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  • Title: WACE Advancing Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education
    Descriptive info: .. Visit Us On Facebook.. Follow Us on Twitter.. CONTACT.. Home.. Calendar of Events.. About WACE.. By-Laws.. What is WACE and CWIE?.. Vision Mission.. Event Type Information.. Global Institutions.. History of WACE.. History of NCCE.. Contact WACE.. Board of Directors.. Global Institutional Partners.. List of Partners.. Partner Benefits.. Global Industry Partners.. Corporate Sponsors Program.. International CWIE Student Exchange Program.. Membership.. WACE International CWIE Research Group.. International CWIE Student Honor Society.. National Associations.. Associations Listing.. Associations Event Guide.. World Conference @ Kyoto.. 2015 World Conference - Kyoto, Japan.. 2013 World Conference.. 2011 World Conference.. Past World Conferences.. WACE Awards.. Mr.. Donald MacLaren, Jr.. Academic Award.. Dr.. John A.. Curry Employer Award AWARD.. Constantine Papadakis Leadership Award.. Assessment Institute 2013 @ Ottawa.. Global Institute 2014 @ Cape Ann.. International Symposium @ UWest.. 2014 Symposium @ UWest.. 2012 Symposium @ GIT.. 2010 Symposium  ...   Best of Co-op Guide.. 2013-14 BOC Guide (PDFs).. 2012-13 BOC Guide (PDFs).. Publications.. Journal for Cooperative Education Internships.. WACE Conference Papers.. International Handbook on CWIE.. CWIE Partner Job Postings.. Platinum and Industry Partners.. WACE is plesed to offer a video by.. Kylie Twyford,.. The University of Newcastle.. from the 2013 WACE World Conference.. in Durban South Africa.. Click Here to View.. The WACE Board of Directors.. was pleased to present the.. to Prof.. Wichit Srisa-an, SUT,.. at the World Conference in Durban.. Please Click THIS TEXT.. to View Video of Dr.. Maurits van Rooijen awarding Mr.. William Howard.. the Dr.. Constantine Taki Papadakis Leadership Award.. WACE WELCOMES GLOBAL PARTNER.. UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA.. with Special Thanks to Board Member.. Sampan Silapanad.. WACE | 600 Suffolk Street Wannalancit Business Center, Suite 125 | University of Massachusetts Lowell | Lowell, MA 01854 U.. A..

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  • Title: WACE Contact Information
    Descriptive info: World Conference @ Durban.. Upcoming World Conference 2013.. Global Institute 2013 @ Cape Ann.. 2012-13 Guide Download (PDF).. 2012-13 Guide Sponsors.. Contact the WACE Secretariat,.. located at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.. Mailing Address:.. WACE.. Suite 125.. 600 Suffolk Street.. Lowell, MA 01854.. Physical Address:.. Wannalancit Business Center, First Floor.. University of Massachusetts Lowell.. Fax: 978-934-4084.. Paul J.. Stonely.. CEO.. Ph: 978-934-1867.. Email:.. paul_stonely@uml.. edu.. Ms.. Michelle Hansford.. Director of Global Communications Marketing.. Ph: 978-934-1868.. michelle_hansford@uml.. Danielle Perry.. Manager of Operations and Finances.. Ph: 978-934-1870.. Email:.. danielle_perry@uml.. Marty Ford.. Director of Global Partnership Programs.. Ph: 781-686-2031.. marty_ford@uml..

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  • Title: WACE Calendar of Events
    Descriptive info: October 10-11, 2013.. WACE Executive Committee Meeting, Boston, MA, U.. October 23-25, 2013.. WACE Assessment Institute, Ottawa, Canada.. 2014.. Sunday, June 1.. , 2014.. Board of Directors Meeting.. University West, Trollhattan, Sweden.. Monday, June 2 - 4.. 10th International Symposium on Cooperative Work-Integrated Education.. July 7-11, 2014.. WACE Global Institute, Essex, MA, U.. 2015.. August 18-21, 2015.. 19th World Conference, Kyoto, Japan..

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  • Title: WACE By-Laws
    Descriptive info: WACE By-Laws.. THE ASSOCIATION.. Name.. WACE, the World Association for Cooperative Work-Integrated Education, is a non-profit, 501©3 Association.. Vision Statement.. The organization s vision is to be the premier international organization linking the world s leading higher education institutions, employers and public authorities, all of whom share a profound commitment to preparing new generations for a lifetime of learning and professional success in today s global diverse workplace.. Our vision will be achieved through programs services designed to globally advance all forms of learning where education is integrated with professional work experience.. Mission Statement.. Globally Advance High Quality Cooperative all other forms of Work-Integrated Education by:.. Showcasing best practices.. Facilitating global discussion and debate.. Fostering international networks exchanges, and.. Offering research, programs and services with the aim to:.. Advance professionalization through innovation in experiential learning, academic quality enhancement, and demonstrating results through relevant and focused research;.. Advance and promote the recognition of importance of high quality cooperative work-integrated education as the best workforce development scheme for today’s Global Society.. The organization is committed to achieving its Mission without prejudice and without any ideological, political or religious bias and on a not-for-profit basis.. Definition of “Cooperative Work-Integrated Education”.. Cooperative Work-Integrated Education (CWIE) includes: cooperative education (all disciplines); clinical rotations; community research; internships (all disciplines); international work (co-op) exchanges; learning-integrated work; undergraduate graduate research; service-learning; and practica, and other forms of learning where education is integrated with work experience.. Definition of “Advance”.. Advance includes: advocating, developing, expanding, strengthening, marketing, and demonstrating results through research and best practices.. ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP PARTNERSHIP.. Individual.. Persons who are interested in Cooperative Work-Integrated Education may join WACE as individual members.. Organizational.. National associations, employing organizations, governmental bodies, corporate bodies, professional associations, and educational or other institutions with an interest in Cooperative Work-Integrated Education may become organizational members of the Association.. Organizational members may appoint up to five persons from the organization to be listed as members and to receive benefits of membership.. Global Partnerships.. Higher education institutions (Global Institutional Partners) and employing organizations (Global Industry Partners) with a strong focus upon the development of Cooperative Work-Integrated Education programs as a strategy for human resource development and strategy for learning may become Partners of the Association.. Global Partners may participate at several different levels of membership: Platinum, Gold Silver.. Honorary.. From time to time the Board of Directors may designate an individual as an honorary member.. This category of membership is reserved for patrons or members who have given distinguished service to Cooperative Work-Integrated Education or significant assistance to WACE.. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PARTNERSHIP FEES.. Annual Membership Partnership fees shall be charged for all types of members (except honorary members), at rates to be determined annually by the Board of Directors Executive Committee after consultation with the full Board of Directors.. THE SECRETARIAT.. The Secretariat s principal officer is the Association s Chief Executive Officer.. The Secretariat and CEO shall manage all operations of WACE and provide services necessary to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Global Partners, and all other members of the Association.. The Secretariat will be supported by the establishment of select International Satellite Offices (ISO).. The Executive Committee appoints the CEO and shall determine the responsibilities of the Secretariat and CEO.. The CEO will work in close consultation with the Board Co-Chairs and Treasurer of the Association, as well as the Executive Committee and WACE Board.. The Secretariat will also document and circulate to the WACE Board all decisions taken by the association s governing bodies.. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.. The Executive Committee, consisting of 15 Board of Directors, shall govern the Association.. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Board s Co-Chairs, the CEO, the treasurer, and eleven elected Vice-Chairs from the Board of Directors.. The Executive Committee will represent the interests of academe, industry, public sector, and government throughout the world s eight regions.. Executive Committee Members will serve for a term of three years and may stand for re-election as determined by the Executive Committee.. The Executive Committee shall maintain and update a strategic plan, in consultation with the Commission on Strategic Planning and the Board of Directors.. The Executive Committee shall also approve the financial audited statements and annual operating budgets.. The Executive Committee shall elect Board Members based on nominations received from the following: Members, Partners, Directors, the Treasurer, and Executive Committee Members.. The Executive Committee requires a majority (at least 50%) of the Executive Committee Members votes to elect Board Members.. The voting process can be done electronically with a two-week time period allotted to respond.. The Executive Committee shall approve all program initiatives, as well as all policy and strategic decisions of the Association (i.. e.. Strategic Plan and Financial Plan).. The CEO will provide  ...   co-chairs of the Commission and consisting of 10-12 WACE Directors/Partners, will develop and monitor an ongoing five year plan including a financial business plan.. These initiatives include, but are not limited to, the following:.. Consultancy.. Best Practices / Benchmarking.. International Student Exchanges.. Recognition Programs.. Research Data Compository.. The Commission on Strategic Planning will work closely with the Executive Committee in establishing and monitoring the Association s five year plan.. The length of term for the Commission will be as needed as determined by the Executive Committee.. ANNUAL ASSOCIATION MEETING.. There shall be an annual meeting of the Association to report to the Partners and members the organization s accomplishments, finances, activities, and future plans.. The meeting will be presided over by the WACE Co-Chairs CEO.. The Association meeting will have the responsibility for providing guidance to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and CEO on matters of interest to WACE.. By-law revisions will be voted upon at the Annual Association Meeting, or if necessary, by electronic ballot between meetings.. Each member present may cast one vote.. During the meetings, Partners and members will be given the opportunity to comment on strategic directions and activities of the Association, as well as nominate people for the Board of Directors.. If a member wishes to propose a motion for discussion at the Annual Association Meeting, the proposal must be prepared and sent to the CEO eight weeks in advance of the meeting date.. QUORUM.. A quorum for the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Annual Association Meeting shall be defined as a simple majority of the members present or voting by proxy and voting electronically for the conduct of the Association.. AMENDMENTS.. Amendments to the by-laws must be approved at the Annual Association Meeting.. The quorum may be constituted by members present at an Annual Association Meeting and/or by postal or electronic ballot or proxy ballots of the membership.. Amendments require a 2/3 majority of the votes cast at the Annual Association Meeting and/or by postal or electronic ballot.. Proposed amendments to the by-laws to be voted upon at the Annual Association Meeting must be sent to members either by mail or electronic means at least four weeks prior to the Annual Association Meeting.. Members shall have at least 21 days to respond from the date of the mailing.. BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE.. If two-thirds of the Board of Directors casts a vote of no confidence regarding the performance of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors will then have the authority to elect a new Executive Committee.. DISSOLUTION.. The Association will be considered dissolved only after the entire following process has occurred:.. The Board of Directors votes with a two-thirds majority to dissolve the Association providing that a minimum of 50% plus one person of all members is present.. The Executive Committee votes to dissolve the Association by a two-thirds majority providing that a minimum of 50% plus one person of all members is present.. The members vote in favor by two-thirds majority at an Annual Association Meeting or by postal or electronic ballot or by proxy ballots.. Members will be given at least thirty days to respond to the ballot from the date of mailing.. Once a vote of dissolution has occurred, whether voluntary or involuntary, the assets of the Corporation, after all debts have been satisfied, then remaining in the hands of the Board of Directors shall be distributed, transferred conveyed, delivered and paid over exclusively to charitable, religious, scientific, testing for public safety, literary or educational organizations which would qualify under the provisions of Section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and its regulations as they now exist or as they may thereafter be amended.. In the event that the Corporation is dissolved, a special meeting consisting of not less than five persons, including the treasurer, who were active members of the Corporation during the budget year immediately preceding the dissolution shall be appointed by the Board of Directors to determine the disposition of Corporate assets as specified above.. The committee will be charged to complete its task within twenty-four months of the dissolution of the Corporation.. WACE Governance Addendum.. BOARD.. CO-CHAIRS.. EXEC.. COMM.. TREASURER.. BOARD OF.. DIRECTORS.. COMMISSION ON.. STRATEGIC.. PLANNING.. ANNUAL.. ASSOCIATION MTG.. Nominated.. by Whom.. Individual Board Members.. Individual Board Members WACE Members.. Electe.. Exec.. Comm.. Appointed.. Length.. of Term.. 1-yr.. contract.. 3-yr.. renewable.. As needed- to be determined by Exec.. Meetings.. As needed.. As.. needed.. Quarterly.. 1 per yr.. , preceding World/Int l event.. at World/Int l event.. By-Laws.. Initial.. by-laws approved by the Board.. Revisions to the by-laws approved by full membership via electronic vote.. Strategic Plan.. Approved by Exec.. Financial Plan.. Programs Events..

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  • Title: About WACE
    Descriptive info: ABOUT WACE CWIE.. WACE is the only international professional organization dedicated to developing, expanding, branding and advocating for cooperative work-integrated education programs within industry and educational institutions.. Cooperative Work-Integrated Education (CWIE) is a term created by WACE to acknowledge and embrace all forms of experiential learning utilized by industry and educational institutions to prepare the next generation of global professionals..  ...   industry, international co-op exchanges, study abroad, research, clinical rotations, service learning and community service.. The WACE Secretariat, housed on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the United States, strives to create, implement and maintain events, programs and services geared to the support and expansion of the Global Industry and Institutional Partners network and the entire CWIE community..

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  • Title: WACE Mission and Vision
    Descriptive info: NCCE Joins with WACE.. Effective July 1, 2010, The National Commission (NCCE) has joined with The World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE) to “globally advance high quality cooperative work-integrated education.. ”.. Both Boards have unanimously adopted the following Vision Mission Statements:.. VISION.. The organization’s vision is to be the premier international organization linking the world’s leading higher education institutions, employers and public authorities, all of whom share a profound commitment to preparing new generations for a lifetime of professional success in today’s global  ...   learning where education is integrated with professional work experience.. MISSION.. Globally Advance High Quality Cooperative all other forms of Work-Integrated Education by.. facilitating global debate.. showcasing best practices.. fostering international networks exchanges, and.. offering research, programs and services with the aim to:.. advance professionalization through innovation in experiential learning, academic quality enhancement, and demonstrating results through relevant and focused research;.. advance and promote the recognition of importance of high quality cooperative work-integrated education as the best workforce development scheme for today’s Global Society..

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  • Title: WACE Event Type Information
    Descriptive info: WACE EVENT TYPE INFORMATION.. World Conference:.. The World Conference is WACE’s largest event, attracting approximately.. 350-500 delegates.. (academic, corporate, student, and government) from.. 20-30 countries.. The World Conference is quite broad in theme and attracts people from many different disciplines, types of institutional establishments, and regions.. Held biennially, the World Conference offers ample Plenary Sessions, including Keynote Presentations and Panel Discussions, typically an Academic, Employer, and Student Panel.. The World Conference also offers many concurrent session options, including paper presentations; refereed paper presentations; workshops; roundtable discussions; panel discussions; and poster sessions.. The refereed paper tract, which was first offered by WACE at the 2009 World Conference held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, requires that the paper be blind-reviewed by two International Reviewers and undergo a rigorous evaluation; there are two types, Research Discussion Paper.. The refereed paper has now become a WACE World Conference staple, as it allows WACE conference delegates to receive more critical feedback on their work, which then improves the likelihood of the  ...   referred to as the “Regional Conference”, which strove to target a particular region, whereas the International Conference does not.. Similar to the World Conference, the International Conference also offers Plenary Concurrent Sessions, although it may or may not offer the refereed paper option.. While the World Conference is broad in theme, the International Conference is more targeted in theme, often offering themes for concurrent sessions to follow.. International Symposium:.. The International Symposium is WACE’s smallest event, attracting.. 75-150 delegates.. 10-20 countries.. Held annually, the International Symposium is more theme-based than any of the other events and offers one particular theme around which all Plenary and Concurrent Sessions will focus (i.. quality, assessment, best practices, etc.. ).. Less paper presentation focused, the International Symposium features many roundtable discussions and lends itself to being more interactive that either the World or International Conference.. Due to the limited delegation, there is much involvement between delegates, and outcomes are typically discussed and measured at the conclusion of the event..

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  • Title: WACE Global Institutions
    Descriptive info: WACE GLOBAL INSTITUTIONS.. WACE has worked with Institutions from around the Globe –913 institutions in 52 countries!.. WACE has most recently been involved with supporting 275 institutions from 37 countries.. Please select a country below to find out which Institutions from that country are currently supporting WACE.. Don’t see your Institution on the list but want to?  ...   involved! Michelle can be reached via email:.. Michelle_Hansford@uml.. or phone:.. 978-934-1868.. Australia.. Jamaica.. Singapore.. Austria.. Japan.. South Africa.. Belgium.. Namibia.. South Korea.. Canada.. Netherlands.. Spain.. China.. New Zealand.. Sweden.. Ethiopia.. Nigeria.. Taiwan.. Finland.. Northern Ireland.. Thailand.. France.. Malaysia.. Turkey.. Germany.. Mexico.. United Arab Emirates.. Hong Kong.. Peru.. UK / England.. Indonesia.. Philippines.. United States.. Ireland.. Poland.. Vietnam.. Portugal..

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  • Title: History of WACE
    Descriptive info: HISTORY of WACE.. The World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education was founded in 1983 to foster Co-operative Education and other Work Integrated Learning programs worldwide.. Its founders were college and university presidents, educational specialists and employers from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States and the United Kingdom.. At its inception, the World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education identified three objectives:.. Build a membership of educators and employers from around the world.. Produce biennial world conferences on Co-operative Education.. Develop a newsletter, with world-wide distribution, devoted to issues involved in Work Integrated Learning and Co-operative Education.. Over the next few years, the World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education established itself as a viable international association capable of sponsoring successful international conferences.. Biennial World Conferences have been held in London, England (1979); Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America (1981); Melbourne, Australia (1983); Edinburgh, Scotland (1985); Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1987); Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  ...   to build upon the original mission of the World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education.. WACE is the only organization devoted to Cooperative Work-Integrated Education on a global basis.. It is an aggressive advocate of programs which combine professional work experience with classroom teaching.. WACE is a resource of information and assistance to schools, employers and governments that want to initiate or strengthen Cooperative Work-Integrated Education programs.. It is our goal to:.. Identify advantages corporations realize, especially in human resources development, when they incorporate Cooperative Work-Integrated Education programs.. Support employers, especially multinational corporations, in developing Cooperative Work-Integrated Education programs.. Provide technical assistance to educational institutions and governments interested in adopting Cooperative Work-Integrated Education programs, particularly among Third World Countries.. The World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education was renamed The World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE) in 1991 and merged with the National Commission for Cooperative Education (NCCE) in 2010.. Today, WACE has over 4,000 WIL Colleagues worldwide..

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  • Title: WACE Board of Directors
    Descriptive info: WACE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.. Maurits van Rooijen.. Co-Chair.. Executive Committee Member.. CEO and Rector.. London School of Business Finance.. 48 Carey Street.. London, WC2A 2JE.. United Kingdom.. rector@lsbf.. org.. uk.. Vice President.. Western Digital (Thailand).. 140 Moo 2 Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate.. Klongjig, BangPa-In, Ayutthaya 13160.. Sampan.. silapanad@wdc.. com.. CEO Executive Committee Member.. Paul_Stonely@uml.. Prof.. Ahmed Abdelal.. Provost.. One University Avenue.. Ph: 978-934-2635.. Ahmed_abdelal@uml.. Patrick R.. Antony.. Executive Director.. Division of Professional Practice.. Georgia Institute of Technology.. Atlanta, GA 30332.. Ph: 404-894-1345.. Patrick.. antony@dopp.. gatech.. Wesley Arrington.. President.. RFD Insight.. 64 Vaughan Ridge.. Bloomfield, MI 48304.. Ph: 248-890-0120.. cwarrington@rfdinsight.. Christine Arsenault.. President, CAFCE.. Director: Management Co-op Programs.. University of Toronto.. Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail,.. Toronto, ON M1C 1A4.. 416-287-7112.. arsenault@utsc.. utoronto.. ca.. Olof Blomqvist.. Senior Advisor, President’s Office.. University West.. S-461 86 Trollhattan.. Ph: 46-520-22-3006.. Fax: 46-520-22-3099.. olof.. blomqvist@hv.. se.. Jaime Bonilla.. Director of Alumni Relations.. Tecnologico de Monterrey.. Eugenio Garza Sada 2501.. 64849 Monterrey, NL.. jbonilla@itesm.. mx.. Kettil Cedercreutz.. Associate Provost Director.. University of Cincinnati.. P.. O.. Box 21015.. 7th Level Joseph A.. Steger Student Life Center.. Cincinnati, OH 45221-0115.. Ph: 513-556-0331.. Fax: 513-556-5061.. kettil.. cedercreutz@uc.. Professor Keith Chan.. Dean of Students.. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.. Hung Hom, Kowloon.. keith.. chan@polyu.. hk.. Jiefang Chen.. Director, Planning Development.. Higher Education Research Institute.. Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.. 2360 Jinhai Road.. Pudonng, Shanghai 201209.. Ph: 86-21-50216648.. chjf49@hotmail.. Lorrie Clemo, Ph.. D.. Provost and Vice President fo.. Academic Affairs.. SUNY Oswego.. 702 Culkin Hall.. State University of New York at Oswego Oswego, New York 13126.. (315) 312-2290.. lorrie.. clemo@oswego.. Richard Coll.. Pro Vice-Chancellor.. Teaching Learning.. University of Waikato.. Private Bag 3105.. Hamilton 3240.. Ph: 64-7-838-4100.. Fax: 64-7-838-4218.. r.. coll@waikato.. ac.. nz.. Anthony Collins.. Clarkson University.. 321 Science Center.. Box 5500.. Potsdam, NY 13699.. Ph: 315-268-6444.. Collins@clarkson.. Stephen Crump.. Emeritus Professor.. University of Newcastle.. Honorary Professional Fellow.. Melbourne Graduate School of Education.. University of Melbourne.. PO Box 1162.. Terrigal NSW 2260.. Stephen.. crump@newcastle.. au.. Peter Dawkins.. Vice-Chancellor and President.. Victoria University.. Box 14428.. Melbourne, Victoria 8001.. Peter.. dawkins@vu.. Professor Teyfik Demir, Ph.. Assistant Professor, Engineering.. TOBB University of Economics.. and Technology.. Sogutozu Cad.. No: 42.. Ankara.. Ph: +90 312 292 42 32.. tdemir@etu.. tr.. William Destler.. Rochester Institute of Technology.. One Lomb Memorial Drive.. Rochester, NY 14623.. Ph: 585-475-2396.. bill.. destler@rit.. Maureen Drysdale.. Chair, WACE Research Group.. Associate Professor, Psychology Sexuality, Marriage Family Studies.. Adjunct, School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS).. St.. Jerome’s/University of Waterloo.. 290 Westmount Road.. Waterloo, ON N2L 3G3.. Ph: 519-884-8111, x28288.. mdrysdal@uwaterloo.. Maureen Dumas.. Vice President, Experiential Education Career Services.. Johnson Wales University.. 8 Abbott Park Place.. Providence, RI 02903.. Maureen.. dumas@jwu.. Marge Dupere.. Director of Organizational Development.. Analog Devices, Inc.. One Technology Way.. Norwood, MA 02062.. Ph: 781-461-3973.. marge.. dupere@analog.. Sarah Flynn.. Vice-Chair.. ASET.. Principal Lecturer.. Work Based Learning.. University of Hertfordshire.. College Lane.. Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB.. UK.. s.. j.. flynn@herts.. Paul Forestell.. University Dean for Service Learning and Experiential Education.. LIU Post.. C.. W.. Post Campus.. 720 Northern Blvd.. Brookville, NY 11548.. paul.. forestell@liu.. Peter Franks.. Vice Provost for Career Education.. Steinbright Career Development Center.. Drexel University.. 3201 Arch Street, Suite 250.. Philadelphia, PA 19104-2884.. Ph: 215-895-0226.. Fax: 215-895-1473.. franks@drexel.. Fry.. 3141 Chestnut Street.. Philadelphia, PA 19104.. Ph: 215-895-2100.. John.. a.. fry@drexel.. Boni Gantile.. HR Executive for People Development.. Telkom SA.. Towers North, 152 Proes Street.. Pretoria, Gauteng 0002.. Ph: 27 12 311 7012.. gantilb@telkom.. co.. za.. Ian Goulter.. Charles Sturt University.. 24 Bangalla Street.. Auchenflower, QLD 4066.. Ph: 0418 275 725.. icgoulter@hotmail.. Johannes Haas.. Head of Study Program.. Production Technology and Organization.. FH Joanneum University of.. Applied Sciences.. 8020 Graz, Eggenberger Allee 11.. Alte Poststrabe 149.. Ph: 316-5453-6910.. Fax: 316-5453-6901.. Johannes.. Haas@fh-joanneum.. at.. Ditmar Hilpert.. Professor  ...   Ph: 86-21-64322881.. Fax: 86-21-64321580.. jli@shnu.. cn.. Kelly Mahoney.. Director of Career Development Cooperative Education.. University of Manitoba.. Asper School of Business.. 254-181 Freedman Cres.. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V4.. Canada.. Ph: 204-474-6548.. Kelly_mahoney@umanitoba.. Bernd Martin.. Baden-Wuerttemberg.. Cooperative State University Loerrach.. Hangstrasse 46-50, Loerrach, D-79 539.. Loerrach, BW.. martin@dhbw-loerrach.. James McKenney.. Vice President, Economic.. Development International Programs.. American Association of.. Community Colleges.. One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 410.. Washington, DC 20036.. Ph: 202-728-0200.. jmckenney@aacc.. nche.. Robert K.. McMahan.. Kettering University.. W Third Avenue /.. 1700 University Avenue.. Flint, MI.. Ph: 810-762-9864.. rmcmahan@kettering.. Norah McRae.. Executive Director, Co-operative.. Education Program and Career Services.. University of Victoria.. Box 1700, University Centre B216.. Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2.. nmcrae@uvic.. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit.. Siam University.. 38 Petkasem Road.. Phasicharoen, Bangkok 10160.. pornchai@siam.. Nagi Naganathan.. Dean of Engineering.. The University of Toledo.. 2801 Bancroft Street.. Toledo, OH 43606.. Nagi.. naganathan@utoledo.. Bob Nichols.. Director of External Affairs.. Associate to the President.. Flint, MI 48504-4898.. Ph: 810-762-9828.. Fax: 810-762-9755.. bnichols@kettering.. James Norman.. Vice President of Global Staffing.. Diversity.. Kraft Foods North America.. 3 Lakes Drive; Mail Code: NF550.. Northfield, IL 60093.. jnorman@kraft.. Ian O’Connor.. Griffith University.. Queensland 4222.. vc@griffith.. Rufus Olawuni.. Director of Industrial Training.. Coordinating Centre.. University of Ibadan.. Amina Way.. Ibadan.. Or.. olawuni@mail.. ui.. ng.. Shakeel Ori.. Director: Co-operative Education.. Durban University of Technology.. Box 1334.. Durban 4000.. Ph: 27 31 373 28.. oris@dut.. Eduardo Padron.. Miami Dade College.. 300 N.. E.. 2nd Avenue.. Miami, FL 33132.. Ph: 305-237-3316.. epadron@mdc.. Zorica Pantic.. Wentworth Institute of Technology.. 550 Huntington Avenue.. Boston, MA 02115.. Ph: 617-989-4476.. Fax: 617-989-4480.. panticz@wit.. Professor Andrew Parfitt.. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).. University Drive.. Newcastle, NSW 2308.. andrew.. parfitt@newcastle.. Neville Pinto.. Dean of Engineering.. University of Louisville.. J.. B.. Speed Hall, Suite 221.. Louisville, Kentucky 40292.. Ph: 502-852-6281.. speed@louisville.. Carva Pop.. Centre for Cooperative Education.. Polytechnic of Namibia.. Private Bag 13388.. Windhoek, Namibia.. cpop@polytechnic.. na.. Keiko Saito-Miyakawa.. ILCC Co.. , Ltd.. I2-7-15 Ichigaya tamachi,.. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo.. 162-0843 Japan.. Ph: 81-3-5562-3661.. Fax: 81-3-5562-3666.. saito@ilcc.. Takao Shiba.. Kyoto Sangyo University.. Motoyama Kamigamo.. Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8555.. shiba@cc.. kyoto-su.. jp.. Wichit Srisa-an.. The University Council.. Suranaree University of Technology.. 111 University Avenue, Muang District.. Nakhon Ratchasima 30000.. Ph: 044-223000.. Fax: 044-224070.. wichit@cri.. or.. th.. James R.. Stellar.. Vice President for Academic Innovation.. and Experiential Education.. Queens College.. ,.. CUNY.. 65-30 Kissena Boulevard – Kiely Hall Room 1104.. Flushing, NY 11367.. Ph: 718-997-5900.. Fax: 718-997-5879.. James.. stellar@qc.. cuny.. Kenzo Takahashi.. International Internship Studies.. The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo.. 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182.. kenzo@luck.. ocn.. ne.. Patrice Twomey.. Director, Cooperative Education Careers Division.. University of Limerick.. Limerick, Munster 0001.. Patrice.. twomey@ul.. ie.. Andrew Vann.. Vice-Chancellor President.. Panorama Ave, The Grange.. Bathurst, NSW 2795.. vc@csu.. Boonchai Wichitsathian.. Thai Association for Cooperative Education.. Director of Cooperative Education.. Boonchai@sut.. Chelle Wingeleth.. Global Director of Talent.. Acquisition Strategy and Programs.. Research in Motion / Blackberry.. 440 Phillip St.. Waterloo, ON N2L 5R9.. cwingeleth@rim.. Enwei Xie.. General Manager of Server.. Tool Business.. Microsoft China.. Research and Development Group.. 3F, Building 5.. 555 Dong Chuan Road.. Shanghai 200241.. Xie.. enwei@microsoft.. Nancy L.. Zimpher.. Chancellor.. State University of New York.. State University Plaza.. 353 Broadway.. Albany, New York 12246.. chancellor@suny.. Emeritus Board Members.. Andre Laus.. Principal.. CRG Partners Group LLC.. 2 Atlantic Ave.. , 4th Floor.. Boston, MA 02110.. Ph: 617-482-4242.. Fax: 617-482-9804.. Andre.. laus@crgpartners.. James Porter.. DuPont Engineering and Operations.. 1007 Market St.. Brandywine Building.. 1022.. Wilmington, DE 19898.. Ph: 302-774-2535.. Fax: 302-774-2497.. porterjb@comcast.. Edward L.. Wax.. Chairman Emeritus.. Saatchi Saatchi.. Advertising Worldwide.. 6949 S.. Harbor Circle.. Stuart, FL 34996.. 498 Wren Way.. Banner Elk, NC 28604.. Ph: 828-898-4407.. Ed@edwax.. Staff.. Mark Brenton.. Graphic Web Designer.. Brenton Design Group.. Director of Global Partnership Program.. Manager of Operations and Finance.. Paul Stonely..

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  • Title: WACE Global Institutional Partners
    Descriptive info: GLOBAL INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS.. Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative.. State University Loerrach.. GERMANY.. CANADA.. AUSTRALIA.. Sripatum University.. THAILAND.. UNITED STATES.. SOUTH AFRICA.. TOBB University.. of Economics and Technology.. TURKEY.. FH Joanneum.. University of Applied Sciences.. AUSTRIA.. MALAYSIA.. University of Canberra.. HONG KONG.. IRELAND.. Korea University.. of Technology and Education.. SOUTH KOREA.. JAPAN.. Mohawk College.. of Applied Arts Technology.. NAMIBIA.. SWEDEN.. The City University of New York.. Vaal University of Technology..

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