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    Archived pages: 299 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: Home of WageSlave.Org
    Descriptive info: .. Home of WageSlave.. Org.. ".. In the long term, the lessons of history show that the robber baron must be disestablished by the same methods that he used to enrich himself and retain his ill-gotten gains, namely, force of arms.. To this end we must organise, train and maintain a disciplined armed force which will always be available to strike at the opportune moment.. --.. Seamus Costello.. , Bodenstown, 1966.. "It would be the height of folly for anybody who claims to want to see a socialist revolution in Ireland to ignore the fact that all key personnel in the political parties, the civil service, the judiciary, the military, paramilitary and police forces are drawn from the capitalist class and are going to protect that class, come what may.. The history of the world is littered with very sad examples of what can happen under these circumstances.. That is why we republicans believe that a military force with the proper training and the correct ideological motivation is necessary to safeguard the revolution.. ".. "Any revolutionary movement that cannot defend its own membership, and cannot demonstrate its capability of defending its own membership, goes out of business anyway.. We are in  ...   endeavouring to win for Ireland those national rights which the British Government has been asking them to die to win for Belgium.. As long as that remains the case, the cause of Irish freedom is safe.. Believing that the British Government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and never can have any right in Ireland, the presence, in any one generation of Irishmen, of even a respectable minority, ready to die to affirm that truth, makes that Government for ever a usurpation and a crime against human progress.. I personally thank God that I have lived to see the day when thousands of Irish men and boys, and hundreds of Irish women and girls, were ready to affirm that truth, and to attest it with their lives if need be.. While you are here, feel free to visit the.. James Connolly Society.. Did you come here looking for.. Wage Slave Journal.. or the.. George W.. Bush Scorecard of Evil.. ? Click on their links or go to.. www.. wage-slave.. org/.. CopyLeft 1999-2005, information yearns to be free, just don't lift the formatting code!.. Send comments, ideas, encouragement, hatemail, etc, to.. ehp@wage[nospam]slave.. org.. Set 4 Nov 03..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society of Canada and the United States
    Descriptive info: JCS Bookstore.. Troy Tribute to.. James Connolly.. Irish Republican Socialist Movement.. Fallen Comrades.. Starry Plough/An Camchéachta.. Marxist Internet Archive.. John MacLean.. Marx/Engels.. Anton Pannekoek.. Alexandra Kollantai.. Carlos Marighella.. Georg Lukacs.. Karl Liebknecht.. Jenny Marx.. Eleanor Marx.. Antonio Gramsci.. Rosa Luxemburg.. Che Guevara.. CELT's Connolly Archive.. RCG's Connolly Archive.. Appeal for Support for James Connolly Movie.. 1996 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Irish Socialist Republican Party of James Connolly.. To commemorate this, an ad hoc committee was formed to found a James Connolly Society in both Canada and the United States.. The Connolly Society, modelled on the successful John MacLean Society of Scotland, is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, and not for profit organization devoted to building awareness of, and interest in, the life and works of Ireland's greatest socialist, James Connolly.. The Connolly Society is open to all individuals  ...   of the work being done by individual members of the movement.. The project's goals remain non-partisan: an effort to bring the works of James Connolly to the widest audience possible.. For more information on the James Connolly Society of Canada and the United States, please contact:.. Eric Hayes-Patkowski, Chairperson.. James Connolly Society of Canada and the United States.. PO Box 8266.. Austin, TX 78713-8266.. email: jcs(at)wageslave(dot)org.. Search JCS.. powered by.. FreeFind.. View JCS Guestbook.. |.. Sign JCS Guestbook.. JCS N e w s.. Spring 2005.. 14 May 05.. Connolly Commemoration.. Events Calendar.. Appeal for.. Connolly movie.. 5 June 1868.. CONNOLLY BORN.. IN EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND.. 1903-1910.. CONNOLLY LIVES.. IN USA.. 12 May 1916.. CONNOLLY EXECUTED.. BY FIRING SQUAD.. Shop Talk.. Technical Notes.. Reset 9 Sept 03.. 16 May 2005.. James Connolly Society.. Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Toronto, Quebec, San Francisco, Austin.. inquiries/site comments: jcs(at)wageslave(dot)org..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society Document Archives
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society Document Archives.. James Connolly Document Archives.. MIGRATION UPDATE:.. 25 July: 212 titles migrated, from 1894-1916.. Remaining to upload: Larger works, songs and poetry, and miscellaneous texts.. Except where noted, all texts were scanned and edited by comrades and members of the James Connolly Society.. Some of the groups we have worked with in an effort to make James Connolly writings accessible include the.. Workers' Web Ascii Project.. and the.. James Connolly Internet Archive.. The.. Connolly section.. of the Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT) is another excellent resource for electronic versions of Connolly's larger works.. 1894.. Party Politicians - Noble, Ignoble and Local.. , Labour Chronicle (Edinburgh), 1 December.. 1896.. Irish Socialist Republican Party.. 1897.. Socialism and Nationalism.. , Shan Van Voght, January.. Patriotism and Labour.. , Shan Van Voght, August.. Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.. Socialism and Irish Nationalism.. , L'Irlande Libre (Paris).. 1898.. The Fighting Race.. , Workers' Republic, 13 August.. The Men We Honour.. An Open Letter to Dublin Castle.. Home Thrusts.. , Workers' Republic, 20 August.. The Roots of Modern War.. Peasant Proprietorship and Socialism.. , Workers' Republic, 27 August.. British and Russian Imperialism I.. , Workers' Republic, 3 September.. British and Russian Imperialism II.. , Workers' Republic, 10 September.. The Irish Land Question.. , Workers' Republic, 24 September.. The Independent and New Machinery.. , Workers' Republic, 1 October.. , Workers' Republic, 22 October.. 1899.. The Sweating System.. , Workers' Republic, 3 June.. Father Finlay, S.. J.. , and Socialism.. , Workers' Republic, 1 July.. Physical Force in Irish Politics.. , Workers' Republic, 22 July.. "Soldiers of the Queen".. , Workers' Republic, 15 July.. The South African War I.. , From Workers' Republic, 19 August.. Law and Order.. , Workers' Republic, 26 August.. Resolution of Sympathy with the Boer Republics.. The Re-Conquest of Ireland.. , Workers' Republic, 2 September 1899 (1898).. , Workers' Republic, 9 September.. America and Ireland: Farmers' Demands.. , Workers' Republic, 21 October 1899 (1898).. Imperialism and Socialism.. , Workers' Republic, 4 November.. The South African War II.. , Workers' Republic, 18 November.. A Plea for the Children.. , Workers' Republic, 2 December.. Dublin and the War.. , Workers' Republic, 30 December.. 1900.. Difficulties of Socialism.. Difficulties of Capitalism.. , Workers' Republic, 16 June.. The Coming Generation.. Ireland Sober is Ireland Free?.. , Workers' Republic, 15 September.. Parliamentary Democracy.. , Workers' Republic, 22 September.. , Workers' Republic, 10 November.. 1901.. Home Rulers and Labour.. , Workers' Republic, October.. Wood Quay Ward: To the Electors.. , Workers' Republic, December.. 1902.. Coronation of King Edward VII.. Taken Root!.. , Workers' Republic, March.. 1903.. Wood Quay Ward, Election Address.. , January.. The New Danger.. , Workers' Republic, April.. Unpatriotic?.. , Workers' Republic, May.. The Socialist Labour Party of America and the London SDF.. , The Socialist, June.. The American SDP: Its Origin, its Press, and its Policies.. , The Socialist, July.. Loubet - and Other Things.. , The Socialist, August.. 1908.. The Coming Revolt in India: Its Political and Social Causes I.. , The Harp, January.. Declaration of Principles of the Irish Socialist Federation.. , New York, January.. Harp Strings.. A Political Party of the Workers.. Our Purpose and Function.. The Coming Revolt in India: Its Political and Social Causes II.. , The Harp, February.. Irish Socialist Republic.. , Workers' Republic, March.. Sinn Féin And Socialism.. , The Harp, April.. To Irish Wage Workers in America.. , The Harp, May.. , Workers' Republic, June.. Political Action.. , The Harp, July.. Michael Davitt: A Text for a Revolutionary Lecture.. , The Harp, August.. The Irish Masses in History.. , The Harp, September.. "Roman Catholicism and Socialism".. Facets of American Liberty.. 1909.. Sinn Fein, Socialism and the Nation.. , Irish Nation, 23 January.. Ballots, Bullets, Or --.. , The International Socialist Review, October.. Capitalism and the Irish Small Farmers.. , The Harp, November.. 1910.. A New Labour Policy.. Industrialism and the Trade Unions.. , International Socialist Review, February.. Labour and Politics in Ireland.. , The Harp, April.. 1911.. Visit of King George V.. Sweatshops Behind the Orange Flag.. , Forward, 11 March.. Mr.. John E.. Redmond, M.. P.. : His Strength and Weakness.. , Forward, 18 March.. Belfast Dockers: Their Miseries and their Triumphs.. , Irish Worker, 26 August.. Walter Carpenter Free.. , Irish Worker, 2 September.. Direct Action in Belfast.. , Irish  ...   Speech on War's Outbreak.. , Irish Worker, 5 September.. The Real Situation In Ireland.. , Forward, 5 September.. Recruiting - Let the Wastrels Go.. The Friends of Small Nationalities.. , Irish Worker, 12 September.. Ruling By Fooling: "Home Rule On the Statute Book".. , Irish Worker, 19 September.. Some Perverted Battle Lines.. , Irish Worker, 26 September.. Redmond Cannot Deliver the Goods.. , Irish Worker, 3 October.. A Forward Policy for Volunteers.. , Irish Worker, 10 October.. Forward!.. , Irish Worker, 17 October.. How England Sacrificed Belgium.. Ireland and the War: The Position of the Nation.. The Ballot or the Barricades.. , Irish Worker, 24 October.. The Hope of Ireland.. , Irish Worker, 31 October.. Rally for Labour.. , Irish Worker, 14 November.. Disturbed Dublin.. , Irish Worker, 18 November.. Labour Mans the Breach.. , Irish Worker, 21 November.. Tell the Truth: A Challenge to Mr Birrell.. , Irish Worker, 28 November.. 1915.. "In This Supreme Hour of Our National Danger".. , The Worker, 9 January.. Our Rulers as a Study.. , The Worker, 16 January.. Can Warfare Be Civilized?.. , The Worker, 30 January.. Revolutionary Unionism and War.. , International Socialist Review, March.. The Dublin Lock-Out and Its Sequel.. , Worker's Republic, 29 May.. Our Policy.. , Workers' Republic, 29 May.. Our Disappearing Liberties.. , Workers' Republic, 5 June.. College Green: A Labour Candidate.. , Workers' Republic, 12 June.. After the Battle.. , Workers' Republic, 19 June.. Liberty and Labour.. A Railway Thief.. , Workers' Republic, 26 June.. War at Home.. Why The Citizen Army Honours Rossa.. , Rossa Souvenir, July.. The Right to Strike.. , The Workers' Republic, 3 July.. What is a Scab?.. , Workers' Republic, 10 July.. Strikes and Revolution.. , Workers' Republic, 24 July.. Dublin Trades Council.. , Workers' Republic, 31 July.. The Man and the Cause!.. Ireland's Travail and Ireland's Resurrection.. , Workers' Republic, 7 August.. To All Labourers' Societies.. , Workers' Republic, 14 August.. A Continental Revolution.. , Forward, 15 August.. Militarism.. , Workers' Republic, 21 August.. Coercion in England.. , Workers' Republic, 28 August.. Wee Joe Devlin.. The Party Versus the People.. , Workers' Republic, 4 September.. Protect Your Women.. , Workers' Republic, 11 September.. God Help the Poor Irish.. , Workers' Republic, 18 September.. Some Irish Slaves and Slavishness.. , Workers' Republic, 25 September.. James Keir Hardie.. , Workers' Republic, 2 October.. Notes on the Front.. In Praise of the Empire.. , Workers' Republic, 9 October.. Without Principle.. , Workers' Republic, 16 October.. , Workers' Republic, 23 October.. For the Citizen Army.. , Workers' Republic, 30 October.. A War For Civilization.. Diplomacy.. , Workers' Republic, 6 November.. Recruiting the Irish Citizen Army.. , Workers' Republic 6 November.. Ireland - Disaffected Or Revolutionary.. , Workers' Republic, 13 November.. The Returned Emigrants.. The Dispute on the Docks: Is it War?.. , Workers' Republic, 20 November.. The Manchester Martyrs.. Conscription.. , Workers' Republic, 27 November.. Dublin Trade and Dublin Strikes.. , Workers' Republic, 4 December.. "Trust Your Leaders!".. Economic Conscription I.. , Workers' Republic, 18 December.. Correspondents.. , Workers' Republic, 25 December.. Two Fateful Christmas Weeks.. 1916.. A Happy New Year.. , Workers' Republic, 1 January.. A Lesson of the Strike.. , Workers' Republic, 8 January.. The Volunteers of '82.. The Programme of Labour.. , Workers' Republic, 19 January.. What Is Our Programme?.. , Workers' Republic, 22 January.. , Workers' Republic, 5 February.. The Slackers I.. What Is A Free Nation?.. , Workers' Republic, 12 February.. , Workers' Republic, 19 February.. The Slums and the Trenches.. , Workers' Republic, 26 February.. , Workers' Republic, 4 March.. To the Seafarers of Ireland.. The Days of March.. , Workers' Republic, 11 March.. The Slackers II.. The German or the British Empire?.. , Workers' Republic, 18 March.. The National Festival.. The Slackers III.. , Workers' Republic, 25 March.. We Will Rise Again.. The Call To Arms.. , Workers' Republic, 1 April.. A Cheap Bargain.. Forces of Civilisation.. , Workers' Republic, 8 April.. The Irish Flag.. Economic Conscription II.. , Workers' Republic, 15 April.. Last Statement of James Connolly.. , 9 May.. [.. Home.. | Documents |.. Biography & Analysis.. Bibliography.. Images.. Links.. Faq.. Projects.. ].. If any documents fail to load, if links appear to be faulty, or you have copies of unpublished Connolly works you'd like to make available, email us at.. jcs@wage[nospam]slave..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society: Biographies
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society: Biographies.. James Connolly Biographies.. James Connolly: Irish Rebel and Feminist Firebrand.. by Bernadette Kelly, first published in Freedom Socialist.. Chronology of James Connolly.. by Corpus of Electronic Texts.. James Connolly Biography.. by John Horan, Republican Sinn Fein.. From Ireland's OWN.. Documents.. Analysis.. If you have a Connolly biography you'd like added to or linked from our site, email us at..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society: Analysis
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society: Analysis.. James Connolly Analysis Pieces.. James Connolly & Irish Freedom: A Marxist Analysis.. by G.. Schuller.. The Relevance of James Connolly in Ireland Today.. by George Gilmore.. Connolly and the 1916 Easter Uprising.. by Ted Grant.. James Connolly and the Easter Rising.. by Ted Grant and Alan Woods.. Connolly Ain't Nothing  ...   Connolly's Revolutionary Legacy by Irish Republicans.. [an original research study by Jackie Dana especially for the James Connolly Society].. Syndicalism in Ireland.. By Bill Anderson, Author, for the James Connolly Society.. Biography.. If you have a Connolly analysis piece or similar research you'd like added to or linked from our site, email us at..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society's Bibliography
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society's Bibliography.. Books by and about James Connolly.. and related sources for research.. How to find these books.. *.. Allen, Kieran.. The Politics of James Connolly.. London: Pluto Press, 1990.. Anderson, W.. K.. (William Keys).. James Connolly and the Irish Left.. Dublin, 1994.. Bambury, Chris.. I.. reland's Permanent Revolution.. London: Bookmarks, 1986.. Bell, Tom.. The Struggle of the Unemployed in Belfast, Oct.. 1932.. Cork, Ireland: The Cork Workers' Club, no date.. Bowyer Bell, J.. The Secret Army: The IRA 1916-1979.. Dublin: Poolbeg Press Ltd, 1989.. Boyd, Andrew.. The Rise of the Irish Trade Unions.. Boyle, John William.. The Irish Labor Movement in the Nineteenth Century.. Washington, D.. C.. , 1988.. Burns, Elinor.. British Imperialism in Ireland.. Cahill, Liam.. Forgotten Revolution, Limerick Soviet 1919.. Clarkson, Jesse Dunsmore.. Labour and Nationalism in Ireland.. New York: Columbia University Press, 1925.. Connolly, James.. Labour and Easter Week; a Selection from the Writings of James Connolly.. Dublin, 1949.. Labour in Irish History.. Dublin, 1910.. Connolly, James.. Labor, nationality and religion.. Dublin.. The new evangel.. Dublin, 1898.. Socialism Made Easy.. The Workers' Republic.. Dublin, Ireland, 1898.. Workshop Talks.. Connolly, James and D.. DeLeon.. Connolly/DeLeon Controversy on Wages, Marriage and the Church.. Connolly, James, and William Walker.. The Connolly - Walker Controversy On Socialist Unity in Ireland.. Cronin, Sean.. Irish Nationalism: A Study of Its Roots and Ideology.. New York: Continuum, 1980.. Young Connolly.. Dublin: Repsol, 1977.. Cummins, Ian.. Marx, Engels and National Movements.. London: Croom Helm, 1980.. Davis, Horace Bancroft.. Nationalism and Socialism.. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1978.. Ellis, P.. Berresford, ed.. James Connolly: Selected Writings.. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1973.. Fennell, Desmond.. Heresy: The Battle of Ideas in Modern Ireland.. Blackstaff Press, 1993.. Foley, Conor.. Legion of the Rearguard: the IRA and the Modern Irish State.. London, 1992.. Fox, Richard Michael.. The History of the Irish Citizen Army.. Dublin: Duffy, 1943.. Gilmore, George.. The Irish Republican Congress.. Cork, Ireland: The Cork Workers' Club, 1978.. Labour and the Republican Movement.. Dublin: Republican Publications, 1966.. The Relevance of James Connolly in Ireland To-day.. Greaves, C.. Desmond.. The ITGWU: The Formative Years.. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1982.. The Life and Times of James Connolly.. New York, 1971.. Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution.. London, 1971.. Haverty, Anne.. Constance Markievicz: Irish Revolutionary.. London: Pandora, 1988.. Henry, Robert Mitchell.. The Evolution of Sinn Fein.. Dublin, 1920.. Howell, D.. A Lost Left: Three Studies in Socialism and Nationalism.. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1986.. Jones, Francis P.. History of the Sinn Fein movement and the Irish  ...   Austen and Bob Purdie, eds.. Ireland, Divided Nation, Divided Class.. London: Inklinks, 1980.. Munck, Ronaldo.. The Difficult Dialogue: Marxism and nationalism.. London, 1986.. Ireland: Nation, State and Class Struggle.. Boulder, 1985.. Nevin, D.. Connolly Bibliography.. Dublin: Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 1968.. No author.. Irish Labour and its International Relations in the era of the Second International & the Bolshevik Revolution.. Sinn Fein Rebellion handbook, Easter, 1916 : a complete and connected narrative of the rising.. Dublin, 1917.. O'Brien, Nora Connolly.. The Irish rebellion of 1916, or The unbroken tradition.. New York, 1919.. Born of a Rebel Father.. Dublin 1935.. O'Casey, Sean.. The Story of the Irish Citizen Army.. London: The Journeyman Press, 1980.. O'Connor, Emmet.. A Labour History of Ireland, 1824-1960.. Dublin, 1992.. O'Connor, E.. Syndicalism in Ireland, 1917-1923.. Cork: Cork University Press, 1988.. O'Hegarty, Patrick Sarsfield.. The Victory of Sinn Fein : How it Won It, and How it Used It.. Dublin, 1924.. Sinn Fein, an illumination.. Dublin and London, 1919.. O'Riordan, Michael.. The Connolly Column.. Dublin: New Books, 1979.. Patterson, Henry.. The Politics of Illusion: Republicanism and Socialism in Modern Ireland.. London: Hutchison Radius, 1989.. Ransom, Bernard.. Connolly's Marxism.. London: Pluto Press, 1980.. Reeve, Carl.. James Connolly and the United States: the Road to the 1916 Irish Rebellion.. Atlantic Highlands, N.. , 1978.. Robbins, F.. Under the Starry Plough.. Dublin: Academy Press, 1977.. Rumpf, E.. (Erhard).. Nationalism and Socialism in Twentieth-Century Ireland.. New York, 1977.. Ryan, Desmond.. James Connolly, His Life, Work & Writings.. Dublin, 1924.. Schuller, G.. Thompson, William Irwin.. The Imagination of an Insurrection, Dublin, Easter, 1916; A Study of an Ideological Movement.. New York, 1967.. Walsh, Pat.. Irish Republicanism and Socialism: the Politics of the Republican Movement, 1905 to 1994.. Belfast, 1994.. Williams, D.. (ed).. The Irish Struggle 1916-1926.. London: Routledge, 1966.. Books marked with * are available by mail order from the.. Irish Republican Socialist Committees, North America.. Other resources to try:.. LarkSpirit Bookshop.. Irish History on the Web.. Many of these books are difficult to find and may be out of print.. However, good university and city libraries may have some of these titles (don't forget that in the US, older books are usually still catalogued in libraries' dewey decimal listings).. If a book is not available, a reference librarian may be able to assist you in obtaining the books through interlibrary loan.. | Bibliography |.. If you have an addition to this Connolly bibliography listing, please email us at.. and include all pertinant information on the book or resource..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society Images
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society Images.. James Connolly & Related Images.. and related textual contributions.. Textual contributions:.. The Starry Plough.. by Len Wallace.. If you have a Connolly, ICA, or Starry Plough image you'd like added to our site, email us at.. for preferred file specifications..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society Featured Links
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society Featured Links.. Featured Links.. JCS Announcements/Discussion List.. Would you like to keep in touch with site updates or be alerted of important dates and events? Then sign up to this list.. Currently, it's moderated and is expected to be low-traffic, but at some future point we may open it up to discussion of topics relating to James Connolly if interest is there.. If you have a yahoo id, you can follow the above link and join the list through the usual method, or if you have no yahoo id or wish to join the list via a non-web-based email account, you can send an email to (and mind the underscores in the email address):.. james_connolly_society-subscribe@yahoogroups.. com.. Related Archives:.. , Part of the  ...   Geneology:.. The JCS is not involved in geneological research, and as such, we are unable to answer questions about Connolly family trees, branches, offshoots, variant spellings, etc.. However, given that much of our email since we went online has been questions about geneology, we have included a url to a Connolly Geneology website.. We make no claims as to their completeness or accuracy -.. http://www.. connollyweb.. com/geneology/.. If you have other Connolly geneology websites or resources that have helped you, please let us know what they are so that we can list them.. | Links |.. If you have a Connolly-related page you'd like added to our links, email us at.. Inclusion of groups on this page does not imply endorsement by the James Connolly Society..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Projects.. Current internal projects:.. Development of the.. "James Connolly 'Son of Troy' Monument Committee" page.. , detailing the "behind the scenes" work that resulted in the Troy (New York) monument honouring James Connolly.. Development of a "FAQ" to assist visitors, particularly those involved in geneology (Questions such as "Connolly is my family name, is James Connolly related to me?" will be answered) and those interested in Connolly-inspired music (We all  ...   Future projects:.. Solicitation of original research and analysis relating to James Connolly and Connolly-inspired efforts.. Development of an "Irish Citizen Army" page.. Development of a "Connolly Column" (Spanish Civil War) page.. Finding sources for unpublished Connolly works, articles, images, etc.. | Projects ].. If you have a project you would like to assist with or a project you have the energy and independence to spearhead, email us at.. and we'll discuss your ideas..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society's Virtual Book Shop
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society's Virtual Book Shop.. Are you interested in finding books about and by James Connolly, as well as assisting us in paying server costs for the James Connolly Society website, and eventually, publishing costs for a JCS publication?.. Then welcome to our new, "diamond in the raw" virtual JCS bookstore, at this point consisting of over 100 titles, made possible by an affiliation with Amazon Books.. Each purchase of a new book through the program goes to help pay our costs.. Please note that many of the selections are "out of print" and are therefore unavailable through Amazon, but you may still be able to find them through a 3rd party seller.. Even though we won't benefit from sales between you and 3rd parties, we feel it is still of benefit to the study and research of James Connolly to  ...   costs, remember that we will not benefit from your 3rd-party purchase.. And in a shameless "give us free stuff" ploy, if you are a publisher or writer and have a book on James Connolly that you would like reviewed by the folks at the James Connolly Society, please contact us at.. and we'll discuss options.. We have organised our selection of titles in the five categories below:.. Communist and Socialist Theory.. Easter Rising/Notable Figures.. Guerilla Tactics and Strategies.. Syndicalism.. More titles and categories will be added over time.. Feel free to contact us at the above email address if you think a title should be added.. JCS.. Search:.. All Products.. Books.. Magazines.. Popular Music.. Classical Music.. Video.. DVD.. Toys & Games.. Baby.. Computer & Video Games.. Electronics.. Software.. Tools & Hardware.. Outdoor Living.. Kitchen & Housewares.. Camera & Photo.. Wireless Phones.. Keywords:..

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  • Title: James Connolly Society: Troy Monument
    Descriptive info: James Connolly Society: Troy Monument.. Tribute to James Connolly.. Troy Citizen and Irish Patriot.. (A Work in Progress).. The monument to James Connolly (photo at left by Arthur Dunn) was unveiled on Sunday, 17 August 1986, at Riverfront Park in Troy, New York.. Alice Connally Fisk, the Recording Secretary for the James Connolly "Son of Troy" Monument Committee, graciously donated to the James Connolly Society the monument committee archive she recently compiled.. This archive gives an account of the people and events surrounding the creation of the James Connolly Monument, and explains why Troy gave tribute to temporary resident James Connolly.. Most of the materials have been scanned and will be uploaded to the site as time permits.. It is our hope that this website will help folks understand the influence James Connolly had on the labor movement, not only in Troy, but in America as well.. Photos and Other Graphics of Monument.. Committee Literature.. Troy Bio.. Committee Letter.. Edward Connolly Letter.. Supporters List.. Event Schedule.. Pre-Event Publicity.. (Troy) Times Record, 29 May 85: Troy to honor Irish patriot Connolly.. (Troy) Times Record, 1 July 85: Plans for honoring Irish patriot.. (Troy) Times Record, 8 August 85: Union president agrees to be honorary chairman.. (Troy) Times Record, 12 November 85:  ...   Publicity.. Unknown Source, 18 August 86: For the Irish, 'Twas a great day to be in Troy.. Unknown Source, 18 August 86: CWA workers rally in Troy and Albany.. Times Union, 18 August 86: CWA workers rally in Troy and Albany.. (Troy) Times Record, 1 January 87: Troy's tribute to Connolly: gets play in world press.. (Troy) Times Record, 13 February 88: Money raised in Troy sent to Ireland.. Letters of Support.. Neil Kelleher.. New York State Assembly, 14 December 1984.. Michael McNulty.. New York State Assembly, 18 December 1984.. Joseph Bruno.. New York Senate, 27 December 1984.. Joseph Jamison.. Director of Irish-American Labor Coalition, 31 December 1984.. Alice Brody.. Labor Coordinator for NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relation, 24 January 1985.. Tony Clarke.. Deputy General Secretary of UCW, 27 August 1985.. Morton Bahr.. CWA President, 28 September 1985.. Chris Kirwan.. General Secretary of ITGWU, 8 November 1985.. Charles Haughey.. TD of Ireland, 2 December 1985.. Joseph Roche.. National President of AOH, 13 February 1986.. John O'Connor.. President of Troy Chamber of Commerce, April 1986.. If you have more information on Connolly's stay in Troy or elsewhere in America, or if you have an image of the Connolly monument or similar tributes to Connolly in America, email us at..

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