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  • Title: Waging Nonviolence - People-Powered News and Analysis
    Descriptive info: .. Follow @wagingnv.. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.. Support WNV.. About.. Home.. Conflict.. Conflict resolution.. Tactics.. Theory.. Training and organizing.. Culture.. Art.. History.. Media.. Religion.. Sports.. Technology.. Regions.. Africa.. Asia.. Europe.. Latin America.. North America.. Oceania and Pacific islands.. Issues.. Economic justice.. Environment.. Human Rights.. Militarism.. Series.. #IdleNoMore.. Occupy Year II.. Sans Tar Sands.. Wildcat Winter.. Columns.. At the Crossroads.. Little Insurrections.. Living Revolution.. The Arts of Protest.. Blog.. Experiments.. Hack the Hunger Games!.. The Hunger Games.. landscape bears such uncanny resemblance to today’s reality that it’s as if Hollywood just handed us a billion-dollar propaganda video.. MORE.. Laura Gottesdiener.. Recent Features.. Flotilla unsettles Indonesia s occupation of West Papua.. With two boats, a liter of water and a handful of ash, the Freedom Flotilla created a diplomatic incident that shined a light on Indonesia's occupation of West Papua.. Jason MacLeod.. November 19, 2013.. 2 Comments.. Spain s housing activists scale up squatter movement.. What makes a movement turn into a landlord?.. Ter Garcia and Diego Sanz Paratcha.. November 18, 2013.. 0 Comments.. The end of anonymity for Jeremy Hammond.. In the intelligence-industrial complex, anonymity is merely a privilege for the powerful.. Ingrid Burrington.. November 16, 2013.. We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — just look at India s Gulabi Gang.. India's Gulabi Gang stands as a powerful example of the power of organically developed, self-organized initiatives designed entirely at the local level.. Andres Jimenez.. November 15, 2013.. 3 Comments.. WNV Radio.. WNV Radio: Fighting for independence.. On this episode of WNV Radio, we speak with writer Stephanie Van Hook about unarmed peacekeeping in South Sudan.. Eve Silber.. November 13, 2013.. What the US can learn from Germany s stunning environmental movement.. The secret to Germany’s sustainability success has been the relentless and unapologetic application  ...   US Vets for Peace confront US-made tear gas in Palestine.. Egypt: Youth remember martyrs, reject both army and Muslim Brotherhood.. German street artist is defacing fast food billboards with actual recipes.. Jeremy Hammond s sentencing statement before 10 years in prison.. Cambodian garment workers’ strike turns deadly.. The LAPD just broke the record for arresting Walmart protesters.. Analysis.. Learning to live in the anthropocene.. Bangladesh garment workers win pay hike, but still among lowest paid in the world.. War and enlightenment in Afghanistan.. After 30 years of silence, the original NSA whistleblower looks back.. The life and death of Juliano Mer-Khamis.. How Laura Poitras helped Snowden spill his secrets.. More Experiments.. by Ken Butigan.. by Frida Berrigan.. by George Lakey.. by Nadine Bloch.. Most Commented.. We Are Many: Indefinite detention, indefinite protest.. Join the mailing list today.. To receive weekly updates on.. Waging Nonviolence.. features and special offers, enter your email address below:.. Covering the Tar Sands Action, an effort to prevent the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and wean the United States off of fossil fuels.. After a burst of massive street protests and a period of dormant self-reflection, the Occupy movement has settled into its second year as a force for community-rooted resistance.. Low-wage workers are injecting new life into a weary U.. S.. labor movement by embracing an old tactic.. Following the largest and longest peaceful aboriginal uprising in Canadian history as it grows into a global grassroots movement.. WNV in the News.. Brecher on using the law against climate goons.. Watch.. WNV.. editor Laura Gottesdiener on.. Democracy Now!.. today.. Olzen discusses Catonsville Nine on John Batchelor Show.. More Press.. Support.. Subscribe.. Contact.. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.. 0 United States License.. Site designed and developed by Social Ink.. [+]..

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