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  • Title: Valencia Travel Guide - Travel to Valencia
    Descriptive info: .. VALENCIA TRAVEL.. YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE TO VALENCIA.. Valencia.. Guide.. Maps.. How to get.. Getting.. Transports.. Things to do.. Attractions.. Parks and Gardens.. Nightlife.. Restaurants.. Weather.. Photos.. Hotels.. What to do in Valencia?.. Eating.. Shopping.. City of Arts and Sciences.. Valencia Street Circuit.. Culture.. Recipes.. History.. Museums.. Art Exhibitions.. Fallas.. Excursions.. Gandia.. Javea.. Sagunto.. Requena.. Education.. Schools.. MBA programs.. Learn spanish.. Living.. Health care.. Real estate.. Moving.. Translations.. Insurance.. Job search.. Employment Agencies.. Activities.. Sports.. Golf Courses.. Search Hotels.. Find Apartments.. Rent a Car.. Valencia Travel Guide - Travel to Valencia.. is one of the most beautiful and historical cities of the world, it is located in the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsulathe on the shores Turia River in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, Spain.. It is considered the third most important city in Spain and third largest city in Spain.. is a city full of traditions and festivities.. Among these festivities, the most important is the local festivity of the Falles or.. Las Fallas.. , well-known worldwide.. Among the traditions, the most important is the Water Court or.. El Tribunal de las Aguas.. declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the traditional Valencian dish is.. Paella.. , originated in the Valencia Community.. Valencia attractions.. The city has a very rich history, which is impressed in the beautiful and extended historic center.. Its historical and monumental heritage and the diverse scenic and cultural sites make of the city a great tourist international destination.. The most representative Valencian monuments are.. The Miguelete, the Cathedral, the Serrano's and Quart's Towers, the Lonja de la Seda, and The city of Arts and Sciences.. Some of these monuments were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996.. Valencia is also full of museums, among the most representatives we must mention: The Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia, City of Arts and Sciences, Prehistory Museum of Valencia, The cathedral museum, Institute of Modern Art of Valencia.. Besides the archeological monuments,.. is known as the.. city of the flowers.. , it counts with many beautiful landscapes, gardens and parks such as the Turia garden, The Botanic Garden, The Royal Gardens, and The Ayora Garden among others.. Nowadays, Valencia has grown rapidly becoming an economic and financial leader in Spain; this progress is result of the tourism and the construction industry.. One of these constructions was.. the city of Arts and Sciences.. that was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela and constructed by the engineers Alberto Domingo y Carlos Lázaro; it attracts more than 4 million people each year.. Come  ...   availability.. Country.. Select.. Andorra.. United Arab Emirates.. Afghanistan.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Anguilla.. Albania.. Armenia.. Netherlands Antilles.. Angola.. Antarctica.. Argentina.. American Samoa.. Austria.. Australia.. Aruba.. Aland.. Azerbaijan.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Barbados.. Bangladesh.. Belgium.. Burkina Faso.. Bulgaria.. Bahrain.. Burundi.. Benin.. Saint Barthelemy.. Bermuda.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bolivia.. Caribbean Netherlands.. Brazil.. Bahamas.. Bhutan.. Bouvet Island.. Botswana.. Belarus.. Belize.. Canada.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. The Democratic Republic of The Congo.. Central African Republic.. Congo.. Switzerland.. Cote d'Ivoire.. Cook Islands.. Chile.. Cameroon.. China.. Colombia.. Costa Rica.. Cuba.. Cape Verde.. Curaçao.. Christmas Island.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Germany.. Djibouti.. Denmark.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Algeria.. Ecuador.. Estonia.. Egypt.. Western Sahara.. Eritrea.. Spain.. Ethiopia.. Finland.. Fiji.. Falkland Islands.. Micronesia.. Faroe Islands.. France.. Gabon.. United Kingdom.. Grenada.. Georgia.. French Guiana.. Guernsey.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Greenland.. Gambia.. Guinea.. Guadeloupe.. Equatorial Guinea.. Greece.. S.. Georgia and the S.. Sandwich Islands.. Guatemala.. Guam.. Guinea-Bissau.. Guyana.. Hong Kong.. Heard and McDonald Islands.. Honduras.. Croatia.. Haiti.. Hungary.. Indonesia.. Ireland.. Israel.. Isle of Man.. India.. British Indian Ocean Territory.. Iraq.. Iran.. Iceland.. Italy.. Jersey.. Jamaica.. Jordan.. Japan.. Kenya.. Kyrgyzstan.. Cambodia.. Kiribati.. Comoros.. St.. Kitts.. Democratic People's Republic of Korea.. Republic of Korea.. Kuwait.. Cayman Islands.. Kazakhstan.. Lao People's Democratic Republic.. Lebanon.. Saint Lucia.. Liechtenstein.. Sri Lanka.. Liberia.. Lesotho.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Latvia.. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.. Morocco.. Monaco.. Republic of Moldova.. Montenegro.. Saint Martin.. Madagascar.. Marshall Islands.. Macedonia (FYROM).. Mali.. Myanmar.. Mongolia.. Macao.. Northern Mariana Islands.. Martinique.. Mauritania.. Montserrat.. Malta.. Mauritius.. Maldives.. Malawi.. Mexico.. Malaysia.. Mozambique.. Namibia.. New Caledonia.. Niger.. Norfolk Island.. Nigeria.. Nicaragua.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Nepal.. Nauru.. Niue.. New Zealand.. Oman.. Panama.. Peru.. French Polynesia.. Papua New Guinea.. Philippines.. Pakistan.. Poland.. Pierre.. Pitcairn Island.. Puerto Rico.. Palestinian Territory, Occupied.. Portugal.. Palau.. Paraguay.. Qatar.. Reunion.. Romania.. Republic of Serbia.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. Saudi Arabia.. Solomon Islands.. Seychelles.. Sudan.. Sweden.. Singapore.. Helena.. Slovenia.. Svalbard & Jan Mayen Island.. Slovakia.. Sierra Leone.. San Marino.. Senegal.. Somalia.. Suriname.. South Sudan.. Sao Tome and Principe.. El Salvador.. Sint Maarten.. Syrian Arab Republic.. Swaziland.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Chad.. French Southern Territories.. Togo.. Thailand.. Tajikistan.. Tokelau.. East Timor.. Turkmenistan.. Tunisia.. Tonga.. Turkey.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tuvalu.. Republic of China Taiwan.. United Republic of Tanzania.. Ukraine.. Uganda.. US Minor Outlying Islands.. United States.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vatican City State.. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.. Venezuela.. British Virgin Islands.. U.. S.. Virgin Islands.. Viet Nam.. Vanuatu.. Wallis and Futuna Islands.. Samoa.. Republic of Yemen.. Mayotte.. South Africa.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. State.. Check in.. Check out.. Guests.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Rooms.. 0.. About us.. |.. Contact us.. Privacy.. Legal terms.. Disclaimer.. 2005 - 2013 - All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Maps of Valencia
    Descriptive info: Maps of Valencia.. Valencia maps.. are important, especially if one wants to explore the city for the first time; below we offer you some Valencia maps with its location district distribution, tourist attractions, monuments, museums, gardens, leisure centers, places of interest, sports, transport stations, main streets and more in order to help you don’t get lost during your trip.. Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Mediterranean Spain, and it was the most important sea  ...   other attractions captivates people worldwide.. Click on the maps to enlarge them.. Valencia Map.. OTHER WORLD MAPS.. World.. is a website where you can search for any world map for any part of the world.. World Maps has tried to cover the world in various groupings, travel maps showing various destinations within a particular country; and many more map themes.. Also you have the possibility to view the.. Flags.. of the world in our section World Flags..

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  • Title: How to get Valencia
    Descriptive info: How to get Valencia.. Valencia by Plane.. Valencia Airport.. The Manises Airport (Aeropuerto de Manises) is served by a barrage of national and low-cost carriers, with daily flights arriving from London, Dublin, Paris and Berlin among other destinations as well as from airports throughout Spain including the Balearic Islands.. The airport has just one, triple-level terminal that comes with good passenger facilities.. Cash machines and bureaux de change are located on the first two levels, along with a post office on the mid-level.. There is also a café and three restaurants as well as a range of shops and duty-free outlets.. The metro line to the aiport has just been completed and this is now the easiest way to and from the airport, plus the cheapest - 1,25.. Alternatively, and if you don't want to take a taxi (16-17 to the city centre), you can catch the bus shuttle.. Once you are out of the departures, goes every 20 min from 6am to 10pm everyday, and costs, approximately, 2.. 50€.. The bus will take you allmost to the centre in 20 minutes - just behind the train station.. From there you can walk into the centre or catch the metro nearby (Xátiva Station).. Valencia by Train.. Valencia Train Station.. One of the best options for getting to Valencia from major urban centres in Spain is to take the train.. The Spanish rail network offers a fast and  ...   that run to Valencia from Madrid, a 4,5 hours trip; 10 daily buses from Barcelona, a five-hour journey; as well as five services from Malaga, which take eight hours.. Valencia’s main bus station is the Estació Terminal d'Autobuses on Av.. de Menéndez Pidal 13, which is located north of the city centre.. And you can take the Metro from there to any part of the city.. Valencia by Ferry.. Estació Maritim Valencia.. If you are on the Balearic Islands of Majorca or Ibiza, Transmediterránea ferries run services to Valencia throughout the week in the high spring and summer seasons; the journey takes six hours from Majorca and three hours from Ibiza.. The Transmediterránea office is located at Estació Marítim at Valencia port and bus number 19 run to and from here to Plaza del Ayuntamiento in the city.. Valencia by Car.. Valencia is well fed by roads from all compass points.. The main A7 motorway approaches Valencia from the north and the south, with direct access from Barcelona and Alicante respectively.. The A7 reaches as far north as the French border and links up with the French A9.. When approaching Valencia from the north, fork off from the A7 and join the N221 or the N34 for the city.. The N340 also comes in from the south from the A7.. If driving from Madrid, take the busy E901/N111 and the A3, a three to four hour journey..

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  • Title: Getting around Valencia
    Descriptive info: Getting around Valencia.. Valencia is a perfect city for a tourist, it's not big neither small.. Most of their narrow streets are definitively best explored on foot and almost all of their main sights are easy reachable by walking, because they are near one to each other.. However, it is a good idea to take a bus to go to those places which are a little bit further like "The City of Arts and Sciences" or the "Llac Albufera", fortunately, it has a very efficient, cheap and easy-to-use transport public service.. As an option, it is possible to buy a city transit pass which is valid for about three days that allows you to use boundlessly buses, trams, and the subway system and additionally offers discounts for some selected attractions.. It is also available a very useful tourist information office which is always willing to answer any of your doubts.. People who drives the taxis in Valencia are friendly and respectful, they will help you if you are having problems to communicate what you want, They are always willing to give you an advice about the city or give you a free map.. Valencia owns a valuable history, therefore, possess lots of glorious  ...   it is a famous place, known by its rich historical heritage.. Its major economic and tourism activity is the production of citrus fruits; if you go there you must visit its Castle and the Roman Theatre.. Gandía.. , which is known for its beaches, It is a recently restored city, that constitute a perfect place to walk, many of its streets are pedestrians If you go there, you must visit the "Colegiata" or "Seu", the first church that was built in the city.. La Albufera.. , this place is a sweet water lagoon which constitutes an important nature preserve for animal and plants.. The Carmen Quarter.. , it is the bohemian quarter in the city, the ideal place to go dancing and have fun at night, it offers all kinds of bars and restaurants.. Valencia Cathedral.. , an amazing building in the Old quarter of the city.. Nova Tabarca.. , an island that features the historical remnants of past times, such as an eighteenth century fortress.. La Lonja.. , which homes several Valencian famous attractions, such as the "Palacio de la Generalidad", "Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas", "the Plaza de Manises" and the "Campanil de la Iglesia de Santa Catalina bell-tower"..

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  • Title: Transports in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Transports in Valencia.. Valencia has a compact centre which is connected to the outer areas of Valencia by their wide boulevards.. It has an efficient transport system, but it's easier to explore the city on foot because most of their main sights are relatively close.. Valencia by Metro.. Valencia Tram.. The city has a small metro system but it is constant expansion, this system consists in three lines and links the city centre with residential suburbs and it doesn't have any stop within the Old City, the service is available from 5.. 30 am to midnight.. The closest station to the city centre is called "Pont de Fusta" and the most important line for tourists is Line 4, because it links the city centre with the beach at Malvarrosa.. Tickets are available from machines located on the stations; you can also find metro line maps at tourist offices and stations.. Besides single journey tickets, there are also available tickets for multiple journeys and monthly or 10 journey travel cards.. It costs 1.. 25 per trip.. Website:.. Metro Valencia.. Valencia Bus.. There are several bus lines covering the entire city, most of them are red.. There is an excellent local bus network which offers a comfortable ride, the buses  ...   in Valencia; their cost is normally cheaper than other large cities in Europe.. The color of a taxi in Valencia is generally white, and, if it has a green light on its roof it means that it is available so you are free to hire it.. If you are planning to stay in Valencia for a while, a car could be necessary in order to get out and explore the place.. It is necessary to know that the city centre is often subject to traffic jams and Parking in the centre city is very difficult.. Driving schools in Valencia.. Driving schools teach driving, and road safety.. In the.. driving schools.. directory you will find information about road safety, driving knowledge, vechicles and equipment.. A driver training course, or hight-school driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills, and attitudes you need to be a safe, and responsible driver.. Traffic schools in Valencia.. Improve your driving skills and possibly get a ticket dismissed or your insurance premium reduced.. Taking a.. traffic schools.. course can also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums.. And, of course, if your driving skills just need a tune up, you can sign up to improve your driving techniques..

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  • Title: Things to do in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Things to do in Valencia.. offers to visitors lots of.. things to do.. ; you'll find different kinds of activities from cultural to funny and relaxing activities for all ages and budgets.. The city houses several places such as beaches, historical and cultural places, art galleries and museums an also areas in which you can take a rest.. It'll depend on the season that you are planning to visit Valencia for example during spring or fall you’ll find most activities to enjoy the trip even more because in these months the weather allows to take a good sun-bath, hiking, and do all kinds of outdoors activities.. We recommend a list of interesting things you can do when you'll go to Valencia, those are detailed below:.. Visit The Cathedral in Valencia Spain.. The Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia or Saint Mary's Cathedral is a Roman catholic church is a place that every visitor to Valencia must know.. The cathedral is mainly a Gothic building and although the several restorations, it is in a good state of preservation.. It's the mother Church of the Christian community in Valencia and although it's not a museum there are many interesting things to contemplate such as: 15th century paintings and other art works; you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the city in all direction from the bell tower of the cathedral.. Visit The City of Arts and Sciences.. The City of Arts and Sciences is surely one of the main attractions of the city for locals and foreign people.. It's a huge complex as its name suggests it's like a town so it'll take you much more than two hours to take a look at the place in which technology, architecture, cosmology, arts, music, math, education and all the science in general are gathered together in harmony..  ...   best beaches in Spain; although most of them aren't really walking distance from the city, we guarantee that it'll worth the travel by bus to a really good beach.. Some of the most popular beaches in Valencia are: La Malvarrosa beach, an urban beach with fine and golden sand and facilities for disabled people; Cabañal- Arenas features besides the sand, beautiful amusement areas for children; Pinedo Beach is an open beach with a great environment; El Saler beach is the nearest good beach to Valencia with 6 kilometers of sandy beach and it's widely known as a great quality beach.. Other Beaches are: Davesa Beach, Perellonet Beach, L'Ahuir Beach, Miramar Beach, Norte de Gandia / Gandia Beach, Rafalcaid Beach and El Racó.. Enjoy the Valencia nightlife.. Valencia nightlife is one of the things to do in Valencia you cannot miss; although it's not well-known among tourists, Valencia has several places to enjoy each night of your stay in Valencia.. The historic Barrio Carmen is the best area where one can experience parties in Valencia; you'll find discotheques, bohemian bars, clubs, and more.. Other key areas of nightlife in Valencia are: Canovas, Aragon, Malvarrosa and Heron City.. Other attractions.. Serrano Towers.. : These 15th century towers were once part of the old city walls, and now they are considered to be the largest Gothic city gateway in Europe.. Plaza del Mercado.. : The Plaza del Mercado is a well-known destination due to the interesting buildings located there: The Silk Market that is Patrimony of the Humanity, The Santos Juanes Church and The Central Market.. La Tomatina.. :You can enjoy this festival in the Valencian town of Buñol; it consists in throwing tomatoes at each other participant.. Bullfight in the Plaza de Toros.. : The Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a bullring used for some of the most important bullfights..

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  • Title: Attractions in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Attractions in Valencia.. include some of Europe's most awesome architecture, museums, sights and tourist places that you must visit during your trip to Valencia, Spain.. The City of the Arts and Sciences.. The city of the Arts and Sciences.. is an amazing place, a complex of buildings (considered as the city within a city) famous worldwide for the stunning architecture that receives more than 4 million visitors every year.. This complex was designed by.. Santiago Calatrava.. to receive visitors without any charge; the city is made up of the following places:.. L'Hemisferic: It's an amazing place for entertainment, where you can enjoy adventures through spectacular images in Imax Cinema Dome, Planetarium and Laserium.. Prices and further information.. L'Hemisferic prices.. Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe: It's a Science museum famous for being the spot for interactive science; it's considered as the best option to know in a didactic and entertaining way everything about life, science and technology in order to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in people.. Museum prices.. L'Oceanografic: It's an open-air oceanographic park, considered as the largest aquarium in Europe divided into 4 aquatic environments: Mediterranean, wetlands, Tropical, Oceans, and Red Sea.. You can  ...   in.. Plaza de la Reina.. and hosts the oldest museum in the city.. It also has a bell tower attached to the cathedral, which offers awesome views of Valencia.. Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda).. This place has a beautiful interior and is located not far away from the.. Basilica de la Virgin de los Desamparados.. ; this place is where silk merchants used to exchange their works.. Plaza de la Virgen.. The Plaza de la Virgen hosts of two Patron Saints of Valencia (The Virgin de los Desamparados and San Vicente Martir), it's a beautiful square hosts the Basilica de la Virgin, many bars, cafes, nightclubs; and this square also hosts many celebrations.. Torres de Serranos.. Serranos Torres.. are located at the old north gate of the town and they were built in 1394 with a defensive function in mind until they were used as prison for the nobility.. Nowadays, you can enjoy splendid views of the city and the river Turia from its terraces.. The Botanic Garden.. It's a beautiful Garden that was built for studying medicinal plants of the University of Valencia.. It's a spectacular green space and the oldest.. Botanical gardens.. in Europe..

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  • Title: Parks and Gardens in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Parks and Gardens in Valencia.. Valencia is a city that can boast of its numerous parks and gardens.. These extensive greenbelts in addition to embellish the cityscape, they have become a point of meeting and spreading to all people.. The large variety of plants and vegetables joined to a long floral tradition explains why Valencia is known as "The city of flowers and light".. Aquópolis.. Aquópolis is an aquatic park located in Valencia, its antique name was Acuasol, in spite of this name change the entertainments it offers are the same.. Among these attractions we can mention their water chutes, the Kamikaces "Himalaya", the Black Hole, the "Perezosos", the Niagara river in which can go over the swimming pools aboard a floater, the waves swimming pool, etc.. Cabecera Park.. It was inaugurated in the 2004 year, it is located in the end of Turia river.. The principal attraction is an enormous artificial lake lake located in the central part, because all the other attractions are around it.. It also has an open auditorium, paths and lanes to run or to go in bicycle, a jetty, a bar, an infantile game zone, artificial mountains and the "Molí del Sol".. It is the ideal place to pass the Sunday with your family, practice sports, give a walk or take your children to play.. The western Park.. The park is located in the Cid Avenue, it was made in the plot of land of the quarters of the Air Force, for this reason it was built the cabecera monument.. Inaugurated in 1995, and it has an auditorium for concerts, ice rinks and another spreading facilities.. Orriols park.. It was inaugurated in September 2000, it is located in a new zone of Orriols's neighborhood, it intends to give to this neighborhood a spreading and recreation zone and at the same time to oxygenate a place of recent urban expansion, where live many young couples with little children..  ...   with numerous benches, wastepaper baskets, drinkable- water sources, zones for the pets and according to the stretch, bars, sports infrastructures and infantile games.. Jardines de Real (Viveros) - Park / Garden in Valencia.. "Los Jardines del Real" are also known as "Los Jardines de Viveros".. It is a beautiful and extensive garden that lodges a great variety of vegetable species; it is frequented by Valencian people as well as tourists.. It recreates different environments and it is accompanied by numerous sculptures, water fountains, ponds and diverse facilities such as an adventure playground or the zoo in which felines, bovines, equines, monkeys and another species are contemplated , it also lodge the Natural sciences museum.. "Los Jardines del Real" comprises diverse zones, such as "La Rosaleda", which is an ample circular space in which grow hundred of multicolored roses, the great cage of birds, the pond or the children's park, among others.. La Glorieta.. This is the oldest garden in Valencia; the garden features famous statues, sculpted fountains and regional plants.. It is the perfect place to stay for a while and read a good book on a bench.. Jardines de Monforte.. It is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and they form part of the national artistic treasure they are located in "La Plaza of the Legion Española", near to "La Alameda" and "Los Jardines del Real".. In spite of being located in one of the highest circulated zones is famous by its tranquility and quietness.. It has a neoclassical style but also possesses romantic aspects; its landscape is adorned by beautiful Italian sculptures, ponds, etc.. El Paseo de la Alameda.. "El Paseo de la Alameda" includes about one kilometer along the bridges "Real" and "Aragón".. It is a place which is full of beautiful trees, most of them large-sized, antique and very robust.. The antique style of the garden is keep by two towers dedicated to St.. Felipe and San Jaime..

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  • Title: Nightlife in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Nightlife in Valencia.. Valencia Nightlife.. is part of Spain nightlife that boasts some of the most popular cities when it comes about nightlife, cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are widely known for their celebrations and parties; although Valencia nightlife it's not popular as those cities, nightlife in Valencia is a party that seems to go on forever, especially in weekends that locals call La Movida.. La Movida.. in Valencia is a phenomenon among youth; all young people go to discotheques, bars and pubs, which boast a nice environment.. You’ll find many people  ...   scattered in the city center; and other popular areas to spend all week long, of course you'll find many establishments crowded especially in Saturdays and Fridays although most of them don't start filling up until midnight.. One of the most popular places in Valencia is.. (The Carmen Quartier); this historical neighborhood is full of restaurants to suit all tastes, bars, nightclubs and more.. Many people enjoy of dancing cobbled streets from one bar to the next.. This part of Valencia is considered as the bohemian quarter with a mixture of art, decadence and hedonism..

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  • Title: Restaurants in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Restaurants in Valencia.. Valencia is the perfect place to enjoy of a delicious dinner and a good wine.. This city has acquired its own personality and offers a first level quality service which had made the gastronomy and Valencian food internationally known.. Rice and fish are the basis of its gastronomy.. The most representative dishes, of course, are the "paella" and the "tapas" which can be found in any restaurant.. Normally, different kinds of paellas are served each of them with a particular taste.. However, the Valencian gastronomy tries to break myths and traditions, the restaurants show that not everything must be paella; in many restaurants around the entire city you can eat different kinds of food, Valencian as well as Mediterranean and international food.. There are more than one hundred restaurants in town; they offer  ...   hours, you also have to know that is very usual to wait for a awhile to have a table.. Popular restaurants in Valencia.. Here we have a list of restaurants that you can visit:.. Ca Sento Restaurant.. , it has become a reference of the Valencian and Spaniard gastronomy.. It offers a gastronomy based on a fusion of traditional Mediterranean ingredients and new experimental flavors.. Morgado Restaurant.. , it offers typical Spaniard food, it is one of the best in Valencia.. It is also very small, so, it is very commendable to make a reservation for a table in advance.. We also recommend to visit these places: Rías Gallegas, Morgado, Oscar Torrijos,La Sucursal, El paso, El Plat, Gargantua, La Riua, La Riuà, Civera, LaLola, Los Patos, Palace Fesol, La Pepica, Eladio, El Gourmet, El Timonel, etc..

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  • Title: Weather in Valencia
    Descriptive info: Weather in Valencia.. Valence possesses a very friendly weather and doesn't have extreme temperatures; the yearly average temperature is approximately 18 centigrade degrees.. Its temperatures oscillate between the 12 degrees in winter, it means January, and 25 to 27 degrees in the summer, it means between July and August.. The summer lasts for two months and the winter has  ...   this means that all the year is possible to go out and take a walk in the Valencian streets while enjoying the fresh air.. The wonderful weather of Valencia permits to have over 300 sunny days in a year, however its rains use to be very intensive and they concentrate in autumn, the most rainy months are October and November..

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