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  • Title: XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs
    Descriptive info: .. English.. German.. Japanese.. America.. Asia.. Australia.. Europe.. Searching XEmacs.. help.. Quick Links.. Download.. XEmacs in GSoC.. FAQ.. Mailing lists.. Documentation.. People.. How to help.. Bugs.. Links.. About XEmacs.. Status of Services.. Near Future.. History of XEmacs.. XEmacs vs.. GNU Emacs.. Screenshots.. Sites Created With XEmacs.. Year 2000 Statement.. Who Wrote XEmacs?.. XEmacs Contributors.. Website.. Getting XEmacs.. Optional Libraries.. Installation HOWTOs.. Quickstart Package Guide.. Installation resources.. Releases.. Customizing XEmacs.. XEmacs Packages.. Other Interesting Sites.. Customization Links.. Troubleshooting XEmacs.. Reporting Bugs.. Troubleshooting resources.. Debugging.. Developing XEmacs.. Open Issues.. Dev team responsibilities.. Architecting XEmacs.. What is XEmacs?.. XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system.. It is protected under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular.. Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an open software development model, similar to Linux.. XEmacs has an active development community numbering in the hundreds, and runs on Windows 95 and NT, Linux and nearly every other version of Unix in existence.. Support for XEmacs has been supplied by.. Sun Microsystems.. ,.. University of Illinois.. , Lucid,.. ETL/Electrotechnical Laboratory.. Amdahl Corporation.. , BeOpen, and others, as well as the unpaid time of a great number of individual developers.. Web and FTP hosting graciously provided by.. Sourceforge.. and.. tux.. org.. as well as many world-wide.. FTP site.. Web site.. mirrors.. Website Mirrors.. As a common saying goes:.. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.. XEmacs Website Mirrors exist on following continents.. Pick the continent where your internet service provider resides, which is not always the continent you may sit on.. This is most likely to matter when you work for an international company with no local internet connection.. Current XEmacs Core Releases.. Problem reports and requests for enhancement may be filed at the new.. XEmacs issue tracking system.. XEmacs 21.. 4 has been promoted to.. stable.. , and the XEmacs 21.. 1 series has been retired.. For those with classic taste, these.. historical.. releases are still available.. We will continue to support, at a lower level, 21.. 1 users.. See the.. announcement of 21.. 4.. 12.. for details.. Stable.. branch:.. 21.. 22.. Beta.. 5.. 33.. XEmacs Download Locations.. Installation instructions.. Current XEmacs Package Releases.. for information about the XEmacs package system.. It is a feature differentiating XEmacs from GNU Emacs by allowing us to deploy bug fixes and enhancements of our lisp packages on a separate, usually faster, schedule than core XEmacs releases.. Official.. Release:.. 2009-02-17.. XEmacs Community News.. 2013-03-28.. XEmacs has.. applied to be a mentoring organization.. in.. Google Summer of code.. Here's our.. Ideas Page.. Candidates are encouraged to contact us at any time.. Earlier is better,.. because community-building is an explicit goal of the Summer of Code.. Active participation in XEmacs development is a more important criterion than your current skill set!.. 2012-01-04.. We've moved the XEmacs source code (and the source code of the packages and the website) to.. Bitbucket.. See.. this page.. 2008-02-10.. XEmacs joins the 21st century with a new.. issue tracker.. The User Guide is available.. online.. 2007-12-03.. Thank you,.. Siam Web Hosting.. , for mirroring the XEmacs website.. http://xemacs.. siamwebhosting.. com/.. is located in Chicago IL.. 2007-10-23.. http://centurionhosting.. net/.. , for joining the happy flock of XEmacs website mirrors with theirs, serving the.. Czech Republic.. !.. 2007-09-24.. FKtPp and his friend have set up an XEmacs FTP Site mirror at.. ftp://ftp.. cn.. xemacs.. org/pub/xemacs/.. XEmacs users in China now have a "local" mirror to download from! Thank you, FKtPp!.. 2007-09-12.. digimirror.. of the Netherlands have created mirrors of the XEmacs Website at.. digimirror.. nl/.. and the XEmacs FTP Site (HTTP access only!) at.. http://xemacsftp.. Thanks a lot!.. 2007-08-15.. Max Bear adds a website mirror,.. site2nd.. org/.. , in Texas, USA, and might followup with a ftp site mirror as well.. Thank you!.. is.. org is taking some time off, but will return before long.. We now have a functional primary FTP mirror in the US again (.. http://ftp.. us.. org/pub/mirrors/xemacs/.. ).. We're grateful to.. www.. ibiblio.. , a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for filling the gap.. We have a functional primary FTP mirror in the UK again (.. uk.. org/sites/ftp.. Thanks to the University of Kent UKMIRROR service (.. http://www.. mirrorservice.. FTP mirrors ftp.. pl.. org and sunsite.. sut.. ac.. jp have not been functional for a while and have now been removed.. 2007-07-18.. pctools.. cl.. starts mirroring the XEmacs Website for our Chilean users at.. gracias!.. 2007-06-25..  ...   Spain (.. XEmacs thanks.. HEAnet.. es.. sytes.. 2003-02-14.. XEmacs gets an official FTP mirror.. pt.. and website mirror.. in Portugal.. Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR).. 2003-01-16.. Support for 21.. 1 users continues, at a lower level.. 2002-10-24.. Our thanks go out to.. CICT.. (Centre Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Toulouse) today for becoming our French XEmacs website mirror (.. fr.. ) and secondary XEmacs FTP mirror of France (.. ftp://mirror.. cict.. fr/xemacs/.. 2002-10-09.. KREONET.. (Korea Research Environment Open NETwork) has been the Korean XEmacs FTP mirror for some time and has now established a Korean XEmacs website mirror,.. kr.. Thanks for mirroring us, KREONET!.. 2002-05-07.. The Spanish XEmacs website mirror at.. es.. joins the crowd.. alminares.. for mirroring us.. 2002-03-09.. Peter Brown, our new website sidekick, sets up a.. Namazu.. search engine for the XEmacs website.. Indexes get updated on each and every commit to the website.. remain searchable separately via their own interface.. 2002-02-03.. maussner.. XEmacs has a website mirror in Germany at.. as of today.. 2002-01-16.. The XEmacs CVS repository at SunSITE.. dk is browsable via newly installed ViewCVS 0.. 9.. 2 in its own domain at.. http://cvs.. 2001-11-29.. Although GTK is still classed as experimental because the core team has insufficient time to devote to it, Les Schaffer is coordinating efforts to improve the support.. Visit his.. GTK XEmacs bugs.. page (it disappeared between June and October 2004) for more information.. Thanks, Les!.. 2001-11-03.. All XEmacs CVS modules, among other projects, can now be browsed via cvsweb (upgraded to ViewCVS access on 2002-01-16) at the Anonymous CVS Repository at SunSITE.. dk.. See also.. Service Issue 8.. Details about CVS repository access are still in flux, but documentation in.. /Develop/cvsaccess.. /Develop/packages.. will be kept in sync with reality.. 2001-08-15.. The xemacsweb CVS repository is moved from http://cvs.. sourceforge.. net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.. cgi/xemacs/xemacsweb/ at SourceForge (which is no longer updated) to.. repository at SunSITE.. to make automatic website updates work again.. Service Issue 6.. 2001-06-11.. Europe gets its own directly updating XEmacs website in Denmark,.. This new service is brought to us by.. SunSITE.. It updates automatically within minutes from CVS commits to the website.. sources.. This complements the services provided by.. , which both live in the USA.. 2001-04-16.. 0 "Solid Vapor" is released.. Announcement.. 2001-03-29.. Infodock.. , the industrial-strength IDE built on XEmacs, has now opened a.. SourceForge project.. The current release of Infodock, 4.. 00.. 08, is based on XEmacs 21.. 1.. 2001-03-28.. The final release date for XEmacs 21.. 4 has been fixed for April 15th; see the.. Release page.. 2001-01-09.. The code base currently called ``XEmacs 21.. 2'' is now.. scheduled for release.. on March 1, 2001.. Prelease testing and development discussion are taking place on.. xemacs-beta.. , the open list for developers and beta testers.. Come join the fun!.. 2000-11-26.. gets a new face, a sister:.. xemacs.. (which serves as virtual host.. ), and a new maintenance system, due to the hard work of Adrian Aichner.. It's all documented.. here.. 2000-11-09.. It's about time for a dashing piece of news: William M.. Perry's work (funded by BeOpen.. com through sourceXchange), Gtk-XEmacs is available via tarballs or directly from the XEmacs repository.. (N.. B.. This feature has been incorporated in the XEmacs mainline since the 21.. 0 release.. ).. 2000-07-01.. Steve Youngs, our XEmacs Packager from Downunder, reports: Andy Piper can't have all the limelight.. My daughter, Kaitlyn (a future XEmacs hacker) was born July 1, 2000.. 2000-05-12.. Congratulations to XEmacs hacker Andy Piper and his family on the birth of William Piper on 5 May 2000!.. 2000-01-18.. Users of the MacOS are reported to be rejoicing wildly now that a.. port of XEmacs 19.. 14.. is available for their platform of choice.. XEmacs has been nominated in the.. Slashdot 2000 Beanie Awards.. , in the Best Open Source Editor Category.. We urge all XEmacs users to vote.. (http://slashdot.. org/vote.. pl).. for their favorite editor.. 1999-09-29.. The first public release of.. coffee.. el.. allows RFC2324-compliant coffee devices (Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol, or HTCPCP) to be controlled from within XEmacs.. Coffee-drinking XEmacs users everywhere rejoice as their favorite beverage is unified with their favorite editor.. Site content repository:.. Primary mirrors:.. This page is part of the XEmacs website.. org.. Contents copyright 2000 -- 2002; all rights reserved.. Missing links, inquiries about implementation, kudos to:.. webmaster@xemacs.. Discussion of XEmacs features, installation, problems:.. XEmacs mailing lists.. This page last.. modified.. Sun Mar 31 00:01:31 2013 UTC.. Conform with !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.. 0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.. w3.. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.. dtd".. Automatically validated by.. PSGML..

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  • Title: XEmacs: XEmacs - Auf Gut Deutsch
    Descriptive info: Deutsch.. Englisch.. Japanisch.. Amerika.. Asien.. Australien.. Europa.. XEmacs Durchsuchen.. Hilfe.. Über XEmacs.. Mailing-listen.. Status der Dienste.. XEmacs im GSoC.. Nahe Zukunft.. Geschichte von XEmacs.. XEmacs gegenüber GNU Emacs.. Bildbeispiele.. Mit XEmacs erstellte Sites.. Jahr 2000.. Wer hat XEmacs geschrieben?.. Wo gibt's XEmacs?.. Zur Abholung.. Zusätzliche Bibliotheken.. Wie installiere ich?.. Dokumentation.. Installationshilfen.. Versionen.. XEmacs Personalisierung.. XEmacs Pakete.. Andere Interessante Seiten.. Personalisierung.. XEmacs Fehlersuche.. Häufige Fragen.. Fehler berichten.. Dienste zur Fehlersuche.. Fehlersuche.. XEmacs Entwicklung.. Wie kann ich helfen?.. Issue Tracker.. Verantwortlichkeiten der Entwickler.. Zukünftige XEmacs Architektur.. XEmacs - Auf Gut Deutsch.. Wer hier gelandet ist, steht vielleicht vor einem großen Schritt, dem Schritt in die Welt des XEmacs.. Ein "Texteditor" sagen manche, eine "Religion" wieder andere.. Auf jeden Fall eine Entwicklungsplattform mit einer schier unglaublichen Menge an Funktionalitäten und der Möglichkeit, mit einem eigenen Lispdialekt eigene Erweiterungen und Anpassungen vorzunehmen.. Es existiert eine Vielzahl guter Dokumentationen und Einführungen, die meisten davon jedoch in englischer Sprache.. Für die Freunde der deutschen Lesart und einer etwas lockeren Sprache gibt es ein eigenes Dokument unter.. skamphausen.. de/xemacs.. Jene Doku, auf die hier verwiesen wird, steht komplett unter der.. GNU Free Documentation License.. , so dass es jedem und jeder frei steht, sie weiterzuverwenden etc.. Links zu anderen deutschen  ...   http://bolug.. uni-bonn.. de/wissen/.. Ein anderer Einführungskurs.. http://www-aix.. gsi.. de/~giese/UNIX-Kurs/Emacs.. Ein sehr ausführlicher Einführungskurs der mir einen sehr guten Eindruck macht und auf den GNU Emacs abzielt:.. http://tutor.. hsz-t.. ch/tutorials/emacs-intro/.. Eine Sammlung von ELisp-Paketen, bei der bestimmt für jede was dabei ist:.. http://anc.. ed.. uk/~stephen/emacs/ell.. Wer noch mehr braucht.. geekware.. de/software/emacs/index.. reicht noch nicht?.. splode.. com/users/friedman/software/emacs-lisp/.. Dein Auftritt.. Dokumentation ist nur so gut wie ihre Autoren.. Bis dato stammt die genannte Dokumentation im Wesentlichen aus einer Feder.. Wer jedoch selber interessante Themen beisteuern kann (z.. Erfahrungen mit XEmacs auf anderen Plattformen), sollte nur einen kleinen Text im ASCII- oder LaTeX-Format erstellen und rasch an Stefan schicken, damit der ihn aufnehmen kann.. Kontaktdetails finden sich ebenfalls auf.. Die Einleitung versucht, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe zu geben.. Das mag nicht immer genug sein.. Stefan beantwortet aber EMail mit Fragen normalerweise zügig und gerne :-).. Epilog.. Autor:.. Stefan Kamphausen.. Die Autoren der verlinkten Seiten tragen selber die Verantwortung für die von ihnen bereitgestellten Inhalte.. Archiv des Seiteninhalts:.. Weitere Hauptspiegel:.. Diese Seite ist Teil der XEmacs website.. Inhalt copyright 2000 -- 2002; alle Rechte vorbehalten.. Fehlende Querverweise, Fragen zur Implementierung, Kudos an:.. Diskussion von XEmacs Fähigkeiten, Installation, Problemen:.. XEmacs Mailing-listen.. Seite zuletzt.. geändert.. Thu Mar 28 07:20:24 2013 UTC..

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  • Title: XEmacs: 日本語でXEmacs
    Descriptive info: XEmacs 検索.. ヘルプ.. XEmacs について.. メーリングリスト.. サービスの状態.. XEmacsのGSoC活動.. これから起こること.. XEmacs の歴史.. XEmacs と GNU Emacs.. スクリーンショット.. XEmacs でつくられたサイト.. 2000 年問題.. XEmacs の開発者たち.. Web サイト.. XEmacs の入手法.. ダウンロード.. オプションライブラリ.. インストール.. ドキュメント.. インストールに関するリンク.. リリース.. XEmacs をカスタマイズする.. XEmacs で困ったら.. バグレポート.. 困ったときは.. デバッグ.. XEmacs の開発.. 開発の手助けをするには.. トラッカー.. 開発チームの役割分担.. XEmacs の設計.. 日本語でXEmacs.. xemacs-users-ja@xemacs.. org (日本語).. 登録のための宛て先: xemacs-users-ja-request@xemacs.. xemacs-beta-ja@xemacs.. 登録のための宛て先: xemacs-beta-ja-request@xemacs.. 英語でメーリングリスト.. 本.. XEmacs MewがわかるとUNIXとインターネット環境に差が出る.. リンク.. XEmacs Short Tips (日本語) (previously at http://www.. imasy.. or.. jp/~kazz/xemacs/).. Mew.. - "Messaging in the Emacs World" (日本語と英語).. wambold@xemacs.. に書いてください。..

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  • Title: XEmacs: XEmacs: List of XEmacs Website Mirrors
    Descriptive info: XEmacs Website Mirrors.. Please try and pick a site that is networkologically close to you.. If you are mirroring XEmacs, or would like to, please see our.. instruction page.. Official Website:.. Goto.. Mirror Index.. North America.. United States.. releasenotes.. South America.. Argentina.. xmundo.. solucionesroot.. Chile.. Hong Kong.. hk.. Korea.. Saudi Arabia.. sa.. Taiwan.. tw.. Queensland.. au.. Austria.. at.. Belarus.. Belgium.. be.. mirrors.. centurionhosting.. Finland.. fi.. France.. Germany.. Greece.. gr.. Ireland.. ie.. heanet.. ie/mirrors/www.. Italy.. it.. Netherlands.. Poland.. Portugal.. http://mirrors.. fe.. up.. pt/pub/xemacs/.. Spain.. Ukraine.. Thu Mar 28 07:20:25 2013 UTC..

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  • Title: XEmacs Website Full-Text Search Engine
    Descriptive info: XEmacs Website Full-Text Search Engine.. This index contains 6,505 documents and 319,910 keywords.. Last modified: 2012-01-13.. Query:.. [How to search].. Display:.. 10.. 20.. 30.. 50.. 100.. Description:.. normal.. short.. Sort:.. by score.. by date in late order.. by date in early order.. by title in ascending order.. by title in descending order.. by author in ascending order.. by author in descending order.. by size in ascending order.. by size in descending order.. by URI in ascending order.. by URI in descending order.. This search system is powered by.. v2.. 0.. 10..

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  • Title: XEmacs: List of XEmacs mirrors and download sites
    Descriptive info: Downloading XEmacs.. If you would like to mirror XEmacs or its website, please read the following documents :.. How to become a mirror of the XEmacs Web site.. To get started quickly:.. For many platforms such as Windows, Linux, open source BSDs, and Mac OS X, recent versions of XEmacs are included in various distributions.. Commercial Unix versions may also have precompiled binary distributions.. Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista.. The.. Cygwin distribution.. provides a Unix emulation environment, and a setup tool which you can use to select and download XEmacs itself, various add-on packages for XEmacs, and binary utilities such as aspell and its dictionaries and the patch and diff utilities.. (Windows Vista is not heavily tested yet, but it should work.. Mac OS X.. Fink.. MacPorts.. projects both provide XEmacs packages, as well as the third party utilities.. FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.. FreeBSD.. NetBSD.. OpenBSD.. projects all provide XEmacs ports.. Linux.. All of the major Linux vendors provide XEmacs packages, often in various configurations.. Use the usual tool for your distro to select, download, and install XEmacs.. Commercial Unixes.. The Solaris Open Source Companion Disk contains a package of XEmacs.. The HP/UX Porting Center provides a distribution of XEmacs, too.. You can also use the precompiled executables that can be found in the.. binaries.. directory in the mirrors below.. However, many facilities provided by XEmacs require other binaries (eg, the patch and diff utilities, or ispell and its dictionaries) and you will have to get them  ...   and build XEmacs yourself on any of the vast number of supported platforms -- a sophisticated auto-configuring script is provided to simplify the process.. For MacOS:.. No standalone binaries are currently available.. XEmacs Releases on.. Mirror Sites.. Please consult the.. Release Notice Archive.. for recent releases and changes they contain.. Stable XEmacs.. Gamma XEmacs.. Beta XEmacs.. Historical XEmacs.. Official Packages.. Package Pre-Releases.. Here are some tips for manual navigation through the XEmacs download area:.. The latest stable release can be found in directory.. current.. in the mirrors below.. The latest stable release candidate (``gamma'') can be found in directory.. gamma.. These releases are quite stable, as far as we know, and get more so with each release.. The latest developmental branch release can be found in directory.. beta.. Be warned, beta releases can be unstable.. The latest official xemacs package rleases can be found in directory.. packages.. The latest xemacs pre-release packages can be found in directory.. beta/experimental/packages.. Be warned, pre-release packages can be unstable as they serve the purpose of initial testing and fast distribution of suggested fixes.. Unreleased developmental versions can be found at.. /Develop/hgaccess.. Some.. installation instructions.. are available.. The XEmacs build process has changed.. with the 21.. 1 and 21.. 2 releases; please consult the instructions if you are upgrading from an older version!.. Official site:.. ftp.. org (HTTP).. org (FTP).. Rsync:.. We also support downloading by anonymous.. rsync.. - for example, to view the directory containing the current stable release, try:.. rsync rsync.. org::xemacsftp/current/..

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  • Title: XEmacs: XEmacs in Google Summer of Code
    Descriptive info: XEmacs and Google Summer of Code.. Are you looking for the XEmacs.. ? It's right over.. Accepted projects for Summer of Code 2013.. None yet.. Proposed projects for Summer of Code 2013.. XEmacs Plans and Policies.. Please refer to the.. XEmacs developers' page.. for information about XEmacs' development practices and developer resources.. The following policies are somewhat tentative (and the writing is stuffy and hard to understand).. They probably will be revised a few times before coding starts.. Please check again soon.. Interns are expected to complete a project of up to 2 man-months.. "Complete" means documenting requirements and design, coding, creating unit tests, and end-user documentation.. Scope of the proposal should be considered with those desiderata in mind.. Interns are expected to engage with the community throughout the project.. Note that this is just a restatement of one of Google's goals for the Summer of Code program.. They are welcome to consult potential mentors, other developers, and users in developing proposals.. Note that currently the primary channel for developer interaction is the XEmacs Contributors mailing list xemacs-beta@xemacs.. XEmacs will also advertise the intern's blog and social media as available where the intern prefers those media.. Besides communication about specific issues encountered in the project, a weekly activity report to the mailing list is required.. (It's required as a way of allowing the organization administrator  ...   where that is the most effective way to proceed.. Interns are expected to write their own code, documentation, tests, and so on.. Contributions from third parties are not strictly forbidden, but.. must.. be clearly documented, and they.. do not.. count toward completion of the project.. Violations will be treated severely.. Both the intern and mentor are required to make an interim progress report to the organization administrator one week before each evaluation period opens.. The purpose is to allow the administrator to intervene before evaluations are made in cases where the intern and the mentor have very different perceptions of the status of the project.. Google has made it plain that Google Summer of Code is specifically about developing code, and may not be generalized to software development in general such as documentation.. Accordingly, interns will be primarily evaluated on whether they have delivered the code they proposed, with consideration for unforeseen implementation difficulties.. However, interns should remember that in evaluating whether the promised code was delivered, clear requirements and other documentation, as well as passing unit tests, are crucial in making an objective evaluation.. If the mentor and the intern disagree about what the requirements were, and they are ambiguous, it will be very hard to appeal an adverse decision.. Fri Mar 29 23:56:20 2013 UTC.. Not.. conform with !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1..

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  • Title: XEmacs: Frequently asked questions about XEmacs
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. This is the guide to the XEmacs Frequently Asked Questions list--a compendium of questions and answers pertaining to one of the finest programs ever written.. It is much more than just a Text Editor.. This FAQ is freely redistributable.. I take no liability for the correctness and safety of any procedures or advice given  ...   useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.. If you have a Web browser, the official hypertext version is at.. org/FAQ/xemacs-faq.. or the XEmacs mirror you are currently visiting.. The canonical version of the FAQ is the texinfo document.. xemacs-faq.. texi.. in the XEmacs Mercurial repository..

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  • Title: XEmacs: XEmacs Community Mailing Lists
    Descriptive info: XEmacs Mailing Lists.. For most problems of configuration and daily usage, the best channel is the Usenet newsgroup.. comp.. The participants in.. c.. e.. x.. are users at every level of experience as well as a few developers, and they are there specificially for the purpose of helping each other.. For common problems responses are fast and accurate, and normally faster than they will be on the developers' mailing lists.. However, if you have read the documentation, believe you understand it, and still don't understand why XEmacs does what it does, then that is most likely a bug (often in the documentation, but still a bug), and you should let the developers know about it.. The best way to do that is.. M-x report-xemacs-bug.. Several mailing lists are available to facilitate development and discussion of XEmacs.. These mailing lists are essential to the.. development process.. of XEmacs.. If you wish to participate effectively, you should subscribe or regularly review the archives of the relevant lists.. Besides information about each list, this page provides.. information about subscribing.. to XEmacs mailing lists (and each list description contains a link to facilitate subscription),.. help with list-related problems.. information about anti-spam policy.. Mailing Lists and the Development Process.. Currently, the typical workflow starts with a bug report from a user or a developer, which should be directed to.. Any changes that arise from this discussion (or bugfixes arising directly from discussion on.. ) should then be submitted to.. xemacs-patches.. Patches are vetted by the XEmacs Review Board.. Review actions such as approval and veto of patches will be directed to.. This is a description of the.. typical.. workflow.. There are various other routes that code and discussion can follow.. See the descriptions of the various lists to decide which is most appropriate for your post.. xemacs-announce.. xemacs-buildreports.. xemacs-commits.. The following lists are more or less obsolete, or unused, and have been merged into xemacs-beta.. The xemacs-users-LANG lists may be revived if traffic or user requests warrant.. Send requests, in English, to.. Stephen Turnbull.. The xemacs-design list probably will be revived when traffic warrants.. xemacs-beta-ja.. xemacs-design.. xemacs-mule.. xemacs-news.. xemacs-nt.. xemacs-users-ja.. xemacs-users-ru.. An alternative to subscribing to any of the lists is to visit the.. Archived XEmacs Mailing Lists.. These archives are updated daily, during the period 13:00-14:00 EST (around 18:00 GMT).. If you don't want to stay as far as a day behind, then just go ahead and subscribe.. Some (or maybe all by the time you read this) of these lists are available by NNTP on the bidirectional gateway gmane.. How to subscribe.. Problems.. is a Usenet newsgroup for XEmacs users to discuss problems and issues that arise for them.. It's not generally an appropriate place to ask about apparent bugs (use.. Archive.. :.. No archives at XEmacs; Google Groups, etc.. , may have them.. Subscriptions:.. No subscription necessary; just point your newsreader at.. is a read-only, low volume list for announcements concerning the XEmacs project and new releases of the XEmacs software.. http://list-archive.. org/pipermail/xemacs-announce/.. Subscribe by E-mail:.. mailto:xemacs-announce-request@xemacs.. org?body=subscribe address=.. Subscribe or change subscription by HTTP:.. http://calypso.. tux.. org/mailman/listinfo/xemacs-announce/.. is an open list for bug reports about beta versions of XEmacs.. This includes the bug reports themselves, by both users and developers, as well as queries, follow-ups, and discussions further determining their nature and status.. This is the primary channel for this kind of discussion; related code changes will usually not be applied until they have been discussed here.. org/pipermail/xemacs-beta/.. mailto:xemacs-beta-request@xemacs.. org/mailman/listinfo/xemacs-beta/.. is obsolete; it has been merged into xemacs-beta.. Posts in Japanese are welcome on xemacs-beta, but you should consider that posts in English will probably receive much more prompt and accurate response.. The old archives will remain available.. org/pipermail/xemacs-beta-ja/.. is an open list for submission of build-reports on beta versions of XEmacs.. For information on what the build-reports should contain, please see the "Beta" Info documentation node, or the man/beta.. texi file in the source of the beta series.. org/pipermail/xemacs-buildreports/.. mailto:xemacs-buildreports-request@xemacs.. org/mailman/listinfo/xemacs-buildreports/.. is a read-only list for notices and information on what has been committed to the XEmacs Mercurial repositories, by whom, and for what.. (For more information on the XEmacs Mercurial repositories:.. org/pipermail/xemacs-commits/.. mailto:xemacs-commits-request@xemacs.. org/mailman/listinfo/xemacs-commits/.. has been merged into xemacs-beta for now.. It will be revived when traffic justifies.. org/pipermail/xemacs-design/.. has been merged into xemacs-beta, which is not restricted to English, postings in all languages are welcome.. Please consider that posts in English will likely receive much more prompt and accurate responses.. org/pipermail/xemacs-mule/.. has been merged into xemacs-beta.. If you are looking for user support, please use the  ...   desirable to make personal replies to posts (so we don't want to sanitize the mailing list distribution itself), and we get very few complaints, none from regular posters.. Currently the XEmacs mailing lists are operated as members-only-post lists.. Other posts are moderated, first by automatic filters, then by humans.. Autoresponders cannot be used because they generate huge number of bounces due to non-existent addresses at poorly configured hosts, driving the postmaster crazy.. Instead, with a mixture of.. SpamAssassin.. and homebrewed procmail recipes we are highly (about 99%) effective in blocking spam posts.. Due to a dramatic increase in the amount of spam and a near perfect record of like 0.. 05% false positives, we are.. discarding near-certain spam.. without checking as of 2004-04-27.. We have added more categories as recently as.. 2006-12-26.. Here are the criteria, any of which qualifies your post for automatic discard:.. Send a message which is of MIME type "multipart/alternative" or "multipart/related", containing both a "text/html" type part and an "image/*" type part.. Have a known abusive from address (eg, daemon addresses at Microsoft.. com, used by the MS-Blaster/Nachi viruses).. Send posts with unencoded 8-bit characters in the headers.. Send posts in unwanted MIME charsets; except for xemacs-patches (non-ISO-8859 charsets are held for moderation), the xemacs-users-ja (Japanese is permitted) and xemacs-users-ru (Cyrillic is permitted), only ISO-8859 charsets and Windows-1252 are permitted.. Convince SpamAssassin your post is spam (5 points, vanilla config).. Send mail to majordomo@xemacs (we're a Mailman site now).. Use implicit addresses (ie, not addressed to the list).. Either the.. To.. header or the.. Cc.. header.. contain "xemacs.. org".. Use too many addresses (over 10).. Include any of several drug names in the headers, including obfuscated versions like "V1agdra" and "c.. i.. a.. l.. s".. Include the word "rolex" or an apparent attempt to sell watches in the headers.. Have a From or Sender address that procmail thinks is a daemon.. Basically that means sendmail and other MTAs, mailing list managers, and root.. Have From, To,.. and.. Subject headers containing 100% ASCII text encoded as utf-8 quoted-printable.. This list may be extended in the future, as we discover recipes that catch lots of spam with no false positives.. Of course, since we throw it away, we can no longer check for false positives.. If you think your post may have been mistakenly filtered, feel free to write to.. Please do not write to the list.. Even resending is a bad idea unless you think.. you.. made a mistake.. Also, we request that you allow 4 hours for delivery before reporting a loss; changes in DNS configuration, server outages, and the like can cause delays of several hours even if other list traffic seems to be arriving normally.. Exceptions can be made, and if you need one (for example, if your documentation contains the phrase "click on the link", you would run afoul of the "no soliciting clicks" clause---this is just an example, patches already have an exception for that), write to.. SpamAssassin's site.. for more information about SpamAssassin and what it is likely to block.. Other suspicious mail is held for moderation.. This causes delays averaging 12 hours when I've got time for it, up to 72 hours (especially at weekends).. A message which is of MIME type "multipart/alternative" or "multipart/related", containing an "image/*" type part.. Broken headers, including addresses or message IDs apparently munged or added by relays.. Null subjects and certain single-word subjects.. Implicit addresses (ie, bcc'ing a list).. Include an attachment with an extension that IE thinks is executable (practically everything but.. txt and.. tar.. gz).. A large number of phrases commonly used in spamvertisements, including phrases referring to stocks, mortgages, diets, well-known proprietary software, etc.. A variety of sexual or scatological terms that in my experience are more likely to be used literally in spamverts than figuratively in flames.. Invitations to click on a link.. Links are OK, but don't include any text that would convince SpamAssassin you suggested clicking on it.. XEmacs users are smart enough to figure that out for themselves.. Posts that contain.. any.. HTML.. There are also certain restrictions on content.. Try to avoid phrases associated with the so-called.. Nigerian scam.. or containing.. the seven words you cannot say on TV.. (.. i.. , your post looks like spam for a porn site or Viagra).. From.. , or.. Subject.. containing entirely QP- or BASE64-encoded text with a charset of ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8.. These posts are reviewed for false positives, which are resent to the list, before throwing the rest away.. Thu Mar 28 07:20:22 2013 UTC..

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  • Title: XEmacs: Documentation
    Descriptive info: XEmacs Documentation.. XEmacs.. Manuals.. PDF.. Following XEmacs Manuals are available for browsing on the XEmacs Website and all its mirrors worldwide:.. xemacs/man sources.. in CVS).. Packages.. packages sources.. , including texinfo sources, in CVS).. XEmacs Info Manuals in.. format.. The following documents are available in.. format (with permuted indices) for both US Letter and A4 sized paper:.. Programming in Emacs Lisp, an Introduction (emacs-lisp-intro).. [Letter].. [A4].. XEmacs Internals Manual (internals).. XEmacs Lisp Reference Manual (lispref).. Getting Started With XEmacs (new-users-guide).. XEmacs Users Manual (xemacs).. If you would like to download documents in Postscript or DVI format, please do so directly via FTP from.. org/pub/xemacs/docs/.. or, if you are behind a firewall, via HTTP from.. org/docs/.. The Texinfo source files are bundled with the.. XEmacs source tarball.. , and a wide variety of tools are available from the.. GNU Project.. and third party developers to format them in almost any way imaginable.. Download a PDF Reader.. There are several PDF readers which are freely available for download.. We recommend.. Aladdin or GNU Ghostscript.. A user-friendly interface is provided by.. gv.. (for X11) or.. Ghostview.. (for Windows).. Ghostscript also provides the capability to create PDF files from  ...   0 (4.. 05.. 1103 09:34) on Windows 2000 Professional (danish version).. 0 (0408 05:21) on Windows 98 SE4.. 10.. 2222 A.. 0 0513 09:57 on Windows NT 4.. 0 (Build 1381: Service Pack 6).. Acrobat Reader 5.. 0 5.. 127.. 03.. 01 on Windows 98 [Version 4.. 2222].. Acrobat 5.. 5 on Windows XP.. 5 on MacOS X (ver.. 10.. 5).. 6 on GNU/Linux.. 1 of 3/27/2001 on Windows XP Professional.. The standard.. free PDF readers.. Ghostscript.. ) do not have these limitations.. , at least, is available for the Windows platform.. Unfortunately, both versions of.. prior to about 6.. 21 (ie, still in beta) and current versions of.. pdflatex.. emit such files (some of the problems were fixed in Aladdin Ghostscript's 6.. 0 release).. There's not much we can do about it until updated versions of PDF writing software that cater to Acrobat's idiosyncracies become generally available.. In particular,.. (which we use for generating preformatted versions of Texinfo documents) still generates such files.. Additional documentation.. More recent material can be found in the.. or the.. files.. The following might also be useful:.. FSF/GNU Emacs FAQ.. Gnus FAQ.. VM FAQ.. Thu Mar 28 08:26:24 2013 UTC..

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  • Title: XEmacs: XEmacs Contributors
    Descriptive info: This page lists all of the XEmacs developers and other contributors, present and past.. Click on a link and you will get to the developer's home page.. for a more detailed description of who did what.. The current members of the XEmacs Review Board are:.. Adrian Aichner.. Aidan Kehoe.. Andy Piper.. Ben Wing.. Didier Verna.. Gunnar Evermann.. Hrvoje Niksic.. Jan Vroonhof.. Jareth Hein.. Jerry James.. Jonathan Harris.. Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson.. Malcolm Purvis.. Martin Buchholz.. Michael Sperber.. Norbert Koch.. Olivier Galibert.. Steve Baur.. Ville Skyttä.. Vin Shelton.. William M.. Perry.. Yoshiki Hayashi.. Other present and past XEmacs developers are:.. Alastair Houghton.. Alexey Mahotkin.. Andreas Jaeger.. Andrew Cosgriff.. Anthony Rossini.. Barry Warsaw.. Bjorn Torkelsson.. Bob Weiner.. Carsten Dominik.. Charles Waldman.. Christian Nybø.. Chuck Thompson.. Colin Rafferty.. Craig Lanning.. Daiki Ueno.. Damon Lipparelli.. Dan Holmsand.. Daniel Pittman.. Darrell Kindred.. Darryl Okahata.. David Hobley.. David Moore.. Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart.. Eric Benson.. Eric Knauel.. Eric Ludlam.. Evgeny Zajcev.. Fabrice Popineau.. Francisco Vides.. Gary Foster.. Glynn Clements.. Greg Klanderman.. Hans Muller.. Heiko Muenkel.. Hisashi Miyashita.. I.. N.. Golubev.. Jake Colman.. Jamie Zawinski.. James Potts.. Jan Rychter.. Jari Aalto.. Jason Mastaler.. Jeff Miller.. Jens Lautenbacher.. Jens-Ulrik Petersen.. Jesper Pedersen.. John Jacobs-Anderson.. John Paul Wallington.. John Rose.. John Wiegley.. Jonathan Stigelman.. Karl Hegbloom.. Kazuo Oishi.. Kazuyuki Ienaga.. Kenny Stevens.. Kevin Oberman.. Klaus Berndl.. Kyle Jones.. Lars Ingebrigtsen.. Linda Arai.. Marc Paquette.. Marcus Crestani.. Marcus Thiessel.. Markus Kaltenbach.. Martin Schwenke.. Martin Stjernholm.. Mats Lidell.. Matthieu Devin.. Matt Simmons.. Matt Tucker.. Michael Albinus.. Michael Cook.. Michael Diers.. Michael Kifer.. Mike Alexander.. Mike Woolley.. Nick Pakoulin.. Oliver Graf.. Oscar Figueiredo.. Uwe Brauer.. Ovidiu Predescu.. Paul Kinnucan.. Per Abrahamsen.. Peter Brown.. Peter Osterlund.. Peter Pezaris.. Raymond Toy.. Rebecca Ore.. Richard Mlynarik.. Richard Reingruber.. Rick Campbell.. Robin Socha.. Sandy Wambold.. Sean Maclennan.. Simon Josefsson.. Stefanie Teufel.. Steve Youngs.. Stig Bjorlykke.. Sven Grundmann.. Tomohiko Morioka.. Tomonori Ikeyama.. Trey Abelew.. Vladimir Ivanovic.. Will Deakin.. In addition to those just mentioned, the following people have spent a great deal of effort providing feedback, testing beta versions of XEmacs, providing  ...   Neil Shapiro.. Hajime Saitou.. Hamish Macdonald.. Hayden Schultz.. Holger Franz.. Holger Schauer.. Hunter Kelly.. Ian MacKinnon.. Itay Gat.. J.. Kean Johnston.. Jack Repenning.. James Grinter.. James LewisMoss.. James Thompson.. Jan Borchers.. Jan Sandquist.. Jason McLaren.. Jason Stewart.. Jason Yanowitz.. Jaye Mathisen.. Jeffrey Sparkes.. Jens Krinke.. Jered J Floyd.. Jerry Frain.. Jin S.. Choi.. Joe Nuspl.. Joel Peterson.. John Griffith.. John Haxby.. John Mignault.. John Morey.. John Shen.. John Turner.. John W.. Jones.. Jonathan Edwards.. Juan E.. Villacis.. Justin Sheehy.. Kai Haberzettl.. Karel Zuiderveld.. Karl M.. Hegbloom.. Katsumi Yamaoka.. Kazuyoshi Furutaka.. Kenji Sato.. Ketil Z Malde.. Kim Nyberg.. La Monte Yarroll.. Larry Auton.. Larry Ayers.. Leonard Blanks.. Lew Gaiter III.. Lorenzo M.. Catucci.. Lynn D.. Newton.. Magnus Hammerin.. Manoj Srivastava.. Marc Aurel.. Mark Allender.. Mark Borges.. Markku Jarvinen.. Markus Gutschke.. Markus Linnala.. Martin Pottendorfer.. Marty Sasaki.. Mats Larsson.. Matt Liggett.. Matthew J.. Brown.. Mauro Condarelli.. Maximilien Lincourt.. Michael Guenther.. Michael Harnois.. Michael McNamara.. Michael Meissner.. Mike Battaglia.. Mike Hill.. Mike Russell.. Mike Scheidler.. Murata Shuuichirou.. Nagi M.. Aboulenein.. Neal Becker.. Nick J.. Crabtree.. Noah Friedman.. Nobu Toge.. Odd-Magne Sekkingstad.. Oswald P.. Backus IV.. Patrick MacRoberts.. Paul Bibilo.. Paul Flinders.. Paul M Reilly.. Pekka Marjola.. Peter B.. West.. Peter Cheng.. Peter Skov Knudsen.. Peter Ware.. Peter Windle.. Philip Johnson.. Philippe Charton.. Raymond L.. Toy.. Raymond Wiker.. Remek Trzaska.. Ricardo Marek.. Rich Williams.. Richard Caley.. Richard Cognot.. Richard Coleman.. Rick Braumoeller.. Rick Rankin.. Rick Tait.. Rob Kooper.. Rob Mori.. Robert Lipe.. Robin Jeffries.. Rod Whitby.. Roland Rieke.. Russell Ritchie.. SATO Daisuke.. Samuel J.. Eaton.. Samuel Tardieu.. Serenella Ciongoli.. Shane Holder.. Simon Leinen.. Simon Marshall.. Soren Dayton.. Stephan Herrmann.. Stephen Carney.. Stephen R.. Anderson.. Steve Dunham.. Steve March.. Sudeep Kumar Palat.. TANAKA Hayashi.. TSUTOMU Nakamura.. Takeshi Yamada.. Tatsuya Ichikawa.. Tetsuya HOYANO.. Thomas A.. Peterson.. Tibor Polgar.. Tim Bradshaw.. Tim Geisler.. Tomasz J.. Cholewo.. Tonny Madsen.. Tor Arntsen.. Tore Olsen.. Tudor Hulubei.. UENO Fumihiro.. Valdis Kletnieks.. Vladimir Vukicevic.. Volker Zell.. William G.. Dubuque.. Wolfgang Grieskamp.. Yasuhiko Kiuchi.. Yoav Weiss.. Yoshiaki Kasahara.. Yusuf Goolamabbas.. Thu Mar 28 07:22:22 2013 UTC..

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