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  • Title: Understanding by Design Exchange by ASCD
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Contact Us.. FAQ.. Enter your username and password here to log in to the Exchange.. USERNAME.. PASSWORD.. Forgot your username or password?.. REMEMBER ME.. ACCESS KEY.. If you were assigned an Access Key for your group, enter it here to begin your log in process.. ENTER ACCESS KEY.. To report any questions or concerns, contact us at (800) 933-2723 or (703) 578-9600, and press option 8.. You may  ...   account status?.. Contact us today.. Based on your feedback, we are currently refining the search feature.. New and improved features include.. Incorporating state standards into the design template.. Entering content directly into the backward design template.. An updated look with easier navigation.. An expanded curriculum framework.. Opportunities to communicate with other Exchange participants.. Reports that help administrators monitor progress.. 2013.. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.. |.. Copyright Information.. Privacy Statement..

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  • Title: Account Administrator FAQs
    Descriptive info: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Account Administrator.. My Account.. I just received my username and password.. When does my access to the Exchange begin?.. How long does a login account last?.. Can I purchase a login for two years?.. Can I change my password?.. Can other members of the Exchange view my personal information?.. Groups.. What is a group?.. How do I set up a group?.. Should every group have a manager?.. How does a group manager learn her username and password?.. Group Access Key.. What is a group access key?.. What do I do with a group access key?.. Curriculum Framework.. What is a curriculum framework?.. What is the difference between subject-level and course/grade-level frameworks?.. What is the difference between curriculum mapping and curriculum frameworks?.. Who can design course/grade-level curriculum frameworks?.. Who can design subject-level curriculum frameworks?.. Reports.. What reports can I generate?.. How do I print the reports?.. Why do I have three different reports on one page?.. Creating a Unit.. Do I have to wait for the account administrator or group manager to create a curriculum framework?.. Do I have to complete my unit all at once?.. Do I have to begin at Stage 1?.. I need to insert a Web page address.. How can I make a hyperlink?.. How do I print a unit?.. I finished my unit.. What do I do next?.. How can I receive stars for my unit?.. How are units rated?.. Managing Units.. Can I adapt a previously created unit?.. Can I delete a unit?.. What happened to the blue ribbons and gold cups?.. Expert Review.. How does the expert review process work?.. How many expert reviews are allowed per subscription?.. Is an expert review required?.. I received feedback from an expert in the previous version of the UbD Exchange.. Where is it?.. Peer Review.. Can I send my unit to my colleagues to review?.. I received feedback from a peer before September 2006.. Other Questions.. Where do I go for more help?.. Access begins on the date of the purchase and lasts for one year after that date.. Your expiration date is listed on the My Account page.. Each login account lasts for one year from the day it was purchased.. You can only purchase a login for one year at a time.. If you want to extend your access to the Exchange, you can do so by renewing your account.. Yes.. You can change your password on the My Account page.. Can other members of the Exchange view my account information?.. If you are a member of a group, your account administrator has access to this information.. When you create a unit, your name will be the only information available to other Exchange participants.. ^.. Return to top.. Accounts can be made of different groups.. In larger accounts, groups help with account management.. To add a group, click on Add Group from the left navigation.. View the step-by-step instructions for adding a subgroup in the Help section.. Groups do not need to have a manager.. In some cases, the account administrator will work directly with the designers.. How does a group manager learn her username and password?.. Group managers receive e-mail notification of their username and password.. After entering the Exchange, users can modify their passwords on the My Account page.. A group access key is a generic key that is system-generated and sent to the account administrator.. The account administrator then sets up a group and e-mails designers the group access key.. When the designers log in, they will be asked to fill in their account information.. After setting up the groups, the account administrator e-mails the group access key to designers.. When the designers log in, they enter their information.. ^.. The curriculum framework contains overarching and topical elements that refer to subject and course/grade levels.. For example, if a district wanted to ensure that its designers used the same curriculum framework, the account administrator would set up that content in the subject-level curriculum framework so that designers would see it when they created their  ...   finished my unit, what do I do next?.. Once you complete your unit, you can send it to a.. peer.. or an.. expert.. for review.. You can receive stars when you send your complete unit for expert review.. The expert reviewer will rate your unit and award stars for exemplary content during the final review.. Expert reviewers award stars, up to four, on the basis of excellence.. In order for a section (essential questions, enduring understandings, performance tasks, and learning activities) to receive a star, the majority of components within that section must be excellent.. For example, if a unit designer writes five essential questions and the expert reviewer determines that four are excellent, each of those excellent questions will be marked as excellent, and the section itself will receive a star rating.. Sharing is encouraged in the Exchange.. Search for the unit you wish to adapt, select the unit, and click on Save to My Favorites.. To modify a unit, you have to move the unit from the My Favorites section on your Exchange home page by clicking on the unit title and selecting Copy to My Units.. Incomplete units can be deleted from the Exchange database.. To delete a unit, click on the unit title on your Exchange Home page and then click the Delete button in the upper right corner of the page.. Complete units cannot be deleted from Exchange, but they can be removed from your Exchange Home page.. You can retrieve these units by searching for them again and adding them to your favorites.. Incomplete units that are removed cannot be retrieved.. The blue ribbons and gold cups were replaced with stars.. One blue ribbon is equivalent to one star, and a gold cup is equivalent to four stars.. The expert reviewers are qualified Understanding by Design practitioners and have been selected by other experts in the field to provide unit reviews.. The expert review process involves two rounds of review: the initial review and the final review.. The same expert will review your unit during both stages of review.. You will receive your unit review within two weeks of submission.. An e-mail message will arrive in your inbox notifying you of the review.. Expert reviewer comments can be viewed on the Unit Overview page by clicking on the.. View Experts Comments.. button in the upper right corner.. The expert review comments can only be viewed by the unit designer.. You have a period of 30 days after receipt of your initial review to revise your unit (if needed) and to resend it for final review.. Star rating awards for units will be assigned by the expert reviewer during the final review.. How many expert reviews are allowed per subscription?.. Only one (1) expert review is allowed per year.. You can choose whether you want your unit reviewed by an expert.. You can also receive feedback from your peers in the Exchange.. Expert reviewer comments can be viewed via the Unit Overview page.. Open the unit and select the.. View Expert's Comments.. Yes, but you can only send your unit to your colleagues in your group on the Exchange.. Units have to be completed in order to send for review.. Open the Unit Overview page by clicking on the unit title from your Exchange home page.. Click the.. Send Unit for Review.. button; then select the group memeber that you wish to send the peer review to.. Type in a message in the Comments field and click Send.. You will receive the peer reviewer's comments in your Message Center inbox.. No peer reviews completed prior to September 2006 are available for viewing.. Where do I go for extra help?.. For technical support, contact ASCD's webhelp at.. webhelp@ascd.. org.. Click on.. Help.. in the top navigation bar and select Glossary for common Understanding by Design terms.. Web Resources.. in the top navigation bar to get up-to-date articles, events, and Web resources.. Design Standards.. in the top navigation bar to view and print the design standards.. Contact your group members through.. Message Center..

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  • Title: Understanding by Design Exchange
    Descriptive info: Forgot your username.. or password?.. Enter your e-mail address.. Your username and password will be sent to your account..

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  • Title: Understanding by Design Exchange :: Copyright Information
    Descriptive info: :.. Close Page.. Materials available on the ASCD Web site are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other countries.. When you access the ASCD Web site, you agree to the following terms:.. You may retrieve the contents of the ASCD Web site for informational purposes only.. You may save a local copy of individual items or print them for your own personal use or limited educational use..  ...   in any copy that you make.. You may not change the materials found in the ASCD Web site without written permission from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.. For further information about these terms,.. e-mail.. us; call us at 1-800-933-2723, extension 5749; or 1-703-575-5749.. You can print a form to request permission (PDF) to use ASCD materials.. You can also view ASCD's.. duplication policy.. 2006 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development..

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  • Title: Understanding by Design Exchange :: Privacy Statement
    Descriptive info: ASCD respects your privacy.. You can visit the ASCD Web site without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information.. However, ASCD can and may collect the following information regarding visitors to our website:.. domain name.. name.. information regarding what pages are accessed.. information volunteered, such as survey responses.. e-mail address.. preferred means of communication.. This information is used for statistical analysis only.. Online Store.. At the ASCD Online Store, you can order products or services, and register to receive materials.. This site uses cookies only in the application process.. These cookies are not used to track individual users..  ...   be informed of special promotions, you supply the personal and business contact information as you choose.. Opt Out.. You always have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to "opt out" of receiving promotional and marketing information about other products, services, and offerings.. In order to continuously improve our products and services, we may also ask you to provide us with information regarding your professional interests, demographics, experience with our products, and any contact preferences.. When you sign up for an e-mail list, you will be given instructions at that time on removing yourself from that list..

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  • Title: Understanding by Design Exchange
    Descriptive info: Your username and password has been emailed to you.. Go to UBD Site,.. http://ubdexchange.. ascd..

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