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  • Title: Home Content | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: .. Text Size.. Home.. World Mission.. Newsletters.. Bible Study.. Locations.. So Loved 2013.. About UBF.. Endorsements.. International Headquarters.. News (English).. News (Korean).. Journal (English).. Journal (Korean).. Thursday.. 7.. November.. 05:50:11.. Top Headlines.. Dr.. John Jun’s CME Report from Riga, Latvia.. Chicago UBF had the Jesus, The I AM Symposium.. The New North American UBF Website is Ready to Launch!.. Panama UBF Winter Conference Program.. NY UBF held Galatians Bible School.. Fall World Mission Report 2013, Korea UBF.. Thailand UBF Had a Bible Reading Conference.. Thailand UBF November 4, 2013 We were busy establishing S.. Tam Paul/On Pauline's house church on Sept 21 and moving my business office, so we decided to focus on "Reading the Bible Conference".. ';.. The Bethesda Medical Center (BMC) News, Uganda.. Uganda UBF, Africa November 1, 2013 Our Bethesda Medical Center has fitted out with new medical equipments (electronic endoscope set - gastroscope, colonoscopy, bronchoscope, ultrasound, operating.. Switzerland Fall Bible Conference 2013.. Geneva UBF, Switzerland October 28, 2013 The 2013 Switzerland Fall Bible Conference was held from Oct 18 - 20 at the lake of Interlaken, entitled "From the Ground to Heaven.. " We learned about.. John Jun’s Moscow II CME Report.. Baumann, Mgimo & Misis UBF, Moscow, Russia Oct.. 23, 2013 Thank God for sending Dr.. John Jun among us and serving us with the words of God and a special lecture of children’s education at Moscow.. Mongolia UBF had a Wonderful Autumn Bible Conference.. Mongolia UBF October 21, 2013 During October 4-6, 2013, we had a very wonderful Autumn Bible Conference at the Christian camp place named 'Grace'.. The conference title was 'You Will Have Rest'.. News from Philly UBF.. Philadelphia UBF October 21, 2013 God has added more coworkers to Philadelphia UBF in the last couple of years.. We now have six families and one single missionary: Moses and Rebekah Noah, Paulus.. John Jun’s CME Report - Moscow I.. Moscow UBF, Russia October 18, 2013 “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.. ” Ephesians 1:3 Thank.. Ukraine UBF Had a Fall Conference.. Ukraine UBF October 16, 2013.. Irkutsk CME Report.. Irkutsk UBF, Russia October 7, 2013 Right after Johannes Chang's wedding I went to Irkutsk for CME.. It was still early winter; the temperature was around -5˚ or -7˚ C (20˚ or 23˚ F.. ) and.. The Work of God in Mongolia UBF.. Mongolia UBF October 4, 2013 NEW THINGS I DECLARE Isaiah 42:9 “See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them  ...   Zimbabwe UBF September 24, 2013 We held graduation party for the student shepherds who graduated on September 13.. The service was splendid as the graduates donned their academic regalia and praised.. Today s Daily Bread.. The king commanded Joab, Abishai and Ittai, 'Be gentle with the young man Absalom for my sake.. ' And all the troops heard the king giving orders concerning Absalom to each of the commanders.. 2 Samuel 18:5.. Daily Bread Key Verse on November 7, 2013.. Move.. Display.. 0.. |.. 5.. 10.. 15.. Stories.. Announcements.. Topics.. Top Story.. Other Stories.. Prayer Topics.. Upcoming Events.. 2013- 2015 Upcoming Events.. 2014 New Year continental directors conferences December 12-14,.. General Director’s ISBC Closing Announcement.. General Director s ISBC Closing Announcement Praise.. World Mission Prayer Topics.. Volunteer Application for the 2013 UBF Int'l Conference.. A Short-Term-Mission Web Page for Those Who Desire to Participate in Mission Overseas.. Fourth UBF General Director Inaugural Address by Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. World.. Africa.. Asia.. C.. I.. S.. Europe.. Korea.. Middle East.. North America.. Oceania.. South America.. Riga UBF, Latvia November 6, 2013 Riga is the capital of Latvia which.. Chicago UBF had the "Jesus, The I AM" Symposium.. Chicago UBF November 6, 2013 John 20:31 “But these are written that.. Chicago CBF Teachers Conference Announcement.. CME in St.. Petersburg, Russia.. Tyrannus Bible Academy, Montreal UBF.. Heidelberg Fall Conference (Nov 1-3) Program.. Prayer Topics of Zimbabwe, Juba, Wits, Laqos, Ruth UBF.. A Letter from M.. John & Maria Peace, Podil UBF.. Bible Study Committee Materials.. Daily Bread.. Educational Resources.. Group Bible Study.. Messages.. One to One.. Special Lectures.. Holy Spirit Series are available.. Bible Study Committee Materials are available.. Please click the links.. 2013 USA/CANADA Staff Conference Message By Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. Be Filled to the Fullness of God Ephesians 3:1-21 and.. USA/CANADA Staff Conference Opening Message By Pastor Mark Vucekovich.. 2012 New Year Message by Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. 2011 Thanksgiving Message by Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. Special Message based on Philippians 2:1-18 by Pastor Abraham Kim at Washington UBF (Video).. How To Be a Powerful Witness by Pastor Abraham Kim.. (Video) Dr.. John Jun’s commemoration / Pastor Abraham Kim’s Inauguration ceremony report.. (Video) 2011 A Farewell Speech by Samuel H Lee at an Inauguration Ceremony (Korean).. (Video) 2011 World Mission Report Message by Dr.. John Jun.. Biblical Worldview and Discipleship Training by Elisha Kim.. Daily Bread Writers’ Workshop-DAILY BREAD FORMAT.. 2012 Daily Bread Workshop Part-II (HOW?).. 2012 Daily Bread Workshop Part-I (WHY?).. How to Do Bible Study Personally.. Forum.. Conference.. People.. Recent Videos.. Chicago UBF.. Washington UBF.. Bonn UBF.. Europe UBF.. UBF TV.. Korea UBF.. SWS Reports.. Contact Us.. Bible Study Materials..

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  • Title: World | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Latest Headlines.. Riga UBF, Latvia November 6, 2013.. Read more.. Chicago UBF November 6, 2013.. John 20:31 “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.. ”.. UBF Headquarters November 5, 2013 We are ready to launch the new North American UBF website.. The web address is:.. ubfnorthamerica.. org.. Most of the site is password protected, and is designed for chapter leaders.. The main function of the public portion (people outside of UBF and not familiar with us) is to find a local UBF chapter worship service location and time ("Locations").. People can also look at the "About Us," "What We Believe" and "What We Do" tabs.. God bless.. Mark Vucekovich.. Thailand UBF November 4, 2013.. Panama UBF November 4, 2013 We will hold the Winter Bible Conference from Nov.. 28 to Dec.. 1 with the title, ”Jesus came to call sinners”.. We are  ...   Nov.. 28-31 Title: Jesus Calls Sinners.. Link.. Title.. Post date.. Views.. view.. John Jun’s CME Report from Riga, Latvia.. 11/06/2013.. 89.. Chicago UBF had the Jesus, The I AM Symposium.. 115.. The New North American UBF Website is Ready to Launch!.. 11/05/2013.. 257.. Thailand UBF Had a Bible Reading Conference.. 11/04/2013.. 226.. 206.. The Bethesda Medical Center (BMC) News, Uganda.. 11/01/2013.. 384.. 430.. Fall World Mission Report 2013, Korea UBF.. 401.. Chicago CBF Teachers Conference Announcement.. 10/31/2013.. 380.. Petersburg, Russia.. 10/30/2013.. 322.. Tyrannus Bible Academy, Montreal UBF.. 10/29/2013.. 432.. Heidelberg Fall Conference (Nov 1-3) Program.. 378.. Switzerland Fall Bible Conference 2013.. 10/28/2013.. 453.. Prayer Topics of Zimbabwe, Juba, Wits, Laqos, Ruth UBF.. 10/25/2013.. 456.. John Maria Peace, Podil UBF.. 436.. Jakarta UBF News.. 10/24/2013.. 397.. KIMNET Report.. 469.. John Jun’s Moscow II CME Report.. 10/23/2013.. 471.. Lee’s Memorial Service Message.. 10/22/2013.. 558.. Mongolia UBF had a Wonderful Autumn Bible Conference.. 10/21/2013.. 414.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 6.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Newsletters | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: 2012 Newsletter - UBF African Regional Conferences.. 2012 Newsletter - UBF Directors Conferences.. 2011 Newsletter - UBF Founders Day.. 2011 Newsletter - Inauguration ceremony.. 2011 UBF Newsletter (50th World Mission Report).. 2011 Newsletter - Directors Conf.. Reports.. Click here to view this issue.. 2012 Newsletter - UBF  ...   Conferences.. 07/06/2012.. 2,844.. 2011 Newsletter - UBF Founders Day.. 02/13/2012.. 3,535.. 2011 Newsletter - Inauguration ceremony.. 11/21/2011.. 3,483.. 2011 UBF Newsletter (50th World Mission Report).. 07/16/2011.. 4,690.. Reports.. 03/30/2011.. 5,806.. 2009 USA/CANADA Conference.. 02/17/2011.. 4,933.. 2010 Latin America Conference.. 4,585.. 2010 Founders Day - Africa Reports.. 5,049..

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  • Title: Bible Study | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Please click the links below to view the web pages.. - Holy Spirit Series.. - House Church Bible Study Series.. - New Testament.. 1-2 Corinthians.. Colossians.. Galatians.. - Old Testament.. 1-2 Samuel.. http://www.. lincolnparkubf.. org/.. committee-materials/.. Be Filled to the Fullness of God.. Ephesians 3:1-21.. and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that you may be filled to the measure.. of all the fullness of God.. (vs.. 19).. OUR FELLOWSHIP.. 1 John 1:1 4.. Key Verse: 1:3 We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us.. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.. Fellowship.. What is that? In Greek it s the word koinonia.. It s a fascinating word used four times in this chapter.. It means a close relationship, willing contribution, or mutual enjoyment and participation.. When we see people, many are in one-sided relationships.. One person is doing all the teaching; the other is doing all the listening.. There s no more to it than that, no other possibility.. That s not koinonia or fellowship.. Or, one person is doing all the giving; the other, all the receiving.. The one receiving never gives; the one giving never receives.. That s not koinonia or fellowship, either.. Koinonia means two or more parties close with each other.. They willingly give to each other.. They share everything, and they enjoy being together.. They re willing to suffer  ...   gave us in two aspects.. First is the world campus mission, and the second is the spiritual growth.. May God open our eyes to see the promised land and may He give us the faith and spirit of Joshua and Caleb.. 2011 Thanksgiving Message by Pastor Abraham Kim.. 2011 Thanksgiving Message by Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. 03/02/2013.. 3,304.. 2012 New Year Message by Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. 03/01/2013.. 3,178.. USA/CANADA Staff Conference Opening Message By Pastor Mark Vucekovich.. 02/26/2013.. 3,529.. 2013 USA/CANADA Staff Conference Message By Pastor Abraham Kim (Video).. 4,306.. The Trinity: Biblical Reflection and Implications by Dr.. Augustine Suh.. 02/07/2013.. 1,638.. Biblical Worldview and Discipleship Training by Elisha Kim.. 01/24/2013.. 3,328.. Daily Bread Writers’ Workshop-DAILY BREAD FORMAT.. 01/09/2013.. 3,279.. How To Be a Powerful Witness by Pastor Abraham Kim.. 11/19/2012.. 4,913.. How to Do Bible Study Personally.. 09/19/2012.. 4,969.. 2012 Daily Bread Workshop Part-II (HOW?).. 4,524.. 2012 Daily Bread Workshop Part-I (WHY?).. 4,592.. Ecclesiology Lecture by Dr.. 10/27/2011.. 7,885.. Special Message based on Philippians 2:1-18 by Pastor Abraham Kim at Washington UBF (Video).. 10/26/2011.. 9,134.. Augustine Suh presented a lecture at the staff meeting.. 09/30/2011.. 8,529.. John Jun’s commemoration / Pastor Abraham Kim’s Inauguration ceremony report.. 08/07/2011.. 5,401.. (Video) 2011 A Farewell Speech by Samuel H Lee at an Inauguration Ceremony (Korean).. 06/25/2011.. 7,338.. (Videos) 2011 50th Anniversary Seminar Lectures (Korean).. 06/23/2011.. 7,836.. John Jun.. 05/30/2011.. 11,569.. Holy Spirit Series are available.. 04/06/2011.. 15,898.. 2011 New Year Message by Dr.. 03/20/2011.. 10,095..

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  • Title: UBF Chapters | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: UBF Chapters..

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  • Title: Origin and Purpose | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Menu.. Origin and Purpose.. Statement of Belief.. Summary of Work.. UBF History.. Pioneering History.. Origin.. The University Bible Fellowship was founded on September 1, 1961 in the midst of national turmoil following the 4/19 nation-wide demonstration and the 5/16 coup d etat.. At the time, Korean college students who were supposed to be the future leaders of the country fell into deep despair due to the social instability and the deteriorating value system of the times.. At that time, Dr.. Samuel Lee (1931-2002) was ministering to college students in the Daein Church, in Kwangju after graduating from a Presbyterian seminary.. Lee met Missionary Sarah Barry who volunteered to come to Korea to help this war-devastated country.. She was sent by the Board of World Missions of the Presbyterian Church, U.. -Southern, and is currently working at the Chicago U.. B.. F..  ...   end, they began to pray with the prayer topic, Bible Korea, World Mission, and studied the Bible with college students.. This was the beginning of the University Bible Fellowship.. Purpose.. The University Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational, evangelistic campus organization focused on raising disciples of Jesus who can live sacrificial lives for the gospel and contribute to society and their nation by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to college students and young people.. U.. serves world evangelism by raising lay missionaries and sending them throughout the world.. For this purpose, U.. teaches the Bible to college students and young people and helps them to live according to the teachings of the Scriptures and to practice the world mission command of Jesus (Acts 1:8).. The University Bible Fellowship is a mainline evangelical organization and is dedicated to the task of student evangelism..

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  • Title: Endorsements | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Letters from Christian Leaders.. Memberships.. Membership scrollable here.. I.. John H.. Armstrong.. |.. Rev.. Sung-Kyu Choi Rev.. Chun-Yill Park.. Robert Coleman.. Willam R.. Glass.. George Harton.. Joon-Gon Kim.. Professor Scott Moreau.. Ruth A.. Tucker.. June 5, 2007.. General Secretary.. Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.. 440 West Jubal Drive, Suite 130.. Winchester, VA 22601.. Dear Madam / Sir:.. I write this letter of recommendation for the University Bible Fellowship (UBF).. I have known the work of UBF first-hand for several years.. I have personally watched them deal with various issues and faithfully seek to proclaim the gospel, especially through small house churches near college campus settings.. The ministry lives by biblical principles and strives faithfully to obey Christ in all things.. UBF has been the recipient of some criticism and I have investigated some of these matters firsthand.. I find the charges against UBF to be essentially baseless.. Most of them are rooted in culture and practices that some Americans do not like.. They have proven themselves to be honest in their relationship with me and have also shown the clearest financial and moral integrity at every point.. I am happy to be associated with UBF and many of their North American leaders.. They have treated me with respect and demonstrated real biblical religion.. UBF openly seeks to improve its mission and practice faithfully and thus it remains in contact with a number of notable Christian leaders in North America who are outside their movement.. They wholeheartedly accept the Word of God as the basis for their ministry and their theology is consistently within the parameters of orthodox historic Christian faith.. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as you process the request of UBF for membership in ECFA.. Sincerely in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,.. Armstrong.. (About John H.. Armstrong).. TOP.. Chun-Yill Park.. University Bible Fellowship is an evangelical fellowship and has made great contributions to campus mission in Korea.. It has never tried to display its activity to others but already has 15,000 leaders in 75 chapters in Korea alone, and has sent 1,247 self-supporting missionaries to more than 77 countries in the world.. Considering the great contributions of U.. in the moral education of campus students, raising up spiritual leaders for the future, enhancing the national glory in sending out missionaries, and the number and quality of the leaders already raised up, I am sure that U.. will continue to contribute to the campus evangelical movement in Korea as we1 as to the national glory.. It does much for the relief work such as helping the North Korean patients with tuberculosis, supporting the Turkish refugees after the earthquake, and helping the Afghanistan refugees after the war.. I am sure that U.. is raising future leadership materials and contributes a lot for the good of the society.. May 31, 2005.. SUNG-KYU CHOI.. President.. Ex-President of THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES IN KOREA.. CHUN-YILL PARK.. Executive Secretary.. THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF KOREA, J.. P.. Robert Coleman.. Cross Global Link.. P.. O.. Box 398.. Wheaton, IL 60189-0398.. Dear Dr.. Newell,.. I have been asked to write a recommendation letter for the Univeristy Bible Fellowship, a missionary organization applying for membership in Cross Global Link.. It is a pleasure to respond to their request.. My knowledge of UBF is not extensive, but I have known some of thier leaders, and have talked with a number of their missionaries at some conferences where I have spoken.. My impressions have always been positive.. What stands out to one is their sense of mission and commitment to the Great Commission.. They take seriously Christ s command to make disciples of all nations.. Whatever I may think about their disciplined way of going about it, no one can fault the sincerity of their motive or the obedience of their lifestyle.. As you can see, my assessment of the movement is one of gratitude.. May God help us all to learn from each other and to follow more faithfully in the steps of Jesus.. Yours Sincerely,.. Distinguished Professor of Discipleship and Evangelism.. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.. Glass.. NAE Headquarters.. Attn: Kyle Fisk.. 11025 Voyager Parkway.. Colorado Springs CO 80921.. June 24, 2007.. Dear Mr.. Fisk,.. I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Pastor Jacob Lee, who has been a friend of mine and pastor of the UBF church in College Park, Maryland.. I had the privilege of meeting with him, teaching at his church as well as at the Leadership conference last September in Cincinnati, Ohio.. As a result of my interaction with him as well as other leaders, I am convinced that UBF is a solidly conservative Christian fellowship which adheres to the traditional fundamentals of the faith.. They hold conservative Christian cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths.. We were very impressed with the leaders, both from Korean and non-Korean roots, as we met formerly and informally with them.. There can be no doubt that UBF is conservative evangelical in doctrine and conservative in Korean values of leadership and mentorship.. Unfortunately, some have misunderstood their Korean cultural roots, as part of their leadership style, and have wrongly associated them with cultic practices.. Nothing can be further from the truth.. They are very loyal, humble, and highly respectful to those in authority qualities that are weak in many American conservative churches.. My wife and I were impressed with their discipline and commitment to reaching University students and faculty.. The fellowship as a whole and individual churches within, are reaching a segment of our society that has been generally ignored by most conservative churches.. They exemplify the unity we have in our diversity in Christ.. My wife and I are glad that we were able to take the time to meet with, minister to, and actually see the fruit of their ministry for Christ around the world.. I very highly recommend them into membership and inclusion to the NEA family.. They would be a tremendous asset to your organization.. Sincerely,.. William R.. Glass, M.. Div.. , Th.. M.. Pastor: Mid-Shore Community Church.. Adjunct Professor: Capital Bible Seminary.. George Harton.. July 9, 2007.. To whom it may concern,.. Jacob Lee, Pastor of the University Bible Fellowship Church in College Park, Maryland, asked me to provide a written testimony to my interaction with UBF as UBF seeks membership in the NAE.. I am currently serving as the Academic Dean of Capital Bible Seminary (CBS) in Lanham, Maryland.. I graduated with a BA degree from Princeton University in Germanic Languages and Literature.. I also hold degrees from Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana (Master of Divinity) and from Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas (Master of Sacred Theology and PhD).. I served as a pastor from 1969 to 1981 of churches in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Texas and as a professor at CBS from 1981 to present (Academic Dean since 1995).. I am writing from an individual, not an institutional perspective.. Summary of interaction with University Bible Fellowship.. My association with UBF began in the summer of 2004 when Jacob Lee responded to an email that I sent to a large group of students who had taken courses at CBS but who had not enrolled for several semesters.. Jacob wrote back asking whether any faculty member would be available to speak at a conference in November 2004 that his church was hosting.. I accepted the invitation myself and participated in about six hours of the conference.. I heard faculty from other mid-Atlantic universities give presentations on David Brainerd and Harry Ironside.. I spoke on the conference theme of the Word of God.. I also responded to questions  ...   has a way to go in developing cultural sensitivity to the American cultural context while they try to blend that with loyalty to their Korean roots.. May UBF never depart from its commitment to biblical authority while continuing to grow in its ability to contextualize its ministry to the building of the church to the glory of God.. I know of no reason why UBF should not be reinstated as a member in good standing of the NAE.. His servant and yours,.. (About Dr.. George Harton).. The University Bible Fellowship(UBF) is an evangelical campus mission organization which has enormously contributed for campus evangelization in the following ways:.. Firstly, UBF has raised up many spiritual leaders who have mature character and faith through one-to-one Bible study and discipleship training.. These disciples of Jesus have been influencing the community, acquiring good reputation as light and salt of the world.. Secondly, UBF has raised up many self-supportive missionaries who have been sent all over the world and serve campus mission in their respective mission field.. Currently, over 1,400 self-supportive missionaries are working in about 80 countries.. Thirdly, UBF strives hard for the relief work, helping the North Korean patients with tuberculosis, supporting the Turkish refugees after the earthquake, and helping the Afghanistan refugees after the war.. UBF is coworking with C.. C.. in many complementary ways for the campus mission.. I hereby recommend URF as an exemplary University Student Mission Organiz,ation for the above-mentioned reasons.. May 6, 2005.. JOON-GON KIM.. Founder and President.. KOREA CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST.. January 24, 2005.. I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Dr.. Mark Yoon, who has been a friend of mine over the past eight years.. Over the course of that time we have shared fellowship at numerous meetings, including several discussions on cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths.. To Americans used to autonomous independence and unfamiliar with Korean culture, the Korean-styled leadership structure that characterizes UBF seems overly hierarchical.. Some have decided that it is cultish.. However, within the Korean context that was the birthplace of UBF, such a structure demonstrates commitment, discipline, and integrity.. The style of leadership and commitment that characterizes UBF can also be found among other highly-regarded Korean Christian ministries.. For example, numerous Korean churches are lauded for having daily prayer meetings starting as early as 4:00 am.. While this would be seen as extreme by some in the American context, to the Koreans this is a symbol of the extent of their commitment to Christ and many missiologists note that the startling growth of the Korean Church in the 20th century may very well be attributed to this level of dedication.. As an American who lived abroad in Africa for a decade, and who has taught contextualization and intercultural communication for over 20 years, I see UBF as a thriving contextualized effort to develop a body of committed believers who desire to reach the world for Christ.. The fact that so many Korean Christian groups (such as Campus Crusade for Christ Korea) fellowship with UBF and hold it in high regard supports this view.. Thus I highly recommend that UBF be seen as nothing more than a strongly-disciplined Christian ministry that makes high demands of its membership and thus appropriate for inclusion in the NAE family.. I would be happy to have further contact or discussion with you on this if it may be of assistance in your consideration of reinstating UBF to NAE membership.. Scott Moreau.. (About Scott Moreau).. Professor and Chair, Intercultural Studies Department.. Editor, Evangelical Missions Quarterly.. 4824 Abrigador Trail.. Comstock Park, Michigan 49321 USA.. 616-647-1030.. tuckerworst@comcast.. net.. April 1, 2008.. To Whom it May Concern:.. I am writing about my long-time friendship with the University Bible Fellowship, with headquarters in Chicago and ministry around the world.. I first became acquainted with the ministry of UBF in the 1980s when I was teaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.. One of my students was Jun Ki Chung, who was taking doctoral work in Missiology while completing his Ph.. D.. under Dr.. Martin Marty at the University of Chicago.. Mr.. Chung was also very involved in the leadership of UBF.. Chung now serves as Professor of Historical Theology at Kwangshin University in Korea, while maintaining his close relationship with UBF.. In the 1990s, I had the privilege of giving lectures at UBF sponsored meetings.. On one such occasion I met the Korean founder of the movement, Dr.. Samuel Lee.. What I remember most about the meeting was that the church was packed and folding chairs were needed to accommodate the crowd.. I was sitting on the platform and I spotted Dr.. Lee himself bringing folding chairs to the front and ushering people in to take those seats.. At that time I also met Sarah Barry, an American Presbyterian missionary who helped co-found the movement.. I had an opportunity to talk quite extensively with her and ask to her questions about the growth of the organization as it spread worldwide.. What impressed me most about her was her openness and honesty about problems that had developed and mistakes that have been made.. In the 1990s, I also presented a lecture for a UBF meeting in Toledo.. As was true in my Chicago meeting, the audience consisted largely of students who were very eager to learn, to ask questions, and to challenge my perspective.. In 1997, I visited Korea, where I lectured at several meeting in various locations throughout the country.. I was accompanied by local UBF leaders and by Dr.. Chung, who served as my interpreter.. I realized during that trip how influential UBF is in Korea and how many good connections the ministry has with other Korean ministries.. In 2006, I was pleased to host several UBF leaders in my home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and once again I experienced a sense of warmth and friendship.. I recently lectured again in Chicago for a UBF sponsored meeting.. I was pleased to discover that among so many new faces were also a large number of individuals I had become acquainted with more than a decade earlier.. In many Christian organizations, there is a large turnover in leadership as key individuals come and go.. But UBF has brought in new leaders, while retaining many who have served with the ministry for decades.. Among those I had become acquainted with years earlier were Pastor Mark Yang, Pastor Ron Ward, Mother Sarah Barry, Dr.. Jun Ki Chung, and Dr.. John Jun, who is now the executive director.. Jun, who served as a medical doctor in the Korean Army, is a very efficient executive director.. He has a lively, engaging, and warm personality and a quick sense of humor.. As one of the first members of UBF, he knows the organization well, and seeks to lead through persuasion rather than power.. He interacts with members as co-workers in an easy informal way, and plays as well as works alongside them.. In fact he was telling how he tries to schedule tennis twice a week.. I asked where he was able to find indoor courts for the winter months.. He laughed and said they played on the nearby outdoor courts, sometimes clearing the courts with snow shovels.. As a seminary professor for twenty-five years, an author of seventeen books, an editor of the journal Missiology, and a past president of the Association of Professors, I have worked with many Christian organizations.. UBF is one such organization that I have come to appreciate very much and would recommend to anyone who is seeking Bible training and fellowship and opportunities to serve.. Sincerely yours,.. Tucker, Ph..

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  • Title: Uganda Medical Mission 2009 | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: Uganda Medical Mission 2009.. Isaiah 49:6b I will also make you a light for the gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the very ends of the earth.. The annual Medical Mission outreach to Lyantonde for 2009took place from the 26th to 28th of January 2009.. This was the 3rd UBF free medical camp in Lyantonde, Uganda.. This year there was a great increase in the number of volunteers.. From Korea, 21 people including Physician(Dr.. Hana Kim), General surgeon(Dr.. Byungchol Kim), Pediatricians(Dr.. David Park, Dr.. Joseph Ahn), Orthopedic surgeons(Dr.. Luke Jung, Dr.. Yoonhong Kim), Oncologist(Dr.. Chiyoung Park), Family doctor (Dr.. Changgyu Oh) and Dentist (Dr.. Inhan Yoon) participated.. From Germany, Cardiologist (Dr.. Samuel Lee), Pediatrician (Dr.. Titus Keller) and Dentist (Dr.. Maria Keller) joined the team.. From the USA, Senior Consultant Pediatrician from Chicago UBF (Dr.. Joseph Chung), ICU nurse from Indiana (Younse Wert) and Dentist (Dr.. Sam Zun), Family Medicine Specialist (Dr.. Hannah Zun) from Cincinnati participated.. The Ugandan team was comprised of Pediatricians(Dr.. Luke Lim, Dr.. Lilian Ogwang), Chest Physician(Dr.. Samuel Yoo), Oncologist(Dr.. Abraham Omoding), Anesthesilogist(Dr.. Spekcy Mbula), Pharmacist (Patrick Ogwang) and other support staffs who made sure that everyone in need got the help needed.. On January 25th, 2009, all the medical personnel and the support coworkers embarked on the 2009 medical outreach visit to Lyantonde organized by the University Bible Fellowship and ICOD, a Lyantonde based community NGO.. It was quite comforting that some members of the team had attended one or both of the previous outreaches.. Due to the gradually strengthening bond between the UBF outreach team and the community in Lyantonde, the degree of involvement went far beyond mere short medical volunteerism and has over time developed into a long-term collaboration.. Needless to say, the UBF team was happy to contribute to this growing relationship in yet another way.. On the first day, Dr.. Titus Keller from UBF Germany taught many of the waiting patients at Lyantonde hospital about HIV/AIDS, its spread and treatment after infection.. This was very well received by waiting patients and curious onlookers.. Within the span of 3 days, the team performed 20 operations - all under the conditions rivaling the most hardened of any surgical field hospital, where the lack of running water, working surgical lights, and functioning instruments created an additional element of difficulty.. Most of the procedures consisted of providing relief to the patients with gigantic goiters and hernias, tumors, burn scars.. However, since surgical care has always been hard to come by in many district hospitals of Uganda, and Lyantonde was no exception to this rule, the operative log covered a multitude of problems that required surgical intervention.. Despite all of the challenges mentioned above, most operations went as smoothly as expected, with all patients doing well.. HOPE The growth of the medical mission ministry in UBF started as a small outreach ministry.. But over the last three years there has been a great increase in the number of personnel willing to come and participate.. This year even artist was part of the team and did face painting.. It is hoped that the mission will go beyond offering medical services but will attract professionals from water and sanitary engineers, construction specialists, agricultural extension workers and many others.. There was great work of God among participants.. God opened their spiritual eyes and touched their hearts that many participants made decision of faith to join mission field in near future.. Though it was short period to experience mission field, they saw the reality and necessity of mission field.. May God use them preciously for His redemptive work in His time.. This year more Ugandan UBF  ...   infection and arthritis such as rheumatism and degenerative osteo-arthritis.. Hannah Kim from Kwangju UBF I , was very excited at the opportunity of being able to volunteer this year.. She had a mixed reaction to the whole experience.. She said she was happy but sorry.. She said I was extremely happy to be part of this team this year but I saw there are too many patients.. I witnessed first hand that even with limited drugs, there can still be a difference! Dr.. Maria Keller from Koln UBF seemed to reecho the same sentiment.. She said there was no time to educate the people about oral hygiene because the patients were too many.. May be we should plan for this on our next visit.. Samuel Zun, UBF medical mission director lauded the efforts of all the doctors and volunteers.. He hinted that in the future, a complete hospital will be established to train Ugandans locally to help their people instead of doctors having to come here each year.. He said Uganda has excellent potential to carry on this work.. All that is needed is the will, stewardship and responsibility to accomplish the great task ahead of helping the most vulnerable in every way Dr.. Joseph Chung from Chicago UBF was also optimistic that even though the state of the health conditions is still deplorable, there is hope.. He said, About 50 years ago, Korea was even in a worse situation than Uganda currently is.. All that is needed is a huge education drive to make people aware of how to avoid disease Dr.. Samuel Lee, a cardiologist from Koln UBF commented that the medical mission should not be like a drop of water on a hot stone.. He said that even though follow up of patients after such medical missions is difficult and limited diagnostic facilities, community leaders and community people should be educated on basic health care.. David Park, Kwangju UBF III director, recognized the need to send more surgeons, dentists and tropical medicine specialists in the future.. He said We spend a lot of money on equipment and personnel to come to Uganda.. We can very easily go to Vietnam or Cambodia where the need is even greater.. But we feel that Uganda can become a centre of healing for Congo, Sudan and all neighboring countries.. CONCLUSION Though the hospital facilities were poor and the working environment was inconvenient, none of medical mission team members complained.. They worked tirelessly to serve many patients.. As a result 1733 patients were treated and 20 patients underwent operation.. Some surgical cases were not able to be handled in Lyantonde.. For these patients, transfer arrangements were made for them to travel to Kampala, Mulago hospital for further investigation and treatment.. Most patients who were so poor to afford their own transportation and treatment were sponsored.. Many people were so grateful for the UBF medical mission team s sacrificial work and treatment.. The Uganda UBF director Dr.. Luke Lim held some consultation meetings with the Local government officials.. Through UBF medical mission work we could learn the compassionate heart of Jesus and the need for the medical mission work especially the third world.. There is a lot to be done but coworkers and partners are very few.. More workers, especially doctors, medical personnel, evangelists and volunteers are all needed to partner in this noble adventure.. It is our hope that the next medical outreach mission shall have a greater impact than this one through reaching lives and touching communities with the love of Jesus.. May God continue to use us for his world salvation work through campus discipleship ministry and healing..

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  • Title: A Kukminilbo article about the Purdue conf. 2008 | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: A Kukminilbo article about the Purdue conf.. 2008.. Kukminilbo (08.. 7.. 27) article: World famous speakers testified God s love In UBF international conference at Purdue University.. It was noticeable that well known speakers testified about the love of God during the University Bible Fellowship International Conference at the Purdue University in west Lafayette, Indiana during July 24-27, 2008.. The speakers had accepted the gospel by the Korean missionaries from UBF and they are now professionals in their respective areas.. Their messages were warmly welcomed.. Joseph Schafer from Penn State University came to the church by the Korean Missionary when he was a student at MIT, 26 years ago.. He spoke on Luke 19 and emphasized that Jesus accepted Zacchaeus as he was.. He said that Jesus was looking for Zacchaeus earnestly when Zacchaeus was looking  ...   thirst in our post modern young people.. James Rabchuck, a Physics professor and a Bible teacher at the Western Illinois University delivered Luke 15, a parable of the prodigal son and emphasized that God has compassion toward the prodigal son and runs to welcome him.. It is a great comfort and glory that each person has a heavenly Father.. The title of the conference was For God so loved the world (John 3:16).. Despite famine and flood and war, family problems and personal hardships, people gathered there in order to testify the love of God toward each person.. Vladimir Levitsky from Ukraine testified, I thought about the love of Jesus Christ as something far away or not applicable to me.. But the conference helped me to know the love of God personally.. West Lafayette- Soon Man Lim..

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  • Title: Journal (English) | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: International Evangelical Student Mission Movement - UBF Case Study by Dr.. empoweringubfnewgen.. org/resources/publication/korean-diaspora-christian-mission#_ftnref.. University Bible Fellowship: What Happens When Missionaries from Korea Descend on North American College Campuses? by Dr.. Joseph Schafer, Dr.. Mark Yoon and Dr.. Scott Moreau.. Click here to view the article..

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  • Title: A study on UBF Mission Works in the point of Self-Supporting Tent-maker mission | UBF - University Bible Fellowship
    Descriptive info: A study on UBF Mission Works in the point of Self-Supporting Tent-maker mission.. A study on UBF Mission Works in the point of Self-Supporting Tent-maker mission.. Pastor Samuel H.. Lee, Korean UBF Director received a PhD.. in missionary work from Westminster Theological Seminary on February 19, 2009.. May God bless his prayer, sacrificial life and PhD.. degree for the glory of God and world mission as well as UBF mission..

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