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  • Title: Wall Storage | Storage Furniture | Wall Storage Cabinets | wWall Storage Units | Wall Storage Systems
    Descriptive info: .. Wall Storage.. The Best On Line Wall Storage Guide.. Wall Storage for your Bathroom.. Aside from your bedroom, your bathroom is the other place in your home where you can actually relax and unwind.. For that reason alone, your bathroom should be well decorated and themed in such a way that it emanates warmth and a welcoming feeling and clutter will definitely destroy that, as well as your bathroom’s overall appeal.. Clutters can also cause you to end up frustrated and even more tired keeping things organized instead of relaxing and enjoying your warm water bath.. This is where bathroom wall storage can help you a lot.. Benefits of Bathroom Wall Storage.. With storage like this, you can arrange various bathroom items like your tissues, towels, shaving foam, razors, toothpaste, soaps, hair dryers, toothbrush and even your medicines.. You can keep and organize all these inside your storage.. There are some things, however, that you have to keep in mind when shopping for storage and that includes the style, the space factor, the accessibility and the functionality of the storage.. Storages that are mounted above the sink can be easily accessed by adults.. You may also choose to place your storage in corers or on the wall along with pints.. One thing you have to make sure is that the storage should be accessible at all times.. Styles, Designs, Shopping and Placing Bathroom Wall Storage.. If you are planning to place your storage over your sink, you can go for something that comes with a mirror on its door.. If you want something more practical then you may go for a storage that comes with a glass doors – this can be a clear glass door or a foggy one.. There are storages made of stainless steel and these may come with a mirror in front.. Steel storages may also come with doors that are made of metal with matte finish or brush metal.. Traditional wooden cabinets, on the other hand, are being considered as the most popular storage these days.. These storages are usually made of various types of woods like mahogany, oak or rosewood and you have the option to choose if you want to go for a less expensive hardwood.. Wooden storages usually come with nice carvings as well.. It can be engraved with fancy flowers or other art works while some have plainer borders.. The size of your storage is also an important factor that you should consider.. If you are planning to store several items into it and if you do have a spacious bathroom, then you may opt for a large storage cabinet.. When shopping for bathroom wall storage, you can easily find one at your home improvement store or you can also checkout some online shops.. Before deciding where to buy and what to buy, you can also check the internet first for the designs that you might like so you will have an idea what to look for.. If you want to save more, you can also make your own storage by buying pieces of wood and painting it with your desired color.. This way you can decide how your storage will look like and you can come up with your own design.. DIY Garage Wall Storage Systems.. In creating your own wall storage systems for house areas such as your garage, there are simple steps to follow to make your system convenient and useful.. The garage is often cluttered with things we no longer use, such as old clothes, books, furniture and  ...   floor.. Seasonal space hogs like snow tires, kayaks and bicycle should be transferred to walls or hung on the ceiling.. Hoist pulley system can be used to this kind of stuff and are available home builder’s center.. 4.. Use Containers.. Using transparent container bins are very useful, it not only makes your item cleans and free from dirt and dust but it also allow you see their content.. It can also be arranged in a stackable manner.. If transparent container bin is not available, always put a label on opaque containers so that you know what is inside.. 5.. Child Friendly Garage Wall Storage System.. Fertilizers, pesticides, paints, strong cleaning solution should be designate into a safe place so you’re children can t get into it.. Gardening toll specially those are sharp and pointed should be hung out of reach.. Cutting equipments like chain saw should be placed in locked boxes.. Having your own wall storage system does not need a professional planner and engineer; you only have to use your imagination and resourcefulness.. Unique and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas.. Everyone can use more organization in their lives (except those misguided souls who alphabetize their spices, canned goods and color-coordinate their laundry supplies!).. Additional wall storage can help bring that organization into your home.. And original and unusual wall storage ideas can help organization become décor pizzazz! Here are some ideas to get you started:.. If you have old fruit crates or soda pop crates, attach them to the wall to become a wonderful storage unit to display books or knicknacks.. You can paint the units to match your décor or leave the original labels and wood to create a rustic and unusual centerpiece of your room.. Do you have an old garden bench or one of those wooden benches which are frequently beside dining tables or in entry halls? Try it attaching upside down on the wall.. Use the shelf created by the bench top to display collections.. Just think of using a white distressed bench as a shelf for teddy bears in a child s room.. Old wooden hangers can make beautiful storage units for jewelry, ties, and even shoes.. Paint the hangers a solid color and let dry.. Then add decorative touches such as hand-painted flowers or stripes.. Or wrap the hangers with strips of fabric using glue to adhere the strips to the wood.. When the hanger is completely wrapped, cover with a decoupage finish.. Attach to the wall with painted or plain hooks.. Want a wonderful idea for towel storage in a bathroom? Try attaching a window box or planter to the wall and fill with folded towels and washcloths, soaps or creams.. Add trim and paint to make a unique storage unit.. Need an easily accessible place to store your pots and pans? Attach a narrow wrought iron curtain rod with decorative finials to the wall.. You can hang the pans from S-hooks which have been hooked over the rod.. A great idea!.. Use your own imagination to turn everyday objects into storage areas.. You might come up with the perfect solution to your organization needs.. Hmmm any ideas for storing the 20 years back issues of Better Homes and Gardens ?.. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.. com/19758.. Categories.. Pages.. Privacy Policy.. Read About.. Popular Tags.. basements.. bathroom wall.. containers.. design.. garage.. garage storage.. garage wall.. hair dryers.. razors.. segregate.. shaving foam.. soaps.. space.. storage.. storage system.. tissues.. toothbrush.. toothpaste.. towels.. wall.. wood.. wooden storage.. Copyright 2012 Wall Storage.. All Rights Reserved.. Thank you.. Your feedback have been received..

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