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  • Title: XLcloud Wiki
    Descriptive info: .. General Actions:.. Log-in.. Search.. Home.. Discover.. :.. XLcloud.. Use Cases.. Follow.. Blog.. Events.. Interviews.. Press Room.. Download.. Software.. Project Collateral.. Project Presentations.. About.. Project Information.. Consortium.. Participants.. Contact.. XLcloud: Design, Develop and Integrate The Software Elements of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) infrastructure.. The XLcloud project strives to establish the demonstration of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC)  ...   of compute intensive workloads, including more specifically interactive games, interactive simulations and 3D graphics.. Putting it altogether, the XLcloud platform architecture looks like this.. Latest.. OW2con'13, November 12-14, Paris, France.. XLcloud will be presented at OW2con'2013.. more.. This wiki is licensed under a.. Creative Commons 2.. 0.. license.. XWiki Enterprise 4.. 5.. 1 -.. Documentation.. -.. Legal Notice.. Site maintained by..

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  • Title: XLcloud: Design, Develop and Integrate The Software Elements of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) (Discover.XLcloud) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: XLcloud: Design, Develop and Integrate The Software Elements of a High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC).. Overview.. XLcloud aims to define and demonstrate the principles of HPC as a Service (High Performance Computing) for all those applications that involve highly intensive calculations.. XLcloud is designed as a collaborative tool that enables users to work together on highly sophisticated software in the Cloud, thus sidestepping the need for individuals to have to purchase expensive software on their own.. XLcloud combines the expertise of companies and academics that are innovative in the field of high performance computer architectures and flow visualization HD/3D and video.. While many Internet-based applications are now available on the Cloud, high-performance applications still face a number of technological obstacles before they are cloud ready.. For example, high performance applications often need large capacity processing, lots of storage and huge network bandwidth, needs that are difficult to meet in today’s Cloud.. In developing HPC as a Service (HaaS), XLcloud has identified the following high performance applications involving research and industrial innovation:.. Research environments such as universities or technical institutes where high performance computing is a requirement,.. Online gaming (serious games) and simulation,.. Low-latency interactive video streaming,.. Data-intensive HPC-based applications,.. Online three-dimensional imaging for medical use.. Many of the above applications are inaccessible to small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) because of the levels of investment required and the budget pressure in IT.. However, the model of cloud computing, by pooling resources and leveraging economies of scale, would allow these applications to find a  ...   fundamental differences in architecture.. As a project, XLcloud would establish a shared infrastructure like HaaS, in which the user could then instantiate Virtual Clusters.. In so doing, it would provide the capacity for versatility allowing the Virtual Clusters to support the various models of architecture that are required by the users.. 2.. Complexity.. : High Performance Applications are often required to handle complex data, especially in the field of imaging and video streaming.. The operation of these applications in Cloud mode requires transferring the data stream composition onto the service-provider servers, and then returning these transactions to the user within their browsers.. Constraints to this process are considerable, especially at the level of communication protocols and bandwidths.. XLcloud aims to provide industrial solutions for these technical issues, which we believe are surmountable through the exploitation of new generation visualization applications in Cloud mode.. In summary, XLcloud aims to remove some of the major obstacles to the operational implementation of high performance applications in the Cloud.. Our goal is to enable members of our project ecosystem to take leadership positions in the market, as service or technology providers in the Cloud.. In the diagrams below, we present, as an example, some of the workflows involved in deploying and maintaining an instance of a.. Remote Rendering Virtual Cluster.. and how a user can deploy a 3D interactive application on top of it.. Remote Rendering Virtual Cluster Deployment and Auto-Scaling.. A user deploys an application in the Remote Rendering Virtual Cluster.. Handling of Remote Rendering Sessions..

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  • Title: XLcloud Use Cases (Discover.UseCases) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: XLcloud Use Cases.. XLcloud will deliver the following use-cases to provide a demonstration of the implementation of the outputs of the XLcloud research project:.. *.. MVIC.. ("Maquette Virtuelle Interactive et Collaborative"): Interactive and collaborative virtual prototyping.. See.. Human Body Visualisation.. Research areas in online medical education.. MFIC.. ("Mécanique des Fluides Interactive pour le Cloud"): Interactive computation fluid dynamics for the cloud.. Cloud Gaming.. : Industry of 3D video games.. Compute Plants.. (HPC clouds Research Industry)..

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  • Title: XLcloud Blog Project (Blog.WebHome) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: XLcloud Blog Project.. Oct.. 28.. 2013.. Call for common work for GPU support in Openstack and hypervisors.. The support of GPUs in OpenStack and hypervisors will make the high performance clouds share the power of one GPU between several VMs.. Posted by.. Jean-Pierre Dion.. Categories:.. OpenStack.. Permalink.. Comments.. (0).. Jul.. 02.. We played Doom 3 at the first Rhone-Alpes OpenStack Meet-UP.. You may rightfully wonder what on earth has Doom 3 anything to do with OpenStack? Well, it does and this is what the.. XLcloud Project.. tried to demonstrate last week at the.. first Rhone-Alpes OpenStack Meet-up.. organized by.. Dave Neary.. Patrick Petit.. Jun.. Devstack with GRE tunnels in Havana.. This post is an update to the.. Devstack in a multi-node configuration.. tutorial.. The latest version of the.. Quantum.. Neutron code has a cool feature that enables the OVS plugin to.. use VXLAN tunnels.. instead of GRE.. If you want to test it, just make sure that you're using a version of OpenvSwitch =.. 10.. To select which encapsulation to use with devstack, new parameters have been added:.. Q_SRV_EXTRA_OPTS.. Q_AGENT_EXTRA_AGENT_OPTS.. Q_AGENT_EXTRA_OVS_OPTS.. Check the.. README.. for details.. This also means that until Kyle's.. patch.. gets merged, it is required to select explicitly the encapsulation method as shown in the following localrc files.. localrc file of the controller node:.. # Network settings.. #.. FLAT_INTERFACE=eth0.. ENABLE_TENANT_TUNNELS=True.. Q_AGENT_EXTRA_AGENT_OPTS=(tunnel_type=gre).. Q_AGENT_EXTRA_OVS_OPTS=(tenant_network_type=gre).. Q_SRV_EXTRA_OPTS=(tenant_network_type=gre).. Q_USE_NAMESPACE=True.. Q_USE_SECGROUP=True.. # Other parameters omitted for simplicity.. localrc file of the compute node(s):.. Happy devstacking!.. Simon Pasquier.. Apr.. 08.. Devstack with Quantum in a multi-node configuration.. This blog post will show you how to run.. devstack.. with Quantum and the Open vSwitch plugin in a multi-node deployment.. The OpenStack testbed will be composed of 2 nodes:.. 1 controller node running Nova (including nova-compute) + Quantum + Glance + Keystone services.. 1 compute node running only the nova-compute service + the Quantum agent.. This tutorial has been tested on Ubuntu.. It should be quite easy to adapt to other distros but as usual YMMV.. Setup of the nodes.. I run the nodes as virtual machines using libvirt+KVM but it could be something else (VirtualBox for instance).. Let's define 2 networks in libvirt:.. the.. management.. network that will be used to SSH to the nodes and for the management traffic between the OpenStack nodes.. transport.. network that will be used only for the traffic between the virtual machines.. Here is the XML definition of the management network (NAT mode).. network.. name management /name.. uuid 0d2ef087-4bcc-6fd2-4e69-6e355d2ae9d1 /uuid.. forward mode='nat'/.. bridge name='virbr2' stp='on' delay='0' /.. mac address='52:54:00:FE:6D:7F'/.. ip address='192.. 168.. 1.. 1' netmask='255.. 255.. 0'.. dhcp.. range start='192.. 128' end='192.. 254' /.. /dhcp.. /ip.. /network.. And the transport network (isolated mode).. name transport /name.. uuid ff591b52-6352-9306-440f-4a7130f17232 /uuid.. bridge name='virbr1' stp='on' delay='0' /.. mac address='52:54:00:9D:60:D8'/.. With virsh or virt-manager, create one virtual machine connected to the 2 networks: the first interface (eth0) is connected to.. and the second (eth1) to.. Boot the VM with a.. Ubuntu Precise ISO image.. and proceed with the OS configuration.. Once the machine  ...   rights).. openrc admin.. devstack has created 2 networks:.. private.. : private virtual network for the.. demo.. tenant.. public.. : virtual network for the floating IP addresses.. $ quantum net-list.. +--------------------------------------+---------+------------------------------------------------------+.. | id | name | subnets |.. | 781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9 | private | 98d520c5-715b-4bfa-bbb9-fbdf6a3267e1 10.. 0/24 |.. | e3f35b9e-962a-40d6-8c73-baec18c070ae | public | 7cbeff79-ed64-4800-90bd-7a943c84a148 |.. Import your key to login via SSH to the virtual instances.. $ nova keypair-add --pub-key ~/.. id_rsa.. pub myKey.. Add 2 rules to the default security group that will allow pinging and SSH to the VM from any IP.. $ quantum security-group-rule-create --protocol icmp --direction ingress --remote-ip-prefix 0.. 0/0 default.. Created a new security_group_rule:.. +-------------------+--------------------------------------+.. | Field | Value |.. | direction | ingress |.. | ethertype | IPv4 |.. | id | 61d0bd9f-a4f4-49f3-be50-48c53807e2f2 |.. | port_range_max | |.. | port_range_min | |.. | protocol | icmp |.. | remote_group_id | |.. | remote_ip_prefix | 0.. 0/0 |.. | security_group_id | 8cb9ee3c-609e-463f-8246-408d9e5b9cad |.. | tenant_id | 9b0f588ee12948ceaf8a7fcc7eaab53e |.. $ quantum security-group-rule-create --protocol tcp --port-range-min 22 --port-range-max 22 --direction ingress --remote-ip-prefix 0.. | id | 9abc5bae-018f-4669-9a17-5d5ed1ce5fa0 |.. | port_range_max | 22 |.. | port_range_min | 22 |.. | protocol | tcp |.. Boot a VM attached to the.. network on the.. compute.. node.. $ nova boot --image cirros-0.. 3.. 1-x86_64-uec --flavor m1.. micro --availability-zone nova:compute --nic net-id=781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9 --key-name myKey vm1.. controller.. micro --availability-zone nova:controller --nic net-id=781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9 --key-name myKey vm2.. After a few seconds, the VMs should up and running.. $ nova list.. +--------------------------------------+------+--------+------------------+.. | ID | Name | Status | Networks |.. | ebf2e0db-f3a6-4fa0-9f2f-b200ddd0da5b | vm1 | ACTIVE | private=10.. 3 |.. | a341b43c-28f8-46f9-9aeb-3c207048bb5c | vm2 | ACTIVE | private=10.. 4 |.. Our VM are connected to the 10.. 0/24 network and received their IP addresses from a DHCP server running on the controller and managed by the DHCP agent.. For proper isolation, that DHCP server runs in a separate network namespace.. To test our connectivity to vm1 and vm2, execute the ping command from the.. network.. namespace where the DHCP server is running.. $ ip netns list # Note that the namespace id derived from the network UUID.. qdhcp-781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9.. qrouter-7377bf5c-0409-4f6d-bb51-7c512fb77631.. $ sudo ip netns exec qdhcp-781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9 ping -c 1 10.. PING 10.. 3 (10.. 3) 56(84) bytes of data.. 64 bytes from 10.. 3: icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=9.. 40 ms.. --- 10.. 3 ping statistics ---.. 1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms.. rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 9.. 401/9.. 401/0.. 000 ms.. 4.. 4 (10.. 4) 56(84) bytes of data.. 4: icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=7.. 70 ms.. 4 ping statistics ---.. rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 7.. 701/7.. 701/0.. Similarly we can SSH to vm2 and ping vm1.. $ sudo ip netns exec qdhcp-781a4073-d908-4128-b0c1-aac6547f0ff9 ssh -l cirros -i.. /test.. pem 10.. 4 ping -c 1 10.. 3): 56 data bytes.. 3: seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.. 792 ms.. 1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0% packet loss.. round-trip min/avg/max = 0.. 792/0.. That's it for now!.. Mar.. 07.. 2012.. Organisation of first workshop.. Organisation of our first workshop.. News and Events..

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  • Title: (Events.WebHome) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: Category: News and Events (11 posts).. Nov.. 12.. Catherine Nuel.. 03.. Open World Forum, October 3-5, 2013, Paris.. XLcloud presented at Open World Forum 2013 by Simon Pasquier.. 10.. Cloud Computing World Conference, April 10-11, 2013, Paris.. Come and visit Xlcloud on the OW2 booth at Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris!.. Cathrine Nuel.. Open Cloud Workshop, April 10, Paris.. XLcloud project successfully presented in the Open Cloud Workshop!.. Dec.. OW2con'12.. XLcloud: Remote rendering for games and 3D graphics applications in the cloud.. olivier lizounat.. PublicEvents.. ,.. Sep.. 11.. Milestone Two: Kick-off Meeting.. Two-day working session in Paris to define what we'd like to achieve and how in Milestone 2.. Where:.. Institut Telecom Mines ParisTech.. , 46, rue Barrault - 75013 Paris, France.. When: Tuesday - Wednesday 11 - 12 September 2012.. Agenda: To download your copy of the agenda, please.. click here.. henhead.. 26.. XLcloud Technical Workshop: Thursday July 26, 2012.. XLcloud Technical Workshop.. Where and When?.. Date.. : July.. 26, 2012 from 9am to 7pm at.. Institut Télécom rue Barrault.. , room.. C47.. Agenda.. Read the full.. agenda.. Required Attendees.. Technical Committee members.. Open to all XLcoud members.. 20.. GPU virtualization in XLcloud.. During the last GTC, NVidia has announced its new  ...   chart with people assignments to tasks.. Software inventory showing our external dependencies and the possible license contamination effects of imported open source software.. 10h30-11h30 (Bruno Bodin).. : Présentation et discussion synthèse de l'expression des besoins des cas d'usages.. 11h30-12h30 (Patrick Petit).. : Revue et discussion du 1er draft d'architecture de la plate-forme (Software Requirements Specification).. Je remettrais une version en milieu de semaine car j'attends encore des inputs de certains partenaire.. 12h30-13h30.. : Déjeuner.. 13h30-14h30 (Jean-Paul Pigache.. ): Revue et discussion du graphe de dépendance des taches mappées sur un planning de 12 mois allant du 1er avril 2012 au 31 mars 2013 pour SP2, SP3, SP4.. 14h30-16h30 (Maris Preda).. : Revue et discussion du graphe de dépendance des taches mappées sur un planning de 12 mois allant du 1er avril 2012 au 31 mars 2013 pour SP5, SP6, SP7.. 16h30-17h30 (Jean-Pierre Laisné/Patrick Petit).. : Finalisation inventaire des logiciels du projet.. Qu'est ce qui est close source, qu'est ce qui est open-source, quelle licence pour les livrables open source du projet ? Y a t'il des licences externes au projet possiblement contaminantes et le cas échéant comment organiser l'architecture du système pour en éviter les effets?.. 17h30-18h.. : Conclusion et planification prochaine réunion(s).. Older posts..

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  • Title: Interviews (Interviews.WebHome) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: Every few months an interview with one of the prominent leaders of the XLcloud project, discussing in greater depth the '.. how.. ' and '.. why.. ' of this fascinating project, will be published here.. Follow the links below for unique insights into the XLcloud project.. Current interviews.. "The XLcloud platform requires special efforts to build an homogeneous solution and an everyday technology watch to spur innovation  ...   at Silkan, builder of high performance simulation solutions supporting the whole life cycle of complex systems.. August 2013.. "By making High Performance Computing clusters user-friendly and affordable to small and medium enterprises, the XLcloud platform will spur innovation and collaboration in the HPC marketplace.. , Cloud Computing Lead Architect for BULL SAS, Echirolles (France), MBA (Grenoble Graduate School of Business), BS Computer Science (Paris VIII University).. June 2012..

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  • Title: Press Releases (Follow.Press) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: Press Releases.. HPC Project and Arion Enterprises Join Forces under the Name of SILKAN.. Meudon la Forêt, June 7, 2012 - HPC Project, expert in simulation, and Arion Entreprise, specialized in real time and embedded systems, have combined their activities under the name of SILKAN to become a pioneer in the new area of embedded simulation.. Read the.. SILKAN press  ...   19, 20 21, 2012.. - Le projet collaboratif XLcloud sera publiquement présenté à l'occasion du salon Solutions Linux les 19, 20 et 21 Juin 2012 au CNIT, Paris La Défense, sur le stand OW2 (stand D25).. Lire le.. (communiqué OW2).. Press Articles.. SiliconCloud.. fr, June 22, 2012.. - "OW2 promeut XLcloud et le développement collaboratif d'applications HPC".. See the.. article..

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  • Title: Download Software (Download.Software) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: Download Software.. Software developed by XLcloud will gradually be made available via.. OW2.. on the community's forge.. The software repository for XLcloud is on the OW2 Git instance.. here..

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  • Title: Collateral (Download.Collateral) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: Collateral.. Download XLcloud Collaterals.. XLcloud Factsheet (April 2013): download.. XLcloud Totem (poster) file: download..

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  • Title: Project Presentations (Download.Presentations) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: XLcloud Public Presentations.. This section gathers XLcloud presentations given in public conferences and workshops.. Milestone 4 Technical Workshop -.. École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.. , June 24-25, 2013.. Milestone 4 - XLCloud platform changes: Michal Balinski and Tomasz Adamczewski (AMG.. net A Bull Group Company) - (.. presentation.. ).. First Technical Workshop - Institut Telecom, July 26, 2012.. Virtual Cluster Management Service and Virtual Cluster Agent: Michal Balinski and Tomasz Adamczewski (Bull's AMG Lab) - (.. Presentation of Heat: Patrick Petit  ...   Scheduling Adaptations: Michel Gauthier and Jean-Patrick Gelas (Inria) - (.. R2 Remote Rendering Chain Specification: Christian Tulvan, Veronica Scurtu, Christina Moreno, Adrian Gabrielli, Marius Preda (Institut Telecom).. - (.. Ceilometer: The OpenStack Metering Project, Julien Danjou (OpenStack Contributor) - (.. Quantum Plugins and Networking, Djamal Zeghlache, Marouen Mechtri, Bilel Meskni, Houssem Medhioub (Télécom SudParis, Institut Mines-Télécom) - (.. Consortium Meeting - Institut Telecom, May 23, 2012.. XLcloud: Tasks for WP5, 6 and 7, Marius PREDA, Institut Telecom - (.. PDF.. )..

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  • Title: Project Information (About.ProjectInfo) - XLcloud
    Descriptive info: XLcloud is a three-year long collaborative project funded by the French FSN (Fonds national pour la Société Numérique) programme, call Cloud n° 1, that was initially submitted under the name "Magellan".. The project started on January 1st, 2012 and will finish on December 2015.. Consortium Members.. Bull SAS ( Serviware - AMG.. net) ; Institut Telecom (Telecom Sud Paris), Artemis and R2SM Laboratories ; Silkan ; EISTI ; ATEME ; OW2 ; Inria RESO ; CEA List..

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