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  • Title: VACTERL Network
    Descriptive info: .. The VACTERL Network.. Sharing Similarities Celebrating Differences.. We would like to welcome you to this website.. The purpose of this organization is to help ensure that families have the assistance they need in order to support their children with VACTERL and young adults living with VACTERL.. VACTERL has a direct impact on an entire family, including siblings, grandparents, and extended family members, and crosses all areas of life.. We intend to address the needs of the entire family.. We  ...   of information, ideas and brochures.. Parent-to-parent networking.. VACTERL Awareness.. MISSION STATEMENT.. The VACTERL Network was established to provide support to families who have a child born with VACTERL/VATER or adults with VACTERL.. The purpose of our organization is to share resources, tips and information among the families.. We are a resource to individuals to help make the journey with VACTERL as easy as possible.. The information provided within this website is not intended to serve as medical advice.. Site Visits:.. 67504..

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