. - Enable additional device drivers for your desktop PC.. You can also help us build a better xPUD by.. making a donation.. from Paypal.. Developer Resources.. IRC Channel - Join our channel at.. #xpud.. on.. irc.. freenode.. Developer Forum -.. http://www.. xpud.. org/forum/.. Bug Tracker -.. http://code.. google.. com/p/xpud/issues/list.. Source Code -.. http://github.. com/penk/mkxpud.. Blog.. Twitter.. Contact Us.. (We do customize! :-)..

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  • Title: xPUD - Shortest Path to the Cloud
    Descriptive info: KaryoTechnologies.. Next Generation.. - Learn about our latest creation, TableWare platform..

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  • Title: xPUD | About
    Descriptive info: About xPUD.. Design From the Ground Up.. xPUD is an unique Linux distribution, consisting mainly of a.. web browser.. and a.. media player.. , with a simple.. user interface.. on top.. It can turn your computer into a kiosk-like station by leveraging.. web technologies.. , making surfing and watching movies as easy as pie.. Thin and Rich at the Same Time.. It's fast, on average booting.. within 10 seconds.. (.. demo on YouTube.. ), and it's small, too.. Core image is weighing in at under.. 35MB.. , yet it still remains binary compatible with most major Linux distributions like Ubuntu or Fedora.. So xPUD can not only be a great platform to deliver Web Apps, but it's also suitable for use on Netbooks or All-in-one PCs..  ...   so, we can keep binary compatibility with other Linux, while minimize the rootfs.. “plate” User Interface.. Our experimental web-based user interface,.. plate.. , is a combination of.. Mozilla Gecko Runtime.. and desktop integration with the underlying Linux stack.. The main features are composed of four activity-based tabs, including.. Home Screen.. ,.. Application Menu.. File Browser.. Setting Center.. By leverage web technologies, we can have the advantages of web application like rapidly developing and easily mash-up, also made it possible to develop a platform-independent environment.. About Us.. This project is under heavy development, you may find further information in the.. source code repository.. , and we're looking forward to any kind of feedback, please post on our.. forum.. , join IRC channel at.. or.. contact us.. directly..

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  • Title: xPUD | Download
    Descriptive info: Thanks for downloading.. CD.. USB.. Install on Hard Drive.. Latest Release: Version 0.. Download ISO image:.. xpud-0.. iso.. (64MB).. Creating LiveCD.. This is a bootable CD image.. To boot from it you will need to:.. Download the image above.. Burn it using a CD-R or CD-RW drive.. Set CDROM to first boot device in BIOS.. Running in Virtual Machine.. You can also run xPUD with virtual machine like VirtualBox, VMware and QEMU.. Note that network device should set to.. pcnet32.. e1000.. ne2k-pci.. Creating LiveUSB.. Download LiveUSB creator for.. Windows.. Linux.. Insert your USB drive into computer, then double click it to execute.. After done, rename.. isolinux.. cfg.. to override.. syslinux.. on your drive.. Install xPUD on Windows XP/Vista/7.. Download installer for Windows:.. exe.. Still in testing, use at  ...   if you're using GRUB on first partition:.. title xPUD 0.. 2 root (hd0,0) kernel /xpud-0.. 2-image noisapnp quiet lang=en screen=1024x786.. You can also boot the ISO image by using Grub2:.. menuentry "xPUD 0.. 2" { loopback loop (hd0,0)/xpud-0.. iso linux(loop)/boot/xpud isofrom=/xpud-0.. iso noisapnp quiet initrd (loop)/opt/media }.. Opt-Get 外掛系統.. Due to the small size, xPUD comes with limited drivers and applications.. You can extend the functionalities of xPUD by using.. Opt-Get.. software plugin system.. Download these.. Opt.. plugins, and put them under.. opt/.. directory of your bootable device, they'll be auto loaded while xPUD is booting.. Extra Drivers.. (24MB).. Codecs.. (14MB).. Dropbox.. (17.. 7MB).. Skype.. (27MB).. OpenOffice.. org.. (122MB).. Extra Utilities.. (3.. 9MB).. Mirror Sites.. http://soldat.. gr/xpud/.. http://ftp.. ubuntu-tw.. org/mirror/download.. org/.. ftp://ftp.. dorm.. ccu.. edu.. tw/pub/Linux/xPUD/.. http://mesrss.. free.. fr/..

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  • Title: TableWare - Web-based Window Manager
    Descriptive info: TableWare.. Web-based Window Manager.. TableWare lets you implement window manager in CSS/HTML/JavaScript, and helps web developers be awesome at conquering Linux devices.. Features.. Mapping XCB events to browser.. Works on all browsers with NPAPI support.. Bonus: control system through WebSocket and DBus!.. Demo.. Check out the demo video on YouTube, and get the source code on.. on Github..

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