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  • Title: USCAR: The United States Council for Automotive Research
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Who We Are.. Partners Collaborators.. Technologies.. Advanced Powertrain TLC.. Advanced Combustion Emissions Control Tech Team (ACEC).. Aftertreatment Data Exchange Team.. Electrical & Electronics Tech Team.. Engine Benchmarking Group.. Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Team.. Low Emissions Technologies R D Partnership.. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Working Group.. Transmission Working Group (TWG).. Vehicle Systems Analysis Tech Team.. Electrical/Electronics TLC.. Cyber/Physical Systems Task Force.. Electrical Power Systems Working Group.. Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership (EWCAP).. Electronic Architecture Task Force.. Intra-Vehicle Wireless Task Force.. Lighting Group.. Energy Storage TLC.. Battery Separators Working Group.. Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team (EESTT).. U.. S.. Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC).. Environmental TLC.. Automobile Industry/Government Emissions Research (AIGER).. Casting Emissions Reduction Program (CERP).. Fuels Working Group.. Manufacturing Emissions Committee.. Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP).. Hydrogen Fuel Cells TLC.. Fuel Cell Balance of Plant Working Group.. Fuel Cell Tech Team (FCTT).. Hydrogen Codes Standards Tech Team (HC STT).. Hydrogen Storage Tech Team (HSTT).. Manufacturing TLC.. Digital/Virtual Tools Task Force.. Ergonomics Task Force.. Joining and Fastening Task Force.. Manufacturing Energy Reduction Task Force.. Manufacturing Working Group.. NAAMS Task Force (Assembly and Stamping Standards).. Paint Task Force.. Plant Floor Controllers Task Force.. Materials TLC.. Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP).. Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC).. Automotive Metals Division (AMD).. Materials Tech Team (MTT).. Multi Materials Vehicle R D Initiative (MMV).. Non-Destructive Evaluation Steering Committee.. Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP).. Safety TLC.. Crash Safety Working Group (CSWG).. Occupant Safety Research Partnership (OSRP).. Vehicle Electrification TLC.. Grid Interaction Tech Team (GITT).. Secondary Battery Working Group.. Other.. Aerodynamics Working Group.. Fasteners Committee.. Oil Filter Specifications Working Group.. Vehicle Architecture Data Exchange.. Vehicle Teardown Working Group.. Teams.. USCAR Teams.. United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC).. United States Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP).. View All.. Drive.. Electrical/Electronics Tech Team (EETT).. Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team.. Publications.. News Info.. News.. Media Room.. Technical Glossary.. Contact.. UnitedStatesCAR Twitter:.. A new RFPI for development of Advanced High-Performance Batteries for 12V Start-Stop has been issued by USCAR's USABC.. http://t.. co/FqlhXYjib5.. |.. More News.. UNITED STATES COUNCIL FOR AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH LLC.. Sharing Technology for a Stronger America.. Welcome to the website of the United States Council for  ...   The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), a collaborative organization operated by Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, has issued a request for proposal information (RFPI) for the development of advanced high-performance batteries for electric vehicle (EV) applications.. Press Release.. : USABC AWARDS $1.. 99 MILLION START-STOP BATTERY TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CONTRACT TO SAFT AMERICA.. , Aug.. 20, 2013 The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), an organization whose members are Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, today announced the award of a $1.. 99 million 12-volt start-stop battery technology development contract to Saft America Inc.. of Jacksonville, Fla.. Press Release:.. USABC AWARDS $2.. 28 MILLION START-STOP BATTERY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CONTRACT TO LEYDEN ENERGY.. , June 3, 2013.. The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), an organization whose members are Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, today announced the award of a $2.. 28 million stop-start battery system development contract to Leyden Energy Inc.. of Fremont, Calif.. USAMP RECEIVES $6 MILLION AWARD FROM DOE FOR ADVANCED HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL PROJECT.. , Feb.. 15, 2013.. The United States Automotive Materials Partnership LLC (USAMP), in collaboration with the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP), received a competitively solicited award for $6 million from the U.. Department of Energy (DOE) for its Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Approach to Development of Lightweight, Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels (3GAHSS) project.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. USCAR in the News.. CBS Detroit:.. USABC Gives $2.. 28M Start-Stop Battery Contract To California Firm.. Automotive Engineering Online:.. Is auto A/C a parasite? GM engineer says that's the fuel-economy-centric view.. Yahoo Finance:.. S.. Steel CEO: New Steel Grades Will Play Leading Role In Achieving Future Fuel Economy Requirements.. Automaker.. News Highlights.. USA Today:.. GM first with remote car link for Windows smartphones.. Forbes:.. Ford Is Studying Space Robots To Make Smarter Cars.. Detroit News:.. Chrysler expands engine production, adds 298 new jobs in Trenton.. Advanced Powertrain.. Electrical/Electronics.. Energy Storage.. Environmental.. Hydrogen Fuel Cells.. Manufacturing.. Materials.. Safety.. Vehicle Electrification.. News/Information.. Copyright 2006-2013 USCAR.. All Rights Reserved.. Maintained by USCAR.. Website Design..

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  • Title: USCAR: Who We Are
    Descriptive info: The United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR) was founded in 1992.. USCAR is composed of a number of specialized groups that focus on specific research areas.. These research teams work to:.. accelerate technical development,.. provide a common voice to the supply base,.. increase the value of research investments,.. improve quality.. and reduce the cost for noncompetitive technologies and activities.. These goals are often accomplished through partnerships with various stakeholders including the federal government, educational institutions and suppliers.. USCAR demonstrates the power of collaboration.. It enables the U.. automakers to do great things efficiently and effectively.. Individually, these same tasks would be far more difficult, potentially redundant, and in many instances, impossible to achieve as quickly by individual companies.. History.. The United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR) was announced in 1992, but its evolution began years earlier.. Historically, technical collaboration involving the U.. automakers - Chrysler, Ford and General Motors was unthinkable because they dominated the U.. market and viewed each other as tough competitors.. Also, antitrust laws strongly discouraged U.. businesses from working together.. As automotive markets began to globalize, Congress provided an opportunity for a wide range of research development collaborations involving industrial competitors by passing the 1984 Cooperative Research Act.. With competition from both Japanese and European automakers intensifying, Chrysler Group LLC, Ford and GM recognized that technical collaboration was already occurring among their overseas competitors and that it made good business sense for themselves as well.. In the late 1980s, a common technology need was the development of lightweight materials to improve fuel economy.. Thus, the U.. automakers created the Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC) in 1988 to work together on the emerging need for composites.. ACC's success spawned more consortia to address other technical issues, including advanced batteries and vehicle recycling.. By 1992, it was clear that a management group was needed to serve as a coordinating research hub - and the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR) was formed to oversee the collaborative research development efforts.. In the fall of 1993, USCAR teamed together with the federal government under the Clinton administration and formed the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV).. PNGV's goal was to improve national manufacturing competitiveness, implement technologies to increase the efficiency of conventional vehicles and develop technologies for a new class of vehicles with up to three times the fuel efficiency of a mid-size family sedan without sacrificing its performance, affordability, utility, safety and comfort.. Each of the U.. automakers created concept vehicles that achieved the fuel-efficiency mark, advancing new technologies as part of the process.. Building on the success of PNGV, the program transitioned to FreedomCAR under the Bush administration  ...   partnership to facilitate technological research and technology policy analysis focused on improving the manufacturing competitiveness of the U.. automotive industry.. The US A-TEAM (U.. Alliance for Technology and Engineering for Automotive Manufacturing) is a strategic partnership between USCAR and the U.. Department of Commerce s Technology Administration (including the department s National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST]).. It focuses on improving the manufacturing competitiveness of the U.. Throughout its history, USCAR has facilitated numerous cutting-edge and innovative R D programs, and its organizational structure has evolved accordingly.. In spring 2005, USCAR Council created an organizational structure composed of a three-member executive Leadership Group and nine Technical Leadership Councils to oversee the extensive portfolio of research being conducted by nearly 30 consortia, teams and working groups.. Additionally, USCAR leadership council members strategize and initiate expansion into new areas of collaboration.. With R D programs ranging from energy storage and materials to aerodynamics and manufacturing, the research portfolio continues to expand.. Key USCAR Milestones.. Date Formed:.. ACC.. Automotive Composites Consortium.. June 1988.. USABC.. United States Advanced Battery Consortium.. Jan.. 1991.. ERC.. Environmental Research Consortium.. March 1991.. VRP.. Vehicle Recycling Partnership.. Sept.. USCAR.. United States Council for Automotive Research.. June 1992.. LEP.. OSRP.. Occupant Safety Research Partnership.. USAMP.. United States Automotive Materials Partnership.. April 1993.. PNGV.. Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles.. 1993.. EWCAP.. Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership.. April 1994.. FreedomCAR.. FreedomCAR (Cooperative Automotive Research).. 2002.. FreedomCAR Fuel Partnership.. 2003.. US A-TEAM.. United States Alliance for Technology and Engineering for Automotive Manufacturing.. Dec.. 2004.. USCAR Council creates new organizational structure that includes executive Leadership Group and nine Technical Leadership Councils.. Spring 2005.. DRIVE.. DOE announces US.. D.. riving.. R.. esearch and.. I.. nnovation for.. V.. ehicle efficiency and.. E.. nergy sustainability partnership.. May 2011.. Executive Leadership.. USCAR is governed by the three-member USCAR Council, whose membership includes the R D vice presidents from each of the U.. automakers.. The Council members create value for their respective companies through their collective leadership.. They establish USCAR policy, appoint representatives to various teams and provide strategic direction and guidance to the organization.. The USCAR Council members are:.. Mircea Gradu, vice president Powertrain, Transmission and Driveline Engineering, head of Virtual Analysis, Chrysler Group LLC.. Paul Mascarenas, chief technical officer, vice president, Ford Research and Innovation.. Jon Lauckner, General Motors vice president and chief technology officer.. The USCAR Leadership Group reports to the Council and includes the.. USCAR Executive Director.. as well as an executive from each member company.. The Leadership Group translates policies and strategies from the Council into actionable items and assigns these items to the appropriate teams.. The Leadership Group is responsible for overseeing all USCAR operations and collaborative activities..

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  • Title: USCAR: Partners & Collaborators
    Descriptive info: Through USCAR, Chrysler Group, Ford and General Motors bring together the best minds from the U.. automotive industry, government agencies and laboratories, private business (suppliers) and educational institutions to advance important, socially responsible automotive issues related to energy, the environment and safety.. Together, we are able to do more, better, faster, while achieving significant cost efficiencies.. These research tasks would be far more difficult, potentially redundant and, and in many instances, impossible to achieve as quickly by individual companies.. Click to view the.. Power of Automotive Collaboration Brochure.. Please view the links on this page as potential resources to supplement the information available on the USCAR site.. USCAR is not responsible for the information presented at these sites, nor the availability of these sites.. DRIVE, which stands for United States Driving Research and Innovation for Vehicle efficiency and Energy sustainability, is an expanded government-industry partnership among  ...   (EPRI).. (Click the U.. DRIVE logo for more information).. Government Organizations:.. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).. United States Department of Energy (DOE).. DOE Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).. DOE/EERE Advanced Manufacturing Office.. DOE/EERE Biomass Program.. DOE/EERE Vehicle Technologies Program.. DOE/EERE Fuel Cell Technologies Program.. Federal Laboratory Consortium.. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).. National Science Foundation.. Army Tank, Automotive Armaments Command.. National Laboratories' Links:.. Ames National Laboratory.. Argonne National Laboratory.. Brookhaven National Laboratory.. Idaho National Engineering Environmental Laboratory.. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.. Los Alamos National Laboratory.. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.. Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Fuel Economy Web Site.. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.. Sandia National Laboratories.. Savannah River National Laboratory.. Organizations of Interest:.. Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).. Coordinating Research Council.. European Council for Automotive R D (EUCAR).. Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA).. SAE International..

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  • Title: USCAR: Technologies & Teams
    Descriptive info: Technologies Teams.. Technical Leadership Councils (TLCs) are the primary technical strategic units of USCAR.. The TLCs manage USCAR's collaborative research and development portfolio, establish strategic objectives and ensure alignment of projects with partners' objectives.. TLCs also help to ensure their teams meet the requirements of collaborative agreements between USCAR and other entities in their respective technical areas.. Additionally, TLCs oversee research conducted by all of the teams within their specified areas.. Teams are the basic research units of USCAR.. These include USCAR consortia, working groups, tech teams (part of  ...   Combustion & Emissions Control Tech Team.. Advanced Battery Consortium LLC.. DRIVE Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team.. Automobile Industry/Government Emissions Research CRADA (AIGER).. Casting Emissions Reduction Program.. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell TLC.. DRIVE Fuel Cell Tech Team.. DRIVE Hydrogen Codes & Standards Tech Team.. DRIVE Hydrogen Storage Tech Team.. Virtual Simulation Task Force.. Automotive Metals Division.. Auto/Steel Partnership.. Automotive Materials Partnership LLC.. DRIVE Materials Tech Team.. DRIVE Vehicle Systems Analysis Tech Team.. Crash Safety Working Group.. DRIVE Tech Teams.. DRIVE Electrical & Electronics Tech Team.. DRIVE Grid Interaction Tech Team..

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  • Title: USCAR: Advanced Powertrain TLC
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the main page for the Advanced Powertrain Technical Leadership Council.. Mission.. To lead and drive all collaborative advanced powertrain activities to achieve leadership in technical knowledge and capability for the USCAR members.. R D News Highlights.. Design Fax:.. USCAR team tackles phantom gear noise in auto  ...   eliminate 'ghost noise' in automotive transmissions.. Click here to read the article in Design Fax.. ] Read More.. USCAR TEAM TACKLES PHANTOM GEAR NOISE IN AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT.. DAIMLER AG, FORD MOTOR COMPANY TO BECOME PRIMARY STAKEHOLDERS IN NEW AUTOMOTIVE FUEL CELL COOPERATION.. View complete "USCAR News" list..

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  • Title: USCAR: U.S. DRIVE Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Tech Team
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Web page of the U.. DRIVE Advanced Combustion Emissions Control (ACEC) Tech Team.. To reduce petroleum dependence by removing critical technical barriers to the mass commercialization of high-efficiency, emissions-compliant internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrains.. Click here.. to view the ACEC Tech Team's technical roadmap.. DRIVE 2011 Highlights of Technical Accomplishments Report.. 2010 FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership Technical Accomplishments.. View complete USCAR document  ...   Washington, D.. C.. ,.. May 19, 2011 - U.. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced U.. DRIVE, a cooperative partnership with industry to accelerate the development of clean, advanced, energy-efficient technologies for cars and light trucks and the infrastructure needed to support their widespread use.. This partnership is part of DOE's broad strategy to expand the availability of advanced vehicles to American families..

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  • Title: USCAR: Aftertreatment Data Exchange Team
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Aftertreatment Data Exchange Team web page, which currently is under development.. Please check back again later..

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  • Title: USCAR: U.S. DRIVE Electrical & Electronics Tech Team
    Descriptive info: DRIVE Electrical Electronics Tech Team (EETT).. Achieving energy independence will depend upon developing hybrid-electric and fuel cell vehicles that are economically justifiable for the average consumer.. Core to this effort will be the development of power electronics and electrical machines as key enabling technologies for propulsion systems.. This will require reducing the production cost of current automotive electric traction systems by a factor of four.. The cost/ease of integrating electric traction systems into vehicle platforms must be significantly improved.. This dictates a size reduction of over 50%  ...   technology, system integration will also be essential to reduce part count and to improve reliability, durability and producibility.. As technology moves from gasoline hybrids to fuel cell electric vehicles, the Electrical and Electronics Technical Team (EETT) is challenged with advancing the technologies required to make electrically driven transportation preferred to today's petroleum-fueled vehicles.. The team will encourage the national research community and industry to focus on developing technologies that will lead to the commercial viability of electric propulsion in the future.. to view the EETT's technical roadmap..

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  • Title: USCAR: Engine Benchmarking Group
    Descriptive info: To conduct engine benchmarking studies of competitive vehicles.. EBG Data Specifications: Engine Performance Testing/Overview 20080711.. EBG Data Specifications: Engine Performance Testing/Parameter Details 20080711.. EBG Data Specifications: Engine Performance Testing/Sample Data File 20080711..

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  • Title: USCAR: Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Team
    Descriptive info: The mission of the USCAR Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Team is to design and develop common component/system designs and test procedures for evaporative and refueling emission control systems..

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