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  • Title: WFDB: The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil
    Descriptive info: The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil.. 2005-11-30.. The Rights of the Deafblind in Brazil - by Alex García..

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  • Title: WFDB: Boletín Informativo de la FLASC
    Descriptive info: Boletín Informativo de la FLASC..

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  • Title: WFDB: Mundo Interior, ASOCIP, Peru
    Descriptive info: Mundo Interior, ASOCIP, Peru..

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  • Title: WFDB: 10th HKWC, 4th WFDB GA, 2013 - 2nd Announcement
    Descriptive info: [.. Download this document.. ].. 2nd Announcement.. 2nd Announcement: 10th Helen Keller World Conference and the 4th WFDB General Assembly.. Second Announcement.. World Federation of the DeafBlind, WFDB, 10th HKWC and 4th WFDB General Assembly will be held in the Manila area, Philippines November 6-11 2013.. Hosting organization.. National Council on Disability Affairs, NCDA.. Dates and programme.. Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th: Arrival days.. Wednesday 6th evening: Welcome reception.. Thursday 7th and Friday 8th: The Helen Keller world conference.. Saturday the 9th: Excursion day.. There will be different excursions to choose among.. Sunday 10th and Monday the 11th: WFDB GA.. Monday the 11th evening: Conference dinner with Philippine entertainment.. Tuesday 12th: departure day.. Venue.. We are still in negotiations with hotels in the Manila area regarding expenses and other details.. The third announcement will contain further information on venue and details regarding accommodation and expenses, in addition to a more detailed program for the world conference.. Conference fee.. The conference fee will be:.. 300 euros per person for deafblind participants.. 300 euros per person for interpreters/assistants from developing countries and for interpreters that does not get their costs covered.. 350 Euros per person for interpreters/assistants and others from developed countries.. The fee will includes welcome reception on the 6th, conference dinner the 11th, 5 days of lunches, 5 days of coffee/tea breaks, mineral water during the conference and conference material.. It does not include excursions, airport  ...   in education.. Accessibility and inclusion in technology.. Accessibility and inclusion in work.. Accessibility and inclusion in organizational work and meaningful leisure activities.. These are only proposals and open for additional subthemes.. Call for abstracts.. Abstracts of plenary presentations or workshops covering one of these areas, must be sent to the WFDB office at.. geir.. jensen@fndb.. no.. before 1st of May 2013.. All lectures must be held by people with deafblindness and will provide examples of how CRPD can be used and be of help for people with deafblindness in different aspects of their daily life.. The lectures will be given on voluntary basis and no financial or other compensation will be given to lecturers.. Additional information.. Meetings of General Assembly are open and consist of deafblind representatives representing the national members, see the WFDB constitution article 5.. Information about nominations and nomination form, for the different positions in WFDB have been sent out and are available at WFDB's web.. Applications and motions to be considered by the General Assembly must be received by May 1st at.. The agenda and all relevant documents related to the General Assembly will be sent to all members by the Secretary General at least four (4) months before the date of the meeting.. Welcome to the 10th HKWC and the 4th WFDB General Assembly 2013.. On behalf of Dr Sonnia Margarita Villacres Mejia, WFDB President,.. Geir Jensen.. Secretary General WFDB.. (2013-02-21)..

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  • Title: WFDB: Nomination of candidates for the WFDB Board and other positions
    Descriptive info: Nomination of candidates for the WFDB Board and other positions.. Date:.. February 1, 2013.. Dear friends and colleagues!.. The WFDB will hold 10th Helen Keller World Conference and its 4th General Assembly in Manila, Philippines, on November 6 - 11, 2013.. This upcoming General Assembly among others shall elect:.. a President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Treasurer;.. six Regional Representatives that shall be elected first-hand by the nations of the region Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and The Pacific;.. two Auditors;.. three members of the Election Committee for the next General Assembly.. We are contacting every WFDB National Member - and we hope to encourage you to propose  ...   Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 C 87, 20500 Turku, Finland.. Before nominating your candidates, please consider the following criteria that each candidate shall fit in order to be able to operate at the management of the WFDB:.. being available when needed;.. having regular access to e-mail, being able to read documents, answer, give opinions or make proposals as fast as possible in English with or without interpretation;.. being able to participate in e-mail discussions with or without interpretation;.. being able and willing to report on a regular basis to WFDB about regional or specific activities and to report international developments to own constituency;.. having an organization backing up their WFDB function..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB Nomination Form
    Descriptive info: WFDB Nomination Form.. The following nominations are proposed by:.. Name:.. Position at WFDB:.. Organization:.. Country:.. Note!.. To propose a candidate, please type his/her name and e-mail address!.. 1.. Proposal of nominations for the next Executive Council.. President:.. Vice President:.. Secretary-General:.. Treasurer:.. Regional Representative:.. 2.. Proposal of nomination for the  ...   Proposal of nomination for the position of Member of the next Election Committee.. Three Member of the Election Committee:.. Please send this Nomination Form no later than July 31, 2013 by e-mail to:.. or by regular post to the address:.. Riku Virtanen.. Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 C 87.. 20500 Turku.. Finland..

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  • Title: WFDB: 10th HKWC, 4th WFDB GA, 2013 - 1st Announcement
    Descriptive info: 1st Announcement.. Invitation for the 10th Helen Keller World Conference (HKWC) and the 4th World Federation of Deafblind (WFDB) General Assembly 2013.. WFDB will with this invite you to 10th HKWC and 4th WFDB General Assembly in the Manila area, Philippines October/November 2013.. We are at the time in conversations with interesting hotels in the Manila area about expenses and other details etc.. We will get back with further information about date, venue and details about accommodation,  ...   form, for the different positions in WFDB will be sent out in later announcements.. Applications and motions to be considered by General Assembly must be received by Executive Council at least twelve (12) months before the date of General Assembly.. The agenda and all relevant documents related to general Assembly will be sent to all members by the Secretary General at least four (4) months before the date of the meeting.. Best regards.. Secretary General WFDB.. fndb@fndb.. (2012-04-30)..

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  • Title: WFDB: World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB) 3rd General Assembly
    Descriptive info: Minutes.. World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB) 3rd General Assembly.. Munyonyo, Uganda, 26 October to 27 October 2009.. The 3rd General Assembly was hosted by the National Association of the Deafblind in Uganda (NADBU) in co-operation with WFDB.. It was held at "Speke" resort Munyonyo in Uganda.. There were 42 voting members present at the opening of the GA, amongst them 7 members of the Executive Council (EC) and 2 members of the Election-Committee.. 200 people participated the first day and 150 people participated the second day of the assembly.. The participants were guests from Deafblind International (DBI), World Blind Union (WBU), World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), Sense and Perkins, functionaries, interpreters, observers and others.. Lex Grandia, President of WFDB was chairperson of the General Assembly.. Opening.. Lex welcomed all participants and officially opened WFDB s 3rd General Assembly.. Greetings from guests.. Arnt Holte, Norway, the first Vice-President of the WBU sent greetings from WBU.. He talked about the good cooperation that exists between WFDB and WBU and how they are both global movements working to achieve the same goals.. Furthermore, he addressed the importance of a conference taking place in a developing country, how developed and developing countries can learn from each other's experience and how organisations can strengthen one another.. Lex addressed the Memorandum of Understanding between WFDB and DBI, before he introduced the next guest William Green, Italy, President of DBI.. William Green sent greetings and expressed support from DBI to WFDB.. He talked about how his participation on world conferences and general assemblies gave him newfound ambition for the work both organizations are doing.. Lex talked about guests and members that were not able to attend the general assembly.. Stig Ohlson, former President of WFDB wanted to send his regards as he could not attend due to difficulties in getting interpreters for travelling outside of Sweden.. Greetings were sent from Jan Jakes, the chairman of the Election Committee, who could not attend because of medical reasons.. Appointment of a person taking the minutes of the meeting.. William Green was appointed and elected the person taking the minutes of the meeting.. 4.. Identification of members.. Lex announced that WFDB had received two new applications for membership.. The applications were from a deafblind organisation in Congo and an organisation for the blind in Nigeria which is about to establish a subdivision of people with deafblindness.. The procedure for approval of new members is usually done by the EC; however, it is not against the constitution to approve applications at the General Assembly.. Both applications were approved by the General Assembly.. Ann Thestrup, Denmark, informed the delegates of the countries participating at the meeting and who their national delegates were:.. Argentina: Alejandra Carranza.. Bangladesh: Abdul Motaleb.. Belgium: Leo Cleyman.. Bolivia: Nora Gonzales.. Bulgaria: Dimitar Parapanov.. Burkina Fasso: Mohammadou Oudraegou.. Columbia: German Guererro.. Congo: Edouard Massamba.. Croatia: Sanja Tarczay.. Cuba: Renaldo Romeo.. Ecuador: Sonnia Margarita Villacrés.. Ethiopia: Roman Mesfin.. Finland: Seppo Jurvanen.. Guatemala: Edgar Bran Caterino.. Honduras: Adolfo Sanchez.. Hungary: Tamás Gangl.. Ivory Coast: Sansan Dah.. Japan: Satoshi Fukushima.. Kazakhstan: Timur Timirkhanov.. Kenya: Joash Imbwana.. Malawi: Ezekiel Kumwenda.. Mali: Noukany Bagayoko.. Netherlands: Ton Geers.. Nicaragua: Mireya Cisne.. Nigeria: Ibrahim Ajai.. Norway: Geir Jensen.. Peru: José Llong.. Romania: Elena Ghergell.. Russia: Sergey Sirotkin.. South Africa: André van Deventer (not present).. Slovenia: Petra Rezar.. Spain: Daniel Alvarez.. Sweden: Pontus Degsell.. Tanzania: David Shaba.. Uganda: Agnes Abukito.. United Kingdom: Colin Bennett.. Uruguay: Enrique Ramírez.. USA: Anindya Bhattacharyya.. Venezuela: Myriam Torres.. Zambia: Simate Simate.. Latin America Regional rep: Beatriz Vallejo.. Treasurer: Christer Nilsson.. President: Lex Grandia.. The attending national delegates received voting cards.. The General Assembly had 43 national delegates and EC members of whom 42 were present.. President Lex Grandia abstained from voting during the entire General Assembly.. The total number of voting members was 41.. Lex announced that if anyone wanted to nominate or withdraw a nomination before the election s/he should approach the Election Committee and Dimitar Parapanov, Bulgaria, as the nomination procedure would be closed at lunch time.. Lex explained the procedure for the voting cards on behalf of the Election Committee.. 5.. Approval of the agenda.. Lex informed the delegates of the agenda and asked if anyone had any comments.. It was suggested that after elections were made the agenda was missing a point of commitment for the new board.. Lex answered that it is not a point that is normally on an agenda, as it is commonly understood that any acceptance of a post is also a commitment to that post.. Agnes Abukito, Uganda, recommended that the elections should be looked at separately both from the reports and from the proposals on a UN International Deafblindness day.. The priorities of the WFDB should be discussed before the elections and then they could have the closing ceremony.. Lex explained that the purpose of the agenda was to deal with practical matters, then past and future issues.. Ibrahim Ajai from Nigeria said that he identified with the comments made and also wanted to go through the reports before the elections.. David Shaba, Tanzania, said he was missing a post on the agenda for constitutional remarks where the participants could discuss the Constitution.. Lex answered by referring to art.. 9 in the Constitution, where it states that Resolutions for amendments of the Constitution must be received by the EC 12 months before the date of the meeting of GA and it must circulated to all members 8 months prior to the GA as well.. Since there were no resolutions for amendments received by the EC within that time limit, there was no post on the agenda regarding this matter.. The agenda was approved by all delegates with no votes against.. 6.. Appointment of three persons to count the votes (in open and secret ballot).. Lex explained the functions of the vote counters and expressed the importance of appointing reliable persons.. Åshild Johansen from Norway, Tom Caldin from the USA and Satoru Iori from Japan were all suggested and appointed the three persons to count the votes.. There were no votes against.. 7.. Appointment of two persons to read and sign the minutes.. Colin Bennett from the UK and Kari Kristine Engan from Norway were suggested and appointed  ...   of the EC was:.. Africa:.. Ezekiel Kumwenda from Malawi.. Asia:.. Satoshi Fukushima from Japan.. Europe:.. Sanja Tarczay from Croatia.. Latin America:.. Alejandra Carranza from Argentina.. North America:.. Jeffrey Bohrman from the United States of America.. Pacific:.. Irene McMinn from Australia.. 18.. Election of the Regional Representatives.. All the nominated candidates for Regional Representatives were elected by acclamation.. 19.. Election of two Auditors.. There were three nominations for the two positions as Auditors; Carlos Jorge W.. Rodrigues from Brazil, Dimitar Parapanov and Agnes Abukito.. The candidates elected were Dimitar Parapanov with 27 votes and Agnes Abukito with 25 votes.. Carlos received 22 votes.. 39 envelopes were handed out and 39 returned, one spoiled and three blank.. 20.. Election of election committee three persons.. There were seven nominations for the three positions in the Election Committee.. The election gave the following result:.. Riku Virtanen from Finland.. 20 votes.. David Shaba.. 19 votes.. Myriam Torres from Venezuela.. 13 votes.. Colin Bennett from the UK.. Beatriz Vallejo.. 11 votes.. Adolfo Sanchez from Honduras.. 10 votes.. André Van Deventer.. Colin deferred to Myriam, which meant that there would be no re-election and Myriam received third place in the Election Committee.. The candidates elected were Riku Virtanen, David Shaba and Myriam Torres.. 34 envelopes were handed out and 34 envelopes were returned, with six blank.. 21.. Proposals.. a) Proposal to establish working groups in WFDB.. Lex explained that the purpose with working groups was to employ more people to work with deafblindness in the organisation.. The EC had developed rules for the working group which were presented.. Ideas of themes for working groups that were presented:.. Educational needs for persons with deafblindness.. Accessibility to information in communication.. Qualified personal assistants.. Standards for qualified interpreters.. Community based rehabilitation.. Poverty reduction.. The rights of women.. Deafblind persons with additional disabilities.. Young people with deafblindness and development of leadership skills.. After a short discussion Lex finished by welcoming other suggestions in the future.. Proposal to establish working groups in WFDB was approved with 36 votes, and no votes against.. b) Proposal to campaign for a UN International Day of Persons with Deafblindness on 27 June.. Lex said that this proposal would take a lot of energy because it would need the support of all other disability organizations and 192 governments.. Proposal to campaign for a UN International Day of Persons with Deafblindness on 27 June was approved with 34 votes, and 1 vote against.. 22.. Membership fee.. Lex presented the suggestion to increase the membership fee from 2013 and onwards to 100 for 4 years.. Suggestion of raising the membership fee to 100 for 4 years starting from 2013 was approved with 35 votes, and no votes against.. 23.. Report and decision on the proposal from the Resolution Committee.. The Resolution Committee's report with suggestions of a new resolution was presented by Beatriz Vallejo.. Pontus Degsell commented on how they should utilize the words people with deafblindness instead of deafblind people.. Lex agreed and said that would be the sentence that was more politically correct than the other.. Lex emphasised the fact that corrections in the resolution would be made at a later stage.. The Resolution was approved with 30 votes, and there were no votes against or no votes abstained.. Lex complemented the members of the Resolution Committee, and thanked them for a job well done.. After this, Colin Bennett made an inquiry about the suggestion he had made to the Resolution Committee, emphasising that it was a short resolution submitted in good time.. Beatriz responded, saying that all comments received by the Committee had been discussed.. She briefly explained that Colin s suggestion contained points about the usage of the loop system in the conference room and dining hall at WFDB s General Assemblies.. She said that the committee had discussed his proposal and had come to the conclusion that it would require too many resources and could create problems in relation to where meetings are held.. Lex explained that one of the reasons why the conference centre had been chosen was because many of the required things were in place.. He added that various considerations must be taken when renting a conference center and all changes may cost money.. Colin followed up, saying that he would have made a case for the resolution had it not been for the time constraints.. He also expressed his disappointment that the Committee did not put his resolution forward nor told him why they did not put it forward.. He said that his resolution would have saved money.. He ended his comments pinpointing that through the 21st century it should be expected that every modern conference room has an inbuilt loop system and that the point of the resolution was that, in the future, conference rooms lacking such equipment should not be considered.. Lex ended the dialog stating that in fact all conference centers should have loop systems according to the convention and that there is a lot of work to be done.. He suggested that maybe the friends of the hard-of-hearing movement should be involved.. 24.. Discussion about the priorities of WFDB for the next 4 years.. This point on the agenda was not discussed due to lack of time.. 25.. Place of the 10th Helen Keller World Conference and WFDB 4th General Assembly in 2013.. Lex announced that the Japanese Deafblind Association (JDBA) had offered to host the 10th Helen Keller World Conference and WFBD 4th General Assembly in 2013.. Satoshi Fukushima, leader of JDBA, confirmed the offer and wanted to welcome all members of WFDB to Japan in 2013.. To host the 10th Helen Keller World Conference and WFDB 4th General Assembly in Japan in 2013 was unanimously approved.. 26.. Closing of WFDB General Assembly.. President Lex Grandia closed the 3rd WFDB General Assembly by thanking the Election Committee, Resolution Committee and vote counters for their outstanding efforts.. He also thanked William Green for agreeing to keep the minutes, the National Association for Deafblind People in Uganda (NADBU) for hosting the assembly, and all the other participants.. Two keepers of the minutes:.. William Green.. Geir Jensen, Secretary-General.. Two persons to read and sign the minutes:.. Colin Bennett.. Kari Kristine Engan.. Date: June 20, 2011.. (2011-06-29)..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB 3rd GA Agenda
    Descriptive info: Agenda (item 5).. Appointment of a person taking the minutes of this meeting.. Appointment of three persons to count the votes.. in open and secret ballot.. Nominations of candidates for the presidency.. Nominations of candidates to the Executive Council.. President's report.. Vicepresident.. Secretary General's report.. Treasurer's report.. Auditors report.. Presentation of candidates to the presidency.. Regional reports.. Vice-President.. Secretary General.. Treasurer.. Presentation of candidates  ...   of the Executive Council.. Election of Election committee - three persons.. Proposal to establish working groups in WFDB.. Proposal to campaign for a UN International Day of Persons with Deafblindness on June 27.. Report and decision on the proposal from the Resolution committee.. Discussion about priorities of WFDB for the next 4 years.. Place of the next HKWC / WFDB GA in 2013.. (2011-11-28)..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB 3rd GA Candidates
    Descriptive info: List of Nominated Candidates (item 10).. Report to the item 10 of Agenda.. Electoral Committee informs about nominations.. The election committee invited, by e-mail that had sent through Ms Ann Thestrup on February 2009, all national, associate and individual members of the WFDB to propose nominations of candidates.. The original deadline was July 31, 2009 and was postponed until September 25, 2009.. In this term the election committee received altogether 54 nominations from 18 national members and 2 individual respondents.. All proposed persons were asked whether they accept their nominations.. Nominations were accepted by 17 candidates, 14 persons gave no response, and 23 persons declined.. The preliminary list of candidates was edited On October 14, 2009.. It contains names of 17 candidates who accepted nomination, and 14 names of persons who have not yet decided about their nomination.. This list has been handed out to the members of the election committee and delegates of the general assembly.. It may be modified during pre-election discussions at the general assembly.. The list has a form of a table with five  ...   respective candidate.. The fifth column contains information about acceptance of nomination.. The word "Yes" means that a candidate has accepted the nomination.. Prague October 15, 2009.. Jan Jakes.. Czech Republic.. Member of the election committee for the 3rd WFDB General Assembly.. No.. Candidate.. Position.. Nomination.. Accepted.. Lex Grandia.. President.. Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Czechia, Japan, Malawi, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Beatriz Vallejo.. yes.. Andre van Deventer.. Argentina.. no.. Sonnia Margarita Villacres.. Honduras.. Brazil, Colombia, Czechia, Ecuador, Japan.. Malawi.. Beatriz Vallejo de Fuentes.. Argentina, Beatriz Vallejo.. Carlos Jorge Rodrigues.. Nicaragua.. Australia, Czechia, Japan, Beatriz Vallejo.. Christer Nilsson.. Australia, Czechia, Ecuador, Norway, Sweden, Beatriz Vallejo, Christer Nilssen.. David Shaba.. Africa.. Abdul Motaleb.. Asia.. Bangladesh.. Satoshi Fukushima.. Japan, Beatriz Vallejo.. Europe.. Czechia, Norway.. Germán Guerrero Gutiérrez.. Latin America.. Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador.. Alejandra Carranza.. Edgar Reyes.. Beatriz Vallejo.. Jeffrey S.. Bohrman.. North America.. USA.. Irene McMinn.. The Pacific.. Australia, Beatriz Vallejo.. Agness Abukito.. Auditor.. Czechia, Malawi.. Argentina, Norway.. Czechia.. Carlos Jorge W.. Rodrigues.. Brazil.. Dimitar Parapanov.. Election Committee.. Ezekiel Kumwenda.. Czechia, Finland.. Adolfo Sánchez.. 27.. 28.. Claudia Sofia Indalecio.. Ecuador.. 29.. 30.. Sanja Tarczay..

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  • Title: WFDB: WFDB 3rd GA Presidents Report
    Descriptive info: The Vice President's Report by Sonnia Margarita Villacres (item 11b).. Expert Panel Representative Report.. By:.. Dr.. Sonnia Margarita Villacrés Mejia.. WFDB Vice President (2.. 005-2.. 009).. Dear Friends:.. Greetings on this opportunity to all of you.. I want to be present with a report as UN Expert Panel representative on the Standard Rules of Disable people I started my work as a representative on 2004, when my dear Stig Ohlson was the President at my first meeting in New York I was lucky to met all the representative of the disable groups that were advocating for the rights of the disable people and tried that the governments in their regions supported the work and the activities of the organization of disable people as well as to implement the Standard Rules.. I was lucky to participate in the sessions of the High Commissioner of the Human Rights for the Disable people when they were working on the Convention of the Disable.. That were intense working sections and the presentation of the diverse movements of the world that advocate their governments to support the Convention.. I had the great opportunity to talk, know and share information with the countries representatives at the UN.. The Special Repporteur of the disable Sheika Hissa Al Thani, always so kind introduced us into the work we had to do a regional research on the Standard Rules application in our countries.. I had 3 journeys to New York and one to Doha for UN Expert Panel meetings.. I could not attend other meetings for health reasons and for difficulties to get the visa as well as English interpreters We got material in English that were so long reports and not always related with the issues On one of the meetings we agree to create a "Special regional reporter" who was in charge to work on  ...   In May 2007 (by insistence of my friends form the World federation of the deaf) I was invited to the first Pan American congress in Panama and in it I participated in different meetings.. The regional representative from the WFDB was selected by the WFDB President Lex Grandia to be the representative in the Pan American level, I attend just as an observer, however I participated in different deliberations in which my friends invited me to.. I had the great surprise that the founders as well as other members of RIADIS invited me to be part of the meetings, but I could not because had to be back to my country.. Really this participation experience was so rich and let me know what is to be total deafblind and to aware the person that is a vital stage that requires a lot of support to be able to go forward.. I got support and respect from all the Panel partners and the Special Repporteur living with Lex Grandia and Andree Van Deventer so high the name of the WFDB, that did a very good job in the expositions when had to do that.. I appreciate this nice opportunity offer by WFDB to offer my services as a representative of a sub continent that is poor, go forward as well as a deafblind women group and the total deafblind ones.. Thanks to my dear Stig Ohlson whom was the first one in trusting my capacities to represent, as well to my dear respected Lex that continued giving me the opportunity and trust to represent them From year 2007 I had not attend any event of the Panel and its communications had been few.. Hope that will be the next WFDB representative at the Expert Panel will be success and to develop the best work Thank you very much.. (2012-02-08)..

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