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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Dalai Lama Controversy - The Truth Revealed
    Descriptive info: .. English.. Deutsch.. Español.. Français.. Italiano.. Português.. 日本語.. 中文(简体).. 中文(繁體).. ह न द.. Western Shugden Society.. Freeing Buddhism from Politics.. Protecting Shugden practitioners from persecution by the Dalai Lama.. Free Ebook.. Home.. Our Cause.. Why we're protesting.. To Regain Religious Freedom.. To Restore Peace and Harmony.. To Preserve a Pure Tradition.. To Free Buddhism from Politics.. Open letters from the WSS.. Overcoming Obstacles.. Open Letter to Everyone.. Open Letters to British Political Leaders.. Letter to the Dalai Lama of Tibet.. Letter to Sera Lachi, Sera Jey and.. Sera Mey.. An open letter to the Tibetan Government-in-exile, Dharamsala, India.. Open Letter to Robert Thurman.. Dalai Lama.. The 14th Dalai Lama.. Why we are exposing the Dalai Lama.. 1.. The Issue of Religious Intolerance.. 2.. An Accessory to War and Violence.. 3.. The Illusion of Democracy.. 4.. Partnership with the CIA.. 5.. The Union of Religion and Politics.. 6.. The Nazi Connections.. 7.. Where has all the Money Gone?.. 8.. How Superstition Shaped History.. 9.. What has been Achieved for Tibet?.. 10.. Collaboration with Communism.. 11.. The Politics of Reincarnation.. The Previous Dalai Lamas.. Torture and Execution Ordered by the 13th.. Prisoners of the Potala: The 6th to 12th.. Wars and Murders ordered by the 5th.. The Pure Dharma of the Early Dalai Lamas.. Dorje Shugden.. Who is Dorje Shugden?.. Dorje Shugden s Mandala.. The Symbolism of Dorje Shugden.. Why People Rely on Dorje Shugden.. The Way People Rely on Dorje Shugden.. Great Buddhist Masters who practiced Dorje Shugden.. History of the Ban.. Evidence of the Ban.. Latest News.. Extracts from FPMT Websites.. Events of 2008 to today.. Events of 1997 - 2008.. Events of 1996.. Before 1996.. Photos Videos.. Videos.. Photos.. International Press.. Showing how the Tibetans have been failed.. Unmasking the real Dalai Lama.. Uncovering the CIA connections.. Exposing the persecution.. Also see.. Guest Blogs.. Resources for journalists and researchers.. How you can help.. Who is the Dalai Lama really? Using.. photos.. ,.. videos.. , quotes,.. international press.. and original documents the Western Shugden Society reveals the secret Dalai Lama behind the public mask.. Learn more.. A Great Deception.. A courageous revelation of the truth about.. the Dalai Lamas, past and present.. A Great Deception is a compelling account of Tibetan history and the.. activities of the current 14th Dalai Lama that stand in shocking.. contrast to popular perceptions.. A Great Deception follows knotted threads of political ambitions,.. hypocrisy, subterfuge and betrayal to unravel the popular mythology.. that surrounds the iconic Dalai Lama of Tibet.. Read the book.. Check the facts.. Stop being fooled.. Read the open letter.. Download the free eBook.. About the WSS.. The WSS Logo.. The Western Shugden Society (WSS) is an international coalition of Buddhist practitioners who engage in traditional prayers to Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden.. This practice has been banned by the Dalai Lama for political reasons and in violation of basic human rights and constitutional law.. Enforcement of this ban by his Tibetan government has resulted in intensive persecution and discrimination of Shugden practitioners worldwide, including in Western countries.. This action has created a deep schism in the Buddhist community and is endangering the purity of the Buddhist religion.. The aims of the WSS are therefore:.. To free practitioners who rely upon the enlightened deity Dorje Shugden and their families from suffering;.. To restore peace and  ...   the public and the press to be accountable for their actions, so why isn t the iconic Dalai Lama afforded the same skepticism and scrutiny as others? If we were to examine his actions as a high-profile world leader, would they align with his awards, public speeches, and interviews? Do his activities accord with Buddha s teachings? Is the myth of the Dalai Lama anywhere near the truth?.. Please read on.. Learn more about the 14th Dalai Lama.. Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden.. Dorje Shugden is a manifestation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, and he functions as a Dharma Protector.. Practitioners request his help to develop and sustain love, compassion and wisdom in their hearts and in the world.. Prayers to Dorje Shugden have been made for over 400 years by many of the most esteemed Buddhist teachers, including the Dalai Lama s own Root Gurus.. For political reasons, in 1996 the Dalai Lama announced an official ban on Dorje Shugden practice to the Tibet in exile monasteries.. He intensified this ban in 2008 and has since required all Tibetans worldwide including Tibetan refugees living in free countries to sign a personal declaration forsaking Dorje Shugden practice and promising not to associate spiritually, materially, financially or socially with anyone who does not make this promise.. Monks, nuns, men, women and children who refuse the oath have been expelled from schools and monasteries, lost their government jobs, are forbidden to enter certain stores, cannot get travel papers, and risk assault to their home, person and loved ones.. Buddhists who rely upon Dorje Shugden routinely encounter overt hostility, contempt and discrimination, even in the West.. By edict of the Dalai Lama, their heart practice has been outlawed, their deity slandered as evil, their Spiritual Guides dismissed as wrong, and all who dare to speak out are inevitably accused of being not Buddhist, traitors to the Tibetan cause, Chinese collaborators and even murderers.. The Dalai Lama s illegal ban (.. contravening the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Indian Constitution.. ) has created unprecedented division and disharmony in the Buddhist world.. Many thousands of people who have experienced this harassment can testify to this.. Learn more about Dorje Shugden.. Latest News Updates.. Latest.. Most Viewed.. Press.. Overcoming Obstacles – an open letter from the WSS.. Many a True Word Spoken in Jest.. The Dalai Lama Cables: An Instrument of US Foreign Policy.. Dalai Lama - The Slaves and the CIA.. Documentary uncovers the persecution under the Dalai Lama.. Interview: Dalai Lama s visit is the ideal projection.. - op-online.. de (Local news for Offenbach, Germany).. Unholy Guarantee.. - Focus Magazine.. Cult gave Dalai Lama $2m.. - Sydney Morning Herald.. Myth Foisted on the Western World.. - Nation Review.. A Secret War on the Roof of the World.. - Newsweek.. Dalai Lama Facts.. Did you know?.. The Dalai Lama is responsible for making the young Panchen Lama "the world's youngest political prisoner",.. find out the truth.. Next.. Featured Video.. Get updates:.. RSS.. Email Alerts.. Facebook.. Youtube.. Twitter.. Flickr.. eNews Sign Up.. Studio 177, 56 Tavistock Place,.. London,.. WC1H 9RG.. UK.. Tel: +44 (0) 207 193 9206 Email:.. [email protected].. The Western Shugden Society is only the community or confederation.. of Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden practitioners.. Copyright 2011 Western Shugden Society.. All Rights Reserved.. Sitemap.. Return to top..

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  • Title: Ebook | Western Shugden Society
    Descriptive info: Ebook.. A Great Deception - eBook Downloads.. ePub.. Before downloading to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad download the.. iBooks App.. Then open the ePub in iBooks.. Retailers Links.. US iBookstore.. UK iBookstore.. Barnes Noble.. Kindle.. Download the mobi file onto your computer.. Using your computer s file browser, locate and open the Kindle s Documents  ...   the book file into the Kindle s Documents folder.. Amazon.. com.. co.. uk.. PDF.. To download the PDF on a PC right-click the button and choose Save Target As.. To download the PDF on a Mac hold down control.. Then click on the button and Save Link As.. Coming soon.. The free eBook is also available in..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Dalai Lama, hör auf mit deinen Lügen, gib Religionsfreiheit
    Descriptive info: བ ད་ས ད་.. Westliche Shugden-Gesellschaft.. tel: +44 (0)7717-209418.. fax: +44 207 0001 322.. e-mail:.. Start.. Warum wir protestieren.. Berichte.. Chronik der Ereignisse.. Was kann ich tun.. Internationale Presse.. Monks outnumbered in night-time attack.. Latest Updates.. Ein offener Brief an die tibetische Exilregierung, Dharamsala, Indien.. Reting Lama – Wie er den falschen Dalai Lama auswählte.. Lama-Politik - Freiheit von der Droge.. Aljazeera, 30 Sep.. The Age, 05 Jun.. New Internationalist, 02 Jun.. Dalai Lama.. GIB.. Religions- Freiheit.. Dalai Lama, hör auf mit deinen Lügen, gib Religionsfreiheit.. Der Zweck dieser Webseite ist der, die Heuchelei des Dalai Lama bloßzustellen, der sich selbst als ein Star für Menschenrechte und Verteidiger religiöser Freiheit darstellt, während er schreckliche Menschenrechtsverletzungen über sein eigenes Volk bringt und die religiöse Freiheit von Abertausenden von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt beeinträchtigt.. Diese Seite wird von der „Western Shugden Society“ (.. WSS.. ) präsentiert, die ein Ad-hoc-Zusammenschluss von Dorje Shugden-Praktizierenden aus vielen verschiedenen Ländern ist.. Die unmittelbaren Ziele  ...   solange Demonstrationen organisieren, die mit den Veranstaltungen des Dalai Lama zusammenfallen, bis er unseren Bitten zustimmt.. Wir hoffen, dass aufgrund unserer Aktionen eine internationale Untersuchung durchgeführt wird, die sich auf die Lügen und Handlungen religiöser Verfolgung des Dalai Lama richtet, so dass den Tibetern, die er unterdrückt, Gerechtigkeit widerfährt und die Dorje Shugden-Praktizierenden auf der Welt religiöse Freiheit erfahren werden.. Vorherige Nachrichten.. Mehr.. Sonderartikel.. Folgt der gegenwärtige Dalai Lama wirklich dem Beispiel des Fünften?.. Aktualisierungen.. Auf dem neuesten Stand bleiben mit den aktuellsten Nachrichten und Aktualisierungen.. Mobile.. Podcast.. Foto Gallerie.. RSS Feeds.. Verwandte Seiten.. Warum unterdrückt der Dalai Lama religiöse Freiheit? (englisch).. Die Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society (englisch).. Dorje Shugden und der Dalai Lama (englisch).. Weisheitsbuddha Dorje Shugden Blog.. Nach oben.. News Feed.. Copyright 2009 WesternShugdenSociety.. org.. Die Western Shugden Society (Westliche Shugden-Gesellschaft) ist nur die Gemeinschaft oder der Zusammenschluss von Praktizierenden des Weisheitsbuddhas Dorje Shugden -- es gibt weder einen Anführer noch einen eingetragenen Sitz..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | La gran falacia
    Descriptive info: Asociación Occidental Shugden.. Descargue el libro electrónico.. Inicio.. ¿Por qué nos manifestamos?.. Artículos.. Crónica de eventos.. Doryhe Shugden.. Cómo colaborar.. Prensa internacional.. Carta abierta al gobierno tibetano en el exilio, Dharamsala, India.. El Lama Reting – cómo eligió un Dalai Lama falso.. La política del lama – liberación de la droga.. La gran falacia.. Una valiente revelación de la verdad sobre la institución del Dalái Lama en el pasado y en el presente.. La gran falacia es una crónica convincente de la historia del Tíbet y de las actividades del presente decimocuarto Dalái Lama que contrasta de manera impactante con la percepción popular.. La gran falacia sigue los anudados hilos de  ...   carta abierta.. Descargue el libro electrónico gratis.. Noticias anteriores.. Más.. Reportajes especiales.. ¿El presente Dalai Lama sigue de verdad al quinto Dalai Lama?.. Actualizaciones.. Reciba la últimas noticias y actualizaciones.. Móvil.. Avisos por email.. Galería de fotos.. Fuente RSS.. Páginas relacionadas.. ¿Por qué el Dalai Lama está suprimiendo la libertad religiosa?.. Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society.. Doryhe Shugden y el Dalai Lama.. El blog de Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden.. Volver a arriba.. Fuente de noticias.. Copyright 2008 WesternShugdenSociety.. Todos los derechos reservados.. La Western Shugden Society es solo la comunidad o confederación de los practicantes del Buda de la Sabiduría Doryhe Shugden -- no tiene líder ni sede registrada..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Controverse avec le Dalai Lama | Western Shugden Society
    Descriptive info: Union des pratiquants occidentaux de Shougdèn.. Accueil.. Pourquoi nous manifestons.. Chronique.. Historique des événements.. Dordjé Shougdèn.. Que pouvez-vous faire ?.. Presse Internationale.. Lettre ouverte au gouvernement tibétain en exil, Dharamsala, Inde.. Lama Réting : Comment il a choisi le faux Dalaï Lama.. Lettre ouverte à Robert Thurman.. Dalai-Lama.. DONNE.. la liberté religieuse.. Controverse avec le Dalaï Lama.. L objectif de ce site internet est de mettre en évidence l hypocrisie du Dalai-Lama qui s autoproclame le champion des droits de l homme et le défenseur de la liberté religieuse, alors qu il commet des abus considérables en ce qui concerne les droits de l homme au sein de son propre peuple, interférant avec la liberté religieuse de milliers et de milliers de personnes dans le monde.. Ce site est présenté par la Western Shugden Society (.. ), une coalition des pratiquants de Dordjé Shougdèn de différents pays.. L objectif immédiat de la.. est exprimé dans une.. lettre récemment envoyée au  ...   espérons que par nos actions, un examen international verra le jour pour montrer au grand jour les mensonges et la persécution religieuse menée par la Dalai-Lama, afin que les Tibétains qu il opprime reçoivent justice et que les pratiquants de Dordjé Shougdèn du monde entier reçoivent la liberté religieuse.. Nouvelles précédentes.. Message pour le Dalaï Lama.. Plus d'articles.. Articles vedettes.. Est-ce que l'actuel Dalai-Lama suit vraiment les actions du grand 5ème ?.. Mise à jour du site.. Restez informé des dernières nouvelles et des mises à jour.. Portable.. Aux mises à jour du site par email.. Gallerie photo.. Mises à jour du site.. Autres sites.. Pourquoi le Dalaï Lama supprime-t'il la liberté religieuse ?.. Association religieuse et caritative des adeptes de Dordjé Shougdèn.. Dordjé Shougdèn et le Dalaï Lama.. Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden Blog.. La Western Shugden Society est seulement une communauté, ou confédération de pratiquants du Bouddha de la Sagesse Dordjé Shougdèn.. Elle n'a ni dirigeant, ni siège social..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Dalai Lama, stop your lies, give religious freedom
    Descriptive info: Please see the English site in the meantime.. Updates.. RSS Feed.. On Flickr.. On Youtube.. Media Player.. Fax: +44 207 0001 322 Tel: +44 (0) 7717 209418 Email:.. Copyright 2013 Western Shugden Society..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Dalai Lama, pára de mentir, dá liberdade religiosa
    Descriptive info: Associação Shugden Ocidental.. Início.. Porque Protestamos.. Relatórios.. Crónica de Acontecimentos.. O que pode fazer.. Imprensa Internacional.. Uma carta aberta ao Governo Tibetano em exílio, Dharamsala, India.. Política Lama - Liberdade desta droga.. Carta aberta a Robert Thurman.. Dalai Lama,.. DÁ.. Liberdade Religiosa.. Dalai Lama, pára de mentir, dá liberdade religiosa.. O objectivo deste sítio web é expor a hipocrisia do Dalai Lama que se apresenta como um defensor dos direitos humanos enquanto inflige horríveis abusos aos direitos humanos do seu próprio povo e interfere com a liberdade religiosa de milhares de pessoas por todo o mundo.. Este sítio é apresentado pela Associação Shugden Ocidental (Western Shugden Society.. ), uma coligação ad hoc de praticantes de Dorje Shugden de muitos países diferentes.. Os objectivos imediatos da.. são expressos na.. carta enviada recentemente ao Dalai Lama.. Porque o Dalai Lama se recusa sequer a acusar a recepção da nossa correspondência e muito menos a iniciar  ...   de perseguição religiosa do Dalai Lama sejam trazidas sob o escrutínio internacional para que os tibetanos por ele oprimidos recebam justiça e os praticantes de Dorje Shugden em todo o mundo obtenham liberdade religiosa.. Notícias Anteriores.. Ver mais.. Artigos em Destaque.. Estará o Dalai Lama realmente a seguir o Grandioso Quinto?.. Actualizações do Site.. Mantenha-se actualizado e saiba as últimas notícias e actualizações do site.. Telemóvel.. Alertas de Email.. Galeria de fotos.. Alimentação RSS.. Cobertura da Imprensa Internacional.. Galeria de Fotos.. Sítios Web relacionados.. Porque é que o Dalai Lama está a suprimir a liberdade religiosa?.. Associação Religiosa de Caridade dos Devotos de Dorje Shugden.. Dorje Shugden e o Dalai Lama.. O Blog do Buda da Sabedoria Dorje Shugden.. Voltar ao início.. Alimentação de Notícias.. Todos os direitos reservados.. A Associação Shugden Ocidental é apenas a comunidade ou a confederação dos praticantes do Buda da Sabedoria Dorje Shugden -- não tem líder nem sede..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | ダライラマ、嘘をつくのを止めなさい、宗教の自由を与えなさい
    Descriptive info: ウェスタン シュグデン ソサエティ.. ホーム.. 私達が抗議している理由.. リポート.. 出来事の年代記.. ドルジェ シュグデン.. あなたが出来ること.. 国際的な報道.. インド、ダラムサラのチベット亡命政府への公開状.. レティン ラマ - どのようにして彼が偽のダライラマを選んだか.. ラマの方針 - 薬物からの自由.. GIVE.. Religious Freedom.. ダライラマ、嘘をつくのを止めなさい、宗教の自由を与えなさい.. このウェブサイトの目的は、世界中の何千もの人々の宗教の自由を妨害し、彼自身の人々に対して人権を害するひどい虐待を課している間、人権のチャンピオンとして、そして、宗教の自由の擁護者として、彼自身を表現しているダライラマの偽善をあらわにするためです。.. この際とは、ウェスタン シュグデン ソサエティ(.. )、多くの異なった国々のドルジェ シュグデンの修練者達の連合の広告です。WSSの当面の目的は、最近の“ダライラマへ私達が送った手紙”の中に現されています。.. ダライラマが、意味深い対話に入るのはもちろんのこと、私達の手紙を承認することさえも拒絶していることから、私達は、ダライラマが教えを説く所どこにでも、抗議のデモを行なう以外には残されていません。私達は、彼が私達の願いに同意するまで、ダライラマの日程に添って、引き続きデモを行なうでしょう。.. 私達は、私達の行為によって、彼が抑圧しているチベットの人々に正義が施行され、世界中のドルジェ シュグデンの修練者達が、宗教の自由を受け取るために、国際的な精密な調査が、ダライラマの嘘と宗教的な迫害の行為をあらわにすることを希望します。.. Previous News.. More.. Featured Articles.. Is the present Dalai Lama really following the Great Fifth?.. Site updates.. Keep up to date with the latest news and site updates.. Photo Gallery.. 関連のあるサイト.. なぜ、ダライラマは、宗教の自由を禁じているのでしょうか?.. ドルジェ シュグデンの信者達の慈善と宗教の団体.. ドルジェ シュグデンとダライラマ.. A Associação Shugden Ocidental é apenas a comunidade, ou confederação, dos praticantes do Buda da Sabedoria Dorje Shugden - não tem líder nem sede registada..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | 达赖喇嘛,停止撒谎,给予宗教自由
    Descriptive info: Why we re protesting.. 文章.. 历史记事.. What you can do.. 虚伪的达赖喇嘛 - 来自印度的报导.. 喇嘛众静坐抗议被拒绝进入Seralachi 佛寺.. 从印度南部而来的信件.. 达赖喇嘛,停止撒谎,给予宗教自由.. The purpose of this website is to expose the hypocrisy of the Dalai Lama who presents himself as a champion of human rights and defender of religious freedom while inflicting terrible human rights abuses on his own people and interfering with the religious freedom of thousands and thousands of people around the world.. The site is presented by the Western Shugden Society (.. ), an ad hoc coalition of Dorje Shugden practitioners from many different countries.. The immediate aims of the.. are expressed in a  ...   meaningful dialog, we are left with no alternative but to organize protest demonstrations wherever the Dalai Lama teaches.. We will continue to organize demonstrations to coincide with the Dalai Lama s schedule until he agrees to our requests.. We hope that through our actions, international scrutiny will be brought to bear on the Dalai Lama s lies and actions of religious persecution so that the Tibetans he is oppressing will receive justice and Dorje Shugden practitioners around the world will receive religious freedom.. 更新电邮.. International Press Coverage.. 相关网址.. 为何达赖喇嘛压制宗教自由?.. 多杰雄登信徒慈善及宗教组织.. 多杰雄登与达赖喇嘛.. 多杰雄登之音.. 新闻递送功能 (News Feed).. 版权所有.. The Western Shugden Society 是智慧佛多杰雄登修习者的唯一社团或同盟 ──它没有领袖,也没有注册办公室..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | Dalai Lama, stop your lies, give religious freedom
    Descriptive info: 歷史記事.. 二十一世紀的佛教獨裁者──達賴喇嘛.. 虛偽的達賴喇嘛 - 來自印度的報導.. 喇嘛眾靜坐抗議被拒絕進入Seralachi 佛寺.. Dalai Lama, stop your lies, give religious freedom.. 相關網址.. 為何達賴喇嘛壓制宗教自由?.. 多傑雄登信徒慈善及宗教組織.. 多傑雄登與達賴喇嘛.. 多傑雄登之音.. 新聞遞送功能 (News Feed).. 更新電郵.. 版權所有.. The Western Shugden Society是智慧佛多傑雄登修習者的唯一社團或同盟 ──它沒有領袖,也沒有註冊辦公室..

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  • Title: Western Shugden Society | दलाइ लामा अपना झूठ बंद करो, और धार्मिक आजादी दो
    Descriptive info: व स टर न श ग दन स स इट.. ह म प ज.. हम व र ध क य कर रह ह.. खबर.. घटन श र खल.. ड र ज श ग दन.. आप क य कर सक त ह.. अन तर र ष ट र य प र स.. म न दग ड शपथ.. दल इ ल म ध र म क आज द द.. दल इ ल म अपन झ ठ ब द कर , और ध र म क आज द द.. इस व बस इट क उद द श य ह दल इ ल म क छल पर प रक श ड लन । व अपन आप क मन ष य अध क र क ह म यत और ध र म क आज द क रक षक प श करत ह , जबक व अपन ह ल ग पर म नव ध क र अत य च र ल द रह ह और द न य भर क हज र ल ग क ध र म क आज द म दखल द रह ह ।.. यह व बस इट व स टर न श ग दन स स इट द व र प रस त त ह , ज कई स र  ...   हम र प स इसक स व द सर र स त नह ह । हम यह व र ध प रदर शन दल इ ल म क क र यस च क अन स र तब तक आय ज त करत रह ग जब तक व हम र अन र ध क स व क रत ह ।.. हम र यह आश ह क इन क र य स अ तर ष ट र य नजर दल इ ल म क झ ठ और ध र म क अत य च र कर म पर पड ग और इस अन सन ध न स न य य म ल ग उन त ब बत य क ज न पर व अत य च र कर रह ह और ध र म क आज द म ल ग द न य भर क ड र ज श ग दन अन य य य क ।.. Press Coverage.. Related Sites.. Why is the Dalai Lama suppressing religious freedom?.. Dorje Shugden and the Dalai Lama.. Studio 177, Tavistock Place,.. Us Tel/fax: 1-206-350-3877 Uk Tel: 07717-209418 Email:.. The Western Shugden Society is only the community or confederation of Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden practitioners -- it has no leader nor registered office..

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