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  • Title: Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: .. Santa Clara Valley Water District.. Home.. Services.. Clean Reliable Water.. Where Does Your Water Come From?.. Water Charges.. Drinking Water Quality.. Water Supply Planning.. Projects.. Flood Protection.. Flood Protection Resources.. Flood Safety Tips.. Text alerts.. Sandbag sites.. Flood Protection Stream Stewardship Master Plan 2010.. Federal Flood Insurance Program.. ValleyWater@Work.. Natural Flood Protection.. Tidal Flooding.. Levee Safety.. Flood Reports.. Healthy Creeks and Ecosystems.. Watersheds.. Taking Care of Streams.. Trails and Open Space Program.. 2013 Comprehensive Stewardship Grant Program.. Watershed Stewardship Grant Program.. Environmental Enhancement Program.. Pollution Hotline.. Watershed Management Initiative.. Programs.. Water Conservation.. Adopt A Creek.. Teachers Students.. Clean Safe Creeks Plan.. Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP).. Creekside Property Program.. Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan.. Technical Information.. ALERT real-time data.. HEC-2/HEC-RAS.. Hydraulic Design Manual.. GIS Data.. Vertical Control Network.. Fuel Leaks and Solvents.. Newsroom.. News Releases.. Storm Watch Resources.. Newsletters.. Newsletter sign-up.. Publications.. Neighborhood Work Notices.. Traffic Impacts.. Public Review Documents.. Library and Reference.. Public Records.. Videos.. Business.. Doing Business with the District.. Small Business Enterprises Program.. Contact Us.. Goods and General Services.. Current Bids.. Awarded Bids.. Consultant Contracts.. Permits.. Encroachment Permits.. Good Neighbor Fences.. Water Resources Protection Collaborative.. Water Resources Protection Manual.. Wells.. Certified Laboratories.. Well Data Requests.. Well Permits Inspections.. Ordinance 90-1.. Construction Administration.. Leasing of District Properties.. Jobs.. Current Job Openings.. Summer Internships.. Salary Classification Information.. Benefits.. Diversity.. Diversity Defined.. Diversity and Inclusion Council.. Employee Resource Groups.. Diversity and Inclusion Events.. Equal Opportunity.. About.. Board of Directors.. Board Members.. Board Meetings, Agendas Minutes.. Board Governance Policies.. District Boundaries.. Board  ...   Joint Committees.. Rebates.. Homes.. Businesses.. Landscaping.. Agriculture.. Free Conservation Items.. Events and Workshops.. Conservation Program Reports Studies.. Corporate Challenge.. Creek Connections.. Current Partners.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Getting Started.. School Program.. Hot News.. Teacher Materials.. High School Youth Commission.. Independent Monitoring Committee.. Senior Parcel Tax Exemption.. Dam Safety Program.. Dam Seismic Stability FAQ.. Quick Links.. Emergency updates.. Senior Tax Exemption.. Public.. Review docs.. Water.. Tracker.. Reservoir/ stream levels.. District budget info.. Well Permits.. Inspections.. Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.. The Santa Clara Valley Water District.. manages an integrated water resources system that includes the supply of clean, safe water, flood protection and stewardship of streams on behalf of Santa Clara County's 1.. 8 million residents.. The district effectively manages 10 dams and surface water reservoirs, three water treatment plants, a state-of-the-art water quality laboratory, nearly 400 acres of groundwater recharge ponds and more than 275 miles of streams.. We provide wholesale water and groundwater management services to local municipalities and private water retailers who deliver drinking water directly to homes and businesses in Santa Clara County.. About Us.. Access.. Valley Water.. Send us your requests,.. questions or comments.. 15-year Clean, Safe Creeks Plan report released - 02/12/13.. Grant funding totaling $794,000 available for Santa Clara County projects to improve local creeks and watersheds - 02/04/13.. Dennis Kennedy appointed to represent District 1 - 01/31/13.. See More.. Video Gallery.. View More Videos.. What does the Santa Clara Valley Water District do for you? Click below to find out more.. Copyright 2013.. Web Policies.. Site Map..

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  • Title: Santa Clara Valley Water District
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  • Title: Clean Reliable Water - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: Font Size:.. Groundwater.. Groundwater Supply.. Land Subsidence.. Depth-to-Water Index Well Hydrographs.. Groundwater Quality.. Hard Water.. Nitrate in Groundwater.. Perchlorate.. Groundwater Monitoring.. Groundwater Studies.. Free testing for domestic well owners.. Delta/imported water.. Benefits of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.. Bay Delta Myths vs.. Facts.. Central Valley Project.. State Water Project.. Reservoirs.. Almaden Dam and Reservoir.. Anderson Dam and Reservoir.. Calero Dam and Reservoir.. Chesbro Dam and Reservoir.. Coyote Dam and Reservoir.. Guadalupe Dam and Reservoir.. Lexington Reservoir and Lenihan Dam.. Stevens Creek Dam and Reservoir.. Uvas Dam and Reservoir.. Vasona Dam and Reservoir.. Recycled Water.. Recycled Water Statistics.. Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center.. Links to Recycled Water Information.. Water Retailers.. 2013/2014 Groundwater Production Charge-Setting Process.. 2013/2014 Surface Water Production Charge-Setting Process.. 2012/2013 Water Charges Retailers.. 2011/2012 Water Charges Retailers.. Resolution No.. 91-53: Requirements for metering of well production.. How We Clean Your Water.. Penitencia WTP.. Rinconada WTP.. Santa Teresa WTP.. Coyote Pump Plant.. Vasona Pump Plant.. Trihalomethanes (THMs).. Disinfecting Water with Chloramine.. The Water Treatment Process.. Fluoridation.. Protecting Your Water.. Water Quality Reports.. Chromium-6.. Cryptosporidium.. Invasive Mussels.. Treatment Processes Help Remove Pharmaceutical Traces.. Tap Water - A Clear Choice.. Water Tracker.. Water Tracker Reports.. 2010 Urban Water Management Plan.. Climate Change.. Campus Solar Energy.. Desalination.. Integrated Regional Water Management.. Almaden Dam.. Fellows Dike Improvement.. Kirk Diversion Dam.. Lenihan Dam Outlet Modification.. San Luis Reservoir Low Point Improvement.. San Luis Low Point Improvement Project Activities.. San Luis Reservoir Low Point Improvement Project Schedule.. Before a Flood.. During a Flood.. After A Flood.. Radio Ads..  ...   A8 Notch Construction.. Gold Street Educational Center.. Mercury contamination.. About Mercury Contamination.. Almaden Lake Project.. Jacques Gulch Restoration Project.. Guadalupe and Almaden reservoirs.. Los Alamitos Creek.. History of Mercury in the Guadalupe Watershed.. Lower Peninsula.. Uvas/Llagas.. West Valley.. Watching Our Watersheds maps.. Stream Maintenance Program.. SMP Authorization.. Fisheries Aquatic Habitat Collaborative Effort.. Protecting Fish Habitat.. Trail and Open Space Grant.. Trail Map Links.. Enhancement Projects.. Environmental Enhancement Grants.. Coyote Parkway Freshwater Wetland.. Dr.. Robert Gross Groundwater Recharge Pond Fish Screen Project.. Stevens Creek Fish Passage Enhancement.. >.. > Clean Reliable Water.. About half the water used in the county.. originates hundreds of miles away.. in the Sierra Nevada and is delivered through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta or the Hetch Hetchy system.. Most of the remainder comes from local rainfall, much of which is captured in the water district’s.. 10 local reservoirs.. The reservoir water is released into creeks and percolation ponds to replenish local groundwater aquifers and manage environmental needs, or is piped directly to one of our three district water treatment plants.. Water conservation.. and.. recycling.. are important parts of the water district’s.. water supply planning.. To provide greater reliability, the district also “banks” water in groundwater storage outside of the county, which can be called upon during dry times.. The district sells water to.. 12 local municipalities and private retailers.. which, in turn, use our treated water and groundwater basins, along with other sources, to deliver drinking water directly to end users.. There are also.. private well-owners.. in Santa Clara County..

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  • Title: Where Does Your Water Come From? - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Where Does Your Water Come From?.. Local water.. Groundwater and local surface water is the county’s original source of water supply.. Local rainfall and runoff flows into reservoirs for storage and blending with imported water.. The water is released into creeks and ponds to augment natural percolation and maintain groundwater levels.. Some of the local surface water is processed at drinking water treatment plants.. The treated water is sold to local water retailers such as San Jose Water Company who use their own distribution systems to serve customers.. Water pumped from the groundwater aquifer through wells is used by private well owners, farmers, and water retailers.. Imported water.. Half of Santa Clara County’s water supply comes from hundreds of miles away - first as snow or rain in the Sierra Nevada range of northern and eastern California, then as water in rivers that flow into Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta or directly to water conveyance systems.. Often called “imported water”, it is brought into the  ...   Department of Health Services.. Using recycled water helps conserve drinking water supplies, provides a dependable, drought-proof, locally-controlled water supply, reduces dependency on imported water and groundwater and helps preserve our saltwater and tidal habitat by reducing freshwater discharge to the bay.. Save water.. Did you know that only less than 1 percent of all water on Earth is suitable for use by people? The rest is salt water, like the kind found in the ocean, or is permanently frozen.. We can’t drink it, wash with it or use it to water plants.. With California in the midst of drought, we must be careful not to waste this precious limited resource.. Related Information.. Water Sources (Water Education Foundation).. Where Does Your Water Come From.. Where does our water come from - Agriculture.. Where does our water come from - Imported Water.. Where does our water come from - South County.. Where Does Your Water Come From - Delta.. Where does our water come from - Groundwater..

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  • Title: Water Charges - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Water Charges.. As the county's primary water wholesaler, the water district makes sure there is enough clean, safe water for homes and businesses.. To finance this monumental task, the water district collects revenue, primarily from property taxes, well owners, agricultural water customers and.. water retailers, such as San Jose Water Company.. Most county residents do not pay a bill directly to the Santa Clara Valley Water District, instead they pay their.. local water retailers.. The cost local residents pay the retailers, however, is affected by the cost to the district  ...   system, and water purchases from outside the county.. To avoid large charge increases in any year, the water district develops 10-year projections so that charges can be increased gradually when needed.. Each year the water district conducts a public review process to set water charges for the coming year.. Go here for answers to frequently asked questions about groundwater, what the water charges pay for and the charge-setting process.. How can you lower your water bill? Save water and money through conservation.. Find out more here.. What are the current water charges?..

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  • Title: Drinking Water Quality - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Drinking Water Quality.. As the primary wholesale water supplier in Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Valley Water District is dedicated to assuring a reliable supply of healthy, clean drinking water.. In the section ".. ," you can learn about the treatment process and find information regarding major upgrades at our three water treatment plants.. Our state-of-the-art laboratory tests water produced from each of our water treatment plants, our reservoirs and our groundwater basin.. Our treated water consistently meets or exceeds all applicable water quality regulatory standards.. ," you can review water quality reports and learn more about contaminants our laboratory is looking out for.. The section also details  ...   protect our creeks and rivers from pollution.. Our voluntary association with the.. Partnership for Safe Water.. , a program of the U.. S.. Environmental Protection Agency, has helped enable us to embark upon improvements to our water treatment processes.. As a member of the partnership, the district has committed to scrutinize its current water treatment practices, make improvements where necessary, have its water operations examined by independent experts, and report the findings to its customers.. Treated water is only half the story.. Our groundwater basins are a precious resource and the district is committed to aggressively protecting them from contamination and the threat of contamination.. Taste and Odor Fact Sheet..

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  • Title: Water Supply Planning - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Water Supply Planning.. The Santa Clara Valley Water District has a long history of planning for water supply reliability.. Planning in the early 1900s led to the construction of six dams in the 1930s and two in 1950s.. Planning in the second half of the 1900s led to construction of three drinking water treatment plants and the development of imported water supplies.. Santa Clara County’s current water system is a complex mix of water supply sources and infrastructure.. The district operates and maintains ten reservoirs and dams, dozens of groundwater recharge basins, almost 150 miles of pipelines, three treatment plants, and three pump stations.. Water supplies include local surface water and groundwater, imported water, and recycled water.. Water conservation is also an important part of the of the water supply mix because it offsets water demands.. The district’s ongoing planning efforts are designed to protect the existing water supply system, as well as identify the new supplies and infrastructure that will be needed to meet Santa Clara County’s future water needs.. 2012 Water Supply and Infrastructure Master Plan.. The Santa Clara Valley Water District is currently developing a  ...   range of components included in a strategy for meeting future demands, benefits and costs associated with this strategy, and an implementation timeline.. 2012 Water Supply and Infrastructure Master Plan.. Water Supply and Infrastructure Master Plan FAQs.. The 2012 Water Master Plan will build upon previous district water supply planning efforts, including its Integrated Water Resources Plans (IWRP).. Water resource agencies use integrated planning processes to develop flexible, long-term water supply plans that meet the needs of the agencies and communities they serve.. Key elements of the IWRP are community outreach and involvement, and flexibility to respond to changing water supply conditions.. The district developed its initial IWRP in 1996 and updated it in 2003.. You can download copies of these reports from the list at the right.. Information on the Flood Protection and Stream Stewardship Master Plan can be found here.. 2009 California Water Plan.. Central Valley Project Improvement Act Water Management Plan - 2011.. South County Water Supply Plan.. 2010 Urban Water Management Plan Appendices.. Integrated Water Resources Planning Study 2003.. Integrated Water Resources Plan-Appendixes.. 1996 Integrated Water Resources Plan.. Water Supply and Infrastructure Master Plan Fact Sheet..

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  • Title: Projects - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Projects.. The water district manages and operates a complex and integrated water supply infrastructure, including dams, reservoirs, pipelines, pump stations, treatment plants and recycled water facilities.. With a significant portion of the water supply infrastructure approaching 40 to 50 years of age, the water district is carrying out major capital improvement projects to ensure each facility functions as intended.. Some of the major capital improvement projects are:.. Almaden Dam Restoration.. Dam Instrumentation..

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  • Title: Flood Protection - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Flood Protection.. The creeks and rivers that helped form the picturesque Santa Clara Valley are an integral part of the natural beauty of the area.. They are also subject to periodic flooding.. Spanish settlers began arriving in the valley in 1769 and found about 10,000 Ohlone natives living in the area.. The Ohlone knew during times of heavy rains the valley's creeks and rivers could overflow, and following tradition they would temporarily move their villages to higher ground when that occurred.. As the area's population grew, permanent settlements were established along the valley's waterways, settlements that could not be relocated when creek waters rose.. Consequently, the natural periodic overflowing of local creeks and rivers began to  ...   the years as the county’s population and economy have grown, the water district has worked to keep pace with ongoing stream maintenance and construction of flood protection projects.. Since the early 1980s, the water district has invested more than a billion dollars in flood protection programs, including constructing major flood protection projects, and protected more than 93,000 properties in previously flood-prone areas.. Use the links at left.. to find more information on:.. Keeping your family and home safe from flooding, find out if your home is in a floodplain (FEMA maps), and where to find sandbags and more on the.. Flood Protection Resources.. page.. What.. flood protection projects.. are currently under construction in the county?.. What is.. ?..

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  • Title: Flood Protection Resources - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Flood Protection Resources.. The water district’s sandbag sites are open from late November through April.. Sites may be stocked with filled sandbags based on availability; at minimum, sites are stocked with sand and empty bags for self-filling.. Locations and.. more sandbag info are here.. Where can you find more information about flooding, flood safety and whether your home is at risk?.. The California Department of Water Resources and the U.. Army Corps of Engineers have developed.. California’s Flood Future: Recommendations for Managing the State’s Flood Risk.. , which includes a.. map of Santa Clara County’s flood hazards.. [PDF 650 KB].. See this.. summary fact sheet.. [PDF 350 KB].. Stay informed about the local emergency situation during a storm on the district's.. emergency updates web page.. Track.. creek and reservoir levels.. with continuously updated gauge readings.. To.. receive safety flood alerts.. and other occasional tips, text the word “WATER”.. to 84-444.. Be prepared with.. flood safety and other hazard information from FEMA.. (The Federal Emergency Management Agency).. Find.. FEMA flood zone  ...   district’s.. , including a link to the online creek work request form.. Learn more about the benefits of.. taking care of local streams.. and protecting the natural creek habitat.. Construction in the floodplain.. usually requires a special permit from your city or the county.. Special requirements apply when you are substantially improving your existing building.. Check with your city's permitting office to learn about regulations specific to your area.. Check below for a list of cities and their phone numbers.. Also use these numbers.. to report local street flooding.. Campbell.. (408) 866-2145.. Cupertino.. (408) 777-3269.. Gilroy.. (408) 848-0444.. Los Altos.. (650) 947-2785.. Los Altos Hills.. (650) 941-7222.. Los Gatos.. (408) 399-5770.. Milpitas.. (408) 586-2400.. Monte Sereno.. (408) 354-7635.. Morgan Hill.. (408) 776-7333.. Mountain View.. (650) 903-6234.. Palo Alto.. (650) 329-2413.. San Jose.. (408) 277-4373.. Santa Clara.. (408) 615-3080.. Saratoga.. (408) 299-2507.. Sunnyvale.. (408) 730-7510.. Unincorporated Area.. Are you at risk? Call your city's public works department for your official flood zone designation.. How to fill and use sandbags.. 2012 Floodplain Mailer..

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  • Title: Flood Safety Tips - Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Descriptive info: > Flood Safety Tips.. Creeks and reservoir levels.. National Weather Service Forecast..

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