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  • Title: Xfce Desktop Environment
    Descriptive info: .. Xfce.. Sub domains.. Home.. Docs.. Archive.. Wiki.. Forum.. Bugs.. Blog.. Translate.. GIT.. Categories.. Navigate.. About.. Download.. Community.. Get Involved.. Projects.. English.. German.. Spanish (Castilian).. Hungarian.. Italian.. Japanese.. Korean.. Lithuanian.. Polish.. Portuguese (Brazilian).. Slovak.. Chinese (China).. Change language.. Xfce Desktop Environment.. Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems.. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly.. Download.. get the source tarballs.. ChangeLog.. release notes for Xfce 4.. 10.. 4.. 10 Tour.. visual tour about new features in the latest releases.. Screenshots.. examples of Xfce desktops  ...   and 4 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.. 10, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.. 8.. Learn More.. 10pre2 released.. 14.. The Xfce development team is proud to announce the second preview release for Xfce 4.. Together with this preview release, the Xfce project announces the string and code (only critical bug fixes or regressions) freeze for the final 4.. 10 release which is set to be pushed out to the world on April 28th, 2012.. Copyright 2003-2013.. Xfce Development Team.. This page was last modified on 2012/04/28..

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  • Title: Translation - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Related Pages.. Translation.. Xfce uses the.. Transifex.. translation platform as a portal for translators.. This allows translators to translate on-line, submit new.. po.. -files, watch translations and view statistics.. All translation updates are directly submitted in the.. Xfce GIT repositories.. , so they are directly available for the rest of the world.. Because we'd like to translate Xfce in as much languages as possible, we are always looking for new translation contributors.. If you're interested in this, read the.. getting started.. section below.. Getting Started.. Before you can contribute translations, you have to go through the steps below.. Note that.. ALL.. these steps are required:.. First go to.. transifex.. com.. and create a new profile.. Join the.. Xfce translation mailing list.. This is where the translation communication is coordinated, so it is nice to introduce yourself here.. On this list developer will also announce when releases are planned, translations system changes or anything else you should know as a translators.. Go to.. Xfce hub project.. and request access to a team or request a new language if it doesn't exist yet.. One of the developers or translation coordinators will approve (or decline) your request.. All other Xfce related projects outsource the permissions of the Xfce hub.. Now wait patently.. If it takes too long, leave a message on the translation mailing list.. Once this has all happened, you should have permission to submit and update translations in your language.. You can find more information about this below.. Don't forget to keep in touch with the other translators in your language (you can find them in the translation groups) to coordinate the translation work!.. If you think anything went wrong, ideas? Don't hesitate and send an  ...   get a response in the upcoming weeks (2~3 weeks) you can consider translating the different projects.. Other than getting in touch with current translators, you can use a private page to share progress on translations.. The defacto place is on.. wiki.. xfce.. org.. , but you can also use alternative possibilities like the.. Google Groups.. Team Coordinator.. Transifex allows you to manage a team with a list of translators and coordinators.. Usually you will find one coordinator per team who is allowed to perform the following tasks:.. Accept or deny new translators in the team.. Accept or deny a translation review.. The coordinator should not accept new translators without having a little history of their involvement in other projects.. If it is unsure if a new member has deep knowledge of translations or not, it is possible to check the new Transifex account and start a short discussion per email.. At this point the coordinator can either accept the new member who will be allowed to commit changes directly in our repositories, otherwise the coordinator can ask the new member to submit the work for review.. This process is important whenever the translations have to use a standard vocabulary for instance.. A good practice for the coordinator is to check the translations before a new release, that consists into compiling each Xfce component with the latest translations and making sure everything is in good shape.. Transifex Usage.. You can read all about Transifex in their.. support section.. Related Pages.. Translation.. information about translating Xfce.. Related Sites.. Bug Tracker.. report problems, patches or ideas to help making Xfce better.. Transifex.. the Xfce translation portal.. Buildbot.. view the buildslaves activity.. This page was last modified on 2013/07/03..

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  • Title: About - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Xfce embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability.. It consists of a number of components that provide the full functionality one can expect of a modern desktop environment.. They are packaged separately and you can pick among the available packages to create the optimal personal working environment.. Another priority of Xfce is adherence to standards, specifically those defined at.. freedesktop.. Xfce can be installed on several UNIX platforms.. It is known to compile on Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Cygwin and MacOS X, on x86, PPC, Sparc, Alpha.. Features.. Xfce contains a number of core components for the minimum tasks you'd expect from a desktop environment:.. Window Manager.. Manages the placement of windows on the screen, provides window decorations and manages workspaces or virtual desktops.. Desktop Manager.. Sets the background image and provides a root window menu, desktop icons or minimized  ...   in categories, so you can quickly find and launch them.. File Manager.. Provides the basic file management features and unique utilities like the bulk renamer.. Setting Manager.. Tools to control the various settings of the desktop like keyboard shortcuts, appearance, display settings etcetera.. Beside the basic set of modules, Xfce also provides numerous additional applications and plugins so you can extend your desktop the way you like, for example a terminal emulator, text editor, sound mixer, application finder, image viewer, iCal based calendar and a CD and DVD burning application.. You can read more about the modules of Xfce in the.. projects.. page.. About.. general information about the Xfce desktop.. visual tour about new features in the last major releases.. 8 Tour.. 6 Tour.. 4 Tour.. News.. release announcements.. Credits.. list of all contributors.. Release Model.. the Xfce release policy for core modules..

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  • Title: Download - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Most distributions ship with Xfce in their own packaging format, but if you want a newer version or you want to build Xfce from scratch, you can find the packages below.. Instructions how to compile Xfce can be found.. here.. Stable release 4.. 10 is the most recent version of the Xfce desktop environment.. You can find the changes in this release.. http://archive.. org/xfce/4.. 10/.. Individual releases.. Each package in Xfce can make individual stable or development releases, including the core packages (as described in the.. release model.. ).. You can follow the announcements of the releases on the.. Xfce users mailing list..  ...   Popular examples build around Xfce are.. Xubuntu.. , the.. Fedora Xfce Spin.. and.. Zenwalk.. , but there is a good chance your favorite distro provides packages as well.. You can find a more complete list at.. DistroWatch.. Artwork.. You can download the Xfce artwork tarball.. It contains some high-quality logos and banners.. Copying of the Xfce logo is subject to the LGPL copyright license.. Changelogs.. release notes of each Xfce release.. Archive.. the Xfce download archive.. Building.. documentation on building Xfce from source.. GIT.. browse the source repositories.. Goodies.. wiki with information on additional software for Xfce.. This page was last modified on 2012/05/02..

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  • Title: Community - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Whether it be to solve a problem or to contribute in any way, the Xfce communities are a good place to get help or to share your ideas.. You might also want to have a look at the communities of the different distributions which provide Xfce.. Mailing lists.. Almost all development and coordination work is taking place on the Xfce mailing lists.. A summary of all lists is available at.. mail.. There is also a user-specific list where you can ask questions and freely discuss about the desktop.. NOTE:.. In order to post to these lists, you must first subscribe.. IRC.. If you have a problem that you  ...   several active users.. It is recommended that you consult the.. documentation.. about your problem before asking your question.. Forums.. For users who prefer forums, the.. Xfce Forum.. is the place to be.. Active contributors will be able to help you, but please do not use it for bug reports.. Social Networks.. The Identi.. ca.. Xfce channel.. is a place where we automatically post all release announcements.. It is no surprise tho that most social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have Xfce places and pages.. Forums.. talk about Xfce in the community forums.. Blog.. read what the contributors to Xfce have the say.. Wiki.. community wiki and development resources..

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  • Title: Get Involved - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Xfce community.. By joining our team, you will be part of an international effort by hundreds of people working to deliver a stunning Free Software computing experience.. You will meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference to millions of users while working with people from all around the globe.. There are many different ways you can become part of this, just read on and pick an area which interests you or seems challenging.. Possible tasks include testing, bug reporting; writing code, developing artwork, documentation or translations; or spreading the word and helping out with promotion and marketing both on line and at tradeshows and conferences.. Documentation.. There's lots of people using and testing Xfce.. By providing useful and up-to-date documentation, you will make a big impact on helping people understand how to make the most of the Xfce Desktop Environment.. Are you fluent in multiple languages? By contributing your translations of text to the Xfce Desktop Environment, you will help Xfce be a better part of the global market  ...   the world.. Promotion.. If you own a blog or website you can greatly help by spreading the word and encouraging new users to give Xfce a try.. If you have a Identi.. ca or Twitter account you can also help by reposting any.. announcements.. we make to help us reach a larger audience.. Bug Reporting and testing.. One of the most useful tasks that we rely on the community for is testing and reporting of bugs.. Since Xfce runs on various platform and in a lot of different setups, testing all changes in every possible situation is an impossible task.. As such we kindly ask users to assist in testing, and reporting all bugs they may find, using our.. bug tracker.. Once a bug has been found, the cause of the bug needs to be tracked down, and then (obviously) fixed.. If you want to get involved in the actual development process of Xfce a great way to start is by solving bugs and then submitting a patch file.. This page was last modified on 2012/12/31..

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  • Title: Projects - Xfce
    Descriptive info: The Xfce project contains several separated projects for each part of the desktop.. Every project has it's own project page to provide additionnal information.. Core Components.. It manages the placement of application windows on the screen, provides window decorations and manages workspaces or virtual desktops.. The panel is a bar which allows you to have at all times program launchers, panel menus, a clock, a desktop switcher and more.. This program sets the background image and provides a root window menu, desktop icons or minimized icons and a windows list.. The session manager controls all aspects of the startup and the shutdown of the user session.. Settings Manager.. It allows  ...   Libraries.. They provide additional functions and widgets which ease the development of applications.. Xfconf.. Simple client-server configuration storage and query system.. Thunar File Manager.. Thunar is a new modern file manager designed from the ground up to be fast and easy-to-use.. Applications.. Web Browser.. Midori is a lightweight Web browser.. Terminal.. Terminal is a modern terminal emulator featuring tabs and transparent backgrounds.. Xfburn.. Xfburn is an application to create and burn CD's and DVD's.. Orage.. A simple calendar application with reminders.. Mixer.. Allows you to change the volume of the different audio tracks.. Image Viewer.. Ristretto is a lightweight image viewer.. Docs.. online documentation for the core modules of Xfce..

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  • Title: Xfce Desktop Environment
    Descriptive info: 10 Changelog.. General.. For changes in the 4.. 10 dependecies, please look at the.. 10pre1.. ChangeLog.. See also the.. 10pre2.. ChangeLog for major changes in the 4.. 10 release.. Development Tools.. (xfce4-dev-tools).. Bump glib dependency to 2.. 24.. Utility Library.. (libxfce4util).. Translation updates: Romanian, Chinese (China).. Widget Library.. (libxfce4ui).. Update contributor credits.. Update translators, week 15 and 16.. Enable startup notification in xfce4-appfinder shortcuts.. Check abicheck.. sh to be more portable (bug.. #8702.. Translation updates: English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Galician, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (China).. Extension Library.. (exo).. Rename "Novell Evolution" to "Evolution" (bug.. #8703.. Add Iceweasel helper (bug.. #8704.. Translation updates: Arabic, Asturian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Welsh, Danish, German, Dzongkha, Greek, English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Estonian, Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Kazakh, Korean, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Panjabi (Punjabi), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Albanian, Swedish, Tagalog (Philippines), Turkish, Uyghur, Ukrainian, Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan), Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).. Menu Library.. (garcon).. Updates for xfce4-run.. desktop.. Remove xfhelp4.. desktop from the menu.. Add debugging for file monitoring and reloading.. Reduce signal emission on delete events (bug.. #8671.. Translation updates: English (United Kingdom), Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Romanian, Chinese (China).. File Manager.. (thunar).. Add a 64x64 and 128x128 icon for Thunar.. Move away from the hard-coded size of window icons (bug.. #8626.. Link against gmodule (bug.. #8467.. Don't use deprecated g_format_size_for_display.. Don't use g_atexit anymore.. Use mount operations with eject and unmount.. Unref mount operation from sendto menu.. Fix invalid replacement from previous commit (bug.. #8779.. Translation updates: German, English (United Kingdom), Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Chinese (China).. Application Finder.. (xfce4-appfinder).. Add a valid category to xfce4-run.. Fix property-changed matching.. Avoid a single category if the root menu has a directory.. Avoid  ...   (Castilian), Croatian, Galician, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).. Settings Manager.. (xfce4-settings).. Use the more generic application-x-executable icon for MIME editor.. Xsettings ix an alignment problem seen on PPC.. Translation updates: English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), French, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese (China).. Configuration Manager.. (xfconf).. Don't emit property-changed on canceled calls.. Accept NULL as a string value (bug.. #8726.. Fix more deprecated g_value_set_char (bug.. #8690.. Explicitly link against gthread (bug.. #8713.. Drop deprecated g_mapped_file_free.. Translation updates: English (United Kingdom), Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese (China).. Desktop Manager.. (xfdesktop).. Use the correct default value for the show thumbnails checkbox.. Remove deprecated glib/gio functions (bug.. #8710.. Translation updates: Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).. Window Manager.. (xfwm4).. Translation updates: Czech, English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), French, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).. Theme Engine.. (gtk-xfce-engine).. Added px for border sizes.. Corrected DETAIL names.. Use the correct colors for options and checks.. More consistent extension rendering.. Corrected class matching and alignments.. Require Gtk 3.. 2.. Tuned default theme for Gtk 3.. Added Gtk 3.. 4 support to the engine.. Default themes don't support Gtk+-3.. 4.. Power Manager.. (xfce4-power-manager).. Fix compilation without dpms.. Fix incorrect dialog message and error.. Plug memory leak.. Use valid printf string.. Fix compilation with polkit in freebsd (bug.. #8712.. Translation updates: Czech, Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan).. Volume Manager.. (thunar-volman).. Translation updates: English (United Kingdom), Japanese, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Chinese (China)..

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  • Title: Xfce 4.10 tour - Xfce
    Descriptive info: 10 tour.. This tour will introduce you to new major features of Xfce 4.. It only covers the visual part of what has been done; for the full list of changes, see the.. changelogs.. Online Documentation.. During the 4.. 10 development we've decided to remove user manuals from the packages and move them to an online wiki at.. docs.. The reason for this change is to make.. contributing.. and updating the documentation easier.. When you click a Help button Xfce will ask you to go to an online wiki page.. We hope that with the introduction of the wiki it will be easier for developers and contributors to maintain the documentation.. Collapsed view of the Application Finder.. The application finder has been completely rewritten and combines the functionality of the old appfinder and xfrun4.. Apart from user interface improvements, it now allows creating custom actions matching a prefix or a regex pattern.. Expanded view of the Application Finder.. Multiple Rows.. In 4.. 10 there is a single panel-wide option for configuring the number of rows in the panel.. Some plugins (e.. g.. launchers.. ) fit a single row, while others, like window buttons are allowed to occupy full width of the panel.. A horizontal panel with a number of rows set to three.. Deskbar Mode.. The panel features a new configuration called a.. deskbar.. mode.. In the deskbar mode the panel is aligned vertically, just like in the vertical mode, but the plugins are laid out horizontally.. With multiple rows, it allows creating wide vertical panels suitable for wide-screen setups.. A panel in Deskbar mode with a number of rows set to five.. Actions Plugin.. Session plugin from the xfce4-session package has been merged with a rewritten.. actions.. plugin.. Action plugin in a menu mode (left), and in a button mode (right).. Window Buttons.. The.. window buttons.. plugin no longer expands, which makes the plugin positioning more flexible.. In order to restore the previous behavior please add a transparent.. separator.. plugin with the.. Expand.. option enabled just behind the window buttons plugin.. There are few visual changes in this release of Thunar.. The window has less padding and the position of the status bar has been adjusted.. session manager.. s settings dialog has a button for clearing  ...   The settings manager with icons grouped by category and a search filter applied.. Settings Editor.. settings editor.. no longer collapses the entire tree when you edit a property (this is because it now reloads a single cell rather than the whole tree).. Most properties can now be edited in-place, making it easier to quickly adjust settings.. Using settings editor you can also monitor changes of settings in a selected channel.. Right-click on a channel in the main window, and select.. Monitor.. to display the monitor window.. Settings editor with an open channel monitor, while editing a property in-place.. MIME Type Editor.. In the last couple of years, many people were asking for a tool to manage their file type associations.. MIME type editor.. does just that.. It allows you to easily assign a default application to a file type, see your changes and reset them to default settings when necessary.. Note that it does not allow you to change the system MIME Type definitions (add or remove types and change icons).. MIME types matching a pattern and a menu for selecting a default application.. Mouse and Touchpad.. mouse and touchpad.. dialog is capable of handling basic Synaptics and Wacom properties in the GUI.. A settings daemon running in the background handles all kinds of device properties, as documented in the.. mouse settings.. Synaptics touchpad settings in the.. dialog.. Appearance Settings.. 10 you can drag and drop a tarball with a downloaded theme onto the.. style.. or.. icon.. list.. Xfce will attempt to extract and install the files into the.. ~/.. themes.. icons.. directory.. Although the initial plan for Xfce 4.. 10 was to integrate desktop handling in Thunar, we have decided not to do it at this time yet.. Meanwhile, Xfdesktop has gained support for single-click operation, automated background image cycling and thumbnail rendering.. Desktop with image thumbnails and support for single-click operation.. Xfdesktop is now shipped with a new default background image.. Xfwm4 can now tile a window when you drag it to the edge of the screen.. This feature is optional and is disabled by default.. In such a case windows can still be tiled using a keyboard shortcut.. Another improvement is a better theming support and cursor key navigation in the tab window (Alt+Tab)..

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  • Title: Screenshots - Xfce
    Descriptive info: Screenshots.. Some screenshots of Xfce, ordered by version.. 6.. 0..

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  • Title: News - Xfce
    Descriptive info: News.. In the 4.. 10 cycle we mainly focused on polishing the desktop and improving the user experience in various ways.. Highlights of this release are:.. A new application finder that has been completely rewritten and combines the functionality of the old xfce4-appfinder and xfrun4.. The panel now has an alternative vertical display mode (a deskbar).. What is more, panel plugins can be arranged in multiple rows, which is particularly useful in the deskbar mode.. A new MIME type editor that allows you to easily change applications used for opening different file types.. The mouse and touchpad settings dialog and the settings editor were extended in terms of functionality.. The former now supports tablets in a much  ...   manager can be configured to tile windows when dragging them to the screen edges.. The tab window (Alt+Tab) supports more flexible theming and cursor key navigation.. An online tour of the changes in Xfce 4.. 10 can be viewed here:.. http://xfce.. org/about/tour.. A detailed overview of the changes compared to Xfce 4.. 8 and Xfce 4.. 10 preview releases can be found on the following page:.. org/download/changelogs.. This release can be downloaded either as a set of individual packages or as a single fat tarball including all these individual versions:.. Thank you all the contributors, bug reporters, as well as translators and packagers for your efforts in making this release possible.. Best regards,.. The Xfce development team..

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  • Archived pages: 61