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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip navigation.. UCD Volunteers Overseas.. Home.. About.. Volunteer Programme.. Projects Overseas.. Fundraising.. Donate.. News Resources.. Returned Volunteers.. Contact Us.. FeedWind.. Who is UCDVO?.. UCDVO was established in 2003 by the former UCD Chaplain Fr Tony Coote in response to an expressed desire among students to engage in voluntary work abroad.. Since its inception and launch as a registered charitable organisation in 2004, UCDVO has extended its activities to projects in India (Delhi and Andhra Pradesh), Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania and now employs a full-time Manager to co-ordinate its activities.. To date, over 500 volunteers have engaged in environmental, educational, healthcare, construction and computer training projects in disadvantaged communities overseas.. Click.. here.. to view photos of UCDVO's projects.. Latest News.. UCDVO 2013 Calendars are now available.. The calendar captures some of  ...   Physiotherapy and Population Science.. A team of 5 volunteers will work at the.. C.. O.. U Kisiizi Hospital.. in South West Uganda for a period of five weeks in 2013.. UCDVO's 10 Year Anniversary Reunion Ball will take place on the 23rd February 2013 in the Stillorgan Park Hotel.. Tickets are 50 for students and 65 for non-students.. There will be a four course meal, guestspeakers, band, DJ and an evening of celebration not to be missed.. Tickets are available by transferring funds directly to the UCDVO bank account and emailing caroline@ucdvo.. org or by dropping into our Volunteer Office beside Readers Cafe.. Read about the 2012 volunteers' experiences in our October 2012 newsletter:.. UCDVO Newsletter 2012.. UCD International, Gerard Manley Hopkins Centre, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.. Tel : 353-1-716 8570..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - About
    Descriptive info: Board of Trustees.. UCDVO Manager.. Student Society.. UCDVO Constitution.. Annual Report.. Strategic Plan 2012-2015.. Since its inception and launch as a.. registered charitable organisation.. in 2004, UCDVO has extended its activities to projects in India (Delhi and Andhra Pradesh), Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania and now employs a full-time Manager to co-ordinate its activities.. To date, over 500 volunteers have engaged in.. environmental, educational, healthcare, construction and computer training projects.. in disadvantaged communities overseas.. The work is undertaken in close cooperation with local communities.. The majority of volunteers are undergraduate  ...   month in June/July, volunteers undertake a pre- and post-placement training programme which spans an eleven month period from volunteer selection in November to de-briefing the following September.. The training programme covers topics such as the.. millennium development goals, intercultural learning, ethical volunteering, health and safety, and practical skills training for awareness-raising and campaigns.. The UCDVO.. is an active group of returned volunteers whose role is to engage students in raising awareness of development issues, carry out fundraising activities and promote opportunities for students to volunteer on development projects overseas..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Volunteer Programme
    Descriptive info: Programme for the year 2012/2013.. Volunteer Charter.. FAQs.. Leadership Roles.. Volunteer Applications.. Volunteer Testimonials.. The UCDVO Programme is open to all UCD Students, Staff and Alumni, and runs over a period of 12 months.. Applications open in September each year and following an interview process, places are offered to successful candidates by mid-November.. Volunteers take part in a series of mandatory training and team-building events while also carrying out their own individual fundraising activities throughout the year.. Each volunteer has  ...   for four weeks and normally take place from mid/end of June to mid/end of July.. On return from overseas, volunteers take part in a debriefing course and engage in awareness raising activities to share their experiences working in developing countries.. Volunteering with UCDVO is an excellent opportunity to learn about core development issues, to contribute time and energy to projects which are carefully planned in partnership with local communities, and to work within a team of enthusiastic and motivated young people..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Projects Overseas
    Descriptive info: Delhi.. Haiti.. Nicaragua.. Tanzania.. Vijayawada, India.. As part of the annual Volunteer Programme, UCDVO organises short-term placements in India, Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania.. These placements are for one month and involve a variety of activities such as construction, teaching, physiotherapy, setting up computer labs and running sports camps for children.. Volunteers have a unique opportunity to experience life in another part of the world while contributing their time, energy and skills to the efforts of host  ...   countries where UCDVO sends volunteers and projects are carefully planned in collaboration with the local community.. UCDVO returns to the same areas each year and has built up strong relationships in each of the communities where volunteers work.. If you are interested in volunteering with UCDVO please review the.. Programme for the Year.. Applications are not sought for specific project locations, however preferences and skills/experience will be taken into account at the interview and selection stage..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Fundraising
    Descriptive info: Donor Charter.. Handling Feedback Complaints.. Public Compliance Statement.. Volunteers who participate in the annual volunteer programme have an individual target of 2,500.. This must be lodged to the UCDVO account before departure for overseas.. These funds are broken down as follows:.. Average cost of volunteer participation: 1,800 - flights, accommodation, visas, insurance, local transport, and training.. Volunteers are encouraged to cover some of these costs themselves or seek sponsorship from family and friends, local community and other networks.. Projects: 700 - these funds are allocated to the costs of the projects you are working on, i.. e.. construction of schools, houses, educational resources, physiotherapy equipment etc.. Volunteers are encouraged to seek donations and sponsorship for these costs via public fundraising events.. *.. Please note there are other personal costs to volunteers which are not included in the above target, such as travel vaccinations, anti-malaria medication and other medical supplies, doctor's cert to show fitness to travel, suitable clothing and equipment for working on project sites.. These costs are covered personally by the individual and are not covered by fundraising.. Fundraising Lodgement Dates:.. 350 due by 7th December 2012.. 500 due by 31st January 2013.. 1250 due by 29th March 2013.. 400 due by 31st May 2013.. If volunteers  ...   dress, donate ticket sales to UCDVO, charge people to come to a house party.. Be Brave:.. Parachute Jump, Leg Wax/Head Shave.. Exhibit:.. Photography, Art, Poetry, Movie/Documentary Screening, Show your talent.. Share:.. Your skills - organise a workshop/demonstration on campus; Things you don't use - jumble sale, swap shop, book sale.. Celebrate:.. Make the most out of the party seasons - Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring, Summer Holidays, Halloween - coincide fundraisers with times when people would normally celebrate.. Challenge Yourself:.. Take part in a trek, Sponsored Cycle, Walk, Run.. Do Something Different:.. Tarot Card Reading, Cheese Wine Night, Yoga Class, Samba dancing.. Online:.. Set up a personal fundraising page online so family and friends can support your efforts, this is a quick and easy way to seek donations.. Go to.. mycharity.. ie/charity/ucdvo.. and set up your page.. Funds are transferred directly into the UCDVO bank account so you don't need to worry about doing anything afterwards.. If you are struggling to reach your fundraising target and would like some advice from past volunteers, you can email Helmi on welfare@ucdvo.. org or drop into the Volunteer Office on campus - located beside Readers Cafe in the Library Building.. You can also check out more fundraising ideas..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Donate
    Descriptive info: If you would like to support the work of UCDVO, there are a number of ways you can donate to the charity:.. Sponsor UCDVO online using your laser/debit/credit card via.. ie/charity/ucdvo.. or set up a fundraising page to get people to sponsor your event in aid of UCDVO.. Lodge a donation into the UCDVO Bank Acount: Donations can be lodged directly into the UCD Volunteers Overseas bank account.. Account Number: 17013020, Sort Code: 93-01-56, AIB Belfield or by direct debit.. Set up a standing order to make regular donations to UCDVO: Account Number: 17013020, Sort Code: 93-01-56, AIB Belfield.. Donate second-hand books to UCDVO project centres in India  ...   Student Union shops.. If you would like to donate a second-hand computer for computer education projects in Africa, please contact Mark Fox in.. Camara.. for further information about collection / drop-off procedures: mark@camara.. org / +353 (0)1 65 22 665.. Tax Relief on Donations.. If you are a PAYE-only tax payer and choose to donate 250 a year ( 21 a month) or more to UCD Volunteers Overseas, we can reclaim the tax paid on your donation at no cost to you by filling in the form below and posting it to Caroline O'Connor, Manager, UCD Volunteers Overseas, UCD International, Gerard Manley Hopkins Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.. ucdvo_taxrelief..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - News & Resources
    Descriptive info: Latest News:.. A team of five volunteers will work at the.. Read about Stuart Garrett's experience volunteering as a physiotherapist in Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda.. Stuart volunteered on UCDVO's Haiti 2008, Nicaragua 2009, and Delhi 2011 projects.. ISCP Newsletter March 2012.. ISCP Newsletter September 2012.. Volunteering opportunities with other organisations:.. Comhlámh database.. Habitat for Humanity.. Suas Educational Development.. Development Perspectives.. Uselink Links for learning more about international volunteering and development:.. developmenteducation.. ie.. ideaonline.. Latin America Solidarity Centre.. Irish Aid.. Africa Centre.. The Guardian's.. Poverty Matters Blog.. TED Development Talks..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Returned Volunteers
    Descriptive info: List of all volunteers 2003 - 2012.. UCDVO actively promotes continuous engagement in volunteering and development work for those who have had the opportunity to spend time working in communities on UCDVO projects.. It is frequently said that some of the most important work is done when people return home from overseas placements.. Becoming a member of.. Comhlámh.. is an excellent place to start as it provides a huge number of opportunities to actively engage in discussions, debates, training, and social events which aim to connect, inform, educate and campaign on development matters.. Here are some useful resources for returned volunteers:.. The Coming Home Book.. is a comprehensive guide to the process of coming home and is an invaluable resource for returned volunteers and development workers.. It covers topics such as re-entry shock, health and well-being, getting involved back home, further studies  ...   and questions.. For some people it can be difficult to settle back into routine and you may find that friends and family struggle to relate to the experience you've just been through.. There is a huge amount of support available through UCDVO as there are now over 500 volunteers who've shared similar experiences to you.. Attending the debriefing day in September, the UCDVO Ball, and getting involved in the UCDVO Student Society activities are great ways to settle back home, while also connecting with others who understand the personal impact of an overseas placement.. If you feel you need additional support and would like to talk through your experiences with someone in confidence, there are a number of options available:.. Speak to a.. UCD Student Adviser.. Access support via the.. UCD Chaplaincy.. Contact.. Comhlámh Support Services.. Contact the.. for further support and advice..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: UCDVO Charity Manager:.. Ms Caroline O Connor.. UCD Volunteers Overseas.. UCD International,.. Gerard Manley Hopkins Centre,.. University College Dublin,.. Belfield, Dublin 4.. Tel: +353 1 7168570.. Email: caroline@ucdvo.. org.. Programme Assistant.. :.. Sean O'Connell.. Tel: +353 879859596.. Email: sean@ucdvo.. UCDVO Student Society:.. Auditor 2012/13: Conor Stout.. UCDVO Volunteer Office.. James Joyce Libary Building,.. University College Dublin,.. Tel: +353 1 7167126.. Email: auditor@ucdvo..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - Board of Trustees
    Descriptive info: Name:.. Prof.. Frank Monahan, Chairperson.. Background:.. Frank Monahan is an associate professor in the School of Agriculture and Food Science.. He travelled to Delhi as a volunteer with UCDVO in 2005 and 2006, acting as group leader on the 2006 trip.. He was also a group leader on the Tanzania 2009 project and Haiti 2010 and 2012 projects.. David Kelly, Senior Treasurer.. Background:.. David is the Director of Financial Planning and Strategy at UCD.. He has been a member of the Board of UCDVO since 2010.. Dr.. Oonagh Breen.. Oonagh Breen is a senior lecturer in the UCD School of Law and specialises in the area of comparative charity regulation and nonprofit-state collaboration in public policy formation and development.. Elizabeth Fuller.. Elizabeth is a founding member of the Newpark Music Centre where she currently teaches music.. Elizabeth took part in the UCDVO Delhi 2004 project and later returned as a Group Leader in 2009.. She was also a member of the Board from 2006 - 2008.. Name:.. Niall Murphy.. Niall took part in UCDVO's Haiti project  ...   graduated from UCD with a degree in Law (European) in 2010.. He travelled to Delhi as a volunteer in 2008 and returned as a student leader in 2009.. He is also part of the Haiti 2011 team.. Niall has been a student representative on the UCDVO Board since 2009, Treasurer of the UCDVO Campus Committee in 2009/10 and is currently an alumni representative to the Board.. Edward Cahill, Secretary.. Edward took part in the UCDVO Nicaragua project in 2007 and returned as a Student Leader in 2011.. He is currently undertaking the Masters in Development Practice between UCD and Trinity.. Edward was elected as Secretary of Board in November 2011.. Ross McCarthy.. Ross graduated from UCD in 2010 with a degree in International Commerce and took part in the UCDVO Nicaragua project that same year.. He went on to earn an MSc in Economic Development and Finance from the University of Glasgow and is currently working for the humanitarian organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres in Dublin.. Ross was a Group Leader on the UCDVO South India 2012 project..

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  • Title: UCD Voluteers Overseas - UCDVO Manager
    Descriptive info: Caroline O'Connor.. Caroline began working as Manager of UCDVO in March 2009.. She took part in the Delhi 2004 project and graduated from UCD in the same year.. Caroline completed a Masters Degree in International Education and Development at the University of Sussex in 2006.. She  ...   interning with UNICEF India and working in research and development for Irish charities.. Caroline has led volunteer groups in India and Tanzania, and has worked closely with all UCDVO's partner NGOs to plan and evaluate volunteer programmes.. Caroline can be contacted on +3531 7168570 or.. caroline@ucdvo..

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