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    Archived pages: 315 . Archive date: 2013-11.

  • Title: XWiki - Open Source Wiki and Content-Oriented Application Platform (Main.WebHome) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: .. General Actions:.. Log-in.. Register.. Wiki:.. Main wiki.. :.. Document Index.. Space:.. Main.. Page:.. WebHome.. Search.. Home.. About XWiki.. News Blog.. Roadmap.. Releases Notes.. References.. Feedback.. External Links.. Projects.. XWiki Enterprise.. XWiki Enterprise Manager.. All projects.. Extensions.. Documentation.. Download Play.. Playground.. MyXWiki farm.. Contribute.. Get Involved.. Development.. Translations.. Support.. FAQs.. Community Support.. Professional Support.. Page Actions:.. Export.. Export as PDF.. Export as RTF.. Export as HTML.. More actions.. Print preview.. View Source.. XWiki - Open Source Wiki and Content-Oriented Application Platform.. Last modified by.. Ecaterina Moraru (Valica).. on 2013/11/04.. is a professional wiki that has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins and a highly modular architecture.. Features.. a very robust.. WYSIWYG editor.. a powerful.. wiki syntax.. strong.. rights management.. Full Skinning.. PDF export.. LDAP authentication.. and.. many more.. What can I use it for?.. Intranets.. Public web sites.. Knowledge management.. Simple CMS needs.. Portal with external mixed data.. Project collaboration.. more.. Download.. XWiki.. XWiki Projects.. XWiki offers both a generic.. platform.. for developing collaborative applications using the.. wiki.. paradigm and projects developed on top of it.. Platform.. XWiki Platform.. is the generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it.. Enterprise.. is a.. fully-featured.. wiki for the Enterprise.. It's also a.. second generation wiki.. offering the ability to install and develop small applications inside wiki pages.. Manager.. is an application to manage a farm of wikis, allowing large-scale organization and massive scalability.. All XWiki software is developed in Java and under the.. LGPL open source license.. Top Level Projects are actively developed by the XWiki Development Team.. In order to see all our projects please visit the.. forge.. XWiki Extensions.. Over 600 extensions: applications, macros, skins, plugins, snippets, etc.. Extension Manager.. AppWithin Minutes.. Dashboard.. Color Themes.. Blog.. more.. XWiki is a light and powerful.. development platform.. that allows you to  ...   the.. release notes.. for more information on what it fixes.. Bug Fixing Day 43.. 08 Nov 2013.. Bug Fixing Day #43.. fix 3 bugs.. (1 real fix).. Bug Fixing Day 42.. 01 Nov 2013.. Bug Fixing Day #42.. fix 7 bugs.. Community Heartbeat.. LGPL 2.. open source license.. Jan 2004 initial release.. 648,297.. lines of code.. from 29,138 commits.. 95.. contributors.. 23 active commiters last year.. 550+.. extensions.. with over 100 applications.. 10,145.. issues reported.. 1,583 issues resolved last year.. 207,323.. mail messages.. 5,935 discussions last year.. Powered by XWiki.. Efféa Franchise.. Efféa.. The Efféa website offers information about the company and their franchise program, including a form where interested parties may register to become a franchisee.. The site also includes Testimonials and FAQ areas.. A blog is used to display the latest news.. The website benefits from a custom look and feel, which includes panels that display key figures and opportunities.. more references.. Tags:.. Created by Admin on 2013/09/13.. Quick Links.. News Blog.. Events.. Screenshots.. XWiki References.. FAQ.. Roadmap/Issues.. Supporters.. License.. Media Resources.. XWiki Logo.. Development Guide.. Download XWiki.. Let us know.. What you think of our website?.. About.. Testimonials.. Sponsors.. Overview.. Mailing Lists.. IRC and Jabber.. Release Notes.. Download.. XWiki Manager.. All extensions.. Applications.. Code Snippets.. Components.. Macros.. Skins.. Other.. XWiki Rendering.. XWiki Commons.. User Guide.. Getting Started.. Tutorials and Videos.. Features Overview.. Admin Guide.. All topics.. Installation.. Configuration.. Developer Guide.. Architecture.. Scripting.. API Reference.. Tutorials and Guides.. Status.. Governance.. Project Health.. Committership.. Hall Of Fame.. Browser Support.. Practices.. Release Process.. Code Style.. Development Practices.. Development Tools.. UX Guidelines.. Design Proposals.. Under the Hood.. Source Repository.. Building.. Continuous build.. Testing.. Debugging.. Profiling.. Contributing.. Test Play.. Give Feedback.. Translate content.. Write Documentation.. Report and Fix Bugs.. Share code.. This wiki is licensed under a.. Creative Commons.. license.. Powered by XWiki 5.. Get Connected.. Twitter Account.. Blog RSS..

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  • Title: Documents on this Wiki (Main.AllDocs) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: AllDocs.. Documents on this Wiki.. on 2013/10/15.. Comments.. (1).. Attachments.. History.. Information.. Index.. Tree.. Orphaned Pages.. per page of.. Previous Page.. Next Page.. Page.. Page.. Space.. Date.. Last Author.. The environment prevents the table from loading data.. (*) Some documents require special rights to be viewed.. Created by Admin on 2009/09/09.. Comments.. Attachments.. History.. Information..

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  • Title: Space Index (Main.SpaceIndex) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: SpaceIndex.. Space Index.. (0).. Pages in the Main space:..

    Original link path: /xwiki/bin/view/Main/SpaceIndex;jsessionid=64AA7712726F202410CA74363AF8392F?space=Main
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  • Title: News (Main.News) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: News.. on 2013/05/03.. Find below all the recent news from the site blog and from the list of pages that have been changed recently.. Blog.. Nov.. 15.. 2013.. Posted by.. Categories:.. ·.. Permalink.. 09.. Releases.. 08.. « Older posts.. Activity.. Today.. IRC Archive for channel #xwiki on 16 November 2013.. 15 hours ago.. created the page.. Yesterday.. XWiki Batch Import Server Side API.. 15 Nov, 16:07.. Oana Tabaranu.. edited the page.. see changes.. XWiki Batch Import Application.. 15 Nov, 15:57.. Release Notes for XWiki 5.. 3 Milestone 2.. 15 Nov, 14:01.. Git Module.. 3 changes by one user.. 15 Nov, 13:59.. added an attachment.. jgit-example1-0.. png.. jgit-example0.. 15 Nov, 13:55.. Development Practices.. 15 Nov, 11:46.. Bug Fixing Day 44.. 15 Nov, 11:45.. bfd44.. png.. Wave ColorTheme.. 9 changes by one user.. 15 Nov, 10:53.. Andreea Popescu.. 15 Nov, 10:50.. wavescolortheme-1.. 0.. xar.. deleted an attachment.. ColorThemes.. Wave.. 15 Nov, 10:48.. 15 Nov, 10:47.. wavetheme.. wavedemo.. 15 Nov, 10:46.. User Authentication.. 15 Nov, 10:20.. The best way to Keep away from High priced Breakdown with Appropriate Boiler Installation.. 15 Nov, 06:56.. Sergiu Dumitriu.. deleted the page.. IRC Archive for channel #xwiki on 15 November 2013.. 15 Nov, 00:51.. 14 Nov.. 10 changes by 3 users.. 14 Nov, 18:34.. Thomas Mortagne.. Guillaume  ...   Application.. 14 Nov, 14:14.. Raluca Stavro.. Scheduler Application.. 2 changes by one user.. 14 Nov, 12:26.. 14 Nov, 12:22.. Statistics Application.. 14 Nov, 11:26.. statsentry.. 14 Nov, 08:20.. OmvorenOmvoren.. IRC Archive for channel #xwiki on 14 November 2013.. 14 Nov, 07:35.. 13 Nov.. [spam].. 13 Nov, 18:16.. Clemens Robbenhaar.. XWiki Syntaxes.. 13 Nov, 16:24.. 13 Nov, 14:47.. 13 Nov, 14:42.. helpui222.. helpui221.. Import DokuWiki into XWiki Application.. 13 Nov, 13:42.. Marco Weiß.. added a comment.. Large XAR Import.. 13 Nov, 11:04.. edited a comment.. 13 Nov, 11:03.. Collection Application.. 13 Nov, 07:44.. IRC Archive for channel #xwiki on 13 November 2013.. 13 Nov, 00:00.. 12 Nov.. 12 Nov, 16:08.. 12 Nov, 10:23.. New Release Plan for version $request.. version.. 12 Nov, 10:58.. Filesystem Attachment Porter.. 12 Nov, 10:47.. ExtensionProxyClass.. 12 Nov, 10:39.. Import from TWiki Python Script.. 4 changes by one user.. 12 Nov, 09:25.. Simon Spielmann.. edited an attachment.. 12 Nov, 09:23.. twiki-convert.. zip.. 12 Nov, 09:22.. 12 Nov, 09:18.. Roadmap.. 12 Nov, 09:06.. 2.. 12 Nov, 08:58.. IRC Archive for channel #xwiki on 12 November 2013.. 12 Nov, 00:09.. 11 Nov.. Manual Test Report Summary for XWiki 5.. 1.. 11 Nov, 16:25.. Manuel Smeria.. Manual Test Report for XWiki 5.. 11 Nov, 16:23.. Created by Admin on 2006/12/13..

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  • Title: Roadmap (Roadmaps.WebHome) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: Roadmaps.. on 2013/11/12.. Contents.. XWiki Enterprise 5.. x Cycle.. 3.. The.. XWiki development process.. uses.. JIRA.. for listing all tasks to be implemented and all bugs to be fixed.. You'll find there the dates and versions planned for issues to be fixed and hence the XWiki roadmaps.. There's also a.. release calendar.. listing all known dates for future releases.. Please understand that these dates are often tentative since XWiki's development is open source and lots of committers/contributors are working in their free time on XWiki.. If you're interested to help out check the.. contributing page.. We're releasing several top level projects together and as such we've decided to have the same Roadmap page for all of them.. Thus this page contains the roadmap for the following projects: XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering, XWiki Platform and XWiki Enterprise.. General goals for all releases:.. More tests.. Better javadoc.. More documentation on xwiki.. org.. Code cleanup/refactoring.. Already implemented roadmaps can be found in the.. archives.. Note that all planned release dates are also entered in the Calendar on.. x.. Cycle.. Theme:.. Speed and Simplicity.. Mission: Improve XWiki's usage for new and regular users by improving Usability and Usage Speed in order to make XWiki simpler and faster both from a pure performance point of view and from are user interface point of view.. Technical details:.. Individual Feature Improvement from a Usability perspective including speed of access (real time updates, commenting in activity stream).. General Usability Improvements on XE for simplicity.. Technical Rewrite of certain features (activity stream) for performance or architecture reasons.. General Performance Improvement of XWiki (page loading, rendering time).. Bug Fixing in general.. Release dates for the 5.. x Cycle:.. 0:.. April.. May 2013.. 1:.. June.. July 2013.. 2:.. September.. October 2013.. 3: November 2013.. 4: December 2013.. 5: January 2014.. SOLR Search improvements - Owner: Marius:.. Type.. Key.. Summary.. Assignee.. XWIKI-9508.. SOLR does not allow to match documents matching specific values in multiple xwiki properties.. XWIKI-9417.. Search does not return any results for Static List values.. XWIKI-9537.. Allow to specify date intervals for Date and CreationDate facets.. XWIKI-9547.. SOLR  ...   step.. XWIKI-9495.. Integrate Workspaces Install page inside the Admin section.. XWIKI-9364.. Hide Workspaces internal pages by default.. XWIKI-8863.. Hide "Add Workspace" top menu when the user does not have view rights on the WorksapceManager.. CreateNewWorkspace page.. XWIKI-9342.. Have a 'Home' icon in the breadcrumbs.. Finish scalable import/export (and make it the default) - Owner: ThomasM:.. XWIKI-9476.. Impossible to import a large wiki from a XAR.. Implement Confluence import using wikistream - Owner: ThomasM:.. XWIKI-9529.. Introduce input Confluence XML component for WikiStream.. XWIKI-9632.. Introduce generic WikiStream UI.. Improvements on EM/DW - Owner: ThomasM + Marius:.. XWIKI-9199.. Possibility to automatically overwrite pages which have a merge conflict when upgrading using DW.. XWIKI-9468.. Distribution Wizard version picker during XE upgrade list only versions = 4.. Signed script implementation - Owner: Denis:.. XWIKI-9332.. Improve security by only giving programming rights to scripts signed by a privileged user.. Denis Gervalle.. If time permits: AWM improvements - Owner: Marius:.. XWIKI-7377.. Add the ability to publish an application as an extension.. XWIKI-8763.. Improve AWM for it to deal with error messages directly in the edit mode.. XWIKI-8757.. Support 2 roles for users for app within minutes: application creator and data creator.. XWIKI-7376.. Add the ability to export an application.. Here are also some JIRA issues that were raised as important (in this order of importance):.. XWIKI-9117.. Almost empty Activity Stream after Distribution Wizard Upgrade.. XWIKI-9046.. Improve document save performance by not loading the full history.. XWIKI-6700.. Copying a page over an existing one does not warn user.. XWIKI-5146.. Support LiveTable text filtering on DBListclass columns.. XWIKI-9227.. Extend the link creation feature for XEM.. XWIKI-9233.. Cannot save a wiki page containing a link towards a page with a full name 255.. XWIKI-9479.. In multiwiki mode user picker field should automatically look by default for local or global users depending on the multiwiki type.. + XWIKI-9156 which is confidential (security issue).. Proposed dates.. 3M1:.. 21st of October.. 25th of October.. 3M2:.. 4th of November.. 11th of November.. 14th of November.. 3RC1:.. 18th of November.. 20th of November.. 3Final:.. 25th of November.. 27th of November.. Created by.. on 2012/12/20..

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  • Title: Project Release Notes (ReleaseNotes.WebHome) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: ReleaseNotes.. Project Release Notes.. on 2013/11/09.. XWiki Platform, XWiki Enterprise XWiki Enterprise Manager.. Cycle 5.. x.. Version 5.. Cycle 4.. Version 4.. 5.. 4.. Archives.. Please find below the release notes for.. Top-Level XWiki Projects.. Release notes for extensions not bundled in the top level XWiki Projects can be found directly in the documentation for the said extension on the.. Extensions wiki.. In order to better understand the notions of Major releases, Minor releases, Bugfix releases, Milestones and Release Candidates, check our.. Versioning Release Practices.. These projects are always released together and share the same version numbers and,  ...   Platform and XWiki Enterprise were combined while XWiki Enterprise Manager had its own Release Notes.. They can be found in the.. Release Notes Archives.. 3 Milestone 2.. Work in progress, not released yet.. 3 Milestone 1.. 2 Release Candidate 1.. 2 Milestone 2.. 2 Milestone 1.. 1 Release Candidate 1.. 1 Milestone 2.. 1 Milestone 1.. 0 Release Candidate 1.. 0 Milestone 2.. 0 Milestone 1.. Release Notes for XWiki 4.. 5 Release Candidate 1.. 5 Milestone 1.. 4 Release Candidate 1.. 3 Release Candidate 1.. 2 Milestone 3.. Archived Release Notes page.. for all older releases.. on 2006/12/10..

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  • Title: Projects Powered by XWiki (References.WebHome) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: Projects Powered by XWiki.. on 2013/07/25.. (8).. XWiki is the next generation wiki, a generic web development platform for collaborative applications.. As such its use cases are diverse: collaborative intranet, knowledge base, CMS, competitive intelligence, public debate, collaborative creation of school courses, web site creation, etc.. See below a list of projects based on XWiki.. If you're using XWiki yourself, we'd love to know about it.. Please fill in the form below and add information about your usage of XWiki.. This will help promote XWiki and fund its development.. XWiki Badge.. If  ...   using XWiki please let us know about it (blog it, tweet it, reply on our.. Mailing List.. ).. You can also write a.. testimonial.. Project List.. To add or edit the details of a project please register (top right).. If you would like your project to be removed from the list below please send us an email on the.. XWiki User Mailing list.. Click on one or more tags to filter the list.. and click again on a tag to cancel the filter.. Site Image.. Project.. Developed by.. Usage.. Creation Date.. on 2007/03/13..

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  • Title: Feedbacks (Main.Feedback) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: Feedbacks.. on 2013/06/02.. We love to hear feedback about XWiki! This is what helps us progress.. There are several ways you can give feedback about XWiki and thus help the project:.. Download Form.. Emails.. You can read existing.. testimonials.. and add your own one.. This gives us energy to continue developing XWiki!.. Filling the.. Download form.. helps us a lot.. You can also read excerpt of.. what users have said while filling this form.. Don't hesitate to give us feedback on the.. XWiki mailing lists/forum.. on 2013/06/02..

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  • Title: External Links (Main.ExternalLinks) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: ExternalLinks.. on 2013/07/31.. Articles/Presentations and Blog posts.. XWiki in the Press.. Sites referencing XWiki.. Blogs that regularly speak of XWiki.. You'll find here external links to documentation or information about XWiki (i.. e links pointing to other web sites not maintained by the XWiki development team).. If you know of an external resource about XWiki not already listed here, feel free to add it to the list.. Date.. Link.. Description.. 2013-07-31.. Running XWiki Cluster on Jelastic.. Explains how to set up an XWiki Cluster inside Jelastic.. 2013-06-25.. A look into XWiki.. Explains some interesting features of XWiki.. 2012-07-03.. XWiki in a Cluster with a Cassandra back end.. Caleb James Delisle.. demonstrates in a video his research project where he's adding support for Cassandra to XWiki.. 2012-06-21.. Building a Conference web site with XWiki.. Slides and screenshots from Vincent Massol's talk at Breizhcamp 2012 where he demonstrates how to build a dynamic Conference web site with XWiki (registration of talks, automatic generation of a calendar for the talks, and more.. 2012-04-06.. XWiki in the Cloud.. Discusses an extenstion that allows XWiki to be deployed on cloud environments.. 2012-02-21.. Deploy XWiki to Jelastic tutorial.. Learn how to deploy XWiki in the cloud with Jelastic.. 2011-09-29.. XWiki Watch: herramienta libre para la vigilancia tecnológica, competitiva y reputación online.. Presentation about XWiki Watch (in Spanish).. 2011-09-09.. Developing XWiki.. Covers the XWiki development process (slides + voice + demos).. XWiki: A web development runtime platform.. Demonstrates how XWiki is a generic web development platform (slides + voice + demos).. 2011-06-14.. XWiki integration in Sakai.. Slides from the Sakai 2011 conference showing the XWiki integration in Sakai.. 2011-03-27.. An overview of the XWiki's RESTful API.. Tutorial of XWiki's REST API by Fabio Mancinelli.. 2011-02-17.. XWiki's Annotation explained and demo:.. On Youtube.. ,.. on FOSDEM server.. Anca Presenting XWiki's Annotations at FOSDEM 2011.. 2010-10-05.. Analysis of XWiki.. Analysis of XWiki by Roberto Galoppini from sosopensource.. com.. 2010-09-15.. XWiki Manuel Utilisateur.. Nice non-technical tutorial for using XWiki, in French.. 2010-05-27.. Using a WebId on the social web.. Tutorial explaining how to use the XWiki FOAF+SSL integration to create a WebId for yourself.. 2010-04-09.. Premiers pas avec GreenPepper XWiki.. Tutorial in French explaining how to setup and use GreenPepper in XWiki.. 2009-10-27.. Un wiki pas comme les autres.. Article in TooLinux presenting a global overview of XWiki Enterprise (French).. 2009-10-07.. Configure XWiki and Create a Formular With Field Validation.. Nice article explaining how to add form validation to forms.. 2009-07-02.. Wiki vs CMS.. Slides from Vincent Massol and Tugdual Grall's presentation at USI 2009.. 2009-06-25.. Next Gen Wikis: Mixing Content-Oriented Applications with Wikis.. Slides from Vincent Massol's presentation at  ...   XWiki.. Part I.. Part II.. Part III.. Excellent articles on migrating from MediaWiki to XWiki with lots of details and code.. 2008-01-16.. Installing XWiki on JBoss and Firebird database.. Tutorial about installing XWiki on JBoss, using a Firebird database.. 2007-11-16.. XWiki vies for top spot in enterprise market.. Article from Mike Ho who attended a XWiki user group meeting.. 2007-10-29.. Valtech Days: XWiki as an application development platform.. An article about the presentation of XWiki Vincent gave during the Valtech Days 2007 in Paris.. 2007-10-11.. XWiki Meetup.. A summary of the XWiki meetup meeting in San Francisco held on 2007-10-10.. Clustering XWiki.. An article about how XWiki was clustered with Terracotta.. XEclipse OSCache are mentioned along the way.. 2007-09-10.. Créer un site associatif avec XWiki.. Very good tutorial for installing XWiki (In French).. 2007-06-29.. XWiki 1.. 0 release on InfoQ.. Announcement of the XWiki 1.. 0 release.. 2007-03-13.. XWiki Plugins: Tips Tricks.. Focus on advanced aspects, in particular on interfacing with XWiki itself and using some of the extension points.. 2007-03-05.. UML Plugin.. Announcement of a UML Plugin for XWiki in the work.. 2007-01-29.. XWiki meets Glassfish.. Instructions on how to run XWiki on GlassFish.. 2006-08-22.. Create and deploy blog and wiki modules with Apache Geronimo.. Blogs and wikis are taking the Internet by storm.. These new ways to share ideas and collaborate with friends have proven worthy of close attention from all kinds of social groups -- from a few buddies to large corporations.. One reason these technologies thrive is simplicity for both end users and administrators.. Administrators find that Apache Geronimo is a robust and secure platform for creating new blog and wiki applications.. Find out how you, too, can create blog and wiki applications using Geronimo and other open source components.. Articles on XWiki on Diigo.. (Sorted alphabetically).. Links.. Buzznewzz.. List of wikis (in French).. Del.. icio.. us.. Collaborative bookmarking.. Flickr.. Pictures related to XWiki.. Framasoft.. Directory of Open Source projects.. FreshMeat.. Provides updates about software releases.. Java-Source.. Ohloh.. Metrics about open source projects, like project activity, project cost, active committers, etc.. SlideShare.. Slides about XWiki.. Sonar.. Development Metrics about XWiki projects.. Swik.. Links related to XWiki.. Topsy.. Search tweets about XWiki.. WikiConsulting.. "Publicize the goals and practices of leading Wiki Consultants from around the world, helping the wiki-curious understand the the nature of transformational change possible with wikis, and helping wiki professionals to discover one another and network with clients.. ".. WikiIndex.. "WikiIndex is a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas.. WikiMatrix.. A web site dedicated to comparing Wikis.. Wikipedia(En).. Wikipedia(Fr).. Description of XWiki on Wikipedia.. Ludovic Dubost.. Asiri Rathnayake.. Jerome Velociter.. on 2007/11/16..

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  • Title: All Projects (Main.Forge) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: Forge.. All Projects.. on 2013/05/22.. org is a fully-featured.. software forge.. , dedicated to host projects that relates to wikis.. There are various types of projects:.. Top Level Projects.. : Those are active projects developed by the XWiki Development Team, following the practices defined in the.. Dev wiki.. Contrib Projects.. : Those are projects developed by people not part of the XWiki Development Team.. These projects can follow their own development practices as explained on the.. Contrib wiki.. Retired Projects.. : Those were projects that were once active projects developed by the XWiki Development Team and that have been moved in the Contrib area as retired project.. They have served us well and are now waiting for someone to take them over and inject a new life in them.. or not.. Project Name.. What is it?.. A.. An application to manage a farm of XWiki Enteprise  ...   of the XWiki Ecosystem.. Contrib.. An umbrella project under which external contributions (such as macros, applications, and more) can be added (no need to be an XWiki Committer to create a new project there).. The full list of Contrib projects is available in the.. However's a list of large active projects that we wish to highlight:.. Curriki.. Open Source Curriculum Sharing and Editing based on the XWiki Platform.. XWiki Office.. MS Office Integration.. XWiki Eclipse.. Remote/offline browsing of XWiki data in a standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin.. What was it?.. XWiki Workspaces.. A powerful yet easy to use collaboration solution, organized around the concept of spaces and their applications.. XWiki Chronopolys.. Project management application for managing portfolio of projects.. XWiki Watch.. A social RSS reader allowing groups to collaboratively follow information news and filter it.. Egyptian metal workers.. - GNU Free Documentation.. on 2007/12/10..

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  • Title: FAQ (FAQ.WebHome) - XWiki.org
    Descriptive info: on 2013/03/19.. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are an easy way to find answers to most of your questions about XWiki.. If you have a question you should verify if it's already in the FAQ list.. If not then you should.. post a message on the XWiki Mailing List/Forum.. The strategy is then for people who know the answer to create a new FAQ entry here about the question and reply in the mail with the link to the new FAQ Entry.. In  ...   Use the.. users mailing lists.. for that.. We have migrated to this new FAQ application and we're moving FAQ entries one by one from the.. old FAQ Application.. If you can't find the FAQ you're looking for below, try the old one.. Search FAQ.. Contribute FAQ.. You need first to.. log in.. or.. register.. Question.. Created On.. Last Modified.. Temporary provide a link for robots to index all FAQs.. In the future, this link will be provided via a sitemap.. AllFAQList.. on 2011/10/28..

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