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  • Title: Washington DECA
    Descriptive info: .. Washington DECA.. who we are.. support deca.. chapter resources.. conferences & events.. advisors.. Donate.. Volunteer.. "Washington DECA creates unique and relevant marketing and leadership opportunities for all high school students to succeed in school, careers and life.. ".. what is DECA?.. watch video.. how to support DECA.. News &  ...   Click here.. for details and to apply.. Job Posting: Washington DECA Full Time Director of Development Volunteer Management.. for job description and application instructions.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. ».. | View Our.. Privacy Policy.. 200 West Mercer Street #207, Seattle, WA 98119 | P: (206) 285-1195 | F: (206) 285-1192..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – who we are
    Descriptive info: hall of fame.. board of directors.. business leadership council.. area leaders.. management team.. DECA terms and definitions.. press media.. contact us.. Who We Are.. By creating partnerships between business and education, Washington DECA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides real-world experiences in the fields of marketing, business, and entrepreneurship to develop high school students into character-driven leaders who will enrich our corporations and communities.. Established in 1947, Washington DECA creates unique and relevant marketing and leadership opportunities for all high school students to succeed in school, career, and life.. All that we do is governed by our unrelenting commitment to integrity, leadership, development, and success.. By giving students hands-on  ...   and retain the quantity and quality of marketing educators/DECA advisors to fulfill the chapter needs in Washington State.. Increase student access to the DECA experience.. Ensure financial viability.. Provide added value for student members and advisors.. Meet the Staff:.. Shanna LaMar.. Executive Director.. Linda Andersen.. Administrative Event Assistant.. Candice Caldwell.. State Officer Development.. Ron Cooper.. Advisor Development.. Nancy Hanlon.. Director of Member Services.. Eliza Webb.. Program Director.. Our Annual Report.. Take a look at what we have accomplished.. Select A Year.. 2011 - 2012.. 2010 - 2011.. 2009 - 2010.. 2008 - 2009.. 2007 - 2008.. Become A Leader.. Find out what it means to be part of Washington DECA.. Watch video..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – support DECA
    Descriptive info: our generous supporters.. Helping our future leaders.. Washington DECA relies on the generous time and talent of business and community volunteers.. If you would like to volunteer or donate, you may do so in the following ways:.. Sending donations through mail.. View Mailing Address ».. Contacting us by phone.. 206.. 285.. 1195.. Matching gifts.. Learn More.. Donating online.. Volunteerimg.. Serving on a committee.. Becoming a competition judge.. Becoming a guest speaker.. Becoming a pre-conference administrative volunteer.. Donate:.. Matching Gifts.. If your company provides matching funds for their employee's contributions, please contact Shanna LaMar at 206.. 1195 or at.. shanna@wadeca.. org.. to establish an account or complete pertinent paperwork.. How to Support Washington DECA.. See how your support impacts students.. Back to top.. Online.. You will be directed to Washington DECA's secure donation page.. Donate Now ».. Volunteer:.. By Serving on a Committee.. Committee members help plan events, serve in an advisory capacity, and pool their resources to support Washington DECA.. Committee Opportunities:.. Business Leadership Council (BLC).. Alumni Development Planning Committee.. Board of Directors.. Ambassadors from many different industries serve on Washington DECA's Board of Directors.. These individuals advocate and provide/solicit resources in the local community to further the mission and strategic plan of the organization.. Download.. the Board of Directors Application.. To Become a Competition Judge.. A critical component of a student's DECA experience is the participation in DECA's competitive events program.. At both the high school and college levels, DECA's competitive events program uses time-tested techniques that apply learning, make the connection to business, and directly contribute to every student being college or career ready by focusing on the following outcomes.. Academically Prepared.. DECA's competitive events provide a vehicle for members to demonstrate National Curriculum Standards through individual or team activities and to develop and employ the key skills of analysis, application of knowledge, creative problem solving, and logical presentation.. Community Oriented.. DECA's competitive events help members explore their communities, participate in an environment of cooperation, and recognize their responsibility to the community.. Professionally Responsible.. DECA's competitive events encourage members to develop ethics, integrity, and high standards while assuming responsibility for self-improvement and self-discipline.. Experienced Leaders.. DECA's competitive events provide constructive avenues for team expression, initiative, and creativity.. Students participate at the local regional level in early January, with the winners proceeding to state competition in early March.. Experts from the business community are a critical element in DECA competition.. In DECA, we call these business and community volunteers, “judges.. ” Judging simply requires a background in business and an interest in helping high school students find their future career pathway.. For the State Career Development Conference in March, DECA's 44 competitive events allow students to demonstrate their learning in the areas of business, marketing, entrepreneurship and management.. Judges will evaluate students on their written projects, and/or presentations of solutions to real-world business situations covering a variety of industries.. Each judge is partnered with another judge to evaluate the students.. The time commitment is a half or a full day.. 600 volunteer competition judges are needed to make the State Conference a success for the 3,400 Washington DECA students who compete.. Download the 2014 SCDC Volunteer Competition Judge Registration Form.. (Form under revision).. At the Fall Leadership Conference in October, judges are needed for the mock competition, which is an opportunity for new and experienced DECA members to participate in a practice role play competitive event.. At the mock competition, judges are able to give  ...   for the allocated number of winning competitors (5 - 6 students or teams) who qualify to compete at the International Career Development Conference.. Washington DECA Luncheon (Spring).. Join Washington DECA board members, supporters, volunteers, educators, students, and staff at the Washington DECA Luncheon to hear from our amazing student DECA members.. Witness firsthand how Washington DECA is positively changing the lives of our local students.. Sponsorships range from $800 to $10,000.. Additional Sponsorship Opportunities.. Sponsorship benefits are created for individual sponsors, and specific recognition-level descriptions are available by request.. Sponsorship and underwriting opportunities for additional Washington DECA fundraising activities are also available.. Steven Anthony Rhone Jr.. Memorial Fund.. Steven was only 19 years old when he was killed on June 2, 2007 by a hit-and-run drunk driver while simply attempting to cross the street.. His family and friends offer this scholarship as a way of having his legacy live on in a positive spirit and love of life.. We hope to help other students towards positive, productive futures as contributing members to our society.. For information on corporate sponsorship and how you can become one, please contact:.. Champion Level ($15,000 - $20,000).. Leader Level ($10,000 - $14,999).. Entrepreneur Level ($5,000 - $9,999).. Investor Level ($2,500 - $4,499).. Innovator Level ($1,000 - $2,499).. Achiever Level.. Edward and Pamela Belcher.. Thomas Beno.. Boeing.. Dennis Bohn.. Rod and Cindy Brooks.. Patsy Ethridge-Neal.. Jeff and Janet Gindin.. Golder Associates.. Dean Granholm.. Jeff and Joanne Hall.. Hoan Do Companies LLC.. John Hutchison.. Hyatt Regency Bellevue.. Teri LeMar and Domenico Cortese.. Bryan Long.. Jim Menzies.. MPH Marketing.. Mark Osborn.. John Osterberg.. Theresa Pan Holsey.. Portland Trail Blazers.. Precor Matching Funds.. Rane Corporation.. Patty and Bruce Reed.. Margaret and Dale Rosbach.. Tidewater Barge Lines Matching Funds.. Jessica Tsao.. Visit Bellevue Washington.. WA-ACTE.. WAME.. Scot Wick.. WSCPA, Bellevue Chapter.. Zinch.. Support Level (up to $199).. Helen Abella.. Bryce Ancheta.. Ponce Ancheta.. Bill Anderson.. Anonymous.. Robin Aschenbrenner.. David Baisch.. Bank of America Matching Funds.. Andrew Bartram.. Shannon Bell.. Noelle Bortfeld.. Chris Brandmeir.. Michelle Candoo.. Megan Clark.. ClearChannel.. Michael Collum.. Ellen Comeaux.. Aaron Crotty.. Syd Darlington.. Deloitte.. Melanie Depaoli.. Morgan Dipo.. Debbie Drollinger.. Dwayne Lane's Family of Auto Centers.. Elissa Eddie.. Brian Elert.. Michael Ellis.. Steven Fenton.. Firmani Assoc.. Martin Fortin.. Gabriela Gutierrez.. Jodi Galli.. Kevin Giboney.. Reba Gilman.. Ali Gilson.. Jorge Gonzales.. Janell Gregson.. Luke Grothkopp.. Christy Hammrich.. Madonna Hanna.. Dalen Harrison.. Tom Hermann.. Kandice Herndon.. Suzanne Hurd.. Steve and Val Hyer.. Robert Ingram.. Lisa Jensen.. Terry Jones.. Julie Judge.. Elaine Kitamura.. Michael Kovsky.. Jayme Lathrop.. Mallory Lindberg.. Paul Long.. Leanne Looney.. Mildred Mansell.. Sharon Marbut.. Pat Matsuzawa.. Steve McCormick.. Kendall McElliott.. Devin McGuire.. Melaleuca.. John Milbrath.. Douglas Misner.. Denise Mitchell.. Taisha Moore.. Tricia Murphy Madden.. Jean Nichols.. Deborah O'Sell.. Jennifer Ostbye.. David Overstreet.. Janine Patry.. Mark Peterson.. Aleigha Phill.. Amy Puckett.. Audra Query.. Bryon Richards.. Tad Richards.. Dwight Rives.. Joan Rosenstock.. Justin Russell.. Martha Salviati.. David Scherer.. Steven Schwartz.. Barbara Seaton.. Seattle Storm.. Leslie Sesser.. Lee Seto.. Fred Sexton.. Richard Shay.. Sheraton Bellevue Hotel.. Allison Sherrill.. Shepherd Siegel.. Mike Siemion.. Bruce Smith.. Ellen Sontra.. Aspasia Sotiriou.. Michelle Speir.. Michael Stenchever.. Sterling Bank.. Noah Stockton.. Andrea Sullivan.. Lisa Tallquist.. Te Mini Structures.. The Seattle Foundation.. The Westin Bellevue.. Shirley Thom.. Van Thothathri Vanamamalai.. Toby Travis.. Jody Ulrich.. Jansen VanderMeulen.. Jill Wakefield.. Nathan Walker.. Washington Business Week.. Nathan Watson.. Deborah Wege.. Mr.. Whitfield.. Steve Winslow.. Cari Wyszynski.. Evelyn Yenson.. Donald Young.. Anne Zaremba.. Linda Zhao.. Steven A Rhone, Jr.. Quasi Endowment.. In-Kind Corporate Sponsors.. In-Kind Conference Sponsor..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – chapter resources
    Descriptive info: starting a new chapter.. membership.. role of advisor.. curriculum.. advisor of the year.. member of the year.. competitions.. scholarships.. DECA Inc, education partners.. community service project.. state officers.. Zinch + Washington DECA.. Starting a new chapter.. Join more than 11,000 DECA members in Washington State!.. Starting a new DECA chapter at your high school will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.. As you work through this process, please remember that the Washington DECA staff is here to assist you.. For more information, contact Nancy Hanlon at.. nancy@wadeca.. or 206.. In addition, you may reach out to Ron Cooper at.. ron@wadeca.. 930.. 5280.. Here’s how you can activate your chapter:.. step one.. Involve Your School.. DECA provides a framework for teachers interested in getting students focused on academics, leadership, and becoming involved in the greater community.. Learn More ».. step two.. Organize a Chapter.. Organize into chapters around courses, programs of study, academies, or other forms of career and technical education programs.. step three.. Promote DECA Awareness.. Advise chapters in one or more of the content areas and leverage members DECA experiences to become emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, or management.. Step 1: Involve Your School.. Submit a Request to Create Your DECA Chapter.. Complete the.. online form.. to create a new DECA chapter.. Once your new chapter request is approved, you will receive a user name and password to access the DECA.. Online Membership System.. A chapter starter kit will be sent to you.. Your contact information will be shared with your state advisor (a great resource to connect you with local and state activities) and Sandra Tucker at DECA Inc.. who works with new chapters and advisors.. Connect with Your State Association.. Introduce yourself to your state advisor who provides communication and leadership in your state.. Ron Cooper, Advisor Development at Washington DECA, is available to support  ...   payments to Washington DECA.. Step 2: Organize a Chapter.. DECA members organize into chapters around courses, programs of study, academies, or other forms of career and technical education programs that are engaged in preparing high school students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.. Identify the Programs and Activities You Will Use in Your Classroom.. Review the “.. Bring Your Classroom to Life.. ” viewbook for an overview of DECA’s learning programs and activities.. Develop a Chapter Constitution.. Visit the.. DECA Inc.. website for a sample constitution your chapter can use and amend as your chapter grows.. Review a sample of a.. Constitution.. Select a Student Leadership Team.. Your chapter constitution helps determine which leadership positions your chapter will select and the process for selection.. Review a sample of the.. Chapter Officer Job Descriptions.. Create a Program of Work Including a Budget and Calendar of Events.. Simply, a program of work lists all of your chapter activities, including budget information, people involved, and dates/deadlines.. This guides your chapter for the year.. View our calendar of events for 2013-2014.. Step 3: Promote DECA Awareness.. A teacher advises chapters in one or more of the content areas and leverages members DECA experiences to become emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, or management.. With this connection to the curriculum, DECA members and advisors are able to integrate DECA activities into the classroom, apply the classroom experience to project based activities, connect to business partners at all levels, and utilize competition to improve their performance.. Introduce DECA to Your Students.. Utilize the DECA promotional video, commercial, website and other resources to promote DECA to your students.. Engage Members by Publicizing Chapter Events.. Involve your members in DECA chapter activities and promote them to all of your students, teachers, administrators, and community.. Build Your Chapter Membership.. Implement strategies for building your chapter membership.. back to top..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – conferences & events
    Descriptive info: conferences events.. fall leadership conference (FLC).. state career development (SCDC).. western region leadership (WRLC).. int l career development (ICDC).. pro sports career days.. washington DECA luncheon.. Washington DECA provides a variety of events and conferences for DECA members.. The opportunities are endless if you are interested in leadership, competition, networking, career development and more.. Download our 2013-2014 Calendar of Events.. Last Updated: August 20th, 2013.. Calender View (.. pdf).. List View (..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – advisors
    Descriptive info: Login.. To access this section please enter your password below:.. This page is accessible by Advisors only.. If you forgot the password, please contact..

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  • Title: Washington DECA | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Men s Wearhousing 6th Annual National Suit Drive.. Give unemployed men a chance to look their best as they re-enter the workforce.. for details.. Open Business Education Position at Warden HS.. Click here.. to access Warden School District s open position website for information and application package.. «..

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  • Title: Washington DECA | Page 3
    Descriptive info: Journeys Is Hiring Student DECA Members!.. for details, and.. click here.. for store locations.. California DECA Management Position.. The CA Association of DECA seeks candidates for the State Administration position.. See announcement, requirements, and timeline on the.. CA DECA website.. Applications due June 21, 2013..

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  • Title: Washington DECA | Page 4
    Descriptive info: The Summer Creative Design Academy.. The Summer Creative Design Academy is open to the first 65 students to.. register.. for this June 27th-28th event! Presented by Sports Career Consulting.. Year-End Advisor Survey.. survey.. by June 28 and be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card!.. 6..

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  • Title: Washington DECA | Page 5
    Descriptive info: WAME Teacher of the Year Application 2012-2013.. Nominate.. an outstanding marketing educator for the WAME Teacher of the Year 2012-2013.. Mariners Pro Sports Career Day highlight.. Check out.. Makinlee Sellevold.. from Cascade Sr.. High School throw out the first pitch!.. 7..

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  • Title: Washington DECA – hall of fame
    Descriptive info: Hall of Fame.. Each year, Washington DECA inducts an advisor, board member, or business supporter into the Hall of Fame.. These inductees made a lasting impact on the organization by giving years of service, volunteer, and financial support.. It is one of the highest honors to be part of this elite group of Washington DECA supporters.. Get the Washington DECA Hall of Fame  ...   2009.. Yette Rouse.. Jim Panckiewz.. 2008.. Jim Burton.. 2007.. Ed Price.. Kim Villeneuve.. 2006.. Kristin Crowe.. 2005.. Don Bailey.. Jim Greiger.. 2004.. Pat Knowles.. Judy West.. Jerry Gribble.. Margaret Rosbach.. 2002.. 2000.. Bill Crossman.. 1999.. Ginger Anderson.. Jerry Bender.. Dennis Caplen.. Bobbie Peterson.. Fred Rexus.. Bill D.. Syhlman.. 1998.. Floyd Ashcraft.. Jim Blue.. Bob Leingang.. Jack Ray.. Dee Webster.. 1997.. K.. Otto Logan..

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