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  • Title: Xerlin XML Editor
    Descriptive info: .. Opensource Extensible XML Modeling Application.. An Opensource project hosted by Exari.. , Inc.. Download.. Documentation.. Development.. Bug Reporting.. Welcome to the Xerlin project.. The Xerlin Project is a Java based XML modeling application written to make creating and editing XML files easier.. It runs on any Java 2 virtual machine (JDK1.. 2.. 2 or higher).. The application is extensible via custom editor interfaces that can be added for individual DTD's.. Version 1.. 0 is released and we are working on version 2.. 0.. Developers are welcome to join.. If you're looking for a nice user interface for XML, you've come to the right place.. This is an OpenSource project for developers interested in creating a UI for working with XML data files.. Xerlin can validate XML against both DTDs and Schemas.. Xerlin does a great job with DTDs whilst full Schema support is still a work in progress.. Xerlin contains contributions originally made to the Merlot XML editor project, the open source project on which Xerlin is based.. ChannelPoint founded and hosted the Merlot XML Editor as an open source project during 2000-2001.. Xerlin has been created to build on those foundations.. Xerlin is an open source project, and any contributions are accepted on the basis that they will be made freely available to users of Xerlin, subject to the Xerlin open source.. license.. Features.. Java based - JRE1.. 3 and higher.. Simple tagless XML editing environment.. Open source.. Full DTD support.. Schema support (work in progress).. WebDAV enabled.. MAC OSX support.. Extensible plugin architecture - easily build your own custom editing environments.. XML Library functionality for sharing content between documents.. Anyone can participate.. Anyone interested is welcome to help with the Xerlin project.. We are a group of people interested in seeing XML technology become accessible to more people via nice user interfaces.. Please read more about.. how to participate.. News.. Xerlin on SourceForge - May, 2005.. Xerlin is now a.. SourceForge.. project.. CVS, downloads,  ...   property.. merlot.. auto.. add.. nodes.. when set Xerlin will automatically add any compulsory children of a newly added element.. Xerlin Update - October, 2003.. Added.. examples.. directory containing example Schema and DTD files, improved schema editing panels, better handling of duplicate plugin names and paste/before after issue resolved.. Xerlin Update - September, 2003.. Improved Schema support.. This is now available in the latest CVS.. Xerlin in Japanese - August, 2003.. MShift Inc.. and partners have kindly contributed Japanese resource files for Xerlin.. Xerlin FAQ update - May, 2003.. The.. FAQ.. documentation has been updated to reflect Xerlin's latest features.. Xerlin CVS Build - April, 2003.. A latest CVS.. of Xerlin is now available for download.. This is a good way to view the latest features and fixes committed by the Xerlin team.. 3_beta1 - March, 2003.. This.. release.. has many new features, including XML Schema support, WebDAV capabilities as well as user interface enhancements and bug fixes.. 2_1 - September, 2002.. has many new features, including the Xerlin panel - an XML editor component that can be integrated into any Swing application, enhanced library support allowing sharing of XML elements between documents, cut/copy/paste improvements, numerous bug fixes.. New Plug-in Cookbook - July, 2002.. Robert Parker has contributed a.. Plug-ins Cookbook.. This is a useful resource for anyone wishing to start developing custom interfaces with Xerlin.. 2 Beta 1 - June, 2002.. has some major new features, including support for Xerces 1.. 4 instead of xml4j, and a more intuitive editing panel.. New User Guide - March, 2001.. A new.. User Guide.. document is available from the.. documentation page.. This is an excellent resource for users who are new to XML and Xerlin.. September, 2000.. Posted.. Who's Using Xerlin.. August, 2000.. Plugin Development Guide.. in the documentation section.. Consulting Services.. There are services available to anyone who requires assistance writing specific plugins or integrating Xerlin into their existing application.. Just mail.. consult.. at.. xerlin.. org.. for more information..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: /* ====================================================================== The Xerlin XML Editor is Copyright (c) 2002 Exari Holdings, Inc.. and other contributors.. It includes software developed for the Merlot XML Editor which is Copyright (c) 1999-2000 ChannelPoint, Inc.. All rights reserved.. ====================================================================== Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1.. Redistribution of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.. 2.. Redistribution in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.. 3.. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software must display the following acknowledgment: "This product includes software developed by the Exari Group for use in the Xerlin XML Editor www.. xerlin.. org and software developed by ChannelPoint, Inc.. for use in the Merlot XML Editor www.. merlotxml.. org" 4.. Except for the acknowledgments required by these conditions, any names trademarked by Exari Holdings, Inc.. must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior written permission.. For written permission, please contact info@exari.. com.. Any names trademarked by ChannelPoint, Inc.. For written  ...   to Xerlin (which is encouraged but not required) acknowledge and agree that: (a) any such contributions accepted and included in Xerlin will be subject to this license; (b) Exari Holdings, Inc.. or any successor that hosts the Xerlin project will always have the right to make those contributions available under this license or an equivalent open source license; and (c) all contributions are made with the full authority of their owner/s.. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED.. IN NO EVENT SHALL EXARI HOLDINGS, INC.. OR CHANNELPOINT, INC.. OR ANY CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.. ====================================================================== For more information on EXARI visit www.. exari.. com For information on the XERLIN project visit www.. org */..

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  • Title: Xerlin Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Xerlin Frequently Asked Questions.. Last updated: May 2003.. 1).. What is Xerlin?.. Xerlin is an XML editing or modeling tool written in 100% Java.. It runs on any platform with JDK1.. 2 or higher.. It provides an extensible architecture where developers can plug-in their own editing screens to make editing certain elements of a DTD easier, or more specific to their application.. 2).. What do you mean by XML Modeling Tool?.. Most XML editors are just that, a text editor that has special features for XML files.. Xerlin provides a cleaner user interface for novice and power-users alike, but the actual text of the XML file is not available (yet) for direct editing by the user within the application.. 3).. How do I get Xerlin?.. The initial version of the source is available for download from our.. Distribution.. page.. We also have a.. CVS server.. available for anonymous CVS access.. 4).. What makes Xerlin different than other XML editors?.. Xerlin provides a Java plugin API that  ...   to learn XML as most other editors make you do.. 6).. What's involved in creating a custom editor for individual elements?.. You write a Swing component that implements a certain interface.. You'll be able to see how simple this is when we get the source released.. 7).. Can Xerlin handle XML schemas in addition to DTD's?.. Yes - there are still some aspects that need to be worked on, but this is part of why we're open sourcing it, so new functionality can be added by the people that need it the most.. We are working on a Xerlin wish list.. 8).. Can I integrate Xerlin into other applications?.. Yes - there is a component called the XerlinPanel which allows the Xerlin XML editor to be a added to an existing Swing application in the same way that a JButton or JComboBox could be added.. See the XerlinPanel JavaDoc for more information.. 9).. How can I get started writing plugins?.. See the.. or.. Robert Parker's Plugin Cookbook..

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  • Title: DTD Plug-in Cookbook
    Descriptive info: How to Develop Xerlin DTD Plug-ins Cookbook.. Xerlin is an extensible XML editor.. For a particular XML tag you can create a custom editor frame to be displayed to the user.. Xerlin comes with its own default editor that allows modification of the attributes according to the DTD, this may be sufficient for your requirements but Xerlin also allows you to specify GIFs to be associated with each XML tag.. The way you customise Xerlin is to create a plugin jar file and place it in the directory where Xerlin can find it.. When the user selects File/New they are presented with a list of plugin editors (one for each DTD type).. This cookbook develops a DTD plugin called exampleeditor.. If all you wish to do is use the default tag editor but with your own GIFs then ignore the first two steps.. Download the Xerlin source.. src-root/ shown below is just a synonym for where the Xerlin code has been expanded.. Under the merlot/ directory create a plugins/ directory (note there already is a plugin/ directory).. Below plugins/ create exampleeditor/.. +- src-root/ | +- org/ | +- merlotxml/ | +- merlot/ | +- plugins/ | +- exampleeditor/ | +-.. ExampleEditor.. java.. From the src-root/ run the command.. \jdk1.. 2\bin\javac -extdirs "d:\program files\merlot\merlot-1.. 0\lib" \ org\merlotxml\merlot\plugins\exampleeditor\ExampleEditor.. java.. Create a jar-staging/ directory according to the tree below.. Then copy the ExampleEditor.. class into the classes/ directory and create the exampleeditor.. dtd and plugin.. xml files.. +- jar-staging | +- classes/ | | | +- org/ | | | +- merlotxml/ | | | +- merlot/ | | | +- plugins/ | | | +- exampleeditor/ | | | +- ExampleEditor.. class | +- dtd/ | | | +-.. exampleeditor.. dtd.. | +- icons/ | | | +- large.. gif | small.. gif | +-.. plugin.. xml.. To create the jar file run the following command from jar-staging/.. 2\bin\jar cvf exampleeditor.. jar *.. Copy the exampleeditor.. jar to the plugins/ directory in the runtime (installed) Xerlin directory.. Select New from the File menu, the exampleeditor DTD info should appear in the list of available DTDs.. Whenever you create an Ingredient tag, the ExampleEditor.. class is invoked (which just prints to System.. out).. Code.. package org.. merlot.. plugins.. exampleeditor; import  ...   it can put the cursor in the first * field.. XXX this should probably be handled by event listening instead */ public void grabFocus(JPanel p) { } /** * Returns true if the component editor wants a particular node hidden * from the user.. If the editor wants to filter * what the user sees in their display, it should look at the * given node, otherwise it should return false.. This is usefull * particularly if the editor handles its children.. It can hide * the children nodes from the user's view.. */ public boolean suppressNode(MerlotDOMNode node) { return false; } /** * Old deprecated way to allows the plugin to hide certain items * on the add- menu.. For example, the plugin for the * accessibility permissions might not * want the user to be able to directly add an "access" element, so * it can request that that be suppressed.. */ public boolean suppressAddType(DTDElement el) { return false; } /** * New encoraged way to * allow the plugin to hide certain items on the add-> menu.. For * example, the plugin for the accessibility permissions might not * want the user to be able to directly add an "access" element, so * it can request that that be suppressed.. */ public boolean suppressAddType(GrammarComplexType el) { return false; } }.. Note that as the ExampleEditor tag has a #REQUIRED attribute this causes Xerlin to print a warning on System.. err (?) when this DTD is loaded.. ?xml encoding="US-ASCII"? !ELEMENT ExampleEditor (Ingredients?,Steps?)* !ATTLIST ExampleEditor name CDATA #REQUIRED description CDATA #IMPLIED url CDATA #IMPLIED type (soup|main|pudding) "pudding" !ELEMENT Ingredients (Ingredient)* !ATTLIST Ingredients name CDATA #IMPLIED !ELEMENT Ingredient EMPTY !ATTLIST Ingredient name CDATA #IMPLIED amount CDATA #IMPLIED !ELEMENT Steps (Step)* !ATTLIST Steps name CDATA #IMPLIED !ELEMENT Step EMPTY !ATTLIST Step name CDATA #IMPLIED instruction CDATA #IMPLIED.. ?xml version="1.. 0"? dtd-plugin name Example Editor /name longName Example Editor (cookbook example) /longName version 1.. 0 /version author Robert Parker /author url http://www.. cookbook.. com /url dtd file dtd/exampleeditor.. dtd /file doctype ExampleEditor /doctype publicID -//cookbook.. com//Example Editor 1.. 0//EN /publicID systemID http://www.. com/dtd/exampleeditor.. dtd /systemID /dtd icon source="icons/large.. gif" smallSource="icons/small.. gif" element Ingredients /element element Steps /element /icon editor element Ingredient /element class org.. exampleeditor.. ExampleEditor /class /editor /dtd-plugin..

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  • Title: Xerlin 1.1 User Guide
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  • Title: Who's Using Xerlin?
    Descriptive info: Who's Using Xerlin?.. Yes, there are people using Xerlin in the real world! This page is a quick run down of who's using it, and how.. If you're using Xerlin for a project, please let us know by sending an email to.. Enhydra.. "We developed a B2B tool for XML and EDI data interchange.. It is necessary to define the format of the EDI data.. This is done in XML in our product.. There are many structures in EDI messages, this is very complex.. These structures are messages, segments, segmentgroups, composite dataelements and dataelements.. We defined the possible structure in a DTD.. It is.. really.. nice that you could use the right mouse in Xerlin to add ONLY an allowed substructure into the formatdescription of the EDI data.. For example: If your cursor is on a segment, you are only allowed to add a composite dataelement or a dataelement.. That works very fine in Xerlin and beginners of EDI couldn't make that many errors defining the structures.. " -- Stefan Heller.. Exari.. "Exari's SmartEditor tool, based on Xerlin, is intended to provide lawyers with a customised assembly and editing environment for contracts and other legal documents.. The SmartEditor:.. enables  ...   document drafting process normally undertaken by lawyers.. provides for user-definable templates, so that complex tree structures are hidden from users".. -- Justin Lipton.. MShift.. "MShift, Inc.. is a wireless applications company based in San Jose, CA.. MShift's flagship product, MobileShift(tm) ACStar, enables the rapid extension to all mobile devices, of existing back-end business solutions such as banking, finance, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce applications.. MobileShift(tm) ACStar seamlessly integrates with existing back-end applications such as OFX servers, relational database servers, web servers, XML, and other back-end systems.. It supports a wide range of existing protocols and rapidly adds wireless access to these existing back-end applications.. MShift provides a wide range of solutions and services to meet each client's unique requirements.. Services include In-House solutions, ASP hosted solutions, and consulting services, including complete end-to-end development, testing, and deployment.. With MShift's solutions, institutions can quickly and painlessly extend their services to mobile clients using WAP phones, Pocket PC's, Palm OS devices, RIM pagers, iMode phones, voice-only phones, and other hand held devices.. MShift is developing a new MScript editor based on Xerlin, that would allow the rapid development and deployment of MScripts, the scripting language for the MobileShift(tm) ACStar platform.. " --Awele Ndili..

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  • Title: Xerlin Plugin Development Guide
    Descriptive info: Xerlin Plugin Development Guide.. July 7, 2002.. This version:.. http://www.. org/docs/plugins/plugin-dev-guide.. html.. Authors and Contributors:.. Tim McCune, ChannelPoint.. Kelly Campbell, ChannelPoint.. Justin Lipton, Exari.. Table of Contents.. 1 Introduction.. 2 Plugin Overview.. 1 Configuration.. 2 Classes.. 3 DTD Plugins.. 1 dtd-plugin.. 2 name.. 3 longName.. 4 version.. 5 author.. 6 url.. 7 dtd.. 7.. 1 file.. 2 doctype.. 3 publicID.. 4 systemID.. 8 editor.. 8.. 1 class.. 1.. 1 MerlotDOMEditor interface.. 2 element.. 9 defaultEditor.. 9.. 10 icon.. 10.. 1 element.. 11 tree-table.. 11.. 1 column.. 12 display-text.. 12.. 1 default-property-order.. 1 attribute-type.. 4 Action Plugins.. 4.. 1 action.. 1 menu.. 2 class.. 3 icon.. 4 tooltip.. 5 config.. 5.. 1 configitem.. Appendices.. A References.. B DTD Plugin DTD.. C Action Plugin DTD.. This document describes the Xerlin Plugin architecture, and how developers can use it to extend Xerlin with their own implementations.. The plugin architecture is still rather new, so make sure you have the latest version of this document which matches the latest version of Xerlin you are using.. Throughout this document, we will use examples from existing Xerlin plugins.. Plugins for Xerlin are provided in a bundled jar format similar to Web Applications [.. SERVLET.. ].. These jar files contain the configuration of the plugin, its classes, and any resources such as icons and DTD files the plugin requires.. Although Xerlin supports different plugin types, all Xerlin plugins contain a "plugin.. xml" file, which contains all of the configuration for that plugin.. There are two different ways to supply classes in a plugin.. Individual classes can be stored in a.. classes.. directory.. Jar files can be stored in a.. lib.. This is basically modeled after the way that Web Applications work.. [.. ].. A DTD plugin allows you to customize Xerlin to support your specific DTD.. These customizations include custom editors and icons that map to elements of the DTD.. This section defines all of the different settings in plugin.. xml for a DTD plugin.. dtd-plugin.. element is the top-level element in a plugin.. xml file for a DTD plugin.. It has no attributes.. All of the following elements are children of the.. element unless otherwise indicated.. Any time a resource file is indicated (the DTD file, for instance,) you must specify a relative path.. The base directory of this path will be the plugin's root directory.. So, for instance, the following entry:.. file dtd/vxml.. dtd /file.. would be found in.. [xerlin-directory]/plugins/vxml/dtd/vxml.. during development, and as an entry in.. [xerlin-directory]/plugins/vxml.. jar.. once the plugin is deployed.. name.. element allows you to specify a short name for your plugin.. This will appear as a menu item under the "Help, About plugins" menu item.. name VoiceXML /name.. longName.. element allows you to specify a long name for your plugin.. longName Voice eXtensible Modeling Language Plugin for Xerlin /longName.. version.. element allows you to specify a version number for your plugin.. version 1.. 0 /version.. author.. element allows you to specify an author name for your plugin.. author Tim McCune /author.. url.. element allows you to specify a URL where users can find out more about your plugin.. url http://www.. org /url.. dtd.. element allows you to specify the DTD that your plugin is associated with.. It contains several  ...   is the name of an element that this icon should be used to represent.. Multiple elements can be specified for a single icon.. icon source="icons/audio.. gif" smallSource="icons/audio_s.. gif" element audio /element /icon.. The following graphic demonstrates an editor from the VoiceXML DTD plugin.. tree-table.. element defines custom columns that should appear in the tree-table for this plugin.. The text that should appear for each column can also be defined.. column.. element represents each column of the treetable.. Each column has a name specified by the.. attribute and a desription specified by the.. attribute.. may be the name of an attribute such as.. IDREF.. Condition.. If the.. is set equal to.. ~.. the description is determined by the children of the.. display-text.. tree-table column name="Description" attribute="~"/ column name="Condition" attribute="condition"/ /tree-table.. element defines a custom order to be tried in order to determine the descriptive text for an element.. default-property-order.. element specifies the order of the attributes/child text to specify an elements descriptive text.. attribute-type.. element specifies an attribute to be be tried for the descriptive text.. It has one attribute.. which specifies the name of the attribute or.. CHILD_TEXT.. to use the text of a child.. display-text default-property-order attribute-type name="CDATA"/ attribute-type name="IDREF"/ attribute-type name="CHILD_TEXT"/ /default-property-order /display-text.. A DTD plugin allows you to specify a custom action that will be performed on the XML document that you are editing in Xerlin.. ,.. , and.. elements in the plugin.. xml file are the same as they are for DTD Plugins.. action.. element specifies a single action.. A single plugin.. xml file can contain multiple actions.. menu.. element specifies the name that will appear in the Plugins menu for this action.. menu XSLT Processor /menu.. plugin.. action.. Action.. xslt.. Plugin /class.. element defines the path to a custom icon that should appear in the Plugins menu next to the text specified in the.. element (typically a 16x16 GIF).. tooltip.. element defines a tool tip that should appear over the menu item for your plugin in the Plugins menu.. config.. element allows you to store any configuration information that is specific to your plugin.. It contains multiple configitem elements.. configitem.. element contains plugin-specific configuration items.. attribute is the name of the item.. Its value is a text node.. configitem name="output-extension" html /configitem.. Sun Microsystems.. Java Servlet 2.. 2 Specification.. See.. http://java.. sun.. com/products/servlet/download.. !ELEMENT dtd-plugin (name, longName?, version?, author?, url?, (dtd | editor | icon)*, tree-table?, display-text? !ELEMENT name (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT longName (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT version (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT author (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT url (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT dtd (file, doctype, publicID, systemID) !ELEMENT file (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT doctype (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT publicID (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT systemID (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT editor (class, element*) !ELEMENT defaultEditor (class) !ELEMENT class (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT element (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT icon (element*) !ATTLIST icon source CDATA #REQUIRED smallSource CDATA #REQUIRED !ELEMENT tree-table (column+) !ELEMENT column EMPTY !ATTLIST column name CDATA #REQUIRED attribute CDATA #REQUIRD !ELEMENT display-text (default-property-order) !ELEMENT default-property-order (attribute-type+) !ELEMENT attribute-type EMPTY !ATTLIST attribute-type name NMTOKEN #REQUIRED.. !ELEMENT action-plugin (name, longName?, version?, author?, url?, action*) !ELEMENT name (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT longName (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT version (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT author (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT url (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT action (menu, class, icon?, tooltip?, config?) !ELEMENT menu (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT class (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT icon (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT tooltip (#PCDATA) !ELEMENT config (configitem*) !ELEMENT configitem (#PCDATA) !ATTLIST configitem name CDATA #REQUIRED..

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