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  • Title: WFDB: International disability news
    Descriptive info: International disability news.. Signature Ceremony of the Convention.. 2007-03-30.. Today, 30 March 2007, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol are opened for signatures at a ceremony at the UN Headquarters in New York.. Read more.. WFDB President Lex Grandia s address to the UN Human Rights Council.. On 26 March in Geneva, WFDB President Lex Grandia addressed the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of the International Disability Caucus.. Press release December 13, 2006 (WFDB).. 2006-12-14.. Today the Convention on Human Rights for People with Disabilities has been passed by the General Assembly of the UN.. UN GA adopted new convention!..  ...   human rights convention of the 21st century.. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.. 2006-09-07.. (Lex Grandia, president WFDB) The 25th of August this year was a historical day.. In the very last moment before closing the Un 8th Ad Hoc committee meeting on the Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities, the committee finally agreed on a draft text.. Sobre la Convención de los Derechos de Personas con Discapacidades (Port/Esp).. (Por Alex Garcia, Brasil) Buenos dias a todos.. Escribi para hacer la divulgacion de nuestra análise acerca del Documento Final de la ONU en la Convencion Internacional de los Derechos de las Personas Discapacitadas..

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  • Title: WFDB: Africa regional news
    Descriptive info: Africa regional news.. New organisations in East Africa Kenya and Uganda.. 2005-12-07.. In November 2005 two new organisations of deafblind have been founded in East Africa.. East Africa Deafblind News April 2005.. 2005-11-16.. Deafblind work has progressed slowly but steadily in eastern Africa in the last few years.. A regional deafblind organisation in Africa?.. 2005-10-10.. In November  ...   regional deafblind organisation in Africa.. An interim board was elected by the eight countries present (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia) and the working name African Federation of the Deafblind was given to the initiative.. September news from Deafblind South Africa.. The National Director of DbSA gives an update on the activities of DbSA..

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  • Title: WFDB: Asia regional news
    Descriptive info: Asia regional news.. DbI 2nd Asian Conference.. 2005-12-02.. The DbI 2nd Asian Conference will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 29-31, 2006..

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  • Title: WFDB: Europe regional news
    Descriptive info: Europe regional news.. Norwegian DB-work over 50 years.. 2007-12-19.. A speech given at the 11th of August 2007, on the 10th European Deafblind Holiday in Søgne, Norway.. 11th European Deafblind Holiday 2008.. The 11th European Deafblind Holiday will take place in Sopron, Hungary, 4-11 August 2008.. 10th European Deafblind Holiday in Sogne, Norway - 6-12 August 2007.. 2007-10-08.. Colin Bennett s report about his participation in the European Deafblind Holiday in Norway, 2007.. 6th EBU Deafblind Conference and 2nd EDBU General Assembly.. Welcome to the 6th EBU Deafblind Conference  ...   European DB holiday in Moravia.. 2006-12-18.. This is a report from the 9th European Deafblind Holiday in Moravia, Czech Republic summer of 2006.. (By Colin Bennett).. Report on the recognition of deafblindness in European countries.. By Lucy Drescher.. 2005-12-09.. In the European Union there are at least 150,000 deafblind people who represent one of the most socially excluded groups of European citizens.. Deafblind people are often isolated, unable to get a job or even go to the shops without support.. European Parliament Declaration on Deafblindness.. European Parliament Declaration on Deafblindness..

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  • Title: WFDB: Latin America regional news
    Descriptive info: Latin America regional news.. Deafblindness in Colombia.. 2006-09-06.. Implementation of the law that recognizes deafblindness as a unique disability.. Noticias de ADSOC.. 2005-12-27.. El presidente de la Asociación Dominicana de Sordociegos informa sobre sus activdades en el año 2.. 005.. SURCOE X anniversario / SURCOE 10th anniversary.. La asociación colombiana de sordociegos, SURCOE, celebró su  ...   its 10th anniversary in September 2005.. The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil.. 2005-11-30.. The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil - by Alex García.. Presentation held at the 8th Helen Keller World Conference in Tampere, Finland, June 2005.. Boletín Informativo de la FLASC.. Noticias de la Federación Lationamericana de Sordociegos.. Mundo Interior, ASOCIP, Peru.. -..

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  • Title: WFDB: North America regional news
    Descriptive info: North America regional news..

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  • Title: WFDB: Pacific regional news
    Descriptive info: Pacific regional news..

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  • Title: WFDB: Miscellaneous
    Descriptive info: Miscellaneous..

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  • Title: WFDB: The World Federation of the Deafblind, WFDB
    Descriptive info: The World Federation of the Deafblind, WFDB.. Description and aim.. The World Federation of the Deafblind is a non-governmental and non-profit making worldwide organisation.. It is an organisation of deafblind people and is the legitimate voice of deafblind people of the world.. The work for deafblind people is incipient and it is only during the past fifteen to twenty years that deafblind have succeeded in nurturing a unique profile and enjoying an increased understanding of the specific problems resulting form deafblindness.. The aim of WFDB is to improve the quality of life of deafblind people world wide and one of the most important activities undertaken by WFDB is to identify deafblind people in order to break their isolation.. WFDB also aims at spreading information about deafblindness and about the kind of service deafblind people need in order to live independent lives.. In addition, WFDB strives to have deafblindness acknowledged internationally as a unique disability.. 1st and founding General Assembly.. The decision to form a world federation of deafblind was made at the 6th Helen Keller World Conference in Paipa, Colombia, September 13 - 19, 1997.. After many years of work the conference delegates considered that time was ripe to take the step to found the World Federation of the Deafblind, WFDB.. The conference appointed a committee that would prepare the first and founding general assembly of WFDB, which was to be held in connection with the 7th Helen Keller Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, in October 2001.. An executive council was elected with Stig Ohlson (Sweden) as President; Daniel Alvarez-Reyes (Spain) as Vice-President; Lex Grandia (Denmark) as Secretary General and Jeffrey Bohrman (USA) as Treasurer.. In  ...   in October 2009.. There were 42 voting members present from five of six regions.. The Executive Council was elected with, Lex Grandia (Denmark) as President until 19th April 2012, Sonnia Margarita (Ecuador) as Vice-President, acting President from 20th April 2012, Geir Jensen (Norway) as Secretary General, Christer Nilsson (Sweden) as Treasurer.. The six regional representatives are: Africa: Ezekiel Kumwenda (Malawi), Asia: Satoshi Fukushima (Japan), Europe: Sanja Tarczay (Croatia), Latin America: Alejandra Carranza (Argentina), North-America: Jeffrey Bohrman (USA), Pacific: Irene McMinn (Australia).. The 4th GA will be held in the Manila area, Philippines October/November 2013.. Structure.. The General Assembly (quadrennial) is the supreme governing body of WFDB.. The Executive Council is elected by the General Assembly on a four-year term.. The Executive Council consists of four elected officers:.. president, vice-president, secretary general and treasurer; and six regional representatives (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific).. Application for membership.. If your organization is interested in joining WFDB, or cooperating with us, please fill out the appropriate application for membership (national, associate or individual) and submit it to the below contact address.. In case of difficulties in downloading the forms or questions about type of membership, please contact us at the address below (or fax, or e-mail) and state:.. Name of the organisation.. Name and position of contact person.. Official mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail address if any.. Type of organisation (organisation of deafblind people, support organisation, parents' organisation.. ).. Contact Information.. Secretary General s Office.. Geir Jensen.. Sporveisgata 10.. N-0354 Oslo.. Norway.. Ph:.. +47 22 93 33 50.. Fax:.. +47 22 93 33 51.. Mobile:.. +47 95 46 02 01.. E-mail:.. geir.. jensen@fndb.. no.. (2012-05-12)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Executive Council
    Descriptive info: Executive Council.. Elected on 26-27 October 2009.. The Executive Council consists of elected officers and regional representatives.. Elected Officers:.. President until 19th April 2012: Mr.. Lex Grandia, Denmark.. Vice-president: Mrs.. Sonnia Margarita Villacrés, Ecuador.. Acting president from 20th April 2012: Mrs.. Sonnia Margarita Villacrés, Ecuador:.. flasc@ecua.. net.. ec.. Secretary General:  ...   com.. Regional Representatives:.. Africa: Mr.. Ezekiel Kumwenda, Malawi:.. kumwendaezekiel@yahoo.. Asia: Mr.. Satoshi Fukushima, Japan:.. fukusima@rcast.. u-tokyo.. ac.. jp.. Europe: Ms.. Sanja Tarczay, Croatia:.. sanja@dodir.. hr.. Latin America: Mrs.. Alejandra Caranza:.. alecarranza@ialvear.. North America: Mr.. Jeffrey S.. Bohrman, USA:.. jeffrey.. bohrman@gmail.. The Pacific: Ms.. Irene McMinn, Australia:.. irenemc@oneseniors.. au.. and.. dbansw@bigpond.. (2012-05-08)..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB Constitution
    Descriptive info: WFDB Constitution.. Constitution of the World Federation of the Deafblind.. adopted by the Founding General Assembly,.. in Auckland, New Zealand, 11-12 October, 2001.. [.. Download as.. rtf file.. ].. Article 1: NAME, LEGAL FORM, REGISTERED ADDRESS AND DEFINITION.. 1.. 1 This association is called the World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB).. It is a non governmental, charitable and non-profit making world wide organisation.. 2 The association must have at least one legally registered address in a National membership country.. 3 Deafblindness is a unique disability, caused by a combination of severe auditive and visual impairments.. 4 WFDB is the legitimate voice of the deafblind population in the world.. Article 2: RELATIONSHIPS:.. 2.. 1 WFDB establishes and maintains close relationships with The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), the World Blind Union (WBU), Deafblind International (DbI), The International Disability Alliance (IDA), all relevant United Nations organisations and institutions and with regional offices of international organisations whose aims are in accordance with those of WFDB and its members.. Article 3: AIMS AND FUNCTIONS.. 3.. 1 The aim of WFDB is to improve the quality of life of deafblind people world wide, with the objective of achieving their equal rights and equal opportunities in all areas of society, to be a world wide forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the area of deafblindness, and to increase international solidarity among deafblind people's organisations.. 2 Functions of WFDB:.. to promote social inclusion and equal participation in all areas of society.. to ensure accessibility to all areas of society.. to promote improvements in the field of education, rehabilitation and employment of deafblind people.. to combat discrimination of deafblind people.. to promote guide interpreters and other services for all deafblind people.. to raise awareness of deafblindness as a unique disability.. to promote and support the establishment of national deafblind organisations.. to support national deafblind organisations.. to publish newsletters and other material.. to implement necessary measures to achieve the aims of WFDB.. Article 4: MEMBERSHIP.. 4.. 1 WFDB has two (2) forms of membership:.. National Members and.. Special Members.. Applications for membership must be made to the Executive Council.. In case of rejection the applicant can request a decision by General Assembly.. 2 National members represent the deafblind population of their country.. Each country can only have one national member.. Each National member elects one National representative, who must be a deafblind person.. 3 National members have the right to participate in all WFDB activities.. On General Assembly National representatives have the right to speak and the right to vote.. 4 Special Membership can be divided into four (4) categories of membership:.. Individual membership,.. Honorary membership,.. Associate membership and.. Sponsoring membership.. Special members have the right to participate in all WFDB activities Unless they are Elected officers, they have no right to vote in General Assembly.. 5 Individual Members are deafblind people who are not representing the deafblind population of the country, they live in.. Individual members have the right to speak in general assembly.. 6 Honorary Members are chosen by Executive Council in recognition of their contribution to, and support of, the interests of deafblind people and their organisations.. 7 Associate Membership of WFDB is open to individuals, organisations and institutions, who are in agreement with the aim of WFDB.. 8 Sponsoring Membership is open to all individuals, organisations and institutions, who want to support WFDB financially.. Article 5: GENERAL ASSEMBLY.. 5.. 1 The governance of WFDB consists of the following bodies:.. the General Assembly.. The Executive Council.. 2 The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of WFDB.. 3 Meetings of General Assembly are open and consist of deafblind representatives representing the National Members.. Each representative has one vote.. No proxy voting is allowed.. Providing that notification for Meetings of General Assembly is in  ...   Executive Council consists of the Elected Officers:.. President,.. Vice president,.. Secretary General,.. Treasurer,.. and six (6) members, representing the following six regions:.. Africa.. Asia.. Europe.. Latin America.. North America.. The Pacific.. 3 The editor of WFDB's newsletter is appointed by Executive Council as co-opted member and has observer status.. 4 The term of office of Executive Council begins at the end of General Assembly and ends at the end of the next General Assembly when a new Executive Council is elected.. If an elected member retires between elections, Executive Council may appoint a replacement, representing the same region, until the next election.. If one of the Elected Officers, except the President, retires, Executive Council may appoint a replacement until the next election.. 5 The function of Executive Council is to undertake the business of WFDB.. 6 Executive Council meets at least once a year.. 7 Meetings of Executive Council are announced in writing by the Secretary General at least six (6) months before the date of the meeting.. The agenda and all relevant documents are circulated to the members of Executive Council at least two (2) months before the date of the meeting.. 8 Executive Council has a quorum when at least four (4) elected members and two (2) elected officers are present.. 9 When it comes to voting in Executive Council and votes turn out to be equal, the President has the final vote.. Article 7: RESPONSIBILITIES OF ELECTED OFFICERS.. 7.. 1 Elected officers are: the President, the Vice president, the Secretary General and the Treasurer.. Elected Officers carry out their tasks under the supervision of Executive Council.. 2 The President is responsible for:.. The presidency of the meetings of General Assembly and Executive Council.. The representation of WFDB.. 3 The Vice President serves in case of absence of the President or if the President retires before the end of the president's term of office.. 4 The Secretary General is responsible for:.. The preparation and the minutes of meetings of General Assembly and Executive Council.. A register of the membership and all relevant relationships.. The custody of all relevant documents.. The daily correspondence of WFDB, not related to the other Elected Officers.. Annual reports of WFDB.. 5 The treasurer is responsible for:.. The financial matters of WFDB.. The preparation and presentation of annual accounts of WFDB.. Preparation of annual budgets.. Article 8: DISSOLUTION.. 8.. 1 Dissolution of WFDB happens if no meetings of General Assembly have taken place during a period of nine (9) consecutive years or after no meetings of Executive Council have taken place during a period of five (5) consecutive years.. 2 A resolution containing the dissolution of WFDB must be circulated to all members at least twelve (12) months before the General Assembly at which it is to be discussed.. For such a resolution to be carried a two third majority of all votes cast is required.. Article 9: AMENDMENTS AND APPROVAL.. 9.. 1 Resolutions to amend the constitution must be received by the executive council at least twelve (12) months before the date of the meeting of General Assembly at which they are to be discussed and must be circulated to all members at least eight (8) months before.. 2 Other rules not mentioned in this constitution are described in the bylaws of WFDB.. 3 Bylaws of WFDB are prepared by Executive Council and approved by General Assembly.. To approve bylaws only a simple majority of all votes cast in General Assembly is required.. 4 Approval of this constitution requires two third of all votes cast of all deafblind participants meeting in the Founding General Assembly of WFDB.. 5 The constitution comes into power immediately after approval by the Founding General Assembly.. Auckland, the 12th of October 2001.. President.. Vice President.. Treasurer.. Secretary General.. Regional representatives..

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  • Archived pages: 203