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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - About us
    Descriptive info: .. Vision/Mission.. Our foundation.. Statutes.. Members.. About us.. Themes.. Learning platform.. Consulting.. Community development.. Self development.. Projects.. Zamdela.. Consultant.. Contact.. Partners.. Newsletter.. News.. Ubuntu:.. Ubuntu is an African philisophical term about solidarity, connectedness and responsibility resulting in a network of people in society.. Ubuntu is about the essence of being human.. It embraces hospitality, caring about and for each other, a  ...   (from: The Spirit of African Leadership - Lovemore Mbigi).. Ubuntu4u.. Ubuntu4u is an African - European network of people who want to live and apply the vision and values of Ubuntu.. Together we want to.. s.. hare, compare and find out how to develop people, communities and organisations in a sustainable way.. Both in the West and in Africa.. Imprint.. Members-Login..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Vision/Mission
    Descriptive info: Vision.. Our vision and values:.. Ubuntu4uwants to be a key exchange platform for practitioners of community development in Africa and Europe.. We feel passionate about co-creating communities where people contribute to a better world.. We share four values (4u’s):.. Unique.. : we value the diversity of people, countries and cultures and consider all equal,.. Uniting.. : we look for common ground and what brings us together,.. Useful.. : we want to add value through action,.. Universal.. : we develop global consciousness and knowledge.. Ubuntu4u stands for personal development and broadening our vision, for sharing experiences and values, for.. empowering.. people and supporting teams, for developing our mutual knowledge about intercultural issues, leading to clear benefits for all our members through the strong “.. Udentity.. ”.. Mission.. We want to  ...   support or carrying out projects for research, training, seminars audiovisual aids, websites, networks;.. - Publishing reports, articles, newsletters;.. - Searching for funding.. In order to:.. - Learn from each other.. - We want to this through sharing, comparing and finding out, about individual, organisational and community development in a sustainable way, bringing together our (potential) partners in the North and in the South.. In Belgium and Germany:.. We meet bimonthly in subgroups dedicated to a certain project / or to discuss global points of interest.. Twice a year we have an International General Assembly (Winter and Summer summit) and it is out intention to organize study trips to South(ern) Africa oce a year.. Also we publish a newsletter that is put in the website 3 or 4 times a year..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Our foundation
    Descriptive info: The launch of Ubuntu4u - Who we are:.. Ubuntu4u is a ngo founded in 2007 in Belgium with offices at Frans Verbeekstraat 102; 3090 Overijse, near Brussels.. We are looking for opportunities to learn and develop ourselves by doing projects / research in the area of community development.. We would like to learn from areas like Southern Africa how to deal with multicultural issues and change management in society, organisations, groups, ….. Ubuntu4u was  ...   organized to South Africa, offering many European members the opportunity to meet with our South African partners and friends.. Also some of the South African friends have come over to Europe to connect to the European members.. The aim is to organize at least 1 trip from Europe to South Africa per year.. Also we meet (bi) montly separately in Germany and Belgium and South Africa.. Twice a year an international meeting is called for..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Statutes
    Descriptive info: Who we are:.. Ubuntu4u is an institute founded in 2007 in Belgium with offices at Frans Verbeekstraat 102; 3090 Overijse, near Brussels.. We are founded in Germany since 2009.. Ubuntu4u eV, Flachrosterweg 36d, D51061 Cologne.. statuten ubuntu4u.. pdf (1,145.. 9 kB)..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Members
    Descriptive info: At present we have following members in Belgium:.. Natacha Van Hove; Martine Brisse; Ann Dewulf; Marian Philips; Saskia Taks; Ans van Belzen; Fons Feekes; Alvito De Souza; Mark Hongenaart; Hans Begeer; Erik Monballieu; Gisela Baeyens.. Our members from Ubuntu4u Germany:.. Angelika Beckers; Beate Segbers; Björn Maibaum; Christina Sych; Cornelia Büsing; Elke Hauke; Kirsten Meinerts-Stiller; Mechthild Doerflor; Michael Seipel; Peter Speicher; Ursula Buchlow.. Our members from Ubuntu4u South Africa.. Grethie Coetzee; Andreas Mofokeng; Hema Parbhoo; Khumo Ntlha; John Goss; Danie Botha; Fungi Dlakavu; Thandela Mvakali.. How to become a member:.. If you are interested to join this network as an active member, please contact:.. info.. @ ubuntu4u.. org.. We would like to invite  ...   meeting and would will like to become a member we will ask you to registrate yourself by sending an e.. mail to our secretary at.. European members will be asked to donate at least € 100 per year as membership fee on the Ubuntu4u vzw bank account:.. KBC bank.. Overijse Belgium.. 734-0235946-51.. King Baudouin Foundation (Koning Boudewijn Stichting).. This Foundation has officially accepted us as a partner whom they will support.. This means that gifts for Ubuntu4u exceeding € 30 are now tax deductible, provided you use the proper account and code, namely:.. Koning Boudewijnstichting Brederodestraat 21 B-1000 Brussels.. Account number 000-0000004-04 – reference L82277 – Ubuntu4u.. (iban: be10 000000000404 bic code BPOTBEBI)..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - About us
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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Themes
    Descriptive info: We have defined several fields for Ubuntu4u to focus upon or ways of working together.. The first one is the Learning Platform, the basic reason of our existance.. We want to share, explore and find out more about each others' experience and know how.. With respect to change management in less developed areas of the world.. Secondly we want to provide consultancy services in the  ...   want to study these areas, therefore we have connections with several researchers and research institutes.. Thirdly we want to focus on cummunity development in the largest sense of the meaning.. We want to stimulate, help others to develop their communities together.. Last but not least we want to provide means to people - participants, members, to develop themselves further.. Therefore we have developed tools and activities..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Learning platform
    Descriptive info: Ubuntu4u a learning platform.. Members and partners of Ubuntu4u share energy and drive, to learn from each other and from sharing, comparing and finding out about individual , organisational and community development in a sustainable way.. We meet once a month in a subgroup dedicated to a certain project and / or to discuss global points of interest.. Twice a year we  ...   intention to organize study trips to south(ern) Africa at least once a year.. Also we will write a newsletter that will be published on the website 3 per year.. We organize learning exchange meetings with our colleagues / partners in/from South Africa.. We have been organising 1 Open Space (June 2008) in Johannesburg and 1 Appreciative Inquiry workshop (February 2009) in South Africa..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Consulting
    Descriptive info: Our purpose is to provide consultants with an inspiring springboard closely linked with our values.. We want to become a preferred and credible brand in human development consultancy related to community development in certains areas of the world.. Service Offering.. International Consulting Services (Call Centre - e.. g.. 'Call A Consultant' / Diagnostic Services).. Leadership Development / Potential  ...   Business Training.. Global Leadership Training.. Best Practice Coaching.. Ubuntu4u African Learning / Diversity Experiences (SA Tourism).. Learning / Development Exchange Opportunities.. Cultural Exchange.. Best Practice Joint Ventures.. International Delegation of Experts (Best Practice - Cutting Edge).. Knowledge Base Exchange.. Best Practice International Organisational Visits for Corporates (Business visits tours).. Wellness / Work-Life Balance Programmes (Ubuntu Principles).. Eco Tourism Projects..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Community development
    Descriptive info: It is our conviction that a community develops from within.. This means creating and building together with the people living in the community.. We work in Zamdela (near Johannesburg) and some townships in the Western Cape, and Kimberley.. Learning by working together we ant to develop approaches  ...   criteria to be important for success:.. - creating conditions for people to take initiative and responsibility.. - embedding these in the local context, leading to sustainable, lasting effects.. - in colleboration with strong local partners.. - learning through praxis and critical appraisal of our own methods and actions..

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  • Title: Ubuntu4u - Self development / personal growth
    Descriptive info: Individual Development.. Being member of Ubuntu4u means taking part in all kinds of projects, learning platforms, workshops and other interesting initiatives.. We learn through working and creating together.. Being a very mixed group of different people, nationalities, backgrounds, professions, is stimulating too.. Besides many of us  ...   and coaching.. We are willing to share our knowledge with the members and apply it in other fields, countries.. We provide scholarships and sponsoring for specific trainingprograms and studies.. Once a year we sponsor 1 student from Africa to join the.. IPDP (International Professional Development Program)..

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