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  • Title: WFDB: News lists
    Descriptive info: WFDB [.. Menu.. ].. News lists.. In memory of Lex Grandia.. WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference.. Newsletter.. International disability news.. Regional news.. Africa.. Asia.. Europe.. Latin America.. North America.. Pacific.. Miscellaneous.. (2012-04-30)..

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  • Title: WFDB: About WFDB
    Descriptive info: About the organisation.. Executive Council.. Constitution.. WFDB national and Associate members.. Membership.. (2009-02-23)..

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    Descriptive info: 10th Helen Keller World Conference and the 4th WFDB General Assembly, Philippines 2013.. 9th Helen Keller World Conference and WFDB 3rd General Assembly, Kampala, 2009.. 8th Helen Keller World Conference and WFDB 2nd General Assembly, Tampere, 2005.. 7th Helen Keller World Conference and WFDB 1st and founding General Assembly, Auckland, 2001.. List of dates and places of HKWC..

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  • Title: WFDB: Deafblindness
    Descriptive info: Definition.. Communication.. Deafblindness and its causes (Sense).. (2006-11-14)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Links
    Descriptive info: Deafblind organisations.. The European Deafblind Union.. The American Association of the Deaf-Blind.. The Australian DeafBlind Council.. Canadian Deaf-Blind Council.. The Danish Association of the Deafblind.. The Finnish Deafblind Association.. Helen Keller Stichting.. Deafblind New Zealand.. The Norwegian Association of the Deafblind.. Deafblind Scotland.. The Spanish Deafblind Association.. Deafblind South Africa.. The Swedish Association of the Deafblind.. Deafblind UK.. Deafblind International.. SENSE International.. Other links about deafblindness.. Eikholt, Norskt, nationellt resurscenter för  ...   International Disability organisations.. International Disability Alliance (IDA).. Disabled Peoples' International.. Inclusion International.. International Federation of Hard of Hearing People.. Rehabilitation International.. World Blind Union.. World Federation of the Deaf.. The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry.. Other links of interest.. SHIA - the Swedish Organisations' of Disabled Persons International Aid Association.. If you would like your link to appear on this page, please mail to.. ann.. thestrup@mail.. dk.. !.. (2009-03-24)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Forum
    Descriptive info: This forum is open to our members and to anybody else interested in sharing their thoughts, opinion and information.. (Danish) De forskellige lande og styrke selve organisationen.. Lex Grandia.. Sexual development among deafblind youth.. By Lex Grandia.. Deafblind street attack.. By Liz Ball.. In Colombia deafblindness is recognised as a unique disability.. By Betariz Vallejo.. (Spanish) En Colombia se reconoce la sordoceguera como discapacidad única.. Por Beatriz Vallejo.. Please, contact the.. web master.. to enter your contribution!.. (2012-05-08)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Contact
    Descriptive info: Secretary General s Office.. Geir Jensen.. Sporveisgata 10.. N-0354 Oslo.. Norway.. Ph:.. +47 22 93 33 50.. Fax:.. +47 22 93 33 51.. Mobile:.. +47 95 46 02 01.. E-mail:.. geir.. jensen@fndb.. no.. Contact the elected officers:.. Acting President.. : Mrs.. Sonnia Margarita Villacrés, Ecuador:.. flasc@ecua.. net.. ec..  ...   Sweden:.. chn@telia.. com.. Contact the regional representatives:.. Ezekiel Kumwenda, Malawi:.. kumwendaezekiel@yahoo.. Satoshi Fukushima, Japan:.. fukusima@rcast.. u-tokyo.. ac.. jp.. : Ms.. Sanja Tarczay, Croatia:.. sanja@dodir.. hr.. Alejandra Caranza:.. alecarranza@ialvear.. Jeffrey S.. Bohrman, USA:.. jeffrey.. bohrman@gmail.. The Pacific.. Irene McMinn:.. irenemc@oneseniors.. au.. and.. dbansw@bigpond.. Contact the web master:.. Web master.. :..

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  • Title: WFDB: -
    Descriptive info: The World Federation of the Deafblind..

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  • Title: WFDB: In memory of Lex Grandia
    Descriptive info: It was with great sorrow we received the message about Lex passing away.. We will remember Lex as a good and competent president and representative for WFDB in the different international forums, like in UN in connection with the work of the UN convention.. He had a lot of knowledge and he was a great speaker and debater at different meetings and conferences in all levels.. Both Nordic and international.. A Norwegian politician who participated with the Norwegian UN delegation to New York, told me a few years ago that he had met Lex Grandia and was impressed by the knowledge and the engagement Lex showed in the work with the UN convention.. Lex surrounded people that he met on his way with kindness, happiness and warmth.. Lex is leaving a big empty gap behind him.. But his work of building organizations for people with deafblindness will help us in our work.. We who are left in WFDB EC will continue his work further.. Lex Grandia was born in the Netherlands in 1950.. He was born premature, 2 months too early, so his hearing did not develop well.. Too much oxygen in the intensive care also made him blind.. According to all definitions he could call himself deafblind.. However with the use of hearing aids, he could hear properly and learned to speak.. Lex Grandia grew up in an institution for the blind In Netherlands.. Later he studied at the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam and got a PhD.. in Theology.. He also specialised in psychotherapy and hospital counselling.. He started his professional life in a 3 year project as a counsellor for young people and worked on a part time basis as a minister in the Dutch reformed church.. Lex Grandia has written two books on using Bibliodrama and  ...   in 2009 Lex was re-elected for President, he and Ann were complemented for the outstanding contribution and efforts they had made for WFDB, following by great applause by the delegates.. As member of the International Disability Alliance, IDA, a network of 8 international disability organisations, he became very much involved in the drafting of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD).. This was his main focus in the period 2003-2007.. In 2007-08 he was chair of the International Disability Alliance, representing the world s 650 million persons with disabilities.. During that period, IDA expanded to include continental disability organisations like EDF, Asia- Pacific Disability forum and Arab organisation of Persons with Disabilities, Riadis from Latin America.. As chair of IDA, he had the opportunity to address the special session celebrating the coming into power of the CRPD at the UN General Assembly In New York, as well as the Human Rights Council in Geneva on behalf of the International Disability Alliance.. A part of Lex Grandia s work as president of WFDB, was to support the formation and development of national organisations of persons with deafblindness.. He supported the European Deafblind Union to be founded in 2003.. In October 2009 the Founding General Assembly of a new continental organisation the African Federation of the Deafblind (AFDB) took place.. Lex Grandia travelled a lot through all his international work.. Lex arranged a lot of training courses and held many lectures in many different meetings and events in Scandinavia, Europa and around the world.. When Lex Grandia had any spare time, he played the piano.. He also made sculptures in stone.. Lex Grandia died the 19th of April 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark.. He was buried the 28th of April in Aalborg.. May he rest in peace.. Secretary General..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference
    Descriptive info: Date and Place.. 2012-04-30.. WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference will be held in the Philippines.. Read more..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB NEWS
    Descriptive info: WFDB NEWS.. WFDB News No.. 2 July 2005.. 2005-11-28.. The 2nd issue of WFDB News is dedicated to the 8th Helen Keller Conference and 2nd WFDB General Assembly.. 1 January 2005.. The three years since the founding of WFDB and the entrance upon office of the first elected Executive Council, have been hectic, to say the least of it.. Needless to say, this fact has delayed the issuing of this newsletter.. However, better late than never..

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  • Archived pages: 203