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  • Title: Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. CALENDAR.. DOCUMENTS.. NEWSLETTER.. ABOUT.. FAQS.. CONTACT.. >> ADVISERS.. LOGIN.. Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).. CONFERENCES EVENTS.. Registration.. 2012-13 Competitive Events.. Calendar.. State Business Leadership Conference.. Institute For Leaders (IFL).. National Leadership Conference (NLC).. National Fall Leadership Conferences (NFLC).. Regional Conference Dates.. Pro Sports Career Days.. CHAPTERS.. About Chapters.. New Chapter Recruitment.. Fundraising Ideas.. Membership.. Advisers.. Regions.. LEADERSHIP.. State Officers.. Board of Directors.. Executive Committee.. Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser.. Member of the Month.. Testimonials.. BUSINESS.. Professional Division.. Business Partners.. Volunteer.. Donate.. WAFBLA Home slide.. 2012 SBLC Event Winners.. Alumni Facebook page.. Competitive Events Handbook.. WAFBLA Facebook.. 2012 NLC Winners.. SPOTLIGHT STORIES.. Lead the Way with the BAA!.. August 6, 2013 |.. 0 Comments.. The BAA or Business Achievement Awards is one of the best kept secrets in FBLA! This program can teach you everything from planning a business trip to how to write a memo, and definitely prepares you for your future career.. The Business Achievement Awards are really special because you get to see  ...   FBLA.. She has served as a member of her chapter’s Public Relations Committee to spread the word of FBLA [ ].. 2012-2013: Success.. This FBLA year has just flown by! We gained new membership through major recruitment activities held by the local chapters at the beginning of the school year, fostered inter-chapter relations and learning at our Regional Fall Conferences, and held many community service events in all of the local chapters.. You all have grown as business [ ].. Summer Recruitment.. RECRUITMENT HEATS UP As the school year reaches its end, one could easily be excused for assuming that FBLA recruitment is also reaching a close for the year.. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! The end of the school year is a great time to raise awareness about FBLA within your school, and to [ ].. Older posts.. 5622 Pacific Avenue SE, Suite 3 | Lacey, WA 98503 | Phone: 360.. 753.. 5666.. Copyright 2013.. All Rights Reserved.. Site by.. Beau Designs.. RSS.. Facebook.. Twitter.. YouTube..

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  • Title: Calendar | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: 2012-13 WAFBLA Calendar.. 2012-2013 Regional Conferences Calendar..

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  • Title: Documents & Resources | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Documents Resources.. 2012-13 Accounting I.. 2012-13 Accounting II.. 2012-13 American Enterprise Project.. 2012-13 Banking Financial Systems.. 2012-13 Business Calculations.. 2012-13 Business Communication.. 2012-13 Business Ethics Revised 10-24-12.. 2012-13 Business Financial Plan.. 2012-13 Business Law.. 2012-13 Business Math.. 2012-13 Business Plan.. 2012-13 Business Presentation.. 2012-13 Business Procedures.. 2012-13 Businessperson of the Year.. 2012-13 Charitable Giving Award.. 2012-13 Client Service.. 2012-13 Community Service Project.. 2012-13 Competitive Events Guidelines.. 2012-13 Computer Applications.. 2012-13 Computer Game Sim.. 2012-13 Computer Problem Solving.. 2012-13 Creed.. 2012-13 Cyber Security.. 2012-13 Database Design Promo.. 2012-13 Desktop App Programming.. 2012-13 Desktop Publishing.. 2012-13 Digital Design Promo.. 2012-13 Digital Video Production.. 2012-13 E-business.. 2012-13 Economics.. 2012-13 Electronic Career Portfolio.. 2012-13 Emerging Business Issues.. 2012-13 Entrepreneurship.. 2012-13 FBLA Principles Procedures.. 2012-13 Future Business Leader Revised 12-4-12.. 2012-13 Global Business.. 2012-13 Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit.. 2012-13 Graphic Design Revised 10-30-12.. 2012-13 Health Care Administration.. 2012-13 Help Desk.. 2012-13 Hospitality Management.. 2012-13 Impromptu Speaking.. 2012-13 Intro to Business.. 2012-13 Intro to Business Communication.. 2012-13 Intro to Parli Pro.. 2012-13 Intro to Technology Concepts.. 2012-13 Job Interview.. 2012-13 Largest Local Chapter Membership.. 2012-13 Largest Percentage of Local Chapter Membership.. 2012-13 Largest Percentage of Professional Membership.. 2012-13 Largest Professional Membership.. 2012-13 Local Chapter Annual Business Report.. 2012-13 Local Recruitment of Chapters.. 2012-13 Management Decision Making.. 2012-13 Management Information Systems.. 2012-13 Marketing.. 2012-13 Network Design.. 2012-13 Networking Concepts.. 2012-13 Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser.. 2012-13 Outstanding Local Chapter Award.. 2012-13 Parliamentary Procedure.. 2012-13 Partnership with Business Project.. 2012-13 Personal Finance.. 2012-13 Public Speaking I.. 2012-13 Public Speaking II.. 2012-13 Sports Management.. 2012-13 Spreadsheet Applications.. 2012-13 Technology Concepts.. 2012-13 Virtual Business Challenge.. 2012-13 Web Site Design.. 2012-13 Who s Who.. 2012-13 Word Processing I.. 2012-13 Word Processing II.. 2013 NLC.. 2013 NLC Hotel Rooming List.. 2013 NLC Travel Package.. 2013 NLC Travel Package with Group Travel Planners.. NLC 2013 Intent to Compete Form.. 2013 NLC Winners.. 2013 SBLC.. 2012-13 Competitive Event Eligibility.. 2013 SBLC A Must-Read Document.. 2013 SBLC Event Winners.. 2013 SBLC Program.. GeoTeaming Release Form.. SBLC 2013 Conference Draft Agenda.. 2013 SBLC Event Times.. American Enterprise.. Banking Financial Systems..  ...   Form.. Engage Your Professional Division Members.. Leadership Activities.. Meeting Motivators.. Membership Brochure.. Membership Recruitment Powerpoint.. National FBLA Dues Instructions.. National FBLA Recruitment.. National Recruitment Video.. Recruitment PowerPoint.. Sample Bylaws.. Sample Membership Application.. Sample Membership Brochure.. Sample Recruitment Letter.. Chapter Websites.. Bainbridge High School.. Freeman High School.. Glacier Peak High School.. Lake Stevens High School.. Code of Conduct.. Competitive Events Info.. 2012-13 Competitive Events At-A-Glance.. 2012-13 Competitive Events-At-A-Glance Chart.. 2012-13 Job Application Form.. 2012-13 Statement of Assurance Form.. Code Emergency Med Form.. Competitive Events Breakdown Chart.. FBLA Creed.. FBLA-PBL Format Guide.. Professional Dress Code.. Dress Code.. Emergency Medical Treatment Form.. Make-A-Wish Chapter Packet.. 2012-13 Make-A-Wish Chapter Packet.. 2012-13 Member of the Month Rubric.. Member of the Month Application 2012-13.. Newsletters.. December 2011.. September 2011.. NLC Winners.. Official Documents.. 2012-13 Logo.. Annual Report 2007-2008.. Annual Report 2008-2009.. Articles of Incorporation.. Creed.. Emergency Medical Form.. JOB INTERVIEW FINALS.. Region Map.. SBLC 2013 Cost Breakdown.. SBLC Dance.. Tyler Holbert.. WAFBLA Bylaws 1-14-12.. WAFBLA Policy Procedures Manual 2.. 1.. 12.. Portland Trailblazers.. Portland Trail Blazers.. How-To-Kit.. Preparing Students for Tomorrow s Business World.. Professional Division Membership Form.. Scholarships.. Courage to Grow Scholarship.. Kosy Scholarship Application.. New Beginning Scholarship.. Professional Division Scholarship Application.. Seattle Mariners.. 2013 Mariners Pro-Sports Career Day.. Seattle Sounders LC.. Seattle Sounders Registration Form.. Sounders Logo.. Sports Career.. Portland Trailblazers Registration Form.. State and National Officers.. State Executive Vice President Job Description.. State Officer Application Form.. State Parliamentarian Job Description.. State President Job Description.. State Public Relations Officer Job Description.. State Secretary Job Description.. State Vice President Job Description.. State Business Leadership Conferences.. 2011 SBLC Winners.. State-Officer-For-A-Day Application 2013.. State-Officer-For-A-Day.. Tacoma Rainiers.. Tacoma Rainiers Game Board.. Ann Barry.. David Truong.. Gabe Saucedo.. Jeremy Spann.. Kasey Schiewe.. Lauren Ayers.. Matthew Stodola.. Mike Barnett.. Samuel Smith.. Thuzong Xiong.. Award Sponsor Form SBLC 2013.. Commercial Ad Form SBLC 2013.. Conference Assistant Application SBLC 2013.. Conference Program Advertisement Form SBLC 2013.. Conference Shout Out! SBLC 2013.. Exhibitor Reservation Form SBLC 2013.. Judge Information Form SBLC 2013.. Presenter Information Form SBLC 2013.. Silent Auction Donation Form SBLC 2013.. Tour Reservation Form SBLC 2013..

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  • Title: Newsletter | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Newsletter.. Keep up with the latest news in our informative monthly newsletter,.. The Washington Reporter.. Submit an Article for the Newsletter.. If your chapter has news to share, send your story to.. Chantelle La Marr.. Public Relations Officer.. pr11-12@wafbla.. org..

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  • Title: About | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: About.. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation registered with the Office of Secretary of State in the state of Washington.. Washington State FBLA is an affiliate of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc.. , headquartered in Reston, VA.. As the recognized leadership component of Business Education in this state, FBLA is an integral part of the business education/ marketing pathway.. Our Mission.. Our mission is “to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs” in the preparation of students for careers in business and business-related fields.. Membership in FBLA in Washington is open to students in grades 7-12 throughout the state.. The FBLA concept was developed in 1937 by Dr.. Hamden L.. Forkner of Columbia University.. The first high school chapter was chartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, in 1942.. The Washington State Chapter was chartered in 1965, and established as a non-profit corporation in 1985.. Is our mission realistic?.. Yes.. The mission is our commitment to the future.. It is essential that education provides the needs of business and sends young people into the working world with adequate to advanced preparation and skills.. What is FBLA doing to ensure our mission?.. In addition to providing applied learning through real business experiences, FBLA enjoys mutually rewarding relationships with many businesses and associations.. Our business partners include Red Lion Hotels, Washington Society of CPAs, Washington Business Week, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, Seattle Mariners, Tacoma Rainiers, Portland Trailblazers, Hands On Sports Entertainment, Association of Government Accountants, March of Dimes, Spina Bifida of Washington, KPMG, United States Navy, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).. Our current Board of Directors enjoys the professional expertise of representatives from business and education.. We’re listening to the needs of business and industry and incorporating their message into the educational environment.. Continuing education for teachers is provided through Washington State Business Education Association (WSBEA), FBLA, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to help teachers integrate FBLA leadership activities into their curriculum.. Through these specialized programs, highly capable and employable high school students and graduates consistently enter today’s working society.. FBLA exceeds the expectation of the U.. S.. Department of Education to “provide as an integral part of the instructional program additional opportunities for students to develop vocational and career supportive competencies and promote civic and personal responsibilities.. ”.. In this age of rapidly-changing technology, it has been necessary to expand our programs, offering more competitive events in up-to-date technology areas such as Web site development, computer programming, graphic design, and others.. These, in addition to established areas such as accounting, communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, community service, and approximately 50 additional areas, exemplify our commitment to bringing the best in business to thousands of bright future-oriented young people with realistic aspirations and direction.. FBLA is a unique student organization.. As adults, we belong to our particular professional associations that provide us with current information in our fields through conferences, networking, learning, and career advancement opportunities.. Similar opportunities provide the professional edge for students through their membership in Future Business Leaders of America.. They develop leadership skills through planning and participation in various classroom activities such as community service, development of speaking and presentation skills, conference attendance, skill application, networking opportunities, and travel..  ...   The Professional Edge,.. and.. The Middle Level Advisers Hotline.. Participating in a variety of partnership programs, such as fundraisers, educational programs, and scholarships, members can gain recognition, experience, and cash awards.. How does FBLA benefit students?.. Orientation to business careers.. Leadership skills.. Improved career skills.. Recognition at conferences.. Travel opportunities.. Scholarship opportunities.. Resumé enhancement.. Meet new people.. Network with business professionals.. Establish occupational goals.. Get firsthand experience with business people.. Practice effective money management.. Learn the value of community responsibility.. Get on-the-job training in a wide range of business activities, including planning, fundraising, conducting meetings, and managing finances, time, and resources.. How does FBLA benefit teachers?.. Teachers who serve as chapter advisers receive materials on student activities, workshops, and competitions that encourage interest, develop business skills, and increase knowledge of the business world.. These materials can be integrated into the classroom curriculum to enrich teaching methods.. FBLA also provides teachers with opportunities for:.. Professional development through meetings with fellow educators, conference workshops, and seminars.. Networking and interaction with the local business community.. Visibility and recognition through chapter participation in school and community activities.. Enhancement of the quality of education for your students.. How does FBLA benefit schools?.. The business curriculum—and the school as a whole—can be enriched by this co-curricular activity.. Schools benefit from:.. Increased interest and enrollment in business programs.. Positive publicity created by being involved in newsworthy events.. Opportunities for building partnerships and gaining connections with local businesses.. Encourages student involvement in local civic and business activities.. What do FBLA chapters do?.. Chapters set up programs of work modified to best meet the needs of their memberships, schools, and communities.. At the beginning of the school year the Chapter Management Handbook is mailed, and it provides information on current programs, special activities, and deadlines to help chapters develop their programs of work, which can include:.. Professional activities that enhance student skills or knowledge of the business world.. Project examples include inviting local business people as guest speakers, trips to local businesses, and preparing for competitive events.. Service activities that help people in need.. In addition to national partnerships with the March of Dimes and other charities, chapters can get involved in local community projects and activities.. Civic activities that promote civic pride and good citizenship.. Chapters work with local chambers of commerce, business people, and business organizations.. Fundraising activities that finance chapter projects and conference trips.. Chapters can take part in national fundraising programs or develop local fundraisers of their own.. How do I start a chapter at my school?.. Contact the state office (360-753-5666) to make sure they are aware that you are becoming a new chapter and this will insure that you’ll be receiving state-level information during the chartering process.. Go to the National website:.. www.. fbla-pbl.. and complete the form to receive a Chapter Organization Packet.. A chapter adviser must be identified.. If necessary, submit a proposal to your school administrator for establishing an FBLA or PBL chapter.. Hold an orientation meeting.. Elect officers.. Create and vote on chapter bylaws.. Collect dues.. After receiving the application from the National Office, complete it, and send it along with your payment to the National Office as instructed.. Develop a program of work outlining proposed chapter activities for the year.. Conduct a new officer installation ceremony upon receipt of your charter..

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  • Title: FAQs | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Many of your questions may be answered in these FAQs below.. Just click on a question and the answer will open immediately below it.. About FBLA.. I don’t want to work at conference because I have to be with my students.. Let someone else in a multi-teacher school do it!.. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to run this conference without advisers’ help with events.. Many advisers bring an extra chaperone or parent to monitor student activity while the adviser is working.. This applies to small school and large school advisers.. If you don’t have an extra chaperone, require your students to be in workshop sessions or competitions during the time you’re working.. Anyway, there are many more one-teacher business departments than those with multiple teachers in this organization.. Okay, then, schedule me for an hour.. We don’t have enough teachers and chaperones to allow this to happen.. Everyone would have multiple assignments to fill all the necessary roles, and that would increase the “no shows” for timekeepers and receptionists.. Competitive Events.. How many competitors may I register for each event?.. The general rule is that if you had winners placing in the top five at the regional level, those winners have an automatic berth at state.. If you do NOT have a regional winner in any event, you may enter one person in that event.. For example, if Linda and Jeff both placed in the top five in Business Procedures at regionals, they may both enter that event at state.. If your chapter had NO top five regional winners in Business Procedures, you may enter one person from your chapter in that event.. Consult your current Competitive Event Guidelines for specific event rules as there are variations of the general rule referenced above.. May students who placed at regionals last year compete in the same event at state this year?.. There is a rule that if a student won first place or competed at nationals in any event, he/she may not enter that event again.. There’s no rule about winning at regionals except for those events that only grades 7-10 may compete in (event guidelines will specify).. What if I register a team (parliamentary procedure, entrepreneurship, etc.. – see guidelines) because we placed at regionals, but someone on the team has to cancel.. Does this cancel out my entire team?.. No.. You still have the right to enter your team.. Substitute another chapter member who is registered for conference.. If my students project (Community Service, Partnership with Business, American Enterprise, Business Plan, Business Financial Plan) is chosen to give a presentation, do we have to bring equipment?.. The presentation room will have a screen in it.. Any other equipment necessary for your presentation must be supplied by the chapter.. How about Business Presentation and Web Site Development and equipment?.. Same answer as the previous question – a screen will be in the presentation room; all other equipment is your responsibility.. When will we know if the projects are chosen for presentation?.. You will be notified by the state office after projects have been pre-judged, approximately two weeks after they have been received in the state office.. When will our Web site be judged?.. Immediately after the registration deadline, the site addresses are sent electronically to the judges by the state office.. Judges could go into those sites THAT day if they wish to do so.. If changes are made to the sites after that day, they might not be judged.. If your site is connected to a server that is down, it probably will not be judged.. In all fairness, be sure to make sure your server is up and running when you send in your registration for this event.. My students are uncomfortable having an audience in the performance events (Public Impromptu Speaking, Network Design, project reports, Entrepreneurship).. May I request that there be no observers so my students will be at their best?.. These events provide real-life experiences for students, and performing to an audience is preparation for the real world.. However, performance events are closed to spectators in preliminaries and allowed only in finals.. Performances are closed to competitors in each event.. To rule out observers in finals is to provide a disservice to the performers and observers.. Performers deserve an equal opportunity for success, and observing is an excellent way to learn about events.. The state performances are an excellent preparation for national competition.. Are there sample tests my students can study?.. The national office has a guide that has sample questions  ...   to our students, help with classes, chaperone activities, judge events, provide job shadowing opportunities or real jobs, and help with our finances.. When professional memberships arrive in the State Office, we use the preferences they mark on the membership form to find judges, presenters, and volunteers for regional and state conferences.. Many times people in our communities want to become involved in education and don’t really know how to make an impact or volunteer their expertise.. FBLA professional membership is one way for them to feel they are contributing to the education of young people.. FBLA listens to them, values their contributions, and satisfies a need for them also.. A professional membership in Washington State FBLA is $30.. Of that $30, $15 is sent to the national office, Washington State FBLA retains $8, and $7 is placed in a scholarship fund for an FBLA member who will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship at State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC) in April.. Learn more about Professional Division Memebership.. Local chapters who have professional members may qualify for awards at SBLC.. If my students cancel at the last minute, do I get their registration fees back? Hotel charges?.. Our refund policy for cancellations allows refunds until 3 weeks from opening day of conference.. After that time, all arrangements for conference facilities, meeting room rentals, gifts for attendees and advisers, general session productions, keynote speakers, workshop presenters, and other expenses have been made, based on the number of registrations received.. We still have to pay for them if you cancel.. Your commitment to attend determines our commitment to the hotels and convention centers.. Hotels usually have a 72- or 48-hour refund policy, determined by each hotel.. If you do not cancel, however, and do not show up for your reservation, you will be charged for one night.. Legally, they can hold you to that.. May notes be used in Public and Impromptu Speaking?.. Note CARDS may be used in both events.. Paper notes not on cards may NOT be used.. Why is the registration fee so high?.. Actually, if you compare our registration fee to some of the other student organization conference fees, ours is relatively inexpensive.. We base our registration fee on costs to us, which include convention center and hotel rental fees, keynoter and workshop presenters, entertainment (dances, inflatable games, etc.. ), contracts, rentals of equipment/lights/sound, shuttle service, gifts for attendees/judges/presenters, and multimedia, to mention a few.. Also, part of the conference fee pays for the operating costs of the state office when there is no income from dues or fees during the months of June – October.. There are so many dates to remember.. What are they?.. Consult the.. calendar.. on this Web site.. Can I change my competitors after my registration is complete? What is the process?.. We can accept changes to competitors up to two weeks before the conference.. If you are making a change, the person you are entering in the event must be a paid, registered member who is already attending conference.. Absolutely no changes can be made within two weeks of conference or on-site at the conference.. Written test competitors must be changed prior to taking their test.. The state office will notify chapters of testing dates.. Student Membership.. When are dues due? How much are they?.. Dues are $16 all year long and payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc.. To compete in the winter regional conferences, dues payment must be received in the National Office by the date given by each region.. Students who do not compete in winter conferences must have dues paid to the National Office by February 15 if they want to compete at the State Business Leadership Conference.. Where does it say that I have to do FBLA?.. Chapter Management Handbook, National Programs, policy of the US Dept.. of Education stating that leadership through FBLA (or another Career and Technical Student Organization-CTSO) is integral to the curriculum.. RCW 28C.. 04.. 100.. WAC 490-48A-010.. OSPI Standards for Career and Technical Education Programs.. Do members have to be enrolled in business classes?.. That rule was changed several years ago.. They have to have an interest in a career in business.. Where can I purchase FBLA logo items for my members?.. Go to the FBLA-PBL website –.. – and navigate to The MarketPlace.. Washington State FBLA also has logo items for sale in the office.. Call us (360.. 5666) if you’re interested in discounted polos, CD holders, zipper portfolios, denim shirts, and several other “leftovers” from conferences.. We’ll swing you a deal!..

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  • Title: Contact | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Contact.. View Larger Map.. Name.. Email.. Message.. Send a copy of this email to yourself.. If you want to submit this form, do not enter anything in this field.. Leadership.. National Officers.. State Staff.. Executive.. Director.. Judy Reynolds.. judy@wafbla.. Program.. Specialist.. Dawne Schmidt.. dawne@wafbla.. Address:.. 5622 Pacific Avenue SE.. Suite 3.. Lacey, WA 98503.. Phone:.. 360.. Fax:.. 570.. 8643.. State FBLA website:.. wafbla.. National FBLA website:..

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  • Title: Login | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Login.. Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Register.. Lost Password..

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  • Title: 2012-13 Competitive Events | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
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  • Title: SBLC | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: SBLC.. PURPOSE.. The purpose of conducting the State Business Leadership Conference is to provide a culminating or capstone experience for the many leadership activities held throughout the year.. The Washington State Awards Program is just one of many activities that provide leadership training in order to develop competent, self-assured business leaders.. Included in the State Business Leadership Conference are the following:.. Personal and professional development, including but not limited to:.. conferencing skills.. human relations and social skills.. career exploration.. leadership development.. political awareness.. networking with business and industry.. professionals.. Competitive development through:.. individual skill and business concepts events.. team events.. chapter events.. campaigning for state office.. MISSION STATEMENT.. The mission of the Washington State Awards Program is to prepare students for successful careers in business through support for curriculum development and innovative assessment tools.. To help meet that charge, this competitive events series has been developed and made available to local chapters for use in assessing students in the various knowledge,.. skills, and abilities that make up today’s business education curriculum.. PROGRAM DESIGN.. FBLA is committed to facilitating the transition of its members from their educational development into their career path.. The competitive events program plays a central role in delivering this commitment.. The program allows members to demonstrate and validate their mastery of essential business concepts, skills, and knowledge.. In addition, members participating in this program will:.. demonstrate their career competencies, business knowledge, and job-related skills.. expand their leadership skills.. demonstrate their competitive spirit.. receive recognition for their achievements.. The Washington State FBLA Business Leadership Competitive Event Guidelines have been correlated with the Business Education Curriculum Standards published by the National Business Education Association (NBEA).. Each event’s specific guidelines indicate specific standards measured through that competition.. OTHER INFORMATION.. State guidelines have been aligned with national guidelines, unless the event has  ...   conference fees not paid in full by June 30 will be assessed a $10 late fee per registration on July 1.. The Washington State Awards Program at the State Business Leadership Conference exemplifies the range of activities and focus of Future Business Leaders of America.. These events are based on projects developed from the goals of FBLA-PBL and the curricula of business education programs.. The WASHINGTON STATE ASSOCIATION OF FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA State Awards Program was developed to assist Washington State chapters in preparing students for competition at the State Business Leadership Conference.. It should be emphasized that competitive events are only one of the many phases of the total FBLA Program and that FBLA competitive events are only one of the strategies used in preparing for advancement in business education and related careers.. Participants should review and use rating sheets for events in preparation for events, as they will be the basis of judging.. The regulations, procedures, eligibility, judging, etc.. , are periodically adjusted to fit modern business practices.. Each active chapter will be advised of these changes.. Washington State FBLA always welcomes written comments from local chapters with regard to improving the competitive events.. SBLC Menu.. Dress Code Code of Conduct Emergency Medical Treatment Form.. Preparing for Competition.. Judging.. School Site Testing Administration.. Regulations for Washington State Competitive Events.. Special Note to Advisers and Administrators.. The FBLA Creed.. 2013 Job Application Form.. Statement of Assurance Form.. FBLA Format Guide.. 2013 SBLC Information.. State-Officer-For-A-Day Application Form.. Future Conferences.. 2014 - April 17-19 - Seattle.. 2015 - April 15-18 - Spokane.. Pay for Registration.. After registering for SBLC 2013, you will print an invoice that will include the amount you owe.. You may pay for the conference below.. Past Winners.. 2013 Event Winners.. 2012 Event Winners.. 2011 Event Winners..

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  • Title: Institute For Leadership Conferences (ILC) | Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Descriptive info: Institute For Leadership Conferences (ILC).. Held in conjunction with the.. National Leadership Conference.. , this high-energy, intensive, two-day seminar is a focused-leadership experience for state and local chapter officers, as well as members and advisers.. This training conference prepares student leaders and members to assume their elected responsibilities and develop valuable life skills.. IFL Conference Schedule.. 2014—Nashville, TN.. June 28 – 29.. 2015—Chicago, IL.. 2016—Atlanta, GA..

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