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  • Title: Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness
    Descriptive info: .. wrpphp.. org.. Workforce Development Plan.. Webinars.. Capabilities Based Trainings.. On-Site Trainings.. Resource Library.. 2012 TTX Exercise.. Exercise Resources.. Organizational Information.. Public Health Emergency Plan (PHEP).. Western Region Public Information Officer Network.. H1N1 Resource Library.. General PH Domains Competency Training.. Menu Dhtml Code by Vista-Buttons.. com v5.. 0.. 2012 WWPHRC Board of Director Meetings:.. Dates:.. March 19.. June 18.. September 17.. December 17.. Location:.. EC-WRO DHS.. Time:.. 9am-2pm.. The Western Wisconsin Public Health Readiness Consortia (WWPHRC).. is a regional consortia consisting of 13 local public health agencies and 1 tribal health agency.. Established in 2003 with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, our purpose is to  ...   do this through networking, coordinating, standardizing, and centralizing our resources and planning efforts among our members.. This website supports our mission to protect the health and safety of the citizens living in the jurisdictions of the member agencies by supporting and promoting the professional development of individual and organizational members in terms of public health preparedness.. The WWPHRC can also support members and customers in:.. Public Health Accreditation.. Agency Strategic Planning.. Performance Management Planning.. Quality Improvement Planning.. NEW!.. Workforce Competency Development Planning.. Contact Brian Kaczmarski at.. brian.. kaczmarski@co.. polk.. wi.. us.. or (715) 485-8801 for more information.. © 2010 Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Competency Development Plan
    Descriptive info: Capabilities Trainings.. 2012 TTX.. General PH Domains Competency Based Trainings.. What are the 'Fab 15' Target Capabilities?.. Early on, the CDC identified the Target Capability List; a list of 37 Functions that Emergency Response partners collectively need to be able to perform to ensure their jurisdictions are safe and have the best chances of a quick recovery after an incident.. In 2011, the CDC refined this list down to the 'Fab 15', the 15 most important functions/areas that will be the focus of the next PHEP 5 Year Cooperative Agreement.. Here are the 'Fab 15':.. 1.. Community Preparedness.. 2.. Community Recovery.. 3.. Emergency Operations Coordination.. 4.. Emergency Public Information and Warning.. 5.. Fatality Management.. 6.. Information Sharing.. 7.. Mass Care.. 8.. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing.. 9.. Medical Material Management and Distribution.. 10.. Medical Surge.. 11.. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions.. 12.. Public Health Laboratory Testing.. 13.. Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation.. 14.. Responder Safety and Health.. 15.. Volunteer Management.. 2011-12 WWPHRC Competency Development Plan.. What should member agencies do to satisfy their Preparedness related Training Plan for this year?.. At the AGENCY level, we recommend the following Preparedness related trainings:.. In the Target Capability of 'COMMUNITY RECOVERY', we recommend the following online, independent study training course (consider viewing at an all-staff meeting);.. Name of Course:.. IS 814: Long-Term Community Recovery.. Originator: FEMA Emergency Management Institute.. CEU Available: NA.. Length of Course: 30 Minutes.. Link to Course: Click.. here.. to be directed to this course.. NOTE: Be sure to document attendance at training, use TRAIN individual transcript or internal training database to track completion of course.. In the  ...   of their orientation to public health preparedness, in addition to role specific trainings.. (REQUIRED).. IS 700.. a- An Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS).. Incident Command System 100: An Introduction to ICS.. Tracking Progress.. To help track the progress of the Individual Competency Development Plans, Local Public Health Agency staff are expected to use the.. Wisconsin TRAIN.. Learning Management System (LMS).. Once registered, LPHA staff will be able to search and register for trainings, and access My Learning Record.. In the My Learning Record tab, under Transcripts , LPHA staff can view their training plan, review trainings, email transcripts, download transcripts, or manage training records.. All trainings and courses that are accessed on the WI TRAIN are added automatically to an individual's transcripts.. Non-TRAIN courses and trainings (courses not listed on the WI TRAIN) that have been taken by an individual need to be manually entered into an individual's transcript.. To do this, scroll down on the transcript page and click on Add a non-TRAIN Courses to add the completed training to your transcript.. The progress of an Individual's Competency Development Plan will be monitored by accessing an individual's Transcript from the WI TRAIN on a regular basis, so it is important to keep your transcript up-to-date.. In addition the WWPHRC's Public Health Domain Assessment and the annual CDC Target Capabilities Assessment (Capabilities Planning Guides) will be annually conducted to assess and monitor individual, agency, and regional progress on competency development.. With limited consortium resources, new employees will need to wait until November to be assessed on the public health emergency readiness competencies..

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  • Title: Webinars
    Descriptive info: Focus Area Trainings.. Performance Measure Functional Exercise (PMFE).. Dark Sites.. enu Dhtml Code by Vista-Buttons.. Featured Webinar.. Public Health Business Planning Webinar.. Stephen Orton, PhD.. Deputy Director, Executive Education.. North Carolina Institute for Public Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health,.. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.. Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays.. Webinar Wednesdays are provided through the WWPHRC and occur the last Wednesday of each month from.. 11AM-12PM.. Registration is required for viewing.. There is NO Webinar scheduled for July 2011.. Upon the completion of the current grant Period (August 9) and based on new consortia membership, we will determine whether or not to continue on with the Webinar Wednesday series.. STAY TUNED!!.. Archived Wednesday Webinars.. Douglas County CHIP Meeting July 14.. - 50 minutes.. Douglas County CHIP Committee.. ECCCHD Knowledge Skills Training 2011.. - 47 minutes.. Brian Kaczmarski, Liaison Specialist, Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness.. Pepin County Knowledge Skills Training.. - 32 Minutes.. Overview of Send Word Now.. - 47 Minutes.. Paul Wittkamp, WI DHS Communications Coordinator.. Innovative Ideas for Social Media.. - 59 Minutes.. Julie Swanson- WI Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources.. Overview of Disaster Behavioral Health.. - 57 Minutes.. Nina Albanese-Kotar, PhD.. Knowledge and Skills Inventory Data Results and Next  ...   Minutes.. Epidemiology Series Part I: General Epidemiology (052610).. Public Health Legal Authority (042810).. - 53 Minutes.. Shelly Molafsky, Office of Legal Counsel, Wisconsin Department of Health Services.. Little Known Facts of the Strategic National Stockpile / Mass Clinic Operations (033110).. - 56 Minutes.. Joe Cordova, Wisconsin Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator.. Thoughts on At-Risk Populations Planning (022410).. -.. 50 Minutes.. Jay Shrader, Director, Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness.. *.. ICS ASAP 4 H1N1 (093009).. 55 Minutes.. H1N1 After Action Conference and Overview of Updated LPHA Pandemic Influenza Response Plan (082209).. 61 Minutes.. An Introduction to the New Public Health Emergency Plan (PHEP) (072909).. 56 Minutes.. Real Event After Action Report and the Corrective Action Program System.. (062409.. ).. - 54 Minutes.. Understanding Mass Clinic Operations (032509).. 64 Minutes.. Public Health Overview of Bioterrorism and Emergency Readiness Competencies (022509).. - 48 Minutes.. Brian Kaczmarski, Liaison Specialist, Western Region Partnership for Public Health Prepar.. edness.. * Webinars recorded using Citrix's GoToMeeting.. Requires Codec software to play webinar.. Software can be downloaded at.. https://www3.. gotomeeting.. com/codec?Portal=www.. com.. Other Achived Webinars.. Rabies 201: Focus on the Laboratory.. (052610).. - 24 Minutes.. Jim Kazmierczak, Wisconsin State Public Health Veterinarian.. A Primer on Prion Diseases.. (052610) - 44 Minutes..

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  • Title: Focus Area Trainings
    Descriptive info: Workforce Development Plan related to CDC Target.. Rationale/Purpose:.. To meet or exceed PHAB Domain 8 criteria for the development of a competency based Workforce Competency Development Plan.. Competency Sets Used: CDC Target Capabilities.. Capabilities based trainings are free web-based trainings, webinars, or activities that are linked to the Western Wisconsin Public Health Readiness Consortium Capabilities Training Plan.. The trainings or activities found on this page address emergency readiness capabilities as well as other public health competency sets related to emergency preparedness.. Capability 1: Community Preparedness.. Capability 2: Community Recovery.. Capability 3: Emergency Operations Coordination.. Capability 4: Emergency Public Information and Warning.. Capability 5: Fatality Management.. Capability 6: Information Sharing.. Capability 7: Mass Care.. Capability 8: Medical Countermeasure Dispensing.. Capability 9: Medical Material Management and Distribution.. Capability 10: Medical Surge.. Capability 11: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions.. Capability 12: Public Health Laboratory Testing.. Capability 13: Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation.. Capability 14: Responder Safety and Health.. Capability 15: Volunteer Management.. OTHER.. For additional training needs not identified on this page, visit the.. Legend.. This 'tag' represents a best choice training or activity.. The Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness staff have either created or reviewed this particular resource and feel that it has the best 'bang for its buck' as a potential competency enhancing opportunity.. This 'tag' represents a game-like activity that will give you or your staff an opportunity to implement what you've learned into a fun, realistic activity.. *Basic Competency.. Describes the level at which someone new to a skill or attribute should be performing.. Often this professional is at the staff or entry-level in the organization.. However, it may also describe a seasoned professional with limited exposure to the area.. *Intermediate Competency.. Describes the level at which someone with detailed knowledge in the area should be performing.. It is expected that this person is capable of taking operational responsibility for an area.. Often this person is at a mid-level within the organization, and has supervisory responsibilities.. *Advanced Competency.. Describes the level at which someone with mastery of a skill should be performing.. Often this person is the highest ranking individual with skills in a given area in the organization.. However, it may also describe a lower-level professionals with specialized knowledge in an area.. * Center for Health Policy - Columbia University of School of Nursing (March 2008).. Competency-To-Curriculum Toolkit.. Retrieved On-Line at.. http://www.. asph.. org/userfiles/Competency-to-Curriculum-Toolkit08.. pdf.. The ability of communities to prepare for, withstand, and recover- in both the short and long terms- from public health incidents.. (Back to Focus Area List).. Competency.. Training/Activity.. Format.. Provider.. Hours.. Rating.. Basic.. NEW.. Community Preparedness Webinar Series: Animal and Pet Preparedness.. Register through.. TRAIN.. Course ID.. 1022602.. Webcast.. Citizen Corps/FEMA.. 60 minutes.. Community Preparedness Webinar Series: ARC: Partnership in Preparedness.. TRAIN.. 1022599.. Counting Upon the Kindness Expertise of Others: Serving Vulnerable Individuals Families in Times of Disaster.. Course ID 1012864.. Pacific EMPRINTS.. NEW.. Vulnerable Populations in Disasters: Reducing Impact Through Planning, Plan Writing, and Plan Execution.. Course ID 1012853.. Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness.. Online.. University of Minnesota School of Public Health.. Self-paced.. C.. apability 2: Community Recovery.. Community Recovery is the ability to collaborate with community partners to plan and advocate for the rebuilding of public health, medical, and mental/behavioral health systems to at least a level of functioning comparable to pre-incident levels, and improved levels where possible.. Intermediate.. IS-814 Long Term Community Recovery.. Online.. FEMA Independent Study Program.. 30 minutes.. Capability 3:.. EOC is the ability to direct and support an event or incident with public health or medical implications by establishing a standardized, scalable system of oversight, organization, and supervision consistent with jurisdictional standards and practices within the National Incident Management System (NIMS).. Competency Goal.. Federal Emergency Management Association.. 3 hours.. Satisfies Just-in-Time Training.. Incident Command System 200.. a: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents.. NEW FOR 2011.. IS 7: A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance.. 10 hours.. 1 CEU Available.. ICS Jeopardy.. PowerPoint.. Western Region Partnership for Public Health Preparedness.. 1 hour.. IS 800.. b- National Response Framework.. 5 hours.. ICS 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' Game.. ICS 300- Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents.. Classroom - By Request.. 16 hours.. MGT 101- Incident Management/Unified Command.. Texas Engineering Extension Service.. 8 hours.. Advanced.. ICS 400- Advanced ICS for Command General Staff; Complex Incidents.. Enhanced IMUC (Incident Management Unified Command).. Classroom.. 32 hours.. IS-775, EOC Management and Operations.. 4 hours.. Emergency public information and warning is the ability to develop, coordinate, and disseminate information, alerts,  ...   needs of those impacted by an incident at a congregate location.. This capability includes the coordination of ongoing surveillance and assessment to ensure that health needs continue to be met as the incident evolves.. Medical countermeasure dispensing is the ability to provide medical countermeasures (including vaccines, antiviral drugs, antibiotice, antitoxin, etc.. ) in support of treatment or prophylaxis (oral or vaccination) to the identified population in accordance with public health guidelines and/or recommendations.. Medical material management and distribution is the ability to acquire, maintain, transport, distribute, and track medical material during an incident and to recover and account for unused medical material, as necessary, after an incident.. PPE: US Department of Labor/OSHA Informational Booklet.. Downloadable Booklet.. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.. PPE Toolkit.. Video/PDF.. Protect Yourself with Full Barrier Protection.. Course ID 1007979.. University of Minnesota MERET Series.. Annual Respiratory Fit Testing Training.. By Request.. 3M Training Resources.. 3M and OSHA.. Varies.. EM 121: N95 Resiprator and PPE Training for Health Care Workers.. 1023255.. Yale New Haven Health Center for Excellence.. 20 minutes.. Personal Protective Equipment (PHET Series).. 5 contact hours.. Medical Surge is the ability to provide adequate medical evaluation and care during events that exceed the limits of the normal medical infrastructure of an affected community.. It encompasses the ability of the healthcare system to survive a hazard impact and maintain or rapidly recover operations that were compromised.. Archived Webinar.. Disaster Mental Health.. Seattle King County PH.. Compilation of Disaster Mental Health Trainings.. Includes: Intervention, Planning, Consequences of Disaster, Psychological 1st Aid, Psychology and Crisis Response, Psychology of Terrorism, Self-Care).. Johns Hopkins Public Health Preparedness Programs.. Emergency Dispensing Site Tools.. CD-ROM.. NA.. Emergency Dispensing Site Staff Training Series.. Self-paced document.. Emergency Risk Communication for Public Health Professionals.. The POD Game.. University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health.. NPI's are the ability to recommend to the applicable lead agency (if not public health) and implement, if applicable, strategies for disease, injury, and exposure control.. Strategies include; I/Q, Movement restrictions/travel warnings, Social distancing, Hygiene, Precautionary protective behaviors.. Public health laboratory testing is the ability to conduct rapid and conventional detection, characterization, confirmatory testing, data reporting, investigative support, and laboratory networking to address actual or potential exposure to all -hazards.. The ability to create, maintain, support, and strengthen routine surveillance and detection systems and epidemiological investigation processes, as well as to expand these systems and processes in response to incidents of public health significance.. Reportable Disease Surveillance.. University of North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness.. Disease Surveillance.. Introduction to Public Health Surveillance.. Online or CD-ROM.. Washington State/NW Center for Public Health Preparedness.. Case and Contact Investigation Training.. JITT.. Power Point.. Self-Paced.. Case and Contact Interview Training.. Contact Investigation Skill Development Guide.. Downloadable Materials.. Outbreak at Water's Edge.. Contact Investigation.. ICS in Action: Using the Principles of ICS in Public Health Outbreak Investigations.. University of North Carolina Center for PH Preparedness.. Epi Specialties: Disaster and Environmental Epidemiology.. Anatomy of Foodborne Outbreaks.. Introduction to Outbreak Investigation.. University of Washington School of Public Health.. This capability describes the ability to protect public health agency staff responding to an incident and the ability to support the health and safety needs of hospital and medical facility personnel, if requested.. This capability refers to the ability to coordinate the identification, recruitment, registration, credential verification, training, and engagement of volunteers to support the jurisdictional public health agency's response to incidents of public health significance.. IS-244 Developing and Managing Volunteers.. Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps: An Online Orientation for Volunteers.. NIMS and ICS: A Primer for Volunteers.. Plan to Be Ready: A Guide for Training Non-Public Health Workers to Respond to Public Health Emergencies.. Resource Management Archive of Onsite Presentation.. Webinar.. 47 minutes.. Training Opportunities and Resources from MRC (Medical Reserve Corps).. Office of the Civilian Volunteer- Medical Reserve Corps.. IS-701 NIMS Multiagency Coordination System (MACS) Course.. 5 hours.. IS-703 NIMS Resource Management.. Trainings Related to Public Health Law (NOTE: Not a Target Capability).. Public Health Legal Authority Orientation to Statutes and Rules.. Wisconsin Department of Health Services.. Legal Implications for Public Health Professionals in Emergencies.. Public Health Law Program; H1N1 Legal Preparedness and other Resources.. HIPAA: An Overview of HIPAA and the Privacy Rule.. Intro to Communicable Disease Law Part 1.. Intro to Communicable Disease Law Part II.. Public Health Policy and Advocacy.. University of Minnesota.. Legal Authority List of Statutes, Role Play and Scavenger Hunt.. Folder of Materials.. Northwoods Public Health Preparedness Consortium.. PH Legal Authority.. Archived Lecture.. 45 minutes.. Legal Authority Intermediate Overview..

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  • Title: On Site Trainings
    Descriptive info: In addition to on-site trainings listed on this webpage, please visit the.. for additional training opportunities.. Vectorborne Training.. TRAIN ID # 1023763.. Lyme Disease.. Rickettsial Disease.. Tickborn Illness in Wisconsin- Arbovirus Disease.. Training sponsored by the SE Region of DHS.. ICS 300 and 400 Student Manual Downloads:.. Click.. to download the ICS 300 Student Manual to your desktop.. to download the ICS 400 Student Manual to your desktop.. Local.. I.. ncident Command System 300.. : Polk County Health Department.. SAVE THE  ...   Health Department.. SAVE THE DATE!!!.. June 26-27, 2012.. Incident Command System 300: Arbor Vitae Town Hall.. May 15-16, 2012.. Incident Command System 400: Arbor Vitae Town Hall.. June 19-20, 2012.. id.. Statewide.. Wisconsin Department of Health Services Mediasite Catalog.. Check.. for all DHS recorded trainings.. Searchable by topic or presenter.. National.. FEMA Online Opportunities.. to see the most recent list of FEMA online course offerings.. FEMA On-site Opportunities.. to see the most recent on-site training opportunities (COSTS ARE PAID THROUGH CDP)..

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  • Title: Resource Library
    Descriptive info: Quality Improvement.. The following resources are available for loan to member agencies and their staff through the Western Wisconsin Public Health Readiness (WWPHRC) office.. Please contact any of the WWPHRCstaff for ordering information.. Books.. Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War.. (2002).. Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, William Broad.. Planning, Implementation, and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs.. (1997).. James McKenzie, Jan Smelter.. An Essential Tool for Quality Improvement: Assessing Needs in Continuing Education.. (1995).. Donna Queeny.. Public Health Business Planning - A Practical Guide.. (2009).. Stephen Orton, Anne Menkens, Pamela Santos.. Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies-A Reference Guide for Media.. (2005).. U.. S.. Department of Health and Human Services.. (3 copies).. Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies-A Field Guide for Media (.. 2005).. Public Health Emergency Response-A Guide for Leaders and Responders (.. 2007).. (10 copies).. Public Health Management of Disasters-The Pocket Guide (.. 2006).. Linda Young Landesman, DrPH.. MSW.. Jane's Crisis Communications Handbook (.. 2004).. Louie Fernandez, Martin Merzer.. 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook-A Guidebook for First Responders During the Initial Phase of a Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Incident (.. Department of Transportation.. (2 copies).. State of Wisconsin Chem-Bio Handbook-Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook, (.. 2000.. Frederick Sidell, M.. D.. , William Patrick, III, Thomas Dashiell.. Bioterrorism: A Guide for First Responders (.. 2003.. Centers for Disease Control.. ICS Position Description and Responsibilities (.. 1994.. National Wildfire Coordinating Group.. WMD Response Guidebook (.. 2003).. Department of Justice.. Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local and Tribal Public Health Directors (.. Version 1.. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control.. Crisis Emergency and Risk Management (.. 2002).. Emergency Responders Guide to Terrorism (.. Michael E.. Marks.. Field Epidemiology (.. Michael B.. Gregg.. Communication in a Crisis-Risk Communication Guidelines for Public Officials (.. Health and Human Services.. Using Epi Info: A Step-by-Step Guide (20.. 03).. Melissa Alperin, MPH, CHES, Can Escofferey, PhD, MPH, CHES.. Participant Guide-Weapons of Mass Destruction: Public Information in a WMD/Terrorism Incident, Training Support Package (.. 2008).. S.. Department of Homeland Security.. Videos.. History of Bioterrorism: Biological Warfare and Terrorism.. (11/20/03).. VHS.. Duration: 26 minutes.. CDC Responds: Influenza-Prevention, Detection and Control (.. 12/6/01).. CDC Responds: Risk Communication and Bioterrorism (.. Emergency Risk Communication.. DVD.. Risk Communications Series: Tapes 1-6.. Effectively Communicating: Risk Communication With the Media During a Public Health Crisis, Disc One and Two (.. April 2003).. CD.. Communicating Under Fire: Focus on Public Health Situations, Ned E.. Baker Lecture Series (4/4/03).. Vincent T.. Covello, PhD.. Media Relations and Crisis Communications Workshops-Introduction and Part 1, News Releases.. Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.. Duration 58 minutes.. Media Relations and Crisis Communications Workshops-Introduction and Part 2, Interviewing Techniques.. Duration 30 minutes.. Media Relations and Crisis Communications Workshops-Introduction and Part 3, News Conferences.. Duration 71 minutes.. Media Relations and Crisis Communications Workshops-Introduction and Part 4, Communicating in a Crisis.. Duration 26 minutes.. Media Relations and Crisis Communications Workshops-Introduction and Part 5, Community Meetings.. Duration 33 minutes.. Crisis Communication and Disaster Behavioral Health (.. 11/15/05).. VHS/CD-ROM.. Public Health Preparedness: Pandemic Influenza, California Update, 2005.. (10/6/05).. Planning for the Needs of a Special Population (.. 1/12/06).. Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: A Primer (6.. /24/04).. Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: Streamlining POD Design and Operations (.. 4/14/05).. Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: Managing Volunteer Staffing.. (12/02/04).. Personal Protective Equipment for the Healthcare Setting: Protect Yourself, Protect Others (.. 9/12/04).. Duration: 12 minutes.. Respirators: Your TB Defense and TB Respiratory Protection: Administrators' Review.. Duration: 48 minutes.. Center for Public Health Preparedness Grand Round Series-Isolation and Quarantine: Practice and Law (.. 11/10/05).. School of Public Health, University of Albany.. Center for Public Health Preparedness Grand Round Series-Planning for the Needs of Special Populations (.. Center for Public Health Preparedness Grand Round Series-Assessing Chemical Exposure: A Different Approach (.. 1/5/06)..  ...   for: Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Leaders, Dentists, Pharmacists (.. New York Consortium for Emergency Preparedness Continuing Education.. Curriculum/Toolkits.. Wisconsin Emergency Management NIMS, ICS Training Curriculum: IS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-400, Job Aids, ICS Forms.. (January, 06).. CD -ROM (5 copies).. ICS Training (.. ICS Basic Training: Intro to ICS, Modules 2-6 13.. ICS Toolbox.. Incident Command System, Version 1.. 1.. IPS Overview (2007).. Tom Grahek.. Enhanced Incident Management/Unified Command-Supplemental CD (2005).. Managing Terrorism Incidents: Using the Incident Command System for WMD Incidents.. Office for Domestic Preparedness.. First Responder/First Receiver Resource CD (.. 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division.. Code Ready-Get Prepared: Emergency Preaparedness Campaign Tool Kit.. 2008 Advanced Practice Centers Training Conference Trainer's Guide and CD-ROM (2008).. National Association of County City Health Officers.. Wisconsin Pandemic Influenza Resources.. Wisconsin Public Health Emergency Training: A Course on Emergency Preparedness for Wisconsin Health Care Professionals (.. 11/1/2003).. Disaster Preparedness Education (2007).. American Red Cross.. Let's Get Ready-Planning Together for Emergencies (.. Sesame Workshop.. Tool Kit: Children's Book, DVD, Parent/Caregiver Magazine.. Public Health Preparedness Toolkit: Key Resources for Public Health Departments (.. Center for the Study of Bioterrorism Emerging Infections.. Emergency Risk Communication CDCynergy-Your Guide to Effective Emergency Risk Communication Planning.. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.. Public Health Emergency Law-Forensic Epidemiology: Joint Training for the Public Health and Law Enforcement on Coordinated Emergency Response.. Project Public Health Ready-The National Standard for Local Public Health Preparedness (2008).. National Association of County and City Health Officials.. Disease Prevention and Intervention-Smallpox, Course Materials and References (2003).. Wisconsin Pandemic Influenza State Level Operational Planning Submission.. (2008).. Amateur Radio Today (2003).. The National Association for Amateur Radio.. Duration: 7 minutes.. Mass Dispensing Sites: A Primer for Volunteers (.. Center for Public Health Preparedness-University of Minnesota School of Public Health.. Mass Dispensing Materials (2005).. Minnesota Department of Health.. Bioterrorism: Tools for Planning and Preparedness Mass Vaccination Clinic Template.. Avian Influenza: Training Facilitators Presentation.. Local Heroes: Proud, Professional, Prepared-Public Health Making a Difference Everyday.. Advanced Practice Center, Dekalb County Georgia.. Master the Disaster!.. Dekalb Coutnty Board of Health.. Respiratory Protection Training Materials (.. Seasonal and Pandemic Flu-At the Crossroads.. A Global Opportunity (.. The Off-Site Care Facility-An Alternative Care Site: A Primer for Volunteers (.. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing.. Wisconsin Public Health Emergency Training.. Wisconsin Division of Public Health.. Drinking Water Consumer Information (.. Environmental Protection Agency.. Planning for Performance: Applying the Incident Command System, Planning Cycle to a Major Health, Medical, and Law Enforcement Emergency.. Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, Oregon.. Wisconsin Pandemic Toolkit-Stay Informed, Be Prepared: Bird Flu and Pandemic Flu Awareness.. (2007).. Wisconsin Department of Public Health.. Toolkit-Manual, CD-ROM.. Software.. Bt Create-A Customizable Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise Builder (.. National Association of County City Health Officials.. Bt Prep-A Bioterrorism Response Plan Design guide for Local Public Health Agencies (2003).. ThreatPrep (2007).. Manuals.. Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Public Health Directors (Version 1.. 0).. Disaster Field Manual for Environmental Health Specialists (1994).. California Association of Environmental Health Administrators.. Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 18th Edition (2004).. David L.. Heymann, MD, Editor (2copies).. Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 17th Edition (2000).. James Chin, MD, MPH, Editor.. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course TTT-Training Manual, Instructor guide (2009).. Emergency Management Institute.. DVD included in toolkit.. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Toolkit Overview-Participant Manual (2009).. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course TTT-Participant Manual (2009).. Deep Prep-All Hazards Disaster Behavioral Health Training Manual.. James M.. Schultz, Zelde Espinel, Brian W.. Flynn, Yael Hoffman, Raquel E.. Cohen.. Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents: Participant Manual/Appendices (2001).. Louisiana State University, National Center for Biomedical Research and Training.. Emergency Preparedness Guide (2006).. Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment.. Posters.. Brochures..

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  • Title: Performance Measure Functional Exercise
    Descriptive info: to view all HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) Target Capabilities.. Key Partners to Invite to this Year's Exercise:.. Emergency Management (this will satisfy one of their requirements for this year!).. (CRITICAL).. EMS.. Law Enforcement.. Fire/Hazmat.. Hospital.. Human Service.. Faith Based Community Representation.. School Representation.. Public Health.. Volunteer Groups.. American Red Cross Representation.. UW-Ag Extension.. Highway Department.. Other local partners as deemed necessary.. to download this year's 'Save the Date' to send to key partners.. 2011-12 WWPHRC Table-top Exercise.. WWPHRC Exercises are COMPLETED for 2012!!!.. Congratulations to member agencies and customers of the WWPHRC.. Your exercises for this grant year have been completed.. Individual agencies are all in the process of finalizing their After  ...   our members during an evacuation/sheltering event.. This continuous quality improvement process will ensure that residents of our membership area will have the best possible response during an emergency or disaster.. Stay tuned, as overall trends/gaps and corrective actions will be posted on this page.. Overall Executive Summary of 2011-12 Exercises:.. COMING SOON!!.. Important Documents/Tools for this Year's Exercise:.. ExPlan.. (COMPLETE).. PPT Presentation.. AAR/IP.. (COMPLETE.. ; Available upon REQUEST).. Document to Consider Giving to Partners PRIOR to Tabletop Exercise:.. List of Questions for Partners to think About In Advance of Exercise.. Functions Needed in a Community Shelter Diagram.. (Partners should think of where they may fit into the various functions needed; where can they satisfy a need?)..

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  • Title: Exercise Resources
    Descriptive info: Exercise Design.. FEMA IS-139 Exercise Design.. Course Overview.. This course is based on one important premise: Emergency exercises are worth the effort.. Exercises identify areas that are proficient and those that need improvement.. Lessons learned from exercises can be used to revise operational plans and provide a basis for training to improve proficiency in executing those plans.. This course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of exercise design and to prepare you to design and conduct a small functional exercise for your organization.. It addresses: The value of conducting exercises.. The components of a comprehensive exercise program.. The exercise development process ¾ development tasks, organization of the design team, exercise documentation, and the steps in designing an exercise.. This course will cover the purpose, characteristics, and requirements of three main types of exercises: Tabletop exercise Functional exercise Full-scale exercise In addition this course will cover: Exercise evaluation.. Exercise enhancements.. Designing a functional exercise.. Homeland Security and Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP).. The.. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).. is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program that provides a standardized methodology and  ...   about the HSEEP program, click on the About HSEEP tab above.. The HSEEP is maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Directorate, Department of Homeland Security.. HSEEP Toolkit Demonstration.. IS 120.. A: An Introduction to Exercises.. IS 130: Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning.. Related Courses.. Corrective Action Plan System (CAPS).. Corrective Action Program (CAP) System.. - a web-based application that enables users to prioritize, track, and analyze improvement plans developed from exercises and real-world events.. Features of the CAP System include Improvement Plan creation and maintenance, corrective action assignment and tracking, and reporting and analysis.. The CAP System functionality is based on the process described in HSEEP Volume III: Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning.. The CAP System supports the process by which exercise and real-world events can inform and improve exercise programs and other preparedness components.. CAP System FAQ.. NEXS (National Exercise Schedule System).. National Exercise Schedule (NEXS) System.. - the Nation's online comprehensive tool that facilitates scheduling, deconfliction, and synchronization of all National-Level, Federal, State, and local exercises.. HSEEP User Guide: Login and Create an Exercise.. HSEEP User Guide: NEXS..

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  • Title: On Site Trainings
    Descriptive info: Eau Claire Medical Reserve Corp Website.. Public Health Preparedness: A Guide for Community Stakeholders.. Planning Resources.. At Risk Population.. NEW!!.. FEMA Region 5 Disability Integration Update Monthly Newsletter.. NEW!!.. A great new monthly resource as you move forward with At-Risk and Community Shelter Planning.. A new resource will be added monthly.. here.. often!!.. National Commission on Children and Disasters.. Emergency Preparedness Packet for Home Health Agencies.. (NAHC).. Enhancing Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations: A Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response.. (RAND).. SNS Toolkit for Addressing At Risk Populations.. (ASTHO).. The At-Risk Populations Project.. (CIDRAP).. Collaboration with and Engagement of At-Risk Populations.. Identifying At-Risk Populations.. Communications with and Education of At-Risk Populations.. Providing services (Clinical and Non-Clinical).. How to Test, Measure, Exercise, and Improve Preparedness of At-Risk Populations.. Communication Tools.. Google Translate.. Translate text, documents, and WebPages.. Google Groups.. Google Docs.. NEW!.. Measles information in Somali.. Flooding.. Wisconsin Health Alert Network - Flood Kit.. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Flood Webpage.. CDC - Emergency Response Resources: Storm / Flood and Hurricane Response.. Wisconsin DHS - Flooding Health and Safety Webpage.. FEMA - Flood Webpage.. Food Safety.. www.. foodsafety.. gov.. Legal Resources.. The Wisconsin Legislature: How a Bill Becomes a Law.. Wisconsin Act 96.. : relating to: designation of state agency status for certain health care providers, behavioral health providers, pupil services providers, or substance abuse prevention providers who provide services during a state of emergency related to public health or a state of emergency declared by a city, village, or town.. Wisconsin Act 42.. Chapter 66.. General Municipality Law.. (see Page 38-39.. 66.. 0312: Local health departments; mutual assistance AND 66.. 0134: State of emergency; mutual assistance).. CHAPTER 115.. STATE SUPERINTENDENT; GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONSAND DEFINITIONS; CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES.. (Pertaining to school closure by a Local Health Officer in a disease outbreak and the 180 day rule).. Chapter 145.. Control of Communicable Diseases.. Chapter 157.. Disposition of Human Remains.. Chapter 250.. Health; Administration and Supervision.. Chapter 252.. Communicable Diseases.. Chapter 257.. Emergency Volunteer Healthcare Practitioners.. Chapter 323.. Emergency Management..  ...   the user) and compares the number of persons hospitalized, the number of persons requiring ICU care, and the number of persons requiring ventilator support during a pandemic with existing hospital capacity.. FluWorkLoss.. : estimates the potential number of days lost from work due to an influenza pandemic.. Home Health Care Services Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist.. Wisconsin's Pandemic Flu Resource.. Promising Practices: Pandemic Preparedness Tools.. - Center for Infectious Disease Research and Practice.. The 5th Guy Campaign.. Pandemicflu.. One stop access to H1N1, avian, and pandemic information.. Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act.. Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Program.. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates any agency who requires their staff to wear a respirator to have a written respiratory program including annual fit-testing, education and medical screenings.. To learn more about OSHA requirements visit their website at.. osha.. Wisconsin Department of Health Services Personal Protective Equipment Website.. Web-Based PPE Ordering Form.. OSHA Respiratory Protection ETOOL.. OSHA Safety and Health Topics for Emergency Preparedness and Response.. CDC National Institute of Occupational.. Safety and Health.. 3M On-Line Respirator Medical Evaluations.. Plans.. Western Region Public Health Emergency Plan.. National Health Security Strategy (NHSS).. Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program.. Preparedness Resources.. Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning (CDC).. Emergency and Terrorism Preparedness for Environmental Health Practitioners.. Emergency Preparedness Packet for Home Care Agencies.. NACCHO Public Health Preparedness Website.. Public Health Information Systems.. Wisconsin Health Alert Network (HAN).. The Epidemic Information Exchange (EpiX).. Public Health Information Network (PHIN).. Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS).. CDC Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS).. Strategic National Stockpile.. bt.. cdc.. gov/stockpile/.. Tracking.. PHE.. is a web portal created by the.. , this site acts as a portal for residents in the U.. and worldwide to obtain information from all U.. federal agencies involved in a public health emergency, a medical disaster or the public health aspects of a natural or man-made disaster.. Under the Weather Campaign Posters.. Volunteers.. We Volunteer Wisconsin Website.. Medical Reserve Corp (MRC).. Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP)..

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    Descriptive info: Partners.. Our.. Mission.. Our mission is to protect the health and safety of the citizens living in the jurisdictions of the member agencies by supporting and promoting the professional development of individual and organizational members in public health emergency preparedness.. The Western Wisconsin Public Health Readiness Consortium (WWPHRC).. ,.. an thirteen local public health agency and one tribal health agency consortium.. was established to develop core expertise and preparedness in response to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health threats.. We do this through networking, coordinating, standardizing, and centralizing our resources and planning efforts among the fourteen local public health agency partners in Western Wisconsin.. 2011 Board Officers.. Chairperson.. Jen Rombalski.. , Health Officer.. Buffalo County Department of Health and Human Services.. Vice-Chairperson.. Sue Galoff.. Pierce County Health Department.. Secretary.. Kayo Nash.. Rusk County Health and  ...   of Public Health.. Bob Leischow.. , He.. alth Officer.. Clark County Health Department.. Pat Schanen, Human Services Director.. Douglas County Department of Health and Human Services.. Richard Thoune, Health Officer.. Eau Claire City-County Health Department.. Heidi Stewart, Health Officer.. Pepin County Health Department.. Webpage.. Pepin County Health Department Facebook Page.. Sue Galoff, Health Officer.. Gretchen Sampson, Health Officer.. Kayo Nash, Health Officer.. Erica Doriott, Preparedness Planner.. St.. Croix Tribal Health Department.. Sherri Rhoda, Health Officer.. Trempealeau County Health Department.. Jerri Pederson, Health Officer.. Washburn County Health Department.. WRPPHP Staff.. Consortium Liaison Specialist.. Brian Kaczmarski.. (715)485-8801.. Wisconsin Division of Public Health - Western Regional Office.. Western Regional Office Director.. Lieske Giese.. (715)836-2871.. Regional Planning Partners.. Region 1 Coordinator.. Hilde Perala.. Wisconsin Emergency Management.. Northwest Regional Director.. Rhonda Reynolds.. (715)635-8704.. American Red Cross - Wisconsin Chapters.. Chippewa Valley Chapter..

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  • Title: In the News
    Descriptive info: In the News.. Below is a listing of emergency preparedness Real Simple Syndicate (RSS) feeds from some of the top health agencies across the United States including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Trust for America's Health, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services..

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