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    Archived pages: 516 . Archive date: 2013-10.

  • Title: The Darkside
    Descriptive info: .. the gothic home page formerly at gothic.. -- a collection of gothic resources from all over, including an.. image database.. ,.. html-ized text files.. , a.. net-goth gallery.. club listing.. , as well as.. links to other resources.. the darkside gallery.. -- a gallery of some of my.. photographic works.. , and a bit of the older.. digital manipulations.. in.. adobe photoshop.. i do it for the enjoyment of the process than the output.. online 'zines.. -- an eclectic collection of 'zines from the net and beyond.. some are already in.. hypertext.. format, some have been converted to.. html.. by myself, while others are  ...   and various.. interviews and reviews.. collected from the net.. welcome to the dark side.. this area is simply my area to experiment and play with various hobbies and interests.. (read the.. disclaimer.. for all the details.. ) some of it fits neatly into categories - like the gothic stuff in on the gothic pages, siouxsie stuff in the siouxsie pages, and then, well there is everything else.. wander around and let me know what you think.. i have a.. guest book.. where you can sign in and leave your mark - its been collecting entries for more than ten years now.. rlw /.. vamp@vamp.. org..

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  • Title: VampLestat's Gothic Server formerly at Gothic
    Descriptive info: The initial project was to take the images in the goth archive and create a nice thumbnail database.. Needless to say, this place has expanded since then to become something even more pretentious.. Parts have grown and flourished, others have withered and died.. If you have any additions, suggestions or corrections please email me at.. You may also.. leave your mark in the guest book.. or check the (occasionally updated).. "What's New" page.. Enjoy!.. Over 230 thumbnail images.. (about 4k each) linked to the full size version.. The images are divided into sub-sections based on content.. The catch all page for.. various text documents.. , many from.. alt.. gothic..  ...   up to date.. There is a.. form.. to fill out for new entries -- if you know of a new club to add or know one is now dead please submit an update.. One of the more popular areas, and now also one of the most dated areas.. the net.. goth Gallery.. is a selection of pictures of various net.. goths (those that frequent.. , #gothic,.. about 7 years ago).. Other Gothic Resources.. is a collection of other WWW servers, FTP sites, individual home pages and general collections organized by others on the net -- just a list of links.. The.. real.. content is in the other sections.. rlw.. /..

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  • Title: Gothic Image Database
    Descriptive info: Gothic.. Image Database.. Alien Sex Fiend.. Christian Death.. Skinny Puppy.. Danielle Dax.. Death and Sandman.. Siouxsie And The Banshees.. Sisters of Mercy Photos.. Sisters of Mercy Artwork.. and then all other images.. Most of the images in this archive were collected from FTP sites on the net, including ftp..  ...   as by contributions from individuals on mailing lists, usenet newsgroups, and other web locations, and are collected and organized here to return the favor, as a contribution to those that made this possible.. If there is a problem related to the copyright of any of these images, please.. notify vamp@vamp..

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  • Title: Gothic Text Files Database
    Descriptive info: Text Files.. Info.. gothic FAQ file.. Corey's list of Gothic Music.. Christian Death - A Brief Introduction.. Christian Death - A History According to Valor.. Death In June Info File v1.. 0.. The Fields of the Nephilim FAQ File.. Gothic Addresses.. Joy Division FAQ and Discography.. A Potted History of Rosetta Stone.. Sisters of Mercy mailing list FAQ.. Misc.. Take A Bite -.. Issue 1,.. Issue 2.. Prayers to a Broken Stone -.. Issue 2,.. Issue 3,.. Issue 4,.. Issue 5.. Zombie - The Gibbering (tm).. Players Handbook.. and.. Readimator's Grimoire.. Helter Skelter by Ivo.. Spatial Boundaries, Etiquette and Interpersonal Interactions at a Gothic Club by William Bexton.. It's a Stage : Why death rock won't die by David Turin (LA Weekly).. LA Coroner's Office Merchandise.. Makeup Tips for the Bleak.. You might be a goth if.. "Death Rock Girl".. Interviews.. Christian Death Interview.. Cure's `big drink' on Orient Express.. Dead Can Dance Interview.. Sisters of Mercy - Sex And Violence.. Sisters of Mercy - SUB-LINE in Oct.. 1993.. Three Interviews with Sisters Of Mercy.. Siouxsie and The Banshees - Rapture.. Interview with London After Midnight's Sean  ...   but a memory' by Orion Wilson.. 'and old enough.. ' by Orion Wilson.. Again by Petro.. Homeless by Joel Crisp.. Sexus by A.. Dominy-Cusraque.. Built To Last by Orren Merton.. Reviews.. Alio Die : Under An Holy Ritual and Terrace of Memories : Terrace of Memories.. Black Tape for a Blue Girl : Ashes in the Brittle Air.. Black Tape for a Blue Girl : a chaos of desire.. Black Tape for a Blue Girl : Mesmerized by the Sirens.. Black Tape for a Blue Girl : Rope.. Eden : Healingbow.. Helios Creed : Busting Through The Van Allan Belt.. loveliescrushing : bloweyelashwish.. Lycia : A Day in the Stark Corner.. Lycia : Ionia.. Lycia : Wake.. Soul Whirling Somewhere : Eating The Sea.. The Tear Garden : Sheila Liked the Rodeo.. Thanatos : This Endless Night Inside.. Various : A Tribute to The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Forever.. Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z.. Brite.. Discographies.. Bauhaus.. Cocteau Twins.. Death In June.. Legendary Pink Dots.. Sisters of Mercy (Corey's).. Swans.. All text files are copyright the respective authors.. Reviews, discographies and other contributions welcome..

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  • Title: net.goth Gallery
    Descriptive info: net.. Consider this a net.. goth gallery for the Class of '94.. It has been ages since I've updated this page, and its rather pointless now to try and add any goth with an email address and a picture here, as thats pretty much everybody on the planet, rather than some nice elite group.. I'm not adding anyone new anymore, but feel free to poke around for a bit of nostalgia.. This paragraph used to read " This is the ever growing net.. goth - images of people from.. Sometimes  ...   using the FIG tag - now there's one tag that never happened, but should have.. In addition to the above individual pictures, there are also a few collections of group pictures.. An alt.. gothic photo album, if you will.. LA net.. goth pictures taken at Kontrol Faktory.. The infamous "Hat" pictures.. LA Goth trek to the Procession show.. The Kontrol Faktory Cyberball.. SF Goth trip to LA.. And a couple quick pics of the Perth Goths.. 6 Toronto goths at sanctuary.. Some Perth Goths.. and more of those Perth Goths..

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  • Title: The International Gothic Club Listing
    Descriptive info: International Club Listing.. The original text version of this list was begun by digitar digitar@io.. org many years ago.. This web version is now maintained by VampLestat.. org.. with many contributions.. I can't visit each club to confirm every entry (though it would be fun), so please help by verifying listings you know about.. You can submit a new club to the list by.. filling out the online form.. If you notice incorrect information (or the club has closed or changed format), please submit an update, accessible from a link at the bottom of that club's page.. These are a few of the most outdated listings - if you know if this club has closed or is still open, please check the listing and let me know.. The Gothic Virus Culture.. at Palma de Mallorca, in Palma, Spain (last updated 2005-09-01).. Disorder.. at Disorder, in Lisboa, Portugal (last updated 2005-09-05).. Elektroshock.. at Grand Central, in Baltimore, United States (last updated 2005-09-19).. There are currently 346 clubs in this listing.. A listing of.. recent additions and updates.. is available.. North America.. The Dark Room.. , Fayetteville, AR.. The Mausoleum.. , Fort Smith, AR.. Black Coffee.. , Phoenix, AZ.. Tranzylvania.. Pretty Vacant!.. , Scottsdale, AZ.. Asylum.. , Tucson, AZ.. The Chamber.. , Anaheim, CA.. Club Tyranny.. , Fresno, CA.. Bar Sinister.. , Hollywood, CA.. Perversion.. The Darkroom.. Release The Bats.. , Long Beach, CA.. Club Red Light.. , Los Angeles, CA.. Das Bunker.. Malediction Society.. Nightshift.. Wumpskate.. Adrenochrome.. , Mountain View, CA.. Nemesis.. Funeral.. , Pomona, CA.. Necropolis.. , Sacramento, CA.. The Asylum.. Trauma.. Darkwave Garden.. , San Diego, CA.. Sabbat.. Therapy.. , San Diego,CA 92110, CA.. 1984.. , San Francisco, CA.. Affliction.. Blackmail.. Bondage A-Go-Go.. Death Guild.. Die Maschinen.. House of Voodoo.. Spin THIS!.. Strangelove.. Satori.. , San Jose, CA.. Club Fate.. , Santa Cruz, CA.. Defiance.. The Box.. Disintegration Saturdays.. , Denver, CO.. Resonance.. Transmission Fridays.. Unscene.. Wreckroom.. Darkwave.. , Fort Collins, CO.. Flux.. , New Haven, CT.. Midian.. , Washington, DC.. Midnight.. Schadenfreude.. Communion.. , Wilmington, DE.. Moondance.. , Bradenton, FL.. Danse Noire.. , Gainesville, FL.. Factory.. , Jacksonville, FL.. Rapture.. , Lake Worth, FL.. The Kitchen.. , Miami, FL.. The Morgue.. , Orlando, FL.. Freak Fridays.. , Pensacola, FL.. The Castle.. , Tampa, FL.. Dies ist ein Kollektiv.. , West Palm Beach, FL.. DV8.. , Atlanta, GA.. Spectral Erosa.. , Augusta, GA.. Industrial Resurrection.. , Savannah, GA.. Flesh.. , Waikiki, HI.. Aphelion.. , Mount Vernon, IA.. Industria.. , Boise, ID.. Subversion.. , Champaign, IL.. Exit.. , Chicago, IL.. Neo.. Nocturna.. Stitches.. , Urbana, IL.. Freak Show.. , Indianapolis, IN.. Disco Macabre.. , Wichita, KS.. Main Street Lounge.. , Louisville, KY.. Sumshee's.. L Goes Dark.. , Baton Rouge, LA.. Assimilate.. , New Orleans, LA.. Jurassic Wednesdays.. Shadow Gallery.. Ceremony.. , Boston, MA.. Twitch.. Xmortis.. , Cambridge, MA.. Dark Intentions.. , Lowell, MA.. Haven.. , Northampton, MA.. Crypt.. , Somerville, MA.. Ascension.. , Baltimore, MD.. Plague.. , Portland, ME.. , Ann Arbor, MI.. Leland's City Club.. , Detroit, MI.. Absinthe.. , Hamtramck, MI.. SubCulture.. , Kalamazoo, MI.. Dark Wave Lounge.. , Mt.. Pleasant, MI.. Luna.. , Royal Oak, MI.. Industry.. , Westland, MI.. Bondage A Go Go.. , Minneapolis, MN.. Corrosion Element 27.. Hard Mondays.. Der Dritte Streik.. , St.. Louis, MO.. Requiem.. The 5th Circle.. , Asheville, NC.. Purgatory.. , Charlotte, NC.. Dracula's Daughter.. , Durham, NC.. Dirge Factory.. , Raleigh, NC.. Resurrection.. , Manchester, NH.. DecaDance.. , Newark, NJ.. Electro-Shock.. KGB.. , Albuquerque, NM.. Sanctuary.. , Las Vegas, NV.. The Attik.. Indulgence.. , Reno, NV.. Metamorphisiis.. Alien-Nation.. , Albany, NY.. The Abyss.. Hex.. , Brooklyn, NY.. Nokturna Sundays.. , Ithaca, NY.. Abstraction.. , Mineola, NY.. Albion.. , New York, NY.. Contempt.. The Black Abbey.. Vertex.. , Rochester, NY.. Decay NY.. , Utica,  ...   Dead and Buried.. Inferno.. Kryptorium.. Slimelight.. Synthetic Culture.. The Betty Ford Clinic.. Xtro.. The Coven.. , Luton, UK.. Ara Nights.. , Manchester, UK.. Sin City.. The Charnel House.. , Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.. Absolution.. , Northampton, UK.. Chains On Velvet.. , Norwich, UK.. Spellbound.. , Nottingham, UK.. The Wake.. Intrusion.. , Oxford, UK.. DropZone.. , Reading, RG1 8LG, UK.. Dead but Dreaming.. , Rotherham, UK.. sYn.. , Sheffield, UK.. Persecution.. , Stockton-on-Tees, UK.. Hex In The City.. , Wolverhampton, UK.. Darklands.. , York, UK.. Dark Friday.. , Berlin, Germany.. Dark Summer Nights.. Night of the Living Dead.. Guitarmen of Apocalypse.. , Bielefeld, Germany.. Ringlokschuppen.. Lurie Revival Party.. , Bochum, Germany.. Empire Of Darkness.. , Bochum-Langdreer, Germany.. Pagan Love Songs.. , Bochum-Langendreer West, Germany.. Schwarzer Samstag.. , Bottrop, Germany.. Alternative Crossing and Vampire Party.. , Chemnitz, Germany.. Dark Club Cologne.. , Cologne, Germany.. Dark Night.. , Dingolfing, Germany.. Dark Nights - Future Days.. , Donaueschingen, Germany.. 666.. , Dortmund, Germany.. Black Magic Night.. , Duesseldorf, Germany.. Pulp.. , Duisburg-Hochfeld, Germany.. Dungeon Day.. , Dusseldorf - Lierenfeld, Germany.. FoG valley.. , Erlangen, Germany.. GIP Gothic Industrial Party.. , Essen, Germany.. The Darkest Hours.. , Flensburg, Germany.. , Frankfurt, Germany.. Dead Kennys Party.. Wave Night.. , Freiburg, Germany.. DarkSideNight.. , Gera, Germany.. Creatures of the Night.. , Hamburg, Germany.. Pale Moon.. Stahlklang.. Labor.. , Hannover, Germany.. Shadowdance.. Wicked Wednesday.. , Heidelberg, Germany.. The Darkside.. , Kaiserslautern, Germany.. Kulturruine.. , Karlsruhe, Germany.. Dark Area.. , Kassel, Germany.. Druckkammer.. , Koblenz, Germany.. Dead Bodys Night.. , Koln, Germany.. Fields of new Honor.. Tanz der Nacht.. , Konstanz, Germany.. Devil Dance.. , Köln, Germany.. Dark Partys.. , Leipzig, Germany.. Der Keller.. , Leonberg, Germany.. Schattentanz.. , Leverkusen, Germany.. Thank god it's friday.. , Ludwigsburg, Germany.. Die Schwarze Nacht.. , Lueneburg, Germany.. Genesis.. , Mannheim, Germany.. Alternative Station.. , Minden, Germany.. Nerodom.. , Munich, Germany.. Pagan Loft Night.. Düstertag.. , Oberhausen, Germany.. Darkinspire Party.. , Paderborn, Germany.. Darksaar Night.. , Saarbrücken, Germany.. Tanzritual Nights.. , Saarlouis, Germany.. IndepenDance.. , Tübingen, Germany.. Ominous Echoes.. , Wuerzburg, Germany.. La Nuit Obscure.. , Zapfendorf/Bamberg, Germany.. BPM.. , Zwickau, Germany.. Vampire Party.. , Antwerp, Belgium.. Night of darkness.. , Waregem, Belgium.. Dark Obsession.. , Zurich, Switzerland.. More Than Mode Night.. Undead Dark Club.. , Barcelona, Spain.. Darkkold.. , Bilbao, Spain.. Dark Hole.. , Madrid, Spain.. Gothic Club 666.. La Cripta.. New Order Club.. Inertia sessions.. , Malaga, Spain.. , Palma, Spain.. Le Decadance Electronique.. , Valencia, Spain.. Carnage Dream.. , Paris, France.. Caves St.. Sabin.. Rebound.. , Athens, Greece.. Electrozone.. , Thessaloniki, Greece.. Nightmare at Nyar street.. , Budapest, Hungary.. Dominion.. , Dublin, Ireland.. Decadence.. , Bologna, Italy.. Shelter.. , Colturano, Italy.. , Milan, Italy.. Condor.. , Modena, Italy.. ObscureNight.. , Naples, Italy.. La Nuit De Sade.. , Posacco, Italy.. Anomalia Club.. , Prato, Italy.. Cencio's Club.. Siddharta.. Dark Moon Light.. , Rome, Italy.. Dunklezone gothic night.. Gothic Gotham Night.. , Torino, Italy.. Epicentre.. , Amsterdam, Netherlands.. Korsakoff.. Living in Oblivion.. Gates of Elyzium.. , Leeuwarden, Netherlands.. Rockz Gothic Night.. , Leidschendam, Netherlands.. Onderstroom.. , Nijmegen, Netherlands.. Redemption Goth Metal Club.. , Kristiansand, Norway.. Culto Club.. , Almada, Portugal.. Bouquet of Dreams Nights.. , Francelos, Portugal.. , Lisboa, Portugal.. Heaven's Gothic Bar.. , Porto, Portugal.. Synergy Nights.. Cafe Umbra.. , Cluj-Napoca, Romania.. Vogon Variety.. , Malmö, Sweden.. Lakritz.. , Norrköping, Sweden.. Cave Club.. , Stockholm, Sweden.. , Belgrade,.. Gothic Night at KST.. Gothic Night at Voodoo.. Africa.. Gotham.. , Cape Town, South Africa.. Zeplins.. , Pretoria, South Africa.. Asia and Australia.. Club Necromancy.. , Adelaide, Australia.. Faith.. , Brisbane, Australia.. Trout.. , Hobart, Australia.. Die Maschine.. , Sydney, Australia.. Dopamine.. , Haifa, Israel.. Black Veil.. , Osaka, Japan.. Alamode Night.. , Tokyo, Japan.. Club Inferno.. Club Walpurgis.. Junk Children.. Midnight Mess.. Tokyo Dark Castle.. 11/13/2009 13:09:25..

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  • Title: Gothic Resources
    Descriptive info: Resources.. 467 active links -.. whats new.. -.. random link.. Artwork.. Images, Photos, Sculpture.. Business.. Fashion, Jewelry, Sculpture.. Culture.. Subculture, Social, alt.. gothic.. Fashion.. Business, Tips, Guides.. Stuff, Stuff, Stuff.. Music.. Bands, Labels, Clubs.. People.. Netgoths, Historical, Stuff.. Regional.. Lists, Events, Clubs.. Vampire.. Fangs, Fangs, Fangs.. Writing.. Authors, Zines, Comics.. 2005-01-31 17:17:26..

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  • Title: Random Artwork
    Descriptive info: introducing my own artwork is odd, because people come to it with a variety of preconceptions of what it is when you call it "artwork" and yourself an "artist" or "photographer".. I'm simply someone that enjoys my hobbies and my website provides me a location to indulge myself and post the work I've done.. enjoy.. comments.. more than welcome.. Photography.. I've been shooting and printing my own work for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it.. Its something I do as a more serious hobby and  ...   satisfying.. I mostly print in black and white, though I've dabbled in color a bit.. I'm also particularly interested in older processes like cyanotypes and platinum printing.. Digital Manipulation.. In the past I used to work out my creative urges doing digital manipulations of existing works in photoshop.. Taking sources from random places and pushing the pixels around, watching the pretty colors and patters late at night when I needed to relax.. Again, most of the enjoyment was the process rather than the result.. It makes me happy..

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  • Title: Photography
    Descriptive info: my photography.. pinhole.. some photos taken with a home made pinhole camera.. artboard, tape, a brass shim and 4x5 film.. natasha.. pictures of my partner, natasha.. shapes.. a variety of black and white images chosen for the shapes made, more so than the subject matter.. I like the curves of the bridge with its shadow returning to form an ellipse.. entertainers.. i worked on a project for a while, taking pictures of  ...   manhattan.. christine.. a few shots from an exercise for a photo 1 class with my friend christine.. some of my earlier work, but I liked a number of the results.. architecture.. european architecture.. some of my earlier black and white work.. alt printing.. images printed with alternative techniquies.. in this case, cyanotype.. color.. a bit of color negative photography.. i like the some of the results, but i enjoy the monochrome processes more..

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  • Title: Online 'Zines
    Descriptive info: the following items are links to a number of online zines that i've discovered and found to be particularly entertaining.. they cover a wide variety of topics, from art to technology, cyperpunk and gothic subsculture, and probably in someway represent my interested.. some are originally in hypertext format, while others have been/will be converted to html.. Prayers to a Broken Stone.. : an goth e-'zine written by Corey that comes out at random intervals, with interviews, reviews, etc.. There are currently 5 issues out, though he hasnt written a new issue in while.. Issue 1.. Issue 3.. Issue 4.. Take A Bite.. :  ...   place recently.. Issue 3 is a collection of some new material and older stuff from 1 and 2.. TAB has been replaced with.. Aircrash Monthly.. Issue 3 (TAB 95).. Crank.. : a vaguely cyberpunk, but very Generation-X zine written by an angst ridden AOL'er in Pennsylvania.. Very Un-PC, very good.. HTML versions have gone missing, but here are links to the nice color PDF versions.. Issue 6.. Issue 7.. Stream-of-Consciousness.. : a online art/poetry web zine, formed entirely of inline and external images.. Issue 1 (1993 Jan 1).. Issue 2 (1993 Mar 26).. Issue 3 (1994 Oct 21).. Issue 4 (1995 Aug 1)..

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  • Title: Siouxsie And The Banshees Home Page
    Original link path: /Siouxsie/index.html
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