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  • Title: wakanda
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. wakanda.. Product.. Overview.. Complete stack.. Studio.. Server.. Framework.. Features List.. Downloads.. Community/Business Edition.. Enterprise Edition.. Showcase.. Online demos.. Desktop widgets in action.. Mobile widgets in action.. Wakanda evolutions.. Roadmap.. Report a bug.. Licenses.. Compare licenses.. Wakanda Store.. Stay.. Services.. ______________________.. Video Training.. Online Support.. Cloud deployment.. Course descriptions.. Buy or watch a course.. Development support.. Deployment support.. Accces your account.. AWS Market Place.. How to deploy on AWS?.. Dev Center.. New to Wakanda?.. Getting started.. Code examples.. Learning by example.. Videos.. Tutorials.. Webinars.. Community.. Archives.. Documentation.. APIs and Reference Guides.. Technical notes.. Basic advanced.. Best practices.. Resources.. PDFs, source code videos.. Forums.. Register.. All Forums.. GitHub sources.. Widgets.. Themes.. Studio extensions.. SSJS Modules.. Drivers.. All packages.. Wakanda Core sources.. Community video playlist.. Follow us.. Facebook.. Google +.. Twitter.. Linkedin.. Customers.. _________________________.. Our solutions for.. Enterprise.. Consultants.. Startups.. They use Wakanda.. References.. Testimonials.. Commercial Licenses.. Support Services.. News.. Events.. Upcoming events.. All events.. Blog.. Wakanda news.. All posts.. Conferences.. JS.. everywhere US 2013.. everywhere US 2012.. everywhere EU 2012.. Newsletter.. Latest newsletter.. Press.. Press releases.. Press clippings.. Press materials.. Work for Wakanda.. Job offers.. Home.. Build data centric apps.. for Web and mobile.. Manage.. Communicate.. Access your data.. All in JavaScript.. Download.. New build (6.. 147688).. released 2013-11-15.. To know what's new in Wakanda Project.. read the latest news.. Take a tour.. See what you can do with Wakanda in this quick tour.. Wakanda is made for you.. whether you are an enterprise, a consultant or a startup.. Your team needs a solid platform for internal and client-facing applications.. Learn more.. Consultant.. Your third-party clients need aflexible, manageable, high-performance platform.. Start-up.. You have the idea and the dream, we have the platform.. What are you waiting for?.. "We were looking for an interactive development environment for a NoSQL database, and there is not one like Wakanda.. ".. Shay Ben Dov.. Data and code in perfect harmony.. Code your model in JavaScript.. Or build it visually.. Build your foundation.. The model of your application is the foundation to success.. Wakanda provides two distinct styles of defining your data model, through code using a JavaScript API and through a visual data modeling tool using Wakanda Studio.. Defining your data structure is the first step.. You will experience the true power of the Wakanda platform when you experience the model-driven architecture.. Access to permissions, server-side methods and security are all intimately tied to your model creating an incredibly strong foundation.. Wakanda overview.. Professional grade tools.. Advanced visual IDE.. Visual model editor.. Git integration.. All with professional and community support.. Get productive, stay effective.. Wakanda Studio is our flagship tool complimenting the open source Wakanda Server.. Designed to address the needs of building business applications from start to finish, you can realize your fully deployed application and enjoy the efficiencies provided by an integrated IDE.. Studio provides the ability to design in a visual, drag and drop type environment or by editing source code files directly.. More info about Wakanda tools.. Take advantage of our expert services.. Save time and money, avoid trial and error and get up to speed with Wakanda.. Online video trainings.. Technical assistance.. Choose your Wakanda license.. Choose the best Wakanda license for you.. Totally free,.. totally open.. source.. Commercial.. licenses to fit.. all your needs.. Try Wakanda now.. Choose your licence and develop your web app with Wakanda.. Choose the open source licence.. and try Wakanda for free.. Buy Wakanda and begin your.. commercial project now.. Buy Wakanda.. Keep in touch with us.. Receive wakanda news and updates.. Email Address.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Company Name.. Country.. Afghanistan.. Aland Islands.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba..  ...   and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. U.. S.. Virgin Islands.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. United States Minor Outlying Islands.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Wallis and Futuna.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Required.. Wakanda will never share your information and you may unsubscribe at anytime you wish.. Latest News.. Mar.. 27.. 2014.. everywhere(Europe) 2014.. Dec.. 12.. 2013.. Free Wakanda webinar: Flow.. 10.. Wakanda on the Amazon Marketplace.. 02.. Wakanda video training now available.. Nov.. 22.. everywhere(2013) in video.. 18.. Try Wakanda 7 now!.. 04.. Wakanda 6 is ready for production.. Wakanda: what's in the box!.. everywhere() is returning to Europe for 2014!.. Join us on March 27 and 28 in Paris, France for JS.. Once again the event will focus on the use of JavaScript in any context - like JavaScript in hardware, in art, in music, in location services, in data visualization, in robotic, in entertainment.. literally everywhere!.. Wherever you're using JavaScript, we want to hear about it and show it all to help further the use of JavaScript in every kind of application.. Would you like to be a speaker?.. Tell us how you're using JavaScript.. and we'll consider you for a spot in the growing family of JS.. everywhere() speakers!.. Learn more about the event and get details as they are released on the.. everywhere(Europe) 2014 web site.. , and don't forget to follow.. @jseverywhere.. on Twitter!.. Understanding the event flow in your Wakanda application is key to developing a quality experience.. In this webinar we will be covering flow from several angles: Server-side, client-side and client-to-server interactions.. Join Wakanda's Greg McCarvell for a free webinar on December 12 at 9:00 a.. m.. Pacific Time.. Click here to register.. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.. WakandaDB is now available on the Amazon Marketplace.. We are proud to announce that WakandaDB is now available on the Amazon Marketplace.. The server is available in an open source version as well as under the Business license model.. How to deploy your Wakanda Web App on Amazon Cloud ?.. Go to the AWS Marketplace!.. Hello Wakanda Developer,.. Our Wakanda experts have created easy-to-follow video courses to get you building professional Web applications, from foundation to interface.. Over the course of more than 15 hours of high quality videos, you will learn server- and client-side development, security management and build a complete application with Wakanda.. Best of all.. it's free! (.. until January 31, 2014.. ).. Become a Wakanda expert now!.. We'd like to thank everyone who came out to JS.. everywhere(2013) in San Francisco in late October.. As organizer of the event, we were excited to see so many people come out in support of and to learn more about JavaScript.. There were numerous fascinating presentations by JavaScript experts, and by our generous sponsors.. Intuit.. ,.. Yahoo.. !,.. ModCloth.. and.. Atlassian.. If you missed the event – or simply want to relive it – we have begun putting videos of each session online.. Watch them now!.. We are excited to announce that Wakanda 7 is now available in the Stabilization Channel.. From now on, you can choose which version to download :.. Wakanda Community.. or.. Wakanda Enterprise.. Read more.. Start discovering Wakanda 7 today!.. Accelerated page loading, custom themes, package management, and a lot more.. See what's new in this version.. See Wakanda Features List.. Pages.. 1.. 2.. next ›.. last ».. Follow us.. wakandasoft@facebook.. wakandasoft@twitter.. wakanda@Linkedin.. Blog RSS feed.. Google + Wakanda.. Platform overview.. Dev Support.. Getting Started.. SSJS APIs reference.. Studio reference guide.. GUI Designer.. Startup.. Forum.. Github.. Wakanda News.. everywhere( ).. About.. Contact.. FAQ.. License.. Credits.. Legal mentions.. Search.. Copyright © 2013 4D - All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Application Development Tool | wakanda
    Descriptive info: You are here.. >.. breacrumb.. Discover the Wakanda Complete Stack.. Wakanda is a broad platform that appeals to many different types of developers.. Explore our entire product line to see what parts interest you most.. WakandaDB.. WakandaDB is the heart of our platform.. A modern, relational object datastore is at the core of everything we build.. Gain the advantages of an expressive JavaScript API without losing the tried and true advantages of a relational database.. With an included REST server, Wakanda excels in providing flexible back-ends for business applications.. More about WakandaDB.. Wakanda Server.. Every successful web application starts with a solid Web server.. Wakanda Server is a powerful, scalable HTTP server utilizing server-side JavaScript in an environment designed from the ground up for multithreaded applications.. Advanced caching, multi-core performance and simple administration  ...   outstanding quality is the key to success.. Whether you are building internal applications, a prototype or the technological heart of the next big tech startup, we have the solution to help you build a solid application.. More about Wakanda Features.. Wakanda Studio.. Build your application in a visual editor or dive into the source code.. Wakanda Studio is the premiere IDE for building business-focused Web applications.. With a visual model editor, code-hinting text editor, drag-and-drop widgets and much more, Wakanda Studio will become a staple of your developer productivity.. More about the Studio.. Deploy.. In addition to the self-deployment features of Wakanda Server, some developers still prefer to leave hardware maintenance and monitoring to a third party expert.. Compare out deployment licenses with our deployment offerings and determine what is best for your situation..

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  • Title: Web Application Builder | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Web Application Builder.. Bring the next level.. of productivity to your workflow!.. Wakanda Studio is the ultimate tool for working with the full Wakanda platform.. Your existing tool set is welcome, but the tight integration and visual tools available in Wakanda Studio are in a class of their own.. Available for Mac and Windows.. Everything at your fingertips!.. Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool for developers, Wakanda Studio touches on every aspect of your development cycle.. Enjoy an all-inclusive experience that can potentially replace dozens of other tools.. You no longer need a seperate tool to develop and visualize your data model.. Edit your live model with a responsive, complete editor and apply model based data rules in an  ...   in minutes instead of hours.. Drag, drop and resize widgets onto the page, and deploy with ease.. Manage project resources.. You have easy access to management of resources and files within your projects and solutions.. Drag and drop between directories and to applicable interface elements and input elements.. Full code editor.. Modify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript with one complete source code editor.. You will enjoy additional productivity with features like code completion and included plug-ins for JSLint and more!.. "Being able to use JavaScript throughout the entire stack is a very appealing concept.. Morgan Hill Consultants Ltd.. Integrates with server.. Start, stop and manage Wakanda Server from right inside Wakanda Studio.. Adjust settings and preferences, with interfaces that are easy to understand..

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  • Title: | wakanda
    Descriptive info: The power of the platform begins on the server.. Wakanda Server and WakandaDB form the heart of our server side stack.. The integration of a powerful HTTP server on top of a lightning-fast datastore creates an unbeatable combination for accessing your data quickly.. High performance HTTP server.. A tightly integrated Web server provides an unprecedented level of simplicity for serving up your data and static assets.. JavaScript RPC functionality allows you to easily retrieve results from the server in a secure and predictable way.. Advanced caching and transfer optimizations ensure your page load times will be short.. Relational object datastore.. Speed, efficiency and high reliability are all key traits of a proper database.. WakandaDB does not disappoint! A new datastore built by 4D benefits from over 25 years of industry experience in the database sector.. A clear and descriptive JavaScript syntax combined  ...   behind the scenes to provide a flexible, consistent data access experience.. Use it to feed your Web, mobile and desktop applications.. Server-side JavaScript.. If you know JavaScript, you are all ready to go.. Unlike traditional platforms that often require learning a specialized server-side language, Wakanda uses JavaScript on the server and Web standards on the client side.. Take the skills you already have to the next level of productivity!.. Model-driven architecture.. Security, permissions, data rules and server-side methods are seamlessly integrated into the application data model.. A model-driven achitecture ensures your application’s business rules are cemented into the core of your application, providing the best security and consistency possible.. Simple deployment.. Management and deployment of your application is simple.. Launch through Wakanda Studio or independently.. A useful server managment console is also available right from your browser.. Deploy on Windows, Mac or Linux!..

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  • Title: | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Performance up front.. A data provider to communicate with the server, interface widgets.. for the browser-based front-end, and a datasource layer that comes in between.. Communicating with the server.. Wakanda’s dataprovider communicates directly with the datastore on the server, typically via JSON and REST, assisted by JavaScript.. The dataprovider handles the local cache and parsing of the data on the client, and by way of its lightweight nature, loads only the necessary data into memory.. To launch pure server-side processes, you can use either datastore methods or the native JSON-RPC client.. Communicating with the user interface.. Data is then passed on to the datasource.. Using the inherent datastore class, the datasource sends and receives data to and from the appropriate interface widget.. A datasource can also handle local JavaScript variables that aren't necessarily bound to data on Wakanda Server – and can display them alongside your server-based data.. GUI elements.. Widgets are the actual interface elements – based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – that end-users manipulate to send,  ...   logic.. Because the widgets are entirely standards-based and constructed of pure DOM elements, the final HTML page can be further customized and even animated using any other existing frameworks with which you are familiar.. In those instances you don't want to use a Wakanda widget, you can also directly access the dataprovider with JavaScript code, giving you a faceless way to interact with server data.. Automatic inter-widget communication.. Another big advantage of Wakanda's architecture is that all interface widgets sharing the same datasource will have their data natively synchronized.. You can realize the full potential of this functionality when you bind widgets to a shared or related datasource.. Change the current element in one widget, and you'll see it automatically load and display the new related data in another.. Performance.. The key to Wakanda’s high-performance front end is non-verbose data transfer, resulting in fast, responsive clients that meet and sometimes surpass the performance of native applications.. Therefore using Wakanda solutions can be as easy and fun as developing them!..

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  • Title: Wakanda Features List | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Wakanda Features List.. A quick overview of the main features of Wakanda.. Wakanda Features.. Web Tools.. Overview of the main Features.. Model Designer.. (doc).. Design your Data Model Visually.. Create.. Data Classes.. attributes.. methods.. relationships.. by typing the attributes name.. Control the.. scope.. of visibility for your data.. Assign.. access permissions.. to your data.. Code the.. datastore events.. dataclass methods.. Enforce data formatting rules.. Use the Miniature area to browse big model.. All actions made in the Model Designer can be executed with Javascript.. So, if yout.. If you prefer coding instead of a visual editor, you can.. describe your model in pure javascript.. on server-side.. GUI Designer.. What You design is What You Get.. Create UI for desktop and mobile device.. Drag'n drop widgets on the page.. Bind data to widgets with a simple drag'n drop.. local.. server.. datasources.. Choose one of the.. existing themes.. create your own.. Customize the design of your widgets.. Fine-tune the design with CSS3.. Re-apply a widget style to a similar widget.. Web Components.. Edit HTML code of the page.. Code.. events.. of.. widgets.. Add CSS files or javascript libraries to the page.. Browse HTML structure with the.. Breadcrumb.. infinite Undo/Redo.. Code editor.. Smart tools to help you coding.. support for web standards: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.. Auto completion.. on all JS objects, widgets, datasources.. Automatic formatting.. Output area for code testing.. syntax checking (with JSLint support).. Code outline (full or lite view).. Quick switch From visual Designers and Code Editor.. Code Beautifier, Uglifier and Minifier.. Custom and pre-defined snippets (widget, datasource).. Automatic insertion (closing cars, blocks).. "Find references" / "Goto Definition".. Breakpoints.. management.. Bookmarks.. Support of additional extensions.. Debugger.. Debugging and Testing is not a nightmare.. Server-side JavaScript Debugging.. Multiple thread debugging.. Remote debugging.. Step over, step into, step out, script abort.. Watchers.. Display of objects.. scopes.. Error stack display.. Function calls stack.. Breakpoint management.. Execution console.. If you prefer the.. Chrome Debugger.. to debug your server-side javascript, please go to the web tools tab.. Directory Editor.. Control the security of your app.. users.. groups.. Assign users and groups to a specific group.. Give permissions to a group.. Thumbnails and list views.. Solution Manager.. Access to files  ...   executed server-side.. See some examples of SSJS APIs.. DataStore.. Wakanda DataStore is an Open Source Model-driven NoSQL database engine with a comprehensive REST web interface.. See how to manipulate data with the.. SSJS Datastore API.. Test it with.. Play.. wakanda.. org application.. HTTP Server.. Dynamic Delivery of your code (.. WD2.. (automatic minification, concatenation and compression).. Secure connection (.. SSL Support.. IP V6 support.. Keep-alive connection.. Text compression.. Log of Database access (Journal).. Log of Web activity.. Web services management.. Files cache management.. Support of.. JSON-RPC requests.. Built-in access to data via a.. Restful HTTP API.. Design and code your Application UI.. Widgets APIs.. With the Widgets API, you can get and set widget properties an values, modify the widgets style or change their behavior.. You can also bind data to the widget and filter the data displayed in it.. DataSource JavaScript API.. This high-level API is responsible for managing automatic functions between widgets and the data.. Using the Datasource API, you can, for example, add or delete data, perform queries and widgets that subscribe to datasource events will react automatically when data changes.. DataProvider JavaScript API.. This API is responsible for the remote access to data.. It handles cache problematics and asynchroneous requests.. You can directly access Datastore Objects with the Dataprovider, or execute code on the Server, Defining Queries, call Datastore Class Methods, manipulate selection.. Directory API.. The methods in the WAF Directory API facilitate the implementation and management of user authentication functions in your Wakanda Web applications.. You can chose your own authentication method, use your own widgets to enter and display connection parameters and develop customized features based on a user's session.. Remotly control your Web App.. Administration panel.. Maintain your application in your browser.. Stop, start your Web App.. Configure your apps settings.. Verify, repair your data.. Compact your database.. Backup and restore your data.. Chrome Debugger.. Debug client and server sides JS with one tool.. In addition to the.. Wakanda debugger.. , server side code can be inspected using the familiar Google.. Chrome debugger.. A simple menu selection in Studio and you can debug server side code on both local and remote server instances.. Watch the video presentation..

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  • Title: Downloads | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Wakanda is available for download in two versions: An open source download for those using the Community or Business license, and a specific commercial download for those using the Enterprise license and features.. Please choose the version appropriate for the open source or commercial licensing you are using.. DownloadsE.. Community - Business.. Production Channel.. Wakanda is now available in its production version! Use the links below to download Wakanda (please be sure you meet the.. system requirements below.. Please report all bugs on the.. Wakanda Forum.. , where you will also find further assistance from the Wakanda team and the developer community.. Current version: Wakanda Production Release.. Wakanda 6.. Product Number: 6.. 0.. What's new?.. Release notes.. Online Documentation.. License info.. System requirements.. Wakanda for Windows.. Build Number: 6.. 147688.. Issued on: 14 NOV 2013.. History.. Installer.. All-in-One 32-bit Installer.. All-in-One 64-bit Installer.. Individual ZIP archives.. All-in-one 32.. All-in-one 64.. Server 32-bit.. Server 64-bit.. Wakanda for Mac.. All-in-One Installer.. Wakanda for Linux.. Stabilization Channel.. This is where you will find the latest beta version of Wakanda.. Once stabilized and ready for production, the version will move into the Production Channel above, while a subsequent version will come from the Development Channel below.. Current version: Wakanda Stabilisation Release.. Wakanda 7.. Product Number: 7.. Build Number: 7.. 150017.. Issued on: 10 DEC 2013.. Issued on: 11 DEC 2013.. Source Development.. Wakanda  ...   progress of Wakanda, and by no means for production.. Users are hereby warned that by entering the.. Development Channel.. , you download at your own risk.. The Wakanda platform comes in three primary components: Wakanda Server, Wakanda Studio, and the Wakanda Framework ("WAF").. Under Wakanda Community Edition, the Wakanda Framework is governed by the GNU GPLv3 license, Wakanda Server by AGPLv3, and Wakanda Studio is governed by the Wakanda Studio Community License.. Under Wakanda commercial subscription (Business and/or Enterprise), the Wakanda Framework, Wakanda Server and Wakanda Studio are available under a commercial license governed by the terms and conditions of the Wakanda Subscription Agreement.. For more details, please see our.. Licensing page.. System Requirements.. Mac OS X 10.. 7 or above.. Windows Seven or above.. 1GB RAM (2GB recommended).. Windows Seven or above/Windows Server 2008 or above.. Linux Ubuntu distribution (LTS) 10.. 4 or above.. Supported browsers.. Safari.. Firefox.. Chrome.. Internet explorer 9.. Enterprise Stabilization.. Below are the download links for the Stabilization version of Wakanda Enterprise.. Please note that Wakanda Enterprise is distinct from the download for Wakanda Community and Wakanda Business editions, as it contains additional enterprise connectors not available in the open source version.. Please report all bugs on the Wakanda Forum, where you will also find further assistance from the Wakanda team and developer community.. Current version: Wakanda Stabilisation Enterprise Release.. 32-bit Installer.. 64-bit Installer..

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  • Title: Downloads | wakanda
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  • Title: Showcase | wakanda
    Descriptive info: See what you can do with Wakanda.. Play with one million records !.. Execute JS code to retrieve collections and entities either directly or through relationships from the Wakanda Server datastore.. Launch the application.. Become a School Manager!.. You can use it by signing in as one of these roles: administrator, student or teacher.. As an Administrator, you have a full read-write access to the database.. You can register the new users, update their personal information and assign them to a study group.. You can manage the course calendar and assign a teacher to a course.. As a teacher  ...   Explorer allows you to check out some of Wakanda's widgets to see how you can use them in your own Web applications.. See how you can use the Widgets API and jQuery to manipulate the widgets.. Go to widget explorer.. Enjoy the show!.. For this demo, we ask you to please take a seat, relax, and watch the videos provided by our.. Video Widget.. The Video widget allows you to include any video via a URL from YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, as well as any other HTML5 video (MP4, WebM or Ogg) as either a URL or a local file..

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  • Title: Grid | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Grid.. widget.. Description.. The.. widget gives you an efficient way to present the data from a datasource, complete with column sorting, ability to add and delete rows of data, resizable columns, total number of entities in the entity collection displayed at the bottom, and tabbable data entry.. Examples.. Each example shows how the Grid widget can be used:.. Basic Grid.. : A basic Grid.. All salaries lower than a certain amount are shown in red.. Multiple Selection.. : Select multiple entities in the Grid.. Grid Explorer.. : Manipulate this widget by using the widget's API or jQuery.. Hand-Coding the Examples.. To recreate the examples without using Wakanda Studio's GUI Designer, you can do the following:.. Copy and paste the code from the.. HTML.. tab:.. Copy the first section, which defines the datasource if one was bound to the widget, in the header of your HTML file,.. Copy the meta tag to load Wakanda's theme's CSS file,.. Copy the second section in the body of your HTML file, and.. Copy the link to Wakanda's Loader.. js file before the end of your HTML file's body section.. Copy the JavaScript code from the.. JavaScript.. tab and either create a JS file that you link to your HTML file or include it directly in the header section of your HTML file, and.. Copy the CSS code from the.. CSS.. tab for the widget and either create a CSS file that you link to your HTML file or include the code directly in the header section of your HTML file.. Note.. : For detailed information about how to build a widget in HTML, please refer to the.. Creating a widget in HTML.. chapter in the.. Widget Architecture.. manual.. Properties.. Here are the.. Grid properties.. you can set in the GUI Designer:.. ID.. Hide widget on load.. Source.. Label.. Draggable.. Resizable.. Read only.. Hide header.. Hide footer.. Selection mode.. Footer counter text.. Error Handling (Display errors and Error ID).. Display errors.. Error ID.. Columns (Label and Attribute).. Attribute.. DOM Node.. This widget's DOM node is the following:.. div id="dataGrid1" data-type="dataGrid" data-lib="WAF" class="waf-widget waf-dataGrid" data-selection-mode="single" data-display-error="true" data-errorDiv="errorDiv1" data-footer-text="item(s)" data-column="[{'sourceAttID':'ID','colID':'ID','width':'70','title':'ID'},{'sourceAttID':'firstName','colID':'firstName','width':'150','title':'First%20Name'}, {'sourceAttID':'lastName', 'colID':'lastName','width':'150','title':'Last%20Name'}]" data-binding="userPerson" /div.. Grid's main properties.. :.. id.. class.. data-selection-mode.. data-display-error.. data-errorDiv.. data-footer-text.. data-column.. data-binding.. : For more information about how each widget is constructed in HTML, please refer to the.. Grid Events.. that you can intercept by writing JavaScript code:.. On Cell Click.. On Row Click.. On Row Double Click.. On Row Right Click.. On Row Draw.. On Error Handler.. On Header Click.. API.. Besides the methods in the.. Widget.. class that you an apply to the.. widget, the following methods allow you to set or retrieve properties for a specific column (using the.. column( ).. function ) or the actual Grid widget itself:.. centerRow( ).. : Center a specific row in the Grid without changing the current entity.. : Returns the column object to then call any of the functions below:.. clearErrorMessage( ).. :  ...   currently selected row.. getValueForInput( ).. : Get the value in the cell defined by column and the currently selected row.. setAlignment( ).. : Set the alignment of the column.. setBackgroundColor( ).. : Set the background color for the entire column (including the header).. setFormat( ).. : Det the format for the data in the column.. setRenderer( ).. : Define a function to be applied to each cell in the column.. setTextColor( ).. : Set the text color for the entire column (including the header).. setTextSize( ).. : Set the text size for the entire column (including the header).. setWidth( ).. : Set the width of the column.. As well as the following properties:.. errorDiv.. : The.. property as defined in the.. tab.. label.. sourceAtt.. : Object defining the.. property.. Grid's event object.. For each of this widget's events, an.. event.. object is returned containing information that might be useful to you when intercepting the event:.. onCellClick.. : This event is triggered when the user clicks on a cell in the Grid.. onError.. : When there is an error in the cell, this event is triggered.. onHeaderClick.. : When the user clicks on the header, this event occurs.. onRowClick.. : When the user clicks on a row in the Grid.. onRowDblClick.. : When the user double-clicks on a row in the Grid.. onRowDraw.. : This event occurs when the row is being drawn.. onRowRightClick.. : When the user right clicks on a row in the Grid.. HTML - Basic Grid.. To create this widget without Wakanda Studio, you can take the widget's datasource definition (if there is one) and place it in the header of your HTML file, copy the widget's HTML code and place it in your HTML's body tag along with the WAF JavaScript file to include.. Widget's datasource definition in the header of the HTML file.. meta name="WAF.. config.. datasources" data-type="dataSource" data-source-type="dataClass" data-source="UserPerson" data-lib="WAF" data-id="userPerson" data-dataType="string" data-autoLoad="false" content="userPerson" data-initialOrderBy="lastName ASC"/.. Widget's HTML code in your HTML file's body section.. !--explorer-- div id="dataGrid1" data-type="dataGrid" data-selection-mode="single" data-readOnly="true" data-lib="WAF" data-label-position="top" data-label="" data-footer-text="people" data-display-error="true" data-constraint-top="true" data-constraint-right="true" data-constraint-left="true" data-constraint-bottom="true" data-column="[{'sourceAttID':'fullName','colID':'fullName','width':'220','title':'Full%20Name','readOnly':'true'},{'sourceAttID':'email','colID':'email','width':'300','title':'Email'},{'sourceAttID':'salary','colID':'salary','width':'110','title':'Salary'},{'sourceAttID':'birthdate','colID':'birthdate','format':'M%20d%2C%20yy','width':'150','title':'Birthday'},{'sourceAttID':'married','colID':'married','width':'150','title':'Status'}]" data-binding="userPerson" class="waf-widget waf-dataGrid " /div !--/explorer--.. 3.. WAF JavaScript file to include in the body of your HTML file.. script type="text/javascript" src="/waLib/WAF/Loader.. js" /script.. Download this example's HTML file.. Javascript - Basic Grid.. WAF.. onAfterInit = function onAfterInit() { var dataGrid1 = {}; var documentEvent = {}; dataGrid1.. onRowDraw = function dataGrid1_onRowDraw (event) { /*explorer*/ var row = event.. row; var dom = row.. cells[2].. insideCell; if(event.. element !=null) { if (event.. element.. salary.. CSS - Basic Grid.. /*explorer*/ #dataGrid1.. waf-dataGrid-row { text-shadow: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0) 0px 0px 0px; } #dataGrid1 { z-index: 1; top: 3px; bottom: 3px; left: 3px; right: 3px; position: absolute; } /* /explorer*/.. Accordion.. Button.. Calendar.. Canvas.. Chart.. Checkbox.. Combo Box.. Component.. Container.. Dialog.. Frame.. Icon.. Image.. Image Button.. Login Dialog.. Matrix.. Menu Bar.. Progress Bar.. Radio Button Group.. Slider.. Tab View.. Text.. Text Input.. Video.. WYSIWYG Editor..

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  • Title: Mobile widgets | wakanda
    Descriptive info: Mobile widgets.. Try out a few of Wakanda's mobile widgets on your WebKit Browser.. For the best results on desktop, we suggest that you use Chrome..

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