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  • Title: WFDB: My story: deafblind street attack. By Liz Ball
    Descriptive info: My story: deafblind street attack.. By Liz Ball.. I'm in my late twenties, and I have a job.. I am studying for a PhD, and I live and travel independently.. I think of myself as quite an independent person, aware and able to deal with my environment.. Without both vision and hearing, I have to rely almost exclusively on touch to know what's happening around me.. But sometimes, things happen - like a recent walk from the tube station to my flat - which make me realise that there  ...   Thursday, from my perspective.. On my way home from work, I walked out of a London tube station and very suddenly had my red and white cane and communication book snatched from my hand.. Just like that.. When I got my spare cane out, that too was taken.. I was left with no mobility aid and no means of communicating with the public.. I was stranded - unable to walk, or ask for assistance, safely.. For the rest of this true story, please go to the.. BBC website.. !.. (2005-12-16)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Law recognising deafblindness
    Descriptive info: Law recognising deafblindness.. The law that recognises deafblindness as a unique disability has meant a lot to the deafblind people in Colombia.. The law also guarantees equal opportunities for the Deaf and the deafblind regarding communication, access to information, accompaniment by interpreters and guides, education, health and employment.. We have already seen the first results of the law when it comes to approving guide-interpreters at meetings with the government and other institutions and companies of importance, making it possible for more people to attend such meetings.. The access to guide-interpreters also improves the situation for people already enrolled in schools and it opens the door for those who wish to enrol.. Campaigns with the objective of incorporating deafblind in the labour market are  ...   as part of the company s societal responsibility and they get a tax-reduction for doing it.. In the first place, there is awareness raising for the employer and then necessary adaptations of the work place are made lighting, ventilation, non-slippery floor, the size of the chair in relation to the table and computer, screen reading programmes for magnifying the screen, Jaws or a Braille display everything according to the needs of each individual.. Five persons are already working and are being evaluated for 6-8 months.. Up to date, there has been positive response from both parties and there are still people who want to be on the programme.. In the future, other disabilities may be included, in order to make the programme sustainable.. (2005-12-07)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Una ley reconociendo la sordoceguera
    Descriptive info: Una ley reconociendo la sordoceguera.. Para las personas sordociegas de Colombia, ha sido muy importante contar con una Ley que nos reconozca como una discapacidad unica, que ademas garantiza la ecualización de oportunidades para la comunidad sorda y sordociegos en comunicación, acceso a la información, acompañamiento de Intérpretes y Guías Intérpretes, educación, salud y empleo.. Para nosotros ya se han visto los primeros frutos con la aprobación de Guías Intérpretes, par las personas sordociegas que asisten a reuniones con el gobierno, y otras empresas de importancia, teniendo mayores posibilidades de tener mayor número de personas que den cubrimiento en estos espacios.. Esto favorece también a las personas ya incluidas en los planteles escolares, abriendo puertas a otros con la facilidad de los guías intérpretes.. Com campañas en los puestos de salud  ...   se visitan varias empresas donde se les pregunta si le dan un espacio a una de estas personas, pueden gozar de descuentos trubutarios, ademas lo que representa la labor social del empresario.. En primera instancia se sensibiliza al empresario y luego se hacen las adecuaciones en las condiciones del trabajo, iluminación, ventilación el piso antideslizable, el tamaño de la silla con relación a la mesa y computador, tener amplificación de pantalla, o software con Jaws o Display Braille de acuerdo a las necesidades de cada uno.. Ya estan trabajando 5 personas, a las que se les hace seguimiento durante 6 a 8 meses.. Hasta el momento ha habido respuesta satisfactoria de ambas partes.. Siguen habiendo otras personas sordociegas a quienes vincular.. Más adelante se contemplan otras discapacidades para hacer sostenible el proyecto..

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  • Title: WFDB: In memory of Lex Grandia
    Descriptive info: WFDB [.. Menu.. ].. In memory of Lex Grandia.. It was with great sorrow we received the message about Lex passing away.. We will remember Lex as a good and competent president and representative for WFDB in the different international forums, like in UN in connection with the work of the UN convention.. He had a lot of knowledge and he was a great speaker and debater at different meetings and conferences in all levels.. Both Nordic and international.. A Norwegian politician who participated with the Norwegian UN delegation to New York, told me a few years ago that he had met Lex Grandia and was impressed by the knowledge and the engagement Lex showed in the work with the UN convention.. Lex surrounded people that he met on his way with kindness, happiness and warmth.. Lex is leaving a big empty gap behind him.. But his work of building organizations for people with deafblindness will help us in our work.. We who are left in WFDB EC will continue his work further.. Lex Grandia was born in the Netherlands in 1950.. He was born premature, 2 months too early, so his hearing did not develop well.. Too much oxygen in the intensive care also made him blind.. According to all definitions he could call himself deafblind.. However with the use of hearing aids, he could hear properly and learned to speak.. Lex Grandia grew up in an institution for the blind In Netherlands.. Later he studied at the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam and got a PhD.. in Theology.. He also specialised in psychotherapy and hospital counselling.. He started his professional life in a 3 year project as a counsellor for young people and worked on a part time basis as a minister in the Dutch reformed church.. Lex Grandia has written two books  ...   General Assembly in 2009 Lex was re-elected for President, he and Ann were complemented for the outstanding contribution and efforts they had made for WFDB, following by great applause by the delegates.. As member of the International Disability Alliance, IDA, a network of 8 international disability organisations, he became very much involved in the drafting of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD).. This was his main focus in the period 2003-2007.. In 2007-08 he was chair of the International Disability Alliance, representing the world s 650 million persons with disabilities.. During that period, IDA expanded to include continental disability organisations like EDF, Asia- Pacific Disability forum and Arab organisation of Persons with Disabilities, Riadis from Latin America.. As chair of IDA, he had the opportunity to address the special session celebrating the coming into power of the CRPD at the UN General Assembly In New York, as well as the Human Rights Council in Geneva on behalf of the International Disability Alliance.. A part of Lex Grandia s work as president of WFDB, was to support the formation and development of national organisations of persons with deafblindness.. He supported the European Deafblind Union to be founded in 2003.. In October 2009 the Founding General Assembly of a new continental organisation the African Federation of the Deafblind (AFDB) took place.. Lex Grandia travelled a lot through all his international work.. Lex arranged a lot of training courses and held many lectures in many different meetings and events in Scandinavia, Europa and around the world.. When Lex Grandia had any spare time, he played the piano.. He also made sculptures in stone.. Lex Grandia died the 19th of April 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark.. He was buried the 28th of April in Aalborg.. May he rest in peace.. Geir Jensen.. Secretary General.. (2012-04-30)..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference
    Descriptive info: WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference.. Date and Place.. 2012-04-30.. WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference will be held in the Philippines.. Read more..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB NEWS
    Descriptive info: WFDB NEWS.. WFDB News No.. 2 July 2005.. 2005-11-28.. The 2nd issue of WFDB News is dedicated to the 8th Helen Keller Conference and 2nd WFDB General Assembly.. 1 January 2005.. The three years since the founding of WFDB and the entrance upon office of the first elected Executive Council, have been hectic, to say the least of it.. Needless to say, this fact has delayed the issuing of this newsletter.. However, better late than never..

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  • Title: WFDB: International disability news
    Descriptive info: International disability news.. Signature Ceremony of the Convention.. 2007-03-30.. Today, 30 March 2007, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol are opened for signatures at a ceremony at the UN Headquarters in New York.. WFDB President Lex Grandia s address to the UN Human Rights Council.. On 26 March in Geneva, WFDB President Lex Grandia addressed the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of the International Disability Caucus.. Press release December 13, 2006 (WFDB).. 2006-12-14.. Today the Convention on Human Rights for People with Disabilities has been passed by the General Assembly of the UN.. UN GA adopted new convention!.. The  ...   rights convention of the 21st century.. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.. 2006-09-07.. (Lex Grandia, president WFDB) The 25th of August this year was a historical day.. In the very last moment before closing the Un 8th Ad Hoc committee meeting on the Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities, the committee finally agreed on a draft text.. Sobre la Convención de los Derechos de Personas con Discapacidades (Port/Esp).. (Por Alex Garcia, Brasil) Buenos dias a todos.. Escribi para hacer la divulgacion de nuestra análise acerca del Documento Final de la ONU en la Convencion Internacional de los Derechos de las Personas Discapacitadas..

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  • Title: WFDB: Africa regional news
    Descriptive info: Africa regional news.. New organisations in East Africa Kenya and Uganda.. 2005-12-07.. In November 2005 two new organisations of deafblind have been founded in East Africa.. East Africa Deafblind News April 2005.. 2005-11-16.. Deafblind work has progressed slowly but steadily in eastern Africa in the last few years.. A regional deafblind organisation in Africa?.. 2005-10-10.. In November  ...   regional deafblind organisation in Africa.. An interim board was elected by the eight countries present (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia) and the working name African Federation of the Deafblind was given to the initiative.. September news from Deafblind South Africa.. The National Director of DbSA gives an update on the activities of DbSA..

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  • Title: WFDB: Asia regional news
    Descriptive info: Asia regional news.. DbI 2nd Asian Conference.. 2005-12-02.. The DbI 2nd Asian Conference will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 29-31, 2006..

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  • Title: WFDB: Europe regional news
    Descriptive info: Europe regional news.. Norwegian DB-work over 50 years.. 2007-12-19.. A speech given at the 11th of August 2007, on the 10th European Deafblind Holiday in Søgne, Norway.. 11th European Deafblind Holiday 2008.. The 11th European Deafblind Holiday will take place in Sopron, Hungary, 4-11 August 2008.. 10th European Deafblind Holiday in Sogne, Norway - 6-12 August 2007.. 2007-10-08.. Colin Bennett s report about his participation in the European Deafblind Holiday in Norway, 2007.. 6th EBU Deafblind Conference and 2nd EDBU General Assembly.. Welcome to the 6th EBU Deafblind Conference  ...   European DB holiday in Moravia.. 2006-12-18.. This is a report from the 9th European Deafblind Holiday in Moravia, Czech Republic summer of 2006.. (By Colin Bennett).. Report on the recognition of deafblindness in European countries.. By Lucy Drescher.. 2005-12-09.. In the European Union there are at least 150,000 deafblind people who represent one of the most socially excluded groups of European citizens.. Deafblind people are often isolated, unable to get a job or even go to the shops without support.. European Parliament Declaration on Deafblindness.. European Parliament Declaration on Deafblindness..

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  • Title: WFDB: Latin America regional news
    Descriptive info: Latin America regional news.. Deafblindness in Colombia.. 2006-09-06.. Implementation of the law that recognizes deafblindness as a unique disability.. Noticias de ADSOC.. 2005-12-27.. El presidente de la Asociación Dominicana de Sordociegos informa sobre sus activdades en el año 2.. 005.. SURCOE X anniversario / SURCOE 10th anniversary.. La asociación colombiana de sordociegos, SURCOE, celebró su  ...   its 10th anniversary in September 2005.. The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil.. 2005-11-30.. The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil - by Alex García.. Presentation held at the 8th Helen Keller World Conference in Tampere, Finland, June 2005.. Boletín Informativo de la FLASC.. Noticias de la Federación Lationamericana de Sordociegos.. Mundo Interior, ASOCIP, Peru.. -..

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