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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Forum.. WSF Region.. Members.. WSF Plenary Meetings.. Steering Committee.. Strategy.. WSF: The Vision.. ICZM Strategy.. Breaking The Ice.. Without Frontiers.. Society.. Contact Us.. Anniversary WSF.. Wadden Sea Day.. Salt Marshes: Our heritage between Land and Sea.. 29 August 2013.. Wilhelmshaven.. Cooperation.. Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural disasters in Europe.. Cultural Identity.. Organ Touring Exhibition.. Start: 13 April 2013.. End: December 2013.. Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons.. Wadden Sea Forum.. T.. he Wadden Sea Forum (WSF) is an independent platform of stakeholders from Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands to contribute to an advanced and sustainable development of the trilateral Wadden Sea Region.. In particular, this means integrating specific cross-sectoral and transboundary strategies, actions and techniques which are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable!.. The WSF was established in 2002, following a decision by the 9th Governmental Conference of the.. Trilateral  ...   foster sustainable development in the Wadden Sea Region through exchange of information on experiences and best practice;.. try to bring together the sectoral interests of its members;.. exchange views on general themes and topical issues;.. initiate and implement projects and actions on topical issues;.. prepare advice on issues related to sustainable development and integrated coastal zone management;.. serve as a consultation body for governments.. Working.. Groups.. ICZM.. Shipping Harbour.. Energy / Industry.. Agriculture.. Fisheries.. Tourism.. Special.. Issues.. Coastal Management.. Marine Planning.. WSR Planning Portal.. WSR Climate Atlas.. WSR Indicator Tool.. Goose Grazing.. CO2 Reduction.. Marine Traffic.. Cultural Landscape.. Other.. Topics.. WSF Calendar.. Archive.. Recently published articles.. The WSF would like to thank Ralf Schmidt, Herman Verheij, Gerold Millat, Karl Hedden (LHV) and Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein.. for their photo image support presented on this website as well as all others directly named in the images.. 2013 © Wadden Sea Forum Secretariat..

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  • Title: Forum
    Descriptive info: Please make a selection..

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  • Title: WSF Region
    Descriptive info: Due to the WSF identity, the Wadden Sea Region covers an area, which encompasses the coastal zones, the Wadden Sea with its islands and sands and the relevant parts of the EEZs of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.. Administratively, the three Dutch Wadden Sea provinces, the German counties along the coast and the Danish Wadden Sea municipalities are part of the Region..

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  • Title: Members
    Descriptive info: Members of the Forum.. Kresten Fromsejer,.. De Danske Landboforeninger Holmgaard.. Erich Hinrichs,.. LHV für Ostfriesland e.. V.. Jurjen Kingma,.. LTO Noord.. Melff Melffsen,.. Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein e.. Erik O.. Petersen,.. Landbrugsrådgivning Syd.. Hilbrand Sinnema,.. Tourism and Recreation.. Jutta Albert,.. Tourismus- und Stadtmarketing Husum.. Janny du Bois,.. Watersportverbond.. Henrik Hansen,.. Friluftsraadet.. Constanze Höfinghof,.. Nordseetourismus Husum.. Eric Neef,.. Royal Dutch Touringclub ANWB.. Poul Therkelsen,.. Fanø Kommune.. Nature and Environment Protection.. Hans Revier,.. Seas at Risk (SAR).. Hans-Ulrich Rösner.. WWF-Wattenmeerbüro (Husum).. Herman Verheij,.. Waddenvereniging.. Soeren Vinding,.. The Danish Society for Nature Conservation.. Holger Wesemüller,.. EUROPARC Deutschland e.. Nadja Ziebarth,.. Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND).. Manuela Gubernator,.. Niedersächsische Muschelfischer GbR.. Oluf Stenrøjl Kristensen,.. Rømø Fiskeriforening.. Andries de Leeuw,.. Erzeugergem.. Schleswig-Holstein.. Muschelzüchter e.. Henrik S.. Lund,.. Danmarks Fiskeriforening.. Philipp Oberdörffer,.. LWK Niedersachsen.. Cora Seip,.. Dutch Fish Product Board.. Industry and Harbour.. Jan Amelsbarg,.. IHK für Ostfriesland und Papenburg.. Andre Bruijn,.. Groningen Seaports.. Kristen Dreiøe,.. Rømø Harbour.. Rene Genee,.. Martin  ...   Eckelt,.. Insel- und Halligkonferenz.. Pytsje de Graaf, Vereniging van Waddenzeegemeenten.. Albert de Hoop,.. Gemeente Ameland / Dutch Wadden Sea Islands.. Bo Jessen,.. Tønder Kommune / The Danish Wadden Sea Municipalities.. Erling Krog,.. Municipality Council Fanø.. Erik Norreby,.. Anne Krag Svendsen,.. The Danish Wadden Sea Secretariat.. Frank Ulrichs,.. City of Norderney.. Regional Government Authorities.. Bernhard Bramlage,.. Landkreis Leer.. Preben Friis-Hauge,.. Region Syddanmark.. Dieter Harrsen,.. Landkreis Nordfriesland.. Jörn Klimant,.. Landkreis Dithmarschen.. Thyge Nielsen,.. Harm-Uwe Weber,.. Landkreis Aurich.. State Government Authorities (Observers).. Bernard Baerends,.. Ministry of Economic Affairs, NL.. Hubertus Hebbelmann,.. Niedersächsisches Umweltministerium.. Stefanie Hedtkamp,.. Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit, Referat N I 2.. Jacobus Hofstede,.. Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Umwelt und ländliche Räume des Landes Schleswig- Holstein.. Klaus Koßmagk-Stephan,.. Landesbetrieb für Küstenschutz, Nationalpark und Meeresschutz Schleswig-Holstein, Nationalparkverwaltung Tönning.. Anne Marboe,.. Miljøministeriet, Naturstyrelsen, Gram, DK.. Christiane Paulus,.. Bernd Scherer,.. Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Umwelt und ländliche Räume des Landes Schleswig-Holstein.. Theodor Schröder,.. Nationalparkverwaltung Nds.. Wattenmeer.. Advisory Board (Observers)..

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  • Title: WSF Plenary Meetings
    Descriptive info: WSF-23 Meeting, Lower Saxony, D, 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2013.. WSF-22 Meeting, Eemshaven/Delfzijl, NL, 23-24 May 2013.. WSF-21 Meeting, Leck, D, 13-14 November 2012.. WSF-20 Meeting, Esbjerg, DK, 23-24 May 2012.. WSF-19 Meeting, Norden, D, 15-16 November 2011.. WSF-18 Meeting, Den Helder, NL, 17-18 May 2011.. WSF-17 Meeting, Varde, DK, 17-18 November 2010.. WSF-16 Meeting, Heide, D, 19-20 May 2010.. WSF-15 Meeting, Aurich, D, 24-25 November 2009.. WSF-14 Meeting, Harlingen, NL, 16-17 June 2009.. Information on WSF meetings in the past can be found in the..

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  • Title: Steering Committee
    Descriptive info: WSF Steering Committee.. Task.. The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for the preparation of WSF meetings and the coordination of WSF actions and measures.. Chair.. Preben Friis-Hauge, Region Syddanmark, DK.. Erich Hinrichs, LWK Niedersachsen, D.. Michael Zettlitzer, RWE Dea AG, D.. Vacant.. Industry.. Hans-Werner Rothkopf, IHK Oldenburg, D.. Herman Verheij, Waddenvereniging, NL.. Hans-Ulrich Rösner, WWF-Projektbüro Wattenmeer, D.. Local Government.. Anne Krag Svendsen, The  ...   Provincie Groningen, NL.. Meetings.. SC-16, Hamburg, D, 24 September 2013.. SC-15, Bremen, D, 17 April 2013.. SC-14, Bremen, D, 4 October 2012.. SC-13, Bremen, D, 18 April 2012.. SC-12, Bremen, D, 12 October 2011.. SC-11, Bourtange, NL, 17 March 2011.. SC-9, Hamburg, D, 29 April 2010.. SC-8, Hamburg, D, 22 January 2010.. Information on SC meetings in the past can be found in the..

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  • Title: Strategy
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  • Title: WSF: The Vision
    Descriptive info: WSF Strategy : The VISION.. The Wadden Sea Region has a strong identity, which is rooted in the cultural heritage, the typical Wadden Sea landscape features and the unique, from a world wide perspective, Wadden Sea nature area.. The Region has a natural biodiversity and decreasing concentrations of polluting substances.. The Region is characterized by dynamic urban centres and a vital rural community with a balanced population structure and good public facilities.. The Wadden Sea Region offers room for entrepreneurship  ...   in particular the location by the sea, the nature potentials (agriculture, tourism) and the positive population development.. In general people like to live in the Wadden Sea Region!.. For the Wadden Sea Area, which is the area covered by the Trilateral Cooperation on the Protection of the Wadden Sea, the trilateral targets represent the ecological objectives.. The Area has an unspoilt beauty, is understood as a joint heritage of the entire Region and the ecological targets are respected by all sectors..

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  • Title: ICZM Strategy
    Descriptive info: WSF ICZM.. ICZM = Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy.. ICZM Strategy1Integration and implementation of sectoral strategies.. There are many interactions between the proposed sustainability strategies of the sectors (e.. g.. agriculture and tourism, offshore wind energy and fisheries or the common use of a Wadden Sea label for Wadden Sea products).. The implementation of the sectoral strategies needs therefore be carried out in an integrated way.. Integration of policies for the Wadden Sea and the adjacent mainland.. The Wadden Sea Forum stresses that there are many interactions between the Wadden Sea and the adjacent mainland and that a sustainable development strategy for the Wadden Sea Region must integrate policies for the Wadden Sea proper and the adjacent mainland.. Cooperation between responsible authorities.. There is still insufficient or lacking cooperation between local, regional, national and EU authorities in  ...   in the implementation of rules and regulations within the Wadden Sea Region (e.. with regard to the EU EIA Directive).. In order to facilitate sustainable development, rules and regulations should be harmonised and, where possible, simplified.. Moreover, some rules and regulations could be superfluous, redundant and neither contribute to the protection of nature nor the improvement of social and economic conditions.. Involvement of stakeholders in the sustainable management of the area.. While acknowledging that public participation in policy and management already exists on many levels, it is one of the central wishes of the Wadden Sea Forum to further enhance bottom-up processes wherever possible and as far as compatible with the principles of parliamentary democracy.. In order to create a sound basis for the implementation of sustainable development strategies, stakeholders must be actively involved in this process..

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  • Title: Breaking The Ice
    Descriptive info: WSF Strategy : Breaking The Ice.. The Wadden Sea Forum Strategy.. "Breaking the Ice".. was elaborated in the first phase of the WSF 2002 - 2005.. It outlines the starting points for sustainable development perspectives of the Wadden Sea Region:.. A Common Vision.. Wadden Sea Region Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy.. Common Objectives.. Overarching issues: Infrastructure, Coastal Defence and Shipping Safety.. Strategies for Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries, Industries, Harbours and Tourism.. DE.. DK.. NL.. GB..

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  • Title: Without Frontiers
    Descriptive info: WSF Strategy : Without Frontiers.. The Wadden Sea Forum has succeeded in widening the sector and cross-sector dialogues across the boundaries of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.. Due to the latest developments, the WSF has extended the area of cooperation by integration of the North Sea EEZs of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.. The WSF intends to put more value on and to further improve the “forum aspect” of its work, i.. the mutual exchange of information, ideas and visions within the plenary and the working group meetings.. Whenever possible and requested by all sectors involved, a platform for discussions and negotiations  ...   such as KIMO and Euregio die Watten.. Information exchange as well as advice in both directions will support common goals, which will become even more important with the development of a sustainable tourism strategy.. For a sustainable development of the WSR it will be necessary, besides a vertical cooperation to aim for horizontal cooperation.. This will better integrate experts from all sectors as well as all responsible ministries and authorities.. Report 2010.. "WITHOUT FRONTIERS -.. Achievements in cross-border, cross-sector, communication and cooperation".. print quality, 16,8 MB.. screen quality, 2,4 MB.. the printed edition of WSF Report can be ordered from the secretariat..

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