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  • Title: United Church of Christ - Simi Valley
    Descriptive info: United Church of Christ Welcome.. in Simi Valley!.. We hope that you are looking for a place to personally flourish as well as cultivate a deep and vibrant faith.. About Us.. About UCC Simi.. Our Staff.. Testimonials.. Contact Us.. Services.. The Community Dinner.. Baptism.. Funerals/Memorials.. Interplay Drop In.. Spiritual Direction.. Quilters & Beyond.. Media.. Podcasts.. Sermons.. Progressive Promise, Faith Without Fear.. Links.. UCC Blog.. National UCC Website.. SCNC UCC.. Still Speaking.. Take Action.. Pilgrim Pines.. GBLT Christian Community.. LGBT Ministries.. Progressive Christianity.. Progressive Christians Uniting.. New Sanctuary Movement.. CLUE.. Beginner's Mind Zen Center.. Events..  ...   MISSION:.. To grow a compassionate, inclusive community that seeks justice and peace for all people as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus.. To Learn more.. An Evening of Classical Music Favorites.. Friday November 8, 2013.. 7:30 PM.. Joan Thompson, pianist.. Mariana Ramirez, soprano.. 10:00 a.. m.. Worship Service, Sunday school for Children and Youth.. 370 Royal Ave.. Simi Valley, CA 93065.. Phone #: 805-526-6001 Fax #: 805-526-6176.. Email:.. info@uccsimi.. org.. We Now Accept PayPal!.. Privacy Policy.. We use MX GuardDog services for:.. spam blocker.. Web and Email services provided by:.. The Summy Family..

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    Descriptive info: Who Are We?.. We are a Progressive congregation in word and deed.. Since its inception in 1995, the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley has been one step ahead of other churches in Ventura County in its willingness to walk its talk.. In 1998 this congregation unanimously declared itself Open and Affirming (ONA) of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered persons.. We are still the only UCC church in Ventura County designated as ONA.. In May 2006 we became the first and only church in Ventura County, across all denominations, to publicly declare itself a member of.. The Center for Progressive Christianity.. In July 2007, we became the first and only church in Ventura County to become a Sanctuary Congregation in.. The New Sanctuary Movement.. We functioned as an active Sanctuary from August 2007 to September 2010 as we supported Liliana and her family.. While Liliana received Deferred Action Status in 2007 from the Immigration Authorities, her case is still unresolved; yet she is now part  ...   couples with equal regard who seek to covenant together in the rite of marriage.. Each of these steps says something about who we are and what we value.. We are challenged and inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus.. We engage in spiritual journeys, pilgrimages and processes that respect diversity and difference of opinion; and we practice an affirming faith that encourages involvement on behalf of those whose rights are threatened.. These are foundational values that shape our decisions and inform our choices.. Ways we support our community:.. On the third and fifth Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 p.. volunteers under the direction of Ann Feaver (805-577-9149) serve a Community Dinner for those in need.. On Wednesday evenings from 7:30p.. to 9 p.. Narcotics Anonymous.. meets in our sanctuary.. (N.. A.. ) (805) 657-1274.. On the third Thursday of the month we host a.. PFLAG.. meeting in the Fireside room for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.. Return To The UCC Simi Valley Home Page..

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    Descriptive info: Rev.. Dr.. June C.. Goudey, Minister.. Office Hours: Dr.. June is available for appointments Mondays Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.. Gifford (Giff) Smith, Adjunct Pastor for Spirituality and Recovery.. Earl William Greene, Minister Emeritus.. Frank Johnson, Minister Emeritus.. Carla Ritter, Moderator.. Billie Dierking, Choir Director.. Alexis Smith, K to Grade 5.. Calvin Smith, Middle School Youth.. Heidi and Fred Rockwood, Senior High Youth.. Linda Delorey, Office Administrator.. Available Tuesday 2:00 to 5:00 pm & Friday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm..

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  • Title: Testimonials
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  • Title: Contacting The United Church of Christ, Simi Valley
    Descriptive info: Contacting The United Church of Christ, Simi Valley.. United Church of Christ.. 370 Royal Avenue.. Simi Valley, CA 93065-4130.. Between Madera and Sinaloa.. South side of the street.. (805) 526-6001 (phone).. (805) 526-6176 (fax).. Return to home page..

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  • Title: Community Dinner
    Descriptive info: Join Us in Service.. UCC Simi is a part of the Simi Valley Food program to provide a free meal every day of the week to those in need.. We are responsible for the third and fifth Tuesdays of the month.. We start cooking and preparing food at 2:30 p.. and finish cleaning up by 6:30 p.. We serve from 4:30-6:00 and are averaging 60-70 meals a night.. We ask no questions and require no check in lists.. It is our belief that anyone who is homeless, low income or just in need of a meal with friendly folk is welcome to come.. Our meals are  ...   the leftovers each week from their Sunday brunch.. The dinners are staffed by church members and community volunteers.. We welcome anyone who wants to help.. Our needs include setting up and taking down tables and chairs, setting and decorating tables, prepping food, prepping dog food, making a dessert, serving dinner, prepping take away meals, greeting guests, providing musical entertainment, washing dishes, vacuuming and mopping clean-up.. If you are interested in helping contact.. Ann Feaver.. If you wish to make a contribution of food or money contact the church at 805-526-6001.. If you wish more information concerning the Simi Valley Food program contact the.. Samaritan Center.. at 805-579-9166..

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  • Title: The United Church of Christ, Simi Valley - Funeral Information
    Descriptive info: The United Church of Christ.. in Simi Valley.. Simi Valley, California 93065.. Informational Booklet for Funerals and Memorials.. The following information is intended to help family members prepare for a funeral or memorial service with as little stress as possible.. PASTORAL SUPPORT.. Our facility is available without cost to members; and to non-members for a nominal fee.. If an outside clergy person is to officiate that person should contact Dr.. Goudey directly as a courtesy.. If you desire our minister to perform the service, you should schedule a meeting with her as soon as possible.. This meeting serves as an introductory period for those who have no affiliation with us as well as an opportunity to receive pastoral care during the initial stages of grief.. This is also the time to establish initial plans for the service itself.. Please contact the church office at 805-526-6001 to make an appointment.. If you desire to have someone officiate who is not affiliated with us, you must, as a matter of courtesy, seek pastoral approval.. MEMORIAL COORDINATOR.. After the date and time have been arranged our Memorial Coordinator will assist you in dealing with the set-up of the sanctuary and other matters such as, flowers, easels, and memorial book.. RECEPTIONS.. Space is available if you desire to hold a reception here at the church following the service.. However, it is the responsibility of families unaffiliated with the church, to arrange for catering and  ...   indicate that, so we can obtain appropriate sheet music.. A cassette tape player or CD player is available within the sanctuary.. If you desire a pianist and /or soloist, we will be glad to make those arrangements.. SUPPORT STAFF.. Fees for facility use by non-members are $150 for sanctuary use only, no reception; and $200 for kitchen use up to three hours.. The following amounts are suggested as appropriate remuneration for those who may assist in the service: $200 for the officiant, $100 to $125 for the musician.. If the church arranges for a soloist the minimum fee is $75.. Please be prepared to cover these services immediately following the service.. MEMORIAL FUNDS.. Members and friends who wish to make a donation to this church in memory of a loved one may use the memorial fund envelopes found in the entryway on the day of the service or obtain them from the church office.. ADDITIONAL GIFTS.. If an individual or family desires to make a specific gift that is related to church facilities or the appearance of the campus in general, a written request must be submitted to the Trustees for their approval.. Our Pastor will help make those arrangements.. PLANNED GIVING.. For more information about wills and estate planning contact the United Church of Christ Planned giving office 1-800-846-6822 or.. www.. ucc.. Church Staff.. The Rev.. Goudey, Pastor.. Telephone: 805-526-6001.. uccsimi.. Approved by the Deacons October 2005.. Revised, October 2009..

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  • Title: Podcast of sermons by the UCC Simi Valley Ministry and UCC members of the church
    Descriptive info: Sermons in Audio for the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley.. Home page.. The Progressive Promise.. Facebook.. For the best view please close.. bookmarks.. and.. history.. Page update: September 11, 2013.. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.. UCC Homepage.. top of page..

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  • Title: Sermons in PDF and HTML, by the UCC Simi Valley ministry, members and guest
    Descriptive info: Sermons for a New Christianity, by the Ministry.. for the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley.. Sermons by Reverend June C.. Goudey, ThD, unless noted.. Page update: 09/15/2013.. Sermons in 2011 through 2013.. Worship as Resurrection.. March 31 2013.. This Thing Called Prayer.. July 1, 2012.. The Heart of Generosity.. October 28, 2012.. Keeping the Spirit in Spiritual.. June 10, 2012.. Belonging to God.. December 16, 2012.. Minding Your Life.. August 2011.. Sermons from 2008 through 2010.. Marinate on This!.. April 11, 2010.. For The Love of God.. July 27, 2008.. Easter, Resurrection.. April 4, 2010.. Let Us Talk about Race.. May 5, 2008.. Forgiving Jesus.. March 14, 2010.. Dead or Alive.. April 18, 2008.. Abundant Pardon.. March 7, 2010.. Rethinking Human Nature.. March 2, 2008.. Thank God for Progressives.. November 22, 2009.. Bearing Testimony to the Light.. January 20, 2008.. What Do You Sow.. October 18, 2008.. Sermons from 2005 through 2007.. Fed by Forgiveness.. October 7, 2007.. Table Love.. May 7, 2006.. Lighting up the World.. October 14, 2007.. Resurrection Hope.. April 30, 2006.. Shalom!.. April 15, 2007.. When in Doubt, Be a Penguin.. March 26, 2006.. No Bones about It.. April 8, 2007.. Waiting in Hope.. November 27, 2005.. Peace Is no Accident.. April 1, 2007.. Gathered in Love.. September 4, 2005.. Faith and Families.. November 26, 2006.. A Welcome that Never Ends.. June 26, 2005.. Prosperity Gives..  ...   Freedom Is a Rite.. June 27 2004.. The Memory of God.. November 7 2004.. Turtle on a Fencepost, How We Got Here.. July 4 2004.. Vertically Challenged.. October 31 2004.. The Nets of Democracy.. February 8 2004.. Nobody Expects the IRS.. October 24 2004.. Speak Once, Hear Twice.. January 26, 2003.. Getting away with Murder.. October 17 2004.. The Sacrament of Adoption.. December 14, 2003.. A Letter from Home.. October 10 2004.. Destiny's Child.. December 29, 2002.. A Postcard from Camp.. October 3 2004.. We Were Like Those Who Dream.. December 15, 2002.. Buying Back the Farm.. September 26 2004.. A Letter from Lydia.. December 2, 2002.. Who Was Left Behind.. September 19 2004.. Muddy Hands and Darkening Skies.. December 1, 2002.. Sermons by William Greene, Jr.. ThD and Frank Johnson ThD.. New Look at Being Re-born.. Reverend Frank A.. Johnson, ThD.. No Hero of Convenience.. Reverend Frank Johnson, ThD.. A Photo Album of God.. Reverend Bill Greene, Jr.. , ThD.. Our Being Connected.. Backpack Religion.. Returning to the Ordinary.. A Resurrection on Royal Ave.. The Truth before Freud.. A Conversation With Mac.. Thomas Given a Bad Rap.. Breaking Through.. We Are Witnesses.. Reverend Frank Johnson, ThD.. Entering Sheep Country.. What Can I Give to the Child?.. God is Awesome!.. Whither the Church?.. Hannah: Self-Giving Mother.. Whose Name Is Being Called?.. Homosexuality and The Bible.. Bottom Line Gospel.. Home page.. Top of page..

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  • Title: UCC Simi Valley - Event Calendar
    Descriptive info: United Church Of Christ.. (805) 526-6001.. Fax: (805) 526-6176.. This Month Activities.. Today.. Search Events.. Prev Month.. November 2013.. Next Month.. Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. 1.. 2.. 3.. > 10:00 AM Worship.. > 10:00 AM Communion.. 4.. > 7:00 PM Milk & Honey.. > 10:00 AM Beyonders.. > 6:30 PM EDUCATION.. 5.. > 7:00 PM DEACONS.. 6.. 7.. 8.. > 7:30 PM An Evening of Classical Fa.. 9.. 10.. > 7:00 PM Simi/Moorpark Friendship C.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. > 7:00  ...   19.. > 4:30 PM Community Dinner and Conce.. > 7:00 PM COUNCIL.. 20.. 21.. > 3:30 PM Girl Scouts.. > 7:00 PM PFLAG.. 22.. 23.. > 9:30 AM Carol Lancaster Recital.. 24.. 25.. > 6:30 PM Interplay.. 26.. > 6:30 PM InterPlay.. 27.. 28.. 29.. > 6:00 PM sound of Music singalong.. 30.. > 9:30 AM Greening the Sanctuary.. PRINT CALENDAR.. November.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. December.. 2013.. =====.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. Log in as Admin..

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