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  • Title: USIP Books: Welcome!
    Descriptive info: .. Bookstore Home.. |.. Site Map.. USIP Press Books.. All of usip.. org.. About.. Our Work.. Grants & Fellowships.. Specialists.. Newsroom.. Events.. Publications.. Library.. About Us.. Programs.. Countries & Continents.. Experts.. Academy.. [ Back ].. U.. S.. Institute of Peace Press.. Welcome to the USIP Press Bookstore!.. Following its mandate to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts, USIP is committed to publishing significant works that offer new insights.. Starting with four titles in the fall of 1991, USIP Press Books has published more than one hundred sixty titles on peacebuilding, conflict analysis, and international relations.. This map shows our global reach, indicating the subjects covered in our recent and key publications Please review our Fall 2013 titles in the new online version of our.. book catalog.. and check out our global reach in this.. USIP Press Influence Map.. , indicating subjects covered in our recent and key publications.. Download.. the.. Fall 2013.. Catalog.. (PDF).. New Books.. A CRUCIAL LINK.. Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding.. Andries Odendaal.. September 2013.. In places as diverse as South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Nepal, negotiators of national peace plans have for years sanctioned the creation of local peace committees (LPCs) to address community-level sources of grievance and thereby to build peace from the bottom up.. In.. A Crucial Link: Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding.. , longtime practitioner Andries Odendaal engages in the first comparative study of LPCs and asks whether and where the committees have succeeded.. Paperback:.. $19.. 95.. $16.. 00.. 978-1-60127-181-5.. WHERE IS THE LONE RANGER? SECOND EDITION.. America's Search for a Stability Force.. Robert M.. Perito.. July 2013.. Where Is the Lone Ranger? Second Edition.. examines the evolution of U.. policy toward peace and stability operations through the prism of U.. experiences with police and constabulary forces in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.. $24.. $20.. 978-1-60127-153-2.. PEACEBUILDING IN COMMUNITY COLLEGES.. A Teaching Resource.. Edited by.. David J.. Smith.. June 2013.. Enlisting contributions by twenty-three community college professionals, Smith has created a first-of-its-kind volume for faculty and administrators seeking to develop innovative and engaging peacebuilding and conflict resolution programs.. Through case studies, how-to's, sample syllabi and course materials, and inspiring anecdotes, contributors draw on learner-centered strategies, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary relationships to teach practical skills and strengthen global connections.. $29.. 978-1-60127-147-1.. CONFLICT ANALYSIS.. Understanding Causes, Unlocking Solutions.. Matthew Levinger.. Conflict Analysis: Understanding Causes, Unlocking Solutions.. is a guide for practitioners seeking to prevent deadly conflict or mitigate political instability.. This handbook integrates theory and practice and emphasizes the importance of analyzing the causes of peace as well as the causes of conflict.. It stresses that conflict analysis is a social as well as an intellectual process, helping practitioners translate analysis into effective action.. 978-1-60127-143-3.. THE BRILLIANT ART OF PEACE.. Lectures from the Kofi Annan Series.. Abiodun Williams.. May 2013.. The Brilliant Art of Peace.. presents lectures delivered by seventeen of the world’s most eminent thinkers, including several Nobel laureates, during Kofi Annan’s tenure as secretary general of the United Nations.. 978-1-60127-142-6.. DETECT, DISMANTLE, AND DISARM.. IAEA Verification, 1992–2005.. Christine Wing.. ,.. Fiona Simpson.. March 2013.. Detect, Dismantle, and Disarm.. , the first nontechnical book on the IAEA’s role in verification, Christine Wing and Fiona Simpson examine the IAEA's experience in the four cases of Iraq, DPRK, South Africa, and Libya and capture the elements of the verification process most useful for the design of future  ...   how Islam and democracy are now interdependent, Annika Folkeson profiles the 50 Islamist parties, and 10 experts identify Islamists in Algeria, Egypt (two), Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian territories, Syria, and Tunisia.. 978-1-60127-134-1.. REWIRING REGIONAL SECURITY IN A FRAGMENTED WORLD.. Chester A.. Crocker.. Fen Osler Hampson.. Pamela Aall.. July 2011.. Rewiring Regional Security in a Fragmented World.. examines conflict management capacities and gaps regionally and globally, and assesses whether regions—through their regional organizations or through loose coalitions of states, regional bodies, and non-official actors—are able to address an array of new and emerging security threats.. $35.. $28.. 978-1-60127-070-2.. ENGAGING EXTREMISTS.. Trade-Offs, Timing, and Diplomacy.. I.. William Zartman.. Guy Olivier Faure.. June 2011.. Engaging Extremists.. concerns negotiation with political terrorist organizations, separating terrorist groups that can be engaged from those that, for the moment, cannot.. 978-1-60127-074-0.. NEGOTIATING PEACE AND CONFRONTING CORRUPTION.. Challenges for Post-Conflict Societies.. Bertram I.. Spector.. Negotiating Peace and Confronting Corruption.. , Bertram Spector argues that the peace negotiation table is the best place to lay the groundwork for good governance.. $14.. $12.. 978-1-60127-071-9.. HOW PAKISTAN NEGOTIATES WITH THE UNITED STATES.. Riding the Roller Coaster.. Teresita C.. Schaffer.. Howard B.. April 2011.. How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States.. analyzes the themes, techniques, and styles that have characterized Pakistani negotiations with American civilian and military officials since Pakistan’s independence.. Cloth:.. $45.. 978-1-60127-085-6.. $13.. 50.. 978-1-60127-075-7.. THE IRAN PRIMER.. Power, Politics, and U.. Policy.. December 2010.. A comprehensive but concise overview of Iran’s politics, economy, military, foreign policy, and nuclear program.. The volume chronicles U.. –Iran relations under six American presidents and probes five options for dealing with Iran.. Organized thematically, this book provides top-level briefings by 50 top experts on Iran (both Iranian and Western authors) and is a practical and accessible “go-to” resource for practitioners, policymakers, academics, and students, as well as a fascinating wealth of information for anyone interested in understanding Iran’s pivotal role in world politics.. 978-1-60127-084-9.. AMERICAN NEGOTIATING BEHAVIOR.. Wheeler-Dealers, Legal Eagles, Bullies, and Preachers.. Richard H.. Solomon.. Nigel Quinney.. Foreword by.. Madeleine Albright.. Condoleezza Rice.. April 2010.. Informed by discussions and interviews with more than fifty seasoned foreign and American negotiators, this landmark study offers a rich and detailed portrait of the negotiating practices of American officials.. Including contributions by eleven international experts, i assesses the multiple influences—cultural, institutional, historical, and political—that shape how American policymakers and diplomats approach negotiations with foreign counterparts and highlights behavioral patterns that transcend the actions of individual negotiators and administrations.. Hardback:.. $55.. 978-1-60127-048-1.. $22.. $18.. 978-1-60127-047-4.. Forthcoming Books.. See our list of new and forthcoming titles.. USIP Press Bookstore.. Register.. Sign In.. My Shopping Cart.. Browse Books by.. Subject.. Africa.. Arms Control.. Asia.. Ethnic Conflict.. Europe.. Former Soviet Union.. International Law.. International Systems.. Latin America.. Mediation.. Middle East.. Negotiation, Diplomacy.. & Foreign Policy.. News Media.. Reference.. Religion, Ethics.. & Human Rights.. Security Studies.. Terrorism.. Title.. New Titles.. All Available Titles.. Out of Print Titles.. Author (Alphabetical).. View by Author.. Series.. Cross-Cultural Negotiation.. Peacemaker Toolkits Series.. Perspectives Series.. Pivotal State Series.. About USIP Press.. Download Current Catalog.. Privacy & Security.. Sales & Order Information.. Order by Phone/Fax/Mail.. Shipping & Tax.. Returning Books.. Examination & Desk Copy Requests.. Review Copies.. Rights & Permissions.. Request Permission.. Home.. Jobs.. FAQs.. Contact Us.. Contact Webmaster.. Directions.. Privacy Policy.. United States Institute of Peace - 2301 Constitution Avenue NW - Washington, DC 20037.. (202) 457-1700 (phone) - (202) 429-6063 (fax)..

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  • Title: USIP Books: Books by Subject
    Descriptive info: Books by Subject.. Please click on a subject to view a full list of authors and titles.. Economy and Conflict.. Environment and Conflict.. Negotiation, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy.. Peacebuilding.. Post-conflict Reconstruction.. Religion, Ethics, and Human Rights..

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  • Title: USIP Books: "A" Titles
    Descriptive info: Titles - "A".. Sort by.. most recent.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. V.. W.. Y.. AFRICAN CONFLICT RESOLUTION.. The U.. Role in Peacemaking.. October 1995.. 978-1-878379-00-9.. AMERICA'S STRATEGIC POSTURE.. The Final Report of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States.. The Strategic Posture Review Commission.. May 2009.. For more than eleven months this bipartisan commission of leading experts on national security, arms control, and nuclear technology met with Congressional leaders, military officers, high-level officials of several countries, arms control groups, and technical experts to assess the appropriate roles for nuclear weapons, nonproliferation programs, and missile defenses.. This official edition contains a discussion of key questions and issues as well as the Commission’s findings and recommendations for tailoring U.. strategic posture to new and emerging requirements as the world moves closer to a  ...   Muhammad Faour.. October 1993.. The book functions as a reliable overall introduction and guide to international Arab politics.. $15.. 978-1-878379-31-3.. ARMS CONTROL AND CONFIDENCE BUILDING IN THE MIDDLE EAST.. Alan Platt.. September 1992.. Nine experts examine the East-West arms control experience to Identify lessons that could be applied to the Middle East.. $11.. 978-1-878379-18-4.. ARTS OF POWER.. Statecraft and Diplomacy.. Chas.. Freeman, Jr.. June 1997.. In this comprehensive treatment, distinguished diplomat Chas Freeman describes the fundamental principles of the art of statecraft and the craft of diplomacy.. 978-1-878379-65-8.. ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE.. Challenges for Empirical Research.. Hugo van der Merwe.. Victoria Baxter.. Audrey R.. Chapman.. February 2009.. In Assessing the Impact of Transitional Justice, fourteen leading researchers study seventy countries that have suffered from autocratic rule, genocide, and protracted internal conflict.. 978-1-60127-036-8.. AUTONOMY.. Flexible Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts.. Ruth Lapidoth.. February 1997.. 978-1-878379-63-4.. OUT OF PRINT.. 978-1-878379-62-7..

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  • Title: USIP Books: Authors
    Descriptive info: Authors.. Aall, Pamela.. Habibullah, Wajahat.. Platt, Alan.. Abu-Nimer, Mohammed.. Hafez, Mohammed.. Quinney, Nigel.. Abu-Odeh, Adnan.. Hamilton, Lee H.. Ralston, David C.. Abuza, Zachary.. Hampson, Fen Osler.. Rasmussen, J.. Lewis.. Adamishin, Anatoly.. Hare, Paul.. Rausch, Colette.. Albrecht, Hans-Joerg.. Hartmann, Michael E.. Albright, Madeleine.. Hawley, Leonard.. Armstrong, Tony.. Hayes, Bradd C.. Reddaway, Peter.. Aron, Leon.. Helsing, Jeffrey.. Regan, Anthony.. Art, Robert J.. Hernes, Helga.. Reiter, Andrew G.. Aucoin, Louis.. Hibbard, Scott W.. Reynolds, Andrew.. Avruch, Kevin.. Hirsch, John L.. Rice, Condoleezza.. Baker, III, James A.. Huda, Qamar-ul.. Richardson, Louise.. Banar, Elaine.. Hume, Cameron.. Sadat, Jehan.. Bar-On, Mordechai.. Hyun, In-Taek.. Sahnoun, Mohamed.. Barkey, Henri J.. Ignatius, David.. Saunders, Harold H.. Baxter, Victoria.. Isser, Deborah.. Schaffer, Howard B.. Bekoe, Dorina.. Jensen, Kenneth M.. Schaffer, Teresita C.. Bigombe, Betty.. Karnow, Stanley.. Schecter, Jerrold L.. bin Muhammad bin Talal, HRH Prince Ghazi.. Kessinger, Judith A.. Schifter, Richard.. Blaker, Michael.. Khadiagala, Gilbert M.. Schraub, Kimber M.. Bouvier, Virginia M.. Khoury, Amal I.. Schreurs, Miranda.. Brauer, Jurgen.. Klemencic, Goran.. Schwartz, Stephanie.. Brown, Sheryl J.. Kritz, Neil J.. Semple, Michael.. Brumberg, Daniel.. Kuehnast, Kathleen.. Serwer, Daniel.. Brynen, Rex.. Kurspahic, Kemal.. Shankleman, Jill.. Burgess, Guy.. Kurtzer, Daniel C.. Shea, Dorothy.. Burgess, Heidi.. Kux, Dennis.. Shehata, Dina.. Buwalda, Petrus.. Lapidoth, Ruth.. Siegfried, Matthias.. Call, Charles T.. Lasensky, Scott B.. Simai, Mihaly.. Chalk,  ...   P.. de Jonge Oudraat , Chantal.. Marr, Phebe.. Suberu, Rotimi.. de Jonge Oudraat, Chantal.. Mason, Simon J.. Svensson, Isak.. de Soto, Alvaro.. Matheson, Michael J.. Synge, Richard.. Deng, Francis.. Maundi, Mohammed O.. Telhami, Shibley.. Diamond, Larry.. Mc Hugh, Gerard.. The Strategic Posture Review Commission,.. Diez, Francisco.. McClintock, Cynthia.. Thompson, W.. Scott.. du Toit, Pierre.. McCoy, Jennifer.. Trenin, Dmitri.. Dunne, J.. Paul.. Mertus, Julie.. Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute,.. Durch, William J.. Miller, Aaron David.. United States Institute of Peace,.. Dziedzic, Michael.. Miller, Laurel E.. van der Merwe, Hugo.. Elhance, Arun.. Miltenberger, Daniel.. Vogel, Ezra.. Fair, C.. Christine.. Natsios, Andrew S.. Voorhees, James.. Faour, Muhammad.. Nuamah, Kwaku.. Wallach, John.. Faure, Guy Olivier.. O'Connor, Vivienne.. Wallensteen, Peter.. Fennel, Kristen.. Weimann, Gabriel.. Fischbach, Michael R.. Weiss, Thomas G.. , Chas.. Oakley, Robert B.. Welty, Emily.. Fuller, Graham E.. Odendaal, Andries.. Whitfield, Teresa.. Funabashi, Yoichi.. Olcott, Martha Brill.. Williams, Abiodun.. Gastrow, Peter.. Olsen, Tricia D.. Williams, Garland H.. George, Alexander L.. Ong, Kelvin.. Wing, Christine.. Giarra, Paul.. Ould-Abdallah , Ahmedou.. Wright, Robin.. Glinski, Dmitri.. Paden, John N.. York, Steve.. Goodby, James E.. Payne, Leigh A.. Yost, David S.. Gross, Adalbert.. Peretz, Don.. Yusuf, Moeed.. Gurr, Ted Robert.. Peri, Yoram.. Zartman, I.. William.. Gutman, Roy.. Perito, Robert M.. Zevelev, Igor.. Guttieri, Karen.. Piombo, Jessica.. Zhurkin, Vitaly..

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  • Title: USIP Books: Books by Series
    Descriptive info: Books by Series.. Please click on a series to view a full list of authors and titles.. Cross-Cultural Negotiation Books.. Peacemaker Toolkits.. USIP Academy Guides..

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  • Title: USIP Books: A Crucial Link: Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding
    Descriptive info: Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding.. Andries Odendaal.. (click for larger cover).. (Paperback).. 978-1-60127-181-5.. 192 pp.. , 6" x 9".. “A convincing case for the centrality of local peace initiatives in securing the sustainability of national peace agreements.. Odendaal provides a lucid practitioner’s perspective on the process of local peacebuilding and critically reflects on the interconnections between the local and national peace processes.. He combines personal experiences as a peacemaker with a thorough review of comparable international experience to provide both a conceptual mapping of the challenges of local peacebuilding and nuanced assessment of the practical lessons that can be drawn from these varied experiences.. ”.. Hugo van der Merwe, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.. “Odendaal draws on his deep experience as well as broad comparative research to identify lessons about when and how local level peace committees contribute to national level peacebuilding.. This book is an important resource for practitioners and researchers alike working to improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding.. Diana V.. Chigas, The Fletcher School, Tufts University.. Peace practitioners working with LPCs around the globe have operated in the hope that such a robust peace infrastructure that facilitates collaboration between all sectors and levels of society, including government, would finally bring lasting peace to societies entrenched in conflict.. Yet LPCs themselves and their contribution to larger peacebuilding efforts have to date been poorly understood and little analyzed.. , longtime practitioner Andries Odendaal engages in the first comparative study of  ...   increased use of LPCs across conflicts.. Building on two decades of theory on the necessity of society-level approaches to peacebuilding, this volume is a must read for anyone working to promote peace in divided societies.. Andries Odendaal is a senior associate at the Centre for Mediation in Africa at the University of Pretoria and an independent conflict transformation specialist.. Among his previous positions, he was a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the U.. Institute of Peace from 2009-10 and a senior trainer and program coordinator at the Centre for Conflict Resolution, University of Cape Town.. He was a regional coordinator of the Western Cape Peace Committee in South Africa (1993-94) and has also served on the expert roster of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery of the UN Development Programme.. Browse Inside the Book.. Table of Contents.. Introduction.. Press Kit.. Contents.. Why Local Peacebuilding?.. Infrastructures for Peace: Illustrations and Distinctions.. The Problem of Teeth: The Means and Instruments of LPCs.. A Bit of Legroom: The Political Space for LPCs.. Gluing the Shattered Vase: Social Reconstruction at the Local Level.. Extinguishing the Small Fires: LPCs and Violence Prevention.. Conclusions.. Related Titles.. Building Peace.. : Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies.. Power Sharing and International Mediation in Ethnic Conflicts.. Watching the Wind.. : Conflict Resolution during South Africa's Transition to Democracy.. Getting In.. : Mediators' Entry into the Settlement of African Conflicts.. Peacemaking in International Conflict.. : Methods and Techniques (Revised Edition).. : Understanding Causes, Unlocking Solutions..

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  • Title: USIP Books: Andries Odendaal
    Descriptive info: Books by Andries Odendaal.. More about..

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  • Title: USIP Books: WHERE IS THE LONE RANGER? SECOND EDITION: America's Search for a Stability Force
    Descriptive info: America's Search for a Stability Force.. Perito.. 978-1-60127-153-2.. 248 pp.. "A timely assessment of America's ability to develop and field an essential component of stability operations--constabulary forces, also known internationally as 'formed police units.. ' Perito demonstrates their importance by drawing on American experience, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan and explains why America has been slow to arrive at this solution, as well as why its governmental system inhibits its implementation.. ".. David Bayley, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Dean, School of Criminal Justice, State University of New York, Albany.. Perito uses a series of dramatic case studies to show how the U.. was ill-prepared to prevent looting, control civil unrest, and fight insurgency because of an absence of U.. police and constabulary in its force inventory.. He chronicles the costs to the U.. of relying upon allied forces in the Balkans and indigenous forces in Iraq and Afghanistan when those conflicts demanded more than conventional forces.. To address the gap, Perito calls for creating a U.. Stability Force of police, constabulary, and judicial teams to establish sustainable security and the rule of law in future peace and stability operations.. is a senior program officer in the  ...   Assistance Program at the U.. Department of Justice.. In that role, he was responsible for providing policy guidance and program direction for peacekeeping operations in Haiti, Bosnia, East Timor, and Kosovo and in postconflict environments in Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia.. Perito previously was a career Foreign Service officer with the U.. Department of State, retiring with the rank of minister counselor.. His assignments included service as deputy executive secretary of the National Security Council (1988–89).. He received a Presidential Meritorious Service Award in 1990 for his leadership of the U.. delegation to the Angola peace talks.. Before joining the Foreign Service, Perito served as a rural development officer with the Peace Corps in Nigeria.. Perito has taught at Princeton, American, and George Mason Universities and holds a master’s in peace operations policy from George Mason University.. Foreword.. Excerpt.. Brcko: SFOR versus the Rent-a-Mob.. Constabulary.. Test Case: Creating Postconflict Security in Bosnia.. Blue Box: The Multinational Specialized Unit in Bosnia.. Odd Jobs: Constabulary Forces in Kosovo.. Biting the Bullet in Iraq.. Police Building under Fire: The Afghan National Civil Order Police.. Where Is the Lone Ranger When We Need Him?.. : America's Search for a Postconflict Stability Force..

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  • Title: USIP Books: Robert M. Perito
    Descriptive info: Books by Robert M.. For further information on Robert M.. Perito please visit:.. www.. usip.. org/specialists/bios/current/perito.. html.. GUIDE FOR PARTICIPANTS IN PEACE, STABILITY, AND RELIEF OPERATIONS.. June 2007.. This invaluable guide provides short scenarios of typical international involvement in peace missions, natural disasters, and stability operations, as well as an introduction to  ...   responds to a crisis.. 978-1-60127-000-9.. WHERE IS THE LONE RANGER WHEN WE NEED HIM?.. America's Search for a Postconflict Stability Force.. January 2004.. A penetrating study of U.. policy on peace operations, Perito examines the challenges of establishing sustainable security in postconflict environments in places like the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq.. 978-1-929223-51-0..

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    Descriptive info: A Teaching Resource.. Smith.. 978-1-60127-147-1.. Peacebuilding in Community Colleges.. is at once practical and visionary, urging the community college beyond its local mission toward global impact by displaying approaches for making a direct and literal difference in the world.. Unquestionably, a useful text for campus internationalization.. Paul J.. McVeigh, Associate Vice President Global Studies and Programs, Northern Virginia Community College.. Offering lifelong and developmental learning to over 13 million students at nearly 1,200 schools, community colleges in the United States attract a student body with remarkable economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity.. They provide students with skills and foundational knowledge upon which successful professional careers and rewarding personal engagement can be built.. This identity makes community colleges uniquely suited to teach global awareness and community building.. Yet the development of peacebuilding and conflict resolution curricula is still a relatively new effort at these institutions.. , David Smith underscores the importance of community colleges in strengthening global education and teaching conflict resolution skills.. Through case studies, how-to’s, sample syllabi and course materials, and inspiring anecdotes, contributors draw on learner-centered strategies, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary relationships to teach practical skills and strengthen global connections.. The contributors are sensitive to the complexity of teaching a community college student body that often closely reflects the diversity of the local population.. They discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by different learning communities—including, for example, significant military, diaspora, and religious populations among their student bodies.. Providing a common  ...   Commission.. Frontmatter and Table of Contents.. Part I: Making Connections.. Teaching Peace in Democracy's Colleges.. -.. Launching a Career in Peacebuilding.. John Paul Lederach.. Challenges of Building Peace Studies in the Early 21st Century.. George A.. Lopez.. Peace, Conflict Resolution, and the Essential Need for International Education.. Kent A.. Farnsworth.. Part II: Building Programs and Initiatives.. Global Peace Studies.. Jeff Dykhuizen and Abbie Jenks.. Developing a Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Program: Implementation Strategies.. Jennifer Batton and Susan Lohwater.. Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Two Community Colleges.. Tu Van Trieu and Kara Paige.. Community Building Through a Peace and Social Justice Institute.. Karen Davis.. Teaching Peace through Short-Term Study Abroad: Long-Term Benefits for Students and Faculty.. Vasiliki Anastasakos.. Redefining Community: Cooperative Vocational Education in Mozambique.. Scott Branks del LLano.. Part III: Educating Peacebuilders.. Teaching Global Studies and Peace: Rural vs.. Metropolitan Community Colleges.. Jennifer Haydel and John Brenner.. Teaching Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.. Cindy Epperson and Isabelle Daoust.. Listening as the Foundation of Peacebuilding: Teaching Peace in the Humanities.. Sarah Zale and Jane Rosecrans.. Field Training for Humanitarians and Peacebuilders.. Paul C.. Forage.. International Negotiations Modules Project.. Joyce Kaufman and Greg Rabb.. Moving Forward: The Engaged Educational Experience.. Barbara Thorngren and Michelle Ronayne.. Part IV: Future Implications.. The (Yellow Brick) Road Ahead.. Appendices.. Resources for Teaching Peacebuilding.. Community Colleges with Global Peace and Conflict Programs and Initiatives.. Leashing the Dogs of War.. : Conflict Management in a Divided World..

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  • Title: USIP Books: David J. Smith
    Descriptive info: Books by David J..

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