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  • Title: Uganda Child Education Trust (Kitende)
    Descriptive info: .. Uganda Child Education Trust.. Meet The Children.. Letters From the Children.. photo gallery.. THE CHARITY.. Home Page.. Who We Are.. Join us on Facebook.. Events Activities.. How You Can Help.. Our Staff.. Videos&Photos.. Contact us.. Guestbook.. THE N.. G.. O.. Bands For Land.. Chickens For Kitende.. Welcome to our community.. Kitende is a small rural community, on the busy Entebee Highway, overlooking Lake Victoria, Uganda.. We are helping local residents run the Highway Community Centre, which is a registered NGO.. The community center is now run out  ...   Kitende.. We are planning to buy some land and build a permanent site for the community center.. A charity Trustee lives in Kitende and will take a key role in this project.. This is a very exciting project and we look forward to keeping you updated with our progress.. Please have a look around our website and join us on.. Facebook.. or.. Follow @ucetkuganda.. to find out more.. Thank you from everyone at UCETK.. News.. Copyright Uganda Child Education Trust (Kitende), ucetk.. org REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER 1141667.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Meet The Children
    Descriptive info: The children are all aged between 3 - 9 and they all live in Kitende.. They all come from large families and for most there is no father and for many, no parent at all.. The number of siblings is typically 4 - 5.. The eldest child in a family will often care for younger siblings and elderly or sick relatives.. Before they start their school day at 07.. 30 the children will have swept and mopped (with a raggedy old cloth) muddy, dusty floors.. They will also have fetched water in a jerry can and boiled it on charcoal burners.. Many come to school without breakfast and many would also go without lunch.. Now, thanks to a very kind sponsor, all of the children at least get a cup of porridge - made from maize and boiled water.. After school, many will go home to yet more chores and will  ...   so infectious about those smiles.. A favourite game is chasing discarded bike tyres with sticks, another is making toy cars out of tatty old jerry cans.. They can also be seen just playing the same games as children the world over.. Dinner is prepared outside (often by the children) and is usually matokee (bitter, mashed banana) or posha (maize mixed with boiled water).. Many of our children have bad burns from the cooking, or from accidents when running around outside.. At bedtime, the children usually share a mattress on the floor and go to bed by candle light as there is often no electricity.. They are covered by mosquito nets as there is a high incidence of malaria in Kitende.. The nets help prevent this.. This may all sound terribly harsh but Kitende is a very inclusive, close-knit community and the children are looked after by everyone and are welcome everywhere..

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  • Title: Letters
    Descriptive info: Letters From The Children.. Here is a selection of letters from the children who attend Kiro Kitende.. These are letters which the children wrote when.. Shay.. was there in April 2009.. They have been typed up from the original hand-written letters.. If anyone would love to reply, the address is:.. C/O Madam Kibuka Rose,.. PO Box 15151,.. Kibuye,.. Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.. Dear Friend,.. My name is Nalukengevictor.. Thank you for the gifts.. I am 8 years old.. I am in Primary Three.. I Like to eating banana rice chicken.. My best game is netball.. At home is there mum dad baby.. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters.. When i'm older I want to be Pilot.. Plese write back to me.. my Po Box is Po Box 15151 Kampala Uganda  ...   wanthto pilot hairdresser.. Please writetome.. My Po Box is Po Box 15151 Kampala Uganda East Africa.. Yours Kato Nan.. My name is Nakubuwolsarah.. I live at Kitende.. I am 10 years old.. I am in Praimry three.. Like eating banana and hen.. My best game is.. football.. My best coulour is.. red.. At home there is mother and father and baby.. Dear Frierd.. My name is Kizza East.. The ik you forthe gifts.. I am in Primary two.. I lixe eating meat.. Yours Dear friend.. My name is Nakitende Florence.. Thalk you for the gifts.. I am 9 years old.. I am in Pirmary Three.. What is yoru school.. I like eating rice hen.. My best game is ball.. At home there is mother baby.. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters..

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  • Title: Photo Gallery
    Descriptive info: Photo Gallery - List of Albums.. The newest albums are nearest the top :.. Kiro Kitende 2011.. New land and Taata Fes' children's new home.. Kiro Kitende Photos on Facebook.. Photos Of Kiro Kitende Teachers (April 2010).. Photos From Ronnie Charles (March 2010).. Photos From Charles (March 2010).. Photos From Shay (April 2009)..

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  • Title: Who We Are
    Descriptive info: How It All Began.. In 2005 I went to Uganda for a year as a volunteer.. I worked at a school in Kabowa (an industrial slum) that was, sadly, razed to the ground by a Ugandan business man who wanted to use the land as a carpark for his new factory.. It wasn't just the school that was affected but an entire community was made homeless.. When I returned in 2009, even knowing what had happened, I wasn't quite prepared for my feelings of anger and frustration that this wonderful community could just be torn apart and people left with nowhere to go.. The school was very much a part of the community and many people moved there as they knew that Madam Rose did her best to provide affordable education for as many children as possible.. Not only were many families left homeless, it also left many children without a school.. Amongst the rubble, there were still families steadfastly holding onto their homes - tiny rooms, lived in by up to 7 people with no electricty and no access to water.. Just a room, but home.. Somewhere to stay, dry and safe and somewhere to raise a family.. A place to while away the time (a popular Ugandan pasttime) with family and friends.. Seeing the children playing and the women washing and cooking amongst all the devastation made me realise even more the strength of community/family bonds.. I took this with me when I visited Kitende.. Kitende is very different to Kabowa which is a typical mixture of red earth and greenery, mixed with general chaos and disorganisation, dust and dirt.. It has the smell of poverty.. Kitende is rust red and green dotted with grey corrugated iron roofs.. It is situated by the dangerous, pothole filled Entebbe Highway, but go just a few metres from the road and you wouldn't know.. The only sound you hear is the sound of children echoing what the teachers are saying, or their laughter and games at break time.. At lunchtime, a hush descends as the children are sent home as we have no  ...   be to go back again.. The magic and wonder of the first time, driving down the Entebbe Highway was so totally overwhelming, I was nervous it would be a bit flat and that things would be really different.. Madam Rose was late to meet me at the airport, and the school inspector who was with her greeted me with the words I am going to close the school, what will you do about it.. I then knew it was still the same.. When I left, I had kasava and jackfruit in my suitcase, love in my heart and a plan in my head.. With the help of some very good friends and some people who I have never even met, the plan has formulated into the UCETK.. The Next Bit.. Before I continue, I must go back a bit.. About a week before I left in 2009, Maria said she was jealous of me for going.. I replied Don't be jealous, come with me.. So she did.. As Maria was only there for 5 days there was no time for niceties - such as adjusting.. It was straight into sleeping with rats and cockroaches and using pit latrines and washing in dirty water from a bucket.. I cannot tell Maria's story but I can tell you that Maria took Kitende away in her heart too.. After returning to England, Maria was part of the decision to start a charity.. We knew it would be very bureaucratic and frustrating and take a very long time and a huge amount of commitment.. We also knew Maria would be going back to New Zealand.. She does however, continue to be an integral part of the charity and has also brought other supporters with her.. Between the time I came back to England in 2006 and 2010, friends donated money and helped with fund raising.. Then, in 2010 I asked Clare, Helen and Andy to be trustees, went to see a solicitor, answered lots of questions, filled in lots of paperwork, got very emotional and in April UCETK became an official charity.. Shay Martin ("Nansubuga Mamba")..

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  • Title: Events And Activities
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  • Title: How You Can Help
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  • Title: Our Staff
    Descriptive info: Shay Martin (Nansubuga Mamba).. Shay first went to Uganda in 2005 for a year with a voluntary organisation.. In April she met.. Madam Rose.. and moved in with her mum - Jajja (that's Luganda for grandmother).. Shay previously worked at Kiro Kabawo school which sadly has now been flattened to the ground (but the children do have another school to go to now).. At first she worked along side John, the headmaster but then sadly he left so she then helped Madam Rose run the school and was responsible in her absence.. Shay had no formal teacher training but the syllabus was fairly easy to follow.. Rose and Shay have stayed in touch and remained good friends.. Shay returned in April 2009 for 3 weeks and stayed with Jajja again.. It was fantastic to see everyone again.. This time she went to one of Roses other schools - Kitende.. Shay will be going to go to Uganda for 6 months of the year and work in England for the other 6.. Maria Wilson.. Maria has taught at Kiro Kitende, participated in sponsored events and assisted in raising money for the charity.. In April 2010, Maria, Kate (Maria's mother) and Michael RiedlShah organised a concert (Kiro Bayimbi) in New Zealand to raise funds to put towards purchasing some much needed land.. The concert was held on the 25.. th.. of July 2010 and was a huge success.. 70% of the funds required to acquire land for Kiro Kitende were raised.. We greatly appreciate the effort of all involved and thank them for their time.. Maria remains a valuable member of the charity.. Helen-Jayne Hughes.. Hi, I'm Helen and I have known.. for almost ten years.. When she told me about her idea for the charity I wanted to be involved as she had told me a lot about Uganda and how special the children were.. So far I've worked on a couple of fundraising events and I hope to do some more soon.. In the meantime I am studying for a degree in English Language and Education Studies so that keeps me very busy.. Hopefully when I finish University I will be able to visit the school for myself.. Andy Wymark.. Andy is a charity trustee.. Andy has helped with events such as Bouncing for Books and participated in a sponsored run on behalf of the charity.. Caroline Warren (Nantongo Nkima).. At the beginning of 2010 I was working for a children's charity in the UK and I was rapidly approaching the big 4 'o' and thinking about making some big life changes.. Whilst at work, a random google search changed the direction my life was to go in more than I could have anticipated.. I can't actually recall what the google search was or what I was looking for, but the website that you are now reading, came up and I found myself wanting to learn more about this fabulous school and country that I didn't know very much about.. The next thing I  ...   from side-to-side and up-and-down in my living room and garden and raised 200!.. The events of Saturday 29.. May 2010 cemented my resolve and commitment to support this charity, because if children as young as that could put in that much effort, then so could I!.. Four months later.. and I were talking on the phone when the conversation steered to Kitende and Uganda and I said something else that surprised me.. I asked her when she was going back to Uganda, she said half term (which was in three weeks time) and I said can I come?.. So, many jabs later, clutching my yellow fever certificate my passport, not quite knowing what to expect and feeling a curious mix of excitement and anxiety and leaving my children behind, off we went.. Uganda is absolutely mind-blowing! The people are extremely hospitable, friendly, curious, beautiful, laid back and happy.. There is an amazing sense of community which reminds me of the proverb:.. It takes a whole village to raise a child.. It is no surprise to me now, that this is an African proverb.. It took me days to work out which children actually live with Jajja (the grandmother with whom we stayed) because there was a constant stream of happy little faces in and out of the house.. There was no moaning, no whinging, no crying, nor shouting, none of the expected sounds that I associate with children (tho' my expectations are probably skewed by working with children with anger management bullying difficulties!).. Even when it rained and the houses became flooded in 4ft.. of water, the children set to work cleaning up without complaint as soon as the rain ended.. Their no-nonsense just-get-on-with-it attitude is extremely refreshing.. How could people living in such harsh conditions without running water, multi-roomed houses, electricity, kitchens, modern appliances, money, food and flushing toilets be so content and easy going?.. But that is exactly the point, when you have very little, you appreciate what you do have, when you have no expectations, you can't feel disappointed, you don't get angry when you don't get what you want because you have to concentrate on getting what you need.. The humbling and appreciative nature of the Ugandan spirit has had a life changing effect on me and because of it, I am even more determined to be involved with this charity.. When I turned 39, I promised myself that my 40th year would be life changing and it most certainly has been.. I am now a trustee of the charity and secretary for the N.. O and I can't wait to be a part of this growing charity and watch it grow even further:.. I want to see a chicken farm and a self-sustaining community.. I want to see a permanent site for the school, and watch the first brick laid for the new school building.. What I've learned so far is that a random google search and a desire to change your life can lead to very big things!..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact information.. Email :.. ugandaschildren@googlemail.. com.. Adress:.. S A Martin PO Box 70561 Clock Tower Kampala Uganda East Africa..

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  • Title: Bands For Land
    Descriptive info: Read the latest news on the Bands For Land Blog.. Kiro Kitende school desperately needs it own land.. We can then build a brick school, have more classrooms, a first aid room and a library.. We could also grow crops, continue with our.. Chickens for Kitende.. project and introduce more livestock.. We can also then build more pit latrines and request a water charity to assist with a water supply.. Helen-Jayne suggested live music gigs as a means of fund-raising to buy some land and so "Bands for land"  ...   part and the night was really good fun.. Since then, the project seems to be gaining support and there are several events being planned this year (2011).. Everyone involved gives their support for free and more up to date details can be found on our.. Facebook page.. You could also email us if you want further information.. If anyone would like to be involved in this fabulous project, please contact us to find out how.. Email : ugandaschildren@googlemail.. com (subject: Bands For Land ).. Phone : 07757 616 498..

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