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  • Title: UBC Law Review
    Descriptive info: .. UBC Law Review.. Franchise Law Review.. Why You Need The Protection Provided By A FDD Template?.. Whether you are the franchisee or the franchiser it is important for your protection to use a good FDD Template.. Franchises are being sold each and everyday in the business world.. Once a business finds success and a strong foot hold in its particular industry the next step is too begin franchise operations.. When this (.. read more.. ).. Posted in.. Law Review Franchise.. Comments Off.. Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Template.. FYI – As of now UFOCs may no longer be used for franchise sales anywhere in the U.. S.. – FDD is the new format.. If you are looking to expand your existing business and offer franchise opportunities then you really need to consider using a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Template.. Well, you have created and (..  ...   to prospective franchise buyers.. Prior to July of 2007 the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) was known as the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC).. The (.. Older Entries.. Important Reviews.. A Must Read Review for Franchisors!.. Using a Franchise Agreement Template for your Business.. Using a Franchise Operations Manual Template for your Business.. Benefits of Using an FDD Template & a Database of Existing FDDs.. About Us.. About UBC Franchise Law Review.. Recent Posts.. Why pay fees to research Franchise Disclosure Documents? At FranZoom database access is FREE!.. Does Your State Require Compliance and use of the Franchise Offering Circular!.. Categories.. Additional Business Services.. Advertisers.. Alumni.. Authors.. Business Compliance.. Corporate Changes and Filings.. Events.. Forming Your Business.. Franchise operations manual.. Information.. Issues.. Naming Your Business.. Patents Copyrights.. Patrons.. Real Estate.. Staff.. Subscribers.. Tax Licenses and Permits.. Trademarks.. Uncategorized.. Volunteer and Assistant Info.. © 2012 Law Review Franchise..

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  • Title: Why You Need The Protection Provided By A FDD Template? | Law Review & Franchise | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: Whether you are the franchisee or the franchiser it is important for your protection to use a good.. FDD.. Template.. When this happens, many legalities, specific policies, and requirements have to be understood.. FDD, which stands for Franchise Disclosure Document, is a set of rules and regulations straight from the franchise operations manual that must be adhered too.. Here you can learn more about the operations manual template.. The FDD Template Is Really In Both Of Your Interests.. If you own a restaurant chain it is to your best interests to hold your franchisee to specific guidelines.. You want them to follow the rules that brought you success.. That should be just as important for the franchisee because you have already paved the way for their success.. They don t have to figure out the secret formula because you are franchising it out to them.. The Franchise Disclosure Document spells it out to the franchisee.. It lets them know what their rights are and what you expect from them.. Franchising a business, whether you are franchising  ...   Franchise Agreement that cements the deal between franchisee and franchiser.. Sure you could pay a franchise lawyer to write the Franchise Disclosure Document word for word; but why do that when it is all included in one of these templates.. You can easily make it apply to your business niche.. Once your franchisee signs the Franchising Agreement it is written in stone and must be followed precisely.. Click here and learn more about franchise agreements.. Let The FDD Template Work For You.. The important thing to remember here is that you want your Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement to work for you.. You want them to be effective and protect you against any legalities down the road.. These templates are designed to cover the entire spectrum of rules and regulations.. They comply 100% with the FTC.. That is why our FDD Templates and Franchise Agreement Templates are so valuable to you.. They contain everything you need to gain franchising peace of mind.. To learn more about our FDD Templates visit here today.. on.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Law Review & Franchise |
    Descriptive info: Posts filed under Law Review Franchise..

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  • Title: Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Template | Law Review & Franchise | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: If you are looking to expand your existing business and offer franchise opportunities then you really need to consider using a.. Well, you have created and nurtured your thriving business and now you are considering branching out by offering franchise opportunities.. With so many things that can go wrong when entering into a venture with a stranger; you need to protect your interests and the future of your business.. When you are looking to make a contract with a potential franchisee look no further than getting a UFOC Template, these templates are easy to find, but to ensure that you are getting a quality template then you need to do your research.. There are your basic Uniform Franchise Offering Circular forms that offer a generic contract with no guarantee that it is going to be binding legally.. When you utilize a template you are getting more than just a form; Most templates have been created by attorney s that specialize in the field of  ...   Need This Form?.. The UFOC Form is required by law to spell out for the potential franchisee the expectations, obligations and all other important information that they need to know before they sign on the dotted line.. This form lays out the entire program and perspective to help the franchisee make an informed decision and then if the franchisee agrees to the terms of the contract then it is already legal and saves time not only for you but for your franchisee as well.. When you and your franchisee “sign on the dotted line,” this is the legally binding contract you will be signing.. It describes your rights and obligations, as well as those of your franchisee.. Using a template makes your contract unique and you can customize it to the way you want and create a document that fits your business and protects your interests.. So do yourself and your franchisee a favor and get yourself a template, you ll be glad you did..

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  • Title: Get the Real Scoop on the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Compliance is Key to Successful Franchising Practices! | Law Review & Franchise | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: gov governs the.. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).. as it relates to Franchising Laws and Policy and is a legal Pre-Sale disclosure document presented to prospective franchise buyers.. The number one source for finding the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in a prepackaged bundle is FranZoom, our team provides many years worth of franchise development, marketing, and sales experience.. At FranZoom we also offer a comprehensive template package containing all the necessary templates needed to keep you organized and on track for successful franchising.. Public Disclosure of information that is essential to prospective franchisees is governed by the Federal Trade Commission Rule of 1979.. This rule prohibits private rights of action for violations of mandated disclosure provisions of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).. This means that only federal or state governments may either sue or negotiate consent rescissions or decrees upon franchisors in violation of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) or the FTC Franchise Rule.. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) specifically identifies who may prepare, sign, and  ...   franchisee must be given to review such documents and any revisions.. Federal Trade Commission governing policies state that prospective franchisee’s must be given a minimum of 14 days to review such documents before being required to sign and or pay any monies to franchisors or their affiliates.. Being prepared and following through on your due diligence as a franchisor is key to making your business attractive to prospective franchisees.. It’s imperative you learn how to complete an accurate Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and all of the rules and policies applicable when dealing with a prospective franchisee.. Even a single error either in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) itself or in the delivery of it can cause a franchising deal to be null and void.. At FranZoom you can find all the information and documentation needed in cost effective and affordable bundled packages.. Our packages contain the most up-to-date templates and guides that walk you through all the necessary steps toward compliance and successful franchise business practices..

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  • Title: UBC Law Review - Part 2
    Descriptive info: Are you a current Franchisor or thinking about Franchising your business? If you answered yes, then read on to find out why Franchise Disclosure Documents are essential to your franchise business.. Let’s discuss for a minute the importance of Franchise Disclosure Documents.. Compiling accurate Franchise Disclosure Documents is the first step towards a successful and (.. – FDD Franchise Disclosure Document is the new format.. The Federal Trade Commission notes 15  ...   Thirteen of the 15 states require franchisors (.. How to Franchise Your Business.. Business owners have the opportunity to transform their companies into franchises.. This is the perfect solution for those interested in faster business growth and more revenue.. The basics of franchising an existing business lie in the preparation of the most important franchise documents – Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Template, Franchise Operations Manual, and Franchise Agreement.. (.. Newer Entries..

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  • Title: A Must Read Review for Franchisors! | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. There are a number of companies which sell legal documents and templates to assist business owners in expanding into a franchise.. Having reviewed these various companies, it was found that Franzoom.. com provides a reliable product at an affordable price.. Therefore,.. Franzoom.. com.. is our top choice for anyone trying to begin their franchise.. Review of Franzoom’s franchising Products.. It should be known, that there are a number of websites in which you can find a downloadable franchise agreement for free.. If the franchise agreement document is legally binding at all, you take the risk of their being mistakes which can create serious loopholes.. Therefore, although this is definitely an option for you, it is best to find documents which are guaranteed, reviewed by a lawyer, and that you are sure are.. 100% compliant with the FTC.. That being said, this review will only concentrate on those companies which offer 100% FTC compliancy.. It is surprising to see how many templates that are being offered are not.. On the other hand, many of the franchise template packages which are compliant, such as those found on Franchise-Templates.. com are extremely expensive.. This is one of the major advantages Franzoom.. com has over its competition.. com allows you to buy their products individually or in packages.. The packages are created to give you all the documents that you need to complete your business’ transform.. Buying these documents in packages not only gives you access to more information, but is much cheaper than buying the documents one by one.. Many of the websites offering these documents, such as, only allow you to do this.. All of Franzoom’s documents are completely complementary to each other.. This is a feature you won’t find if you try to purchase documents individually through several different companies.. So, what are you left with? Either you buy a completely compliant package from a company for a completely irrational price, or you purchase each individually as you need them.. You can, of course, find some of these types of documents for free, but at what risk to your business?.. When reviewing all available features in the industry, Franzoom.. com was found to be the most viable option for purchase.. The following explains why we choose Franzoom.. com as our top choice:.. Support.. : When inquiries are sent, you get a professional reply, however.. Support can be gained easily through their website, Franzoom.. Quality and ease of use:.. The templates they sell are professional and easy to use.. We have compared it to other templates we bought.. and there is no difference between these and the more expensive legal documents that are available.. There is no sense in paying extra for the same basic product.. Each of the templates is designed to be easily understood and feature “sticky note-guides” where clarification may be needed.. One of their best features is that each template is created in Microsoft Word, and therefore fully customizable.. FTC compliance:.. All of the templates provided by this company have been reviewed by a professional attorney.. This ensures that they are 100% FTC  ...   – This is one of the GREAT benefits Franzoom offers – getting any existing FDD on any other places would cost around $99 PER FDD.. Here you get the entire database for $99! In addition the database is frequently updated online, and therefore gives you access to the most recent UFOCs FDDs.. The database contains financial statements, multiunit agreements, deposit agreements, account assumption agreements, software license agreements, and deposit agreements.. This database also gives you an opportunity to see how the most successful franchises are being operated.. You can search the database by both industry or company name.. Additional templates, Tools and Resources.. – A comprehensive kit of franchise development tools includes very important information resources that are needed to run a successful franchise.. e.. g.. Guide to SBA Franchise Application Eligibility Requirements, How to Protect Your Intellectual Property?, Potential Franchisee Inquiry Request Form, Background-Check Authorization Form, Guide to State Franchise Regulations, Forms Documents for Franchise Operations, Guide to Track Sales Calculate Royalties, and more.. FranZoom’s Exclusive Underground Guide to Franchising.. – This is one of FranZoom’s most prized products.. This is a step-by-step guide which provides many of the methodologies used by the pros to expand their business.. It was written by senior franchising advisor, Willliam Taylor, and is stated to be able to “save you, as a business owner, the thousands of dollars inexperience franchising newbies have wasted” when trying to create a successful franchising business model.. Cost:.. When compared with other companies which offer comparable quality, Franzoom.. com definitely offer the best prices in the industry.. In addition, with other companies, such as HowtoFranchiseYourBusiness.. com, you have to purchase the complete package or each template individually.. This can be costly.. com has several template packages to choose from and still allows you to purchase the templates separately.. Product Pro’s, Con’s and Bottom Line ROI.. – When reviewing customer and critical reviews of this product, you will find it fairly clear that this product is both reliable and far more affordable than other franchising materials.. In fact, there are not many complaints about this product and it has been proven helpful and successful in a wide range of different industries and countries.. A critical review of this template, which can be found on GlobalSoftware.. com, states that “the people behind this certainly gave critical attention to virtually every angle in the franchise operation.. ” The review continues, stating that these templates “will certainly bring out the best of your franchise company”.. E-Scam.. com states that Franzoom Franchise a Business is “almost cheap for a product that really works and provides results”.. The website also gives the company a 5-star rating in both the editor’s rating and the user ratings (out of 4,563 votes cast).. In addition, BlockScams.. com gives Franzoom products extremely high rankings in ease of use, support, price, features, reliability, and users’ experience.. Obviously, there is little risk involved in trying out this product.. However, if you buy it and are unsatisfied the product comes with a 60 days unconditional return policy and a money back guarantee.. Click Here for Franzoom.. com website..

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  • Title: Using a Franchise Agreement Template for your Business | Law Review & Franchise | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: I was asked by several franchisors about using templates when starting to expand their businesses and offer franchise opportunities to franchisees.. This is one sample of a paid.. franchise agreement.. template.. Others (free) can be found on the web.. here.. and.. here.. (Click for a.. Full Market Review.. There is an old saying that knowledge is power.. That old saying applies in spades when it comes to getting all of the franchise information you can lay your hands on before you seal the deal.. Sealing the deal happens when you sign that franchise agreement document, because once both franchisor and franchisee put their autographs on it, that contract becomes as legally binding as a marriage contract.. In fact, most marriage contracts are easier to get out of than a franchise agreement, and that is something to sit on the back porch and think about before you move forward.. One of the benefits of using a franchise agreement template (and other franchising templates) is  ...   a daily basis.. A franchising professional is unlikely to know how to run the kitchen of a restaurant, but the franchisor already knows those details from experience.. So you ask should I use a template?.. The answer is YES.. The bottom line is: Using Franchising templates will save you a lot of money and will result in top quality franchising documents.. Click here to read our full review on different franchising templates available in the market.. Related Articles:.. Franchise Agreement Sample.. |.. Master Franchise Agreement.. Franchise Agreement Contract.. Franchise Agreement Form (example).. Franchising Agreement Sample.. Franchising Agreement Template.. Franchising Agreement Definition.. Franchise Agreement Example What is it?.. Retail Franchise Agreement ? Click here to learn more!.. Pizza Hut Franchise Agreement? Click here!.. McDonald’s Franchise Agreement? Click here!.. Hotel Franchise Agreement?.. Subway Franchise Agreement?.. Heads of Agreement Template.. Franchise Development Agreement.. Franchise Agreement Services? Click here to learn more!.. Why File Pradaxa Lawsuit.. Top Five Questions Asked by Those Arrested for First Time DUI..

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  • Title: Using a franchise operations manual template? Click Now
    Descriptive info: The Benefits of Using a Franchise Operations Manual Template- Cons Pros.. There are different ways of creating franchise documents.. The.. benefits of using a franchise operations manual template.. make it a popular choice among a number of businesspeople seeking to franchise their businesses.. Turning one’s business into a franchise company is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.. Often, businesspeople leave the task to professionals who have a successful track record of turning other companies into franchises.. However, doing so is very expensive.. Hence, for those who are looking for cost-effective ways to franchise their businesses, drawing up their franchise documents using templates can be an attractive option.. The franchise operations manual is one document that requires intensive input from the franchisor.. This is because the franchisor knows better than anybody else how to operate the business.. He or she has to ensure that the franchise units measure up to the high standards of the original business.. While the franchisor knows the business inside-out, he or she is new to franchising.. Thus, some guidance is necessary.. This is where the franchise operations  ...   can opt for the benefits of using a franchise operations manual template.. This would involve purchasing the template and subsequently going through it, modifying it to reflect the specifics of his or her own franchise company.. Franchise operations manual templates tend to be generic.. Hence, they have to be adapted to suit the needs of specific franchise companies.. One of the advantages of having a template to work with is that it gives the franchisor a broad sense of the issues that the operations manual has to address.. Subsequently, when the franchisor is done putting the manual together, it is advisable for him or her to have a franchise lawyer look through it to make sure it covers all the legal bases relevant to the specific franchising company.. Please click here to read our full review on different franchising templates in the market.. Operation Manual Generator.. Company Operations Manual.. Restaurant Operations Manual.. Business Operations Manual.. Bank Operations Manual.. Banking Operations Manual.. Small Business Operations Manual.. Store Operations Manual.. |.. Filing a Discrimination Charge With the EEOC.. Proposed Changes to the Bylaws..

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  • Title: Benefits of using an FDD template: What They Are & Some Short Cuts!
    Descriptive info: What are the Benefits of Using an FDD Template?.. If you are looking to prepare an FDD or franchise disclosure document, you are well advised to learn about the.. benefits of using an FDD template.. and a database of existing FDDs.. Knowing them will help you make informed decisions about putting your franchise document kit together.. The FDD helps potential franchisees to understand the risks, benefits, and responsibilities involved in buying franchising rights for a particular franchise.. From the franchisor’s perspective, it is an important document as it describes his or her legal responsibilities as well as the protections that will come into play should the franchise relationship go bad.. The Primary Benefits of Using an FDD Template.. An FDD must cover 23 subjects in total.. Hence, one of the benefits of using an FDD template is that it lays all 23 of these items out in detail.. An FDD prepared using such a template is designed to meet federal and state franchising laws.. Another of the benefits of using an FDD template is that it gives the appropriate framework for writing each item and customizing it for a particular business.. In addition, legal terms are defined and clarified so that one can understand each step of the process.. It is obvious that using an FDD template while writing up an FDD is superior to writing the document  ...   there is a solution to this problem: You can supplement your efforts by referring to existing FDDs.. The benefits of using a database of existing FDDs in this way will be well worth the effort.. One of the benefits of using a database of existing FDDs is that it gives you access to documents used by successful franchise companies in your industry.. Another of the benefits of using such a database is that seeing the details that govern other franchise companies’ successes will give you insight into the challenges that might come your way.. Yet another of the benefits of using a database of existing FDDs is that it saves you the time, effort and expense you would have expended trying to acquire such documents yourself.. Others have taken the time to communicate with myriad franchise companies, request their documents, and add them to the database in PDF form.. Furthermore, the documents reflect the most recent legal realities.. Click here to read our full review on different franchising templates existing FDD databases available in the market.. Related articles:.. Franchise Disclosure Document.. Franchise FDD.. Franchise UFOC.. How to Franchise.. Franchise Offering Circular.. Franchise Disclosure Documents.. FDD Template: Effective Tool For Franchise Protection.. and tagged.. fdd.. ,.. franchise disclosure document.. The Store Operations Manual and the Demands of Running a Store.. Franchise Disclosure Document – How to Get it Done..

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  • Title: Why pay fees to research Franchise Disclosure Documents? At FranZoom database access is FREE! | Law Review & Franchise | Franchise Law Review
    Descriptive info: Are you a current Franchisor or thinking about Franchising your business? If you answered yes, then read on to find out why.. are essential to your franchise business.. Compiling accurate Franchise Disclosure Documents is the first step towards a successful and profitable relationship with your potential franchisees.. Though the Federal Trade Commission www.. gov requires franchisors to provide prospective franchisees with Franchise Disclosure Documents, they do not require official filing of these documents.. There are, however, 13 states that record Franchise Disclosure Documents and 26 states that record Business Opportunity Disclosure filings.. When you choose to partner with FranZoom you get more than you may have thought possible.. At FranZoom we offer free access to our Franchise Disclosure Documents and Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Database.. Unlike other firms who charge a fee, our FREE database offers access to more  ...   for some of the most Successful Franchises in the United States?.. Our FranZoom database offers multiple options of searching by Industry or Company for Franchise Disclosure Documents.. As a bonus, we offer an unlimited amount of downloads to ensure you have access to as many Franchise Disclosure Documents, as needed, for accuracy when completing your own Franchise Disclosure Documents.. And, unlike some of our competitors we also offer online tutorials to guide you through detailed navigation of our database at no extra charge.. In addition, our comprehensive database also contains a multitude of additional documents that prove to be very useful for franchisors when compiling their own Franchise Disclosure Documents.. Some of the available documents available for download are; Financial Statements, Multiunit, Deposit, Account Assumption, and Software License Agreements of some of the most successful and well known franchising brands..

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