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  • Title: Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus OH
    Descriptive info: .. Custom Search.. About Xenos.. Home Groups.. Bible Teachings.. Classes.. Books & Essays.. Ministries.. Summer Institute.. Catalog.. Donate.. Meetings.. Meeting times.. Map and Directions.. Main Campus and Café.. 4th St.. Pavilion.. East Side.. West Side.. Campus Bible Study.. High School.. and.. Junior High.. Nepali CT.. Xenos Classes.. Class Registration.. Trinity Masters Program.. Church Planting.. Service Opportunities.. Giving.. Make a Financial Gift or Pledge.. Humanitarian Aid Fund.. Hundreds of free Bible studies in RealMedia, MP3 and Outline format.. Watch, download or burn to an audio CD.. Podcasts.. Bible Teaching Index.. The 2013 conference,.. Explaining our Hope.. was held  ...   archive.. New Book from Xenos Pastor James Rochford.. Xenos is a movement of house churches.. Find out more about our neighborhood groups.. Join a Home Group.. Why Meet in Homes?.. Resources for Leaders.. Evidence Unseen.. From the Classroom to the Coffee Shop, people are discussing and debating Christianity now more than ever.. Wherever you are in your Spiritual Journey you are sure to benefit from this timely book.. Buy a copy online.. 1340 Community Park Dr.. , Columbus OH 43229 (614) 823-6500.. Send questions or feedback to.. webmaster@xenos.. org.. 2013 Xenos Christian Fellowship.. (See our.. usage guidelines.. )..

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  • Title: About Xenos
    Descriptive info: What's Happening.. Meeting Schedule Directions.. Events Calendar.. Xenos Summer Institute.. Our Approach.. Our Leadership.. Our Organization.. History of Xenos.. Student Involvement.. Xenos Servant Team.. Financial Support Info.. Xenos Annual Reports.. Our Beliefs.. Our Emphases.. Statement of Faith.. Strange Things about Xenos.. Understanding Ministry.. FAQ about Xenos.. Vision for Xenos.. Find out what's happening at Xenos, learn about our.. history.. ,.. leadership.. organization.. and  ...   is a culturally relevant, non-traditional and non-denominational church with mainstream biblical doctrines.. We develop community through.. home groups.. led by volunteers.. Xenos is known for its equipping ministries for developing Christian workers and leaders.. Our.. Multimedia Bible teaching.. class materials.. , and.. essays.. are excellent resources to browse and download at no charge.. Or.. visit our online store.. for books, CD's and DVD's..

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  • Title: Xenos Home Groups
    Descriptive info: About Home Groups.. What is a Home Group?.. Why have Home Groups?.. Join a Home Group.. Introduction & Video.. Visiting a Home Group.. Leader's Information.. Training Leaders.. Leadership Requirements.. Leadership Teams.. Home Group Growth.. Worship Home Groups.. Families Home Groups.. Motivating Involvement.. Teaching Resources.. Oversight of Leaders.. Home Group Oversight.. Home Group Consultations.. Home Group Consultants.. Home Group Conferral.. Topics of Interest.. Individual & Group Multiplication.. How Home Groups Plant.. Home Group Movements in History.. Leader's Resources.. About the Xenos Servant Team.. Servant Team Covenant.. Servant Team Nomination Form.. Church Planting.. Equipping Leaders.. Xenos Adult Education Courses.. Christian Leadership Class.. Discipleship Ministry Overview.. Reading  ...   Making.. Helping Movitate People.. Planting a Healthy Home Group.. Annual Home Group Evaluation.. Xenos is not a large meeting church that happens to have home groups.. It is a home group-based church that also has large meetings.. -Gary DeLashmutt, Lead Pastor.. Long before home groups became popular in American Christianity, Xenos was based entirely on home churches.. In fact, we began with home churches years before we had large meetings.. Still today, we view home groups as essential to developing close friendships and personal discipleship as prescribed in the New Testament, and more people attend our home group meetings than our large central teachings..

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  • Title: Xenos Christian Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Registration is now open for.. Winter 1st Session Classes!.. Winter Quarter class lineup.. Register for a class.. Core Classes Flow Chart.. First Session Winter classes begin January 8.. Second session Winter classes will start February 19.. Click here for details on TEDS seminary courses at Xenos.. 2014 class schedule.. :.. Winter: January 8 - March 22.. Spring: April 2 - June 14.. Summer: June 25 - Sept.. 13.. (skipping 7/9 - 7/12 for XSI).. Fall: Sept.. 24 - December 13 (skipping 11/26 - 11/29 for Thanksgiving).. Xenos Classes.. Xenos is known for equipping its members for ministry.. Each quarter, hundreds of people enroll in courses at Xenos.. The classes are offered in a  ...   Bible.. Christian Growth.. Level Two:.. For workers finished with classes in Level 1.. Christian Ministry 1.. Christian Ministry 2.. Christian Ministry 3.. Level Three:.. For leaders finished with classes in Level 2.. Christian Leadership 1.. Christian Leadership 3.. Leadership Principles in the Pastoral Epistles.. Exploration.. Life Transitions.. In-Depth.. Get answers to your questions.. Basic.. Christianity.. Investigating.. God s Vision for the Church.. Receive training for service.. Christian Ministry.. Christian Leadership.. Get a biblical perspective on your situation.. Premarriage.. Women in Marriage.. Leaders at Home.. Parenting without Guilt.. Adopting Children: Sharing God s love.. Learn more about the Bible and ministry.. Homiletics.. Hermeneutics.. Creative Disciplemaking.. Teaching Through Group Discussion.. Sharing Our Faith.. Old Testament Theology..

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  • Title: Biblical & Theological Essays and Research Papers
    Descriptive info: What's New?.. Online Store.. Adult Classes.. Books Essays.. Xenos Books.. Outlines Charts.. Online Journal.. Xenos-authored books.. Outlines and charts.. Essays and Research Papers.. Underground Church in History.. Studies in Ecclesiology.. Apologetics.. Book Reviews.. Other Subjects.. These studies have been important in the development of some aspect of Xenos' philosophy of ministry or our understanding of the church and its mission.. Feel free to browse them section by section, or download them.. The Underground Church in History.. House churches and informally led movements have played an important role in the history of the church, sometimes bringing in exceptional vigor, zeal and creativeness to an otherwise dormant body of Christ.. (Unfortunately, they have also brought in false doctrine and extremism at times.. ) God may sometimes break out of existing wineskins to move out in less structured spontaneous underground movements.. At Xenos, we are conscious of our indebtedness to other movements similar to our own.. Xenos leaders have taken an interest in house-church movements both for the sake of imitating the good, and avoiding the mistakes.. The following papers cover periods in church history when God was able to use underground movements to reach millions.. The Waldensian Movement from Waldo to the Reformation.. This movement suffered bitter persecution at the hands of the established church mainly for the sin of translating the Bible into the vernacular and presuming to use their gifts and ministries.. (Non-Frames Version).. Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China.. Nee is little known in the west, mainly because his interpreters, such as Witness Lee and the Little Flock church in New York City have put their own slant on his teachings.. Meanwhile, house churches in China have reached millions in the past fifty years at a time when the church in the West has been stagnant or declining.. Philip Jacob Spener's Contribution to Protestant Ecclesiology.. Spener was an ordained minister and professor in the Lutheran church when he founded the movement that came to be called.. Pietism.. Spener encouraged the formation of house groups (called.. collegia pietatis).. where serious Christians could pursue fellowship and in-depth discipleship.. His followers not only included the movement based at Halle University (which began the first organized Protestant missions outreach) but the so-called radical pietists who, along with Anabaptists, took the teachings of Spener to their logical extreme.. Today, historians are aware of a direct line from the pietist movement to the Wesleyan movement.. These research papers and essays involve issues with which we have struggled and which have affected our thinking about the church.. The Objectification of Religion: Universal Themes.. This paper covers current theories about why people nearly always objectify religion.. Objectification refers to the practice of reducing abstract principles and ethics to rituals, trinkets, buildings, and festivals.. Formalism is a synonym for objectification--a fixation of the outward forms of religion, rather than on inward spiritual reality.. Cultivating a Tender Heart.. When working with people in the church, leaders regularly experience disappointment, betrayal, and failure.. Many find it difficult to avoid toughening their hearts in a way that protects them from hurt.. The result is inability to deeply care about people and to love them deeply.. This paper discusses how to keep a tender heart toward God and others.. Strange Details in Stephen's Defense.. Have you ever wondered why Stephen seems to have problems staying on the subject during his defense to the Sanhedrin in Acts 7? This paper answers the questions raised by one of the more puzzling but vital passages in the book of Acts.. The solution relates to the issue of.. formalism.. and the true nature of the church.. How to View Change in the Church.. When the church loses its ability to change, it loses its ability to follow God.. Lead pastor, Dennis McCallum answers objections to change in the church with this essay.. A study guide we use when teaching ecclesiology.. It explains a lot about our view of the church.. Melchizedek and the Priesthood of Christ.. Why must the church decisively reject both legalism and Old Testament-style ritualism? One of the clearest passages explaining why is Hebrews 5 and 7.. The Russian Factory and the Evangelical Church.. Contemplates some of the disturbing parallels between a typical socialist factory and many evangelical churches.. The lack of creativity, failure to change, lack of motivation and poor workmanship in Russian factories is the direct result of the lack of incentive to be otherwise.. How can we avoid falling trap in  ...   Faith, and were identifying aspects in the book that they thought fit Xenos.. The implications were serious.. Was Xenos a Toxic church? Lead elder, Dennis McCallum, read the book as well and found what he believed were some serious flaws in the reasoning and theology of the book.. The following is an assessment he wrote for discussion at a colloquium held for the staff and leadership on this question.. Lesslie Newbigin,.. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.. and the Emergent Church movement.. The emergent church movement is sweeping younger groups in America.. One of their key textbooks is Lesslie Newbigin's book,.. The Gospel In A Pluralist Society.. Dennis McCallum offers this critical review of the book, detailing why evengelicals should reject his line of argument.. Deconstructing The Da Vinci Code: Everybody loves a conspiracy.. by Chris Lang.. Da Vinci DE-CODED.. by Jim Fidelibus (PDF).. The Language of God.. by Francis S.. Collins.. Dennis McCallum reviews this popular book by one of the world's most prestigious scientists.. Men, Women, and Gender Roles in Marriage.. McCallum and DeLashmutt tackle this controversial issue in this essay adapted from their book on marriage,.. The Myth of Romance.. The Mystery Hidden for Aeons Past.. Why are Old Testament predictions of the first coming so often ambiguous? Why would Satan cooperate in Jesus' crucifixion? These and many other intriguing quesions are answered when we understand what Paul calls the mystery.. As in Adam, So in Christ.. McCallum explains why position in Christ is the key to real, rather than superficial change in the Christian life.. This essay is adapted from his book,.. Walking in Victory.. An Approach to Christian Ethics.. How we form our ethics from Scripture determines the moral climate in the church.. Xenos elder Dennis McCallum explains his understanding in this controversial paper.. The Extent and Nature of Inspiration.. Our response to recent challenges to the doctrine of biblical inspiration.. Christ and Scriptural Inspiration.. Jesus' teaching on the nature of inspiration ranks as our most important source for understanding this crucial question.. Larry House, a mathematician and research scientist discusses how cosmology has changed in recent years.. Xenos department head, Chris Lang covers traditional, modernist, and postmodern approaches to literature.. The Case for Christ's Resurrection.. Chris Lang summarizes recent arguments supporting the historicity of the resurrection.. Jim Leffel discusses the dangers inherent in arbitrarily defining humanity.. Jim Leffel ponders the question: How will Christians become effective in reaching postmodern students at today's universities?.. The rules for communication are changing, and only those who understand the postmodern shift will be able to reach pluralistic culture today.. Jim Leffel assess John Hick's pluralism and draws lessons for Christians intent on witness.. Sejanus and The Chronology of Christ.. Gary DeLashmutt shows how the life and death of Lucas Sejanus provides valuable insight into the dating of Christ's death.. Describes a principles based Christian ethical system.. Early German Lutheran Pietism's Understanding of Justification.. Gary DeLashmutt examines the views of justification of three early German pietists -Johann Arndt, Philip Jacob Spener and August Hermann Francke.. Paul's Usage of ta stoicheia tou kosmou.. This paper examines the meaning of the phrase.. ta stoicheia tou kosmou.. ( the elementary principles of the world ) as it is used by Paul in Gal.. 4:3,9 and Col.. 2:8,20.. Baptism at Xenos.. Lead Pastor Gary DeLashmutt answers the questions of what is the Biblical purpose of baptisms and why Christians should be baptized, and briefly describes how baptisms are performed at Xenos.. What is Worship?.. Lee Campbell, PhD.. helps us to understand what biblical worship is in the New Testament with an excellent study of the greek.. Homosexuality.. How should we view this important issue of our day?.. The Background of Islam.. The Ethics of Divorce and Remarriage.. Dennis McCallum gives a concise, thoughtful treatment of this complex issue faced by anyone trying to minister in today's culture.. Evolution and the Bible.. Is evolution compatible with the Bible? Jeff Gordon and Doug Rudy examine this controversial topic and provide three common errors in relating science and scripture.. For Whom Did Jesus Die?.. Did Jesus die for everyone or only for those who believe in him? Xenos leader Conrad Hilario examines the historical Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement.. The Christian Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement.. The Atonement has become the subject of discussion arising from the Emerging Church movement.. Conrad Hilario examines the historical doctrine along with some of the challenges being raised by Emergent writers.. 2012 Xenos Christian Fellowship..

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  • Title: Xenos Christian Fellowship Ministries
    Descriptive info: Oasis Children's Ministry.. Junior High Ministry.. High School Ministry.. College Ministries.. Missions.. Outreach.. Xenos Christian Schools.. Urban Concern.. Access Special Needs.. Counseling.. and Support Groups.. Ministry Team Application.. [.. pdf.. |.. MSWord.. ].. Ministries in Xenos.. There are a wide variety of different ministries going on here at Xenos.. There are great ministries serving kids in the church, the  ...   a practical one.. Whether you're looking for help, or looking for a place to get involved and serve, you can find it in this section of the website.. You can browse the pages of Xenos-based ministries on the menu to the right, or search a list of volunteer opportunities inside and outside of Xenos in the.. service ministries section..

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  • Title: Practical, Affordable House Church Conference - The Xenos Summer Institute
    Descriptive info: Summer Institute Home.. Plenary Speakers.. Breakout Sessions.. Breakout Schedule.. Conference Schedule.. Past XSI MP3 Archive.. Lodging and Directions.. Register Online.. Seminary Credit.. Volunteer.. Contact Us.. The Xenos Summer Institute.. Practical Affordable Home Church Conference.. The Xenos Summer Institute provides.. practical, affordable training.. for.. Home Group.. Pastors, Leaders.. and Workers.. This year's conference was held.. July 10 - 12, 2013.. and featured William Lane Craig, Mark Mittelberg and John Lennox.. The 2013 conference emphasized equipping Christians to share the hope of the Gospel.. available for free download.. The.. 2014 Summer Institute, July 9-11.. , will focus on Evangelism with key speakers Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg and Randy Newman.. What’s in it for you?.. For the 17th  ...   ministries pool their experience in Breakout Sessions.. Here’s where you’ll take hold of innovative methods you can apply as soon as you return to your church.. Motivating.. Experienced and challenging Main Session speakers will inspire you to succeed in your home group ministry.. And be sure to take advantage of the fellowship opportunities where you can explore new ideas with like-minded Christian workers.. Affordable.. The conference is a proven, worthwhile investment, designed to work within most church’s budgets.. For instance, a.. group of five.. can attend for only $250 - that’s $250 total,.. not per person.. Our “home stay” program enables you to stay in the homes of Xenos staff and lay workers at no charge..

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  • Title: The Xenos Online News | Xenos
    Descriptive info: Jump to navigation.. News.. The Xenos Online News.. Renegade Sees 55 Kids come to Know Christ!.. God continues to work in extraordinary and exciting ways through the Renegade Bible studies! The Renegade workers know of at least 55 students, age’s preschool through high school, which have made the personal decision to know Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness.. Renegade Bible Studies are a weekly event in which hundreds of people participate! Volunteers serve in various ways by providing food, student transportation, Bible teachings, friendship, helping with crafts, and overseeing the students’ safety.. The volunteers and students have a lot of fun, while at the same time learning about.. Read more.. about Renegade Sees 55 Kids come to Know Christ!.. Building Home Churches in Haiti.. When you hear the word “Haiti,” what comes to your mind? Certainly you think of the recent devastating earthquake, suffering, poverty, tent cities, and voodoo.. “When I think about Haiti, I have different sensations running through my mind -- the extreme tropical humidity, the inviting smell of the evening charcoal fires, the taste of a puckery sweet mango, the sound of Haitian believers loudly praising God -- and, of course, the faces of our dear friends and ministry partners,” reflects Terri DiPietro former missionary in Haiti.. DiPietro says she also thinks about Dr.. about Building Home Churches in Haiti.. Xenos Helped 676 Kids from Around the World.. Last year.. Xenos members helped nearly 700 children.. enjoy Christmas and hear the good news about Jesus.. This year, the organizers hope to do even better.. Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection dates are November 10th, 17th, and 24th at both the Main Campus lobby and 4th Street Pavilion.. Boxes will be delivered all over the world to children ages 2-14 years old.. about Xenos Helped 676 Kids from Around the World.. Winter Classes Offers a New Course, 21st Century Parenting.. Winter quarter 2014 First Session classes are open for registration and start January 8th.. For more information, to print flyers and to register visit,.. www.. xenos.. org/classes/register.. Register early, classed fill up and space may be limited.. about Winter Classes Offers a New Course, 21st Century Parenting.. Study Center is having a Big Sale.. The Study Center is hosting its first-ever Black Friday sale, November  ...   8, 2014 Xenos will host the 16-week class, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.. Over.. the past four decades, the Perspectives class has been offered worldwide and helped to foster “world Christians” in what has been the most explosive period of growth in the history of the church.. The fulfillment of Matthew 24:14 is within sight: “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come.. ”.. about Course Offered Globally, Hosted at Xenos in 2014.. A Faith Building Opportunity for High School Students.. God works in a number of amazing ways! He brings people into a relationship with Him, strengthens their faith, challenges their commitment level to Him and to others, and brings joy to His followers that is unimaginable! And God gives students and leaders a chance to experience these things during Epic, the high school camp.. about A Faith Building Opportunity for High School Students.. GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays Event.. The thought of facing another holiday season without a loved one can cause people to wish they could sleep from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until January 2nd.. GriefShare is a warm, encouraging, and helpful event for people going through the intense pain of grief during the holiday season.. Join us for support during this difficult time.. Griefshare will begin on Monday, November 11th, from 7-9 pm, in the Office Auditorium.. about GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays Event.. New Video Interview with Our Cambodian Partner.. Since 2009, Xenos has partnered with World Relief Cambodia to reach the remote province of Pursat.. Pursat is a heavily mined, poverty-stricken, and nearly church-less area of the country.. Located near the Thai border and home to many former Khmer Rouge soldiers, Pursat still lacks basic infrastructure such as good roads, electricity and a functioning educational system.. about New Video Interview with Our Cambodian Partner.. Quick Links.. Calendar.. Meeting Times and Locations.. Student Ministries.. Follow Us On:.. RSS.. Feed.. Xenos.. Announce.. In This Issue.. A Small Idea with a Big Influence.. Three Ministries Raise $437,000 in The Big Give.. Haiti – Life on $2 a Day.. Urban Concern s Lighthouse Group Reaching Youth in South Linden.. Xenos Website Serves Huge Audience.. ©2013 Xenos Christian Fellowship..

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  • Title: Weekend Meetings
    Descriptive info: CENTRAL TEACHINGS.. Main Campus.. 4th Street Pavilion.. Study Center.. Main Campus.. and.. Café.. Sunday morning -.. 9:30 a.. m.. 11:30 a.. (Sign language interpreting is provided at the 9:30 a.. Main Campus meeting.. ).. Sunday morning - 9:30 a.. Sunday evening - 5:30 p.. Sign language interpreting is provided at the Main Campus meeting.. Above.. - Nepali CT.. Simple English teaching with Nepali translation.. Directions to Main Campus.. 1340 Community Park Drive.. Columbus, OH 43229.. 614-823-6500.. Our Main Campus/Café facility is very easy to find.. From I-71 and I-270, drive east on 270 to the first exit (Cleveland Avenue).. Go south on Cleveland to the first light (beside the Home Depot).. Turn right on Community Park Drive.. Our entrance is about mile down Community Park, on the right.. You can't miss the sign.. (Our Office and Study Center are the first drive on the left, closest to Community Park.. Main Campus is just up the hill.. Follow Café signs to the rear entrance of the Main Campus Building.. To get to Building X.. (our student ministry building): continue on Community Park Dr.. , past the main entrance.. Building X is a little further up on the right; you'll see the sign in front.. Home groups.. are the heart of Xenos and meet throughout the week.. Learn more.. about our exciting and growing Christian community.. 4th Street Pavilion and Campus Bible Study.. 9 a.. and 11 a.. Campus Bible Study meetings for students: Mondays and Thursdays at 8 p.. Directions to 4th Street Pavilion and Campus Bible Study.. 1934  ...   South, exit at Town and Rich St.. Turn Right onto Town heading west.. Go four traffic lights and turn right onto Glenwood St.. Turn left at the next light onto Broad St.. Turn right at the next light, onto Chicago Ave.. City Life Center is located on the right at 40 N.. Chicago Ave.. From the west:.. Drive east toward downtown Columbus on I-70 to the Broad St.. Turn left (east) on Broad Street to the fourth light (Chicago Ave.. Turn left (north) on Chicago Ave.. to the large school building.. Park on the street or in the lot behind the school.. From the east:.. Drive west from downtown on I-70 and exit on the Broad St.. Turn right (east) on Broad St.. to the third light ( Chicago Ave.. From the south:.. Drive north on I-71 to the I-70 exchange and go west on I-70.. Exit on the Broad St.. Turn right (east) onto Broad St.. At the third light turn left (north) onto Chicago Ave.. Sunday mornings--10:30 a.. Directions to East Side Xenos.. View Larger Map.. Licking Heights South.. 6623 Summit Rd.. Pataskala, Ohio 43062.. Licking Heights South is located on the northeast corner of Broad St.. and Summit approx.. 5.. 4 miles east of I-270.. Study Center Hours.. Sunday:.. Monday:.. Tuesday:.. Wednesday:.. Thursday:.. Friday:.. Saturday:.. 11 a.. -.. 7 p.. 9 p.. 10:30 p.. The.. is located in the Xenos office building by our Main Campus.. (Just follow the signs!) It is closed on major holidays and semiannual inventories.. Please call 823-6510 x 2 for assistance..

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  • Title: Xenos Campus Bible Study
    Descriptive info: Central Teachings.. Home Churches.. Home Church Directory.. Ministry Houses.. Ministry House Agreement.. 4th Street Coffee.. 4th Street History.. We know how.. much God loves.. us, and we have.. put our trust in.. His love.. God.. is love.. ".. -1 John 4:16a.. What is it?.. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore your spirituality in an environment of people your own age?.. Have you ever wanted to strip all the man-made ritual and fluff  ...   perfect for you.. It's a place where young people can learn what the Bible really teaches without a lot of religious tradition.. It's a place where you can meet Christian Students who take seriously their commitment to Christ and love fun and freedom.. It's the hub of an underground house-based movement at The Ohio State University.. No formalism- just real people looking for real answers.. Please visit one of our meetings and see what we have to offer!..

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  • Title: Xenos Christian Fellowship High School Group
    Descriptive info: Our Meetings.. Who we are.. Our community is made up of many house churches, comprised of students from all over the Columbus area.. This is not a social club or an exclusive clique.. We love real spirituality based on biblical teachings rather than meaningless ritual or uptight religiosity.. _______________________________________________________________________________.. UPCOMING EVENTS:.. Epic 2014.. !.. Dates: 6/29/14-7/5/14.. Location:.. Spring Hill Camp Indiana (Seymour, IN).. Transportation will be provided!.. Download regisration forms for Epic.. here.. Join the Epic Group on Facebook:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/groups/418376634882458/..

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    Archived pages: 891